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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 23, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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thunderstorm. once the front is south and east. much, much more comfortable afternoon. temperatures in the 80s. live look at radar, blue line is the cold front off to north and west. you can see pretty good rain showers into portions of west virginia and western maryland. we have thunderstorm activity. around the noon hour, we should see a gradual improvement and nice afternoon. beautiful evening. temperature at reagan national, 75 sdegs °, early showers and storms, afternoon clearing, less humid. i'll have more details on the weekend forecast in a couple of minutes. julie has the day off. steve hershorn is in with traffic. >> good morning, tucker.
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beltway near 295, in delays to get to the wilson bridge. exiting north on 295, there was an accident blocking a lane. starting to build a bit approaching sueman parkway. heavy into town. head over to south capitol street towards fredrick douglas memorial bridge up to the freeway, lanes reported open. 14th street bridge, moving well across the 14th street bridge, slow into the work zone on the freeway. same configuration. still have the road work, getting there not too bad. beltway, outer loop, traffic moving towards us, slowly moving. new hampshire avenue, lots of
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payment, not that many cars, much better than usual for your friday commute. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> steve, thank you. a big weekend in the nation's capitol ahead of the 50th anniversary of march on washington. >> you could be impacted by the traffic changes, fox 5's matt ackland woke up early this morning, allison. >> i love matt ackland. >> he is live. >> good morning, matt. it is >> reporter: what a beautiful weekend it will be to celebrate this anniversary of such an important piece of history. if you are coming to the city early, there is something for you to do, this is west potomac
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park, that is where the global freedom festival will get underway at noon. we can show you a list of what is taking later on realize the dream rally tomorrow morning, worship service on sunday at howard university. wisdom, you brought up the traffic issue. folks are saying if you can get by public transit. it is good to know the memorial bridge will be closed 6:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. the arlington circle should stay open unless there is an issue for pedestrians. by the way, we wanted to tell you the post office is going to be commemorating this march as they release a new forever stamp today. big reveal will take place on facebook.
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we are told it is a mosaic made of photos across the nation. especially to the folks that live in the district of columbia. tomorrow a statehood rally at 8:00. it is at the d.c. memorial. eleanor horton, mayor gray will be there with signs letting folks know still voters in d.c. don't have the same rights as those across the country. they are there at the war memorial. they are going to walk over to the lincoln memorial with the signs. they are hoping to get television attention. hopefully speak to folks from other parts of the nation and educate them and how district residents don't have the same voting rights. once again, beautiful morning. beautiful weekend.
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it should be a great time this weekend. wisdom and allison, back to you. >> that is better because you are with us, matt. >> something else you might be interested in, in talking about this morning. taking wax figure of martin luther king jr. on the road for a special event. >> we are going to find out where that special event will be this weekend when the martin luther king jr. figure stop by our studios coming up in our next hour. always amazing to see the wax figures. >> they look so life like. >> do you have a family member or friend, perhaps who was at the march on washington? you can send us pictures, electronically, e-mail us at up load pictures to facebook
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page or tweet us @myfoxdc #mymarchdc. we want to hear your stories. >> it appears america is still not color blind. new study by tpeer research center, among blacks, jumps to 79% african-americans lag behind many whites 14% margin, 7 in 10 blacks are treated less fairly by police and courts. also this morning 50 years ago, voting rights a huge issue and remain so today.
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federal government suing state of texas over new id law which is discriminatory. >> texas is the only state that is discriminating in redistricting. in june, supreme court ruled to remove the -- to seek pre-clearance from the department of justice before making changes to election and redistricting laws. justice department is using a different part of the act in the texas case. now to the violent death of a community activist in d.c. >> police say someone shot timothy dawkins where he lived. the 24 year old studied to become a preacher. he had plans to run for ant commission e commissioner. >> he had an old soul.
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we traveled with kids to tennessee for training. we more examples especially black men. we lost out here. >> police don't have a suspect or motive. there have been more than 20 shootings on the same block. he blames the violence on the problems he and dawkins were trying to fix. >> justice for vanessa pham. a jury has handed down the verdict in the stabbing death of the teenager. >> we have set it at 49 years, 30 years plus 19 years of vanessa pham's life. >> this was an unusual case because the defendant wasn't fighting the fact he murdered a complete stranger, a good samaritan. >> question for the jurors was,
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was it first or second degree murder? >> the jury, allison recommended julio blanco garcia be sentenced to 49 years in prison. it was unusual case as the judge agreed to allow a television camera inside the courtroom. julio blanco garcia learned his fate just after 6:00 thursday night, six women and six men reaching a unanimous verdict. >> we the jury for the commonwealth of virginia vs. julio blanco garcia found the defendant of first degree murder. >> the defendant, julio blanco garcia showed no emotion. >> how has your life changed if it has since vanessa was
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murdered? [ foreign speaking ]>> victims aunt and mother called to the witness stand. >> i think i have no life. i just when i go to work, i come home, i just stay in my room. >> vanessa pham was 19. just finished her freshman year the avenue of june 27th, 2010 when she was stabbed to death. >> how many times did you stab her? >> i don't remember. >> jurors heard garcia say he killed pham after she agreed to give her and baby daughter a ride. jurors heard from the victim in
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this video message, fairfax commonwealth attorney asked jury to sentence garcia to life in prison. >> her death was not quick and not easy. it was pure savagery. >> garcia never testified before the verdict or sentence which was handed down at 8:30 last night. the judge will hand down the formal sentence later on this year wisdom and allison. a roller coaster of emotions as a television camera was there to witness. >> just heart breaking, sarah, thank you so much. >> coming up, redskins head coach mike shanahan talks about game against bills. >> a fire threatens national treasury evacuations underway near yosemite national washipar.
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>> we have the weather coming up next. ♪
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for around $269 per month. >> that will get you up. >> that is where we used to do it at jackson stadium. >> at the band? >> at the club. >> there was a club there? >> really, allison. >> i am one to talk. hampton university. any way, rise and shine, kids. hey. time to get up and get out of bed. folks are going to school this morning. seems so early, it is 7:16. yep, time to head to the bus
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stop. you are seeing thomas kids who attend green elementary school in st. counties, maryland. dexter 6, first grade, iana 8 in third grade and avanza 5 and just started kindergarten. have a good day, kids. we expect many more when d.c. and montgomery county. >> trifecta. >> that's right. >> everybody is back in school. >> they are all back. going to the bus stop early, possibility of showers and storms, we are in good shape. we have clouds and we are looking at this cold front
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trying to move through a live shot. we are cloudy and showers are not too far away. there is your cold front pushing western maryland. moving through shortly on the move. next couple of hours, we have chance of widely scattered showers and a few thunderstorms as the front moves through. good news, front will move quickly. things will get less humid, 68 pittsburgh, 64 detroit, 70s in washington. there is your radar, your shower activity front royal, very close to showers, thunderstorms. we'll track the progress over the next couple of hours. should be through the region early afternoon. it will take a few hours to clear for you. all of you are in good shape even at the beaches. talk about saturday and sunday,
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both beautiful, low to mid 80s, low humidity. a great looking weekend. 84, saturday and sunday look good, monday and tuesday look good, highs mid 80s. >> thank you, tucker. >> let's check in with steve hershorn on the roads. >> 14th street bridge 395 little volume. to get through the work zone, same configuration. a lane blocked each way. northbound on 395. you'll slow down to get passed the exit for the 3rd street tunnel. south capitol street, bit of a back up approaching fredrick douglas memorial bridge up to nats stadium, accident heading inbound on south capitol street. look for delays as you approach the bridge. one lane blocked over to 270
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montrose road down to the beltway, looking good. here we are on the beltway, a little bit of a slow down. still not back to new hampshire avenue. that is moving well from college park around silver spring. here we are 50 at 202 heading inbound, no major delay, new york avenue so far just the traffic signals. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, steve. california governor jerry brown declared state of energy as a fire ramps up. >> officers went door to door urging residents to evacuate. it has grown 99 square miles, larger than the size of san francisco. >> definitely more concerned.
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i have firefighter buddies say there is not much they can do. >> winds extremely active. when the winds shifts, the fire is going to take off in a different direction. >> it is what it is. new are you prepared your home might be gone when you go back? >> yes. >> about 2500 homes threatened, so far two homes and seven out buildings destroyed. >> all right. time now 7:21 on this friday morning, coming up, staying true to your football team could be bad news to your weight. >> that explains it. >> how it can impact what you eat. >> a quick drive from d.c. holly is at the national aquarium in our neighboring city of baltimore.
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♪ >> welcome back to "fox 5 morning news" time now is 7:24. it is friday, not only is it friday, it is dj friday on "fox 5 morning news." kirk cousins is not expected to play. he is nursing the sprained foot he suffered in monday's game against the steelers. quarterback, rex grossman will play a half. kickoff is at 4:30. >> the skills your favorite football team plays on the field could impact your waistline. >> you often binge on fatty sugary foods. i am not feeling this study.
7:25 am
people on average 16% more saturated fat and 10% more calories. fans of winning teams more likely to choose healthier options after a victory. >> i don't believe that. >> miami, they have been struggling for years. >> have you been to south beach? is there a south beach diet? >> if that is the case, cleveland and detroit, they have been losing for decades. sorry, cleveland and not feeling the study. time is 7:26, the big story that has hollywood and all the buzz, the next batman. >> handling health care costs, more americans finding themselves dropped. we have more on what you can do if you find yourself in that
7:26 am
situation. >> we have the latest weather from tucker barnes and traffic from steve when we come back. ♪ 
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." it's been called "cuccinelli's witch hunt" "designed to intimidate and suppress" ken cuccinelli used taxpayer funds to investigate a uva professor whose research on climate change cuccinelli opposed. cuccinelli, a climate change denier, forced the university to spend over half a million dollars defending itself against it's own attorney general. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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>> oh boy. >> that's right, allison seymour, ben affleck is going to play batman. >> bring back michael keaton. >> you are way, way, way behind. >> george clooney? >> he was awful. he was the worst batman. >> have you seen george clooney? >> i have and seen what he did to batman. >> not ben affleck, please. >> announced last month two superheros will be together. released in summer 2015. christian bale was the best batman, then val killmer. >> let's go with christian bale. sorry, ben.
7:30 am
majority of the comments are not on your side. congratulations on instant failure at the box office. i do believe it was ben affleck that ruined daredevil movie. >> only thing worse is channing tattum. they might as well take their shirts off. >> wouldn't it be cast of "good will hunting." how do you like these apples. >> he is not really cast he definitely is cast? >> by the way, christian bale doesn't want any part. >> ben had to decide if he wanted -- or batman. >> i don't enjoy this story. >> i understand. am i doing weather now?
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>> how about a little tgt, yes, lady, and gentleman tyrese and genuine is stopping by later. that picture is serious. showing up in our 9:00 hour. we can't wait. tony is not here today, i was hoping the three of you could do thunder from down under. what were you calling it frantic from the mid atlantic. >> my neighbor loves frantic from the mid atlantic. >> maybe john could round it out. >> showers and storms moving in from the west, it is a cold front. once it hits east we are in fine shape. we have potential for rain over
7:32 am
the next couple of hours as the front continues to push to the east. here is your front, cooler and more refreshing air off to the north and west. forecast is shaping to be perfect. it looks gloomy currently. front royal, you are seeing flashing and thunderstorm activity. once it gets east, we should see gradual -- reagan national 75 in town, 72 quantico, fredricksburg 71. 72 in baltimore. low to mid 80s, not dealing with the heat but will have the humidity as the front moves in. bigger look and front into southern pennsylvania pushing
7:33 am
through. i will see mid to late afternoon front. overnight lows 50s and 60s. should be a great looking weather weekend saturday and sunday. sunny cooler this afternoon, it will be a process. winds out of the north 5-10. very, very comfortable. upper 50s north and west. saturday and sunday weekend forecast, sunny, low to mid 80s. that is the weather. let's do traffic, steve hershorn is in. >> good morning, tucker. beltway near kohlsville road. westbound 495 after kohlsville. it is not too bad to get through it. it is a little slow. that was enough to cause the back up over to new hampshire
7:34 am
avenue where we were doing so well. it is slow after i-95 in college park before georgia avenue. the pace picks up near connecticut avenue. we'll head over to south capitol street. accident on the bridge heading in towards the center of town passed nats stadium. kennel worth avenue, southbound d.c. stalled truck causing back up as you center district from prince georges county. starting to build passed route 1 crystal city into the work zone, still there. this is slow heading into the district from arlington. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> health care is always a hot
7:35 am
top topic. employer contributions, a lot of families allow on plans a lot of companies eliminating coverage for spouses due to the affordable care act taking place in january. ups is one of the biggest companies to make this change. we turn to dr. allison evans qualar. thanks for coming in. >> pleasure to be here. >> are you surprised for lack of a better word this "angle" companies are coming up with to offset 'obamacare,' affordable care act. >> it is relatively uncommon, about 5% of firms will have it.
7:36 am
what is uncommon is getting the working spouse who has alternative source to go to their employer for their coverage. about 20% of firms have that kind of surcharge. >> with ups, we should make it clear, too, much like our own job at fox 5, a lot of union workers are not affected by this. >> absolutely. >> there are thousands affected by this. it is sort of like ups says yes, we did it with no excuses. do you expect more and more of this to happen? >> they anticipate having some kind of spousal at least surcharge in the coming year. absolutely. we should be clear this isn't going to drop spouses who are not working and don't have coverage. >> let's talk about that, what
7:37 am
is exactly affected? >> it is not children. it is not spouses that don't have alternative coverage through an employer themselves. just the forks to become the employer not chosen for those working spouses. >> how about if the worker is older and other spouse is on medicaid, they are drop, do the companies expect medicaid or medicare to take up their health care? >> no strictly for the working spouse who has working coverage. >> some of the things that worry about the factors that go into this decision, mandatory coverage for children up to age 26. they expect more over 11% increase when this kicks in, in 2014. >> right. one question is: is this atri
7:38 am
bruteable to the affordable care act? neither ups nor university of virginia, they talk about the affordable care act. some folks refer it to "cadillac tax" there is a surcharge. if a charge is $5,800, it is when it is $10,000 and more. they are planning well in advance if that is the primary concern. >> do you expect more companies to follow this? ups has done this? >> we can expect firms to encourage spouses to get the coverage. they may continue doing it through the spousal surcharge.
7:39 am
>> ups information came from internal document kaiser, it is willing to take care of its own but won't bear a burden other companies can take on. >> it is levelling the playing field. >> if you are a spouse, two people working, wife or husband does have health coverage, that is why they were on the other spouse's coverage. what does the spouse who is kicked off their coverage need to do? how easy is it to merely sign up with the company's health insurance? >> it is not difficult. in large with ups making this change, you can take that change to the employer, that would be the kind of event that would trigger an enrollment period that allows you to jump in that your own employer offers. >> if you are reading the
7:40 am
newspaper this is because of the affordable care act, what is the take home message? >> i think they should read into it employers are concerned about health care costs probably not in the case of large firms because of affordable care act. just in general, we have concerns about rising health care costs which is why we have firms have been tobacco surcharges, wellness surcharges. a number of issues. >> associate professor of health at george mason university. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. 
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♪ >> tucker is jamming. a live look at the area.
7:44 am
>> i am warming up tonight. >> do we dance tonight? >> there will be no dancing for me. sports junkies' party. >> wisdom will have on a tank top. >> let's go to the radar. i'll be sporting op shorts. we have this cold front. front royal, hagerstown getting right shower activity. i don't think we are getting a lot of major weather here along the 95 corridor.
7:45 am
we'll see showers and storms over the next two hours. late morning, early afternoon. let's go to future, cold front. move through quick. 10:00 a.m. we may get showers for the morning hours and a lot of gray skies. front will move quickly and mid to late afternoon, peaks of sunshine and mostly sunny cooler and drier air moves in. 84 today. afternoon sunshine gradual clearing, saturday and sunday low to mid 80s, nice weather, low humidity. >> all right. thanks, tuck. >> let's check in with steve hershorn. >> good morning, wisdom. traffic heading on the left, southbound 270 before 109 in hyattstown. it is causing back ups into
7:46 am
northern fredrick county. southbound 270 just before the exit for 109. northbound they did have the left lane blocked with the fire truck. northbound at the scene, everything is open. you are going to be a little slow rubber necking delay. everything open northbound. again southbound 270. over to the beltway, delays continuing from new hampshire avenue to just before georgia avenue where the accident move from the right lane over to the shoulder. lanes reopened. bit of the backup new hampshire avenue. not yet to college park. accident on the inbound fredrick douglas memorial bridge as you head to capitol street gone.
7:47 am
>> this morning, holly morris is live at national aquarium in baltimore. good morning. >> reporter: we are have squid for breakfast this morning. we are not having it, but the black tip sharks are having it. coming up, we are going to talk about the exhibit, coming to visit them helps the marine life here and everywhere. we are going to talk about conservation live next on "fox 5 morning news." stay with us. the nest has been getting a little too quiet of late.
7:48 am
so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature. [ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ] mmm! [ eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] whoa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens.
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>> how lovely. >> yeah, we want to give a quick shout out to hellen crossly, 105
7:51 am
years old. >> she retired at 90 years old. hellen is independent and likes to take part in karaoke sessions. she makes people laugh. happy birthday, miss crossly. >> staff from the national aquarium, staff has been helping marine life from chesapeake to -- holly morris is joining us. i love the national aquarium. good morning. >> reporter: this is a treasure within itself celebrated its 32nd anniversary. it is a non-profit. its main mission is to conserve our aquatic treasures.
7:52 am
when you pay you are helping way beyond this museum's building. jennifer knows all about that, she is an animal rescue stranding coordinator. >> in the state of maryland, i coordinate all the response, dolphins, whales, manatees occasionally and sea turtles. >> reporter: unfortunately in our area, it has been a busy summer, a lot of dolphins dying off, many washing along the shores of the east coast. you were in the field yesterday working on this. >> unfortunately 250 dolphins since the beginning of july in new york through virginia. there are teams out there in each state working hard to figure out what is going on and same is true in maryland.
7:53 am
working on what is like an autopsy. we have to send tissues to laps to look for bacterial or viral diseases. >> reporter: have we seen anything like this before? >> 1987 and '88, a measles-like virus. >> reporter: we have people in the field, thanks to people coming to the aquarium get the funding to prevent in the future something happening. >> not only are we rehabbing seals and sea turtles, we are monitoring wild populations and figure out what is going on. >> reporter: thank you for the work you are doing and while she
7:54 am
is out there working, many staff members like morgan denny who is an akwar -- aquariumist. you are making breakfast? >> we have squid, kay flynn, and shrimp, if you want to throw gloves on, we'll start cutting things on. >> i may need a full wet suit. [laughter]. >> squid we cut into one-thirds, the shrimp we can leave hole >> reporter: tell me about the diet of the black tip sharks? >> their favorite is squid. we try to give them as best variety we can get in the wild they would be consuming all
7:55 am
kinds of different fish, different crustaceans and suc. s >> i know there are 20 black tip sharks, i am assuming that is not the only breakfast you are concocting. >> two zebra sharks and green sea turtle calypso. this is only a small portion of the food that will be going into the exhibit. >> reporter: how much does this feed? >> just feeds the black tips. >> reporter: we have a way to go. >> each rays gets two pounds, zebra sharks, a bound each. >> reporter: what do i do with those? >> cut them in half. >> reporter: nothing like guts
7:56 am
on you at 8:00. will they eat at one time? >> just once. we have a buoy we use as a target, drop it on the surface. >> reporter: funny you should mention that, i think coming up in the next hour we are going to be feeding the sharks. is our website. we have a link to the national aquarium, you can come and see their new 12 and a half million dollar exhibit and support the wonderful conservation work. we are going to finish up breakfast and go fed them coming up in the next half hour.
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[ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.® >> straight ahead at 8:00, george zimmerman first public appearance since the jury acquitted him of murder. why this picture was taken and why he was there. good friday morning everyone, i am allison
8:00 am
seymour. >> and i am sarah simmons. bob mcdonnell's job approval hitting an all time low. >> redskins star famous for his resilience, taking the field despite suffering from a concussion. >> two years ago, a 5.2 earthquake rattled the region. >> the quake caused millions of dollars of damage and officials say it could take up to 10 years and it could take 26 million dollars, so far only 10 million raised. >> washington monument covered in repairs, they are expected to be complete some time in the spring. lots of repairs going on from that earthquake. there is not an earthquake, cameras shaking a little bit.
8:01 am
>> yesterday i felt a little shake, i am like is it an earthquake? >> you had too much caffeine. >> which is bether than other stuff to make me feel like that. we are all expecting the next earthquake. >> you can't forecast. but we can forecast the weather. that is the clouds and gloom. promise to have sun later this afternoon. want to start with our radar, showers and thunderstorms along our front. slowly making progress east. we are seeing rain showers northwest interior of our viewing area. thunderstorm activity west and south of front royal. you can see a blue line off to the north and west, that is the actual cold front. perhaps showers and storms and clearing. temperatures, warm and humid,
8:02 am
76° 74 dulles and bwi marshall. low to mid 80s. you'll notice change, winds out of the north and humidity waning. 79 at 4:00 p.m. >> good friday. >> wait until you see the weekend forecast. >> let's check in with steve hershorn with the on-time traffic. >> good morning, sarah, good morning, allison. look at 270 southbound. they turned the camera down north of this camera shot before 109, accident moved right lane to the shoulder. everything is open. there is a backup from monoxy river to 109. you are good all the way down to
8:03 am
lane divide. down to prince georges county, pretty slow up to central avenue. nothing reported in the way. it is slow from about new hampshire now around to koelsville road. here we are at the richard bridge. the accident beyond kohlsville road was moved over to the side of the road. delays easing up fortunately on the beltway. kennel worth avenue broken down. it was still blocking a lane. region bridge everything moving well between montgomery county, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, steve. virginia governor bob mcdonnell has a few months left in office. he is spending his final few
8:04 am
weeks working on his legacy. >> a recent university poll shows bob mcdonnell's job approval hovering an all time low. only 47% of people polled say the governor is doing a good job one point higher than last month. only 34% virginiaians have a favorable view. bob mcdonnell has apologized and paid back what he can and still the state of federal investigation. meanwhile, ken cuccinelli accepted gifts. republican candidate airing a new ad that casts bob mcdonnell in a negative life. add comes days after a separate -- he is running against
8:05 am
democrat terry mcauliffe. >> embattled san diego mayor could resign. city council voting on a settlement agreement for fillner to step down. so far 17 women says he has acted inappropriately. one aid said she was asked to work without underwear. george zimmerman has resurfaced in the unlikelyiest of places. >> the man shot and later acquitted in cocoa, florida. this is the first public image
8:06 am
of zimmerman since the trial ended. >> suspended baseball star ryan braun admitted taking sports performance enhancing drugs. he took a clean banned substances. he called it a huge mistake adding quote, i have no one to blame but myself. admission from nfl's ironman. >> redskins linebacker didn't tell the team about concussion. >> this is amazing confession when you consider everything going on with lawsuits. london fletcher entering his 16th season in the league. he has never missed a regular
8:07 am
season game. 240 games in a row. he is used to playing hurt. here is the thing in an article in sports illustrated, fletcher revealed he suffered a concussion last year and he and team never publically disclosed the information. pro-bowl linebacker admitted he felt after affects dizziness but didn't tell the team until mid season and had several concussions over his career. he worries about life after football. his passion for the game super seeds the dangers. >> i signed up for this. nobody makes me play this game. i fell in love with the game of football when i was, man, five, six years old. just remember watching games on television. just really love the game of football. i have been in love with the
8:08 am
game all my life. would i change anything? not really. you pray for best as far as the situation down the line. >> fletchers disclosure about the long term afenth affects of brain trauma. former skins running back porter just filed a suit this month. they will have their third pre-season game kicking off tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. it makes you nervous about the future of the nfl and these players. >> do you think the timing has anything to do with quinton porter filing the lawsuit? >> seems like every couple of days or weeks someone else gets
8:09 am
in on this lawsuit. it is a big deal. >> it is power in numbers as well. >> thanks, wisdom. straight ahead at 8:00, why robert griffin iii is out 10 grand. just a hint, it has to do with the t-shirt scene. we we'll check in with sports junkies. >> we are checking in with fox news sunday host chris wallace for the crisis in syria and egypt.
8:10 am
"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsorered this ad." it's been called "cuccinellilis witch hunt" "designed to intimidate and suppress" ken cuccinelli used taxpayer funds to investigate a uva professor whose research on climate change cuccinelli opposed. cuccinelli, a climate change denier, forced the university to spend over half a million dollars defending itself against it's own attorney general. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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8:13 am
>> i haven't either. i noticed that earlier. cool. that is dj big john everybody. first we want to talk to tucker barnes. this is that time when he has the cuteness factor of the day. >> allison i had the simon thing. [laughter]>> let's go to your weather forecast. that is the best picture. so cute. >> she turns six months old tomorr tomorrow.
8:14 am
>> this was her first bathing suit from the fourth of july. >> what a cutie pie. >> red, white, and blue. love it. >> look at the smile on her fac face. >> proud papa. >> making lots of noises. love the pictures. >> that smile, who could be mad. >> we have shower activity. this is our cold front. good news. potentially showers, morning hours cloud filled and potential for showers and thunderstorms. by mid to late afternoon, we
8:15 am
should have clearing. temperatures, warm and humid, 76 reagan national, 68 pittsburgh, we'll be in the 60 overnight. 50s tomorrow morning, fantastic weekend, temperatures dropping off into the 50s and 60s for the next couple of mornings. accuweather seven day, saturday and sunday look fantastic, upper 50s and low 60s. that is the weather forecast, let's do traffic, steve hershorn has your roads. fairly quiet, right steve? >> it really has overall, tucker after yesterday's difficult morning. we'll take that on this friday. the beltway just north of tyson's corner inner
8:16 am
8:17 am
bus tour. he is under fire for effectiveness. especially with the crisis in syria. we turn to chris wallace. >> reporter: good morning, allison. >> president talking about the events overseas and calling use of chemical weapons a big event of grave concern. you are talking about this on sunday what the president should do and also criticism he is taking for not doing enough. >> reporter: that's right. the dictator in syria, bashar assad was moving chemical weapons around for preparing them for using for civil war. he said there would be a red line and grave consequences. over the winter, couple of incidences, appeared to use
8:18 am
them, a lot of investigating. apparently he had used them against his own people in a small-scale way. the president did nothing. he promised to send small weapons to rebels. then just this week, we had a much bigger incident around damascus, more than a thousand people killed. the president, the problem is, he could topple assad and at this point, rebels, so many islamic extremists, groups linked to al-qaeda, i think the concern is this could become another afghanistan, another safe haven for al-qaeda. on the other hand if you huff and puff and threaten and do nothing, all you do is encourage them to do it again. there is the possibility that is what happened here. we are talking with bob corker,
8:19 am
top republican on senate relations and a democrat of house affairs about what the president should do. even people that say we should intervene understand there are risks to do something and doing nothing. >> of course. all comes as hosni mubarak is released from prison with the escalating violence in egypt, too. chris, you'll be talking with the governor of oklahoma. all of us is sitting with our mouths open with this "thrill kill" of this man. >> absolutely, a young awes t l trail -- australian, christopher lane, we were
8:20 am
talking with the district attorney from that county handling the case, very latest as we try to understand what was in the minds of these young kids and to the governor. this has become an internatio incident. australian president is asking for a boycott. they have strict gun laws in australia, not so much, obviously in this country. >> thank you, chris. look forward to the show. >> reporter: thank you, allison. >> you can catch fox news sunday. >> time is 8:21. a legendary comedian celebrates a milestone. >> we are going to check in with holly at an all new exhibit. ♪ 
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> one of d.c.'s most treasure eating establishments has marked a milestone. it comes after the 50th anniversary of march on
8:24 am
washington. >> ben's chili bowl. we caught up with bill cosby. >> i think as people are coming down and they are in the area, let's think about ourselves, the individual has to look up before the speakers speak and say to him or herself and the children where are we today up here compared to where we were then? >> think about it, that is a very good point. jessie jackson had a special president for ben's owner, ali, an autographed picture of him and martin luther king jr. it was a replacement for the one stolen from the restaurant.
8:25 am
melanie showed us yesterday. >> still ahead in our next half hour, a t-shirt that costs robert griffin iii 10 grand. >> we are going to check with sports junkies. time now is 8:25. we are having a good time. ♪
8:26 am
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8:28 am
>> dj john. honor of chuck brown day. >> this party continues. >> yes, it does. also what continues is our youngsters heading back to school. check this out. this is that cool with confidence. antonio sporting his shirt on
8:29 am
the first day of first grade in lexington, maryland. >> many other districts going back to school monday, we expect to see a whole lot of pictures, tweet us @myfoxdc #backtoschoolselfie. >> don't let it interfere with your math homework. >> did you have selfies? >> we didn't have phones. >> the equivalent. >> they are buried back in the simmons archives. covered in cobwebs. >> it wasn't that long ago,
8:30 am
sarah. >> do you have one? >> i'll look. i might have one. let's go -- it wasn't. >> what are you talking about? >> awkward years. >> five years old, awkward? >> cute early. let's go to the forecast. i am supposed to do weather. >> it is going to be nice, what is there to talk about today, tucker. we have rain showers out to the west. it is a cold front. same one we have been talking about all week. it will bring sweet conditions, 76 washington. 73 quantico, fredricksburg 74. hagerstown 69, 68 winchester. there is your shower activity. making progress to the east. won't be quite as ominous. we'll see showers and maybe a thunderstorm during the morning
8:31 am
hours. front is a quick mover and should make enough progress mid to late afternoon. winds pick up northwest, cooler and drier air. it should be a great looking weekend, saturday and sunday featuring sunshine. future cast, shower activity hanging around morning hours, quickly fades off to south and east by late. north, west, you'll get it first. 84 today. weekend great, saturday and sunday sunshine, low humidity saturday and sunday. overnight lows upper 50s and low 60s. perfect looking weekend. something to enjoy first day of school for a lot of you. all right. that is the weather, allison, sarah, back to you guys. >> thanks, tuck. operation patience cost robert
8:32 am
griffin iii $10,000. it will be the battle of the back ups when the skins host the bills. >> live to the sports junkies 106.7. >> hello, ladies. i have been told it is offensive to call you "girls." >> who said that. >> i don't mind girls. >> there are other words much more offensive. >> we could think of a whole host. [laughter]. >> tell us about this operation patience t-shirt thing, wouldn't someone know he shouldn't wear that, or doesn't care? >> he doesn't care. he makes a lot of money from adidas. it is not a coincidence he is wearing $10,000 shirt. >> i wouldn't be surprised he is
8:33 am
paying it. i would assume adidas is paying it. >> he is not patient. every time he steps to the mic, he telling you why he wants to be on the mic. >> you have to wait. >> it is sad we are so excited, what t-shirt is rg3 going to wear? >> he could make that $10,000 back in two minutes to sell that t-shirt. >> we are all dying to see him play. now we have to see rex grossman and pat white, guys that aren't ultimately going to be on the field. hopefully we'll see him in a couple of weeks against eagles. >> london fletcher played hurt, what are the ramifications for
8:34 am
him saying this? >> he has 1900 tuck ls in his nfl career, doesn't include pre-season games, practices, guys blocking him. he habit 4 or 5,000 times over 15 years that is a lot of damage to the brain. it is scary. you see these guys 50 years old who can't turn off the lights let alone walk around. very scary for london fletcher. >> 2012, just last season, he is acknowledging in sports illustrated and "washington post," he played most of the year from affects of concussions. nfl is cracking down, still guys are going out there and risking it all for football, it makes you worry long term. >> if somebody on the staff sees
8:35 am
him wobbling on the field, they should say look, this streak you have 240 plus games isn't important. your long term health is. >> we saw it with rg3 and london fletcher. somebody needs to protect them from themselves. >> see you tonight. >> thanks gals. >> men. still ahead dj big john, it is 8:36. ♪ ♪
8:36 am
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♪ >> welcome back everybody, sitting over here with dj big john. before we start this, we haven't seen this before, right, sarah? >> tucker said it looks like simon says. >> they are coming out with a lot of new technologies. this is new devices. some of my dj buddies say i am cheating. it is like driving an automatic.
8:39 am
>> oh. >> the world has gotten much simpler thanks to technology. why not? i like that. [laughter]. we know we hear you on kiss, three nights a week, right? >> or twice on mondays. actually four times a week, twice a month. >> what i love you studied something entirely different. tell us how powerful it is to follow your passion in life. >> truly a blessing when you can do something you love. it takes my mind off anything else. i am in my whole dj zone. i am going to have to come back when i finish. it is all peace, love, happiness. to influence people and know they are having a good time. >> i have to ask this, one of our followers on twitter loved the fact that your mic was all
8:40 am
bl bl bled -- blinged out. >> my microphone has a sleeve on it. it is a sleeve that we longs to a larger mic. anything to draw attention. >> let's see if we can get a whole shot. it looks like a whole "star trek" control board. we love you are hear with us. specialize in old school hip hop, go go. >> you played country earlier. he had alabama on. >> i do a little bit of everything. i am not in a box. channel community of hope.
8:41 am
>> we are going to see how you can get involved or talk to dj john on twitter and facebook. coming up next march on washington immortalized in wax. >> we are going to tell you where to catch a glimpse of the special sculpture. let's check in with holly. >> national aquarium, black tip sharks. speaking of tips, hoping to keep all 10 tips of fingers. i am about to do a shark feeding. you should not fear sharks you should fear a world without sharks, live next on "fox 5 morning news." [ woman ] dear chex cereal,,
8:42 am
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8:44 am
>> just in time for 50th anniversary of march on
8:45 am
washington. for details we turn to joanna, good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> i am great. every time you bring a figure in, amazing what you are able to do. obviously with the 50th anniversary of the march on washington, martin luther king jr. wax figure, tell me where folks can see him? >> he will be at the willard till sunday to have a gospel brunch taking place, members of the king family. it is going to be a fantastic celebration in commemoration of the 50th anniversary. >> i was amazed. i hadn't seen his wax figure yet. i didn't realize his height. why did you go with this recreation? >> this isn't an exact of i have
8:46 am
a dream speech. the reason he took six months. a research figure is a person we make from writing, programs, a lot of intense research process to create exact likeness. it takes longer than physical measurements. >> anything specific about this suit? was he wearing that during a specific feast? >> this suit was sourced by our wardrobe team in london. we have the people that look for specific wardrobe pieces. all of our figures, exact likeness, style, look, hair style, all those small elements that make the person's character, we absolutely create that. that is what we did with dr. king. >> tell us, also, this sunday at the willard, this is when it is
8:47 am
going to open up to everybody, correct? they'll be able to see this? >> he will be on display early this afternoon so people can go, in the lobby, of course part of the festivities at the gospel brunch sunday. >> would you say in general more of a research project with him verses having someone sitting with you. how many of those do you do verses the ones that are alive? >> for us celebrities, now a day modern pulp culture, when we are dealing with historic or deceased figures, that is where we rely on archives to create the likeness. >> thank you for coming in, 11:00 a.m. and will be on display at the willard.
8:48 am
allison, back to you. >> sarah, joanna, thank you. sharks have been in the news with catch of two bull sharks in potomac at st. mary's county. holly morris is at the national aquarium in baltimore. good morning. all sharks are not great whites. when we hear sharks, we think jaws. sharks are important to our e co systems and ocean wildlife. here at the national aquarium, they teach that in terms of loving sharks. this is the new 12 and a half million dollar exhibit called black tip reef. it is almost breakfast. >> before they came into the exhibit, we spend months and
8:49 am
months training them. this is the breakfast bell for the sharks. >> reporter: why do we need to do this? >> this orients the sharks to come over for their feed. it is a challenge with the exhibit, other fish coming over for the food as well. what we try to do is specifically target the certain species and make sure we train them to come to the station and get into the routine. >> reporter: this is about as safe as it gets to feeding sharks. if they can get easy food like this, the other cute fish swimming by will stay cute fish? >> exactly. we want to help make sure the sharks get their feed. they are, we have recreated the whole e co system, small fish with big fish and apex predators. we have a lot of hiding areas
8:50 am
for the small fish. you were talking about conservation of the sharks. they are important for the reef. any sick fish will be eliminated by the sharks. >> reporter: when you talk about the black tips, specifically, i was reading about them. they like to travel in small packs, right? >> they are a social shark. they form social groups, hunt together cooperatively. they'll go through the reef in groups. >> reporter: how big will these guys get? >> fairly small shark species. they get up to six feet long. they would be on the pacific reach in the shallow water. larger shark species would feed on these sharks. you have sharks feeding on other
8:51 am
sharks. >> reporter: are they endangered at all? >> they are a pretty healthy population. unfortunately for sharks, long time to mature and low reproductive rate. doesn't fair well when people take them out for shark fin soup. >> reporter: let's talk about the sharks that showed up this week at mouth of the potomac, bull sharks of good size. caused some concern. is it common for them to be in a bay, a river area? >> bull shark is one that will swim up, they have been known to swim up to mississippi river. most say it is the mouth of the
8:52 am
bay. one thing you don't need to be concerned is getting attacked by a shark in chesapeake bay. there are parts of the world, chesapeake bay, they are uncommon there >> reporter: you don't need to worry about going in the bay? >> with the frequency, number of bull sharks going on, very infrequent, not going to be a problem. >> reporter: were you surprised? >> it happened in 2001. couple of fisherman, caught them, turned up at the mouth of the potomac. typically a couple every year. this is something going on. chesapeake bay is a highway of fish coming in from the ocean. they are there for food just like these sharks are coming for food. they are full of stipe bass. >> reporter: they are not hunting people?
8:53 am
>> they are looking for fish. >> reporter: if you see one, what should you do? >> if you are at the beach and see a large shark, it would be in your best interest to go to the pool. >> reporter: i am with you. [laughter]. >> we have 16 species of sharks in the lower bay. bay is important for sand bar sharks. it is an important nursery area, small sand bar sharks feed on crabs. very important to the survival of the sharks they have the lower bay as a habitat. >> reporter: my best advice, come here to the national aquarium. very safe to see them here. they have shark feedings that go on throughout the day, we have a link to theirs. coming up next hour, given a lot of love to black tip sharks. some 65 plus, 700 plus specimens
8:54 am
in this tank. might even feed the rays in our 9:00 hour. >> i can't stop but thing of james bond. >> reporter: if you fell in the tank they would prefer restaurant-quality squid. >> thank you very much, holly. still ahead r&b super group, sarah, tyrese, they are coming any way on fox 5. we are going to find out why. i don't care way. it is 8:55. >> hello, men. ♪ 
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> welcome back to "fox 5
8:58 am
morning news." it is now 8:58 on a friday morning i am allison seymour. >> and i am wisdom martin. tony perkins has the day off. we are going to talk about the nation's capitol, 50th anniversary of march on washington. we'll share everything you need to know about this coming up. >> i love looking at the pictures. those people are 50 years older today. we are digging deeper into the history of march going beyond martin luther king jr.'s speech. >> also this hour, ladies -->> and gentleman. >> mostly ladies, tgt tyrese genuine and tank. i like their music. the three kings of r&b will be
8:59 am
here. we are going to talk to them live. >> nobody brown in that group. >> allison did you just invoke the name "brown." the late whitney houston said -- a lot of people getting a tattoo will that decision hurt your chance of getting a job? should you be covering up the tattoos in an interview? i will share that in ask allison. >> we are talking about ben affleck to play crusader. >> he is not smooth enough, sorry. >> only way it could have been worse is channing tattum. >> this guy is oscar winner


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