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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 5, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. we begin with breaking news
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of a deadly fire in southeast washington. two people were killed whether fire swept through an apartment at 1704 r street southeast. one firefighter was rushed to the hospital with a broken leg. another firefighter suffered a shoulder injury. right now authorities are not releasing the names of the victims. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. a wave of purple is washing over baltimore. thousands have packed the m&t bank stadium to celebrate the baltimore ravens' super bowl win. it is a day that has been 12 years in the making. today baltimore celebrates that wonderful victory. scott broom is live at the m&t bank stadium where the party is getting started. >> reporter: this city is in gridlock today. let me tell you, this is like the super bowl except without all those pesky 49ers fans and
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the expensive plane tickets of the this city is packed with tens of thousands of people. traffic is in gridlock and there is a parade that's about to get under way right now. let me take you inside m&t bank stadium where it is free to get inside today. a civic celebration. this stadium fills with 72,000 people and all indications are it's going to be full and potentially overcapacity. live right now the ravens are about a mile and a half from here in front of baltimore city hall where they're accepting the congratulations of city officials. there's a huge crowd there. there is also a huge crowd along a parade route that goes between here and there. traffic is moving nowhere in the city because the ravens are the only ones that are going to be moving between city hall and here after thin credible super bowl victory. meanwhile, people have been lining up here since about 6:00 this morning. the stadium is mostly full at
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this time, and here's how some of the people inside are reacting right now. >> this is insane. i love it. this is just fantastic. it's such a high. >> reporter: what's it like being here? >> awesome. surreal. surreal. >> cold and happy and ready to rock. >> it is great. you can feel the energy. it's going to be a great afternoon. >> reporter: and so many of the people i talked to today, they can't afford season tickets, but the stadium's open. it's free and people can actually be down on the field and be near the players when they finally come here. a huge amount of excitement. but i'll tell you what, the other part of the story today is the gridlock in the city. it's so bad that ravens players had to be brought here to the stadium to stage for this event with special police escorts. traffic at all the major routes coming into town has been jammed up since about 8:30 or
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9:00 this morning. people are still streaming into the stadium area, still trying to be here to see this parade. like i said, really it is like the super bowl here. they're sort of reproducing the feeling except without having to travel all the way down to new orleans. it's going to be a big day here. the parade now under way. we'll have full coverage later today on wusa9. aim scott broom reporting live outside m&t bank stadium in baltimore, wusa9. back to you, jc. >> all right, scott. i wish i was there with you because it looks like it's goab to be a fan taste -- it's going to be a fantastic celebration. again, we're streaming the celebration from baltimore live on our website then at 7:30, you can watch a special edition of "game on: purple reign" with derek mcginty and kristen berset. well, another number one ranking that is sure to make drivers frustrated is a new study by texas a&m
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transportation institute. it says that the d.c. area tops the nation as having the worst congested roads. delia goncalves has details. >> reporter: for anyone who drives in the d.c. area, the study comes as no surprise. and for this story i figured i'd get behind the wheel so we can all share the pain together. according to the study, we burn about 67 hours and 32 gallons of gas each year on average. and what's new about this study, even though there have been plenty of these studies in the past, what's new this year, researchers are for the first time taking a look at the planning time index. that essentially means in our bad traffic, specifically here in d.c., we should give ourselves two hours to get to where we need to go for a trip that normally takes about 20 minutes. >> people have to know the traffic patterns, such as i think connecticut avenue let's the traffic come in and go out in a timely fashion.
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whereas wisconsin avenue is very slow. >> i used to traffic i-66. that was rough. even going against the traffic it was still traffic but i did feel bad for the others. >> reporter: the study says we burn 67 hours on average a year sitting in traffic. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: do you believe that? >> yeah, i do. >> reporter: so advice from our drivers, consider your routes and the time of travel and you'll eventually get there. sitting in traffic, delia goncalves, wusa9. d.c. police are asking for our help to find a missing 6- year-old. investigators are not calling this an amber alert, but they do believe erionia birts is with a noncustodial parent and they have left the city. she was last seen january 31 in the 2000 block of northeast -- block e street northeast. she was wearing purple pants, a
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jacket and silver boots. if you have any information, please call d.c. police 202-727- 9099. the florida man charged with killing an unarmed trayvon martin is in court today on what would have been the victim's 18th birthday. earlier this morning, a judge denied george zimmerman's request to delay his trial. his lawyers argue that prosecutors have been slow in turning over some much needed evidence. prosecutors paint zimmerman as an overzealous neighborhood watch coordinator who pursued martin after a 911 dispatcher ordered him to stand down. right now a 5-year-old boy is recovering from a week-long hostage ordeal. f.b.i. agents stormed an underground bunker where a gunman held the boy captive after a school bus shooting. marley hall has more on how
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that hostage rescue happened. >> reporter: jimmy dykes' property is still an active crime scene. investigators are gathering evidence in his underground storm bunker where he held a 5- year-old boy named ethan captive for nearly a week. the f.b.i.'s hostage rescue team stormed into the bunker and rescued ethan monday afternoon. they set off flash grenades to confuse and distract dykes. then they shot and killed him. officials tell cbs news, the f.b.i. grew concerned with dykes' behavior, watching him through a camera that was inserted into the bunker during the standoff. john miller is a former f.b.i. distant director. >> cameras can be introduced through fiber optic lenses that can be drilled into a pin hole in the wall or introduced in other objects. there's a lot of reasons they don't go into the detail of that which these are techniques they may need to use the next time. >> reporter: ethan is reportedly okay and undergoing
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medical evaluations. the boy has a disorder similar to autism. he turns 6 tomorrow. school buses took students back to midland city elementary today for the first time since bus driver charles poland was killed and ethan was abducted. >> i'm just proud ethan is going to be able to come back to school. we're looking forward to the day he walks back in with open arms. >> reporter: a pastor rode to school this morning with children on ethan's bus. >> i think that encouraged them and mailed them -- made them feel better. >> reporter: officials are planning to throw a big birthday party for ethan when he returns to school. mollie hall for cbs news, midland city, alabama. we're going to take another live look at the festivities in baltimore. they're celebrating the ravens' win. by the way, we're going to be back in just a moment.
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two people were killed this morning in southeast washington while a fire broke out at 1704
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r street. several firefighters were injured. our bruce johnson is on the scene with more information. >> reporter: jc, we've only got a little bit of information. this may turn out to be one of those tragic stories about two people who don't have a place to stay so they become squatters in a four-unit apartment building. this is the 1700 block of r street. about the middle of the block is where this tragedy happened. firefighters confirm they found two bodies on the first floor of a four-unit abandoned apartment building. the building had been boarded up. people living on both sides, however. the fire apparently broke out at the very spot where they found the two bodies. they say the bodies are insuch state they can't tell if they're both males, male, female, two females or anything at this point. certainly no identification. pretty certain they're squatters, that the fire started out right there on the first floor where the two bodies were found. people on both sides were able to evacuate themselves. we haven't been able to talk to
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them. we'll talk to them shortly to find out what else has been going on. but a boarded up building, two people homeless inside according to firefighters. we'll obviously have the latest on 9news now tonight at 5:00. jc? >> thank you very much, bruce. we'll have more information on our website coming up next, howard and the forecast. >> jc, quite a chill still in the air at this hour. take a look at these temps before we go to break. we'll have mid and upper 30s to our north. warmer down south. dumfries 42. a moderating trend in our future. the forecast coming up when wusa 9news
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this is 84% off and one of the most popular deals right now on living social. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. i'm jessica doyle, wusa9. there are a few fund- raisers that are near and dear to my heart. i want to tell but one coming up on saturday, march 23. it's for the children's inn at national institutes of health. and it is so important because it really helps children and families stay together. and i have the co-chairman here with me, diane pierson. it raises lots of money and the money is needed because the organization is so important. and you help families from all over the world, not just in the washington area. tell me about what you do. >> that's absolutely true. the children's inn is the only family oriented residence where children from the n.i.h.
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that are receiving treatments at the n.i.h., and these are experimental treatments where them and their families can live together in a place like home. that's the mission of the children's inn is to make this a place like home. >> because otherwise these families wouldn't be able to come here, be with their child, and we know that when a family is with a child, it helps in the healing process. >> the healing process is the whole family. it is -- it's every piece of it. it's financial. it's emotional. it's help. it's all of the different pieces of it. >> and it's so expensive. >> it's so expensive. many of these families, not only are they facing emotional distress but financial distress. it can ruin a family. these people will travel all over the world to get the treatment that they need for these children. i think one of my happiest things is i've never needed the children's inn. >> those that do, let me tell you, you could really help by
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participating. tickets are available. you can have an auction. you can go for barcelona or to london if you're a winner. tickets aren't that expensive for this auction. if you want more information, please go to my web site we'll have all the information about the children's inn. they zoo this every year -- they do this every year. they need your support. thank you for what you're doing. >> thank you very much. we hope to see everybody there. it's our 15th year. march 23. howard, let's get your forecast. >> jc, we're doing lots of clouds here. they've been thick and light winds. no sun really. the temperatures have been real slow. struggling to get toward 45 or so this afternoon. only about 40 here coming up next hour. 44 by 5:00. back to 39 by 9:00 p.m. we do have a slight, slight chance after sprinkle or a flurry -- of a sprinkle or a flurry tonight.
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most of what we'll see will stay in the mountain,. a little bit of snow in new england. could be trouble on friday. what we're watching for tonight is another one of these fast moving upper air disturbances coming through the midwest this morning. notice milwaukee back through madison down through indianapolis. a couple of snow showers there. and the mountains are going to see a few more inches of snow. temperatures believe it or not are a lot warmer south of town than what they were this time yesterday. we're just a few degrees warmer here than what we were yesterday with temperatures now running in the low to mid-30s still. up north hagerstown is only 32. but fredricksburg is up to 51 degrees right now with easton at 41. leesburg is 37. and here in washington, well, we've got the clouds still on our michael & son weather camera. 39 degrees. feeling like 34 so a bit after windchill with an east, northeast wind at 7. the winds have been light. it's not enough to break up the clouds and get us a little warmer. you'll need the jackets the rest of the day. one thing i want to point out.
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i showed you this yesterday. we have the northern jet stream coming across the northern part of the country. a little dip here but not much. the southern branch through mexico and then through the gulf coast with some rain there. when you get this split flow and this fast flow, we don't get any big storms and we keep the cold really bottled up. there are signs by the end of the week we'll see a storm on the east coast. for us it's likely going to be rain. maybe a wintry mix north and west but in new england, that's where there could be big time snows here by the time we get toward friday, friday night. so showing you the futurecast in the short term, there's that chance for that isolated sprinkle or flurry north of town. we'll see some light snows in southeastern pennsylvania all the way through southern connecticut and long island. then there's this upper air disturbance that comes. tonight more snow showers in the mountains. so get out and go skiing the next couple of days. take advantage of it. tomorrow looks like and sunny. breezy though. temperatures again in the mid- 40s but with the sunshine, the sunshine will feel better but the winds will make it feel maybe a little bit colder.
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then even thursday looks pretty good before we get a little unsettled here by friday. forecast 45 this afternoon. although low 50s down toward fredricksburg and only 40'ish up north. 43 tonight as skies will stay mostly cloudy -- 33 tonight as skies will stay mostly cloudy. tomorrow breezy, 46. thursday 47. clouds will be increasing as the day wears on. by friday we have showers around, 47. the weekend, though, good news there. mid-40s saturday. low 50s sunday. and then more wet weather possible monday with a temperature of 54. got a good piece of fish to show you in the kitchen
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today i want to tell you that enjoying seafood from southern maryland is one of the great benefits of living in this area, but you can enjoy
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some incredible seafood dishes duringed winter months -- during the winter months. today i have chef sean kindrick. you are preparing rock fish. i have gone rock fishing. i have. yes. they have to be a certain length in order to take them out of the water. they don't want the small ones. only two per person. >> very true. >> tell me what you're preparing. >> like she said, i'm from waters edge. i like to do pan seared rock fish because a slot of people are scared to seer it at home. they think they're going to have to scrape the pan or wash dishes for nine hours. when you get your pan nice and warm, you'll see a white smoke come off the corner of the panel. that's when you're ready to put your fish in. for me, as soon as the fish hits the pan, i leave it alone and take it over to the oven.
12:27 pm
and that's t. it will seer. once it's in the oven for two, three minutes, it's perfect. plate it out and it will release right from the pan. >> you have some beans. >> yes, we have a threbean ragu, a black bean, kidney bean and a white kidney bean. we also have placed a little bit of spicy chorizo which is a spanish sauce annual. we also have a little -- sausage. we also have a little bit of lemon juice, butter and fresh herbs. >> you gave me the recipe. it's going to be on so you'll be able to do this at home. so we're putting-- >> putting in the ragu. it's so good. what we're going to do is we have our sauce which is a little bit of tangerine. >> oh, gosh. >> we'll place that around. >> a little sweetness. >> about that time, you can come back over here. >> okay. you can see the chef at waters edge grill. it's on maryland's eastern
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shore. and you actually have -- i see you're going to turn that over. we have a finished plate here so you can see what it looks like. doesn't that look delicious? >> we just have a little bit of salad on top. >> i want to remind everybody that we are streaming the ravens celebration. that's a live picture. are they having fun
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