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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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along. nick giovanni, wusa9. >> stay warm, buddy. >> and good morning and welcome to the 6:00 a.m. hour of wusa9 news and this new year, i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike. we begin with weather and traffic. allison, take it away. >> and good morning. happy new year. a little cold as he had his hat on. it is going to be frigid this morning. 28 degrees. winds are light, but every once in awhile, we get a wind that is 10 miles per hour. starting off in the teens through the suburbs. it's going to fill into the lower teens. it's uncomfortable. high pressure is is the culprit for the sunshine and chilly temperatures. the clouds roll in later tonight. 30 degrees by 9:00. your high temperatures today into the lower 40s. it will be a cold, but sunny new year's day. let's go over to beverly with traffic. >> happy new year, allison. and a good start on area roadways. anybody that has to head out,
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looking good between manassas, fair lakes, fair oaks, falls church, good shape in each direction. trouble-free trip virginia beltway, 95 corridor heading up from wood bridge into springfield, looks good. route 50 between annapolis and the beltway, cheverly, looking good as well in maryland. no early issues to deal with there. andrea, mike. >> thanks, beverly. after a break earlier today, weather is again, hampering efforts to recover victims and wreckage from air asia flight 8501. more bodies and coffins were flown inland for identification. there were 162 people aboard the two-hour flight, which disappeared from radar less than half way into the trip early sunday. the bodies recovered include 22- year-old flight attendant still wearing her red uniform. >> and relatives gathered to wait now and provide blood samples for dna to help them identify the victims and their family members. divers are also on stand by
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with an unmanned underwater vehicle so they can survey the ocean floor and that vehicle has been flown in to help them and find the of the wreckage, although they believe they found the main few sill lodge. >> it's hard to imagine a plane vanishing without a trace, but flight 8501 went down with no obvious indication of where it crashed and that has airline regulators demanding improvements to the way flights are tracked. one suggestion, the deployable black box, which is currently used in navy fighter jets. black box separates from a plane when it hits water, floats, and sends signals to search teams with the crash site location. but boeing says its tests have shown flaws, including when a black box is ejected over a downtown area. three journalists in prison in egypt will go on trial again. the decision came today after hearing in an egyptian court that lasted only a few minutes. >> and the three journalists
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have been held in prison since their arrest in december of 2013. they were convicted of supporting the muslim brotherhood and spreading false news. the courts didn't give them bail today, so they will remain in jail until the retrial. and that is expected to take place sometimes in the next month or so. >> lawyers for accused boston marathon bomber, tsarnaev, have denied move and delay the trial. >> scheduled to stand trial for the 2013 bombing at the finish line of the boston marathon. despite efforts by his legal team, the trial will be held in boston where tsarnaev is charged in the twin explosions that killed three people and injured more than 200 others. >> protests have been a common sight over the past few months. when demonstrators took to the streets in response to the two
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grand juries declining to prosecute officers. nikki is in our newsroom with more. good morning, nikki. >> good morning. new year's eve was quiet, at least in terms of protests. that's expected to change today. with one protest scheduled this afternoon in wheaten. protesters today will stage a die in at wheaten mall at 1:00. phs in response to two grand juries, nonindictments of unarmed black men in ferguson, missouri, and in new york. in d.c., we have seen multiple protests from clay naytown, the national mall, and the capital. all upset with the death of mike brown and eric garner. blocked traffic on major roads. there's one local case out of fairfax county, however, that is gaining national attention. in our next half hour, i'll tell you what that case is. back to you. >> thank you. police have found the body of a little boy from frederic, maryland, and they have now filed charges against his
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mother. 14 month old, cameron and her 6- year-old daughter to columbus, ohio. >> and stevens later told police that she left cameron on a stranger's doorstep because she could no longer care for him. but wednesday, police found cameron's body inside a duffel bag along a creek. stevens is being held on child endangerment charges, but could be facing murder charges soon. her daughter has been placed in protective custody. >> police arrested two men in one of our four fatal shootings that occurred in the clicket of columbia christmas eve. >> maureen blabbingly and joseph minor have been charged with second-degree murder in the death of 28-year-old, gregory lee, who was killed in southeast d.c. on christmas eve. this is one of eight fatal shootings in the district sips december 23. >> and in prince georges county, detectives are working to identify a suspect or
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suspect pes in the murder of a cab driver. officers found 29-year-old shot to death inside his cab early yesterday morning. >> the cab was stopped in capital heights. the cab company says the last fare was two hours earlier and several miles away at addison road metro station. the cab was equipped with an emergency button, but it appears the victim had a chance to sound that alarm. a new year's reprieve for some maryland inmates. martin o'malley commuted the death sentence of the state's last four death row prisoners. >> those prisoners will now serve life without the possibility of parole. the state's general assembly abolished the death assembly, but the inmates were sentenced to death before that change. her formal swearing in is tomorrow, but d.c.'s new mayor start this morning. >> city voters elected bowser
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after she defeated vincent gray in the april primary. delia is live outside the wilson building with a preview. >> she calls this an incredible honor to be mayor of her hometown and the district of columbia. she has been a representative of ward 4 as council member, but no doubt the district building will take on a new significance for her as she is sworn in tomorrow as the district's 7th elected mayor. second african american woman elected as mayor. she calls it a fresh start. not only for her, but for the district as well. and she is inviting districts to join her. three hours from now with a 5k, that is scheduled to step off at 9:00 a.m.
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on calbert as our mayor- elect begins this new year with district residents. she wants folks to commit to wellness as they move forward in 2015. as they step off with this new fr esh start, she's calling, an open and accessible d.c. government. a long list of events that she has planned for d.c. residents to join her and celebrate this new beginning. she wants this to be an open and accessible d.c. government, and all the events are free and open to the public if you can get a ticket, lots of folks have already plans to be at the event, not only today at the 5k, but tomorrow, an interfaith service and her swearing in ceremony. happening at 9:30 in the morning followed by a ball. sheila is going to be there. she has some heavy hitters who are taking care of her events for her. and she is inviting d.c. be the v.i.p.'s
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and come on down and join her. coming up at 6:30, we'll have more on her political rise that started when she was a kid. i'll see you at 6:30. baa k to you. >> thank you delia live in front of the wilson building. fresh start is what we all hope for. that includes weight loss. one of the most popular new year's resolution, maybe because it's so hard to achieve. >> especially with all the cakes and sweets and your friends bring in their cakes and cookies. it's not impossible to lose weight. he will give you tips own
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and welcome back in. happy new year. it is 6:12. high pressure is here and taking a look at satellite and radar. a few clouds draped off to our south and west. lots of shine for today. and temperatures, yeah, a little uncomfortable. that's the story today. 16 degrees for manassas. 27 for arlington. bowie, you're at 17 degrees and rockville you're at 23. headed a couple degrees warmer than yesterday, but not by much. 41 for d.c. this afternoon. let's go to beverly with traffic. >> we're just getting word of a crash between the beltway and riverdale. apparently a vehicle is overturned. you might expect there's a lane closed. beltway, new hampshire avenue still running freely in each direction. no issues to report south of town in alexandria on the beltway between eisenhower connector, and virginia, 95, volume remains light. andrea, mike. >> so, how is that turkey and pumpkin pie and apple pie and all the other great deserts we
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have sitting around your waistline now? well, of course the number one resolution, especially this year in 2015, lose weight. >> charles, a sport and health member who succeeded with his resolution to lose weight joins us now and kevin is back from sport and health and charles, we'll start with you. you look fantastic. you retired and made a decision to get healthy and to lose weight. why and how much did you lose? >> i retired january 3 of last year and my health had failed. i weighed 250-pounds. i lost 65-pounds. my resolution was to start to work out, to walk, i joined the gym right away. and go every -- i do something every day. i do a little bit every day. originally i wanted to lose 50- pounds by september. i lost all 65 by september. and now i want to maintain and build a little tone this year. >> you look fantastic. he started off the new year
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with the right way and kept it, most of us don't, kevin. >> amazing story, and really devoted to it and he had his team and a lot of those points he made earlier. >> and did you consult a dietitian or anything to chanyou eat? that's also very important. you could bulk up with the same bulk you had and make it muscle. >> my trainer was a dietitian also and gave me advice. i also used the feedback thing. and i record all the things that i eat and balance it against my exercise. >> everybody says keeping a journal is a big component. >> one of the things, you got off the meds you were taking for blood pressure, so that's a really important thing. kevin, you brought along the phone roller and other things. what did charles use and what can we use? >> we're going to go through a quick demonstration. an efficient way to work out and kind of like, you don't, it's nice to have all the things that a gym has, but
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sometimes we have to work out at home. sot first one, he will lay over this foam roller k. if you can't do a perfect pushup, it makes it easier. fired up. make sure -- >> he can continue through the rest of the show. >> now charles will switch right from that into our next exercise where he will lay on the roller and he's going to use it to open up his chest. >> great idea. >> we were talking about shoulder. if i did pushups all day, i would end up with poor posture and he's trying to balance this out. >> so that builds the long muscles on your back? >> mid of your back, and the next one, we'll have him go right on the ground. i have these things here. i'll help you out here.
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all right, let's go ahead and lift your foot up. another one on top. we have these, he's keeping his hips up so he is reaching his legs out. pulling in. it's just a basic hamstring curl. >> quick things you can do at home. kevin and charles, congratulations. thank you for being with us. great new year's incentive. >> let's tay take a look. $39billion a year on this, as if eight events or receive st. >> b. people don't tip their waitresses and the
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again hampering efforts to recover victims and wreckage from air asia flight 8501. there were 162 people aboard the two hour flight, which disappeared from radar about half way into the trip early sunday. the bodies recovered so far include a 22-year-old flight attendant wearing her red uniform. an unmanned under water vehicle that can survey the ocean floor has been flown in to find the exact location of the wreckage. >> we lost the star of stage, screen, and television. actor, edward herman has died. he was 71 years old. the cranky old dad on "gillmore
6:20 am
girls." even voiceovers as well. the family says herman died yesterday at a hospital in new york where he was being treated for brain cancer. a very unusual start to the new year nor parts of southern california. they have know on the ground. people in marietta and surrounding cities spent their final hours shoveling a few inches of snow off the driveway and sidewalk. police also had to rescue several dozen drivers who got stranded in the higher elevations. weather is here. it is brisk this morning. it's the first of the year. >> it's not the coldest of the season. lower 20s in november, just before thanksgiving. but it is the coldest day of the year. of course we'll drop down in the months to come. we'll see a slight, modest warmup by the end of the week and starting off chilly. take a look at temperatures. into the teens for a lot of
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places. manassas, congratulations, you are the coldest spot on the map. you are, 16 degrees for manassas and once you head off to germantown, or frederic, 32 degrees. warmer there, that's the warmest spot on the map. if the warmer spot is freezing, you know it will be a cold day. high pressure is in place, lots of sunshine, so we are going to watch that winter classic. sunshine will prevail. any clouds that do develop are high and thin and won't keep a lot of the sunshine out. by 5:30, or friday, the clouds will return. i'm ahead of our weekend rain chances. just rain, no snow. as we head overnight, rain continues to push on threw followed by cold air. wait until next week, tomorrow z/48 and by saturday, 44. here is that seven-day forecast, blustery conditions
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as you head back to work. let's go to beverly with traffic. >> we have a crash on the southbound lanes. anybody that will be coming down out of green belt and looking ahead toward riverdale might want to divert and get over to route 50. crash on the southbound parkway ties up the right side of the highway with a vehicle overturned. it may slow things down. 3 the 5, no slowdowns to the bridge. with a nice light holiday volume. like wise, 66. we are goods between fair oaks, the metro, and on into falls church. thanks for watching us this morning. starting not only your day, but your new year
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well, local hockey fans have been excited for months about the arrival the winter classic. >> it's the first time d.c. hosted the national hockey league's outdoor game. nick giovanni is live where the concerns are about the 1:00 start of the game, possibly being delayed. so why is that, nick? >> yeah, mike, we are waiting to see if the sun ends up prolonging the wait for the caps to have this date circled on their calendar, long before this season began, when we were sitting down with them at their media day. this is a topic of conversation from day one. you talk about the work that went into getting this day ready for the winter classic.
6:26 am
the first time d.c. hosted one of seven venues to actually host this. we're talking some serious numbers here. get this. for the rink alone, 20,000 gallons of water were hauled into nats park. it took 3,000 gallons of coolant and 350-gallons of paint to turn it white. the end result, a winter wonderland. customized for the nation's capital. notably, the frozen reflection pool. that leads to the capital building. players took all of that in yesterday and wide eyed as one player described it. this is as close as he will get to a super bowl. when you think of all the hype and distraction, certainly a lot to offer for the players and for the fans and the players. that's what we will talk about. we'll talk about what is available here for the fans today, which i can tell you is
6:27 am
much more than the game starting in a couple hours. >> nats park, you can imagine all the things they can offer. looking forward to hearing more about that, nick, thank you. police are looking for a man who robbed a silver spring bank and for people who picked up some of the stolen money the suspect dropped when he was running away. this happened around 150bg 15 yesterday morning. >> now the bank robber dropped some of the cash on the way out, which was stolen by those people passing by. authorities are warning if they don't return it, they could be prosecuted for theft. we have a start date for the d.c. streetcars to begin carrying passengers. with just hours left in office, mayor vincent gray announced the streetcars should be up and running the week of january 9. the mayor originally had hoped to have the streetcar running before the end of the year, but safety issues need to be addressed, so test runs without passengers that have been going on for several
6:28 am
months will continue to go an. >> and the national children's museum will close this sunday. the museum is not shutting down for good. they plan to move back to the district after two years in maryland. the museum p wants to increase its program space and accessibility by public transportation. >> a search for a new permanent space is underway, but in the meantime, some exhibits will be put on temporary display at public libraries in the district. >> right now, we want to take ac look outside. all the light shining and there's the washington monument. you can't tell it by looking, but it's cold outside. >> it's so much easier to look outside than it is to be outside. allison joins us outside with the weather forecast. >> it's chilly out here. it's not too bad until the wind comes. you'll want to bring the gloves
6:29 am
and hats if you are headed out there. it's so dry that your hands are going to get chapped fast. 28 degrees out there. they are going to be 10 to 15 miles per hour later this that will add more chill. not going to warm us much. high pressure will keep us very sunny. 43 degrees for leesburg today. 43 from baltimore. and andrews at 43. let's go over to beverly with traffic. >> checking out the ride for anyone that will travel to the baltimore, washington parkway. south of the beltway, vehicle rolled over and initially the right side of the roadway has been blocked by the response. sudden -- northbound parkway may slow a bit. just a look at the flashing lights. i-270, good ride for you. germantown, gaithersburg, and making your way down into rockville. we have been issue-free there,
6:30 am
and virginia open between the beltway and the 14th street bridge. mike, andrea. >> many of the revelers are already asleep. >> some of them were walking on out street as we were coming in. they may be trying to find their beds. about a million people in new york city saw the famous ball drop in person. those with the best view have been there for at least 12 hours. after getting through security screening, they were crowded into massive tents and couldn't leave even to use the restroom. the best place -- >> each year the city holds a first night alexandria with hundreds of live bands and dancing to ring in the new year. tons of local restaurants and shops participate. couples, young kids, families,
6:31 am
everyone is welcome to attend those festivities. >> festivities tomorrow, murrell bowser will take the oath of office. >> and her long weekend inaugural event kick off later this morning. delia is live at the wilson building with a preview of the festivities they are running this morning. >> in just a few hours, they are running, getting up, and committing themselves to a fresh start and to wellness in 2015. anyone who knows the family here in d.c. knows that mayor- elect, murrell bowser, really is no surprise. her rise to the city's top job started well before she walked into the wilson building as council member for ward 4 eight years ago. her political career, you could see, started when she-just a kid. her now father for ward 5 and northeast and young murrell,
6:32 am
tagged along on dad's campaign trail and lots of folks said she was in political boot camp her whole life. now, mayor-elect, murrell bowser is 42 and calling this transition as mayor of her hometown a fresh start. asking residents to join her. a 5k kicks off at 9:00 a.m. in northwest at a school in northwest. the oyster bilingual store. all of them free and tope to the public. she says it's @ first store in the government and inviting all d.c. residents to be a part of that. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. 2014 is going to be remembered for major protests.
6:33 am
sparked by two grand juries declining to indict police officers in the the deaths of two unarmed men. >> and it seems those protests are going to continue into this new year. nikki has a look at what to expect and what local case is now getting more attention. nikki, good morning. >> good morning. your right, protests have been a common sight across the country and here in d.c. take a look. protests have been in response to the nonindictments by two grand juries and the death of unarmed men in ferguson, missouri, and in new york. demonstrations in d.c. have been in chinatown, dupont circle, the national mall, and the capital all upset over the deaths of mike brown and eric garner. even blocked traffic on major roads. now local case is getting more attention. of john gear, a man who was shot and killed, allegedly by fairfax county police back in 2013. a facebook group was started to raise awareness and as a plea for lack of information, a
6:34 am
protest is set to take place later this month. another black lives matter protest is set to start today at 1:00 at the wheaten mall. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, nikki. millions of people who make the minimum wage have something extra to celebrate, a little something extra to celebrate. they are getting a small raise. >> 23 states will have a higher minimum wage in 2014. my wage isn't going up. >> and there states with previous wake hikes and 29 states in all will be paying above the federal level of $9.75. both will see increase. maryland goes up from $7.25 to $8. d.c. will increase from $9.50 to $10.50. that won't happen until july 1. >> markets are closed today
6:35 am
for the new year, but despite losses in major u.s. markets yesterday, 2014 was a good year. >> if you have money in the stock market, chances are, your nest egg got bigger than it was this time last year. the major stock market indexes posted big numbers. >> the dow industrials were up 7%. the s & p 500 up 11.5% and the nasdaq posted a hefty 13% gain for 2014. nice for the millions of us who have 401k's. it is 6:35. we want to contact our facebook fan of the day from woodbridge, virginia. catted rine says, you are my go- to to all my news. >> thank you for that. this week's winners will get four all day lift tickets which can be used at any of the snow time area ski resorts.
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we would like you to become our next facebook fan of the day. it's very easy. go to our facebook page and fill out
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and good morning and of
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course, happy new year. it is 6:39. i'm meteorologist, allison ray. 28 degrees, winds are out of the southwest. dry air. it's going to be a little uncomfortable when that wind blows. i would recommend gloves if you don't want your hands to be chapped. 41 degrees this afternoon for d.c. and 44 for frederic. temperatures temperatures are inching their way back up. let's go to beverly with traffic. >> still dealing with a crash. southbound inside the beltway between the beltway and 410 river dale. right side of the roadway has been blocked. no serious injuries, but they have to wait for the tow truck. sudden, abrupt delay. i-270 corridor, lanes open: open, but caution. they were looking at a car going the wrong direction.
6:40 am
they were headed northbound on the southbound lanes above the 270 spur. things are running freely on that 270 corridor as well. virginia drive, no incidents to report right now on the beltway. on going crash investigation inpacting the intersection with police on the scene. back to you. >> thank you so much, drivers in virginia and maryland should expect an increase at the pump today. that is because gasoline taxes are on the rise. >> it's likely increasing a nickel a gallon in virginia and 3 cents in maryland. in maryland, the gas tax is automatically phased in. the prices are rising. also in the commonwealth, a new law starts today in virginia requiring drivers 75 years or older to renew their licenses in person rather than online or by mail. this rule used to apply only to drivers over 80 years old. licenses for people 75 and older will also expire after
6:41 am
five years, instead of the usual 8 years. >> another law starting today will affect property owners in maryland. the new rules are meant to regulate lead paint in older homes. owners have rental properties built before 1978 will now be required to have inspectors check for lead paint. this rule used to apply only to houses built before 1950. property owners will to provide tenants with information about the dangers of lead if it's found. >> later this morning, millions of americans will get a chance to tune into the rose bowl parade. you see it every year on tv. organizers have been dealing with high winds and very chilly temperatures as they get ready and they try to prepare the float for the streets of pasadena. >> and the bad weather didn't stop fans from gathering to watch those floats be put into position. >> there you go. >> they look beautiful. >> the finishing touches are being put on the rose bowl parade floats as they get ready for their national tv closeup
6:42 am
in the morning. >> we'll move all the floats up and get ready to run them down in colorado tomorrow. >> on colorado boulevard, large crowds have already gathered for what promises to be a bitterly cold night. >> this is our first year out here. pretty cold. >> lots of blankets. a couple hoodies. hand warmers, foot warmers. and prayers that it gets warmer. >> the family has been spending new year's eve on the streets of pasadena for years. >> we all bundle together. >> this time they came prepared, bringing this space heater. >> our kids love it. when you have kids that all want to do the same thing, then you go with it. >> my granddaughter will be coming out in the morning, i came here the first time when i was seven years old. >> that's kind of neat. >> love to see that in person.
6:43 am
6:43. it's time to answer the question of the morning. it was, americans spend $39 billion a year on this. is it a, tipping, b, pay per view events or c, birthday presents? >> our facebook friend, brooke says a, tipping. i'm about a million of that. well, she is right. the answer is a, tipping. >> a lot of people would like to meet her. >> no
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all right, it is 6:46. allison ray is back, and as you've been hearing from us, it's pretty cold outside. >> hopefully everyone is watching us from their bed and going to sleep right through the chilly temperatures. hot coffee conneds good. we're going to see temperatures warm up. it's all relative. we'll see an increase by 2 degrees this afternoon from where we were yesterday afternoon and we'll continue to warm up through the weekend. so let's take a look at temperatures right now. i mean, there are a lot of teens out there. 19 degrees as you head out to leesburg. 18 for gaithersburg, manassas, there you go. you're the coldest spot on the map at 16. our warmest spot on the map is frederic, 32. d.c., you're at 28 and down
6:47 am
through fredericksburg, you're at 28. it's fairly calm as far as the winds are concerned. you get a breeze, even as high as 8 miles per hour. it will knock the temperature down to feel a couple degrees cooler. high pressure is in place for the rest of the afternoon. we'll start to see clouds increase after the sunsets tonight. any clouds are going to stream on in today will be high and thin and not going to block a lot of sunshine. so it will be cold today and it will be cold tonight. and like this afternoon, temperatures are warming up by a couple degrees compared to yesterday afternoon. and tonight they will increase. but we're still going to be below freezing for a good amount of the area. the clouds will move on through tomorrow afternoon, partly to mostly skies for your friday and this is all gening up for saturday with some rain headed your way. saturday morning will be generally dry. this is 8:30 in the morning. scattered showers arrive before the bulk of the rain overnight saturday into sunday with that front pushing on through and then temperatures are going to
6:48 am
plummet for next week. 38 to 43 today. lots of sunshine. it's going to be a beautiful looking day. winds 10 to 15 miles per hour and there's a breeze like yesterday, add more chill to the air. 48 for friday. so getting more on the mild side. but by saturday, 44. the clouds are here, so are the showers. by monday, 36 and it will be very breezy. blustery for monday and again on wednesday and inbetween that, a quick passing flurry. nothing too much to speak of as of now. let's go over to time saver traffic with beverly. >> saved a lot of time on the roadways. the light volume, virginia 95 corridor. hov restrictions lifted. not that you need the express lanes, we're looking good into woodbridge. everything open and looking good. i-66, east of manassas, lanes
6:49 am
are open and we're looking good between front royal and falls church. bw parkway, they are still cleaning up the clash.
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♪ it's the time of year for making lists... at chevrolet, we've made it onto a few lists ourselves. in fact this year, we've been at the top of more awards lists than any other car company. now during the chevy year end event, put us on yours. choose an impala in stock the longest and get cash back for 20 percent of the msrp. that's over sixty-five hundred dollars on this impala lt. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. crews are on stand by waiting for weather to clear to recover victims and wreckage
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from air asia flight 8501. 162 people were on board the two hour flight which disappeared from radar half way into the trip early sunday. the bodies recovered so far include a 22-year-old flight attendant wearing her uniform. >> a cycling advocacy group in maryland is going to hold a memorial bike ride and vigil today for the cyclist killed in a hit-and-run crash. heather cook and a bishop struck and killed thomas palermo on saturday. the memorial ride and vigil will begin at 3:30 by johns hopkins university. it will follow an art gallery in baltimore. the cdc says the season's flu outbreak reached an epidemic level. 15 children have died from the flu so far this season. the young and the elderly with underlying health conditions are the people who are most at risk. even though this year's vaccine doesn't cover the most active strain, doctors suggest people get the flu shot.
6:53 am
>> there's now a start date for the opening of the d.c. streetcars with pass passengers on board. mayor vincent gray announced the h streetcars should be up and running the week of january 9. the mayor originally hoped to have the streetcars running before the end of the year, but several safety issues still needed to be addressed. test runs without passengers have been going on for several months. party to ring in 2015 is over in times square, but the cleanup started right away. an army of street cleaners are hard at work clearing out an estimated 50-tons of trash. most of the trash, as you guessed it, is confetti. and crews have been working hard for days to get everything ready here and now the day has finally come. >> they moved in a giant refrigerator to create an ice rink. the 2015 winter classic. could possibly start at 1:00 today. we're going to see if that will be the case. pretty pumped up, morning,
6:54 am
nick. >> i can tell you the wheels are in motion this morning. stadium crews have started making their way inside here, putting the finishing touches on nationals park in advance of today's winter classic. while across the street, if you look at where we are, we're at center field, just outside center field. the lights have been turned on. that is where the fan fest will begin. starting at 9:00 this morning, nass when it runs all the way up into the puck is dropped. inside the stadium, fans can make their way in to watch this winter classic star 11:00 this morning. that is when gates open and we'll see if that puck ends up dropping on tomb at 1:00. the nhl has not closed the door on pushing that start time back right now because of the sun. that is what they are keeping an eye on right now. if there's too much of a glare, then they will make the call to push it back. that decision will not be made
6:55 am
until closer to game time. that's something we are following. we'll keep you posted on our app and on twitter and again at the noon news. for now, we'll send it back to the studio on what is an exciting day. one that some of the cast compared to a super bowl for the regular season. we'll see if we end up using that. >> sunshine is bad news, but we are looking at ample sunshine this afternoon. high, thin clouds, those usually don't block a lot of sunlight, but we will hope for the best. 41 degrees this afternoon. it will be chilly, that's for sure. tonight near 30. we start to see temperatures warm up a bit for tomorrow and into saturday. but that's ahead of rain headed your way saturday night into early sunday morning. and then next week, you know, don't worry about next week. look how it will be. temperatures in the mid 30s and it's not going to feel that warm as well.
6:56 am
what's going on with traffic? >> southbound lanes tide up between the beltway and river dale. and they are waiting for a tow truck, relatively a light delay. caution in northwest, right near the boat house between arizona avenue and fox hall road. they are checking for a vehicle that has left the roadway into the water. a lot of response for that incident. they are just responding. beltway looking good, no issues north of bradock road. they are still investigating a crash. back to you guys. >> thank you. cbs this morning is next. have more on the reality facing president oh bo m ma in 2015 as he faces republican control in both houses of congress. >> you're going to hear stories about immigration coming up this year. stories about obama care coming up this year. also on cbs this morning, singer, john mellencamp will talk about the surgeon that saved his life. >> and beverly and i will be with traffic and weather. all you can get with news,
6:57 am
weather, and traffic. you can get it on our wusa9 app. >> and allison and i will be back at noon. until then, have a great morning and happy new year. >> happy new year. >> we'll see here you go. wow! thanks! get a free beverage in any size for enrolling in dd perks, and start earning points towards more rewards with every purchase. join today for a free beverage on us. america runs on dunkin'.
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good morning and happy new year. it is thursday january 1st 2015. omwelce to "cbs this morning." big change is coming to washington in the new year. the new reality for president obamnda a the new congress. plus some of our favorite stories of the past year including rare access to an nfl road trip. how 56 players and 16,000 pounds of gear make it to game day. and wynton marsalis plays to the world. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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