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tv   9 News Now Sunday at 630pm  CBS  July 22, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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the statue of joe paterno will come down in front of penn state's football stadium. hello everybody, i'm bruce johnson. that's according to the white house that they think it is the right thing to do. the statue was taken down early this morning after reports found the late coach and three other top officials concealed sex abuse claims against jerry sandusky. tomorrow, the ncaa is expected to hand down a punishment to the school. we have a live coverage for you tonight. >> reporter: it was the dismantling of an icon. the 7-foot tall statue of joe paterno that stood outside penn state's football program was covered with a tarp, before
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workers used jackhammers and a forklift to remove it from its foundation and put it in the storage. >> this is a travesty. i see why there's a lot of problems surrounding the statue. >> reporter: on monday morning, the hammer will come down on the university as they will hit the school with what they have learned that will be unprecedented penalty. what's off the table i'm told now is the so-called death penalty. so they won't have their football program suspended for a year, but when these sanctions are all said and done, penn state is going to wish that they had the death penalty. that's how severe and punitive i'm told they are going to be. >> reporter: a report found that the late head football coach and other school officials covered up child sex abuse allegations. >> as penn state fans and students watched the removal of the statue, some hope that the ncaa would go easier on the
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school. paterno dieded six months ago. his name will be kept on the library because it shows the academic life at penn state. cbs news. >> the paterno family issued a statement saying that the statue's removal does not serve the victims or help heal the penn state community. we caught up with people near the national mall today to get their reactions to the removal of joe paterno's statue. >> he didn't cover it up, he didn't know what to do. he's an old man. a child being molested by a friend of his. >> it is something that he did to those guys, it's unbelievable. and you know, you trust your kids with a coach that, unless it was out of control. >> we'll hear more local reactions on the removal of the paterno statute tonight on 9news now at 11:00. the national conference is underway, the first time that the conference has been in d.c. this afternoon people rallied to remind the world leaders on
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the threat of global health. surae chinn was on the national mall today. reports on why d.c. will have that at stake. >> keep the promise march. it's happening in the city with the highest rate in the country with people living with hiv, just under 3%. that number jumped to more than twice as many among black men. >> it was a very traumatic experience. for me i was in the 6th grade at that time. >> reporter: he lost the uncle to aids. a part of the startling statistic to department of health. 80% of hiv patients in the district are black men. >> what the family really doesn't want to do is talk about that a lot. something like this will come up, but he died way too early in his 30s. >> reporter: the rally reminds people of the urgency while they empower others. >> i have nothing to be ashamed about. it is still affecting it and infecting people. >> reporter: for a quiet reflection, people are visiting the aids and memorial. a reminder of too many lives lost. >> a lot of people have
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forgotten that all these people dieded. >> reporter: he was told that he was hiv positive about 17 years ago this month. >> i was told that i was going to get infections it in twoyears and -- infections in two years and die in five, but that luckily did not happen. >> reporter: it can connects me with these people who died. >> reporter: but there's exciting new research and drugs that will give those living with this deadly disease hope. >> drugs are what's keeping me alive right now. >> reporter: global leaders will be meeting all week. they are hoping that they could talk about prevention and the continuation of funding treatments, so that more people are not added to the quilt or ending up like the uncle. on the national mall, surae chinn, 9news now. worldwide aids has killed some 35 million people. president barack obama has arrived in colorado to meet with officials and families of those gunned down on friday in the movie theater shooting spree. police have finished collecting evidence from the apartment
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where the colorado shooting suspect lived. well, they are still not allowed back into the building because of chemical hazards. we're in aurora for you this evening where a vigil is expected later on tonight. >> reporter: church services across aurora, heavy hearts following the mass shooting that took 12 lives and forever changed countless others. >> what this person is trying to do is take our safety, which he did. he took our comfort. >> reporter: but comforting one another is helping the community cope. coming together tonight for a large vigil with thousands attending. at the same time we're learning more about the accused killer's plot. federal agents, they detonated the 30 or so canisters or many bombs that were found inside the suspect's apartment. and they said that bombs were designed to kill first responders. online tactical gear confirms they bought more than $300 worth of equipment later on
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this month including assault vests and a knife all used in the attack. luckily it appears that the suspect's semi-automatic assault rifle jammed during the jam page. theyed told the a.p. that forced the suspect to switch to a different weapon, cutting down on how quickly he was able to shoot into the crowded theater. the suspect's parents, visibly disstressed, asked for privacy. >> it was a very sad day. and they are working with and communications with the authorities. really that's all we could say. >> reporter: back in aurora, they will continue to remember those lost with 12 funerals planned in the days ahead. >> we've got some grieving to do, but then we've got to start moving ahead. and we've got to make aurora a better place even more than what it was two days ago and we will. >> reporting live from colorado. just ahead on 9news now this sunday, a somber remembrance this weekend for the 40th anniversary of the massacre. and we're finally getting
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some sun this weekend. a little bit of a break for you in the cloud cover, but the humidity is high. we're going to take it even higher as we head into a pretty hot workweek. reagan national tonight, 82 today, so did the dwi and dulles airport. we'll look at warmer temperatures ahead. i'll have your full forecast when 9news now continues.
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right now, we'll go back to colorado where they are standing by aurora. can you give us an idea of what he is doing and what people are saying to him? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, bruce. the president has arrived more than an hour ago. greeted the -- at the airport by the police chief here in aurora with other dignitaries. then started a private meeting with the victims and their family members, which we believe they will continue right now. he'll be making some remarks to the public, or at least it will be broadcast on tv this weekend, happening within the next hour and then the president will continue on to the west coast. >> can you give us an idea on how they feel about being there? >> reporter: i think the fact that the president is coming here just to meet privately with the family members takes some of the politics on out of this. i have not heard any talk from people here as to whether or not they think that it is good or bad, but much of the focus, it is not on the president here. it is on the vigil that will take place for you tonight, but for those people that will have an opinion, i think it is a private meeting with the family
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members and it helps take some of the politics out of what is obviously a very politically divided country that we're living in right now. >> okay, who will be there? what can you expect to have happen there tonight, mike? >> reporter: we are still just two hours away from the vigil, yet people have started gathering here, maybe a couple hundred people. just several dignitaries that will be here for the municipal building. and some of the family members are expected to come here after their meeting with the president as well as some of the survivors, all rt -- all part of the prayer vigil that will take place here tonight. >> yes, happening there and around the country. reporting live for us, thank you so much for that report. >> you bet. >> back here, a debt collapse, people are tumbling to the ground. that's what happened just a short time ago at the house of the 14,000 block of the loyalty
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road in leesburg, virginia. victims plunged some 8 feet down to the ground. still on the scene. we're told that three people were transported to a hospital, merely as a precaution. that's just as they were preparing to break that there on the past. as they moved to the scene, a second car blew up. two roadside bombs ripped through the open market about 12 miles away. just days before the summer olympics, they marked the 40th anniversary of the massacre. it happened just a few miles away and no moment of silence for them. as friday's opening ceremony is
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here. the opening ceremony is not an appropriate arena to remember the dead and despite pressure from the politicians here in the u.s. that will be near the london organizer and the committee. are we going to catch a break from the drizzle? your forecast is coming up next. ♪
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i've never felt this way before, but it's a scary time to be a woman. mitt romney is just so out of touch. [ female announcer ] mitt romney opposes requiring insurance coverage for contraception. and romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a bill that outlaws all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest.
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there's so much we need to do. we need to attack our problems -- not a woman's choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. today turned out to be pretty nice around here. >> yes. you'll have an opportunity for some of the humidity to creep back in. we're already feeling some of the mugginess at this hour. but the temperatures, they are holding pretty nicely. most of us made it up early on this afternoon and the high at reagan international. 82 degrees. that's where we're sitting right now with the beautiful
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camera. and then with the partly cloudy skies into the evening hours. we'll definitely see a bit of a cool down later on tonight. right now, 82. 79 here at arlington. we're also looking at temperatures, mainly into the upper 70s and lower 80s in and around town. we're going to keep the temperatures fairly mild overnight tonight. not going down too low. but we're going to dial up the heat once again as the weekend will feature the temperatures in the 70s yesterday. lower 80s today. we'll see it return to the 90s as we head into the workweek. we're going to stir up the atmosphere with a little bit of the instability for you, which will bring about showers and thunderstorms and a possibility for you each afternoon as we head into monday and tuesday. and by tuesday though, a front will move on through and some refreshing changes behind that front. well at least they will scour out the humidity, but we'll keep a good deal of our summertime heat. so the satellite and radar forecast is not too bad right now. the forecast model, i stopped it at about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and you can see how
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close they will get in the late day showers and thunderstorms that should begin before your drive time home. moving on very quickly and then high pressure settles on in with a good deal of sunshine as you head for tuesday and wednesday and then things are even looking good towards the end of the week with a fairly uneventful forecast for the next seven days. here's how we'll take a look at it overnight tonight. mostly cloudy, yes, muggy as they will continue to pull in moisture. we'll see the temperatures tomorrow and for the highs right around 94 degrees. we're also going to see the 90s in and around the region. but overall, the numbers are looking pretty good. they will be fairlied mild. we'll start in the 70s, push through the 80s with a high right around 94 to 95 degrees. we're going to hold it to code yellow for the next couple of days because of the threat of the late day showers and thunderstorms by the time you get into wednesday's forecast. and the temperatures, they will retreat. down to about 90 degrees, they are the normal at this time of the year. i think that we're going to run
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seasonably average towards the end of the week. >> all right, thank you. can you say meltdown? [ laughter ] >> collapse. meltdown. well, it was tough to watch. poor guy. i mean, my gosh. >> yes, adam scott. i'll tell you if you did not get up to watch the british open. stick around. you're about to witness a historic show featuring both heartbreaks and collapse. i'll tell you what it was tough to watch. taking care of sunday. and out of town, the same way that they came. and a 900-pound man coming down next. if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own.
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if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. my father's hands didn't build this company. my hands didn't build this company. through hard work and a little bit of luck, we built this business. why are you demonizing us for it? it's time we had somebody who believes in us. someone who believes that achievement should be rewarded not punished. we need somebody who believes in america. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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well last night we told you that the winds were coming. that is the non-ams certified version of the british open. i'm a sports guy, not a meteorologist. it meant that we were in for a wild final round at theired oldest major championship. did we ever.
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tiger woods, they forced them back to begin the day as they said all we needed to do was make the put. they should have worked on the sand game or the bunker game. that thing will come moving back to them and the triple bogey. his tournament was done. and he scorched up the back nine game in 32 to finish at 7 under, but adam scott is up 4 with four to play, so they are taking it off there and tipping their hats to the crowd thinking second place. pretty cool. but he would watch as adam scott, he implodes. three straight bog gees, then this to force a playoff for you. no way! scott loses a four-stroke lead with four to play. and add that up to the winner's circle. >> i'm just here realizing that it has not set in. we'll be taking quite a few days for you. because you know, i am going to be in this position for ten years. >> i wasn't out of the position here and i managed to get myself in some trouble and i needed to get out of it for the
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last four holes. >> well, there were not many scoring in the 60s today. he's one of them. that earns them the second open championship. the first one is just a decade ago. they could take them there and the fact that it is the best finish in the major since 2009. but i doubt that he will. he is 0-17. 0 for the last 17 in majors. baseball is truly a game of endurance. this season is the longest of the four major sports though. never wanting it to get wrapped up in one game, especially with about 60 to 70 to go. on friday night, they had some thinking a panic, but a win today is nothing like this series and it never happened. all right, we'll see it. do you remember that shot he got back in june? batting about .390 since then. i'm ryan zimmerman and i would like to go to the river. that's about how far he has hit that ball in the last 10 games. here's a second. that's going to be going to the navy yard and the metro station probably. he had nine hits here in the weekend series. the fifth inning, the bases are
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loaded, standing here with the first major league rbi. everybody, come on down! the bases were loaded. the nats will roll 9-2. afterwards, the manager here talking about red hot ryan zimmerman. >> and he is swinging the bat so good. it's scary. every single time he's up there, he's going to hit a rocket. >> that's the good news. they are looking to keep it going, but they are positive. and that will be by a score of 4-3. they lost five straight. okay, you can hear many people saying that for the following past two weeks. donating that out there as they deserve to have the statues in front of their stadiums and the names on the building as we reported earlier for you.
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they removed the 7-foot tall statue of paterno this morning. after he decided that they had a source of division. and an obstacle to the healing at the university. he did decide to keep the name on the libraries. they said that they will outline them for the corrective and punitive measures against penn state. and it does not serve as the victims of jerry sandusky's horrible crime or help heal penn state. we're going to be discussing this much more tonight on sports plus. and that's all we're talking about it. and that will be a good thing for the bad thing and the national stretch here in the lead. and on wednesday, can you believe that? i'm not ready. >> they will need to take it
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away. and maybe some bold appearances. >> yes, they will be heating things up this week, approaching on monday and tuesday. nice behind the front. >> yes, it means no football. >> at least for a year. >> okay, thank you. you can get updates online on we'll see you back here at 11:00. bye. ♪
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