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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  November 25, 2013 6:00am-7:01am EST

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ed only question this weekend wasn't which movie would win the box office but just how much money it would make and the hunger games catching fire blazed its way into the record books. the film grossed more than $161 million in north american theaters for its debut weekend. that's the best november ever. the only films with better opening weekends ever are the avengers, iron man 3 and the last harry potter film thore the dark world was a distant second. best man holiday third, delivery man debuted in fourth and free birds rounds out the top five but mike found the titles for worldwide this weekend. >> i think it's $317 for hunger
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they're going to have good-- >> i think jennifer lawrence is bankable now. >> i think so. >> she's 23. oh my goodness. good morning. welcome to wusa9. it's 6:00 a.m. today is monday, november 25. i have two words for you. >> what? >> layer up. >> and there's only two words this time. no hyphenating. you have to layer up. the 180s, heavy weather gloves. it's cold outside. howard will tell you more in a s.e.c. >> it's an inside joke. two words. last week she said three words. >> it's cold. >> a five-letter word. >> how cold, howard? >> it's teens and 20s right now but today is going to be probably one of the better days for the week because tomorrow looks really wet with maybe a little wintry precip in the morning. then the winds kick in wednesday with rain showers changing to snow showers and a cold and windy thursday.
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so our 35 to 40 today with increasing clouds doesn't look so bad as winds turn to the south at around 5 to 10 miles an hour and then mid-30s this evening with the 49ers and redskins. 8:40 kickoff at fed ex field. you want to bundle up for that clouds starting to move in from the west, especially to the southwest. we're still mainly clear now. we'll have the clouds and a lot of high thin ones coming in. temperatures to 18 in fairfax. restton. 21 for leesburg. 21 bowie. 13 by the way in cross junction, virginia out of winchester. waldorf and alexandria 22. and we're going to be in the upper 30s, close to 40 down to our south in woodbridge, dumfries and manassas. let's turn it over to monika samtani. we've had a fatal accident overnight causing problems. a deadly accident in oakton and now the situation as well on the beltway north of town. you're looking at it live from sky 9 on the outer loop before connecticut avenue. first there was a crash with a single vehicle on the right side. now
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crash on the left side of the road. one lane is getting by on the outer loop before connecticut avenue. you can definitely expect major delays westbound 495 forming quickly through silver spring and in fact they're panning over to show you the delay right now on the outer loop heading for the crash before connecticut avenue. in fact, let's take a look at our maps so i can show you where it is. again on the outer loop it's westbound 495 towards the crash single right lane is getting by. now the crash in oakton that we referred to earlier. it's on germantown road east of route 123. it was a single vehicle, fatal crash and, yes, crews are still on the scene since 1:30 this morning. we're going to take a live look in springfield northbound here at i-95. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. 6:02 now. here's some news to make you happy. d.c. is adding more traffic cameras in various locations across the city. >> they're not just set to catch read
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red light runners and speeders, though. who elis big brother looking at? >> reporter: good morning, mike, andrea. yeah, it may or may not be a happy monday morning commute for a lot of folks because they will return into these lovely silver boxes. we are here right in front of one of these cameras at 45th and mccomb. it's here to catch folks who do not stop at this stop sign. if you do not come to a full stop, this camera starting today will flash behind you. the city decided where to post these cameras based on studies and input from the community. 100 of these new cameras posted throughout the district will catch drivers rolling through a stop sign, failing to stop for a pedestrian at a crosswalk, speeding through an intersection to beat that yellow light, or blocking the
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box. they even have sensors that will identify tractor-trailers illy driving through some d.c. neigorhoods. >> i think the cameras are a good idea. >> i think it's terrible. >> it probably prevents some accidents but it's kind of -- i mean, kind of -- i feel like 1948 a little bit. >> making a turn is different. it's -- you have no choice if you're in the mimedz of the enter -- middle of the intersection because you can't back up. >> if you're at a yellow light and the light turns red, shoe get a ticket glrks these cameras may indeed catch you by surprise, flash behind you on your way to work this morning. there's a grace period. you will get a warning in the mail but you will not get a ticket until december 30. but after december 30 those tickets are real and they could cost you $50 to $300. and speaking of money, mike, you asked, where does this money go? well, i'll let you know coming up in the next half-so red ligh
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fashion police? >> reporter: you know, we may have cameras mounted on our backs soon. >> thanks, delia. friends and coworkers gathered yesterday to remember a postal worker shot and killed on the job this weekend. someone gunned down 26-year-old tyson bar nete -- barnette saturday night on his assigned route delivering mail on reed street when he was shot several time. prince george's county police are offering a $25,000 reward. the u.s. postal inspection service has put up a $100,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in this case. will the elections finally be decided? today the virginia state board of elections is expected to certify that democrat mark herring is the new attorney generally. republican, though, mark obenshain has not said if he plans to ask for a recount or not. only
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candidates from the election. herring is feeling confident given the fact that a statewide recount has never overturned a certified result. a d.c. council committee will consider a bill to raise the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour. if approved it could be sent to a vote to the full council by december. the bill would not raise the minimum wage for restaurant wokers who rely on tips. -- workers who rely on tips. good morning, jessica doyle. >> good morning, mike, andrea. companies are getting ready to pass on more health care costs to their workers. they think they're going to see an influx of people joining their health care plans who used to opt out. "the wall street journal" reports many employers are betting the affordable care act's requirement that all americans have health insurance starting in 2014, that will bring more people into their plan. rising expenses are also a problem so that's why many r mpanies are expected to raise
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family coverage, and they plan to steer workers into high deductible plans, something to watch for. in the meantime the white house is pushing back the deadline to enroll in health care plans through the affordable care act. now you're going to have until december 23 instead of december 15. technical problems of course have plagued's website since it first launched october 1, glaiches the add -- glitches the administration hope it is will have fbied by the end of this month grz time to make your holiday shopping a little easier. i know the gift almost everyone will give this year. the national retail federation says gift card spending will reach an all time high this holiday. more than 80% of shoppers plan to buy at least one gift card and the average shopper will spend about $163 on gift cards. that's up 4% over last year. they always fit. you know that's not a problem. >> i say just one is a conservative estimate the. i'll probably buy three, four,
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five. make people happy. >> exactly. there's some controversy surrounding the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> what's that mean? we're going to experience some troubled weather when it comes to turkey day moving our way. wusa9 is back after this. howard has the first alert forecast. stay with us.
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thankfully the winds are lighter than they were yesterday. it's not as biting as it was on sunday. here's a look at the forecast. we'll start out with sunshine but increasing clouds. a lot of high thin clouds actually. they'll thicken up late. highs 35 to 40. looks like mainly a rainstorm coming our way but still some concerns for a little bit of wintry weather tomorrow. i'm have the details on that for you in a few minutes. right now monika with timesaver were two separate accidents on the beltway in silver spring. the one you're looking at now from our sky 9 is on the outer loop before connecticut avenue. the single left lane remains blocked there and traffic is very heavy from at least university boulevard westbound 495 through silver spring. back to you guys.
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>> thank you, monika. in the news right now, yesterday the vatican unveiled what is believed to be bone fragments belonging to the first pope st. peter. the bones were discovered on an archeological dig back in 1939. pope paul vi declared the authenticity in 1968. believing they're the actual bones is a matter of faith. animal rights activists are hoping to sink one of this year's macy's thag day par -- thanksgiving day parade floats. they're asking organizers to cancel seaworld the sea of surprises float. it comes after the release of black fish, the documentary statetent the safety and saying the parade has never engaged in social commentary and its mission has always been about entertaining millions of families and spectators. the storm blamed for at least eight deaths in the west
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took aim at colorado, oklahoma, texas, and new mexico on sunday. it's already dumped more than a foot of snow in some places. forcing airlines to cancel more than 300 flights at dallas international airport. the storm is expected to bring rain and possibly turn northeast which could make a mess for traveling on wednesday for thanksgiving, of course one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> but howard says tuesday may be the biggest day of problems if you're driving in our area. >> looks like tomorrow will be the worst of it. wednesday we'll still have its share of problems but right now a rain event for the most part. a little bit of wintry weather west of town and showers and rain, even snow showers possible later in the afternoon. by the way, there was a foot of snow in spots of southwest oksamemasystem. very impressive for november. weather wise in fact in oklahoma very impressive any time of year. we have watches and advisories going up in advance of the system for tomorrow. this is all for tuesday. the winter storm watches western pennsylvania down
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toward garrett county. winter weather advisories for tomorrow morning into afternoon there from around blacksburg south there, roanoke almost up to charlottesville looking at a little bit of snow and maybe a little bit of ice as well in the form of some sleet and freezing rain. around here expecting mainly rain. a cold rain tomorrow. today, though, by the afternoon partly to mostly cloudy. upper 30s for a high and then back into the mid-30s this evening. so if you're going out if a little football at fed ex field, maybe doing some tailgating late this afternoon, mid-30s with the san francisco 49ers in town. partly if not mostly cloudy and just cold. south winds at 5, 5 to 10 miles an hour. nothing like what they were dealing with for the baltimore -- for the ravens game. philadelphia is 21. 19 in columbus and raleigh. so the cold air is in place in the east for now. but it's not going to stay here. that's why we're going to switch over very quickly if we
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don't start as rain, switch over to rain pretty quickly. bethesda, white oak at 19. fairfax 18. 22 in waldorf. 21 north beach this morning. a very cold morning out there with great visibilities. seeing a little light now on the horizon. feeling like 17 with a west, northwesterly wind at 6 and the dew point at 6. that is some bone dry air. if you don't have a hugh made fire in your -- humidifier in your house, really dry inside. so clear skies now but the clouds will be moving in from the west. by 5:30, we're looking partly to mostly cloudy. clouds thicken up tonight. a stray shower -- a stray snow shower out ahead of the main batch of moisture which will be moving up from the tomorrow morning. see all the pink there? that's why the winter weather advisories are out. that's all sleet, freezing rain mix. the blue would be snow and the green and yellow is the rain. by 9:30, just about to d.c. hopefully no quicker than this.
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then we can get through the morning rush hour mainly dry. by afternoon, early afternoon, still dealing with a little bit of sleet or mix to our north and west. this will all go over to rain later on in the afternoon and evening so the ride home tomorrow night looks ugly. look at all the snow in new york state back through ohio into the colder air just to the west. the rain by 11:00 really pushing in toward even syracuse and new york, philly areas here. then by wednesday morning, notice the heaviest rains here but we still have wrap around rain and snow showers we'll be dealing with i think on wednesday as the colder air returns late in the afternoon. as far as the rain totals, we showed you the snow. let me show you the snow totals here. the one model pupts this up in hoe -- puts this up in ohio. i've seen models closer re espe as you go west of i-81. clearly depending on how quickly the cold air gets in we'll know but right now a general rain event for us. 38, increasing clouds, tonight 33. tomorrow rain starting as a little bit of a mix, especially
6:19 am
west of i-95, 40. 43 on wednesday as the rain changes to snow showers. so yellow alerts tuesday and wednesday. cold and windy thanksgiving. warmer, milder by sunday. here comes monika samtani and we're not getting off to a good start this week. >> no, really not at all, especially on the outer loop of the beltway. this is live from our sky 9 on the outer loop before connecticut avenue. it's a multivehicle crash now. the cleanup is almost complete. everything is pretty much to the left side of the road. but traffic is coming practically to a standstill over at university boulevard heading westbound on 495. that delay is growing quickly as we head really into the bulk of the rush hour. so be aware of this delay on the outer loop north show you a the red. actually look at that. it's pretty much now back at the 95 interchange. i'm going to say you're going about 10 miles an hour past university boulevard and over to the crash here before
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connecticut avenue. all confined to the left side of the road. now, over in virginia and oakton, germantown road remains blocked east of route 123 with an overnight deadly accident. crews are there investigating. let's take a live look in springfield. northbound 95 pretty normal for this tofthe morning. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. 6:18. here's another look at the question of the morning now. according to a survey, who do most women say they are dressing to impress? is it a, other women, b, men, or c, social media followers? >> facebook friend nicole wrote a, other women. we check out one another. >> we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer in 30 minutes.
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6:22. beautiful out there right now. clear skies. pretty on the horizon. sunrise just after 7:00 a.m. look at the temperatures, teens
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and 20s.lighter than yesterday. we'll see the high clouds start to move in midmorning and pick up this afternoon. 25 to 30 by 9:00. lunch time featuring a mix of sun and clouds, mid-30s. only going to get to about 38 here in town. lucky ones south to southwest getting to 40. good morning, everybody. sports fans, get to work. then get home and get settled in. tonight is a big night in the nation's capital. if it's going to happen for the redskins, tonight is the night. forget about a six-game winning streak. how about one in a row. that's been difficult for the redskins they get their chance in the spotlight on monday night football. robert griffin, colin kaepernick sounds like must tv, now it's just tv. a loss here and it's essentially lights out for washington. of course we will have plenty of coverage as the day goes on. how about the baltimore ravens?
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they did exactly what we've become accustomed to them doing. yesterday winning ugly. they smothered the jets offense. the ravens offense didn't wow anybody but they did just enough. joe flacco and torrey smith hooked up a couple of big plays and jacoby jones caught the only score of the game. ravens improve 5-6 with a win over the jets. yesterday we had really good basketball. georgetown taking on bcu in san juan. devontay smith rivera 26 points, three of them right there. georgetown and bcu in a tough one. markel starks, the swoop to the hoop. he had 23. georgetown wins by 4. finally maryland took a travel trip to the virgin islands to face northern iowa. and big josh layman going up and down. terrapins pull it away late to
6:26 am
win 80-66 yesterday. so some good basketball and some good football as well. that's going to do it for your morning sports. i'll be live from fed ex field beginning at 5:00 tonight. have a great monday, everybody. it's not so great on the outer loop of the beltway north of town where delays begin at the 95 interchange in college park heading westbound live from our sky 9 to the crash before connecticut avenue. it's all confined now to the left shoulder. but it was there long enough to cause this delay. we'll be back with more news, weather and traffic. you're watching wusa9.
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good morning. i'm andrea roane. a live look at the capitol. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein iswa out to share with you looking back toward the east. from the west planes taking off at reagan national at 6:29. a pretty morning. just a couple of the high clouds we were seeing in the other shot. we are going to see the high clouds thicken up as the day wears o. cold but a little better than yesterday. yesterday 34. today 38. the winds turn to the south at about 5 to 10 miles an hour so that means mid-30s tonight for the san francisco 49ers and redskins game at fed ex field.
6:31 am
see the high clouds coming in from the west through west virginia and virginia right now. at times partly to mostly sunny this morning and partly to mostly cloudy this afternoon. we're down to 16 in manassas. 18 germantown and reston. 21 waldorf and bowie down to 20 going up 35 to 40. looks like a wet tuesday with a little wintry weather. we'll tell you about that when i see you in a few. right now monika with timesaver traffic. southbound on 295 after benning road, there's a crash causing delays over at eastern here, college park into silver spring. we'll get to that in just a minute. i want to first tell you about the crash near connecticut avenue and that's what's causing that delay. in fact, let's take a live look right now from our trafficland camera. this is 66. what i want to tell you about here, there was a crash nearby in oakton on germantown road east of route 123. that is still there since 1:30 this morning. it was a single vehicle crash
6:32 am
and one person dead because of it. so watch out for the investigation ongoing there. now let's go back over to our maps. i want to tell but this crash that happened about an hour ago on the outer loop before connecticut avenue. it's all gone now but look at the delay. let's take a live look from our sky 9 here in silver spring. wow. that's what it looks like from college park all the way across the top stretch of the beltway. definitely something to consider. using alternate routes. maybe you want to use the east- west highway early enough to avoid something like that. >> that's ugly. 6:31. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are working on. >> charlie rose standing by live in new york this morning. good morning, charlie. >> hey, andre yarks how are you? good morning, mike. ahead only on cbs this morning, house majority leader eric cantor on the iran nuclear deal which he calls dangerous. we'll ask him if he plans to bring new sangs to a vote in congress. steve kroft is in studio 57 with new details from his 60
6:33 am
minutes report, the tricks mobster whitey bulger used to hide for 16 years. and how the f.b.i. finally caught him. and this, a massive storm system is already forcing airlines to cancel flights. travel editor peter greenberg on what you can do if you're heading out of town. the news is back in the morning. see we'lbe watching. have a great day. 6:32 now. the iran nuclear agreement signed sunday in geneva is a result of a year of secret talks between the united states and iran. some of the negotiations took place in a small middle eastern nation. the nuclear accord is designed to force acran to slow its -- iran to slow its enrichment of uranium. in exchange the united states is lifting some economic sanctions worth billions of dollars. secretary of state john kerry celebrated that signing of the iran nuclear accord and then quickly found himself having to
6:34 am
defend the agreement. >> we will now be able to have greater inspection, greater knowledge, greater restraint and that will expand the amount of time it would take for them to break out and create a nuclear weapon. >> some democrats and republicans are not happy with the terms of e thsix-month agreement. they say iran is the one who got the better end of that deal. well, you have ever been caught by one of those d.c. traffic cameras? if not, your chances are going up because there are more of them on the streets now. >> you've seen these little boxes appear overnight it seems. they aren't just set to catch speeder and red light runners, though. delia goncalves joins us live with details. she's cozying up to one right now. good morning, delia. >> reporter: literally. i love these little boxes, these little silver boxes of joy we call them. however, let me start with some joy and some good news, right. there is a grace period, folks. yes, we're going to be a little caught off guard today on our way into work, even if we get these little flashes but you
6:35 am
won't get a real ticket until december 30. after that, though, it's pretty expensive. $50 to $300. we're here live at the intersection of 45th and macomb. this camera nestled in the neighborhood to catch folks who fail to come to a complete stop at the intersection. you may be wondering like i was how does this camera know if i came to a complete lead time frame as to how long you should come to a complete stop or stop at a sign but aaa typically says a complete stop means that all four tires have come to a rest. now, even though the camera may first decide ultimately a human being will decide. that means d.c. police have a three-tier review system where officers will look at the video and determine if indeed an infraction has occurred. the 100 new cameras will also catch drivers who fail to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks,
6:36 am
block the box or speed through the intersection to beat that light. sensors in some of the cameras will even catch oversize vehicles like big rigs and trucks, cutting through some neighborhoods. police say this program has been a success, made our streets safer since the first red light camera in 1999. >> we've experienced reductions in traffic fatalities over year so we -- that would be my argument that this is definitely working. it's positive and it's reducing the fatalities on our roadways. >> there have been studies that have been done that dictate the higher enter secretaries where we have more accidents as opposed to others and our deployments are consistent with those. they're also consistent with a lot of community concerns. >> all right. but let's be honest. the city has raked in a whole lot of money, thanks to these
6:37 am
cameras. in fact, aaa says a record 91 million -- $91 million in fiscal year 2012. you asked last hour, where does the money go. i did some research some of the money pays for the program in itself. even though some cities use that extra money for hospitals that treat crash victims and for improving the roads, the only thing i can find our extra money goes to the d.c. general fund and ultimately council members decide where that money goes. >> like a deep hole. a deep hole in space. >> thanks, delia. appreciate it. 6:36. capital christmas tree is going to arrive in d.c. today. this year's tree is 88 feet tall. it's an engleman spruce from washington state. it's been on the road for a long time making a cross- country trek. it started on november 1. speaker john baner is going to
6:38 am
lead -- john boehner is getting to lead the tree lighting ceremony on the lawn of the capitol. it's 6:36. time for the last your money report of the morning. >> jessica doyle joins us live from the newsroom and maybe some of the flight options may be going away. >> good morning, mike, andrea. there are growing concerns that local travelers could suffer because of the merger between u.s. airways and american airlines. the justice department green lighted the deal of course to c the airlines give up gate slots at reagan national airport and other airports around the country. that condition says only the low carriers can place bids on the slots but -- [ inaudible ] the house and senate transportation committees are worried without bids from the bigger carriers, service between d.c. and smaller cities may be cut off entirely. the slots are expected to be sold or auctioned off by mid- march. to mail your letters out
6:39 am
next year will cost you a pretty penny more. the u.s. postal service regulatory commission ruled the agency can raise the price of a stamp to 47 cents to keep up with the the cost of inflation. it's only a one-cent hike but the price could go even higher as the commission approves a proposal from the crash strapped postal service. this will be the second year in a row the price is going up by a cent. the hike will kick in january 26. here's some breaking news for you shopaholics out there. the world's best city for shopping is new york city. cnn analysis based these rankings on four major categories, quality of transportation, bargain opportunities, brand variety, and the mood of the city. excuse me. big apple is home to countless designer showrooms and vintage shops and therefore it scored the highest total points. when all of the categories were tallied up, tokyo came in second. london came in third place. but i am willing to do this. i can go to these cities. i can do some testing of my own
6:40 am
just to make sure we're giving you the best information. >> i'm sure the expense report will clear. >> and we trust the deals that she would bring back. if i can go with you, i'll carry some packages. >> i can use some help. we can tag team. >> you and me, babe. all right, jess. >> 6:39. so, it's almost here. you're running out of time. are you still trying to figure out what you're going studio smells unbelievable right now. >> it's more than just turkey. jennifer lawrence is enjoying one of the largest box office openings of all time. women can deliver. >> big time. wait till you hear these numbers. wusa9 and dc jobs trying to get you hired. care resources is searching for an infant and toddler occupational therapy i. you need more than a year of experience for this. for more information go to don't forget we are always on on and the free app for your tablet. we'll
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♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday. good monday morning. we have a storm coming but all of the advisories and watches right now well west of us. west of i-81. that's where we're going to have the problems and clearly west of that in the mountainses we'll have bigger -- mountains we'll have bigger issues. southwestern virginia, potentially sleet and freezing rain could add up to a little bit of it. look at the sky here. wow. talking 20 minutes just before the sunrise. the sky is aglow with the cirrus clouds in em ncming tomo we're going to climb into the low 30s by 11:00.
6:45 am
mid-to upper 30s for the highs today. close to 40 even south and southwest of town with increasing clouds, winds turning southerly at 5 to 10 miles an hour. so this evening if you're headed out to fed ex field for a little bit of football, partly to mostly cloudy and quite cold. temps in the mid-30s. south winds at 5 to 10 miles an hour. thankfully the winds a lot lighter than yesterday. right now we're down into 16 in martinsburg. it was 13 in cross junction last check there. fredricksburg 19 with mid-20s on the eastern shore. and look at all the teens out west, even single digits in davis, west virginia with the winter dead calm. that's why the windchill is the same. our windchill 17. feeling like 11 in baltimore and gaithersburg and feeling like 16 in manassas. no winds there. one more look at the beautiful sky this morning in advance of the 7:02 sunrise. 24 right now, feeling like 17 withhuwedity 46%. so the moisture starting to gather in texas.
6:46 am
there are winter storm warnings in this part for all the sleet and freezing rain, a little bit of snow coming toward them. there's another piece of energy that's coming out of canada, the great lakes. you see it here. this is going to help to get a pretty good size storm in the east. for us the cold air just a little bit too shallow, snow lovers. what we're looking at, though, are increasing clouds today. tomorrow the rain is going to move in. with a little luck it will be after the morning rush hour but unfortunately it looks like west of 95 we're going to have a mix here. some sleet, maybe a little bit of -- a touch of freezing rain before going to a fairly heavy rain late in the afternoon and evening. some of the rain totals from this system tuesday into wednesday could be in the 2 to 3-inch or more category. 38 today, increasing clouds. tonight 33. rain develops tomorrow morning, mixing with a little sleet and freezing rain west. yellow alert. mainly a rainstorm, heavy rain at times, high of 40. 43 on on what's been a very difficult monday morning for commuters. >> it's been rough, i tell you. look at this.
6:47 am
this is the outer loop of the beltway and it looks like this from route 1 in college park heading past 95 all the way through silver spring. and i'm talking about the entire top stretch of the beltway jam-packed because of an early morning crash before connecticut avenue. in fact, there were two accidents there boat of which have been cleared but -- both of which have been cleared but you have this to deal with. let's go to a map and i'll show what you it looks like on 270 as well. very slow even here. and there was no incident to report here on 270 at all but it's slow from frederick all the way down the line past 109 to 121 into germantown before the pace picks up. we'll go to the next map where there was a deadly crash at 1:30 this morning in oakton. it's blocking germantown road east of route wal. el we're going to take a live look outside here in springfield on the northbound side of i-95. it's been normal. dale city, lorton, newington, springfield. i smell pecan pie, mike good sure do. we were saying how good the
6:48 am
studio smells. it's a great thing and we're here chef daniel thomas is here. however, when we learned it was brussel sprouts, we were shocked. we were like no way. that smells that good? there's a good reason why. great to see you again. >> good to see you. >> a private chef for senators, congressmen and even worked for the president a little bit. okay, really, brussel sprouts can smell that good? >> yeah. everybody usually does lame stuff when they come on tv, string beans, same old. you have to change it up a bit. dad used to try to feed me brussel sprouts when i was younger. he was like, if our don't eat your brussel sprouts, i'll ground you for a month. i'll take grounded for a month, please. >> these are things you can do ahead of time so you're not spending to much time on thursday getting stuff done. >> we have a number of things. we have sweet potato that you can do five days in advance. chop them up and put them in
6:49 am
the water. change the water twice during the five days and you're good to go. it does last. >> you put something like put them in a casserole dish? >> once you drain them. >> the pie that i have here, i've made for you all here in the studio, we have a pecan pie, an apple crisp crust pie. >> how many days in advance? >> 30 days in advance. christmas time, get ready. we're sitting here and i have my sweet.take toe pie here i have in -- sweet poe take foe pie -- sweet potato pie here i have for my clients. i have onions, peas, squash. you want to get a quick chop here. we have a little skew keen any, a -- zucchini and a little onion and brussel sprouts. that's sizzling. >> what else is in there?
6:50 am
>> a secret ingredient called bacon. it. >> it makes everything good. >> we'll toss in a little bit of onion in here as well. uh-oh, man down. >> there we go. we have zucchini, squash. >> we have less than a minute. >> no problem. >> i want you to smell this seasoning. >> what is this? >> that has tear gone -- tear gone -- tarragon, thyme, rosemary and a little umph, can't say what it is and obey -- obay seasoning. you can saute it for 20 minutes. you can add all the ingredients with oil. put it in a pan in the oven. >> isn't it going to get mushy if it sits 24 hours ahead of time? >> no, because you're going to put it in a baggie wow the juices and let it sit. you can change the bag if you want to it's very good. you don't have to worry about
6:51 am
it. it really works. you see that? take a whiff of that. >> oh, my gosh. >> we'll have to leave it there. appreciate it. >> thanks so much, buddy. ♪ at h.h. gregg black friday pri cinstarts now! you'll save up to 40% off appliances, electronics, furniture and more. 60 inch led tvs are just $599. get $1400 dollars off this samsung french door refrigerator samsung steam washers and dryers are only $599 each. plus, samsung 32 inch led tvs are just $229. and samsung galaxy tablets $159 while supplies last. black friday pricing starts
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6:54. a report of the shooting at sandy hook elementary school is said to be released long invest last december 20-year-old add dam lance killed his mother before opening fire at the school. he killed six adults and 20 children before turring the gun on himself. the hunger games catching fire. that's the name of the movie and that's what it did. $161 million just in north america alone. the fourth largest opening for
6:55 am
a weekend ever. thore dark world came in number two with just $14 million. time to answer the question of the morning. according to a survey, who do most women say they're dressing to impress? is it a, other women, b, men, c, social media followers? >> our facebook friend wrote some people would say a. however, i dress for myself. who cares what others think. >> and the answer is always has been a, other women. we'll be right back. yñ
6:56 am
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6:58 am
weather wise temps this morning teens and 20s. upper 30s to near 40. cold tonight with temperatures
6:59 am
for the 49ers-redskins game. rain and snow showers wednesday. a cold, windy thanksgiving. monika? all of these commuters stuck on the beltway need to take a detour right here for brussel sprouts because look. it looks like this from college park into silver spring. the early crash is gone. >> we should give them pecan pie. >> we're starting our holiday season eating healthfully though. we have the brussel sprouts. >> squash. >> cbs this morning is next talking about reinventing the commercials. >> michele miller is going to talk


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