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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 6pm  CBS  February 23, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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because syracuse will come in locked and loaded ready to go. seeding for the conference tournament. there is a tie up, arrow still offensively with georgetown. >> bill: got to run one guy long here. lot of bodies down here. another smart thing, the big east is forever changing. but what he did in terms of trolling the incredible coaches in the early days of the big east. sent a great message and resume to the leadership as well as syracuse. >> bill: i resent that comment. i was there, i wasn't an "a" personality. >> tim: i remember you being tossed but not as memorable when john was tossed. >> bill: the one thing i was telling the guys yesterday that i was the president of the big east coaching association which mean you lost to everybody and everybody liked you.
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>> tim: tell you one thing about the dad, though, lot of guys either leave the job, john, his dad, would call just to make sure everything was in order, if anything key do. i'm sure he's sitting home relishing this. not so much for what the game means in the standings but for his son. >> tim: absolutely. southerland. too strong. ayegba who has been all over the glass today, he has -- way up there in rebounds. ayegba has been all over it he's got ten on the day. >> bill: this is why you practice. you never know when a coach is going to call on you. just terrific consistency. >> tim: ayegba at the freethrow line. we should mention this in speaking to both coaches they're going to play again. they just won't play in a conference and compete for the same championship.
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they won't play multiple times and they won't play two or three times in the month of february and march. but this is no longer a contentious rivalry. these two institution respect each other. triche, a leaner. ayegba, only gets seven minutes a game. he didn't expect to put all this time -- unbelievable. >> tim: let it go, going to be a tremendous win for georgetown. john thompson iii will tell his young men to win with honor, go over shake the hand of the second winningest coach in the history of the game say, we'll see you on march the 9. otto porter with 33 points, eight rebounds on 12 much 19 from the floor. the hoyas beat syracuse on this history-making day on cbs.
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s. fourth victim, another child has died from that glen arten maryland fire this week. hello, everybody. thank you for joining us a family member tells us 11-year-old price had gone back into the burning how to save members of her family. bruce, the mother was released from the hospital today. there was a family of six inside that home. mother, father and their four daughters. in an instant the 33-year-old
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mother lost half her family. her common law husband, her eight-year-old twin daughter and four-year-old daughter. yesterday she had to say good-bye to her third and eldest child, 11-year-old deja price. >> you know, dej ray is not here and the babies are gone. it's just a lot. >> denise jackson is a family relative who grew up with the children's father. she remembers the girls. 11-year-old deja price, she is pictured on the lap of her surviving sister. she ran back into the burning home to save her family. >> she went back in the fire to help her daddy. >> then the eight-year-old twin in pink. >> the twins, pinky and we called them pinky and peaches. >> and the youngest, four-year-old patrice. >> the baby, she was just a sweetheart. she is very outspoken. and you have a ball of fun with her. and she would be the boss.
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>> it's an unimaginable pain for one parent to bear. mom lost her partner in life and her three sweet daughters. >> i cannot imagine no one, nobody can really know what teresa is going through. really nothing that no one can really say but pray for you because where it you go when you lose so many people at one time. >> the fire ripped in the morning. the mother and eight-year-old twin jumped through window. the others were trapped inside. the father tried everything he could to save them all. >> we just come in for the person he was, the hero he was trying to save his kids. >> by the time firefighters pulled them out, they no pulse and all had to be given cpr. paramedics revived deja but the smoke was too much for her and passed away in the hospital on
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friday. >> the four girls would all get along and play together. just don't know what to do or say and you just ask for prayers and that's all you can do. >> now the family is having to arrange funerals for four people including three girls. the family also in the process of setting up a memorial fund. the cause of the fire has been determined to be accidentle. an electrical problem and those are the three girls. the house had no smoke detector and firefighters say having an evacuation plan and walk through it with your family. if you don't have smoke detectors, call your local fire department. >> and we will pass on the information on that memorial fund as soon as we get it. there are six days until that march 1 deadline for automatic deep spending cuts to the 23ederal budget. erica reports tonight with time now running out, democrats and republicans continue to play that blame game. reporter: time is running out for lawmakers to reach a deal on how to avoid $85 billion in automatic spending cuts set
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to kick not less than a week. president obama warns every american will feel the effects. >> they will slow our economy. they will eliminate good jobs. they will leave many families that are stretched to the limit scrambling to figure out what to do. >> the pentagon says the massive cuts to the military will affect our country's ability to defend itself. the centers for disease control will lose more than $300 million which it claims could mean less money to solve outbreaks. and air travel will take a hit. transportation officials worry job cuts will lead to flight delays. >> and even our nation's children will be affected. the president says thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off. the president blamed republicans but the gop says it's the president who won't compromise. >> the question is, why won't he work with us? and the answer quite simply is because he wants higher taxes. >> in washington, the nation's governors say they are bracing for what's to come. >> the uncertainty of how much will be cut from where and when
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can undermine our budget and can also slow the economic growth in our states. >> and governors say the situation is frustrating. >> it is not good to have the sequester talk every couple of months and have a crisis couple of month by not making decisions in members of congress return to washington monday to tie to put an end to yet another budget battle. erica ferrari for cbs news, new york. you must know that nowhere will the impact of the sequester cuts be felt more than right here in the washington area. where thousands of federal employees and contractors live and work. union leaders say federal employees that repair weapons and defend the borders process social security benefits and protect the food supply and keep terrorists off planes are look up to 22 days on furlough and that's by the end of september. they say those furloughs represent a 20% pay cut. and that's after 27 months of having their wages frozen. all that from jay david cox,
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president of the largest union. he says federal workers have given enough toward the deficit. a man is dead after being gunned down in the middle of the street in front of onlookers near the popular u-street corridor. it happened this morning in the 1900 block of ninth street. we are live there right now with what neighbors are saying. reporter: well, you know this area very well for yourself. this is only a block away from "u" street, two blocks away from the historical howard heat to. neighbors and police say late last night or earl these morning they heard barrage of gun shots and when it was all over the man was dead on the street that man is identified as joseph hardin of alexandria. police arrested 24-year-old cedric spicer and charged him with the murder. police say spicer was still near the scene and officers who responded were able to arrest him quickly. unclear what went -- led up to the deadly shooting. some in the area who i spoke to say they believe this was a result of a fight that began inside a nearby bar and spilled
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on to the streets. for those of you who know the history of the neighborhoods and efforts to clean it up, you can understand why this shooting is coming with so much concern. >> i thought that it was improved. now i see again back to where we were. we see all kinds of new -- it's not the people that are in the area. people are from somewhere else. reporter: of course, at the time this happened the streets were packed. we are in northwest d.c., wusa. ahead, frightening final last finishes in the nascar race in daytona. and a pilot makes a dramatic escape
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nascar race in beach -- date beach florida a frightening last lap crash that separates the fans from the track. happened just a short time ago. we are told there are reports of injuries. we don't yet know how many people are hurt or how serious those injuries might be. witnesses say several cars crashed into one another on the track and kyle larson's car caught gaping hole in the safety fence as pieces of his car went sailing into the grandstands. more on that at 11. pilot of a small plane that crashed into tampa bay says
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it's a miracle he is alive tonight. anthony marsh was landing a single engine piper when the engine cut out. marsh recalls the cockpit filling with water and windchill hitting him in the face. his lungs filled with water but he managed to kick out the glass and find his way to the surface. he stood on the plane's wing until somebody rescued him. just ahead, will the dreary saturday give way to sunshine sometime tomorrow? erica has the full forecast when
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tell me you will bring this weather to an end. >> the dreary weather will go by the wayside tomorrow. return of the sunshine but it will come at a price. it's pretty pleasant out there right now. we have big improvements in our forecast as i mentioned. it's still 45 degrees. it's close to what our high temperature is today. dew point 42. we had a lot of fog and drizzle around today. that's going to be clearing out
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of here and our weather headlines you can see why. the coastal storm that brought us that fog and drizzle is pulling away. as it does, we might see some temperatures close to freezing overnight tonight and that could lead to more light icy patches on untreated surfaces. then during that afternoon we will see a lot of sunshine and it will be breezy on the back side of this storm system and that will lead to sunshine and a little bit of a milder trend in our forecast for the next couple of days. 45 in leesburg and manassas. 43 in gaithersburg and fredericksburg. the storm system continues to bring moisture to the southeastern united states. it's an area that needs it so it's good to get that rain. this is all going to move off the coast and not affect us here in the d.c. metro. high pressure moving in instead and that will give us a lot of sunshine as we move into sunday afternoon. mostly cloudy. not too cold overnight tonight but as i mentioned before, some icy spots are still possible with a low of 30 in the outlying suburbs. 36 downtown so no ice in the
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district itself. partly cloudy to mostly sunny during the morning hours tomorrow. temperatures in the 30s but with that breeze out of the northwest 10 to 15 it's going to feel a little chillier than that and tomorrow we will get up close to 50 degrees. it will be milder and it will be breezy. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. we will see a few more clouds developing in the afternoon because of cold air in the upper atmosphere. on monday everything settles down and a lot of sunshine and high of 49 degrees and looks like a great day. tuesday a yellow alert back in effect because of the possibility of a wintry mix tuesday morning. a quick look at your seven-day forecast. and we will see a nice day on wednesday before more wintry weather on thursday. back to you guys. thank you. trying to move on the mound. >> well, it could have been better. >> not worried about it. >> it's spring training. always spring training. first steps back not always the
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ease y. steven strasburg tows the rub and looks over his sholder a lot. not good for a pitcher. only spring training. strasburg looking human in his brief action today. how about some hockey. looking like the old obe. the russian rocket goes retro reminding people, hey y'all, i'm still here. and georgetown and syracuse, i'll tell you, otto dropping it like
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all right, here i am. you want to be a work horse? that's what stephen strasburg says. he came to spring training proclaiming that this year he wanted the rock and he wanted it a lot. 200 innings is what he said. coaches obliging say nothing innings limitations. he will pitch and they aren't going to baby him. first time on the hit since a year ago gave up to a hit to the leadoff man and tejada says, baseball be gone. two guys, two runs. not 9 kind of start that strasburg wanted but later in the inning strasburg tells duda freeze frame. he would say, quote, a bit of debacle in the first inning but it seems that's what happened whaps to me every spring. he was hitting 96 miles per hour on the radar gun. little offense and chris snide tort windows to the walls. the nats banging out five runs on the day and you can't have a
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highlight without bryce harper who moved from center field to left and how about bryce, bulked up to 230 pounds and still has the dexterity. makes the catch. there nats losing 5-3. some hockey. there is obe, early on against the devils. blows this by the -- and got the sixth goal of the season and it's 1-0. third period look at the stick work here. you can whip it. obe hasn't scored two goals in a game since march of lastson and got two today and then there was more. third period, everybody take off your hats. first hat trick in two years. caps win 5-1, carolina in town on tuesday. so here we are. february 23. the maryland terrapins hope by this time they would be peaking for a run at march madness. the terp are a cocktail of youth and inconsistency. see tuesday night on the road at lousy boston college. maryland got ridden like a pack mule. that could hurt as they try get
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into the tournament. closing in town and maryland honoring the former coach. classy move. there nick foust stroking from the east and stroking from the west. four of seven from three-point land. his back court mate doing it well. seth allen, shake what your momma gave you. maryland only led by through at half time. then the defense got going. nick foust with a rip. the dime dropper of the neighborhood drops the dime to jake lehman. one of three guys in double figures and then the terps stretch it to 16. mitch, the spin oramah. maryland wins easily 72-59. finally georgetown is last trip to carrier dome. carmelo anthony honored. only five points but doing all of the little things. later on it's all about georgetown. otto in transition. stops, pops, he ran off a series of eight straight to give g-
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town breathing room. later, otto-mattic from three and the foul. he 33. little icing and nothing more with a little bump and grind right there. career high 32. georgetown wins it. last trip to the carrier dome 57-46. a lot of great stuff in the world of sports. >> that was great stuff. what does it look like tonight? >> looks like we will hole on to the clouds which is good news because we won't have as much ice as this morning. see you back here at 11. bye.
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