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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  July 29, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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mate. >> the mcdonnell marriage has been. in fact, that is now part of the defense strategy for both bob mcdonnell and maureen mcdonnell. it appears that trying to tell the jury that this marriage was so bad, they weren't talking to each other and if that was the case, there couldn't have been a conspiracy. her attorneys are saying that she had a crush on johnny williams and that he was her play mate. he was really just using her to get to bob mcdonnell. a few moments ago, bob mcdonnell emerged from the courthouse and we asked him a few questions. >> how difficult was that? >> i thought we had a positive day. thank you. >> wondering about your marriage, obviously. anything you can say about that? >> um, no. we'll talk more about that in court. thank you. >> how painful was that?
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>> i would rather be governing. >> she was flanked by attorneys and family members and when a reporter asked her if she still loved her husband, she began weeping. in richmond, peggy fox, wusa9. >> bob mcdonnell's defense attorney pledged he would take the stand and tell the truth. he has nothing to hide and promote i johnny williams products. >> a maryland jury berating. joseph walker is charged in the shooting death of joe harvey, jr., the jury has to decide whether walker was acting in self-defense when he pulled the trigger or whether perhaps it was a case of road rage that went too far. the incident happened last summer in millersville when walker cut off harvey on i-97 and the two were pulled over on the shoulder when the shooting took place. >> the feds announced a short list for that new fbi
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headquarters and its 11 ,000 jobs and one site in virginia in springfield near the mixing bowl and two sites in maryland. one at the green belt metro and the other at the now abandoned landover mall. >> i'm bruce leshan on capitol hill where there is all kinds of political squirmishing whether they are on the list of the new fbi headquarters. with two potential sites, it has two bites of the apple. for too long, too long, prince georges county has been red lined, sidelined, overlooked, and under valued. no more. >> virginia congressman, gerry connolly, says he is happy to have two sites in maryland competing against each other. >> the cia is in northern virginia. the pentagon is in northern virginia. a lot of the intelligence establishment with which they work to fight terrorism is
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already here. >> none of that in maryland. and so to disrupt that, i think would be a very profound mistake in terms of the long- term mission of the fbi. >> there will be environmental review and then a decision on a new fbi headquarters site in about 12 to 14 months. on capitol hill, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> prince georges county executive baker says he thinks the green belt site is tops in part because the metro is right there. >> the use of styrofoam and similar materials are going to be banned soon. vincent gray signed the bill today, the ban will not stay in effect until 2016. the law will require restaurants to use products that can be turned to compost or recycled. meat trays used by grocery stores will be exempt. the law is part of a larger environmental issue aimed at cleaning up the city's waterways. >>also, d.c.'s newly struck down ban on carrying handguns
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will have to wait longer. ruled his decision will not go into effect for three months, in part, give d.c. police some time to acclimate to the change and the new gun policy. >> you can save some cash if you shop in virginia. it's the state's annual tax- free weekend and it goes friday to sunday. shoppers will not have to pay for state and local taxes on school and office supplies. >> and the national retail federation expects parents to spend more. the average family will shell out about $670 for clothes, gadgets, and crayons and the papers and all of those things and that is 5% increased from last year. >> the tax break will help. >> come in handy. >> all right, not all kids, however, are so lucky. here in the washington metro area, thousands show up to the first day of school, they don't have any supplies and a book bag. they might not have a home. >> through a program sponsored by volunteers can get supplies to kids like
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the ones you see here at bailey's cross roads in falls church, virginia. many come from homeless families. together, we can make a difference and help get them the supplies they need for a great start to the school year. most cannot wait to go back. what do you like best about school? >> i can read and do math and do art stuff. >> what's your favorite subject? >> science and math. >> what do you love about school? >> go to music. like when he sings songs, go to p.e. to do exercise, art. make something. >> are you ready to go back to school? >> yes, i am. >> w you seem really eager and excited. most kids are not so eager and excited to go back to school when you have all this time off. >> yeah. some kids just want to be all
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alone in their house doing nothing. >> that's not you though. >> no. >> that was ulyssa right there. how can you get these school supplies to the kids? you can do it right now online. it's so easy. log on to you will see the kids you can help. you can click on the wish list. it takes you to an amazon page. when you purchase it, it goes straight to the organization so they can give it to the kids. no driving. >> well worth doing, but i want to note that kids aren't the only ones who like to stay in their house and not do anything. >> this is true. it can be fun for some. >> working hard and we actually helped one lady check an item off her wish list. an action d dot is promising to take now that we got involved. >> high temperature it is today more in line with september than late july. let me show you the numbers. officially 78 and 66 goes in the books today.
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our averages are 88 and 71. you might remember the record high 104 back in 2011: we'll come back and tell you when the heat and humidity roll back in. >> but up next, be on the lookout. police were looking for a couple redskins players today at training camp. but it's not what you think. you're watching wusa9 and your only local news at 7:00. ♪
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police showed up at redskins training camp today. don't worry, it wasn't that bad. they are there as part of an initiative to combat youth violence. more from richmond. >> today is the day off for everybody, so they are out enjoying what richmond has to offer. their home away from home. but not before helping some area police with the project that will help stop senseless crime among kids. richmond, virginia. the picture home to 210,000 people and the state capital.
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it's also where the washington redskins have training camp. monday, officers from the nearby hampton police department stopped in to nab a few players. it was all on the up and up though. the officers needed popular players help to send a message to young people. >> we are trying to reach out and touch those kids on the border line and hopefully they will connect with us. they will connect with the players. some of the campaigns with the redskins. >> players, including quarterback, robert griffin, iii, made a message to the police department who are making a video to reduce youth violence. >> police are actively searching for the person who shot and killed a teen. >> hampton has had 21 homicides so far this year. and 14 of those cases, teens were the victim for suspects. reaching young people is paramount to stopping the cycle their previous video effort had 10,000 hits in less than a
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month. the hampton roads remix of one republic counting stars caught the attention of skins owner, dan schneider, while in europe. he invited them and now they are partnered to help kids. >> hopefully we can save a kid. prevent them from becoming something they shouldn't be and go on a straightened arrow and become the star we know they are. >> so the young men and women of hampton. stop the violence and don't be a stay tockic. >> statistic. >> get to the kids, they hope they are fun and entertaining and show that police can be the good guys and hope the redskins help drive home that point. from richmond, wusa9 sports. >> thanks so much, dianne. redskins have the day off. we will have reports for you all throughout camp. jan. >> all right, thanks so much, kristen. there are a lot of transportation issues that
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drive metro area viewers crazy. for one d.c. woman, it was her busted sidewalk. >> yeah, and when d. dot refused or couldn't do anything a year after she complained about it, she turned to us here at wusa9. >> i'm deborah in northeast d.c. where one viewer said this busted dangerous sidewalk is driving her crazy. cynthia sent me this picture, it is a mess of dirt and mud, then back into sidewalk. so we drove to carney street. sure enough, the mud may be gone, but the sidewalk still is, too. and it's not hiding under this dirt. i'm no expert, but this looks dangerous and right here, cynthia says she made the complaint a year ago. looks like you better call d dot. we got reggie sanders on the phone and he would research it. by day's end, he e-mailed this. aware of the sidewalk issue, our plan is to complete repairs in that area within a week, if
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not sooner. we wanted to give cynthia the good news, but she wasn't home. we'll keep on this and let you know if d dot keeps their word. getting you answers in northeast d.c., debra alfarone, wusa9. >> don't you love her? we love to keep solving the problems that might drive you crazy. just do what cynthia did. head over to tell fill out the form and our team of investigators will take a look at it. jan. >> derek, also driving you crazy, those gas prices. that's why wusa9 is looking for the best and worse prices. tonight we are in rockville, maryland, where the cheapest place to fill the tank is at liberty, where a gallon will take you back to $3.49. the most expensive place is the exxon on twin brook parkway. regular unleaded costs nearly 50 cents more. these two stations are a half mile apart. so, could save you some serious
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cash. a gallon there is $3.97. a new push to slatter on the sunscreen. the top official who is speaking up and the stacks that could have you listening if you are headed to the beach any time soon. gtba
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and if you are just getting home tonight, take a look at these headlines, president obama and his allies announced new economic sanctions against russia. those new sanctions target the weapons and banking strategies. pressure vladimir putin to end the support for the rebels in ukraine. the largest ebola outbreak claimed the one man trying to fight it. contracted the virus while treating patients. fellow doctors confirmed his death today. ebola killed 670 people this year. two american health workers have the disease and doctors
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are treating them in neighboring liberia. there's no treatment for ebola and the fatality rate is at least 60%. take a live look now on sunset boulevard in los angeles. they have a problem that we are familiar with around here. a water main break, except this water main break on steroids. look at the flooding. >> that right there is the ucla campus and we're told that a bus and several feet about the rising water that you saw in the mud as well. >> it is a total mess. you can imagine it will be tough to patch it and stop the water, but then, will come the cleanup. a water main break sunset boulevard in los angeles. a huge mess and of course, out there it is just an hour from rush hour. >> the top doctor around here has a message for you americans out there. cut out the tanning. the surgeon general called skin cancer a major lat we look bach
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cameron diaz. >> this is my first film. >> still can't talk. >> jim carrey is hilarious in that movie too. and do you know this comedian? e's the guy behind the dumb starbucks hoax. we had a very serious interview about it and why he did it. >> i like the walking like "60 minutes." because we're not actually headed anywhere. >> now "e.t.," definitely not "60 minutes." just 30. >> hi, everybody. well, i'm a huge "bachelorette" fan. embarrassingly obsessed. and i was shocked josh was chosen. i thought nick was going to go all the way. >> well, he did. and he told the whole world about it last night. andi had sex with nick before she chose josh to be her future husband. and you think men are bad. >> and then he chose to reveal it as she said on the show. i'm not defending him. got mixed reactions about all of this. and believe it or not, it was last night's most watched show on television. andi's secret sex date with nick is "entertainment tonight's" top story.


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