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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 7, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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this week. >> she has known her for years. saying she had never showed any signs of abusing kids. >> to have the child around her, it freaks me out. >> reporter: they were tipped off by the neighbor where they live. concerned that cassidy was missing. >> the mother had a positive child about being elsewhere. the child was not where she said she was. >> the past two days she was not talking to anybody. the little girl was dumped, according to police. again, booth confessed, police said, after confronted and questioned repeatedly. final arrested and charged at
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6:30 this morning. police are very concerned that they caught this in time before the rail cars left this yard and went down hundreds of miles south of here. if they did not, then there is a chance that the child's body would never be found, but they think that they've got it somewhere here. there's hundreds of tons of trash to go on through. reporting live, scott room, wusa -9d. >> scott, you just want to ask who does this kind of thing. all right, police in virginia believe the springfield serial groper has struck again. take a quick look at the sketch of the suspect. he grabbed a woman's buttocks on gray fox drive yesterday and ran off. the victim wasn't hurt. the suspect described as white or possibly hispanic, 5-6 or 5- 8 inches tall and approximately 180 pounds. thousands of police are on the man hunt across southern california and nevada. they are searching for a former
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los angeles police officer who threatened war fair against the former -- warfare against the former colleague. accused of killing three people and injuring others. we've got the latest from riverside, california. >> reporter: thousands of police officers are on high alert across southern california. they are searching for an ex- los angeles police officer accused of several shootings that left three people dead including an officer. it is extremely scary and worry and. >> reporter: he's the former navy reservist who posted an online manifesto threatening police officials and their family. he was fired from the police force in 2008 for making false statements. the shooting here at riverside left one officer dead and another one seriously injured. police said that he ambushed the officers down there at the red light as they didn't even have a chance to defend themselves. >> reporter: police said that he also shot two officers in
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the nearby city grazing one of them. they were providing security as they mentioned in dorner's manifesto. >> this is against all of southern california law enforcement. >> reporter: in the city of torrence, mistakingly shooting and wounding two people in the pickup truck that they believe to be his. and he is also suspected of shooting and killing the college basketball coach and the fiance in the parking lot on sunday night. san diego police, they said that someone matching the description tied up the 81-year- old man on wednesday night and then tried and failed to steal the yacht. his badge and i.d. found near the airport this morning. edward lawrence. >> and police said that he is armed with multiple weapons. providing security for at least 40 people named in their manifesto. >> so much of the northeast
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u.s. is under a blizzard warning tonight. >> we're glad that it is not us. parts of new york and new england to get more than two feet of snow as it all starts coming tomorrow. you combine it with the high winds and travel could be next to impossible. in fact, some of the lines are canceling the flights for friday. now, ironically 35 years ago today new england was digging out from the blizzard of 78. one of the biggest storms of the 20th century. >> here in the d.c. area we need to deal with rain and showers and lots of it. topper shutt here to talk about what we can expect and how different it is up north. >> yes, way different. we got to witness that in 1978 as they will go to our website. click on my blog and you'll see a lot of good stuff there. there are some similarities if you will. there are winter weathers advising you northeast of town. frederick county and loudon county north and west. and sleet and rain, just enough
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cold air that came in overnight today. as we need to get the light precipitation to roll in before dawn and it is probably going to be a little sleet and freezing rain out to leesburg. in fact, i think the ballpark area for gaithersburg will be north and west and that they could see a little period of sleet and freezing rain before it was all said and done. we don't see any real big problems with it. temperatures are not too bad in manassas and 39 in leesburg. but the air mass is still fairly dry as they will fall as the precipitation begins to move in. storm in the midwest and the southeast and this is the monster what will produce the heavy snows in new england. believe it or not, you'll see this here and to the south as you will think wow i need to get the rain out of this. not much at all. they will stay to the east. so now the lows in the 30s
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tonight. a mix north and west and winds increase out of the east at 10 to 15. we'll come back. some new information that came into the weather office. you might see a little bit of the snow out of the storm yet. we'll let you know. one of washington's most notorious killer was back in the courtroom today. but we still have very little reason as to why. he was convicted of killing another girl a few years ago. >> yes, these hearings have been going on for a couple of months. big surprise. something going on with the witness and something about safety and security as we don't know why. but this one was important for them today that they brought them up from the prison in alabama and federal prison. and that they were there and a few feet away from us and it was strange to look at them as they will have a weird kind of
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tattoo that is shaved into the top of the head as we know that he has been a gang member. and that may have something to do with it. a little goatee and a mustache. he was there while attorneys and a bunch of media companies, asked the judge to let us know what's going on. basic sixth amendment questions. the defense attorneys, they want these hearings to be open. but the prosecution, they don't. and so the judge, they said no, we're going to keep them closed at least for now. maybe for another day, 90 days as we will not be able to find out what the heck is going on for another couple of months. >> well, you know, it has to be something significant as we covered this fairly extensively. he access to all kinds of things. for them to go from having access to having no access at all. you've got to wonder if this witness eventually rattled their case.
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>> that's what the family is all concerned about. even their family is being kept in the dark. the attorney for the family was asked to leave the courtroom when they had one of these hearings a couple months ago. so they don't know what is going on, but they do fear that this witness has been undermined. that there is something wrong with the testimony of this witness and potentially enough wrong that they would need to get a new trial and potentially have the conviction thrown out two years after happening a dozen years after being murdered. >> wow, that would be something. we know that you'll stay on top of it as it could be a few months before you know anything at all. >> you got it. another hearing next week. maybe we'll get into that one. >> all right, thank you. anita? leslie, a car plowed into the arlington pizza hut that happened today. they smashed right through the front door of the restaurant in the 3300 block of lee highway. the elderly female driver did not appear to be hurt, but they took her to the hospital for a check up just in case. even though that it was still
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lunchtime, no injuries in the restaurant. arlington county inspector is on the scene. unclear exactly what caused that crash. well now that fans are no longer cursing the fate of our washington football team, is there finally new momentum gathering to change the name that so many find offensive? that question was the focus of the symposium at the national museum where surae chinn took in both sides of the redskins argument. she's got a live report. hey. >> reporter: well hello, derek. you know the form is packed. it's been packed all day long and the red skins, the name has been taking a beating here. right now even at this hour at this smithsonian. the name has been debated, dragged through the court system. it goes on today. with rg3's star power, could momentum be shifting on the possible name change?
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>> i think when people say redskins, we hear cup or bedspread. a person tells you that that name is equivalent to the n word. >> it's a very simple fix if people were not so tied to their traditions about it. >> reporter: they said that the burgundy and gold name are hurtful. >> it's an honoring designation, but not to us. >> reporter: a part of the 17- year court battle. in 2009 they declined to hear the appeal. >> reporter: through the decades, they have done away with native american references. but will one of the most professional teams follow suit? >> now, absolutely not changing their way, no way. >> they will still be my team. the washington chili bowls, whatever they are. >> it is tradition.
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>> they are watching the football team. >> we've got the solution. >> i don't understand why they would do that for the warriors. just get rid of the imagery. it was dedicated to them there and they would be a hero. it will take more than a month to get it done as they will take the commissioner and a team owner for them to get it all done. there is a new lawsuit that will be heard next month to try to get the redskins to change their names, derek? >> let's be real. it is time for that name to be changed. and i could root for the warriors or maybe the justice
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or something like that. thank you so much. the maryland senators, they settled their super bowl bet with their california counterparts. also ahead i talked one on one with the basketball hall of famer magic johnson about his transition from the athlete to the businessman and what he has done to break down the stigma of hiv aids. i'm danielle nottingham on capitol hill. the pick for the cia director fuels top questions
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's pick faces members of congress today. >> he is having to answer tough questions about his involvement in the administration's controversial drone program. danielle nottingham reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: protesters held up the start of john brennan's
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senate confirmation hearing. >> would you hold, please. >> reporter: upset over the drone strike program. senators also focused on the controversial program when questioning the president's pick for cia director. >> the president has insisted that any actions we take will be legally grounded. >> reporter: lawmakers recently got a look at a secret document explaning why the obama administration believes the strikes can also target americans who join with terrorist overseas. brennan was up for cia director in 2009, but withdrew his name from the consideration. the 25-year cia veteran was an executive in the spy agency when the bush administration used harsh interrogation techniques like water boarding. >> i profess my personal objections to it, but i did not try to stop it because it was
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something being done in the different part of the agency under the authority of others. they said that the drone strikes also kill innocent civilians. >> the drone program has been creating more enemies than what it has been doing. >> reporter: they will review the hearing testimony and vote on brennan's confirmation later this month. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. there were less than 50 drone strikes during the bush administration. under president obama, reportedly more than 360 strikes so far. derek? it is time to pay up. the beneficiaries, maryland's senator and ben cardin who accepted the spoils of the wagers that the baltimore
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ravens would whoop up on them. >> we thank you for giving us a great game. we feel that we are the best and ravens, fly high. and we are the world champion and we thank you. >> not only did they buy all the purple clothes in town, but treating her colleagues as you saw it there. a little bit of the ray lewis squirrel dance, or at least that's what it was suppose to be. they were prepared to pay up crab cakes from maryland and one of baltimore's favorite hair sprays. i guess sort of related to the hold hair spray thing. i guess that's what that is. >> yes. she is something. okay, next story. >> you know when you said that
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you saw that storm bubbling and boiling up the coast, you think that you would get blasted. >> it is 78. even 2 inches downtown. >> we can do a sort of squirrel, the snow dance. >> well you can. i don't want to do that. a live look outside as it is the michael and son weather cam cloud and precipitation is on the way. dew point is 24. now, why did i talk about that? that is very important on how cold it could get when you need to start mixing in moisture. what's going to happen, we will get the vertical column that will get more moisture in it. and it means north and west of town, probably right around freezing. thus a winter weather advisory northwest. 37 already in rockville and bethesda. 40 still in springfield and oldtown and 39 in bowie. even 39 down here. and watch it carefully. now, can you watch this system, and one of these have a hammer. and this is going to go to our north and kind of die out and
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this is going to become the big nor'easter. pretty well organized right now with heavy rain pushing to the northeast of atlanta and some of the precipitation will get by here. and they will just graze us. there is a chance by the time they get past the parallel and off the coast of jersey that they will need to wrap around the colder air and possibly tomorrow night. and essentially you will need to dodge this one. temperatures are above 32. but north and west, you still don't see a huge problem. you need to go way out to i-71 to find any real big problems here. grab a coat and an umbrella and a wet morning commute on friday for everybody. tonight breezy, not as cold. a mix north and west and low temperatures in the 30s. above freezing east of i-95. light rain and showers. 30 to 40 and northeast around 10 to 15. then by the afternoon, light
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rain and it will shut off pretty early. mostly cloudy and windy. turning northwesterly at 10 to 20 becoming gusty and overnight tomorrow over 30 miles per hour and gusty. so 9 weather alerts. becoming windy. we're going to end it with the snow flurry or snow shower. then windy and colder on saturday. 39. then on sunday, sunshine to start with a few clouds late. but something to look forward to. high temperatures to near 50. the next seven days. monday, grab your umbrella again. at least it will be mild with the temperatures in the lower 50s with the showers and rain. nice on tuesday. that is golfable. more showers on wednesday, which could also end on snow on wednesday night as the colder air moves in on thursday. this is a great view. she sent that in to cheer me up and because we have had no snow. this is the 2010 blizzard back here in february. and so denise brown, i thank you for that picture as it did cheer me up and make me feel better.
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if you want to send us something, go to our website and click on the weather tab and then upload your picture. but put your name, location and e-mail to contact you and tell you that we're going to use your picture. >> topping next thursday on the 14th. it will be halfway through february. >> i know. >> i know. >> and he is really piling on now. >> yeah, he really is. >> on down. he's kicking me on down. >> yes, that's just as bad. coming up, complaints about the asian-themed party, sparking suspensions and parties at the duke university party. but coming up next, warning celebrities to keep their private parts covered at this year's grammy awards. we'll
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it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful cover up is the dress code for the grammies. no more wardrobe malfunction. now who could forget pink's high wire outfit from a couple years ago or j.lo's revealing dress as well. that's low cut. talent should be sure that buttocks and breasts are
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adequately covered. thong-type costumes and the bare size or under the curb of the breasts, those are a no-no. >> now wait, cbs and the grammy's are saying we need to leave something to the imagination. that's what we're saying? >> to step back. there seems to be too much skin in the past. i don't think that they have any problem with that. >> it is sad that they need to write such a memo. >> that's right. you tell them. >> the countdown has started for the 2014 winter olympics. the organizers are promising plenty of snow, even if the temperatures around that area are kind of high. the snow making system could come up with any challenges brought on the weather. at the very same time, they are promising the olympic facility
5:26 pm
will be ready for the opening of those games. the most disliked athlete in this country. number one as you might guess on the survey. disagreesed to the tour de france cyclist with his seven titles stripped away from him and admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs to win them. number 2 on the list as it might be unfair. but manti te'o as we know, he recently revealed he maintained the illusion of having a girlfriend. even weeks after getting a call saying that she had died or was not real. tiger woods, jake cutler and metta world peace are rounding out the top five. >> maybe he'll change his name and get off the list. >> maybe. coming under fire for a racist party. the invitation to the asian- themed affair red. hello nice people. we look forward to having me, you, you, and your friends over for some saki.
5:27 pm
now, once the duke officials learned of the party, they earned them to cancel it. fraternity members renamed it the international relations party instead, but asian students on the campus were still upset. >> you heard us when you made fun of our accent and you are not just mocking an accent, you are mocking an immigrant struggle to make it in this nation. >> humor is not humor. the entertainment of the extent of others are not humor. >> now the parents have suspended the duke chapter because of all of this. the school says that it is also considering further unspecified punishment. anita? magic johnson greets students, media, business leaders at howard university hospital today and shares his approach to fighting the stigma of hiv. who is the most stressed out? they revealed the top stressed triggers on how you could tackle them. but up next, six police officers were caught on camera,
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we've got the story.
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>> it just occurred. >> the armed robbery is underway. >> a black male wearing a black hoodie. >> you don't have anybody else to take it? >> the miami-dade police officer is nowhere near the crime, but this one is. in another video obtained by cbs news, he was seen with two members of his squad, while enjoying their coffee and someone else is having a medical emergency. >> a 5-month-old is not alert. >> they refer to this officer, 341 is a high-priority call. paramedics and police are expected to go full out when that code is issued. the officer answers the call. but instead of rushing to the scene, he keeps drinking his coffee for 25 more minutes.
5:32 pm
fortunately paramedics were able to help the boy. if he does not look worried about what the supervisor might say about the daily activity report, it's probably because this is his supervisor. sergeant jennifer gonzalez. investigators caught her on video too, going to kohl's, target, lowes, instead of answering calls, supervising her officers in the field. gonzalez ignored calls too during rendezvouses with her boyfriend. >> i still can't get my mind around that. that someone would just choose not to go. >> reporter: recently retired miami-dade police officer was in charge during the two-year investigation, which involves secretly taping the officers, and even putting tracking devices on their cars. investigators learned that the entire squad, gonzalez and four other officers ignored emergency calls and falsified activity reports. all told that they tallied 134 violations, department policies involving 40 different incidents.
5:33 pm
an act of betrayal against those officers and the squad that they served to -- they swore to serve and protect. >> if you don't want to go to calls, then don't sign up for the place and don't wear a badge. i don't want to tell you that, but it is minimum requirement. we tell you you need to go, you go. >> reporter: in september in the final act as director, he called in gonzalez and another officer. one at a time so they could fire them personally. >> wow. well, cbs 4 in miami could not reach any of those fired or suspended officers for further comment. a troubling discovery that is topping tonight's health alert. they discovered the first cases of whooping cough, caused by the bug resistant to the vaccine. this is turning up overseas now in some babies in philadelphia. it's the most dangerous to the infants where they had the worse year for whooping cough in 60years.
5:34 pm
health officials say that it might be fueling that comeback. magic johnson walks in and the stature and presence fill up a room. i know because i was there when the basketball hall of famer and the entrepreneur made an appearance at howard university hospital today. he is talking about living with hiv since the diagnosis in 1991. and how he has managed to thrive. >> and because of the virus that i have obtained, i will have to retire from the lakers. >> no one back then dreamed about where he would be today. >> 22 years from now. now, i came in this hospital and i said hi to everybody. it's been thousands of people. because you know my wall has not changed. i'm still walking. >> reporter: but would not be that way had they had not gotten diagnosed early on, accepting their status as hiv positive. >> it was a hush-hush thing back then. you didn't talk about that, like what we're doing right now. and i think that a lot has
5:35 pm
changed. but i was, you know, i had to be comfortable with the fact that i would be living with hiv for the rest of my life as i became comfortable with that right away. >> 22 years of my walk has not changed. don't you think that they inspire people every day when they see you? >> i hope that it would. because you know at that time, 22 years ago, you know, they said that i would die and that they were not sure if i would be here now for 22 years. >> complaisant and thinking that it could not happen to them and that's the wrong attitude. when you think about urban detection and finding out early, jumping on it with all of them here and at that time, you know, we only had act, the only drug at that time, now we have over 30. >> and so much possibility if the diagnosis is made early and you stay on those heads. and also on magic johnson's agenda today, a meeting with
5:36 pm
president obama at the white house. coinciding with the national black hiv aids awareness day. >> if your life seems overwhelmed by stress, then you've got plenty of company. a new survey by the american psychological association finds money, work, and the economy are the top triggers. relationship struggles and the health problems could be brought on by too much stress. the good news is the apa saying that most americans, they recognize the length between managing stress and continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle. >> individually, you know, having a regular exercise regimen is one of the best things that people could do to help manage their stress. study after study, they have shown this. and also relaxation technique, as the mindfulness, very easy technique to learn very effective in reducing the stress level. >> and now one major challenge to controlling stress, having the will power to change the long-time habits that make things more anxious for you.
5:37 pm
focusing on one behavior at a time. does it sound good guys? >> sounds good. still ahead in tonight's school. mike hydeck will take us to themontgomery county high school where students are saving lives and getting an experience at the same time. we've got clouds in place and winter precipitation that may not be too far away from the west of town. let me show you temperatures as it is chilly right now. 41 downtown, 36 at gaithersburg and 41 in manassas. we'll tell you where the winter weather is going to be and if it will leave us unscaved. a goat giving a new york city cop the runaround. how the goat got there. don't forget we're always on and the wusa9 app. so stick around we'll be
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yes, that is the goat. the parking lot in brooklyn. >> and the loop up there this morning. the cop had an expert among them, the security guard who had worked at the hospital who caught up with the goat and
5:41 pm
that they showed the officers. now, this is how you do it. >> it is a little bit dangerous, you know, it is a little dangerous. they are not going to harm anybody. especially going up here. and that we will have a lot of goats and stuff and that was easy for me to cut to it. you know, do not harm the animal. it is the easy animal. very friendly. but just like what he was a little scared. that was it. >> that's right. they are not dangerous, he's tasty. the fact that there is a tag here to escape from the nearby slaughter house. apparently they made it. now they will need to live the rest of the day in the farm sanctuary. >> you better hope that word will not get out and more goats running around the streets. [ laughter ] >> here is romania. a shepherd who had no more food for his sheep, deciding to walk him through the center of the city to get to the other cow shed. and as you can imagine, you know, even in romania, they
5:42 pm
have a slow six-mile walk with pretty busy roads causing all kinds of traffic. drivers were upset, police got involved, but what could they do? they will be able to wear where they were going. >> i've got some ideas on where they could go. >> he's not ready to stop. he's ready to eat something. still ahead by taking a trip with your special someone could give you a relationship. a sexy shot in the arm is tonight's just saying segment as we're talking about it
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5:44 pm
5:45 pm
you heard me right. those are the results from the brand new survey put together by the u.s. travel association. and joining us now to talk about those interesting results. it's the u.s.a. today reporter nancy. thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. >> yes, it is very interesting. it will equal a lot of better. >> yes. >> anita, why? >> because you don't have somebody saying where is the homework? i mean did you eat your peas? those are the daily stressors of life that are not sexy. especially in the family life that it is what it is.
5:46 pm
>> even when you are single, traveling is exciting. it is nice to share it with someone. >> yes, but sometimes traveling with someone could be extra stressful. we're not getting along. >> why are you looking at me? >> because they just came back from new orleans, you know, we heard about you. >> well, wait a minute, you know, i'm back at the travel association. and they say that we should travel more. and especially the source. >> yeah. you know, because we would expect the travel association to say travel, travel, travel. >> i mean don't you want to travel more? it is intuitive. >> yes. i thought maybe they were saying if you travel more you get more sex. and you know it got my attention. [ laughter ] >> and you do travel a lot. >> i'm not getting that sex though. >> oh, look at you. >> nancy, now let me ask you this, sometimes even in business travel you say it can help a couple get along a
5:47 pm
little better, especially if you spring a spouse. >> traveling could be hard and lonely. so if you have your spouse there, it could be a lot better. >> yes, absolutely. they would help you get through it. >> and i find that travel is good when you have them here to get along with them. and what about the couples. sometimes i have had it happen when you get along with them when they are not traveling. some people just don't travel very well together. >> that's absolutely true. we broke up. so you know, sure, you're right. >> they did not put that stat in there though. >> no. >> some people are not compatible. but it's good to learn that to take the trip and you'll find out. >> i also wonder if they could not afford to travel. what happens if you get away for a night? >> that could be very good. especially for married couples to get away for a night. they think it's helpful. >> no. i have nothing to give you. every time i travel, eiffel
5:48 pm
traveling with my child. >> it does not improve your romantic life. >> i don't have any evidence to give you about traveling. >> what about valentine's day? >> i will be working. >> yeah. i guess that's the comparison here. that traveling could be better than just getting a gift on valentine's day to improve that. >> that makes sense to me, right? to actually go somewhere and experience it. getting away, going to a new location. i could see where it would be an exciting time. certainly a little different than just getting the gift. the flowers. >> right. and the chocolate. if you have the time and the money it is worth doing. i want to thank you for coming in. and the ladies as always. more interesting. >> you didn't say anything either. >> no. >> but let's go to topper. he will save me. >> i'm not going to jump in there. we will take a live look outside. the live michael and weather cam. temperatures are above freezing downtown. 41. the high was only 42.
5:49 pm
dew points in the mid-20s. we're going to see some cooling as they will begin in the metro area and they will probably get down to near freezing as you get out towards germantown and reston and fairfax, close to freezing tonight. right now 38. and 39 in fairfax. 37 in bethesda and 38 in bowie and 39 down here. so here is the radar as you can see it. just the beginning of this nor'easter pushing up on i-81 as it will be a monster storm. ironically the heaviest rains, they are just going to clip us. they're going to go through southern maryland. we needed heavy precipitation. and light rain by dawn. that's about it. above 32 in the metro area. from gaithersburg north and west and reston, but not anticipating that huge problem. friday, grab a coat and an umbrella and a wet morning commute on friday for everybody. maybe during the evening you may see a wet evening commute
5:50 pm
as well. okay, a look at your future cast now. by 5:00 in the morning, well, here comes the light rain, all rain east of i-95. you can see the blues and the magentas. a little bit of the freezing precipitation. no real surprise there. then we'll get to the 9:00 a.m. hours. still some rain in gaithersburg and frederick and past leesburg and out towards round hill. just a mix here until about 9:00. still not a huge problem. everything will get going away and the storm system will begin to intensify. look at the heavier rains on the beaches. that'll be one or two inches of rain for the beaches. we'll put it back into motion for you at 5:30, the snow break out in the mountains. and you could see an evening snow shower or flurry tomorrow. tonight though, breezy, not as cold. light rain here. low temperatures in the 30s. then by morning, the mix will hold on well north and west of town. light rain and showers for everyone else. kind of a raw day for you on
5:51 pm
friday. and by the afternoon, the light rain will end. windy and chilly as the winds will start to pick up 10 to 20. temperatures don't go up much at all. we're looking at the non- weather alert yellow tomorrow. ending the snow shower. windy and colder on saturday, but green, upper 30s. nice on sunday, sunshine near 50s. the next seven days. we're in the lower 50s. great on tuesday, the mid-50s. and that rain, they could end as snow as colder air will move in by thursday. as the washington capitals prepare to face their most hated rivals tonight, it's a little hard to forget what happened a few days ago. for the only time this season, the capitals play host to the pittsburgh penguins on super bowl sunday and got demolished 6-3 in front of the home crowd.
5:52 pm
they look for revenge on the road and a chance to get out of the nhl basement. if there is any time to build confidence, tonight would be it. >> it is always niceto play against a very good team and against good players. it's always nice. >> everyone understands that this is the bigger stage with a few more eyes watching. so you always go out to win and do better. >> reporter: joining me now to talk about the slumping capitals, the reporter from 106.7, the fan. thank you so much for coming in. this match up is usually what fans look forward to all year. caps, penguins, the must-see game. and with the way that the caps have been playing, has it lost their luster a little bit? >> a little bit. alex ovechkin is not the second best player in the nhl anybody. sidney crosby is still pretty good. the caps got demolished 6-3 last sunday, but the caps are 9- 0-1 in the last 10 games in
5:53 pm
pittsburgh. so they have been doing pretty good against the penguins. we'll find out a lot more about them tonight. >> you heard the guys say this is a game they really get up for. that added momentum, added excitement, maybe makes them play better on the ice. we have not seen much improvement on this team since we talked a couple weeks ago before the super bowl. caps with the worse record in the league. what is the glaring problem for you here? >> we'll start with alex ovechkin. he's got two goals both on the power play. the last goals here have been in the ranger series last year. so he's not getting any scoring whatsoever. you need your stars to be your stars and right now the caps are not. defensively they are still struggling a lot. >> the goal tending, what's going on there? they are 27th in the league with goals given up. >> i think it is more of the people in front of them that they have not had a lot of help
5:54 pm
defensively. you have a guy like john carlson that has been on ice for 21 goals this year. the caps only have 23 goals total. so they are not getting a lot of help in front of them. >> a rough thing for them. we'll see if they could rebound again tonight in pittsburgh. wusa will re
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
it's time for cool schools and tonight students at one are
5:57 pm
focusing on traffic safety. they are literally saving lives. >> reporter: busy intersections could have a disaster of consequences. >> and you are just distracted. you need to get the word out that it isnot fair. >> reporter:tht of the top ten accident prone areas at the county for pedestrians. >> and you have people that are right here and then the cool zone. you know, they go into the belt way. honestly a very busy street. we have chipotle across the street so you know students are going to cross the street. >> reporter: which can be deadly. this metrobus is aimed at stopping it. a part of the campaign called the blare watch project. that's their watchful stare. >> i have had people come up to me to say hey, i've seen your eyes. >> reporter: be seen and be safe. a strong message put together
5:58 pm
by the locally marketing firm. >> and what do you think the best words are here to work with? >> swag. if it does not sound cool, it is not going to resonate with teens. so they also came up with the wristband. >> and this one says to get hit. and that one says to look for those flags. >> very nice. >> and that is one of those, you know, the teen buzzwords that they would like to drop, but they're not. and it was a good marketing technique, definitely. people, they were there as they tried to get it taken and they kind of went around the school. >> reporter: and what also went around, word that police were giving out tickets for jaywalking. $50 a piece. look up for safety and look out for your wallet. that conversation worked for the coordinator. >> we have had a 45% reduction in these high incident periods. >> reporter: students, they got
5:59 pm
real world marketing experience and they saved some lives at the same time. pretty cool. >> the potentiality exists. we've got to think how can we make your kids safer? >> and this will not go. the gun right activists are talking about the terrorist attacks and the hostage crisis on the school here in russia back in 2004. and that they have a plan to protect schools here and protecting their children have taken on the new focus and sense of urgency. the local group with the famous ties, they have a new proposal and peggy fox is here to tell us what they think. peg? >> reporter: the group is not going as far as they think that they should be allowed to carry guns in schools. but they want people trained to have access to a gun in school if needed.


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