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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  October 2, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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deadlock forced thousands of workers off the job. >> reporter: there's no sign of compromise on capitol hill but plenty of finger pointing. >> republicans in the house have proposed one cok cockamania idea the past few days. >> the end they got their shutdown when they think will help them politically. >> reporter: house republicans are pushing a plan to fund parts of the government piecemeal, including national parks and veterans affairs. democrats call it a publicity stunt and insist on a bill that fully funds government without strings attached. the new health care law remains at the center of the controversy. conservative republicans want to defund or delay it. democrats and president obama refuse to allow it to be linked to a temporary spending bill. the impact of the partial shutdown is far-reaching. numerous federal agencies are closed, including offices that process veterans claims and federal loans. >> this is not how you run a country. that's what they're in there for. they need to be removed
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themselves. >> reporter: national parks and monuments are also closed. >> it sends a terrible message. it sends a message didn't come to the united states unless you're sure everything is going to be open. >> reporter: some influential republicans, including congressman peter king and senator john mccain are showing displeasure with the tactics of their tea party colleagues. they say g.o.p. lawmakers will meet today to discuss their next step. tara mergener for cbs news, capitol hill. >> many businesses in the d.c. area that are open are offering specials for government workers who are not getting paid because of the shutdown. and if some of those furloughed government employees need to work off some of that stress because they're so angry about how things are going, they can do it for free. washington sports club is offering free services as long as the shutdown lasts. >> during times of hardship, we've always been there for our community, as i said referencing the hurricane sandy victims and through other incidents in the past. we also wanted to make sure the community knows we're there to
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support them. >> all 15 locations in d.c., maryland and virginia are participating in that. keeping d.c. open is near and dear to d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton's heart as you might imagine and you can hear it in her passionate plea to house lawmakers. >> i'm asking you to distinguish between the other appropriation, that you know the difference between a city and -- with its own money on a federal appropriation and please vote to keep the district of columbia running. >> she got a little choked up there. several people actually applauded when she was done. the three bills that tried to make that happen failed to pass. are you fed up? would you like to sound off? we have a website where you can do that. put your opinion on we're debating whether or not congress should be paid during a shutdown. one person wrote, quote, any
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reppable -- reputable company would fire an individual with a performance record comparable to that of any of today's elected congressional officials. so as a taxpayer, why would i want to pay their salary for nonperformance. other said it should be house republicans who should not get paid. i believe in blaming those responsible. how do you feel? go to and weigh in. the gun rights activist who gained lots of attention with a 4th of july youtube video is headed back to court this afternoon. adam kokesh has a preliminary hearing for 2:00 in fairfax county today. a few days after posting a video where he appeared to be loading a shotgun on a d.c. street, police served a search warrant at his home in herndon. he's now facing drug possession charges in fairfax county and facing felony charges in the district as well. police are searching for clues after a deadly shooting that involved one of their own early this morning.
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prince george's county police officers say an officer around 2:00 this morning shot someone on lighthouse way in calverton, maryland. someone called police after hearing a woman scream the word "get off me." the suspect took off when police got there. >> so it starts at one end of this complex and then this foot pursuit lasts approximately a quarter mile along the wood line in the dark. >> the suspect is dead. the officer at the scene was not hurt. we're told the woman was found with blood on her upper body. police are still trying to sort out exactly what happened in this incident. we learn dads that author of "patriot games ,," clear and present danger" and more has died. tom clancy is a maryland native who grew up in baltimore county. his publicist is not saying how clancy died. he was just 66 years old. d.c.'s attorney general has filed a lawsuit against three former managers of a d.c.
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public charpter school -- charter school for at risk youth. the suit also names wusa9 anchor jc hayward who is chair of the school's board of trustees. the suit claims the managers used $2.8 million in public school funding to fund their private companies. the suit says hayward assisted those managers by signing contracts in her role as the manager and the chairman ever the board. no criminal charges have been filed. jc hayward told wusa9 she did nothing wrong and she was signing bills in her capacity as chair of the charter school's board and that she received no money. she says she resigned from the board last week. wusa general manager mark burr debt says hayward has been relieved of her duties at wusa pending a further investigation. two bikers linked to this on camera beating after motorist are now being arraign dad in new york city. new york city police say the pair was part of a group of
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bikers. as you can see they surrounded the suv right there. police say earlier in a confrontation, the driver of that suv ran over one of the bikers who suffered two broken legs and may possibly end up being paralyzed. the suv driver has not been charged in the incident from this weekend. coming up, see how a sentimental journey for some war veterans nearly didn't happen all because of the government shutdown. >> and for 20 years, buddy check 9 has been saving live whrs it comes to bathing oo lives when it comes to battling breast cancer. to find out if you're eligible or to make an appointment for a mammogram, call 202-741-3252 and remind your buddies to
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all week we've talked about
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all the things that are closed in d.c. because of the government shutdown. people come from all over to see the monuments, all over the world in fact. in one group that arrived yesterday really touched our hearts. yesterday we heard about an honor flight filled with world war ii veterans, and we were at national airport when they got there. they flew in from mississippi. and they served our country and on the day they arrived, the monument dedicated to them was shut down because of the government shutdown. and what happens next shocked all of us. kristin fisher picks it up from there. >> reporter: these to world war ii veterans grew up together, went to college together, and today they wanted to see the world war ii memorial for the first time together. the problem is this is as close as they could get. >> get up here and not be able to see it is pitiful. >> it means a great deal to me. i anticipated coming up here for years. and i finally made it and you
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with see what i can see. nothing. >> reporter: they're not alone. when they got off the bus, they were greeted by this barricade set up by the national park service. >> the park service did not want to do this but we've been instructed as a federal agency to close our facilities and our grounds. >> reporter: republican members of congress that gathered to greet them were outraged. >> it takes more effort to shut it down than it does to keep it open. here we are denying this ability for our world war ii veterans who are leaving us every day. i just think it's outrageous. >> thank you for your service. welcome to washington. i'm sorry it's the way it is. we're going to try and do something. >> reporter: and that they did. those republican congressmen defied the park service and opened the barricade. >> every now and then you've got to ask forgiveness instead of permission. >> i think it's wonderful the congressmen took the gate down and let us come see it. it's great. >> reporter: but while they're
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grateful they got in to see their memorial, they still had this message for members of congress. >> i'm disgusted with them. get up off your -- and do something. >> reporter: in washington, kristin fisher, wusa9. >> you understand the sentence, don't you? you know what? halloween is only a few weeks away and it feels like august. howard this. >> it really does feel like the middle of the summer. we're in the 80s already. potentially a record high. a quick look at the allergy index before we go to break. that's the same as yesterday. mold spores moderate. tree pollen, grass pollen, weed pollen are low. i have a summer forecast but there's light at the end of the tunnel for rain hopers, lovers, call it what
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what's your healthy? >> i've been combing through the day's retailer websites to find you deep discounts and here are some of my wednesday favorites. living social is out with a list called the best of the best, top picks for the washington area. here are one of the deals. pay $11 and get a movie ticket, large popcorn and 32-ounce soda or pay $22 for four movie tickets. this is for the movies at montgomery mall. here's a deal at one of the most popular italian restaurants in the region. pay $20 and get $40 to spend on food and nonalcoholic drinks at dinner at kora in arlington. you're going to find this deal on amazon local. or how about a haunted washington scavenger hunt being run out of lafayette park. pay $11 and save 50% off. you'll find this offer on
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goldstar. if you're an offer -- you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i'd love it hear from ow facebook. i'm jessica doyle, wusa9. we have details right now about one of the big social events of the year and it's for a good cause. it's the salvation army women's axillary fashion show. it's this friday. we have ether from bloomingdales. good afternoon. this is a great cause of course. how can people participate and what does it go towards? >> this year's fashion show is our 64th annual compassion packs event -- passion event held at the ritz tysons. obviously tysons corner. >> it's this friday, right? >> this friday. we still have tickets and full tables left to be sponsored so it's not too late. you can get your tickets and help support our turning point program. >> this has been going on for 64 years. this is obviously a successful event but you could always use more help. >> always more help.
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the need is always on the rise, especially if today's economic climate. so we can use your help now more than ever. >> let's talk about where some of the hem goes. does it go to -- help goes. does it go to shellers? food programs? >> this year proceeds are going to support our turning annual out. poverty program for single women and children. >> bloomingdale's has a big part in this, right? >> yes. we are exited to partner with salvation army locally as a company. they are a wonderful organization. we have some beautiful models. our vendor from across the pond has provided us with some beautiful looks. we have a wear to work look on amanda. the beautiful navy bag. gray is very in this season. anything you can get in gray, ladies, wear it to work. wear it out at night. then irena is wearing this beautiful dress in red.
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every lady needs a wonderful red formal dress. she has a beautiful scarf on. both of them have gorgeous shoes from ok bennett. she started in 1990, known for her shoes, handbags, beautiful evening gold clutch. that's going to go great with any wardrobe. >> if people go to this fashion show and see some of these outfits and have to have it, you can find them at bloomingdale's? you. >> can go to tysons corner at bloomingdale's. >> you can buy tickets. call 202-756-2618. it goes for a good cause for the salvation army. we're also going to link the event website to so you can go there for more information. ladies, thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate your time. good luck this friday at the fashion show at tysons. howard, over to you. a beautiful day under way. hard to believe it's the 2nd of
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october. feels like the 2nd of august. we're going into the mid and upper 80s this afternoon. we'll be in the mid-80s shortly. i think it will are closer to 86, 87, maybe 88 for the high. back to 80 by 7:00. 75 by 9:00. a little bit of a breeze right now out of the west and west, northwest. that could push us. that's a good wind flow coming down the mountains so it compresses, heats up. could get close to these records today. 89 was set at all three airports. baltimore, dulles, d.c. in 1986. we have records even in martinsburg going back to 1927 when they hit it, believe it or not, 98 degrees. all right, today we've got sunshine here. some cloudiness in the mountains. but locally beautiful blue skies. and a very warm air mass. the ground is dry. the air is dry. so it doesn't take as much energy to heat up. that's why we're already in the low 80s in many areas. 81 in frederick. by the way, the lady who called the newsroom with the nice comment, thank you, i got the message. had to say that. 86 at the culpeper airport in
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orange. these folks are headed toward 90 this afternoon with 78 in cambridge and then annapolis today a gorgeous 77. i'm going to step out of the way and show you the beautiful skies here in washington. and we've got a temperature at reagan national 83. but a heat index of only 83. humidity levels are still in check, even though the dew points are near 60. that's somewhat comfortable and a breeze out of the north, northwest at 13 miles an hour. as we show you the satellite and radar, big picture. nothing near us in the mid- atlantic down through the carolinas but moisture coming on shore in the mississippi valley. that's going to stay there for the most part. and this front, that's moving east. it's not coming toward us. we're not going to get any relief from that. as we show you the futurecast, most of the shower activity will stay in the midwest, the ohio valley and even tomorrow the appalachians west. could see something sneak in toward western maryland, eastern west virginia in the afternoon. we'll be dry here. then on friday look at this. maybe, just maybe some isolated showers will creep toward us in the afternoon. best chances north and west.
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we want to talk about the tropics because our next best chance of rain will come monday, not this guy tropical storm jerry in the north east and central atlantic but this disturbance in the western caribbean. low pressure here. we have to watch this. it could be developing into potentially the next storm which would be karen on the list. the models don't do a good job on the intensity but just showing you the basic track. over the yucatan into the gulf. maybe near the gulf coast sometime later saturday. and after that, will it make it this quickly up here? the trend for the moisture to head in our direction late in the weekend, early next week gives us promise for some much needed rainfall. 86 if not 88 today, warm, dry. tonight 64 with 50s north and west. it will be 84 tomorrow. a tad cooler but back in the mid-80s friday. a chance of a shower or storm. through the weekend, some of it depends on the storm in the
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caribbean. a better chance for showers and storms monday and tuesday as we get @
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welcome back to the news at noon. if you're one of so many federal employees that are on a furlough or the subject of this thing with the federal government, we have a special for you, especially when it comes to a great menu item. it's both inexpensive and nutritious. that's why this lovely lady debbie is here. her company is nursing possibilities. she's here to help us understand a great way to make this dish. i've asked you so many times what this is. i keep forgetting. it's a special rice dish, right? >> it's sweet potato greens. they're a pretty unusual vegetable here in the united states though in asia it's used quite a bit. they are beautiful. this is what comes up above the
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ground. we're going to cut off the tough part and i'm actually going to save this. eye it -- i use it to make broth, carrot tops, celery leaves. >> does it taste like potato? >> it's a little sweeter than collards. we're just going to blanche these. >> that means you're just putting it in for a short time. >> 30 seconds in boiling water. and while that's softening up in the hot water bath, we're going to make the dressing. >> i can smell it now already. >> it's super easy. we're going to use about a thumb worth of ginger. the juice of a lime. a tablespoon of olive oil, and three tablespoons of tamari. i prefer tamari over soy saw. it's a naturally fermented product where soy sauce is chemically fermented. it's a gluten free product,
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this particular tamari because so many people have issues with gluten these days. so we're going to take these out of the hot water. they're still bright green and beautiful. >> we've got about a minute. >> okay. >> and we're going to pour the dressing over that. i'm also going to save that liquid. it's a great base for a soup. >> by the way, as she's preparing, if you would like to learn how to do these and so many other dishes, you actually take people on retreats to teach them. >> that's correct. i'm doing not this coming weekend but the following weekend down at sanctuary retreat center. >> if you want to look it up, we'll link you to so you can check out her recipes and the possibility of going on a retreat. we have about 30 seconds left. >> we're going to put this over some brown rice. if you wanted this to be a full meal, cue fry and -- cue fry an egg and put it on top. very expensive. >> we have 15 seconds.
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here's what the finished product looks like. nourishing possibilities is her website. we'll be back at 5:00 and 24/7 take care. thanks so mu
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>> chloe: is delia ready to vamoose? >> billy: she's upstairs saying goodbye to dash. >> victoria: yeah, she and -- and johnny are crazy about that puppy. they've had the best time playing with him. >> billy: [ chuckles ] >> chloe: oh, well, i'm sorry that i couldn't keep him at the mansion. but i'm glad that she's enjoying him here. >> victoria: i didn't know that esther didn't like dogs. >> chloe: oh, she likes them! she just doesn't want to have to clean up after them. >> billy: well, we're happy to have him here. >> victoria: yeah, maybe not keely so much. i mean, he likes being the top dog. >> billy: what are you talking about? it'll be good for him! for one, he's getting plenty of exercise chasing dash around the house. >> victoria: okay. i'm sure once the dust settles, they'll be fast friends. >> billy: what's not to love? it's a cute dog. i mean, there's something about a puppy that just makes people happy. >> chloe: ah, well, then, maybe i should get a puppy, in spite of my mom. >> delia: you don't need a puppy! you need kevin! >> billy: [ chuckles ] [ clears throat, sniffs ] [ both sigh ] >> alex: [ yelps ] [ sniffs, sighs ] mm.


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