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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 14, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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gone but it's left a few issues. we have three school delays. newspaper maryland we have frederick and -- up in maryland and frederick, caroll counties, two-hour delays and in page county in virginia. some areas all of a sudden you're coming across it and boom, you're slipping and sliding and that's causing problems. once we get past the next couple of hours, it's going to be a fine thursday across the region. we'll be in the mid-40s for lunch time. highs in the low 50s today. even the winds shouldn't be that bad turning to the south, southwest 5, 8 miles an hour. so very comfortable. if you like to run, lunch time or outside, it's going to be fine later on. the storm has left us but behind it skies have cleared out. it's done two things. with the moisture around we have visibilities down a half mile or less. fredricksburg up to fort belvoir we're seeing some of the low visibilities. so watch out for that. of course with the temperatures now down toward 30 in manassas,
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32 la plata, bwi31, lots of them at or slightly below freezing. that's causing the slick spots on many roads, elevated surfaces. with more on that we'll go over to monika samtani now with the latest on timesaver traffic. we have lots of accidents to report, especially to the north and west of town. i was on the phone with montgomery county police, maryland state police, and even fairfax. they're all saying that the black ice and the flash freeze is what you want to be aware of. how wrpd has been talking -- howard has been talking about that all morning. let me start with the north side of town. on the utter loop of the beltway there was a single vehicle accident near connecticut avenue. on the southbound side of 270 there was one at i-370 and also one at route 124. let's take a look at the delays. we'll start off with our chart camera. it's been like that for i'm going to say an hour in silver spring. this is westbound 495 at georgia avenue. expect that to be continuous toward connecticut avenue where the accident now has been pushed off to the side of the
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road. now over to the other side of town. 270 southbound where you've got delays as you come in basically from high hyattstown all the way to route 124. its -- from hyattstown all the way to route 124. the damage is double. coming in from maybe route 80 in urbana. a last live look in virginia. on the northbound side of i-95, just that slow traffic. back to you guys. police are investigating a suspicious death of an elderly man in alexandria, virginia in his home. the 94-year-old man was found there in the 2700 block of holly street yesterday evening. police aren't identifying him, but they tell us that he was dead when they arrived at the scene. according to police, a family member who came to the house called for help. officers responded and found him dead inside. authorities are not giving any specifics as to what type of condition the man's body was
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found in. they'll only say they're classifying this as a suspicious death. >> we're considering all possibilities. we don't have any suspect in custody at this point but we're interviewing all of the family members and other potential witnesses and we would ask that if anyone saw or heard anything in the area that they contact us and let us know. >> police were at the home late last night for hours recovering evidence. the body was to be removed and taken to the medical examiner's office for an autopsy. the seven-month-old girl larissa who died whether her teenage brother was taking care of her will be laid to rest today. her mother was at work and when she got home the following morning, the baby was unconscious. the 14-year-old told investigators i hit the little girl and put his hand over her mouth and nose till she stopped crying. she died. he's being charged as an adult. the university of maryland is still reeling after a
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student shot and killed his roommate and then turned the gun on himself. he suffered from a mental illness but did his roommates know that? our kristin fisher spoke to the student who survived the shooting. >> i guess he had always been a little bit different. he had kind of ups and downs, highs and lows. >> he is out of the hospital and recovering at his home in frederick. is he expected to make a full recovery and return to the university of maryland. this morning a history making olympian is now charged with murder for allegedly shooting and killing his girlfriend early this morning. oscar pistorius told them he thought his girlfriend was an intruder. she was shot in the arm and the head. the gold medalist made history last year as the first double leg amputee to run in the olympics. the sheriff for the san bernardino county police says his deputies did not intentionally burn down a
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california cabin where a fugitive excop christopher dorner was believed to have been hiding and eventually died. sheriff john mcmahon says the pyrotechic tear gas was shot into the cabin and then the cabin ended up erupting in flames. however, he says the tactic was actually to drive dorner out and not set the cabin on fire. authorities believe dorner died in the flames but a forensic investigation is still under way to positively identify the remains. 6:05. jessica is back with another your money report. >> today's airline marriage won't be romantic when you want to buy a plane ticket. >> consider this marriage maybe an arranged marriage or marriage of convenience. when you look at details, it doesn't seem all that romantic. it will be formally announced that american airlines parent is hooking up with u.s. airways group that would create the world's largest airline. american has been restructuring ushed bankruptcy -- under bankruptcy protection. creditors forced american to consider a merger rather than
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remain independent. under this all stock deal, american's creditors will actually wind up owning 72% of the combined airline and u.s. airways shareholders would get the rest. this tieup marries the third and fourth biggest carriers in the nation. some analysts are warning flyers could see fares rising across the industry in the future. the u.s. lags behind many of its rivals when it comes to the minimum wayne. president obama is -- wage. president obama is proposing a hike to $9. that would still leave the lowest paid american workers way behind their counterparts in other developing countries. australia is actually tops with a minimum wage of nearly $17 an hour. next comes france, england and japan. but i'll tell you, not everybody thinks that raising the minimum wage is a good idea. in fact, some argue it could kill jobs. joining us in 30 minutes we'll
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have michael saltsman of the empty employment policy institute. he will tell us why boosting the minimum wage is a really, really bad idea. we'll bring that interview to you in half an hour. >> so interesting. so many people campaigning saying lift it, will improve the economy. >> he has a lot of economy in the argument. speaking of your money, many of you may be wondering what to buy your sweety today. >> flowers and valentine's day of course go hand in hand. >> delia goncalves is live from potomac wholesaler in silver spring, midmerchandise. they've been diligently at work since 4:00 a.m. >> reporter: good morning. very some beautiful floweriness my hand. speaking of, i should probably have worn this gloves because it is a brisk 38 degrees in this refrinl rated room. of course to preserve all these -- refrigerated room. of course to preserve all these beautiful flowers. we have tulips, calla lilies.
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this is a wonderful flaming parrot tulip. here to talk to us about valentine's day here at potomac floral warehouse and the rush is the owner, jacob, with another popular variety. >> a classic. red roses. but this is one of the most popular. it's forever young. they have real nice petal count, opens up beautifully. >> a nice deep red color. >> reporter: let's talk about the warehouse here. lots of agentivity. i know folks, i'm not the only one who wakes up early. these folks wake up really early too. >> we're definitely burning the midnight oil the last few days. generally we start early but this week has been 2:00 a.m., midnight. almost around the clock. >> reporter: midnight i heard starting on friday for gearing up for some of these-- >> a lot of our flower comes in and we were here 24/7, yes. >> reporter: we mentioned some gentlemen -- and i won't mention mike hydeck at all
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because we know he's very punctual -- some men are procrastinators but some florists, owners are procrastinators, too, some shop owners. >> yes. flowers during valentine's day obviously are more expensive. you know, some of them wait till they get the order which is smart. but it's a bit of a gamble. >> reporter: one interesting thing that you mentioned, it's always a good sign when valentine's day happens during the week as opposed to a weekend. why is that? >> in washington, d.c., if it's a friday holiday or a weekend holiday, people get out of town. and they go somewhere else. actually the best valentine's day for business wise is tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> reporter: here we are on a thursday. so business is good. gentlemen and ladies, run out and get your flowers. mine, calla lilies if my husband happens to be watching or maybe an admirer out there. back to you. >> and what are his favorite in
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flowers? you know, while you're there. >> reporter: my favorites? >> your favorite for daryl. >> reporter: my favorites? >> for him. >> reporter: oh, for my husband? oh, well, sun flowers are nice. >> good to know. >> reporter: you said that. it's not always about us, but apparently i think it's all about me because i thought you were talking about me. >> good answer. i love it. >> thanks, delia. it is 6:10. controlling the symptoms of autism. >> there's a group of local students getting a lot of attention for an invention they're working on and they think it can change lives. you'll see them and the new invention in my next cool school segment when
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gldz how #w-rd -- howard here with your we9er first. watch out for icy spots. otherwise a nice day. temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. we have some changes by the weekend. we've been on the phone with montgomery county police. they tell us that the roads are a mess in upper montgomery county and even here on the beltway with icy patches it georgia avenue and connecticut avenue causing this delay. and an accident southbound 270. same story as you come past i-
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370. the long list continues. i'll have more on that coming up in my next report. back to you. cool schools time is here. this week the big yellow bus is stopping in alexandria, virginia. parents know there are still so many questions when it comes to diagnosing and treating autism. in this week's cool schools report, we're profiling a group of teenagers hoping to provide some answers. their invention they're working on is getting attention. parents in the autism community as well as m.i.t. >> a program for him at this point that would be effective for him would be about three to four hours. >> reporter: imagine being able to control some of the symptoms of autism by wearing a bracelet. reading people's faces in engaging social issueses are tough tasks for kids with autism. but these seniors at thomas jefferson high school are hoping their invention can help. the bracelet records conversations and then analyze it is in real time. >> it can take that speech and
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using the al go algorithm, it can determine what kind of emotion that person it feeling, whether they're happy or sad or angry. >> reporter: an icon comes up on the bracelet with the words happy or angry. >> when they hear the emotion and see the emotion, they can then integrate that in their brain and create new connections which can then alleviate the symptoms of autism. >> reporter: to test the invention, the students got actors to read numbers in both happy and angry tones. >> 1e789 4. september 4. >> we have to make sure it's accurately able to recognize which epogues are being -- emotions are being spoken. >> reporter: students got funding from the foundation at m.i.t. but the help didn't stop there. >> the students have gone out and met with experts. whether it's in the autistic field or advocacy groups or sound engineers or financing
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people. they really have been able to take all that different information and bring it back and really have true learning taking place. >> we need help. >> reporter: students are already getting positive feedback if local families and organizations like autism speaks. >> we've had a great response from parents saying they want to volunteer their children to help us test our device. >> if we start to make those associations at a young age, we hope that eventually those connections that are causing those deficits in the brain will eventually be made. >> just amazing. they're still in high school. if you have a cool school, send an e-mail to me. i talked to some parents one on one about this. they said boy, we hope this works. it's just an amazing thing that can change really your social dynamic when you go to high school or even as a young child. >> again the earlier we deal with autism in a child, the better outcome for later diagnosis. >> they're going to create an
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app. >> very cool. we're cool too because of the ice developing. page county, virginia two-hours late. the problem wasn't the snow last night because it melted. the problem is the fact that we cleared out. temperatures dropped just enough. now we have a flash freeze going on on many surfaces and some of the roads. got a report in stafford, 31.of. -- 31.6. here's a look at the day planner. getting a little light on the eastern horizon, about 33 minutes till the sunrise at 7:00 a.m. we're going to see plenty of sunshine today. that's not going to be the problem. we just got to get past the next couple of hours. this afternoon we're going into the low 50s. 51, 52 degrees. look at these winds. they'll become southwesterly, southeasterly at 6 miles an hour. so a very comfortable day ahead. problems with fog also down toward fredricksburg, up toward even fort belvoir. some of the visibilities are a half mile or less. we've seen improvement up to our north and west on the
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visibility e i can'ts over the last couple -- visibilities over the last couple of hours but this is not good when you see 31. bowie 31. upper montgomery county, an inch, two inches of snow in spots going toward areas in caroll county. leesburg 344 this morning -- 34 this morning. it's 30 in dumfries. 28 ma fan sas. so plenty of areas seeing these slick spots developing. outside still good visibility in d.c. 37. feels like 32 with a north, northwesterly wind at 7 miles an hour. and that dew point of 30. we say goodbye to the storm from yesterday. stage right. behind it the skies have cleared. they're going to stay clear much of the day. we're going to watch some upstream disturb badgeses pass to our -- disturbances pass to our north later tonight. the disturbance tomorrow will produce rain and snow showers in the mountains early. it will head toward us in the afternoon. friday morning is final. look at the rain that could be around for the ride home. right now we may have to go yellow alert for tomorrow afternoon. we're not there yet. tomorrow night northeast of
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town, looks like the rain may change to a little bit of snow as the colder air moves in just in time for your weekend. it's not going to be nearly as warm by saturday. today 51. the early icy spots. a nice day ahead. tonight into the low to mid- 30s. mid-50s tomorrow with the afternoon and evening showers. some snow showers friday night. saturday blustery, a flurry, 39. sunday the very cold day on the seven-day. high of 32. back to 47 for president's day and 50 with rain on tuesday. monika, we're below freezing. we've had wet roads. you've been really super busy because of it. >> it's absolutely crazy out there. i'm not kidding. things are pretty tough, especially in montgomery county on the north side of town. look at this list of icy roads and accidents. this is a different list than what i just had half an hour ago. too many to mention right now but a couple of big spots i want to tell you about, especially on the beltway, i- 495 west right here in silver spring and let's take a live look at our camera. look at that. this is southbound colesville
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road right at the beltway. because of the icy conditions, the police have blocked off the road. no traffic getting by right now trying to get on to the beltway southbound on route 2k-9. let's take -- 29. let's take another live look. this time 270. it looks like this basically from frederick off and on through urbana and germantown. the earlier accident at 370 and 124, both of those cleared. icy patches as well. old georgetown road southbound closed off because of icy conditions at the beltway as well. another live look if you're traveling on the beltway here, outer loop side, very heavy and slow through silver spring. by the way, five-car accident outbound on the memorial bridge with ice. it's blocked off right now outbound on the memorial bridge. much more coming up in a few
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welcome back. 6:23. your weather first. we're dealing with lo of slick spots. we have the wet roads around. temperatures this morning have dropped to around 30 in many areas. so watch out and just be care for the next hour or so we have a good day ahead once we get past the icy areas this morning. we're going to turn sunny. by 11:00 44. lunch time will be in the mid- to upper 40s with highs today in the low 50s. so it's going to be a very nice thursday afternoon. just be patient this morning. >> thank you, howard. it is 6:24. the man to become nato's top commander is considering retiring. a member of general john allen's staff said he may take time to spend with his family before taking on another assignment. he found himself caught up in the embarrassing e-mails in the petraeus scandal. after months of investigating, general allen was cleared of any wrongdoing and the whiept house was -- white house was expected to proceed with his
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nomination to head nato. the nationals are in florida. we'll be at their new train -- the redskins are expected to break ground on their new training facility. we'll be there. a move will create the largest airline. monika? >> there are so many accidents out there. there are too many to mention. this is what they're causing. with icy conditions southbound 270 slowed down basically out of frederick off and on through germantown toward i-370. also old georgetown affected at the beltway. colesville road closed at the beltway with icy conditions as well. i'll have the long list for you coming up in about three
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we are back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. this is a live look at the white house. lots of lights on early this morning. thanks for being with us. about 32 degrees. could be colder, maybe a little warmer, just depends on where you are. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. happy valentine's day. i'm mike hydeck. we're glad you're us with this morning. howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace. he says be careful of slick spots. we lads the rain and snow and -- we had the rain and show and it left everything wet. now we have ice developing. this illustrates it well. this front part of the cushion right there, i don't know if you can see the water beading
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off of that. that's wet. but on top where it snowed a little, this is an icy crust here. the same surface, different side. one is icy. one is wet. this is what we're dealing with on many roads where we've had slick spots develop with temperatures dipping just below freezing in some areas. once we get past the next couple of hours, we'll have a nice sunny day, a beautiful sky this morning. sunrise in half an hour. we'll warm up enough where ice won't be an issue but the next hour or so, it will be. 36 by lunch time. by 5:00 49 with a high today in the low 50s. a very, very nice thursday. and about 5 degrees or so above the seasonal averages. there's the storm quickly racing off to the east. but behind it with the clearing skies, we were able to cool off just enough to have some fog form. visibilities have been down to a half mile in spots. much better in fredricksburg now. more importantly than the fog are the temperatures which have dropped into the upper 20s in manassas to low 30s in spots. fredricksburg is 29. frederick 32. take it easy.
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if you can wait an hour, you'll be in much better shape. problems for those who can't wait. here's monika samtani with more. if you're planning to head out, the long list of accidents are really overwhelming. i cannot remember this winter having to talk about so many accidents all at once. that's because of the flash freeze that howard has been talking about. so here's some of the roads and here's some more. i have the list in my hand. you especially want to be careful on i-270 at 355. 355 at the beltway. old georgetown road at the beltway with icy conditions and southbound colesville road clouds at the beltway. they're waiting on salt trucks so no one is getting through. inside the beltway if you're planning to head to 270. this is what you'll have to deal with coming in from frederick. off and on down to germantown and the point where the lanes divide. take another live look. if you're planning to head over into virginia, there's a couple of separate accidents down on 95 in garrisonville. here's what it looks like on
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the beltway in silver spring. outer loop side continuous from 95 past connecticut avenue. there had been an accident there early this morning. outbound memorial bridge is shut down with an accident involving five vehicles waiting on some salt trucks there as well. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. 6:32. let's see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. >> norah oh donnell is in -- o'donnell is in new york. >> good morning. we'll look at how the merger to create the world's largest airline will affect you and other travelers. plus, a top physics professor on tomorrow's close encounter with a massive asteroid. and she's the most listened to woman on the radio. you know delilah. she opens up about finding the perfect love song, her farm and finding love. the c.e.o.'s for american airlines and u.s. airways are coming together this morning to
6:33 am
announce the latest round in a series of megaairline mergers. >> as sues san mcginnis -- as susan mcginnis reports, it may not be a sweetheart deal when it comes to you and buying airline tickets. >> reporter: american airlines and u.s. airways are joining forces to form the biggest airline in the world. the combined carrier will have american airlines new look and its old name. it will rank ahead of united airlines which joined continental in 2010 and delta which absorbed northwest airlines in 2008. >> the only way to survive, at least some of the airlines believe, is to merge together, grow, and then don't overlap as much. >> reporter: with american in bankruptcy, it will be up to a federal judge to decide if the deal will be a good one for its creditors. >> american if it had not done some sort of a merger would have been interior -- inferior to its biggest competitors in
6:34 am
terms of its network. >> reporter: federal regulators will look at whether the merger will mean less competition. >> american will have a monopoly on virtually every route that they fly. >> reporter: if the deal flies, the world's four biggest airlines would control nearly 70% of all air traffic. experts say ticket prices could take off as a result. >> even though people say that, you know, this particular merger of u.s. airways and american airlines isn't going to raise ticket prices, i don't believe that one bit. >> reporter: despite those concerns, the merger is expected to be approved. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. minimum wage. >> that's right. the. in his state of the union address has proposed raising itself minimum wage to $9 by 2015. some local politicians think that's just the right thing to do. >> right now seven and a
6:35 am
quarter an hour keeps you at the poverty level. if somebody is working full- time every day and normally it's pretty hard work for them to still be living in poverty, that doesn't seem right. >> the issue of raising the minimum wage has been a cobt verb one for a -- controversial one for a long time. joining me is michael of the employment policies institute. you make the argument that raising the minimum wage is actually going to cause economic problems. it will kill jobs, not create them. why do you say that? >> if you look at the businesses that hire minimum wage employees and we're thinking maybe a restaurant or grocery store, they're getting by on very narrow profit margins. if the labor cost goes up to 30%, they don't have many options. they can't just absorb it. especially in a tight economy if raising prices isn't an option, they have to find a way to provide thsame product with less seic that means fewer jobs.
6:36 am
>> that makes a lot of sense. what about the whole trickle down theory. congressman moran is making this argument essentially in his interview with wusa9 that if you pay people more, they have more money to spend. that's the rising tide. is that not the case? do you not see that happening? >> you have to look at the other side of the equation. you can have the government require employers to pay people more but employers have to find a place to get that money. that could mean higher prices for products. if employers have to cut back or cut people's hours or cut jobs, that could mean people have less money to spend. >> you have a very interesting argument you made in "the wall street journal" yesterday. you said essentially if the president sweetens tax credits, he will be more effective at reducing poverty levels in america rather than raising the minimum wage. why do you see that happening? aren't these apples to apples? >> you need to look at target tax credits, refundable credit. it basically means people can
6:37 am
claim it even if they don't have income tax liability. it's targeted at low wage workers and boosts their check without the consequences that come along with a minimum wage increase. it's a much better use of his bully pulpit of increasing the minimum wage. >> people are wondering about the humanitarian argument here. if you're making 7.25 an hour, you're making 15 grand a year which for a family of two is at the poverty level. some folks say i just can't get by on that we've got to do better in this country than that. what do you say about that? >> if you look at the families we say in the minimum wage debate, one in six wage earners is a single parent raising children. for these parents, about a 5200 wage subsidy and another 4900 on top of that in terms of food benefits. we've already create add system where people have roughly a $12 an hour minimum wage that they can exist o. i think it's important that we have that in
6:38 am
place and strengthen that. we need to do it in a way that doesn't harm people that we help. >> thank you for coming in so early this morning to talk high level concepts with us and making it understandable. >> sure thing. >> over to you. >> thank you, jess. we turn to valentine's day. business blooms for florists on this day of love. >> how about talking to the experiments who know how to spread it? delia goncalves is live at potomac floral wholesale near silver spring where they get started early, especially on a day like this. >> reporter: good morning. they got started at 4:00 and the rush started about a week ago where folks were working at midnight to get ready for today. david joins us now. he's been spreading the love for more than 30 years. 25 years in retail. a little over about a dozen years in wholesale. he's going to show us what ladies do and gentleman once your flowers come and arrive at
6:39 am
home. how can we take care of these flowers and preserve them as long as possible? do we start with snipping? >> yes. the idea is first of all get your flowers loose like this where you're going to be arranging them yourself. the idea is to make sure no leaves are in itself vase because -- in the vase because if you leave the leaves in the vase, it causes bacteria in the water and decreases the life span of the flowers. also the idea here is to cut your flowers on an angle only because if you cut them flat, it will stay flush at the bottom of the vase and they won't be able to drink as easy. >> reporter: how often should we snip our flowers once they're home? >> once they're home, i say every three days change your water and recut. >> reporter: once we put them inside, we -- the thorns, can we keep the thorns on? >> you can. i usually take them off only
6:40 am
because again it keeps the water clean and the flowers will last longer. as far as giving them a good cut at the bottom. >> reporter: why don't we start putting an arrangement together for the folks at home. we'll talk about your love of flowers. you have walked away and have come back for a long time. flowers always drew you back. what is it and what is it about valentine's day and receiving a bouquet of flowers? >> well, what i love is the many surprises people get when they receive flowers. you just see the smile come right up their faces. just the full enjoyment of seeing -- just making somebody's day. it really does. >> reporter: that's why everyone works so harpd and gets up so -- hard and gets up so early to make it all happen. a beautiful shot of a single rose. doesn't get any better than that. what's the name of this rose? >> forever young. >> reporter: forever young. look at that we all want to be
6:41 am
forever young. we're going to put this arrangement together and maybe take another look towards the end of the show. back to you. >> forever young, the true message to send to your loved one. thanks, delia. a woman who has brought the abolitionists to life for 20 years in her one-woman show joins us coming up. we'll be back.
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howard here with your weather first at 6:45. clear skies. right now it's allowed temperatures in many areas to drop off to the freezing level or even below so lots of slick spots. we'll be at 36 at 8:00. nice afternoon. highs in the low 50s. tonight clear to partly cloudy, 30s and 40s. this morning we have issues. a little bit of fog. it's been getting better the last few hours. fredricksburg 3 miles. your temperatures, that's the problem this morning. it's 32 in college park and bowie. we had some of the rain that washed some of the salt off the road. it was wet last night but the clearing, we dropped to 30 in
6:46 am
reston. 28 manassas. 31 germantown. so lots and lots of areas have seen slick spots. monika will be up in a moment talking about lots and lots of accidents and delays. 37 at reagan national. they are the warm spot with the north, northwesterly wind at 7 miles an hour and the humidity still high, 76%. we cleared out behind the storm which drop up wrpds of an inch -- up wrpds of inch, -- upwards of an inch, inch and a half of snow. that's now gone. we're going to stay nice and sunny today. just the next hour we've got to get through to get rid of the ice. a storm system passes through tonight. no problem there. another disturbance with a cold front will be arriving tomorrow afternoon. we're okay through lunch time but look in the afternoon. we'll see some rain and mountain snows. tomorrow night, look at this. rain showers changing to snow showers overnight. we could get a little accumulation and then we're clearing out some saturday but it's going to be much colder this weekend. 51 today. a pleasant afternoon after the icy start in areas. tonight low to mid-30s. we'll see temperatures tomorrow
6:47 am
in the mid-50s before some late showers will be possible with some snow showers tomorrow night. again we could get some minor accumulations. blustery on saturday with flurries, 39. sunday we've got 32, very windy and cold with flurries. back to 50 by tuesday. monika samtani, harmeddest working woman in the building this morning -- hardest working woman in the building this morning. howard and i have been having this conversation looking at maps and road closures. what was the conclusion? >> southbound 355, don't try. stay home. >> there are so many road closures, so many accidents. for an hour or two we're saying just stay home. this is an example of some of the road closures. you see the list behind me. this is just a few examples. i'm going to step out and show what you it looks like from our live camera. kevin king is on the scene showing us what's happening here. this is route 355 at grovener lane. with the icy conditions they had blocked off the road for some time.
6:48 am
you can expect everyone scrambling to find alternate routes. if you use tuckerman to old georgetown that will be a mess. if you choose 270 that will be a mess. montrose road to 270 not really a good option as well because of the icy conditions down south in rockville. there's your closure behind that truck there, southbound 355 completely blocked off at grove-- off at grovner. 270 not much better. even the beltway right through silver spring very, very tough on the outer loop with icy conditions early this morning near connecticut avenue. i'll have more coming up in a few minutes. andrea, back to you. we all know the story of harriet tubman, how she led slaves to freedom using the underground railway. what many people don't know about is her personal life before she became an abolitionist. one actress is telling that story in her one-woman play
6:49 am
"harriet tub mon: the -- tubman: the chosen one." you were hired to play harriet tubman but you started to do some research and you came up with a lot. >> with so much. so many things were not told about her life. so i decided, well, i must have to write my own play we didn't know that she was one of nine children. she suffered so much as a child. she suffered a blow to her head which caused her to suffer from new york lety -- new york leapty for the rest -- narcolepsy for the rest of her life. she was married. she was married to john tubman and later on she remarried. >> how could she be married and do what she did? good she left her husband because he wasn't willing to go, to run away with her. she was very disappointed when she came back and he had found someone else. but in 1969 she remarried.
6:50 am
>> what about children? >> she never had any children, even with two marriages. and her second husband was 22 years her junior. >> she was a cougar. what else is interesting, a hundred years ago she died this year marking the 100th anniversary of her death but she lived almost a hundred years. her influence was very long over this country. >> amazing, almost two centuries we've been influenced by this great woman's life. she lived to be 93 and march 10 will be 100 years that she died. >> abolitionist and-- >> yes, she's done so much. >> you have done so much. it's not just a one-woman show, one character, one woman over a dozen characters intersect with the life of harriet tubman. two performances in southeast at 10:00 and 1:00 and again saturday at 9:00 a.m. gwendolyn briley-strand, than
6:51 am
6:52 am
this is dylan right here, this is dylan, and this is his big brother hayden. dylan's only five, but he's already been through two surgeries for brain tumors. and he just went through his second round of chemo. and this is their mother, dawn, who runs this loving and happy home. she too struggled with tumors. but that doesn't slow her down. her love of family comes first. their dad, phil, works two jobs, repairing copiers, and on weekends delivering newspapers. but the bills keep piling up, and the heating bill gets pushed off. when you learn about their difficulties, it just breaks your heart. when we asked the biggest oil companies to help families in need, only citgo, the people of venezuela, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like the berios.
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i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold!
6:54 am
welcome back. your weather fir. plenty of slick -- weather first. plenty of slick spots. many areas have dropped to the freezing mark. it will turn out to be a much, much nicer afternoon with highs in the upper 40s and low 50s and plenty of sunshine. mike and andrea, over to you good thanks, howard. answering the question of the morning. a recent survey suggests 66% of americans had one of these when they were children. is it a, a teddy bear, b, an imaginary friend, or c, a video game? >> the answer is b, imaginary friend. we'll be right
6:55 am
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6:57 am
6:58 am
welcome back. 6:58. we have icy spots this morning, temps near 30 so please be careful with that. it's going to turn out to be a nice day, 51. late showers tomorrow could turn into snow showers. maybe a little accumulation friday night with much colder temperatures this weekend and then back to 50 by next tuesday. but the ice this morning causing all sorts of problems. monika even working the phones. lots and lots of accidents. you're pitting on your coat at home and look out the window and think eight so pretty and -- it's so pretty but then completely ugly. southbound route 3w 5 -- 355 is completely blocked. you see the salt truck. no one can exit at the beltway. look at the mess it's creating. i was looking at the alternate routes. no go. old georgetown road is a mess as well. montrose trying to get to 270.
6:59 am
let's go to the next camera shot and show you 270. it's barely moving and it's been like this for so long that i'm going to say it's frederick off and on to urbana and germantown to here. lots of road closures. howard and i are saying stay home. >> stay home if you can. >> one or two more hours. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. we'll see you then. don't forget wall street? >> we are looking lower but we're waiting on new economic data. we'll see you tomorrow morning starting bright and early at 4:25. have a great day and love the one you're with. happy valentine's day.


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