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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 2, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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it was good. i'm three weeks out. i hope to be able to walk around and do all this stuff. i'm pretty far ahead. but i don't want to scare anybody. i'm going to take it slow. >> you're looking at the l rookie of the year. rg3 collected the honor tonight stepping out onto the stage three weeks after surgery. hello, everybody. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. we'll go live to new orleans in a moment. first, light snow fell across the area tonight. erica grow in the weather center with the latest. >> that light snow has mostly moved out of the d.c. metro, but more is on the way. you can see that here on satellite and radar. the bulk of the precipitation has moved off to the north and
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east but a few light snow showers approaching from the west. current temperatures are below freezing. it's 28 degrees in arlington and gaithersburg. college park also at 28 degrees. and it's 29 right now in hey market. so temperatures are still below freezing and that means we won't see any melting overnight tonight, temperatures continuing to dip here. we will see another round of snow showers, very light stuff as we head into the morning hours. we'll see that wrapping up in time to head out the door for your superbowl plans. more on that in a few minutes. his first public appearance since major knee surgery, rg3 accepted rookie of the year honors in new orleans. tonight kristen berset is outside the superdome with the very latest. hey, kristin. >> reporter: hey, bruce. it was great to see him walking around, looking pretty happy. while the 49ers and ravens are resting tonight, preparing for their big game tomorrow, the nfl handed out their honors
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tonight. all their awards to all the other players. adrian peterson, league mvp. peytonanning, come back player of the year. robert griffin, iii, a.p. rookie of the year. rg3 beat out overall number one pick andrew luck and seattle's qb russell wilson. he was very humble but grateful for the honor. >> it's truly a blessing to be up here and be able to stand, first and foremost. you know i had a tough national hurricane center there at the end of the season. i want to thank the coaches -- a tough season there at the -- a tough injury there at the end of the season. i want to thank the coaches. in closing, i want to say sometimes it's not what you get for your time. it's what you're willing to give for them. thank you, guys. >> strong words by rg3. before the nfl honors tonight,
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the hall of fame was announced which included ravens former tackle, jonathan ogden who won the super bowl in 2000. he was the first ever pick as a franchise for the ravenings and now he's the first ever hall of famer. he's an 11 time pro bowler. he's well deserving. he played with 12 different quarterbacks in his career. we have more on rg3, plus the hall of fame coming up later in sports. for now, we're live outside the superdome, kristen berset, bruce back to you. >> the fans have taken over the french quarter tonight. our kristin fisher is there with all the excitement. hey, kristin. >> reporter: well, it is superbowl eve in new orleans, and the feeling here is absolutely electric. [ cheers and applause ] >> we've got 49ers up here. [ cheers and applause ] >> over here, we've got the ravens fans. yeah. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> reporter: now right here. [ shouting ] >> eagles be so -- terrell suggs does it all. >> reporter: you've got to be so proud of your son. >> yes, i am. i'm very proud of ray. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. his final game tomorrow. people here are pumping. if you think this is crazy, think what it was like earlier tonight on bourbon street. >> go ravens. hurrah. >> go ravens. it's going to be a domination start to finish. >> we've been hunting birds. first we took care of the seahawks, then the falcons, now it's the ravens. >> we have three redskins fans and one raven fan in my house. guess which one got to come? the only raven fan. the three redskins fans are
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sitting back at home, brother. >> 49erslosers. >> 49ers, fans. >> losers. >> reporter: it seems like there's a few more ravens fans than 49ers fans. what do y'all think? >> why was it so important to come down here for the super bowl? >> because the ravens made the super bowl, and it's ray lewis' last game and harbaugh and in new orleans. >> worth every penny? >> worth all his pennies. >> who's going to win the super bowl? [ shouting ] >> reporter: i tell you what, i've been to a lot of parties. there is nothing like being in new orleans on superbowl eve. who's going to win the super bowl tomorrow? [ shouting ] >> reporter: back to you. >> all right, kristin, thanks a lot for that. now we've got a live look at the maxim patrons superbowl party tonight. some of the stars expected to
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attend after this evening. neal patrick harris, michael phelps, sylvester stallone and a lot of current and former nfl players of course. the super bowl, with the big game around the corner, many party hosts are out there making one last run to the store to stock up on all the goods. our ken molestina shows us what hungry football fans are blitzing the supermarkets for tonight. >> reporter: even the snow couldn't keep party pro scras nateers from -- procrastinators from rushing to the store to pile up for the game. this supermarket had it, from assorted party plates, balloons, chips, cook considers, they overstocked in anticipation of hungry football fans making a last minute dash to prepare for the party. they even had ravens colors, something these fans enjoyed. >> i'm having a couple for dinner. >> because the redskins didn't
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make it, the next best thing is the ravens. i'm going for the ravens. >> reporter: a couple of weeks ago there was a big rumor that there was a chicken wing shortage. thankfully, it was just that, a rumor. that's a good thing because chicken wings are still atop the list of some of the most popular food items this year according to managers at giant supermarket. also is veggie plates, ice and beer. >> we're actually featuring san francisco beer and baltimore beer. >> reporter: just around the corner, these beer masters have taken an interesting approach to this weekend's beer sales. football tomorrow and san francisco are noafn for their -- known for their regional brewer breweries, so they're going head to head. good company, food, and beer. those are the keys to a great superbowl party. we'll give that a thumbs up.
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i'm ken molestina, wusa 9. he's one of louisiana's native sons but this former redskins star calls d.c. home or the d.c. area. brian mitchell. >> reporter: he is a former redskins player who still lives in the hearts of d.c. fans. many say brian mitchell will one day be in the hall of fame. >> i have to ask you to show me your glitz, please. >> it comes out at this time of the year. >> reporter: mitchell is ranked the second greatest return specialist in nfl history. he was drafted by the redskins in 1990, went to philadelphia in 2000, and spent a short stint with the giants, but he retired as a redskin. >> when i left, the fans still cared for me. you know, that's where i became a young man. joe gibbs gave me an opportunity to come to d. crcht and now i've -- d.c. and now i've been there 22 years. i've been in d.c. and louisiana. i felt it was vital. my name was made in washington,
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d.c. it wasn't made in philadelphia or new york, although i respect those people. you know, your heart is right there. my heart was always in d.c. when i walk around, i feel the love. >> reporter: louisiana is his home state, so he can speak easily about why new orleans is the best place for a superbowl. >> they like having fun. they enjoy our food, we enjoy having a good drink every once in awhile, and we look at you and make eye contacwith you and greet you with a smile. i think when you look at that and bring that to a superbowl. >> reporter: so what is the key to winning on sunday? mitchell has some answers. >> special team. the team and the coach that has handled this whole glitz and glamour part of the game best. whoever doesn't turn the football over will win the game. the least amount of turnovers will win this game. >> reporter: turnovers is the key for you? >> yes, i think it will be. >> he and my son share the same
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birthday, august 18th. just ahead, investigators trying to determine what caused a big fire out in gaithersburg. also, a maryland community reaching out to help a family that lost two children in a house fire.
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fire damages a home in gaithersburg tonight. you can see the flames tearing
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through the residence. the fire started earlier tonight in the basement of a home in the 3200 block of harmony hall road. investigators still trying to determine just what caused that fire. authorities in alabama say they're still talking with the man who's been holding a 5-year- old boy hostage since tuesday. they're planning a rescue attempt, there's no indication of that tonight. the kidnapper, jimmy lee dikes, told authorities he has food,blankets and an electric heater in the bunker. he's allowed them to deliver food, toys and medication for the boy. the local sheriff for some reason thanked dike for taking care of the boy. he boarded a bus five days ago and fatally shot the driver. the body of a missing new york city woman has been found in furyky. 33-year-old sarai sierra went missing after vacationing alone in istanbul. she was due back in the u.s. on
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january 21st. today turkish police found her body in a low-income area. she was stabbed to death. police detained 9 people for questioning. a bus carrying 42 people home from a trip to harvard university are crashes into a boston overpass. it happened before 8:00 tonight as the bus headed back to pennsylvania. at least 33 people were hurt. five of them seriously. firefighters had to rescue several people through the roof of the bus who were trapped for hours. frederick county residents are pulling together for a family that lost two siblings in a tragic fire late thursday night. the 3 and 6-year-old sisters died in the fast moving blaze that injured their parents and two other children. tonight everybody has been released except for an 8-year- old daughter. surae chinn reports on the latest. >> i'm a mom. an unimaginable loss. >> reporter: ashley lynn met the mother at a mom's group
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years ago. now moms all over the county and beyond are trying to give the parents what they need to care for their surviving children. -year-old morgan who -- 8-year- old morgan and 7-month-old sadie. >> there are other moms collecting breast milk from other moms and delivering it to the hospital for the 7-month- old. >> reporter: neighbors say the mother management to carry out her infant, then race back inside to drop her 8-year-old from a balcony. the father climbed on to the burning roof, but wasn't able to save their two middle children. 6-year-old sophie and 3-year- old madigan. >> no one deserves this to happen. >> reporter: the community wants the lillard family to know they are embracing them in this unimaginable tragedy and sharing in their grief. >> they give and give and give. i'm so proud of our community that we're coming together and giving back to them in their time of need. >> reporter: the fit for life boot camp set up a fund-raiser for the family. it had a goal of $1,000.
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it surpassed that amount in two hours and has grown to more than $25,000. one donor wrote, we have children the same ages as yours, and can't imagine the pain you all are going through right now. another writes, our prayers are with your family. may god wrap his arms around you now and forever. >> we're just here to send them love and hugs and strength as much strength as we can, and we love them. >> reporter: in frederick county, surae chinn, wusa 9. >> the cause of that fire is still undetermined, but they believe the fire may have started in the living room. there are numerous public donation drop-off points in frederick county. also a fund-raiser is scheduled for next tuesday at the chick- fil-a in frederick. for a list of how you can help this family, you can go to just ahead tonight, an update for america on the snow falling tonight, and what we can expect for sunday morning. and here's another live
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look at the maxim superbowl party. we're told the stars will be arriving in 30 minutes.
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. >> here's my question. get used to it. is there enough snow for a snowball? >> no. in fact, you can take all the snow we're going to get in the next week and possibly make a snowball out of it. >> you're safe for now. >> yeah. >> so yeah, we had a little bit of snow earlier on today, a little bit more will fall tonight. and then we'll see some for the tuesday morning rush hour. right now outside with the michael & son live weather cam, we are looking okay. that snow fell during the evening hours, and now the temperature's below freezing. so the snow is not going to go anywhere. with the wind chill it feels like 22 degrees. the dew point is 26 which is significant in that it's not overly dry out there. that means that when you step outside, you touch the doorknob to step outside, it's not going to give you that electric shock like it does sometimes when the atmosphere is really dry. snow showers moving through. most to the east but a few will descend from the north and
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west. a light coating for just about the entire d.c. metro though. the snow showers will finally move out as we head into the afternoon on sunday. which means that all your superbowl plans are in the clear. but more snow showers in the forecast during the work week next week as we head into tuesday specifically. 30 degrees right now. leesburg. 28 in manassas and gaithersburg. 23 in frederick. that's one of the colder temperatures on the map. not too bad out there. we do have a light breeze so that's giving us a bit of a wind chill factor. the bulk of the snow has moved out. rain to the south. that line will remain to the south of us for basically the entire work week. not much chance for any melting in our forecast. you can see that next little cluster of snow showers moving toward us from iowa. that will arrive overnight tonight. we're going to see just a little bit more snow, maybe a little dusting, that's it. 23 to 28 degrees for your overnight lows. winds out of the southeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour. but as we head into the
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afternoon and that disturbance passes, we will see those winds become a little bit more northerly. mostly cloudy in the morning. a few more snow showers possible. no more accumulating snow in our forecast. winds out of the northeast at 5 to 10. in the afternoon, we'll get up between 35 and 40 degrees. a few breaks in the clouds but nothing significant. it's going to be a pretty cloudy day. it looks like it will be dry in time for the super bowl po. the three day forecast. we're keeping it green for sunday and monday. monday 35 degrees and a chance for snow showers moving in on monday evening. into tuesday morning. this is the yellow alert day in our forecast because of the snow could still be falling during that tuesday morning rush. of course, that could cause problems on the roadways. a high of 42 degrees means that everything will melt as we head into the afternoon on tuesday. then wednesday and thursday are pretty nice days here. 42 degrees on wednesday. 45 on thursday. partly cloudy on both of those
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days. and then friday we have another disturbance on the way. it could bring a mixture of rain and snow. but again, not a lot of moisture with this. so we don't have anything big to worry about in our forecast. friday, look for a high in the mid-40s and then a beautiful day on saturday. a high of 49 degrees and lots of sunshine. so something to look forward to in our forecast. a beautiful day next weekend, but we have a little bit of unsettled weather to get through before we get there. >> no snow. no need to panic. >> no need to panic. >> but they will in rush hour. >> get batteries from target. >> you've got a lot to talk about. get a tv and watch the super bowl tomorrow. what's the latest in new orleans -- we go back after the break. the stars are out at the big game. rg3 is there and rogers and a couple of congressmen as well. back here, maryland, doing their thing. and georgetown, getting a big
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who runs this loving and happy home. she too struggled with tumors. but that doesn't slow her down. her love of family comes first. their dad, phil, works two jobs, repairing copiers, and on weekends delivering newspapers. but the bills keep piling up, and the heating bill gets pushed off. when you learn about their difficulties, it just breaks your heart. when we asked the biggest oil companies to help families in need, only citgo, the people of venezuela, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like the berios. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold!
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now, here's dave owens at the wusa 9 cadillac sports desk. >> all right, counting down to superbowl xlvii in about 18 hours or so. we'll finally get some resolution to this whole thing. speaking of whole thing, we've had a contingent of folk in the crescent city this week covering the whole thing, so let's head out to kristen berset who is standing by in the big easy. hey, k.b., what's up? >> reporter: that's right, dave. besides the big game, like you
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said tomorrow night, tonight's festive vis are just as exciting -- festivities are just as exciting. the nfl hands out the awards. robert griffin, iii is named the offensive rookie of the year. a big night for him. it was nice to see him on the red carpet. not really using crutches, not really limping all that much. just three or four weeks after surgery. it's great to see him out there. he seemed a little surprised, but he beat out andrew luck, andrew wilson. it was a really tough matchup. we all remember what happened, and it was nice to see him out there. so of course, when we got a chance to talk to him, we could not help but ask about his recovery. >> it's doing good. i'm so blessed to be out here walking around, moving around with no trouble. so i've kept my head down the past three weeks trying to get healthy. i'm on the right path. i i've got to make sure i continue to do that.
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>> reporter: also tonight, we learned the next five who will be inducted into the nfl hall of fame. ravens offensive tackle jonathan ogden headed to canton. it's the first time ever being on the ballot. he was the ravens first ever draft pick and now their first ever hall of famer, a ten time pro bowler, well-deserved award. it wasn't all good news for the ravens. former owner who infamously moved the team from cleveland to baltimore was denied the second time. and jonathan ogden joins guys like warren sapp and chris carter on that ballot. an exciting night in new orleans but nothing compares to what is going to go down tomorrow night right behind me during the superdome, of course. we'll have live coverage for you following the game. for now, that will do it for us in new orleans. back to you. >> great job this week. look forward to talking to you tomorrow. i don't know about you, but i am ready for some football. on to other news, maryland basketball desperately seeking
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home court. if there's one thing we know about the terps, they don't deal well with adversity away from college park. a young team still growing. at home today, somebody hit the lights. once they brought the lights back on, alex lynn with a big one there, 12 points, 9 rebounds. nick faust stop and go. terps by 17 at halftime. pouring it on in the second half, charles mitchell two- handed plus. maryland with their most lopsided win of the year 86-60. >> we talked about playing with energy and playing hard and having fun. and we put a lot more effort into us than we did wake forest today. it really helped. >> all this week and past few days especially, watching film and hey, guys, we're right there. we're right there. defense is great. starting to make shots. we really came together as a team. we didn't get the game against
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florida state but tonight we executed well and won. >> georgetown hosting st. john's. aaron bowen just caught air force one. he was a guy last week who had the big game-winning tip. great game. following it up today. hoyas win 68-56. and the wizards going down tonight in san antonio. the game tomorrow. it's time for some football. >> absolutely. want to recap for us. we still have a few more snow showers through the overnight and into sunday morning. but by the afternoon, we're in the clear, so you don't have to worry about making it to your superbowl party, if that's where you're heading tomorrow night. >> speaking of a party. let's go back to new orleans and the maxim party. who is this lady here? anybody you recognize, dave? >> is that snooki? >> i don't think so. >> i don't think so. >> you didn't recognize her?
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>> no. >> at least not from that view. thanks for watching, everybody. you can get updates online, of course. we'll see you back here tomorrow. bye.
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