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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 31, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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hundreds of people, music, food, entertainment, fireworks all on a scenic historic backdrop, not a bad wanew year. >> reporter: late 2014 marked by ferguson-related protests ma y resume in the d.c. area tomorrow. >> new developments surrounding a maryland mom charged with killing her own toddler. >> temperatures will feel like they're in the teens as you wake up tomorrow morning, a chilly new year's day forecast coming up. the countdown is on, 2015 officially less than an hour away and good evening.
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happy new year! i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm debra alfarone. new year's celebrations across the country and world already underway including here in alexandria. >> mola lenghi joins us live from first night alexandria. how is the crowd? >> reporter: happy new year, ladies. when it comes to ringing in the new year and partying, alexandria does it right. on one side you got the potomac river over here, hundreds of people partying, enjoying themselves, listening to music. on the other side you've got the historic old town backdrop. up there there are live music acts, theater, arts, entertainment, all sorts of enough to do. they can really -- stuff to do. if they can get ahold of these freezing temperatures, it might be a perfect night. tonight there are plenty of new beginnings. there's a new marriage. >> it's amazing. >> reporter: why new year's eve? why do it tonight? >> we like to party. this is the night for it. he'll never forget it.
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>> reporter: as far as forgetting your anniversary. >> not going to happen. >> reporter: it was his idea, wasn't it? >> totally. >> reporter: for brittany fallon it's a new party. her birthday falls on new year's eve and guess which birthday it is. >> yes, it is my 21st birthday. 21. >> reporter: besides legally enjoying an adult beverage she'll have plenty of other things to do on first night, find a stranger and give them a high five. >> having a great time. >> reporter: more than 100 live bands, people cutting loose, shaking tail, getting jiggy with it, whatever the kids are saying these days. speaking of kids check out this one. she's got moves. >> tell them what your name is. say happy new year. >> reporter: for these folks it seems 2015 will be a happy new year indeed. >> new beginnings because this is a new beginning. she's a nemy life and i just love life. >> reporter: i know new york city has the times square ball
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that drops, but at midnight in alexandria we get a fireworks show over the potomac river. how great is that. i know new york is your hood, debra, but i'll take a ferc show over the potomac over -- a fireworks show over the potomac over a glorified disco ball any day. the already the new year in moscow. these are fireworks near the iconic st. basil cathedral and now to paris, an elaborate light show and fireworks. not bad. >> three, two, one. [ cheering and applause ] >> happy new year in dubai. you're looking at center stage for a new year's fireworks display that just wowed the audiences below. >> much of the west will be
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ringing in the new year with freezing temperatures, snow and wind. these bitter cold are creating hazardous conditions just east of los angeles firefighters rescuing more than 100 drivers trapped in the snow. this year's rose bowl parade is going to be the coldest in its 126 year history. winds beached several ships off catalina island off the california coast. two people were killed including a harbor patrol officer who jumped into the water tuesday night when his boat nearly crashed into the rocks. back at home get ready to bundle up. >> first alert meteorologist erica grow says get ready for bitter cold temps tonight and into the new year. >> that's right. as cold as it was early this morning, it's going to be even colder tomorrow morning when we wake up. you are about to set out, maybe you want to watch the fireworks, make sure that you have all your winter layers. we have had quite a tumble in
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temperatures. when you're consistently cold, it's a little bit easier to handle, but since we were near 60 degrees sunday and since then we have fallen into the 40s and then today our high temperature was 39 degrees, just peoples that much chillier. it's -- feels that much chillier. it's a shock to the system. right now we're down to 19 degrees in manassas and 18 in culpeper, 30 degrees in frederick, 31 in downtown washington and even in southern maryland we're down to 22 in both la plata and at andrews. as you wake up tomorrow morning, 20 to 28 degrees at 6:00, only rebounding into the low to mid-30s by 10 a.m. it's going to be cold at the winter classic but a brief warm- up is on the way. we'll talk about that coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. with just hours left in office mayor vincent gray announced the eighth street streetcars should be up and running the week of january 19th. the mayor hoped to have the
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streetcars up and running sooner but several safety issues have to be addressed. it's been running on h street for several months. tonight a tragic end to the search for a little boy from frederick, maryland. the child's body was found by police and the mom faces felony charges. the sad story began two weeks ago when dainesha stevens took 14-month-old cameron beckford and a 6-year-old daughter to columbus, ohio. she told police she left cameron on a stranger's doorstep, but today his body was found inside a duffel bag along a creek. tonight stevens faces charges of child endangerment. more charges could be pending and the daughter has been placed in protective custody. helicopters can't fly and divers can't dive, heavy storms over the java sea prevented a closer search for air asia flight 8501. at least seven bodies have been recovered of 162 people on
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board. relatives have jammed a crisis center in indonesia desperate for word. hundreds took part in a candlelight vigil remembering those who vanished less than a week ago. wooden coffins simply numbered 1 and 2 brought the first bodies back to the airport from where the doomed flight took off. they were identified only as a woman wearing blue jeans and a boy 4 1/2 feet tall. the recovery effort is being hampered by bad weather and is now a race against time. a search and rescue official said bodies and debris have drifted as much as 30 miles in one day. at the airport crisis center officials compiled physical details such as tattoos and birth marks provided by relatives, anything to help with a positive id. each case has its own folder, its own heartwrenching story. the id tags this is wearing says family member, written on it in pen andreas, the name of
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his 32-year-old son. he sports a small bandage on his arm covering the spot where he gave a blood sample for dna testing. he said i never expected this. one of the bodies recovered was 22-year-old flight attendant wearing her red uniform. her father said she was only working one way. then she was going to go on vacation he said and she was coming back on the 6th of january. the government is using cold storage containers modified with shelves to hold the bodies until they are autopsied and identified. members of a church group who lost 40 of their congregation in the crash dealt with it the best way they knew how. the key to why the plane crashed lies in its black boxes which experts say should be relatively easy to find in the shallow waters of the java sea, but nasty weather is making it
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extremely difficult and the forecast the next few days isn't promising either. given today's technology it's so hard to imagine a plane could just vanish without a trace, but flight 8501 went down with no obvious indication where it crashed. so airline regulators want improvements made to the way flights are tracked. 1 suggestion is the deployable black box which is currently used in navy fighter jets like the f-18. the black box separates from a plane when it hits water, floats and sends signals to search teams with the crash site location, but even this system has its own problems. boeing won't have these in its planes because its tests have shown deployment failures and in one case a black booksy jocked over a downtown area. -- blocks ejected over a downtown area. dzhokhar tsarnaev is scheduled to stand trial in january for the 2013 bombing of the finish line in the boston
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marathon. he will face charges stemming from the two explosions killing three people and injuring over 200 others. still photos are giving us a graphic look at the life and death drama that played out on that greek ferry last weekend in the adriatic sea. this photo shows the moment the last survivor was airlifted off the ferry. in this next photo you'll see passengers with their life vests on waiting to be carried off the ferry. you can see the dense smoke that filled the cabins. about 400 people were airlifted from the ship and 11 people were thought to have died. 2014 will be remembered for the massive protests sparked by two grand juries declining to indict police officers in the death of two unarmed black men. >> it looks like those protests will continue into the new year starting on new year's day. >> as our jim osman tells us, those protests will spotlight a local case just now gaining the national spotlight. >> reporter: during new year's eve events in boston activists protested recent police
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killings. all quiet in d.c. new year's eve but not so for most of the fall and winter and the new year will bring a renewed sense of purpose and protests. >> how many times does it have to happen where you just stay on the side loon and not do anything? >> reporter: dupont sir -- sideline and not do anything? >> reporter: dupont circle was one of the places where ferguson-related protests flared up in a second. wusa9 was one of the first crews at this protest in early december, one of the most heated we witnessed. protesters rushed to dupont circle after a new york grand jury declined to indict an officer in the alleged chokehold death of eric garner. >> i didn't know this is happening, but i'm happy to lend my voice to this crowd. >> reporter: night after night demonstrators filled places such as mount vernon square. in chinatown. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> reporter: we were there as demonstrators headed towards mpd headquarters, but those
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aren't the only cases to get attention here locally. the august, 2013 death of john geer allegedly at the hands of fairfax county police prompted its own protest group because little information had been released after geer unarmed, hands up and standing in the doorway of his home was shot and killed by police. a facebook group was started recently to draw awareness. >> bring it to their attention first because a lot of people don't even know who john geer is. >> reporter: they will in early january when a major protest is expected in fairfax county. the protests regarding the use of force deaths in missouri and new york resume tomorrow afternoon in wheaton. jim osman, wusa9 news. new tonight the details coming out of shanghai in china just horrible, at least 35 killed, dozens more injured in a stampede at a new year's eve celebration. thousands jammed the river port plaza and someone threw out
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what turned out to be fake money in the crowd. many killed were young students. in colorado three snowshoers were working their way up a mountain peak a half hour west of denver and an avalanche swept a snowshoer away. he was wearing an emergency beacon. his two companions found buried under 5 feet of snow. they tried cpr but could not revive him. a rescue team reached the two survivor. we've lost a star of stage, screen and television. actor edward herman died. he was age 71. he was the dad on tv's gilmore girls and portrayed franklin d. roosevelt in films and documentaries. herman died today at a hospital in new york where he was treated for brain cancer. capping off the 2014 year with yet another cyber hack. >> the company is warning customers tonight. >> plus u.s. stocks go out with a bang, coming up wall street's winners and losers of 2014. >> and you're looking at live pictures now of times square in
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new york city, the ball
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if you have money in the stock narcotic, chances are your nest egg is bigger tonight than at the start of the year. with today's closing bell on wall street it was official. the major stock market indexes all posting solid gains for
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2014. the dow industrials up 7% for the year, s&p 500 up 11.5% and the nasdaq posting a hefty 13% gain for 2014 to give your 401k a big high five. millions of people who make the minimum wage are getting a raise tomorrow. at least 23 states will have a higher minimum wage in 2015. in missouri the wage is going up to $7.65 an hour. workers in washington state will get 9.47 an hour. add in states with prewage hikes and 29 states will be paying above the federal level of 7.25 an hour. both maryland and d.c. will see increases in the minimum wage, maryland going up to $8 an hour tomorrow, d.c. increasing from 9.50 to 10.50 july 1st. tonight chick-fil-a is warning customers of a possible data breach saying it's received reports of unusual
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activity involving payment cards at several restaurants capping a tough year for american businesses trying to protect themselves against security breaches. chick-fil-a says customers will not be held responsible for fraudulent charges. lucky for us we have an unseasonable and unusual weather predicament. too much sun could delay the start of the winter classic. it could be postponed as much as 90 minutes because of a forecast that calls for a lot of sunshine. the deputy commissioner says that sun and its glare could pose a player safety issue. here's another safety issue, tents flying around in high winds. check out this crazy scene near the site of tomorrow's rose bowl game in pasadena. a dust devil grabbed hold of some pavilion tents and would not let go. one big awning seemed to take on a devilish life of its own chasover the place. fortunately no one was badly hurt. always watching always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather.
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>> got to love devils. they're more common in desert areas because the dust picks it up. what happens is the sun heats the ground right there at the surface and that hot air goes whoosh and it makes the -- >> not to be confused with a haboob which is a dust storm because i used to live in arizona, folks. >> i thought you were talking about a dirt devil. that's a much bigger thing. >> dirt devil and dust devil are different things. >> haboobs. >> we are going to see a ton of sunshine tomorrow, but the sunshine will be deceptive. temperatures remain below average. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, the 14th street bridge and the washington monument, may, a good spot to watch the fireworks i would think. 31 degrees, below freezing at reagan national. we told you that would happen. the humidity has come up a
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little bit. personally i think that's good news because when the humidity gets higher, it prevents the temperature from falling off too much and also i can't stand it when i touch the door knob and get that electric shock. when the humidity is higher, it helps prevent that from happening. in our winter headlines we'll see temperatures dipping into the 20s and teens. you'll have to dress for the 20s and teens even into tomorrow morning because wind chill will be a factor again. mostly sunny but cold all day long and that wind chill will be with us as we head into friday, seasonably chilly, temperatures improving a little bit. on satellite and radar you can see how clear it is, all that sunshine that we had during the day leading to clear skies tonight, but it will also lead to a sunny day tomorrow. it's going to be cold, especially in morning. 9 futurecast shows that area of high pressure making its approach. it will keep our winds out of the south and southwest during the day on thursday. then friday a few clouds approach, but we stay completely dry. this is the system we're
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watching. it will push toward us on saturday. we're still completely dry at lunchtime on saturday, but the rain starts to move in in ternoon and notice the the higher elevations, not in the immediate metro area, but it is possible in places like west virginia and in the pan handle of maryland some ice is in the forecast saturday afternoon and evening. overnight it's clear and cold throughout the area, 18 to 26 degrees, winds out of the west, southwest at 10 miles per hour. 20s and 30s tomorrow morning, partly to mostly sunny, wind chills in the 20s with the wind out of the west, southwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow afternoon highs around 40 degrees, a cold start to 2015 and it's going to remain cold at the winter classic, lots of sunshine, though. so that glare delay is possible, 38 degrees at 1 p.m. it's cold enough that it will feel like an outdoor ice hockey game. on friday a little bit milder, a little bit closer to where we
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should be, mid-40s our average. 48 is our high temperature friday and then saturday a little cooler because of those showers arriving and the clouds as well, a degrees, but it will be too warm for any ice, overnight low 40 degrees in the metro area. in the first alert seven-day forecast it gets even milder sunday, but that's also the wettest day, a high of 50 degrees and more rain, maybe even some steadier rain as the cold front pushes through and then we drop those temperatures into the 30s again. so very similar to last year where december was mild and then january was getting really cold. i hope it doesn't get as cold as it did last january, but this pattern is starting to look chilly, so we'll see. >> that dash polar vortex. >> that's one of those words. redskins talking today. we have to talk once more before the year is over. bruce allen does his best to make skins fans feel better about the state
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> tomorrow will be a whole new experience for the washington
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capitals. karl always early in has found a new home for his -- alzner has found a new home for his girl. they are figuring out -- gear. they are figuring out how to pay attention to their family and loved ones while trying to stay focused on the task at hand. the capitals and blackhawks finally got a chance to skate the ice at nats park today, a first type experience for many of them, and both coaches are hoping their team soak up every moment of this event. >> the message so enjoy this experience. i mean let's face it. this is etty unique and something you don't always get to do. you're playing for keeps. the setting might get you a little off focus or your mind might be wandering about wow, is this cool or what knowing hey, you got to play the right way and do the right things to put yourself in a position to win the game. he's been seen but not
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heard all season long while his team's season spiraled out of control. redskins general manager bruce allen held his end of season press conference. for about 40 minutes he fielded tough questions from the media. i honestly don't think he could have said anything to make anyone feel better about the state of this organization. how is this stat? in the last 10 years skins have had more head coaches than winning seasons? 4-3, very sad. allen tried toto soften the blow reminding people the redskins are at least winning off the field. up the road a bit the season continues for the baltimore ravens. it was touch and go for a bit, but the ravens did what they needed to and now they move on to face their hated rivals. it's the foote time the ravens and steelers have -- fourth time the ravens and steelers have met in the postseason. >> it's playoffs and here we are rival teams playing against each other, but it's just playoffs. >> know what the atmosphere is going to be like, but i think
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that's what makes this game so special. it's what makes our league so special. so i'm definitely going to enjoy it and have fun with it. and a little bit of hoops for you on this final day, georgetown taking on xavier, late 1st half, a big three, hoyas trail by six at the half. right now 41-37 xavier in the 2nd half hoping to get that one last victory of 2014.
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it's the time of year for making lists... at chevrolet, we've made it onto a few lists ourselves. in fact this year, we've been at the top of more awards lists than any other car company. now during the chevy year end event put us on yours. choose a cruze in stock the longest and get cash back for 20 percent of the msrp. that's over four thousand two hundred fifty dollars on this cruze lt. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. giving you a final live look right now of times square. check out this crowd, 30 more minutes until 2015. can you believe it? >> i lived there my whole life. i never did that once. real new yorkers don't go there. look at all those people. >> a lot of those people were there since dawn from what i
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understand so they could stake out their spots. >> but you cannot use the facilities. >> right. there's no porta-potties and there's nowhere to eat. what do you do? how do you even go to the restroom? >> i'll never know the answer to that, thank god. >> happy new year, everybody! >> that's wusa9 news for tonight. happy new year! >> bye.
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