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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 12, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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area earlier this month. a few minutes ago, california law enforcement asked news organizations to stop showing live aerials of the area where dorner is believed to be bare catted barricaded in a cabin. these pictures are from a few minutes ago, before those live images. the story took a scary turn at 5:43 this afternoon when cnn quoted the l.a. times as reporting that dorner has hostages with him in that cabin, a couple, but that reporting has not been confirmed by authorities. police have been combing big bear lake since dorner's pickup was found there after he shot the daughter of a former l.a. police captain and her fiance and shot officers in the l.a. area last week. police have been looking for the dorner since wednesday. the shootout began after dorner staged a home invasion, stealing the vehicle of the occupant who gave police a
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description. two fish and game officers saw the car 27 miles away, tried to pull it over and were shot by dorner who ran into the woods. cbs affiliate reporter, carter evans was there less than an hour ago and heard gun shots and saw officers racing to surround that cabin where dorner is believed to be pinned down. listen to his phone reports and hear the gunfire and the chaos. >> i hear gunfire from several directions.
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the phone reports of carter evans less than an hour ago. the latest information is that that dorner is pinned down in the cabin. the location of the cabin is officially in a town called mentown, california, in the big bear lake region. the two wounded law enforcement officers are to be medivaced. area roads have been closed. four schools were on lockdown, but that lockdown was lifted moments ago. dorner has been pinned down for the better part of an hour and law enforcement in this remote area called for substantial backup with a so-called, bunker s.w.a.t. team seen approaching the area a few moments ago. we are in a pause now with dorner pinned down and with police seemingly waiting for
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more force before moving on the cabin or perhaps simply waiting him out. dorner is reportedly heavily armed and any move in his direction is dangerous. if the cnn, l.a. times report of hostages is correct, law enforcement options become limited. dorner, fires to police and police fire into that cabin if hostages are there. this could be over any second now or conceivably, it could last for days. anita and lesli, we hope to learn more with a official press conference in a matter of moments. >> we are waiting on that press conference, but as gary was telling us, this idea that there could be hostages in the cabin changed the dynamic for the law enforcement officers surrounding the cabin. let's listen in. >> i have a very small amount of information i can provide to you from what is happening up in san bernardino county right now. this information is from the san bernardino sheriff's
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office. let me put a copy on it. this is very preliminary information. today at about 12:22 p.m., san bernardino sheriffs were in the hunt for christopher dorner in the big bear area. they received a call of a stolen vehicle in the 1200 block of club view drive. when they responded, they received information from the person reporting that this stolen vehicle was stolen by an individual that appeared to be very similar to christopher dorner. immediately conducted a ground and an air search for this vehicle and they were able to locate it at highway 38 and glass road. where the suspect in the vehicle fled into the force. shortly thereafter, this individual barricaded himself in one of the cabins and exchange of gunfire occurred. during that exchange of gunfire, two officers were injured. they have been air lifted to a local hospital. right now their condition is unknown. the los angeles police department has sent resources out to the san bernardino
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county airport. our resources are waiting there for authorization from the san bernardino county sheriff to assist them. this is a san bernardino sheriff investigation. this is their lead. they have the incident command out there. we are there to support them only if asked. that is as much as i have. a quick update on how the search is going from our side. we have 1045 clues that our officers are working on. they are following up on those clues. obviously some are panning out, some are dead ends. we are continuing to do the search and work our clues while the event up in the san bernardino mountains unfolds. i'll take a couple quick questions. but my information is sketchy. we aren't positive. until we get this guy in custody and until he is in handcuffs, we're not going to know for sure. they said he was similar in appearance. he was up in that area at one time, so you know, the likelihood is that it's him,
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but we can't say for sure. >> he was up in the cabin, held a couple hostage for several days, can you confirm that? >> i have heard that through media sources, we were listening to the scanner and getting information from the san bernardino sheriff. i can't confirm that anybody was held hostage at this time. that's part of the san bernardino side of the investigation and that has not been confirmed yet. >> this standoff continues. two officers air lifted there and they have that cabin surrounded trying to end this standoff with christopher dorner. now to the big story in our area. he's accused of shooting his two house mates before turning the gun on himself. we are learning more about dayvon green and his mental state before the shooting. here's the latest on that tragic murder suicide out of college park this morning. prince georges county police say he started fires in the backyard to lure his classmates outside. investigators tell us green pulled out a gun and shot and killed 22-year-old rane of
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silver spring. he was shot multiple times, pronounced dead at the hospital. the third victim was shot while trying to run away. he has not yet been identified, but he has nonlife threatening injuries. green, we're told, turned the gun on himself. wusa9 has learn thad green was suffered from mental health problems. >> for more on that part of the story, we turn to scott broom in college park. scot. >> brilliant engineering student, but yes, a student suffering from mental illness and in possession, we learned this afternoon of not one, but two handguns. one of them a semi-automatic handgun and university officials simply had no idea. >> dayvon maurice green was a 23-year-old graduate engineering student, so brilliant, he was a student ambassador to nasa, working on systems engineering for spacecraft. >> the shooter had been suffering from a mental illness. >> but green was apparently
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deeply troubled, according to police. police found he was well armed as well. >> he discovered a 9 mm handgun next to the gunman's body. they also discovered a bag of weapons to include a baseball bat, a machete, a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun and ammunition. >> given that he lawfully purchased the handgun that he used, and registered to him, that means he had to have passed a background check here in maryland so based on that, i would say there must not have been a prohibiter that was found by the maryland state police at the time. >> university of maryland president, wallace lowe, said the administration was not aware of green's mental health troubles. >> we do know that we have significantly increased the number of psychologists and other mental health professionals to advise and council our students. >> share the shock and grief while some wondered what could
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have been done. >> you can't see stuff like this coming. >> and prince georges county police have reported this hour that the handgun was legally purchased just last month. january 18 of 2013 and the 9 mm he had was purchased legally last year as well. this is off campus housing. it is not as if they lived in a dormitory with that type of supervision. at the same time, a lot of students are wondering how could this have gone unnoticed? how could he have been unarmed? we have one roommate dead and another injured in this tragic murder suicide. reporting live in college park, scott broom, wusa9. >> as you can imagine, the tragedy is hitting university of maryland students pretty hard and in just under an hour, there will be a vigil at the school's west chapel. our reporter, ken molestina joins us live from that area with more. ken. >> reporter: lesli, as many people would imagine, a very somber mood here on the university of maryland campus.
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you know, yet again, a very tragic event. it happened off of campus. the shock waves are being felt here, once again, we are seeing how this tragedy affects the student body here as well as administrators. we spoke to some of the chaplains that are planning this memorial service. we spoke a little bit about what they will talk about and they said there's going to be a lot of prayer. there's going to be a reading and all of it will be remembering the lives that were lost, including that of the shooter. take a listen. >> i think the community experiences a lot of pain and tragedy when things like this happen. it's important to make a space for people to come together. and feel the love and support of their community and to know there are others who will stand with them. >> once again, this all begins in an hour. we're told the university president will speak as well as several students who knew all of the people involved in this
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tragedy. the chapel can fit about 800 people, we're told they are expecting that capacity to be met here tonight. we'll have more on this later on tonight and at 11:00. for now, we're live in college park, ken molestina, wusa9. kenny, thank you. in just a few hours, president obama will give his first state of the union address of his second term. while the president will address a handful of issues, white house press secretary says the core emphasis will be on the economy. wusa9 news anchor, derek mcginty, is live at capitol hill right now with more on what we can expect tonight. hi derek. >> hi, lesli. they just released some excerpts of the president's speech that we can get to right now, i believe, that will show us exactly what is going on here. actually my phone has gone dark. i'll show you in a couple of minutes. as you mentioned, the president is going to talk deeply about the economy. that is his central issue and for example, it is our
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unfinished task to make sure this government works on onbehalf of the many, and he says that he's going to lay out proposals that are fully paid for and fully consistent with the budget frame work both parties agreed to. nothing i'm proposing should increase our deficit by a single dime. you get a small taste of what we'll see later on tonight. gun control, people who have been affected by gun violence on both sides of the issue will be in the house gallery tonight and earlier today, they came out front to speak their minds. >> it isn't about the right to lawfully own guns. this is about trying our best to keep guns out of the hands of the people, like people who killed my brother. >> i was mad at my legislators because i honestly believe they legislated me out of the right to protect myself and my family. >> our children matter. i want to have an opportunity to convey that to everyone
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else. >> all right, nearly two dozen lawmakers gave their tickets to the night's event. two people that have been affected by gun violence. we'll be talking about that a lot. virginia senator, tim kaine, just elected, good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. >> the president has been in a take no business mode since he got reelected. do you think they'll get it? >> i think the president should do two things. i think he should really come at us strong in congress. democratic and republican, house and senate, over let's stop the self-inflicted wounds to the economy. tonight should be about economy and jobs. we have to find a better resolution and i think you aught to be tough on all of us on that, and moving to the rest of the speech, i think it's a good idea for him to highlight a couple areas where there is bipartisan discussion. immigration reform, we are talking in a bipartisan way in the senate about some sensible steps to reduce gun violence. take advantage of these bipartisan discussions, shine a
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spotlight on them and encourage more, especially around economic growth. >> maybe we can see more deals cut and made and keep that so so from happening. >> let's talk gun control for a moment. you're in a pro gun state. a lot of people think the president should push his desire to ban assault weapons, other suggest he holds back. like background checks for everyone. what should he do? >> virginia is a progun state. i'm a gun owner. i work to help folks amend the constitution of virginia to guarantee people the right to hunt and fish, but virginiaens also understand sensible limits are not a problem. so virginians are open to measures to stop gun trafficking and even the restrictions on magazines or certain kinds of combat weapons. virginiaens are very open to it. the president should put those
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issues out on the table, obviously. there is hot debate, definitions matter. slogans are great, but you have to get down and write bills that are the definitions are right. but i don't think you should shrink from it. folks in the gallery because you want to see congress take steps. we can do it. >> wait to see if the president goes hard on gun control. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> good to have you. >> that is senator tim kaine joins us live and we'll have live coverage of the state of the union on wusa 9 starting at 9:00. >> we'll have reaction from both sides as well coming up at 11:00. plus, we invited a panel of your neighbors into our studios to watch the speech. we'll have their reaction, too. back right
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we're told the catholic church should have a new pope before easter. stunned the world yesterday with his sudden retirement for health reasons. bruce johnson reports the catholics are being told while the next pope may be more outgoing, the church teachings are not going to change, are they, bruce? >> that's right. and yet, there's still lots of questions and intrigue as the cardinals prepare to go to rome next month, possibly as early as march. select the leader of the world's catholics. >> the cathedral in downtown washington today, some catholics had definite ideas about what they wanted from the
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next probe. >> change with the times, you know, moving with the times. not to remain too conservative. >> and not to allow these liberal thoughts of people of today. >> vatican disclosed that the pope had been fitted for a pacemaker a decade ago, but the procedure had not influenced his decision to become the first pope in nearly 600 years to step down. the last pope to resign was gregory. that was back in 1415. it had nothing to do with his health. there were four popes at the time. gregory resigned to bring about unity in the church. >> basically the way it works is the cardinals, you know, campaign for their friends. >> but he is a noted scholar. he says 15 days after benedict leaves office and heads to a monestary, cardinals will
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gather and vote for his replacement. >> well, actually, it's a wonderful thing that we have in the code of church law and that says any promise the pope makes to get elected, he does not have to follow. >> and what might american catholics expect of the next pope who should be on the job before easter sunday? >> we're not going to see radical change coming from these people, because they did exactly what you and i would do if we were pope. they appointed people that would agree with them on the base k issues facing the church. >> tomorrow, ash wednesday, beginning of lent. the catholic church is growing faster in latin america. and there is a chance the next pope could come from there, but not likely. he points to europe. that's where the church has his biggest problems and the cardinals from italy, they have the most votes. >> an american pope, probably not in our lifetime. >> topper has your weather
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i'm topper shutt. here's a live look outside. a gorgeous day, 59 was the high for michael and son. 55 still. dew point is falling a little bit. we'll watch that. temperatures could fall to around freezing north and west of town. but downtown above freezing.
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here comes our system. lots of rain in the southeast. it will be a dry morning commute. no worries about the morning commute. it's the evening commute we are concerned about. so, chilly tonight, mainly above 32. dry morning commute and a wet evening commute. and wet even if it's snowing. rain to snow by evening. temperatures still primarily above freezing. we'll say a trace to 2 inches mainly on grassy surfaces and north and west of town. increasing clouds tonight late and just chilly. lows in the 30s. by morning, rain possible south of town, but mainly it's an afternoon event. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. by afternoon, cloudy and colder. rain turning to snow by evening. winds turn northeasterly at 10 and drag down colder air. on the impact meter, we'll give it a 1. i mean, it's certainly not red-o-meter.
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not a good thing. how much snow will fall? it's going be elevation driven snow. mainly north of town. maybe an inch or two. a good weekend to think about skiing. all right, next three days, yellow alert tomorrow. 49, sunshine on friday. 52. we'll have your
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there's the chimes. here's the seven-day. we recover nicely. arctic air moves in saturday and sunday. flurries or snow showers. we don't see a storm, but we'll watch it. mild again next week. we're looking at low 50s monday and 50 on tuesday with rain. >> and just some flurries. we can handle that. stay with wusa9 for the cbs evening news and derek is back with our area's only local
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newscast at 7:00. good night
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