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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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check out the snow. you better break out the gloves and the hats because the same winter system blanketing the midwest is coming our way. good evening. snow is the last word we always want to hear but topper says this time we cannot avoid it. senate's coming our way tomorrow. top, the big question, when is it going to start? >> i'm actually a little less concerned now than i was earlier. i thought we might have to break out the impact meter but we do not. i think we are going to be okay through the morning commute. let's start with the advisories. they are all to the west. no worries for the immediate metro area. if you are doing some traveling across the divide you are going to run into sleet and snow. temperature-wise, getting below freezing. 32 downtown. already in the 20s in some of the burbs. 28 in manassas. so here is the system. it looks pretty impressive but really the bulk of this moisture and the energy is
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going to peel off to the north. so, that said, what rolls in is going to be on the light side, but the good news, again, it is going to be dry through the morning commute. dry and cold at 5:00, mix well west of town by 6:00. temperatures 26 to 34. we'll come back, talk about the mixture in the evening commute and always second storm for us on saturday. >> thank you, top. it is disturbing and it's disgusting. young children being sexually abused by people in power. >> tonight we've got several stories of it happening here, plus a survivor shares her story. an elementary school teacher is behind bars facing long list it of charges. two 11-year-old girls at meadow hall school say they were sexually assaulted by 30-year- old timothy krupica. the girls claimed he touched them inappropriately and he forced them to do the same to him. krupica has a bond hearing tomorrow. and just before we learned
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about that arrest one of d.c.'s most well-known olympic swimming coaches pleaded guilty to a similar crime. rick curl admitted he sexually abused a swimmer he coached decades ago when she was just 13. she came forward about the crime after she saw a picture of him coaching other young girls. we get more now from our bruce leshan. >> what do you think? any comments? >> reporter: rick curl left the courthouse with sentencing still hanging over him. he is looking at the possibility of 15 years in prison for abusing one of his young swimmers, fondling and sexual inter course over the course of years, at the pool, at her parents' home, everywhere he could get his hands on her. >> this has had a lifelong impact on her. it doesn't go away. >> reporter: the victim stood quietly. curl gave the girl and her parents $150,000 back in the 1980s to keep quiet about to
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abuse. but curran says when she saw curl coaching other young swimmers at olympic tryouts, she could no longer remain silent. >> when you are 13, 14, and 15, you are not in a voluntary relationship with someone that's 20 years your senior who is your coach. that is not voluntary. that's abuse. >> reporter: curl had been running one of the country's biggest swim clubs. but it changed its name to the nation's capital swim club after curran came forward and accused curl of abuse. usa swimming banned the elite coach for life. prosecutors decline to say whether they think curl may have abused other young swimmers but they encourage any victim of child sexual abuse to come forward, no matter how old the allegations. there is no statute of limitations on felonies in maryland. curran says she is saving her words for the victim impact statement at curl's sentencing.
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in rockville, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> and that sentencing for curl is set for may. he would face a lot more time behind bars if he had abused curran now. when the child abuse laws are much tougher. for the adults what were victims of child sex abuse, lesli, their lives now are still very much affected by what happened then. gary nurenberg with the story of a woman from virginia still dealing with the abuse she suffered in the 1960s. >> reporter: at the hands of a priest. more than 40 years later it is still a fight to overcome the scars. >> i found myself on the bathroom floor crying, not wanting to live, you know, not wanting to wake up the next day, just being -- just being so ashamed, so embarrassed. >> reporter: becky and the priest who abused her when she was in elementary school, that's them, a newspaper picture on ash wednesday. >> i felt like he was a priest.
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he was sent by god. he was someone in authority. i had been told to stand up when he enters the room. i was told to listen to him. i was told what he said came directly from god. and that's where my salvation came from. as a little girl, the only way i could get to heaven was through priests, and then he abused me so it must be my fault. i felt like god was punishing me. >> reporter: feelings that followed her into adulthood. >> when you have been abused, you don't have self-confidence. you don't feel like you're pretty. you don't feel like you're attractive. you don't feel like anyone wants to be around you. you don't feel like you're worth anything. and so it's hard, i think, for others to be -- to understand that, how worthless you feel, and i felt like i needed to fit myself into everyone else's mold of what i thought i should be, and that followed me through adulthood, not feeling like i was good, like i had to make up for good. >> reporter: after years of that inner tortur a
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turnaround. >> i started dealing with my an bus at the age of 4r-8, and i'm still in therapy. still a work in progress. >> reporter: becky's priest committed suicide when others came forward with stories of their sexual abuse. becky now helps others try to deal with their suffering. >> if you are a victim help is available. we've put links to several organizations including rain, which stands for rape, abuse, and incest national networks and becky's group, snap, the survivors network of those abused by priests. go to, and we encourage anybody who is a victim, please get help. you don't have to go through all this alone. if you don't after working smoke detector in your home, get one. we do not need a sequel to the horror story that is coming out of glen arden, maryland. one daughter is alive because
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she managed to jump out of a window. the fire had relatives racing to the home on leslie avenue. few my family is hurt. i just hope that everybody is okay. >> but that was not to be. firefighters say they reached this home within five minutes of getting the call, but with no smoke alarm in that house, five minutes was all it took to lose half a family. wusa 9 wants to help you and your family to prevent any fire or to survive one if it does happen. we've created a pamphlet that's called "get out alive." you will also find this on the consumer section of our website. go to a retired federal agent out walking man's best friend runs into a man's worst enemy. that is, a strange we are a
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gun. 55-year-old greg holly senior is robbed and shot to death while out walking his dog. this all went down about 10:00 last night in woodbridge. police say an off-duty cop chased the suspect down, and he is in custody. drew peterson is off to prison. today the former chicago cop was sentenced to 38 years for the murder of his third wife. kathleen savio was killed in 2004. she was found in a bathtub with a gash to the head. peterson is also a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife stacey. a furlough? let's just say it's not a vacation, but your neighbor, maybe you, even thousands of employees could be facing furloughs. government agencies are now spelling out to people what kind of hit their paychecks could take turned sequester, the huge round of budget cuts set to kick in one week from tomorrow unless republicans and democrats can pound out a
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compromise. a former congressman helped to pass four balanced budgets when he was on the hill. on this current crisis, he says, shame on congress, shame on the president. >> all of this is kind of compounding about month, every month there's another crisis that's manufactured by the president and the congress, and that's no way to run an operation. >> today president obama made phone calls to republican leaders on capitol hill d. they find any common ground? nobody is talking, and their silence is deafening. speaking of talking, does your woman talk your ear off? tonight we finally may know the reason why. not that it's going to help you. >> yeah, we'll get to that story in a minute, derrick, but don't go anywhere, because russ ptacek is here with more of his undercover cab investigation. inspectors join us, and cabbies find out the hard way that breaking the
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tonight a big twist in our taxi investigation, and it is all caught on camera. once again, cabs pass over our undercover passengers, only this time d.c. inspectors are there along with our russ ptacek. >> derek, you are about to see a taxi bust. d.c. inspectors shadowed our investigative team and saw would we've been reporting for several months.
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a cab system out of control, citation after citation, tow after tow. watch as inspectors try to reign that system in. >> i'm an inspector. >> roll your window down, all the way down. all you have to do is answer the question. >> put the karen park right now. >> you are a vehicle for hire. >> did you this on camera. >> it's an illegal pickup. you are not authorized. >> watch this cab carefully. he is slowing to a stop, but he's lock his doors. >> hey! >> put it in park! put it in park! >> what are you doing? >> he just sped off. >> why did he drive off with his hands still on the doorknob? you're not going to answer? >> it happened again and again. watch this one slow down, and
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then go right past our black passenger to pick me up 100 feet away. >> why didn't you stop for that black passenger? >> i saw you first. >> he was right under the streetlight. >> well, if he was, he didn't raise his hand night. think the taxi inspector wants to talk to you. he says you didn't raise your hand. >> my hand was out like this. >> i saw home put his hand up just like this. >> undercover and uniformed d.c. taxi inspectors were watching when cabs passed us biand even forced us out. >> what happened? >> they told me i have to catch a cab on the other side of the street. >> other side. >> right now that's a $250 ticket. >> most d.c. cabs did the right thing, and inspectors thanked them. >> thank you, sir. >> have a good night. >> you're setting me up. >> this cab bea hadn't done anything wrong. watch him pick up one black passenger here, and our other
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black passenger here. that's when he sensed it was a sting. >> i work hard. >> calm down. people were out to kill us, and nobody cares about that. >> reporter: he protested, saying the test wasn't fair to cab base, like him, who aren't doing anything wrong. >> you're setting us up! >> reporter: but we didn't just go after d.c. cabs. this is a virginia cab, not licensed to pick up any passengers on the street in the district. >> reporter: are you open? no? >> where you going? >> reporter: fairfax. you'll take me to fairfax? >> yes. >> reporter: wrong answer. inspectors impounded that virginia cab and issued a $500 fine. sedans aren't supposed to pick up hailing passengers, either. >> reporter: can you take me to capitol hill? >> inspectors slapped him with adds 1,000 fine and towed his sedan. will this slowing cab pick us
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up? he speeds on by. >> i'm an inspector. id, please. why did you pass me up? >> reporter: he said he was off duty, going to dinner. >> suary not out of service, sir. ticket is going to be issued for refuse to haul. >> reporter: the claim of off duty was the most common excuse all night. >> reporter: that's why you didn't pick us up? you say you're off duty? >> he said that he was off duty. d.c. law says if you're off duty, you must have an off-duty sign in your window. his light was active. he was in service. >> reporter: over a six-hour period inspectors issued 18 citations for refusing to pick up passengers and impounded sen vehicles, writing a total of 69 violations. derek. >> those are some gangster inspectors, man, but why didn't they good out on their own? why did they have to follow
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you? >> the taxi commission says it doesn't have the budget for an undercover operation. they say they are getting new feeds that are coming in from new credit card readers that are going into cars later this year. that will allow them to double their inspector staff, then they, too, they slashings have their own undercover operations. >> all right, russ, you caught a lot op tape, but you may not know about that catch at the grocery store. there's a good chance the red snap ser you bought isn't red ?earp at all. a third of the seafood we buy is mislabeled, according to a new study. the environmental add vo see group -- advocacy group found snapper was the most commonly mislabeled fish. most times it turned out to be rockfish or tilapia. tuna is also mislabeled a good deal. good news, according to the centers for disease control and prevention americans get about 11% of their daily calories
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from fast-food. that's down from nearly 13% in 2006 and every little bit counts. guys, this next story confirms what we've known for a long time. women talk a lot. way more than we guys do. a university of maryland study found that women on average say nearly three times as many words per day as we fellows do. they say about 20,000. we use only a mere 7,000. but some women just aren't buying it. they had something to say. >> usually when i get home from work all i want to do is be quiet, because i talk all day at work. >> on a personal basis, way say i'm more of a talker, and i think he talks more than i do maybe. >> researchers say women actually have the biological makeup to talk more than guys. so next time they get chatty, don't blame them, blame the protein foxp2. breaking news. anne arundel county has replaced its disgrazed county executive john leopold with
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laura newman, and she, laura newman is the ceo of the howard county economic development authority. jew eve been talking through that whole talking story. >> we didn't say a word. >> you're the talker. and they ask a lot of questions, too, all the things are questions. >> that's exactly right. my favorite story is being out playing golf for five hours withdrew, and my wife will say, how's drew? he's fine. >> we don't ask enough questions, don't get enough data. >> we're so involved. our live michael & son weather cam. only 4 1. average is 4. dew points are still in the teens. very important. winds out of the north at 8. the pressure is 30. 34-rbgs and now just beginning to fall a little bit. so here's the storm.
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still looks pretty impressive, but it is going to do the old d.c. split. part of it goes to the upper midwest, and the other goes into the southeast. eventually that second piece will get us on saturday. that's going to be in the form of liquid rain. most of this is rain, kentucky and tennessee. the magenta is the mix. the white is the snow. pretty good snow through chicago and northern illinois and northern indiana. maybe four inches on the way. we have high clouds, but we are going to be dry through the night. and the good news, we're going to be dry through the morning commute. no worries for the morning commute at all, but still cold. a mix develops in the afternoon. the mix could impact the evening commute. i think it may be mainly rain east of i-95. everything looks very light. there's not a lot of heavy precip coming our way. pockets of freezing rain are possible on friday night. do not anticipate any problems on the roadways, though. so overnight increasing cloudiness, not quite as cold, 22 to 30, winds northeasterly at 10. tomorrow morning a lot of clouds and cold, a late mix is possible south and west of town, maybe toward culpeper,
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back towards winchester, temperatures in the 20s and 30s, winds east-northeast at 10. so tomorrow and saturday will be a 9 weather alert yellow, because we've got the mix tomorrow, rain on saturday, temperatures low 40s. all rain on saturday. then pretty nice on sunday, upper 40s to near 50s, but mostly sunny. warmer monday, back in the low 50s. clouds come in monday night. another cold rain on tuesday, and then on wednesday and thursday we close out the month kind of cold. upper 30s on thursday with flurries on wednesday and snow showers on thursday. we could see march sort of come in like a lion in terms of cold. >> did you get it all out? >> yeah. >> you feel good about this? >> yeah. didn't ask any questions, though. >> i think he might have used 40, 50,000 words. >> my turn, top? >> i get a couple minutes. just when you think things may be getting better, the caps do
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a 10 in the wrong direction. plus, the nationals are grateful for more than
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tonight was a first versus worst match-up on the ice. the washington capitals taking on the top seated new jersey devils in the first of back to back home games for the two teams. caps fans rocking the red tonight. we pick this up in the second period. game tied at one. troy brouwer feeds it in. and then, the rebound ties things up. then on the power play, patrick elias with the assist. kovalchuk with the slap shot. devils win. there's been a lot of mixed reaction regarding the wizards trading jordan crawford to boston. some indifferent about the dizzy, others feel the wizards got very little in return. was it worth it? crawford was unhappy in
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washington. after carrying the offense for the first part of the season as one of the team's leading scorers, crawford saw his playing time decrease by 20 minutes a game over the last two months. but what the wizards got in return some will argue just wasn't worth it. an injured leandro barbosa. ernie ground field says this deal came came together at the last minute. the team has really started to come together. our chemistry has been top- notch. we wanted to make sure we could continue on that path. all right, over the last seven seasons the washington nationals have seen their fan base slowly grow but they definitely gained some hard- core fans that have stuck with them through the good and bad and that don't heckl or harass them like some other unfriendly fan bases not too far from here, and for that the nats are grateful. >> the way of our lifestyle,
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fans spend their money to come out and play. 80,000 people there. not the best atmosphere for a fan. i think i'm more excited and more happy for the fan base in d.c. it has not been a good 24 hours for some of the world's top golfers after snow and a late afternoon start today, some big names are already going home. world number one, rory mcilroy and top seeded tiger woods both bounced from the first round of the act sen tiewmplet other upsets includes lee west wood and adam scott. time now to reveal this week's high school game of the week. over 12,000 of you voted. on-line and via text. the winner is linganore at rockville. >> i think a shout out to the caps fans. they had a strike, a knock-out
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in the beginning, lock-out, not winning any games, and the people still come out. >> they love their caps. >> we'll
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the votes have been counted. tonight our facebook friends got to choose which story they wanted to see. the nine-year-old who wants to run a marathon on every continent, a marriage proposal, or a world war ii veteran working towards his ged. >> he's 86 years old, his name is james grammar. no pun intended. he dropped out in 9th grade because he had to support his family, then he was drafted.
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he said, i'm going get my ged. he even fell in love with his math tutor. he's hoping to have his degree by the end of the year. >> love and a degree. never too late. >> hey, man. >> a lot of people would go back for the ged if they knew you could find a girlfriend. >> the
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