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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  June 20, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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idea, covers the entire metro area. no one set records today. record high at bwi was 100. they topped out at 98. our record high downtown was 99. we topped out at 98. dulles was kind of disappointing. the record high was 97. they only hit 94 today. that said, i think we have a better chance of record highs tomorrow. 97 now downtown, 93 manassas, 91 leesburg. factor in the humidity, not that bad. feels like 101 downtown, doesn't raise temps that much to the west, 98 leesburg and 97 in manassas. we'll come back and talk about the records for tomorrow and look ahead to the weekend. i'll wager those folks at dulles not all that disappointed they didn't get the heat record. meantime some local pools extended their hours. d.c. shifted the hours for its garbage and recycling pickups and metro began letting folks bring water on board, all this to try to help folks stay cool and safe in this weather. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher on the national mall where it is the month thest day
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of the year and the longest -- hottest day of the year and the longest day of the yearful earlier there was supposed to be a summer -- year. earlier there was supposed to be a summer solstice valley ballgame but it was canceled due to the heat. the summer heat can make people do crazy things. for prince george's county paramedic arbery butler, he's dealt with countless heat- related calls on the job. he knows all too well heat is the no. 1 weather-related killer in the united states. he encourages this family on a song midday walk to stay inside. >> -- scorching midday walk to stay inside. >> are you sweating? >> are you hot? are you sweating down your face? >> i got my straw hat on. >> they look like they're dress pred it i well. the kids have hats on. -- pretty well. the kids have hats on. you do have sunscreen on, sun block. stay inside and turn on the air conditioning and worry about the bill a little later on in
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the year. >> reporter: in washington kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> we've got a lot more how to beat the meet at that is where you'll also find more on those heat advisories and air quality alerts. there is a new twist in the fallout from the justice department's fast and furious operation. today the house oversight committee took an unprecedented step recommending the u.s. attorney general be held in contempt of congress. we have the latest. >> reporter: the house panel has voted to hold the u.s. attorney general in contempt of congress. >> the ayes have it. >> reporter: republican chairman darrell issa called for the vote after attorney general eric holder did not turn over is upped documents from a justice -- subpoenaed documents from a justice department investigation into operation fast and furious, a botched mexican gun running sting. >> the department of justice has fought this committee's investigation every step of the way. >> reporter: the attorney general and chairman met
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tuesday but could not reach a deal. then holder asked the white house for executive privilege to protect the documents and the president granted it. >> the president's assertion of executive privilege creates even more questions. >> reporter: the committee has been investigating fast and furious for a year and a half. during that time the justice department has turned over 7,600 documents related to the operation. >> i think we are actually involved more in political gamesmanship as opposed to trying to get the information they say they want. >> reporter: the house panel spent hours in heated debate before a vote on party lines with republicans voting for contempt and democrats voting against it. >> it shouldn't be a political witch hunt against the attorney general of our country and our president in an election year. >> reporter: some republicans have called for holder's resignation. the attorney general says he still has the full confidence of the president.
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cbs news, capitol hill. >> well, the next step is for the full house to consider the contempt charge. speaker john boehner says lawmakers will do that next week. d.c. mayor vincent gray survived a federal probe into his campaign. will he seek reelection? despite all the speculation and rumors mayor gray is headed to china this weekend seeking new investments in business for the district. bruce johnson report gray says he remains focused on the job. >> reporter: mayor, are you planning to resign? >> ask me a question like that. i have no -- no. >> reporter: d.c. mayor vincent gray angrily responding to a question late yesterday which appeared to be based on a rumor that his health was failing. >> my health is fine. >> reporter: fact is this week the mayor has had a busy schedule that included the dedication of a new library in his ward 7 home base. >> our library buildings were in great disrepair. >> reporter: beginning this weekend he leads a delegation of private and public leaders
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on a 10-day trip to china. >> we hope to talk with them further about the possible financing of our streetcar system here in the city. they're interested in other investments. >> reporter: privately staffers say the mayor has heard all the rumors sin two of his former campaign -- since two of his former campaign aides took guilty beliefs in the federal probe of the gray campaign. those aide staffers say gray has made clear he wants his administration focused on city business, business compared to other u.s. cities seems good. >> there's a lot of people concerned about ethics at the wilson building with the city council and elected officials. i think people also recognize that our city is really doing well. >> ward 7 is booming with development with all these new projects, ribbon cuttings, groundbreakings everywhere. >> reporter: i talked to a number of people out here who were staunch vincent gray supporters in the last campaign and now they're undecided. a number of people said to me even if the mayor comes out of this federal investigation okay, they're not sure he's going to seek a second term in
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office. have you started putting together a reelection campaign? >> oh, no. we're focusing now just on doing the job. >> reporter: he doesn't appear to be driven by public perception. he stands by his decision to hire mickel kelly as his new housing director, this afterred married kelly was caught in a sex scandal with the housing authority. d.c. council members appear set to approve kelly's nomination. >> the mayor leaves for china saturday. he will be gone 10 days. one person is dead after some sort of confrontation with a metro transit police officer along lory lane in new carrollton about 3 miles from the closest metro station. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in lanham, maryland, where police are investigating a man shot to death by a metro transit police officer. the blownout cruiser indicates a violate gunfire on lory lane. >> we are very grateful that
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the detective was not injured or killed today. >> reporter: the officer was investigating a man as a person interest of in an attempted abduction of a 25-year-old woman of a d.c. metrobus stop over the weekend. it led him to the 44-year-old man's house this afternoon. witnesses say the suspect came out with a gun and chased after the officer, then rammed a police cruiser. there was an exchange of gunfire. witnesses heard four to five shots. the 45-year-old suspect was found dead in the road. >> they say some people are built to do certain things. he's not like that. >> he's not like that. he had two kids. >> reporter: surae chinn, 9 news now. in baltimore a man named michael johnson has pleaded not guilty to charges he murdered a teenage acquaintance from north carolina who was visiting this area. the victim? 16-year-old phylicia barnes, the half sister of johnson's farm of former girl friend. barnes disappeared while she was staying in baltimore in tent 10 and police found her body nine -- 2010 and police found her body nine months
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later in the susquehanna river. johnson's trial is set for august. coming up on 9 news now at 7:00, nuns on a bus, a group of sisters receiving a rock star reception on a nine-state journey to washington. we'll have more on their crew side on 9 news now at 7:00. >> that's quite a vehicle. still to come in this half hour, efforts to get out the vote hit a snag in virginia. >> but first the last day of testimony in the jerry sandusky trial, we'll have a look as the case goes to the jury.
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back on 9 news now with key developments in the jerry sandusky trial, closing arguments set for tomorrow morning. today the defense rested. attorneys did not call sandusky himself to the witness stand. the former penn state assistant football coach is accused of molesting 10 young boys over a span of 15 years. he faces life in prison if
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convicted. the federal reserve says the labor market is sluggish, the housing market is depressed and economic growth is slower than expected. that assessment comes as the fed wraps up a two-day policy meeting. chairman ben bernanke says the fed will extend a short term treasury bills program that is designed to keep interest rates low and therefore, encourage more private sector borrowing and spending. >> we've taken a step today which is a substantive step which will provide additional accommodation for the economy and moreover, we have stated that we're prepared to take further steps if necessary. >> bernanke also said he expects the nation's unemployment rate to stay at or above 8% through the rest of the year. still ahead tonight what was supposed to be a 4 1/2 hour flight to new york turns into a four-hour nightmare over vegas. find out what happened.
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we're back with you on 9 news now. you've heard the saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks. chances are that also goes for dogs that are say beyond old. down in bedford county, virginia, a voter registration form came in the mail for one mo morris. yup, mo is a dog and not only that, he's been deceased for two years. you can rule out ever teaching mo how to cast a ballot. here's his former owner. >> i opened it up, looked at it and i just laughed. i thought it was a joke at first and turns out it's real. >> now you can't blame this one on the government. turns out the registration form was sent to poor old mo by a nonprofit group with the mission of encouraging voter participation. when contacted about the goof, the group just said oops, we messed up. maryland will not be getting a sixth casino or adding casino table games to the five already in the works, at least not this year.
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that's because that work group that's been studying the issues could not come to a consensus today. so the governor will not be calling a special legislative sessionen and the general assembly will take up the gambling issue next year. a delayed start in today's hearing for a importantly councilwoman charged with reckless driving, but the court did rule on karen toles' case in just the last hour. our scoot broom is live in upper marlboro with more on the case. scott? >> reporter: well, you'll remember karen toles is a prince george's county council member who pleaded not guilty to reckless driving after police said they saw her going at least 105 miles an hour on the beltway. she came in court today prepared to go to trial on this reckless driving issue. her lawyer argued that they didn't have the evidence. well, here's the evidence. it was dashboard camera video from one officer who picked her up on the beltway. he said he had to go 108 miles an hour. you may be able to see the digital readout on his camera
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as he chased her off the beltway onto branch avenue. she stopped at a stoplight briefly, then took off again. he had lights and sirens on through all this and she reached upwards of 80 miles an hour going through intersections on branch avenue before she was finally stopped with what ended up with a group of at least five police officers. at one point they admitted in court today they had their guns out because they were concerned it was a stolen vehicle. in fact, it was the council member and in the testimony today the officer said she jumped out of the car and blurted out oh, my god, don't you know i'm a council member and then said this is why the people hate the gorge police. the judge thought those were -- the prince george's county police. the judge thought those were all side issues. she found karen toles guilty of reckless driving. there was a big fat fine over $400, but the judge did give her probation before judgment. that's a break. it means she doesn't get any points on her license and in this case the speeding council
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member gets to keep her driver's license. reporting live at prince george's county courthouse scott broom, 9 news now. >> interesting to see that video, okay, scott. four hours of hell is how one passenger aboard a jetblue flight described the experience last night. apparently the plane's hydraulic system failed during takeoff from las vegas, but there were concerns that landing the plane packed with fuel right away could have spelled disaster. so instead of heading to new york, the plane circled vegas for four hours to burn off enough fuel to lan safely. the faa -- land safely. the faa is investigating exactly what went down. >> you just have to feel for the folks on that plane. the mayor of duluth, minnesota, is declaring a state of emergency after some serious flooding there. more than 5 inches of rain fell in less than 24 hours. that turned the roads into rivers. at least one neighborhood was evacuated. at the lake superior zoo a creek ran over a 10-foot wall that keeps the seals in their exhibit helping them make an escape.
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>> you'll see a seal in duluth out, you don't expect to see a seal out in duluth. >> no. you don't. several other animals escaped their pens, but none made it out of the zoo. can you imagine what they were thinking? >> look at that rushing water. >> let's make a swim for it. >> 5 inches of rain is a significant amount. that's more than a couple months' worth. get that in 24 hours and you get flooding. no records today. i know everyone is deeply disappointed, but we have another chance tomorrow for record highs. my theory is if it's going to be miserable, let's hit some records, cold or hot. let's start with live look outside on our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. clear to partly cloudy, temperatures still 97 downtown, dew points in the 60s, not bad. winds are calm. humidity is only 37%, pressure down a little bit, 30.02 inches of mercury, just down a tick since last hour. 97 downtown, but 94 in
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arlington, 91 bethesda, 96 in rockville, 90 gaithersburg, looking at temperatures 89 in fairfax, 93 in city, 95 in andrews and 96 -- in sterling, 96 in andrews and 96 in college park. it's still 92 in hagerstown, 91 cumberland and culpeper. we are talking the hottest day of the year. factor in humidity, feels like 101 downtown, well shy of the criteria of 105, feels like 95 in gaithersburg, 96 manassas, 97 in fredericksburg. so very hot one more day, heat advisory tonight till 10:00 and tomorrow once again from noon until 10:00. unhealthy air quality tomorrow and a record high is possible thursday. the record high son 98 at national and dulles. -- is only 98 at national and dulles. baseball, nats are home. temperatures 88 to 95 during the game, but not a bad night for baseball. it's not that humid.
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clear to partly cloudy, a little muggy later, lows in the 70s, winds westerly at 10 and then by morning it's going to be downright hot by lunchtime, 75 to 94 by lunchtime and then by afternoon mostly sunny, very hot, some thunderstorms, highs 95 to 99, winds west, northwest at 10. our 9 weather alert codes, yellow, yellow and green, some storms tomorrow, much better chance friday, low 90s and we're back in the upper 80s saturday which warrants a green we think. next seven days passing shower sunday but also in the upper 80s, pretty nice looking weekend. showers and thunderstorms monday with a front and much cooler next week, tuesday and wednesday in the upper 70s and then around 80 for wednesday and that will be kind of nice for golfing weather. the at&t national is next week. we're giving away tickets in a sweepstake go. to our website and fill out of, very easy.
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you only have -- out, very easy. you only have till saturday. we're not talking about that right now. we're talking about the wizards. >> i think they're jealous, all these other teams getting news. fans have been frustrated with this guy a long time. now he's gone, folks. the team is doing a little house cleaning more than a week from draft day. now the manager is getting into it. davey johnson, let your voice be heard next. ♪
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and now 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> the washington wizards are to basketball what the nats were to baseball up until last season, not good, not relevant. so how do they change that? wizards gm ernie grunfeld has recently said the wizards are on track, but it's maybe his way of saying we need to week you're plan a little bit. little bit. rashard lewis was traded for okafor and ariza is a good defender. youth is nice, but grunfeld says you got to have experience, too. >> there's a lot of discussions at this time of year about a lot of different things. we felt like we needed to add
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some veterans to the roster and we were able to do that with this move. >> we're taking the discussion to the web. join us after the newscast for a 9 sports web chat. tweet your reaction to at daveowens wusa. a. when a guy throws a baseball, you put your fingers in certain places and cork your wrist a certain way all so the ball can do stuff like this. better the grip, the more the ball does that. at least that's what wikipedia says. what was joe peralta up to last night? last night before he threw a pitch he was ejected for having pine tar in his mitt. peralta who used to pitch for the nats alerted the ump. tampa manager joe maddon called the move cowardly. today's davey johnson shall we say kept the conversation going. >> i don't want to get in a shouting match with joe. i looked him up on the
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internet, found out he has a tweeter. so he can get to more people than me. so i don't want to get in a shouting match with him. he's got a bigger following. >> tweeter following. johnson also announcing chien- ming wong will move to the bullpen, ross detwiler will return to starting rotation. finally the new maryland football field is here. not much change. some alternating light and dark bands across the field. it's field turf, also, that new spongy supposedly safer stuff. now the basketball team gets a new look, too. they'll have multiple looks, uniforms. let's hope the basketball team turns out better than the football team. >> they were going to do that black or crazy color? >> they're going to do multiple uniforms. >> no, no, on the feel. >> in. it's not going to be brown or pewter. it's going to be green. >> all right. that means win. that's good for us. cbs evening news is next. >> derek is back at 7:00.
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see you later, everyone.


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