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acknowledge mayor gray. [ applause ] >> reporter: muriel bowserer ticked off a list of claw -- bowser ticked off a list of challenges, but she promised to make the city stronger than she found it. >> so it's my charge to make it greener, healthier, safer and more physically stable than we find it today. >> reporter: in the audience supporting her the mayors of baltimore and philadelphia and former d.c. mayors adrian fenty and anthony williams. >> we're going in a good direction. i think she's going to be a superb mayor. >> this is a different kind of ballgame, a different rein. this is as big as it gets. can you govern? >> the duties of the mayor of the district of columbia. >> reporter: bowser will govern with a lot of new faces, three new council members and two more to come. >> washington d.c. is the greatest place in the world. >> reporter: and the city's first ever elected attorney general.
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>> i think together we're going to usher in a new environment. i'll leave it at that. >> reporter: during the campaign some of her opponents criticized muriel bowser as a lightweight with few legislative accomplishments, but she beat the incumbent mayor and two more experienced politicians and now as bruce johnson said comes the biggest challenge, governing. police are awaiting the results of an autopsy today to determine whether a woman murdered in woodbridge was pregnant. just 90 minutes into the new year erica sherwood was stabbed to death. her husband 22-year-old john sherwood is charged in her death. the couple has an 18-month-old boy and if it's determined erica was pregnant, her husband could face additional charges. police are looking for clue to first murder of the year in prince george's county. 22-year-old stefon powell was found shot to death in a parking garage just off the
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beltway in route 1 near college park. there were bullet holes in a car at the scene and neighbors tell wusa9 there have been several break-ins in that garage. to mexico now where the search for a missing yoga instructor from northern virginia has taken a tragic turn. after looking for four days search teams found the body of hari simran. surae chinn is outside the yoga studio with more. >> reporter: this is not the outcome many had hoped. this is a heartbreaking time for the sikh community and its yoga studio where hari simran and his wife taught yoga. >> he was always an angel. he was an individual that inspired everybody. he gave so much love and just true essence of what a real human being should be. he was very selfless and my hope is that one day i can just be 1/10 of who he is. >> reporter: search teams in central mexico found the body of 25-year-old hari simran
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khalsa in the mountains of southern mexico. the yoga instructor had gone on what was supposed to be a short hike on tuesday. he had texted this note to a wife saying looking down on you. then he texted a friend that he was lost. they were hiking south of mexico city. a close family friend read a family statement. >> the journey has been a testament to the enormous amount of love he shared with us all during his time on earth. his last picture said looking down on you. we know he is an angel in the heavens now looking down on all of us. we love you. >> reporter: the family has indicated the 25-year-old in a have fallen, hit a fatal injury to his head and did not suffer, that he died instantly. by the way, he and his wife
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emily smith just got married here a year and a half ago and just here at the community center, their yoga studio upstairs from that community center, and there is a memorial vigil set for 7:00, just about an hour from now here in sterling. police are working to identify a man who was struck and killed by a csx train this morning around 1:45 a.m. near the germantown mark station. the incident caused significant delays, but trains are moving through the area as scheduled this evening. monday's drive to work will be very different for many virginia drivers. it's the first post holiday commute since the express lines on the i-95/395 corridors started charging customers and is in some lingering confusion now. hank silverberg is live at the edsall road junction -- there is some lingering confusion
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now. hank silverberg is live at the edsall road junction. >> reporter: there is a lot of confusion among the single drivers who are willing to pay for a smoother ride. these signs explain it all. the express lanes end here and the old h.o.v. rules take effect. that means if you paid to get here on the express lanes, you don't have three people in your car and it's before 9 a.m., you have to get back into the main lanes. >> they think that the express lanes on 95 are going to operate the same way as on 495 and they forget athe fact it's h.o.v. still even with the new system at a certain time of the day it is still h.o.v. >> reporter: if you stay in the h.o.v. lanes, you could get a ticket. it works in the reverse at night. if you get on the free h.o.v. lanes after 6:00, you have to get back into the main a plan or pay for the rest of the trip. >> a -- main lane or pay for the rest of the trip. >> a survey was taken a few
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months ago and the confusion is still there. >> reporter: five of the 15 states that honor them are monitoring your speeds at toll plaza. you're supposed to slow down to the posted speed limit which the 35 miles an hour, but many cars don't and go right through. in many states that could cost you your e-zpass, though not here in virginia. in maryland if you speed through a toll booth, your e- zpass can be suspended, but we checked with the transportation authority since that law took effect in 2002. they've issued 73,000 warnings but have yet to suspend one pass. the other states where you can get your e-zpass suspended for speeding through a toll booth, new york, west virginia and island. hank silverberg, wusa9. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> hi there. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow.
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we're tracking an approaching storm system. today it was just cloudy and filed, but here comes the rain on doppler 9000. it's hundreds of miles away, but as it make its approach early tomorrow morning temperatures will be below freezing north and west of the beltway which means we could see some sleet and freezing rain especially in the panhandle of west virginia, along the 81 corridor and maybe the higher elevations of northern maryland. places like hagerstown and frederick are under this winter weather advisory and it is for the potential for sleet and freezing rain. it will be falling as plain rain aloft, but then it freezes before it hits the ground. that's when you get sleet. it freezes when it hits the surface, that is freezing rain and both of those are possible in the counties highlighted in purple. tonight it's just going to be mostly cloudy. we won't see rain until daybreak, 28 to 34 degrees and we'll track those showers with 9 futurecast coming up in the first alert seven-day. still to come on wusa9
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news, a grim discovery when two troopers are shot in a violent roadside ambush in west virginia, details ahead. >> plus a virginia man faces murder charges following a dispute over a redskins
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a virginia plan is charged with murder stemming from a bar fight over the redskins. check out this surveillance
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video it. shows 46-year-old charles lee satchel being leveled by one punch inside the bar in chesapeake. just seconds earlier his fiancee said he was arguing with redskins fans after the cowboys had beaten washington decisively. >> he saw the redskins jersey, cowboys and then it just went from there. it's something so simple as ju how it went from that to murder i don't know. >> a medical examiner ruled the cause of death as a ruptured artery due to blunt force trauma. investigators in north carolina are crediting west virginia police with capturing a father and son linked to the murders of a missing husband and wife. this started yesterday when police spotted a stolen suv on i-64 in lewisberg, west virginia. they pulled over the driver.
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that driver's father then pulled alongside in a truck and shot and wounded those two officers. after a brief shootout police arrested the father and son. get this. in the back of the truck they found the bodies of a missing north carolina couple underneath a mattress. that couple's home was set on fire yesterday. >> these two individuals represent the face of evil and have no regard for human life. >> the injured police officers are recovering. investigators say the father and son are from texas and face charges now in connection with the police shooting and the north carolina murders. we'll be right back. please join us on wusa9 as we work to bring home every missing child in the washington d.c. area.
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an extraordinary story from montgomery county where a man is accused of moving his family into a $1 million home he didn't actually home. andrea mccarren is live in gaithersburg with more. what a story, andrea. >> reporter: what a story indeed, jan. police say james cromby moved his wife, children and the dog into a luxury home in bethesda,
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but he certainly didn't anticipate how quickly the neighbors would call the homeowner to congratulate him on the sale, a sale that didn't actually happen. >> it's amazing. >> reporter: this custom built $1 million home on the market in bethesda features a gourmet kitchen, a spiral staircase leading to a master suite and a master bath with marble flooring. police believe the five-bedroom home in burning tree estates caught the eye of james cromby. >> the moving trucks were there in the morning and the police were there in the afternoon. >> reporter: charging documents reveal in late august cromby moved his wife, three school aged sons and family dog into the luxury home. he'd already used the address to register his children in montgomery county public schools. >> we saw the moving trucks and it was real interesting because the next day we saw the same moving trucks back again and they were being moved out. it was a little drama. >> reporter: neighbors say he
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messed with the wrong neighborhood. >> we thought it was crazy that somebody thinks that they can come and squat at a $1 million home and as if nobody would notice. >> reporter: there was no answer at crobc' rental home in kensing -- cromby's rental home in kensington. his lawyer did not return our requests. cromby is facing more charges in montgomery county. he allegedly stole the identity of his business partner and used it to lease a $40,000 ford explorer from a local dealership. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> wow, thank you. president obama made good on a promise to respond to north korea over the sony cyber attack. the president sign an executive order today for stepped up sanctions against the north korean government. cbs' bigad shaban has details from los angeles. >> reporter: the white house imposed new sanctions against north korea targeting the
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nation's defense industry and spy service. the move is retribution for a crippling cyber attack against sony pictures and threat against u.s. moviegoers. two week ago president obama warned a response was coming. >> and we'll respond in a place and time and manner that we choose. >> reporter: last month hackers threatening violence against moviegoers disrupted the release of sony's controversial comedy the interview. the film depicts an assassination of north korea's leader. sony canceled its nationwide release, but the movie came out digitally and in select theaters christmas day. the cyber attack also uncovered embarrassing e-mails between producers and sony executives. the fbi is still investigating the cyber attack against sony but so far has blamed north korea. the u.s. already had sanctions in place against the communist country. the white house says this is just the first phase of its response. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather.
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>> hi there. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. it was an okay day, lot of clouds, temperatures fairly comfortable, still 44 degrees at reagan national which is 1 degree warmer than our average high of 43. it's not that bad. overnight we'll watch an approaching storm system. the good news with those milder temperatures is we don't have any concern for wintery weather, but there is the potential for sleet and ice in the mountains because temperatures will get below freezing and then that rain arrives. that will manifest in some ice down at the surface, but in the immediate metro area it will be too warm. we'll just have rain, but more showers arriving on sunday as well as milder temperatures. the cold front of our approaching storm system moves through sunday and that will bring breezy conditions along with the showers. here's satellite and radar. you can see plenty of clouds in place, but the showers are streaming past us to the south.
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on our futurecast model the push to the north begins as we head into the overnight hours and by the time you step out the door tomorrow morning rain will be falling in the beltway, but ice and snow will be to the north of both the mason dick mason-dixon -- mason-dixon line and west of the i-81 corridor. it looks like the freezing is limited to the higher elevations. in the afternoon saturday we're in better shape. as we head toward dinner time, a break in the action, but more rain is arriving early sunday morning with the cold front of our approaching storm system. as this front moves by, we might hear a couple rumbles of thunder. it's going to be breezy and mild sunday, temperatures well above average. overnight just mostly cloudy, 28 to 34 for your overnight lows, winds northeast 5 to 10
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miles per hour. most of us won't see scattered showers arrive until sunrise, 30s and 40s tomorrow morning, east wind at 5 to 15. in the afternoon a seasonably chilly afternoon, high between 40 and 45, more rain showers moving through. it's a yellow alert day in the first alert weather center because of the scattered showers. sunday much milder, a few lingering showers, a high of 58 degrees. monday the temperatures start to crack. only 38 and in the first alert seven-day forecast it's even colder, wednesday a high of 32 degrees, a few flurries possible tuesday, thursday windy and cold, a high of 30 degrees. dave joins us now with sports, a big weekend for sports. >> it's huge and if you like wusa9, i know billions of you do, this will be a big weekend for us. the season is over for washington football, but it looks like they might be making some changes. stick around. >> plus ravens prepping for
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. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> espn is reporting that the burgundy and gold wants to expand the role of a.j. smith. he's been serv office consultant for the team. smith made his mark as gm of the chargers when they were making their playoff runs in the early 2000s. smith's role wouldn't impact the current gm bruce allen's
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role. 9 sports reached out to allen for comment. he did not respond. meanwhile the raven prepping for the throwdown by the three rivers i like to call it, pittsburgh. they get a big lift for this game literally, 360-poundish haloti ngata returns from his suspension and terrell suggs, is he happy yet? >> couldn't have happened at a better time. he was missed a lot in the locker room, especially by me, but as soon as he knew we won, saw the score and we're like yeah, we get haloti back. now the locker room is kind of that complete, so to say. >> definitely a big lift for the team. big football weekend for wusa9, game on sunday at 11:30, nfl today at 12:00, bengals and then i'll wrap it up game on overtime at 11:35 the. a turtle sitting in the catbird seat of big 10
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basketball, your maryland terrapins, 13-1. they just beat michigan state. the terps are ranked 11th, highest ranking since 2004. who saw that coming? the michigan state game revealing a lot the other day. granted the spartans lost some good players, but east lancing lansing isn't an easy -- lansing isn't an easy place to play in. >> we're nowhere near where we're going to be. because of the injuries and different things we just haven't progressed and being able to add as many things as i'd like to, but i think we'll just get a lot better. >> i'm very surprised. i know we have areas we can get better at and as far as a team, we're just going to keep getting better. >> home against minnesota tomorrow. >> don't want to leave out the ladies. brenda freese on our air
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tomorrow 4:00 at nebraska. the lady terps also won their big 10 opener. we got a lot going on and wild car weekend here on channel 9. stick around, ladies. >> very busy. >> the way we like it. and a rainy weekend unfortunately. >> a good one to stay in and watch the sports. we'll see showers moving through all weekend long, much milder on sunday. >> stay with wusa9 for the evening news which is next followed by your only local news at 7:00 and as always, is on. have a
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>> glor: tonight, the u.s. strikes back. new sanctions on north korea in response to cyber attacks including the hack on sony. chip reid is traveling with president obama. the number of victims recovered from air asia flight 8501 rises dramatically. allen pizzey reports from indonesia. this pileup could be a hint of what's to come. a winter storm threatens a travel mess this weekend. jim axelrod remembers mario cuomo, gift orator, liberal beacon political patriarch. and steve hartman "on the road." with her streak on the line, the lady knights go for broke. >> i just felt like, wow like we are in this. >> and the crowd was getting into it, which made it even better. captioning sponsored by cbs this is th


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