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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 23, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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booster and emergency boosters before but today we're doing something completely different. i'm giving you my prescription for happyness. simple happiness boosters. there's new research that says if you boost your happiness you can live a longer and healthier live. these are quick and easy fixes you can make right now that could instantly transform your life and your health. what if i told you you could cut your risk of heart disease in half? lower your chances of ever developing cancer or diabetes? live a longer life by up to 10 years? would you do whatever you had to? then all it might take is to get happy. you won't just live longer. you also are likely to sleep better, put on less weight, maybe even drop a few pounds so what makes happiness the best medicine? one reason happy people make less of the stress cortisone. what's the secret to feeling
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good? i've got full proof happiness boosters. and they're all simplor than you think. the doctor is one of the country's totch experts on happiness. the author of raising happiness. the topic itself seems so basic but folks get confused. >> to me, happiness or a happy life is one that's full of a lot of different types of positive emotions. so happiness is a positive emotion that takes place in the present, contenment. but we need to think about positive emotions like the past, like gratitude or the future like hope, opt mix, confidence, or my favorite, about other people. love and compassion. >> if you had to sum rise, the things that you feel blocks us from being happy the most. >> for me perfectionism was one of those things. but if you think about it. it's just a particular form of unhappiness.
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i think materialism. dr. oz: why is that? that's my problem by the way. why is that a form of unhappiness? >> think about perfectionism. the definition is dissatisfaction. you're dissatisfied with your performance or you're afraid of disappointing yourself or somebody else. that it's a continual state of not good enough. and that's an unhappiness kind of a -- dr. oz: that explains a lot. so we have perfectionism. >> we also have materialism. pursuing, just trying to get things in life. thinking about what you can get out of life instead of what you can give to it. that shift can really make a difference between being happy or not. dr. oz: what's the third item? >> i think a lot of people today struggle with entitlement. if you think about it, when we feel entitled to something, that just means emotionally we're much more likely to feel disappointed when we don't get what we want than we are to feel grateful when we do. dr. oz: so you have brought
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along some tools that make it easier for us to become happy. these are easy boosters to happiness. simple ones we can begin to follow that will make us feel happier instantly. the first is to declutter your mind. to declutter your mind with a couple different tools. the first is your mother told you to do all this. your mother always said first. it could be as simple as cleaning your room or making your bed. how can that be related? >> i think that there's a ton of truth to that old adage that the state of your bed is the state of your head. and we do know that -- dr. oz: i like that. >> people who make their beds tend to be more productive. i think one reason is that clearing clutter is one of those small changes that small behaviors that counts as a small win in the will power department. so when we do these things it gives us the strength actually, the will power strength to make bigger changes in our lives. dr. oz: the second tool you
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offer that makes a ton of sense is simply listening to music. >> absolutely. neurologically, we're pretty hard wired to respond and interpret music emotionally. which means that we can use music to calm us down or make us feel happier. it can make us breathe faster, which can be a physical sign of happiness. dr. oz: i actually love this idea. i want to test it out so i asked several members to try it out over the weekend. and every time they felt a little down i asked them to listen to their favorite song. i've got two here today. michelle, thanks for joining us. how did listening to the music make you feel? >> music has an amazing impact on my mood. any time this weekend i was feeling a case of the blahs i just plug in my ipad, get my music going and it makes me feel more upbeat and happy and energetic. dr. oz: i hear you could not stop singing. is that true? >> yes, it is. i start my morning singing and
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it gets me through my day. and it calms me. dr. oz: it does. where do you sing? >> i start off in the shower. my car. dr. oz: everywhere. >> yes. dr. oz: so we'll have to put an entire play list of songs, because i believe in music and used it for many years. in the operating room we play different kinds of music depending on the operation to calm us or take us emotionally where we need to be through that part of the operation. you get it all on the last way we declutter is something you may not have thought of. and it was counter intuitive. which is stick to a reteen. i would think you would get stuck in a rut if you're doing the same thing. why is that such an important thing to decluttering your mind? >> researchers believe that we evolve to feel calm by reptive behavior. so each of us has hundreds of little habits and routine that is carry us through the day. and when life gets a little crazy, when it starts to feel
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too busy or too out of control one of the ways that we can calm ourselves down or manage ourselves is to go back to those little habits and those little routines. dr. oz: so my standard trusted calming routine is something that i've only begun to appreciate because over the last four years of doing the show i've longed for it more and more and it has created tremendous happiness in my own life. take a look. even thoy i do my show every day i keep my thursday at the hospital. it's my one true love and one of the happiest, saving lives. nothing makes me happier than making rounds and seeing my atients. one routine before surgery is scrubbing in. with water running on your hands, you begin to think through what you're about to do in the operating room. so it's that mental state of calm. so my routine here at the
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hospital brings me a sense of peace, a sense of balance, and now i think about it, true happiness. so i'm grateful for the blessing of being able to be in the hospital. it's a tremendous job but it reminds me how much i appreciate the health of my family. let's take you to the next check list which is the practice gratitude. i would love you to explain because i think it is in my own heart the most important component to happiness is feeling grateful for what's happening. sometimes it doesn't seem so good. >> absolutely. i'm with you. i think that gratitude is this foundation of our personal happiness. so it's those conscious expressions of gratitude which can actually boost our health, our opt mix, and our overall satisfaction with life. dr. oz: who is grateful? put your hands up. everyone. you in the white sweater. come on down. come on down.
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you put your hand up. you shouldn't have put your hand up then. [applause] come on down. what's your name? agnes. and where are you from? from poland. all right. so i want you to do me a favor. you know why you're here? what brought you here? >> my friend. dr. oz: that's very kind of you to bring her. >> it was supposed to be last time friday but the show was canceled. dr. oz: so i'm glad you came today. that's what happiness is about. you're supposed to be here friday but instead you come on tuesday. a lot of times people to express their loves f love will find a opportunity to do it in very cool ways. so one of your loved ones, someone who cares about you has actually drafted a little note i understand. see if you can recognize this voice. >> agnes, the love that i feel is because of you. i dedicate my deepest, truest love and make myself available
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for anything that you may need. you will never want for more. and i am grateful to have you in my life. dr. oz: you know who our mystery guest is? >> yes. dr. oz: what's his name? >> larry. dr. oz: you'd better come out. he identified you. this is for you. >> thank you. >> agnes, i came here today because i wanted to ask you to marry me. but i'm not going to ask you. 'm going to beg you. will you be my wife?
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cheers and applause] dr. oz: and she didn't even see the ring yet. you evaluate the ring and then you decide. did you accept the proposal? >> yes. yes. dr. oz: are you happy? >> yes. dr. oz: you've made us very happy. congratulations. coming up, how can biting on this pencil make you happier? the answer when we return. ♪
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[cheers and applause] dr. oz: we decluttered your mind and practiced new gratitude to boost your happiness. dr. christine carter is back with us and says now we have to recharge your body. what is the connection between the mind and body and spirit. how does it fit together? >> one connection, if you can't think your way to happiness, sometimes we can't, right, we can use our bodies to make changes in our nervous system which can boost our mood a little bit. dr. oz: the first of the changes you point out that can be a huge booster for us is to fake a smile. everyone has a pencil. you are going to find out why the pencils are so important. how does it help? >> facial expression alone,
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believe it or not, without the corresponding emotion behind it can be enough to create changes in our nervous system. if you put the pencil behind your, bite it in your back teeth. dr. oz: everybody do it. >> what you're doing here is you're triggering your smile muscles. that is enough, if you do this for a minute or so -- [laughter] dr. oz: look at yourself. >> come on! you do this for a minute or so and your heart rate is going to drop. you're going to feel a little bit happier. you are going to start to think that things around you are funnier. dr. oz: keep the pencils in. keep the pin sills in. we'll going to see if this experiment works. keep them in there, i'm watching. step into the sunlight. why is that so important? >> you know, light deprivation is one of those things that can make us feel really tired or even a little bit sad. so we know that if you step
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into the sunlight, if you, the natural light can stimulate some of those brain chemicals that are going to make you feel better. there is a great study that shows that just a 10-minute walk first thing in the morning out in the sunlight in the daylight can make us feel more energized. make us feel less tired and boost our mood a little. dr. oz: get into that routine we spoke of earlier. >> yes. dr. oz: mood foods, this is an important part of the overall plan. keep your pencils in there. pencil in your mouth! [laughter] how do we eat good mood food? what are they? >> research shows that there are certain types of fats that are going to have an anti-depressant effect on us. it's the omega 3's, the good fats in shrimp and salmon and snapper. other research shows that it's the bad fats actually, so trans fats or partially hydrogenated oil can make us feel more aggressive. they stimulate a real
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inflammatory response. dr. oz: i'm laughing because they're laughing. eat omega 3's, they're good for you. do you feel better after having the pencil in your mouth? [laughter] dr. oz: this is crazy. it's amazing. it's true, it really works. >> yeah, it does. it does. dr. oz: the fourth item. if you don't pencils in your mouth and smiling, without any question just to endorse it, it is so important to walk down the hall wherever you are at home or work and smile. people think you're crazy or they'll smile at you or with you. they're mirroring it back. this one shocked me. i had heard about smiling. i'm a big fan of mood foods and daylight which is important in the winter months. i didn't realize that yawning is so important. i would love it if you would explain to folks all of your discoveries in this area. >> we tend to think of yawning as a bit rude and a sign of exhaustion. the primary purpose of yawning is to cool off our brain. when it's contagious as it tends to be, it's a sign of
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empathy or social awareness. even just looking at this photo of somebody yawning or looking at your neighbor or even your dog yawn can have really great benefits for us. yawning tends to improve our concentration and our alertness. it improves our memory and can give us a mood boost. it can make us feel happier. dr. oz: usually i yawn when i get tired or bored. you make the argument, you have made the argument, you don't have to wait for that. you can actually yawn on purpose to feel happy and do all of the things and get the benefits you described. just force yourself to yawn? >> start yawning. the key is you have to yawn several times to really get that benefit. so you just start yawning. look at videos of people yawning, other people yawning. the first ones feel really fake. dr. oz: let's all try this. for the first time on the show -- >> you're allowed to yawn. dr. oz: experiment on this.
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>> do it again and again. and eventually your body should catch on and you start having those authentic yawns. dr. oz: i never thought of yawning as being a happiness booster. i will never forget that it is now. >> it is. dr. oz: coming up, a simple happiness booster, keep yawning -- that mate help protect you from a heart attack. stay with us. [cheers and applause] >> coming up, need a hug? >> lingering hugs. >> would you hug a stranger? >> it's a little weird. >> creepy. >> exactly. >> the health benefits will surprise you. later >> you're not eating because you're hungry. you'r[ male announcer ] big heart health benefits in just one small pill per day. with no fishy smell or aftertaste. megared omega-3 100% pure krill oil.
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[cheers and applause] dr. oz: we're back with simple happiness boosters that can transform your life in an instant. i'm about to let you in on a little secret. before the show, you all took part in an experiment. watch. before today's show, we polled our entire studio audience to find out how they would react with a very unique offer. would they like a hug? >> if someone were offering me a free hug, i would probably feel a little bit uncomfortable going up to them and giving them a hug. >> we both said no because we're both a little germ phobic. >> i would love a hug from a stranger. we all need love. we never know how we're going to be building someone else up just by giving them a hug. dr. oz: would you take a free hug from someone you didn't
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know if it meant the secret to your happiness? [cheers and applause] dr. oz: i'm not sure if i should be or not be surprised. nearly 25% of you did not want a hug. christine carter is back with us. hugs had an easy way to recharge or reboost your happiness. >> what is happening in our bodies when we give and receive hugs, oxytocin is being released. it creates warm fuzzy feeling of trust, generosity and happiness. dr. oz: now that you know all this, why wouldn't you have gotten a hug? someone asked of our audience members, why did you not take a hug? >> from a stranger, it feels uncomfortable or weird. dr. oz: creepy. >> exactly. >> you took my word. creepy. dr. oz: why is it creepy to
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give a hug? >> it's someone approaching you, you don't know who it is. it's your friends arrest family, it's ok. dr. oz: giving a hug is a happiness booster, does it surprise you? not sure. a song you may have heard, charlotte diamond used to sing it. [four hugs a day, that's the minimum ♪ i used to sing that to my daughter. i can't get the time of day now, but i used to. you say that's not accurate, it ought to be more four hugs a day? >> one researcher tobbles keep oxy toesin levels consistent in our bloodstream, we need to give and receive eight hugs a day. the clincher is they can't be little pats on the back. they need to be lingering hugs. so it's got to be with people who are open to those full-on
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cuddles pretty much. dr. oz: i understand that the creepiness issue. in medicine, you learn that you touch each other, because you do, because you're operating on people and holding people and checking pulses, the whole thing is physical. i found hugs remarkably supportive. now that you know eight hugs a day and you might not get hugs from anybody, in a reasonable setting, in a well lit setting, would you consider hugging? >> yes. dr. oz: let me see a hug from the two of you then? >> dr. oz, would you be one of my eight lingering hugs for the day? [applause] dr. oz: thank you very much. coming up, find out what your hunger type is and what you can do about it. that's next. [cheers and applause]
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>> up next, a familiar type, you can stop yourself. your hunger type. >> do you feel hunger right now. >> how do prevent the bad food choice. [ male announcer ] at scott, we don't spend money inventing phrases like "triple jumbo giant roll" to tell you scott 1000 has 1,000 sheets. instead, we give you deals and rewards
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>> she lost 85 pounds by knowing her pun ger type. what's yours? >> before we started this, were you hungry? >> no. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> how no knowing can stop you from overeating. dr. oz: has this ever happened to you. you're about to take your next bite and you wonder why am i eating this?
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i'm not really even hungry. today i want you all to hit the pause button and go back to the moment before you made that bad food choice. rewind that. right there. it's all about knowing your hunger type. by the end of this show, you'll know which one fits you so you can stop yourself from overeating. joining me our psychologist. doctor, welcome to the show. >> thank you. [applause] dr. oz: one wouldn't recognize it from your appearance, you're addressing this topic from personal experience. >> very personal. it's knowing my hunger type which was a part of my journey to losing 85 pounds -- [cheers and applause] dr. oz: there you are from before. explain how your hunger type affected not just your weight gain but the amount that all of us eat? >> absolutely. knowing your hunger type is critical. it lets you know how you eat, when you eat, where you


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