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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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check out this riveting new video. did the cops go too far in bringing chris çdorn tore justice? plus, a swanky dating hot spot shut down for food violations. but first, top ser tracking a yucky mix of rain and snow. will it mess up your morning commute? >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. the snow and the rain pretty much out of the metro area. earlier the rain changed to snow around gaithersburg about 5:30, 6:00. then downtown at about 6:00. it stuck a little bit on the grassy surfaces. the flakes got pretty big. actually that's pretty normal because it's so wet and moist out. it's kind of a wet snow. so not much in terms of accumulation, and nothing on the streets. in fact, let's talk about how much fell today, because we're
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looking at 1.1 in damascus, okay. .8 in gaithersburg, one inch at winchester, .4 in herndon. yes, this is the winter of tenths of an inch of snow. this is going to move into southern new jersey. again, we had a little bit of snow, even downtown, and a little snow as far south as clinton, but to go north and west, that's the only place it really stuck. even there, temperatures are still 34 in leesburg and 32 in hagerstown. that said, those areas will get colder tonight so some slick spots are possible well north and west. 5:00, 30 and 38. but at 7:00, 28 and 6:00 just kind of cool, 323 to 40. we are tracking arctic air for the weekend and a chance for more snow. >> thank you, top. we've got breaking news.
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police are investigating a suspicious death. >> a man was found inside his home in the 2700 block of holly street. ken molestina is on the scene what. do you know so far? >> reporter: derek and lesli, police are being tight lipped about the investigation on this deadly find. we do know the victim is a 90- year-old man. let me move out of the way and show you, this is holly street. police have the entire section blocked off. you can see down there, that's the csi truck. they've been out here for hours directly in front of the house. police have been out here since about 7:00. now, according to police, a family member what came it to the house called them for help. that's when the first responding officers found the man dead inside the house. authorities aren't giving any specifics as to would type of condition the man's body was found in. they will only say they're classifying this as a suspicious death. clearly this is the kind of fine that is troublesome for
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police and for neighbors of this normally quiet and safe neighborhood. police do believe this is an isolated case but they also admit at this late hour they have plenty of questions they need answered. >> we're considering all possibilities. we don't have any suspect incustody at this point but we're interviewing all of the family members and other potential witnesses. we would ask that if anyone saw or heard anything in the area, that they contact us and let us know. >> reporter: want to bring you back out live, give you at look of the crime scene out here in the delray neighborhood. police have been here for hours. they tell us they are going to be here throughout the night recovering evidence and doing what they need to do to figure out what it is that happened here. we're told the victim's body is still in house. it at some point that body will be removed and sent off to the medical examiner for an awe top see. police say at that point they will figure out exactly what the cause of death. live in alexandria, ken
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molestina, wusa 9. >> kenny, thank you. tomorrow is the funeral for a seven-month-old baby girl who died at the hands of her 14- year-old brother. a visitation was held this evening for larissa. her mother went to work last thursday night but when she returned the following morning the little girl was unconscious. her 14-year-old brother told investigators that he hit her, then put her hand over her mouth and nose until she stopped crying and stopped breathing. we have new audio recordings of the police radios at the scene of that shootout last night. these recordings raise some questions d. the police deliberate result torch the cabin where they believed christopher dorner was shooting al them? gary nurenberg is here with that one. >> reporter: if you listen to the recordings they demonstrate a plan to either force dorner from the building or burn him to death.
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tonight the local sheriff specifically is denying it. >> our deputy sheriffs are some true heroes. >> reporter: san bernardino county sheriff john mann praised his team after recordings seemed to indicate they had deliberately burned down the cabin in which christopher dorner was believed to be hiding. on the recordings -- >> we are going to go forward with the plan with the burn. >> reporter: later still. >> 61 lincoln, burners deployed and we have a fire. >> burners deployed and we have a fair. >> reporter: reporters ask. >> it was not on purpose. we did not intentionally burn down that cabin. >> reporter: wusa 9 listened to the recordings with consultant ed clark. >> captain, when you see that, burn that god expletive down, doesn't that indicate that they're trying to burn it down? >> you know, gary, i don't think so. i don't think that shows intent that that was purposefully the
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mission. they're there to act professionally to get in there swiftly and to make sure there are no casualties occur, and to return safe. >> and this? >> we're going to go forward with the plan with the burn. >> gary, what that shows to me is there was prior discussion and the pre-raid planning that they would inject tear gas. >> police say they used two types of tear gas. first coal, not like toll cause a fire, then hotter cannisters that heat the gas. >> very calm, which shows they were in control. so i think they were executing the plan. >> not a plan, he believes to deliberately burn the cabin down, but a plan to use one tactic before escalating to the next. he reminds us that all of this followed failed attempts to talk dorner out, even avenue shot two officers, killing one of them. derek. >> thanks, gary. and just moments ago we heard for the very first time from the couple that was held hostage by chris dorner.
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karen and jim reynolds walked into their place, and there they found dorner. >> he talked to us, trying to calm us down, and saying, very frequently he would not kill us, and that's exactly how he had said that. he told us about the man in the boat in san diego. >> said he didn't kill him, and he wasn't going to kill us. >> he said it was a means to the end, with that man, and that's what he wants from us. he needs transportation out of big bear. >> the reynolds say dorner tied them up and stole their car but that he didn't hurt them. >> the university of maryland is still in shock after a student shot and killed his roommate and wounded another before turning that gun on himself. the family of dayvon green told police he suffered from mental illness, but did his roommates know about it? today our kristin fisher spoke with the step father of the
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roommate who survived. >> about 1:00 in the morning he called to say had been shot. >> reporter: minutes after making that phone call, 22-year- old neil was wheeled into an ambulance. he had been shot in the back of the leg while running away from his roommate, dayvon green. >> i guess he had always been a little bit different. he would have kind of ups and downs, highs and lows. >> reporter: but he never thought dayvon was capable of killing one roommate and shooting another before turning the gun on himself. both he and his stepsons have no idea why he did it. >> stunned to say the leefort, shocked. didn't really believe it. >> reporter: he is now recovering at his family's home in frederick. he still has a bullet in his leg but physically he is expected to make a full recovery. it's his emotional state that his family is still so worried about. >> he's still pretty upset about it. he's got a lot of things to work through. a lot of emotions to work through. i think he's mostly thankful that obvious he survived. >> reporter: police say he
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likely survived because he region away. >> he saw the gun come out of his pocket, and he knew for whatever reason he had to run. >> reporter: neil ran and lived. but his other roommate, steven, stayed and died. >> as bad as we feel, we can't imagine how the other families are feeling, steven's parents. it just kind of makes us sick to our stomach when we think of that. we get pretty choked up, the "what if." neil was very close to putting us in that same spot. it's a miracle that he survived. >> reporter: kristin fisher, wusa 9. >> his family says he will return to college park once he recovers, and they say they don't blame the university for the awful attack. they don't think there's any way the tragedy could have been avoided. well, lesli, you might want to get ready. the world's largest airline is almost here. american airlines and u.s. air are merging.
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the carrier will keep the name american airlines, but it will actually be run by the u.s. airways ceo, doug parker. american's ceo, tom horton, will become the chairman of the new company. well, the end is finally in sight for thousands of folks stuck on board that crippled carnival cruise ship. tomorrow the ironically named triumph is expected to arrive in mobile, alabama. it's got two tug boats and a coast guard boat escorting it. on sunday an engine fire knocked out power, left the ship adrift in the gulf of mexico. since then passengers have been complaining about everything from the swerlting heat to is he wage literally rung down the cabin walls. donelle king is on the ship. >> people are sleeping in hallways. there's mattresses and people collected everywhere. >> carnival cruise says we're really, really sorry. the national transportation board has launched an
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investigation. they want to know what started that fire. still ahead, nothing can ruin a romantic nature out like a rat dropping. russ ptacek checks out intrepid restaurants that made the health department hit list. and if soda satisfies
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first it was trans fats, then sodium, now a consumer group is going after the sugar in soda. apparently the average american drinks 38 pounds of high fructose corn syrup a year. the center for science in the public interest is calling on the food and drug administration to limit the sugar content in soda and other drinks. they say the current levels are harmful and can lead to obesity and heart disease. when you are faced with a diabetes epidemic, a situation in which two-thirds of american adults are overweight or obese, the government has a responsibility to do something about that. >> so a 20-ounce bottle of soda has 16 tea spoons of sugar. 16 of them. that's double the daily recommendations. the beverage industry says, well, we're doing our part, and you should note that the calories per beverage have come down in the past 15 years.
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well, tomorrow, as you may already know is value len tynes day. so before you make those reservations and take your honey out, you need to see. this investigative reporter russ ptacek is tracking some of the nastiest restaurant violations in our area. we're talking sewage, rats, and, of course, food that just might make you sick. tonight's menu even includes one of d.c.'s most respected eateries. >> reporter: food risks can happen in washington's most high-brow valentine's day restaurants. the secret to good management is controls. before you put customers at risk, and inspectors in a position to shut you down. date night at the renowned mccato restaurant on macarthur boulevard means taking off your shoes at the door and a seven- course gourmet japanese dinner, what critics say is one of the best, where inspectors say they found a violation that's one of the worse. sewage backup in the kitchen.
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master chef gene ito says a clogged drain caused problems the night before but he thought it was fixed. the next day owe. >> all of a sudden, here comes the inspector. we closed it down anyway. >> reporter: he says plumbers found and removed tree roots from sear lines. if your valentine is at kitchen number one, you can get checks cashed, too. and what inspectors crated, workers touching food with their bare hands, unsafe food temperatures, and dirty conditions. this is not the first time for kitchen number one. since october 2010 they have been shut down three times for sure i couldn't say health violations. at techs on tiger mart on connecticut avenue, northwest, officials issued a sues experience then reversed themselves, saying exxon had actually provided proper documentation and the deli wasn't actually opened during the health department's
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inspection. but when we visited, the hot dogs were cooking, and the sandwiches -- >> i found out of date food there, there, there, and there. that's the kind of thing experts say can make people sick. >> reporter: there wasn't a fad manager, either. we were there on the 9th and saw out of date cake and sandwiches a week old which the owner blames on the vendor. in a deli that serves montgomery county government workers -- >> reporter: that's 112 and going up. that means code. >> reporter: they have fixed the problem now, but inspectors shut this deli down for operating without hot water. the report says their hot water heater hadn't been working for two weeks. you've got to follow me to see the irony, because the montgomery county health inspectors, their offices are 100 feet away in there. at lincoln house waffle on 10th street northwest -- >> reporter: back under here we find more rat feces. >> more? >> yeah.
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>> okay. we do clean up every single day. >> reporter: we're right across the street from ford's theater where president lincoln was assassinated, and this is the cafe that bears his name, popular with tourists and rodents. >> reporter: take a look at this. besides rodents inspectors credited food at potentially dangerous temperatures. >> we got it. >> reporter: bye-bye. >> after we said good-bye, inspectors said hello again and report lincoln now in compliance. besides that visit, it and all the others had passed reinspection prior to our visit. happy value help tynes day, and bon appear teeth. i'm -- bon appetit. >> i keep going to kitchen number one smelling like number two. not good. >> thank you for that russ. that's employ. >> he's our resident appetite
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suppressant. we hit 48 today. yet it got cold enough to snow. let's start with a live look outside. our michael & son weather camera. 45 is average. so a little bit above average. 36 downtown. the dew point 34. we are not going to go below freezing. there will be some spots that could make it into the upper 20s. those are the areas we're discerned about. we'll zoom in, and here is our little storm that sex iting the mid-atlantic coast rather quickly. still spreading snow in jersey and also a little bit into new york, although just kind of grazing the new york area. not a big deal. we'll zoom in a little bit. you can see how the line progressed from frederick through gaithersburg, d.c., and that's as far it is a went. got a little bit into prince george's county, then by the time the cold air caught up, all the precipitation is pork out. now everything is across the basement we're looking at a partial clearing sky. so a dry morning and evening commute. we have not said that in
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awhile. a strong finish to the week. arctic air moves in over the weekend. weekend snow showers possible. in fact, i was just looking at new data. it looks like friday nature and saturday morning is our best chance for snow showers that could lay down an accumulation. even along the maryland-pa border could see one to two inches. tonight 28 to 36, partial clearing by dawn. colder, winds pick up a little bit. by morning, 30s and 40s primarily. partly cloudy and cold. some early slick spots possible north and west. winds west-northwest at 10. for the high school kids, young drivers, 28, 29 degrees in frederick and maybe lazy burg, then back above freezing. by the afternoon for valentines day, spec talk lar. no worries about delivering any flowers or chock. what you will need a light jacket, winds southwesterly at 10. the next three days, low 50s.
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nice on friday, 54. i'm basing that on temperatures primarily. saturday temperatures only in the upper 30s. in fact, even colder on sunday. back in the low 30s. couple snow showers possible. and then right back up into 50 degrees as we get into the monday, then some rain, 50 on tuesday, and a little cooler on wednesday. the arctic air comes in fast, then goes out fast. some disappointing news. lady gaga is canceling the rest of her tour. did you know that? >> oh, aim sad. >> i know. so that means that all those little monsters what want to see her perform here in town on the 25th won't get to see her perform in town on the 25th. gaga apparently is suffering from a cartilage tear in her hip. ouch. and needs surgery. you can get your money back, though, starting on friday. >> wow, okay. >> that's a big tear. >> that's like a sports injury.
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>> speaking of which -- >> all those high heels walking around the stage. speaking of sports, we've got good news. spring training. well, wizards not so good news. spring training underway for part of the team. dave owens has our report from viera, florida. plus, can the wizards go into the all-star break on
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the excitement is building. day one of nationals pitchers and catchers in the backs. spring training gets underway in viera, florida. our dave owens is there and has more on the buzz surrounding this year's team. >> reporter: nightfall here at space coast stadium. relatively light day of work. but there is a buzz here. davey johnson sort of put it out there. world series or bust. pressure? yeah. but his players say they have the mental makeup to deal with it. >> yeah, i don't think there's a doubt, by the time i got back last year we were already being hound. we were already playing good baseball and we weren't surprising people. we definitely have the mental makeup to do it. >> no question, the
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expectations are world series. >> so they're turning up the heat on themselves. span just hopes this spring training is better than 2010 when a line drive off his bat nailed mom as she was walking to her seat. >> oh my gosh. >> she's okay. >> here comes harper, he will score! >> the nats are just hoping the winds of change that occurred last season continue in 2013. still a few days away from when position players are supposed to report but we've seen a couple around. ryan zimmerman, bryce harper, but they don't have to be here officially until friday. for now in viera, dave owens, wusa 9. >> thanks, dave. we'll look forward to your report tomorrow night. there are 47 days until opening day when the nationals host the miami marlins. see that game right here april 1st. first pitch is at 1:05. when the game is done, we'll have full post-game coverage on wusa it at 5:00, 6:00, 7:00,
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and 11:00. the nba all-star break begins friday, and it could be coming at a bad time. they seem to have found some kind of groove, having won four straight. the wiz visiting detroit in their final game before the break. john wall, he didn't shoot much tonight, but he assisted plenty. here's one to 0 mica okafor. nice ball movement here. jose calderon gives them a nine- point lead. detroit holds on to snap washington's win streak. and tomorrow afternoon a ground breaking ceremony at the site of the new $1 million summer training facility. we'll be there and bring you that story tomorrow evening. it's going to be a really state of the art kind of facility down there. we'll be making lots of trips. >> something to see. >> something new. rolling up and down 95.
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>> we'll
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so tonight we asked you on facebook to tell us which story you wanted to see. a pink cow, the world's longest continuous kiss, or a divorce lawyer who is offering free weddings, just in time for valentine's day. >> but you picked the cow. a farmer in west virginia mixes up pink paint, pulls out a brush, and goes to work on smoky, the cow. he did it to make his five-year- old daughter laugh. he did it. it worked. folks have been getting a kick out of whatever the heck is that.
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>> what color is the milk? threw there's a children's book in there somewhere. >> entertaining. hey, you can entertain us with a quick look. >> we are going to recover very nicely from our rain and snow. the next three days the 9 weather alerts are green. that said, it will get cold friday night. maybe some know showers into saturday, highs only in the 30s. >> that is our broadcast. thank you for stick around. >> we're always on letter
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