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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  April 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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southern locations but i think most of us are going to stay pretty cold for a long time. into the afternoon though 62 should feel nice to you later on in the day. tomorrow a bit more of a breeze, 10 to 15-mile-per-hour winds holding the temperatures down with northerly winds only upper 50s to near 60 degrees on friday. and improvements for saturday and temperatures repound nicely back into the middle 60s. in fact 64 is where we should be roundabout this time of year. monika? i saw a bit of volume on the northbound side of i-95 in springfield. also been construction on the dulles toll road i believe westbound near the beltway. that's been cleared up. here we go west coming in from the west manassas to centerville. no problems into fairfaxments looking good in burke heading to the beltway. over at the beltway in river road no problems to report. the entire western stretch of the beltway leaving montgomery into fairfax you're going to be just fine this morning. let's go over to the maps again
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this time on the northbound side of i-95 still looking great out of dale city into woodbridge. a little bit heavy in springfield like i said. nothing to worry about yet though and a live look on 395 northbound and here we are at duke street. this is great. main and hov lanes to the 14th street bridge. coming up in my next report, we'll go north of town at 5:10. back to you. howard university has suspended some of its student- athletes from competing in sports. >> the school is investigating possible violations of ncaa rules. 9news now reporterdelia goncalves is at the campus with more. >> reporter: we still don't know how many students are involved in the controversy but we can tylotes teams are still playing -- tell you the teams are are still playing. the violation may be connected to textbook system where the students were allegedly pocketing the money. that of course is according to the "washington post." a school spokesperson released a statement yesterday saying --
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>> reporter: according to the post students were picking up checks to pay for their books but keeping the balance of their scholarship money. that is a violation. if it is proven, all that cash has to be repaid before they can compete again in their athletic sport. some said that they were told some seniors i should say on some teams were told the violations date back to their freshmen year. >> that's a pretty big deal to penalize every sports team as university. >> we're not good anyways and i don't think the community will care but it really will hurt people who are looking to come to us. >> i think student registration will go down. >> i don't really know the extent of the allegations or what's going on. but i'd say that a lot of students who are here for sports. >> reporter: but guess what? this isn't the first time howard's athletic program has been under fire for alleged
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violations. coming up at 5:30 we'll have a look at howard's troubled past. andrea, mike back to you. another local college says it will try to help students complete their study programs after shutting down abruptly. students at a.c.t. college arrived for wednesday classes to find the doors closed. all three campuses in arlington, commands doctor and manassas -- alexandria and manassas, virginia were shut down. a close call on virginia railway express when one of the trains nearly hit a man walking on the tracks. firefighters said the man jumped out of the way of the train 337 just in time. he avoided getting killed but he did hurt his back. sky 9 was over the scene when emergency crews flew him to the hospital. the train was delayed for more than an hour. a woman is sharing her terrifying carjacking story.
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yesterday, a prince george's county judge sentenced miguel areitta to life plus 30. he was convicted on carjacking and false imprisonment charges for an attack in february 2011. his victim drove away from a convenience store when she realized he had snuck into the backseat of her car. she jumped out at a spotlight to escape. -- stoplight to escape. >> i closed my eyes and i see him. i hear him, i feel him and i'm just happy that he's no longer near me. he's no longer near anybody to do this ever again. and there was just times that -- i couldn't drive to work or i couldn't drive down the street. i couldn't even sleep at night just to know that he was still out there and what he did to me. >> the victim also said she can't forgive her attacker. according to prosecutors, he had been deported in 2009 after committing a crime in 2007 but he returned to the u.s.. it is just about 5:05 and
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it's time for the latest your money report now. >> and jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. thud. >> exactly. hoping for better days today. really bad day yesterday. in fact, it turned out to be the worst day for the stock market in nearly a month. that's after the federal reserve signaled it's probably not going to do much in terms of more stimulus for the economy in the near term but at least this morning, we are seeing green arrows in europe. that's a good sign. checking the numbers for you -- a really big payout for a bank ceo. the ap reports that jp morgan chase ceo jamie diamond was paid $23 million last year. that's an 11% bump. >> shocking. >> yeah, the largest u.s. bank says the salary includes $1.4
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million, that's the salary. the bonus was $4.5 million, stock awards a cool $12 million and stock options worth $5 million. diamond also got get this -- $143,000 just for air and car travel and home security. and some small phone companies are set to sell apple's iphone at a discount. small wireless companies like intelus wireless in virginia as well as in kentucky and alaska will charge $150 for the basic 4 s model this month. that's $49 less than what at&t, verizon and sprint charge. phone companies subsidize the iphone and it costs about $600 wholesale. they are basically taking a loss of $450 on every phone they're selling but it's getting to the point where they're saying can we not afford to sell this phone? >> i wonder if they get some help. >> just your service. >> really? >> that's exactly right. yeah. >> first daily deal of the day
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right? >> there you go. >> you're back in 30 minutes, what are you going term us then? >> a very loved brand is set to debut a new product in washington, d.c. and we'll talk to the brands and taste the products as well. >> i like this taste the product. thanks jess. a group of police officers learns the punishment for their actions right after hurricane katrina. that story is coming up. >> plus, the pictures of the tornadoes that tore apart northern texas are even more amazing when you find out no one died in all that destruction. >> and ahead in sports, the first pitch of the nationals' regular season is headed to the plate later today. we'll be back.
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and welcome back at 5:09. i'm olga grise in for meteorologist howard bernstein having a day off today. we are looking pretty good outside. mainly clear skies a couple of passing clouds but we'll work in more sunshine later on this afternoon. that means the day planner will feature a warmup. it will take a wile to get out of the 50s but slowly ease into the middle and upper 50s by the lunch break with lots of sunshine this afternoon. most of us should be in the lower 6s and we're projecting about 62 degrees at reagan national airport for today. right now though it's a cold starlet and be prepared as you step out the door. monika. here at shady grove road things are looking like this from frederick down to the point where the lanes divide.
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no problems on there and a quick look at 95 from baltimore past route 32 to the beltway. all lanes are open here. coming up in my next report, another look at maryland roads at 5:17. andrea? thanks monika. making news now at 5:10. court papers show the suspect in monday's shooting at oikos university in california has confessed. seven people were killed and three people were wounded. 43-year-old one goh appeared before a judge yesterday. he left school and got angry when the tuition wasn't fully refunded. a judge sentenced the former new orleans police officers who shot six unarmed people on a bridge six days after -- a few days after hurricane katrina. the sentences range from 38 to 65 years and there's one officer who received six years for organizing is cover-up. hundreds of people are staying in temporary shellers this morning after the texas tornadoes given the scale of the destruction, it's amazing no one was killed. the twisters tore off roofs and tossed tractor-trailers about
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and welcome back at 5:13. we are looking pretty good in and around the area. we're off to a very cold start. in fact, our temperatures have dropped down into the 40s outside the beltway. we're sitting into the lower 50s inside the city center. however, by the 9:00 hour it's still going to be a little bit brisk. the reason for that is the north and northeast winds coming on through but mostly sunny skies and work in more sunshine by noontime. that means temperatures will start the ease on up. -- to ease on up. take us a while to get out of the middle 50s and into the lower 60s by this afternoon but a pretty good day today setting into the lower 6s by late afternoon. let's look at the satellite picture. the big picture is looking pretty good. mainly clear skies for today and high pressure is trying to come in here. not quite yet in our region. so we will see a little bit of cloud cover particularly southern maryland and down toward the area of the delmarva area. and in toward north and south carolina. some showers and storms passing
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to our south. not going to attempt us here in the metro region but into the afternoon, expect those clearing skies especially overnight tonight to lead to some more cool conditions later on in the day. here's how we are looking for those short-term forecasts for us over the next couple of days will definitely see the opportunity for some drier air to move on in. i mentioned those northerly winds and that is dropped our dew points quite comfortably. the drier air is going to stick around for the next couple of days and at least there'll be no rain in the forecast for the short term. those cool temperatures will be around for the next few hours but in the afternoon, with the sunshine, we should look pretty good. right now our michael & son camera shows a pretty picture of the capitol building, about 40 degrees for the reagan national airport. in toward the futurecast forecast model, we'll continue to show moisture down toward our south but as the drier air pushes on through we'll have even more sunshine in the forecast as we get in toward friday afternoon and evening
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and in fact tomorrow's temperatures because of the north winds we're going to hold it down just a little bit more in toward the afternoon. then we clear thing out nicely. by friday night and saturday we're looking pretty good which means a bit of a turnaround for the weekend. although we cool down on friday, we start a bit of a warmup saturday and sunday and that's good news if you have any of the weekend plans for easter sunday. or beyond. and it looks like we'll keep the forecast dry at least until we get into the start of next week. so here's what you need to know for today. forecast highs should get us to about 62 degrees. for reagan national airport we'll see about 62 for manassas. but in the meantime though, a very cool couple of nights coming ahead of us. the next three days, not too bad. the breezes you will notice on friday holding us down into the lower 60s and upper 50s. but then things do improve. middle 6s for saturday and -- 60s for saturday and sunday we could flirt with the 70-degree mark though i think most of us will be in the upper 60s and then get set for a reality check next tuesday and wednesday as colder air and
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rain returns. monika? enjoy it while it lasts. if you're planning the head outside enjoy this as well this week because it's spring break and that means we've had light volumes on the north side of town in maryland on the beltway. outer loop side from college park to silver spring is a great example and no probation reports to report from the north. can be problem -- problems to report from the northment at new hampshire avenue you can see the outer loop is running really well all the way westbound to bethesda, southbound 270 is pretty much the same story out of frederick. back to the maps many this time head to the other side of town. route 50 from annapolis looks fine. no problems on the bw parkway coming in from laurel and down into cheverly into the northeast corridor. by the way in the district all the corridors look great as well. a live look outside in glen burr knee, no problems here at i-97 at route 100. you're doing fine here coming in from the north side over to the beltway and we'll take a live look as well northbound 395 here at 14th street bridge, just a little sneak peek at the
5:18 am
potomac river crosses, more on that coming up in my next report. back to you. spring training just a warmup for the nationals. the real season starts later today. >> and with just two games left, one capitals' player is making a playoff guarantee, that's coming up in sports. >> here's this morning's question of the day today -- >> yeah right. here's a look at a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. deb watson says -- that's the way to do it deb. i like that. >> should always have a job deb or at least some cash. log on to the wusa9's facebook pain. we'll have the answer in the 6:00 hour. >> our wusa9 facebook friends can enter the 9news now and hyatt regency sweepstakes but the deadline is coming on
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shortly. today at 8:00 a.m. just guess the lowest score of each round of the 2012 masters golf tournament. if you're the closest to the total score you'll receive the chesapeake wonderful weekend spa and golf get away valued at more than $4,000. complete sweepstakes rules are posted on our facebook page. we'll be back.
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and welcome back. we are looking pretty good this morning. mainly clear skies, in fact clear at reagan national airport at this hour, deft
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seeing some cool temperatures, 52 by the 9:00 hour and ease into the upper 50s and lower 60s later on this afternoon but we have a chilly start. keep that in mind as you step out the door today. the extended forecast is looking pretty good the next seven days ahead. we're going to cool down before we warm up in fact down into the lower 60s by friday but things look good for easter weekend. mike? thank you very much olga. golf's first major of the year tees off later this morning. yeah. >> the masters. in augusta, georgia. hello friends. jim nance always says that. the nationals' regular season gets underway today. kristen berset has the details in your morning sports. >> meaningful baseball in april is underway and nationals fans are hoping they might actually get to enjoy some meaningful september baseball this season. the nationals kick off their season today in chicago. and this season they've put together one of the best pitching rotations in franchise history. a group of young talented arms
5:23 am
like gonzalez, jordan zimmermann and of course stephen strasburg. he's excited the make his first career opening day start today. >> it's a huge honor and to -- you know to really think where i was a year ago at this time, i'm -- i mean i really couldn't ask for much more. i worked extremely hard to get back here. and you know the job isn't done. >> right now the capitals are tied with buffalo for the final playoff spot but they hold the tie breaker. there doesn't appear to be a lack of confidence by the capitals they'll get it done. yesterday brooks laich guaranteed they'll make the playoffs. they host the florida panthers tonight and close out their home season. washington wizards hosting the pacers last night. indiana is in the playoffs hunt. washington -- not so much. colson with to of hiss 17 -- colson with two of his 17 points, the wizards lose to the
5:24 am
pacers 109-96. the masters begins in just a couple of hours. you can catch highlights of the first two rounds after our late news. third round coverage begins at 3:30 on saturday and the final round on sunday. see all of that right here on channel 9. that's your morning sports, we will have full coverage of the nats, caps and masters beginning at 5:00 p.m. today. have a great thursday. she said there's nothing like being there. >> it's magic it really is. some local student-athletes are banned from games while the university investigates possible violations. that story is coming up. >> and now there's also some new twists in the case against that jet blue pilot who's accused of forcing his own plane to make an emergency landingful we'll let you in on that. quick check of traffic now monika? >> no worries on the inbound side of i-66 across the potomac river into downtown. everything's running smoothly this morning. more on virginia roadways coming up at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. happy thursday, happy prefriday. i'm andrea roane. >> reporter: you're almost there, i'm mike hydeck, thank you for joining us. good morning monika. >> we talk about friday even on monday. >> really? we're thinking about it then. and we've got a good forecast to think about. here's olga breese to tell us about that. >> something to look forward to today. we have some nice temperatures yesterday. got into the 70s in some locations. but not going to see that kind of average today. we will get a lot of sunshine so that should make you quite happy. into the afternoon and midday, though, we'll see temperatures move into the 60s. pretty comfortable. our day planner though starts out on the cool side and in fact it's cold in a couple of locations particularly outside the beltway where temperatures are still sitting in the 40 oz., hovering around 50 degrees at reagan national airport but through midday and late afternoon we'll see a little bit of an improvement. overall though today, i think the northerly winds are going to hold us a little bit on the
5:29 am
cool side. normally this time of the year, we see about 60 to 64 degrees. but right now reagan national still at 50 and we've seen a dip at gaithersburg down into the 40s and culpeper and northern portions just north and west of that divide. even seeing some temperatures in the 30s, monika? if you're heading in from the west side of town i'm happy to say things are looking great. good morning everybody. timesaver traffic. and it's been actually very nice this morning. no problems to report on 66, or the dulles toll road as you come in from the airport past herndon reston, all the way toward tyson's. 66 pretty much the same sir. just a -- same story. just a tiny bit of traffic here leaving nutley street to the beltway but that's really pretty normal for this time. no problems the entire western stretch of the beltway looks pretty much like this as you travel between bethesda and tyson's, back to the maps.
5:30 am
this time a look at 95 northbound. looking good from lorton to newington into springfield. a live look on 95 first inbound 66 actually at the roosevelt bridge. no problems inside the beltway and now we'll go to 395 northbound on our vdot camera looking great at the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. coming up in my next report, over to maryland at 5:38. mike? thanks monika. it's been 48 hours plus since the election on tuesday and neither top candidate able to claim victory in the democratic primary in the race for the at large d.c. council seat. >> incumbent orange leads biddle, but voters requested absentee ballots and just under half of them have been returned. the board of elections will also consider 3800 provisional ballots. the state of virginia is asking a judge to honor the $100,000 damages limit in a
5:31 am
wrongful death lawsuit filed against virginia tech. the parents of two of the students killed in the 2007 mass shoots on that campus won their lawsuit last month but jurors didn't know about the cap on damages when they awarded each family $4 million. attorneys for the parents are now asking that each family get $2 million. some student-athletes at howard university have been banned in competition. in a state the university says it's -- statement the university says it's investigating possible rules violations, 9news now reporter delia goncalves is live at the campus. did this start at the university or did someone else bring up the charges? >> reporter: well, we're not certain. there's still a lot of unanswered questions at this point. the certain -- certainly it's surrounding the campus at this point. and several students though we don't know just how many students, but we did learn bit more from reading the "washington post" earlier this morning and according to the post the violation could be linked to a textbook system
5:32 am
where the student-athletes were allegedly pocketing their extra scholarship money and also we're learning that if indeed howard university knew about the violates the school itself could face severe penalties by the caa. yesterday a school spokesperson released a statement saying this was quote a self-imposed action. but the teams are in fact playing. in fact, there is a game a little later today at navy. howard athletics have had a history of ncaa problems. last season, eight teams were penalized including some scholarships stripped for poor classroom performance. in 200826 football players missed the -- 2008, 26 football players missed the season opener and 19 players sat out the second game because of eligibility issues and then the whole athletic program here at howard university was placed on
5:33 am
two year probation in 1991 because of eligibility violations. so certainly they have had a history of some major infractions and problems with the ncaa for several years going back decades at this point. but the school spokesperson released a statement yesterday saying that this year's suspensions are temporary. we're told that if the students repay the money, that they pocketed, they may be able to go back on the field and play. we'll have much more on this story coming up at 6:00. back to you andrea. mike? >> thank you delia goncalves with that live update from northwest washington. lawyers for a rockville, maryland man have a meeting with a judge today to see if they can get the federal government to drop its lawsuit against their client. 80-year-old dick retta spends three days a week outside a planned parenthood clinic in the district trying to persuade pregnant women not to get abortions. the justice department sued him using a law that makes it a crime to intimidate or
5:34 am
interfere with someone obtaining those services. the pilot of plane that made an emergency landing last week was scheduled to be in court today but the bond hearing is now monday because he has to go under a psychiatric evaluation now. duarte geraldino reports. >> reporter: if he is competent to stand trial? the prosecution requests the exam for clayton osbon. in a motion filed yesterday, the government stated there is reason to believe osbon is suffering from a mental disease or defect rendering him mentally incoffin tent. doctors will examine him. iers on board the las vegas -- passengers on board the las vegas bound flight tackled osbon. court documents reveal the captain became incoherent while at the controls and then ran up and down the aisles of the plane yelling about religion and al-qaeda. the events forced the crew to
5:35 am
request an emergency landing. >> reporter: the fbi is leading the criminal investigation. osbon faces 20 years behind bars if convicted of interfering with a flight crew. but jetblue's ceo says the airline is standing by the captain. >> we had a team and we still have a team. supporting the captain's family as well. with whatever their needs might be. >> reporter: he adds there will be lessons learned from the incident. >> it's so extraordinary as an event right, that it's not in the playbook anywhere per se. >> reporter: the ceo stresses one thing is clear. the passengers and crew of flight 191 worked together to resolve last week's emergency. duarte geraldino, cbs news, washington. >> curiouser and curiouser. this afternoon, the director of the maryland lottery will hold a press conference to talk about the status of that winning ticket bought at a 7-11 near baltimore.
5:36 am
a woman in mississippi made big news by saying her son in maryland was the winner of the megamillions lottery. but that story circulated widely on the internet appears to be a hoax. we tracked down that man in question, michael of glen burnie. he showed us what appears to be the winning ticket then admitted it's all been a practical joke and the ticket is not real. meanwhile the other drama, the baltimore woman who claims she has the winning ticket is no longer speaking to the media. she's hired a lawyer but get this -- the lawyer said yesterday he's yet to see any evidence that she is in fact a winner. as the megaball turns. >> this is loony. okay. 5:36. jessica is waiting in the wings to reveal the daily deals. she has that right after the break. >> plus, the smithsonian air and space museum receives more artifacts from the shuttle program. we'll be back.
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chilly start this morning. it is quite brisk outside at least our winds are calm so light so not much to contend with there but we are looking at a forecast that does feature a cool start and plenty of sunshine. through midday and late day we'll get out of the 50s boo the lower 6s by later on this afternoon and yes it looks like things are going to be quite nice as we hit highs around 62 at the city center. a littlbit warmer down to the south. monika? a live look right now on the northbound side of i-95. it's slowing down from quantico to dumfries, looks okay here at route 123 heading to the occoquan river. more on virginia roadways. we've been combing through e-mails and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts and here have only of the favorites today. we're going to start with a freebie, these are free spring beauty products you get if target and here's how you get them. you like target on facebook. and then you fill out a quick form for its free spring beauty bag online. now target is planning to give
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5:41 am
april 21st. the new fares would be $2.60 a mile instead of the current $1.50. "washington examiner" reports though it could take until may to get the cabs retro fitted and the meters recalibrated. two cameras used aboard the space shuttle will become part of the air and space museum's perm ferment collection. about 100 astronauts were trained to operate the cameras in space that created the first giant screen images of earth and life in zero gravity. six films have been made. they include "the dream is alive" and "the blue plan." plus a company known for its premium ice cream is now introducing greek frozen yogurt to the d.c. area. >> that's pretty cool. i want a taste of that. okay, who's celebrating a birthday today? we'll let you know --
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. thursday morning, 5:45. people are looking forward to the holiday weekend. but let's get through the day. here's olga breese in for howard bernstein. >> we have to tackle thursday. friday with a cooldown. and then things looking not too bad as we go into the weekend forecast. in the short-term though be prepared it's quite brings as you step -- brisk as you step outside this morning. not too much of a breeze just yet but the north winds definitely pulling on a chill for us, well into 10:00, 11:00 in fact we'll see the temperatures hover rite around 50 degrees and we'll push it to
5:46 am
the middle range and even the upper 50s by the lunch break. most of us should be in the lower 60s later on this afternoon. about 62 degrees for reagan national airport and the highs today dropping back into the 40s and 50s later on tonight with clear skies and winds beginning to back down just a little bit. although we're on the cool side today we're going to feature lots of sunshine. here on satellite and radar you can see showers and storms moving through kentucky into west virginia and southwest west virginia but it's kind of buffering us away from some of the stormy weather. we'll begin to clear out into the afternoon. and we'll feature some cooler drier air moving on in toward the weekend. right now though temperatures are brisk. into the 40s, 46 for great falls. and for fairfax, we're looking at about 47 across arlington. 50 at reagan national airport and again the moisture is going to try to move in from the south but not making too much progress because it's being pushed back by the northerly winds into the afternoon. so the michael & son weather
5:47 am
camera keeps us at about 50- degree, clear vow of the capitol building where the northeast winds will be a little bit brisk later on this afternoon and in toward tomorrow particularly but humidity values will stay on the low side as that north and northeast wind moves on through. futurecast does feature a mix of sun and clouds to start you out this morning mainly across southern maryland and into portions of virginia, a little bit of cloud cover to start but past 7:00 a.m. and in towards the afternoon lots of sunshine and grab the sunglasses moving out this morning. overnight tonight clear skies and light winds means cool temperatures. we're back down into the 40s and 50s early saturday morning. as you get that start but saturday afternoon looks pretty good as we rebound nicely back into the middle range 60s. so forecast for today, is looking pretty good. right around 64 degrees for manassas. only 62 for frederick later on today and about 62 at the city center. it will be breezy tomorrow. brisk winds will hold us down into the 60s. in fact overnight lows into the
5:48 am
40s over the next couple of days looking great sunny and dry and a little bit warmer for the holiday weekend. monika? not bad at all outside right now. as you've planning to head over to the major thoroughfares out to the west, i think you will be absolutely fine. and coming in from the south as well look at that 66 miles an hour at duke street. and 63 miles an hour at fairfax drive inside the beltway on 66. we'll take a live look if you're planning to head on the northbound side of i-95, here's what it looks like in springfield so you've just got if brake lights exiting to the beltway or continuing north but really no big deals the length of 95 from the river and on to 395 to the 14th street bridge. we'll go back to the map many this time heading out in if the west dulles toll road looks fine. no problems on 66 centreville to fairfax. live look at the toll roads at route 28 right near the airport in sterling. looking fine herndon, reston, tyson's everything looking good. coming up in my next report, over to the other side of town
5:49 am
at 6:00. mike? >> the final report on whitney houston's death is now out. los angeles police say they found a spoon with a white crystal-like substance in the hotel bathroom where houston died back in february. investigators wouldn't confirm the substance was cocaine. however the autopsy showed that drug was indeed in houston's system when she drowned in the bathtub. today the judge in the jerry sandusky case will hear arguments on whether the charges should be dropped. the lawyer for the former assistant penn state football coach says the charges are too vague. sandusky is charged with 52 counts of child sex abuse. president obama is expected to sign the jobs act into law this afternoon during a ceremony at the white house. the law is supposed to make it easier for start-up businesses to find funding. but critics say they get rid of some of the regulations that protect investors. 5:49. we want to take another look at the question of the day pleasure the-- of the day --
5:50 am
>> our facebook fan joyce wilcox says -- >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page, leave your response, we'll reveal the correct answer in about an hour. >> and don't forget, just over two hours you have to get in our other contest. facebook friends, chesapeake bay wonderful weekend sweepstakes it's called from 9news now and the hyatt reyensy hotel. just guess the lowest rounds in each round the masters golf tournament. the deadline is enter is 8:00 this morning, that's when the first players tee off in the masters. if you're the closest you can receive a golf and spa getaway valued at more than $4,000. the complete sweepstakes rules are posted on our facebook page. you can see them there. jess over tow. thank you mike. forget about your money. we're watching your tommy this morning.
5:51 am
we're watching your money too. ben & jerry's is coming out with a brand new product. it is greek frozen yogurt and the coolest business card i've ever seen. shape greenwood has been in -- sean greenwood is the grand puba and -- >> we get to spread some fun. that's what we get to do in this world. we've got four brand new greek frozen yogurts this morning. and why? why did you move in this direction? >> it's such a trend right now. it's disappear off the shelves and the process of making greek yogurt leaves a richer creamier product. what's better to put in a ben & jerry's than a rich creamy product? >> i'm pretty excited to try the four flavors out but i want to talk about social media. that's a big component of rolling this out in washington. >> and your money. you're watching out for peoples' money, they can get a free scoop of the new product just by tweeting out to ben jerry's truck.
5:52 am
starting on april 16th we'll have the truck here in the metro area for four weeks. so you can just tweet and say come visit us. we want a little ben & jerry's snack. >> that's awesome. so it's a frozen yogurt food truck essentially that's going to be rolling arnold through washington and people can actually have the truck come to home. >> yeah. >> so let's talk about the flavors, sean? >> raspberry fudge chunks, with raspberry greek frozen yogurt with fudge chunks in it. >> wow, that's delicious. >> and they're really good. they're rich, creamy because of that greek yogurt in there. no zero calories or zero fat. we think we got that. strawberry short cake is the next one here. >> delicious. oh wait a minute. >> yep. >> come on. get over there and try it. >> i'm excited for the blueberry vanilla graham. >> wonderful. >> mixed together in a graham cracker swirl. >> the last one? >> i saved the best for last.
5:53 am
kind of like children, banana with peanut butter swirl in it. >> that's awesome. >> that fresh banana. >> the nice thing is pairing the fruits with the yogurts together. >> i would say actually -- my favorite was the raspberry fudge chunk until i tried the peanut butter which is just a little piece of heaven. >> that was mine right there. and repeat for us how people can get the truck to come visit it's easy. >> tweet to @benjerry'struck. what we try to do is be responsible business and give back a little bit to the community. we'll be visiting places like hospitals and fire stations and those kinds of things but we're also looking for regular folks and businesses to say hey come visit us, we're ready for a frozen yogurt break. >> sean greenwood we're so happy you swung by this morning. >> breakfast time. >> it is. congratulations sounds good. >> let's read quickly. there are some ways to save on gas without having to leave
5:54 am
your car in the driveway. that story is coming up. >> that sounds pretty good. >> without having to leave your car in the driveway. wow. >> i'll tell you about it. >> wait until you see this dog who took a bullet to save his owner's life. we'll be right back. thanks. i'll take the usual.
5:55 am
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and welcome back. we have mainly clear skies and some calm winds. that means a very cool tartest your thursday -- start to your thursday morning. we are looking at a day planner that's going to stay on the cool side by the 9:00 hour still into the lower 50s.
5:57 am
slowly with that sunshine though we'll ease on up. middle to upper 50s by the lunch break and later on this afternoon most of us settle into the lower 6s for daytime highs today. clear and cool overnight tonight. as well so we're going to drop back down soon. we should see close to 62 in the city center. we'll even see some of the lower 60s further south north and to the -- to the north and to the west. mike? thanks olga. apparently it was supposed to be a home invasion robbery then the gunman apparently had a workable plan. >> until the would be victim's dog jumped into the fray. wcbs reporter john slattery introduces us to the hero. >> reporter: she was off to the vet today for a checkup after taking a bullet today for his owner justin becker. and it's his job. >> reporter: even the vet was impressed. >> incredibly lucky. incredibly lucky. >> reporter: it happened saturday evening in becker's apartment house in the
5:58 am
graniteville section. a gunman posing as a fedex delivery man wearing a uniform rang the bell. said he had a package to deliver. and pushed his way into the apartment. >> he barged in, my first reaction is seeing a gun is pushed him out and i pushed him to the door and like i said he wedged like right by the door and i slammed him inside the door. and he was stuck in-between the door i guess trying to get out now and he was getting crushed. >> reporter: his girlfriend had been holding the dog and let go. >> i was shocked and i was terrified. >> reporter: the dog went after the gunman. >> kila came out to protect me to try to come at the guy. then the guy -- i heard three gunshots. >> one of the shots hit the dog in the head. >> it did ricochet off the skull and wept straight down and exited right on the -- neck. >> reporter: the veterinary people put a superhero insignia on the bandage. ki la was up and around, going
5:59 am
for walks three days after being shot. >> i think it's amaidsing, she saved my life. >> reporter: you've heard of a cat with nine lives, kila is well on his way. on staten island, john slattery, cbs 2 news. >> thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. good morning, i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck, happy thursday. monika samtani will be along with traffic momentarily. >> brie brother is here right now -- olga breese is here right now in for howard bernstein. >> not bad at all. we're looking at a chilly start this morning though and make sure you gran the jacket stepping out. day planner a lot of sunshine though through midday and late afternoon. things will improve and we'll get out of the 50s. we should hit the middle and upper 50s by about that 11:00, 12:00 hour. and most of us will top out right into the lower 60s later on today. not a bad thursday. tomorrow, a little bit on the cool side and


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