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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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we begin tonight with breaking news. a 15-year-old boy in prince george's county is dead and tonight the police are asking for your help to find the killer. >> this teen was discovered in the 4,000 block of 28th avenue in hill crest heights just after school. our debra alfarone is there. what do you know? >> reporter: at this point, we only have the barest of details. we do know this is 15-year-old teen we're talking about, a young man found right behind me in the street. he went to suitland high school. police are searching right now for the person who took his life. we know this marks the fifth violent death of a teen in prince george's county this school year. let's take a look at some video shot earlier today. here's what it looked like in the 4000 block of 28th avenue. police got a call around 4:00 this afternoon of a man down.
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they got there and found the teen on the ground. he died at the hospital not long after. cops will not release his name. they only say the victim lived around here. they also won't show if the teen was shot. they only say he had trauma to his upper body and they will say they are searching for a suspect. >> the investigators do have some leads that they're working. nothing that they want to share with the media just yet, but they do have some leads. >> reporter: just a short time ago, we did talk to a woman who found that young man here on the ground. she had tears streaming down her face. she didn't want to appear on camera but this is what she had to say. >> his mom has gone berserk, because guess what? i got her number and i called her. and guess what? she told me, no, not my boy. >> reporter: again, the murder of this young man marks the fifth teen in prince george's county to die this school year. we did speak to police earlier today. they said of the four previous
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deaths, two of them they've solved. they're getting close to solving a third. if you want to help them with this one tonight, call crime solvers at 1-866-411-tips. there is a $25,000 reward. we're live here in hillcrest heights tonight, debra alfarone, wusa 9. tonight, we are learning some disturbing new information about just why adam lanza went on that shooting spree at sandy hook elementary. authorities now believe the 20- year-old was obsessed with another mass murderer. the motive for the murders at sandy hook elementary school innewtown, connecticut, may have been to kill more people than the norwegian man a year and a half ago. he killed 77 people, 8 in a bombing near the government center in oslo and 69 others, mostly teenagers at a camp on a nearby island. two officials who were briefed by connecticut investigators told cbs news, lanza was
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obsessed with the other and was trying to top the oslo's body shooters' body count. he attacked the sandy hook school because it was a large target with a large number of victims. officials have not revealed the details of what led them to connect the two but have now managed to retrieve information from lanza's laptop. they found a trove of violent video games in his home where he practiced his shooting skills. they're now contacting people in the online gaming community searching for anyone who may have been communicating with lanza. lanza killed himself as the connecticut authorities closed in on the school, unlike the norway man who was tried and sentenced for the deaths. he made visits to nearby gun ranges. on december 14, lanza used one weapon to kill his mother, then headed to the school with three other weapons where he took the lives of 20 children and six
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adults. all three of the guns lanza used in the attack on sandy hook school are registered to his mom. yesterday's discrimination. you would like to think we would be passed that right now. but just step to the curb, hail a cab and you'll find we have far to go. for three months we've been out there showing who d.c. cab drivers pick up and who they leave. investigative reporter rugs russ is here to -- russ ptacek is here to expose even more taxi problems. >> reporter: our undercover operations established blacks being stranded while white passengers just 100 feet down the road are picked up. but tonight, our cameras show you something else. you don't have to be black to be refused the ride you're legally indicted to. and many of -- legally entitled to and many of those acting as taxis aren't d.c. cabs at all.
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>> are you a cab? >> i was going to go to falls church, virginia. >> you're saying you're a taxi driver? i'm a tv reporter. >> you're a cab though? >> yes. >> reporter: officials say ubear drivers can -- uber drivers can only pick up passengers when dispatched by an iphone app, but he stops talking money when i approach but doesn't stop talking what officials say would be an illegal right. >> it's not fine, you can't pick up people on the street. do you understand the law in d.c.? why are you rolling up your window? >> reporter: the law may prohibit it, but it didn't stop uber from picking up our undercover passengers again and again. this one went past the black passenger offering the ride to the undercover white passenger. >> are you an uber driver? >> yes, sir. >> why was i passed up, sir?
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>> i'm looking for my own -- >> reporter: it wasn't just uber. this unidentified car with an unidentified driver passed our black passenger and stopped right in front of our white staffer. >> did you just offer to give that guy a ride? you don't look like a cabbie. >> reporter: out of state cabs can drop off passengers in d.c., but officials say they're outlaws if they pick up passengers in d.c. this maryland cab stopped in georgetown and let me in, but when he saw our camera. >> i cannot do that. >> then why did you let me in? >> i was trying to help you. all right? >> this is a virginia cab? >> yeah, where are you going? >> cold hard cash. i have $40 cash. to boston. >> reporter: d.c. cabs are supposed to take you anywhere
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in the metro. >> alabama avenue. no? why not? >> he's pulling off. >> don't you have to take me wherever i'm going? >> i'm off duty. >> reporter: but 100 feet later, he stops again for our white passenger, but refuses him, too. >> your light's on, man. >> reporter: again and again, this one said he had a call. he drives off, but 100 feet later, he solicits our other passenger. >> i think you're going to northwest. >> whoa, stop, 16. >> reporter: i couldn't catch him but he had just stopped long enough that these two women got in and then immediately got out. >> i see the two of you get into a cab and then i see you get out. what happened? >> so the cab stopped, and we told him we were going to petworth and he said he couldn't take us there because he was on his way home and could only take us downtown. >> reporter: this cab refused fairfax county not only once, but 100 feet down the street he refused our falls church
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destination again. >> reporter: uper officials say they have dismissed two of the drivers in tonight's story and are investigating others. in response to our investigation, the d.c. taxi commission has assigned undercover agents to follow our undercover investigations into d.c. cabs. you'll see the results from this past weekend where taxi inspectors impounded cabs and wrote citations all night long. leslie? >> russ, you have also set up a way for people who are out there to document their own troubles, right? >> reporter: right. what we want you to do if you suspect a cab isn't going to take you where you want to go, you're legally entitled to go anywhere in the metro, start recording with your iphone and send that to ialert at or you can up load your proof at we'll forward that to officials. they promise to follow through. >> all right. we know you will. thanks, russ.
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even as investigators continue their study of claims of a cancer cluster near fredericks, local authorities are still moving ahead with plans for a huge housing development on land that still is contaminated with cancer- causing toxins. >> the city planning commission already approved changes to that development plan and families of some of those cancer victims expressing their anger to our own gary nurenberg. >> reporter: it is a plan for a big development. more than 700 housing units on land near the infamous area b, a part of fort dietrich, where the country for decades did biological weapons research. area b is on the super fund areas because of contaminated groundwater. some neighbors have blamed cancers in neighborhoods near the fort. >> they cover it up. there's a lot of things that haven't been disclosed. >> reporter: susan funk represents a coalition of fort dietrich neighbors who
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areconvinced contamination from the fort caused the cancers in their families. >> there are probably six families on this road that someone in the family has past away with cancer. and my mom has had c.l.l., which is chronic leukemia since 1988. and she also retired from dietrich and then has lived across from area b since 1959. >> reporter: dot blank is fighting the disease and says god will take her when he's ready. the blanks live across from this parcel of land near area b, where a master zoning plan calls for construction of more than 700 homes, a process the city planning commission furthered last week. >> the matter with that is that they're sitting on contamination. the contamination from area b is still leeching, still leaking and no way in heck should anybody build and add
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more people to an area that is on the super fund site. this is on the national priority list. it's the super fund site of the super fund site. it's one of the worst in the united states. >> reporter: attempts to reach developers on the president's day holiday were unsuccessful. some experts hired by the army concluded the fort dietrich cancer connection cannot be proved. other studies are ongoing. leslie and derek. >> gary nurenberg. i hope you bundled up on the inside. temperatures on the outside getting pretty chilly. that's right. topper is tracking rain and showers for tomorrow. we'll find out what it means for the morning commute. >> pretty much good news for most of us. we'll have a dry commute for most of us. if you're headed out past hagerstown tomorrow you'll run into snow and sleet. winter weather advisories out for cumberland and mineral county and alleghany county. no advisories in the immediate
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metro area. temperatures while 30 in frederick. 34 in leesburg. 36, manassas. warm the temperatures up a little bit. 38 tonight. 30 baltimore. here is our system. you can see most of it is rain. it's pretty unusual for this time of year. i mean, it's rain all the way up into chicago and detroit, even big thunderstorms down into kentucky and tennessee. it looks pretty impressive. the bulk of the energy will pass to the north. that said, 5:00 we're still dry. 7:00 we're going to have a mix well north and west of town. by that, i mean west of i-81. then 9:00 showers are close. i think if you are at work by 9:00, you're going to be in pretty good shape. coming home a different story. we'll talk about that, what's lurking behind this storm. >> thanks, top. can you imagine the summer olympics without wrestling? the international olympic committee says it's got to go. we're going to introduce you to a local wrestler who hopes he can change their minds and he needs your help.
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>> after that i'll explain why dumping wrestling from the olympics was a silly idea all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha!
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ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. a local high school athlete is wrestling for a reversal. his name is kyle snyder and
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he's got olympic dreams. >> the olympic committee removed the sport he loves, wrestling, from the olympic game starting in 20/20. tonight scott broom takes you into snider's world at good council high school for why he's pushing so hard for the olympics to reconsider. >> reporter: 17-year-old kyle snyder there in red is undefeated in his high school career and the top ranked prep wrestler at 215 pounds in the entire nation. >> i loved everything about it. >> reporter: he's been doing this since elementary school. >> when i started winning, it even became more than just love, and i just had a passion. >> reporter: since age 12, snyder has had a dream, a dream he shared with coach skyler saar. >> he's always had this goal when i first met him, when he was in six grade. that's what he wanted to do, be an olympic champion. >> it's every kid's dream to be in the olympic games. every four years it comes around and you see heroes,
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american heroes, other country's heroes are made from the olympic games. you can actually see that by being an olympic champion. >> reporter: but mysteriously and completely by surprise last week, the executives of the international olympic committee voted to eliminate wresling from the olympics, a sport that's been around since the ancient greeks invented the olympics and has been a mainstay. among the alternate sports being considered, a chinese martial arts discipline called wushu and speed competition on roller skates. snyder's response has been to work harder. he knows there will be appeals and politicking, and he aims to be ready for a revere value. >> i -- reversal. >> i love all sports. i'm not going to say wrestling is a better sport than any other. those people work hard, too. and i think they also should be
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able to compete in the olympics, but no sport should be taken out, especially wrestling. >> reporter: an olympic dreamshattered with a local kid with a chance to make it. not yet. although kyle snyder knows he'll need the help of tens of thousands of people to influence olympic bureaucrats to change their minds. at good counsel high school in maryland, scott broom, wusa 9. >> if you want to scoort kyle and his cause to get -- support kyle and his cause to get wrestling back, we've made it easy for you. visit click on the story, fill out the petition and let the international olympic committee know how you feel. well, no matter how you feel about bringing wrestling back to the olympics, there are any number of people who say it never should have been dumped in the first place. and derek would have been one of those. >> there's no way wrestling should be out of the olympics. the real wrestling, a couple of
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guys in unitowards rolling around -- unitards rolling around on the mat can be boring which is why they invented this. fun times. but the real wrestling, that's one of the basics of human competition. it's pure sport, as in who's stronger, who's faster, who's tougher. now the international olympic committee says it's not that wrestling's not great. it's the other sports they chose instead were just a little greater. really? because i'm having a hard time when the list includes rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming. i know, everybody likes to pick on those two, but there's a reason for that. they're not sports. no doubt they both are really, really hard to do, but so is whatever that is. the point is, the degree of difficulty is not enough. the olympics is about athletic competition, not exhibition. that means it's you versus me and may the strongest and fastest win.
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that is wrestling. i don't think they've ever had a summer olympics without it and i don't think they should. otherwise, one day your kids will think that this guy is a wrestler. >> he is, just a fake one, right? >> a fake one. >> i'm just glad they haven't gotten rid of race walking. that's one competition i could like maybe be a contender. >> it just looks funny. >> it does look ridiculous. >> but there is a medal at the end. >> all right, for the most part, good news. most of us will be at work before rain rolls in. if you want frozen precip, it's well to the west of us. not a problem either. 42 was the high today. 22 low this morning at national. our michael & son live weather cam. we're looking at a few clouds. temperatures in the upper 30s. dew point is coming up, which is a good thing. relative humidity almost 50% now. temperatures downtown are going to remain above freezing. that has not changed. winds out of the south at 8. here's a look at the system
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coming our way. it looks pretty robust, i must say, with showers and thunderstorms moving out of arkansas into kentucky and tennessee. and rain is falling north of chicago. this is where the center of the storm is. there's actually a secondary low in missouri. this is going to be the primary low. this is going to track into southern quebec. that is a crazy northern track this time of year. normally you would see the storms track much further south. not this year. good news, all the precipitation holds off in the metro area until after 9:00. most of you will be at work. just some high clouds coming in now. that also will help temperatures stay up a little bit. morning commute, mainly dry in the morning. west of i-81, precipitation. clearing and colder tuesday night and really not out of the question, just looking at new data. you could see a couple of wet snowflakes on the back side of this front up toward frederick
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and maybe towards leesburg and loudoun count. 5:30 in the morning. clouds are not even across east side of i-95. all the precipitation back in the mountains. it's dry. 7:00, we're still dry. clouds coming in. 8:00, we have showers in hagerstown, maybe a mix in hagerstown back to cumberland. but frederick south and fredericksburg north, it's dry coming to work. by 11:00, here comes the showers. notice it's green so it will be liquid rain. it's going to get out pretty quickly. by 5:00, boom, it is out of here. 9 weather alert will be yellow tomorrow. 49. much colder on wednesday, 38. and still chilly on thursday. i drop that temp a little bit down to 42. the next seven days, friday another system comes at us. chilly rain maybe late in the gay. better chance for rain on saturday. it could bleed into sunday. right now
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the guys are all there. the gloves are on. the weather's finally getting a little warmer. spring training in full force in viera, florida.
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in just a few days we get our first look at the nationals in game action. the pitchers. even taken -- haven't even taken live batting practice yet but stephen strasburg will be the first to take the mound saturday. going no more than three innings. george zimmerman will go on sunday. gio gonzalez on monday. johnson announced this will be his final season. he wants to walk out as a champion. his attitude is conte scrus. his team -- contagious. >> i look at it as an opportunity. i'm a realist. i know what these guys are capable of. i always felt if you didn't set your goal to what you think you could obtain, you were never going to get there. >> dave owens goes one-on-one with davy johnson. you can see that tomorrow evening. the spring opener april 1st against the marlins right here
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on wusa 9. stay tuned afterwards for live coverage following the game. maryland point guard howard will rejoin his team after serving a one game suspension. originally the coach wasn't sure how long he wanted the junior to sit out for. after missing his team's biggest upset of the season yesterday against duke, he feels he's learned his lesson. the nba lost a legend today. long time owner of the los angeles lakers died after a long battle with cancer. he bought the lakers in 1979 from jack kidd cook, also formerowner of the washingtonredskins. they went on to win ten championships. the nba world took to twitter to memorialize bust today. one tweeted i will remember his big smile, his love for the lakers, for poker and billiards and for the city of l.a. and beautiful women. he called him a second father. finally, today was all about the ladies on the ice.
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a couple hundred women gath they were for the annual hockey and field event. the ladies get instruction from capital coaches and players. ladies were just lining up to take pictures with him all day. >> this year i'm taking just photos. they don't want me on the ice. i don't know why. but yeah, i'm just doing photos. >> he was mr. popular today, that's for sure. >> step and repeat. step and repeat. we've got
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