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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the afternoon, but by then we will already have our accumulations, 1 to 2 inches north and west of the beltway, a trace to an inch in southern maryland and southern portions of the beltway. we'll do a little more timing out of the arrival of this storm with 9 futurecast coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. maryland highway crews spent the day treating roads with salt brine preparing for an early start tomorrow. the timing of the rush hour they say could be the challenge. >> the issue will be if it hits certain rush hour. all the trucks will be stuck in the same traffic as you and i and won't be able to treat the roads. >> schools have not yet announced plans for tomorrow. when you are away from the television, you can get the latest news, weather and school closings on your phone. just download the wusa9 news app. it is free for your apple or android device. a programming note, since area road crews are getting
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ready to battle the elements, the wusa9 snow team will be on half an hour earlier tomorrow. so the news starts at 4 a.m. we'll have crews dispatched to the hardest hit areas and our team of meteorologists will be tracking the system. we're also following breaking news out of fairfax county tonight where late this afternoon police released the name of a police officer involved in a deadly shooting. >> for some 16 months police had refused to release the name of the officer who shot and killed john geer. hank silverberg joins us now live from fairfax county. we are learning a lot more than we every knew before about this shooting tonight. >> reporter: we are -- we ever knew before about this shooting tonight. >> reporter: we are. the chief under a court order released the name of the police officer today. he is adam torres, an eight year veteran of the fairfax county police force and he apparently fired one shot that killed john geer on august 29th of 2013. we're also told that one of the reasons the police hesitated to go in after geer was shot was
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because they knew he had weapons and when they got inside, they did find eight weapons including one handgun that was loaded and holstered. we're not learning a lot about other circumstances of this like why it took so long to release his name and what may be in his background as part of the investigation. the chairman of the fairfax county board of supervisors indicates yes, it was not good that it took so long. >> this is a unique investigation. this is a unique situation and our board and i as chairman are absolutely committed to making sure that we do a scrub of our policies and where we need to make changes to prevent this kind of a delay , we absolutely will be doing that. >> reporter: this is not going to stop the protests. as a matter of fact, there's one scheduled thursday morning in front of the fairfax county courthouse. there has been a whole group of
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people who want a better explanation about what happened that day when john geer was standing in his doorstep and was shot by police and then why it took so long for some of this information to come out. hank silverberg, wusa9 news. on her first full day in office d.c. mayor muriel bowser championed the cause of d.c. voting rights on capitol hill. bowser called on congress to at least let d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton retain what little voting power she has. norton has a committee vote to allow the house to vote on procedure matter if it's granted. house leaders purportedly plan to take it away. >> the vote is tied to the people. the district is therefore asking for no more than the vote the delegate has exercised in committees for many decades. asking that that vote be extended to the committee of the whole and the difference is that it is on the floor of the
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house of representatives. it allows me to vote on matters affecting the nation and it has allowed me to vote on some critical matters affecting the district of columbia. >> bowser plans to hire new staff members whose job will be to work directly with federal agencies. the race to replace the late marion barry on the d.c. council took a significant turn earlier today. christopher barry took out petitions to enter the ward 8 special election now scheduled in april. before taking the oath and filing with the board of elections marion barry's son sat down with our bruce johnson who sits down now with us. bruce? >> this is how i see it. the voters that liked their chances for marion barry will vote for christopher barry. those voters who want to move on or didn't like barry, they have 23 other candidate to choose from. >> what changed? why do you want this job now? >> as i've matured and grown
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older and as a man you want to take more of a part in your community and assume more responsibility. >> reporter: christopher barry says he really began considering a run to replace his father on the d.c. council when marion barry's funeral procession passed through the neighborhoods in southeast where the marion barry name had become legend. >> just the feeling of love and support fromfuneral, the services, during that low point just feeling the prayers and it really uplifted me and got me focused on what the next move should be. >> reporter: age 34 christopher barry says his biggest contribution to ward 8 after supporting his father's political campaigns is the small construction business that he runs employing a couple dozen people. healthcare, unemployment, housing, we're always talking about ward 8 and seeing it at the bottom. do you think as a council member of ward 8 you can change that? >> yes, yes.
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one i'm just seen not as just a council member but as a ward 8 resident myself. i've been through the struggles. i walk in the same shoes as every one of these people. >> reporter: like his father, the young barry has an arrest record. there have been drug incidents. you've been arrested for drugs more than once, got a conviction, felony quick, two misdemeanors, what do you say to residents about that? >> well, like most young people in my generation, i went through a phase of experimenting with drugs. what that showed me was brought me to the lowest depths of my life, gave me a chance to look at myself, do a self-inventory and really get a strong connection with god and found a good support system through my father and friends and really just showed me that your past doesn't determine your future. >> 24 candidates and each one needs only 500 signatures to get on the ballot. a lot of these people could still be there come time for that special election in april. expect the list of candidates
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to grow. >> what exactly is he running to do? >> he's got a vision, uplift people, use him as an example, specifically he admits that there's not a lot there. he says he's going to hire the smart people who will guide him through this. there's a lot of experience in ward 8, just a question where that experience will line up. >> we'll see who votes. lawyers for jesse matthew are fighting to keep cameras out of the court later this week. ' charged with attempted murder and faces -- he is charged with attempted murder and faces rape charges after allegedly attacking a fairfax woman in 2005. he's charged with the abduction of uva student hannah graham. her body was found in a wooded area where she was last found. math new is also linked to the -- matthew is also linked to the murder of virginia tech student virginia harrington. in september bob mcdonnell
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was convicted on 11 counts of corruption in his trial. >> peggy fox covered the trial. she's back in rich richmond -- richmond now. how much time do you think he'll get? >> reporter: well, a former federal prosecutor thinks bob mcdonnell will receive between six and nine years behind bars. the federal probation officers recommends mcdonnell receive no less than 10 year and up to 12 1/2 years behind bars, but mcdonnell's attorneys are requesting the judge forego prison time and sentence the former governor to 6,000 hours of community service instead. his sisters tell me that they believe their brother could do a lot of good at several nonprofit organizations and supporters have written some 400 letters to judge jail spencer asking for leniency many requesting no jail time
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for bob mcdonnell, but one juror says not only would that be a slap in the face to the jury's work, but it would also send a bad message. >> as citizens it should bother us that okay, the people we put in office and trust can betray us, can do things that are illegal, you know, whatever they want to do and they just look the other way, but if it was us, you know, it wouldn't be the same. >> the immediate response would be that we have a dual system of criminal justice, one for those who are well connected and get 400 letters from friends and another for people who are not so well connected or who are not so well connected to wealthy people. >> reporter: that's political analyst bob molzworth. now mc-- holzworth. now mcdonnell's attorneys asked he be allowed out on bond
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pending the appeal if he does receive jail time, but the former federal prosecutor i spoke with does not think that will happen. he does think mcdonnell will be sentenced to prison time but then will be allowed to be out some length of time and then self-report to prison. what will he receive? we will only know tomorrow when the judge hands down that sentence. we will be here reporting for you live. new at 6:00 former redskin frederick smoot found not guilty of domestic debra alfarone has both sides from the courthouse. >> reporter: the judge called it a he said she said case. in the end former redskins corner back fred smoot was cleared of all domestic violence charges. >> i would just like to get my jobs back. i'd like for people to give me a chance. >> reporter: inside this
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loudoun county courthouse today both fred smoot and his former live-in girl friend valerie jackson agreed smoot asked jackson for keys to his truck. she didn't give them up. he kicked in the bathroom door where she was locked in. that's where the similarities end. >> this has been a campaign that gap to ruin fred professionally. >> reporter: smoot's attorney said smoot and jackson had broken up. she was mad he wouldn't give her money for lawyers and doctors and refused to give him keys to the truck he needed to drive to work. smoot admitted breaking the bathroom door out of frustration but testified he never touched jackson with any intent to large. >> when you believe in something, you fight for it. i know what happened. he knows what happened. the truth is the truth. >> reporter: but jackson said smoot kicked in the door, grabbed and pushed her, ripping her shorts, then took her phone. she showed these pictures she
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said are from previous fifths with smoot. in the end the judge said she believed what happened on november 23rd didn't rise to the level of domestic violence. why do you think he was found not guilty? >> not quite sure. a lot of people get away with murder. >> reporter: debra alfarone, wusa9. next how the u.s. military is helping crews searching for air asia fli
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as search crews recover
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more wreckage from flight 8501 officials say they've found the tail of the crashed jetliner. >> sonar identified five large pieces on the ocean floor, but strong currents are keeping search and rescue teams from getting closer. the uss fort worth is deploying helicopters and small boats and sonar equipment. >> it can find something as big as an airplane or small as a golf ball. >> earlier today victims' relatives were offered the chance to visit the site where the plane crashed into the sea. of the 162 passengers missing only 17 bodies have been recovered so far. speaking of cold air blasts, a lot of frigid air is moving in. we're bracing
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always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> welcome back. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow taking a live look with the michael and son weather cam, the full moon getting shrouded by some of that cloud cover, kind of an eerie sight as clouds continue to press toward us from our approaching clipper system. it's 34 degrees, dew point only 2. check out those winds starting to gust out of the
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north, northwest at 24 miles per hour, definitely giving us a wind chill factor, but the main thing we'll notice overnight is that snow making its way toward us. it will be here before sunrise tomorrow. most of the snow will fall during that morning commute. the timing of that snow is why it's so concerning, but it will just be light and powdery snow is the good news. this will be easy to clean up and brush off the car, but wednesday after the snow moves out it will get colder, high temperatures below freezing throughout the entire metro area. on satellite and radar you can see cloud cover making its approach, 9 futurecast timing out the arrival of those first snow showers. as we zoom in closer, 4 a.m. the first bands of snow are starting to make their way into the beltway. you can see it's already snowing in northern virginia at that point. the snow continues to overspread the region, 7 a.m. really bad timing. it will snow off and on throughout the entire morning commute. sometimes it will be lighter snow. sometimes it will be heavier.
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in either case it's going to be enough to reduce visible and cause problems for that travel. as we head into the afternoon, the snow starts -- visibility and cause problems for that travel. as we head into the afternoon, the snow starts to break up. on wednesday it will be windy and colder and we could get some lake effect blowoff because of how strong those winds will be from the north. we'll get snow flurries and showers developing from the lake effect down in the d.c. region. overnight tonight into tomorrow the snow arrives. by the time all is said and done 1 to 2 inches will have fallen in montgomery county, both frederick counties, loudon, allegheny and cumberland counties, a trace to an inch in the immediate beltway and into southern maryland and a portion of prince william county and frederick county, but in the beltway about an inch of powdery snow. overnight tonight 20 to 26, mostly cloudy skies, snow showers possibly developing
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into heavier snow bands in the morning. the snow ends in the afternoon, high temperatures 30 to 36 degrees with winds out of the northwest 10 to 15. it will be downright frigid wednesday, a high of 30 degrees, but the wind chill will make it people like it's in the single digits. then thursday is the coldest day with a high of 26 degrees and lots of sunshine returning. at least it will get a little milder as we head toward the weekend. the wusa9 news app has all the latest weather information including school closings.
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to
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you by xfinity. >> we may have seen our super bowl champions play this past weekend. the purple and black are looking to do it again. they dominated the steelers in the wildcard round. now they're headed to foxborough. ravens and patriots meet again. these two teams have faced off three times in the playoffs all in foxborough. ravens won two of those. once again two teams very familiar with each other. >> it's always nice to know your surroundings and that helps us. beyond that the guys who had experience playing again the patriots will be able to lead a little bit. they're the same coaching staff, the same principals that they're built on in all three phases. >> mike shanahan may not be sitting out too much locker reportedly interviewing with the bills and raiders who he coached for a season and a half when they were in la and has spoken with the 49ers.
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the georgetown hoyas take on marquette tomorrow night. the hoyas welcome a familiar face to the verizon center. >> basketball fans, you probably remember this move. >> slap the floor. >> if i can get down there. remember back in the days, now wojo is all grown up and they take on marquette. >> they play extremely hard. they play don't go both -- they don't play both ends of the court. we're going to have to match and exceed their intense it i. about. >> when you watch practice, you learn a little bit how he wanted them to play. he told them that if they play hard, communicate, they'll win the game.
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i'll play their opponents. we play hard as well. >> transition is getting back on defense. that's how it's going to be every game, not just marquette. i think defense, just stopping them and give them more points. >> reporter: georgetown knows it has a real tough opponent coming into town at marquette. a loss at xavier last week knocks the hoyas out, but perhaps a win at marquette can get them back in. at georgetown frank hanrahan. maryland's inaugural in the big 10 about as well as it could be expected. the men's basketball team moved up in the pep again in the polls. in the a.p. they went up to 11th and in usa today they're ranked ninth. capitals braden holtby
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apparently can make them disappear, too. in last night night's game he stop -- night's game he stopped the partly cloudy but they couldn't find it. why did it go? finally, look, he just -- stopped the puck but they couldn't find it. where did it go? >> finally look he just pulled it out. and ravens, what are they going to do? >> they like playing with a clip on their -- chip on their shoulder. >> that's our broadcast for wusa9 news at 6:00. >> we'
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>> pelley: tonight, slipping on oil. the stock market slides as the price of crude falls to the lowest level in nearly six years. elaine quijano has the numbers and the story behind it. also dropping, the mercury. dean reynolds on the first big cold wave of the year. sole survivor. adriana diaz reports this girl may hold the key to the mystery of a plane crash that killed four members of her family. >> [inaudible]. >> and airasia flight 8501 -- vicente arena confronts the man who sent jackson to prison for 30 years. >> we were innocent. we were about to be sent to prison for something we didn't


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