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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  January 4, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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late last year as part of a federal probe into allegations that he stole public dollars from a youth baseball program, then used about 300,000 of that revenue when an suv, a motorcycle and other alleged personal items were purchased. there were alleged golfing trips and vacations. reporter: did you use this money for yourself instead of it going to the kids baseball program? >> absolutely not. i think the body of work that my life represents will defend that. reporter: after that public denial harry thomas jr. agreed to repay the fund $50,000 at a time following a civil suit by the d.c. attorney general. he continues to deny wrong doing. reports say he's yet to make the second payment now due. >> this is the councilman's father, harry thomas sr. who represented the residents of ward 5 on the d.c. council over a decade. back there is the councilman's office. he hasn't shown up for work today and word ask harry thomas jr. has given his staff
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permission to find work elsewhere. >> there is hurt and disappointment, but we will get passed. this. reporter: sources say thomas is now telling close associates as part of a plea deal offered by prosecutors he would resign from office, pleaded guilty to at least one felony tax evasion charge, maybe more and the councilman says he would be facing two to three years in prison. >> the justice system has been given an opportunity to work and i think that's the fair way to do this. if council member thomas chooses to resign, he is taking that action and what we hope is to be able to make sure the residents of ward 5 are well represented. reporter: thomas' legal team and federal prosecutors are set to meet again tomorrow. bruce johnson, 9 news now. voters in new hampshire will have one less republican to choose from next tuesday in the primary. minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann announced she's dropping out of race today. she finished sixth in the iowa caucuses beating only jon huntsman who never campaigned in the hawkeye state. bachmann won the straw poll
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last summer in iowa but could not hold the momentum. most of the other gop candidates are in new hampshire taking aim at iowa caucus winner mitt romney. the former massachusetts governor has a double digit lead there in the latest polls and he picked up a big endorsement today. >> i'm really here for one reason and one reason only and this is to make sure tay we make mitt romney the next president of the -- that we make mitt romney the next president of the united states of america. >> ron paul who finished third in iowa was in texas today. he will head to new hampshire in the coming days and rick perry is focusing his efforts in south carolina 36789. so what do the caulk -- south carolina. so what do the caucuses and today's developments mean for the race? we're going to break this down. romney wins it but with less votes than he actually got in 2008 when mike huckabee won. what does this slim margin mean for him? >> if you told the romney campaign six months ago he was coming out of iowa with even an
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eight-vote win they would be elated and they were this morning when they rolled into new hampshire where he's pulling 40%. he's still the unquestioned frontrunner. >> is there still a feeling republicans are searching for somebody who they can view, especially some parts of the party as conservative enough yet electable enough? >> absolutely. as democrats and some republicans like newt gingrich said today, 75% of iowans that are republican caucusgoers did not vote for him yesterday. so there is that question. can romney coalesce some of these conservatives that are questioning what he did as massachusetts governor including healthcare there. >> okay. now on the conservative front rick santorum only eight votes over or behind romney coming on strong the last couple weeks. how does this bode for him going into new hampshire? >> this is huge. this really changed the gear race for santorum, although he -- entire race for santorum, although he was sort of the last man standing in iowa. he really has no campaign
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infrastructure anywhere but iowa is santorum's problem. he has no money. he's running about $16,000 of tv ads in new hampshire which is compared to about a million for romney. he's still facing trouble in new hampshire but hopes to put in a good show for south carolina. >> if is fascinating to watch how they peak at different times and what that bodes for their political future. what about michele bachmann? could she be endorsing somebody soon? >> we'll see about that. i think she'll hold out. we were looking today to see what she was deciding about her own future, if she was going to run for reelection or senate. there's a senate seat up in minnesota. she put all her stock into iowa and came in last. so it was tough for her. >> absolutely. all right. prediction time, we're looking at new hampshire next tuesday. what is going to happen do you think? romney is doing so well in the polls. >> i think romney will win at least twice as much as the second place finisher, could be newt gingrich, could be santorum coming off a nice boost from iowa. >> thanks for joining us 6789 we appreciate it. we'll be talking -- us.
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we appreciate testimony we'll be talk doing you a plot in 2012. president obama -- talking to you a lot in 2012. president obama in ohio doing some campaigning of his own and spoke to supporters in a high school near cleveland. >> you're the reason i ran for this office in the first place. you remind me what we are still fighting for. >> at today's appearance president obama announced he was making a former ohio attorney general the head of a new consumer protection agency. now let's talk about the push for d.c. statehood. the mayor and some d.c. council members plan to visit new hampshire this month to make their case the district should become the nation's 51st state. councilman david catania has been leading the charge. >> this is a josh any about self-determination and self- respect -- journey about self- determination and self-respect. >> the friday to new hampshire is part of an ongoing effort to persuade state legislatures to pass a resolution for d.c. statehood. the idea is that if enough
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states seem to be supportive of it, congress will be as well. the federal government is pitching in more money to help cover virginia's cost to repair all the damage from tropical storm lee. the commonwealth will now get $6.5 million from the department of transportation to pay for road and infrastructure repair. back in september flooding caused by lee damageddor washed out 15 roads and bridges -- damaged or washed out 15 roads and bridges in virginia alone. a bitterly cold walk to work this morning, temperatures through our area staying in the teens. topper, will we see a repeat tonight or does the cold break for us? >> the cold breaks. it's not exactly balmy, but not as cold as it was overnight. it was the coldest night we've had since last january, hit 17 at national. here's live doppler 9000. we see growing areas of snow especially north of town through hagerstown up through 70 and 68 and also into west
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virginia. here's a look at live doppler 9000, some pretty goods bands developing and this could lay down a dusting especially in our northern suburbs the next half hour. so if your loved 1 is going up 270 -- one is going up 270, tell them to take it easy. it's really a dry fluff gray snow. 30 in leesburg, temps not tank like last night. we'll come back and tell you what this snow may mean for southern maryland in the morning commute and look ahead for milder air. we'll tell you when this rolls in as well. coming up another fight over a treehouse in fairfax county, what the county says this dad did that was against the rules. but first architecture or teaching, what a new study says college students should choose as a major to help make sure they can get a job next. 9 traffic now is brought to you by geico.
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two airlines already raising ticket prices now that the new european rules on carbon emissions are in effect. delta airlines is adding six bucks per round trip ticket from any flight from the u.s. to europe. as of sunday, all flights in and out of the eu have to purchase credits to offset carbon emissions from their flights. some college students could pay a price literally for choosing the wrong major. georgetown university released a new study today breaking down
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unemployment rates of recent college grads by their major. now those with an undergraduate degree in architecture had the highest unemployment rate at 13.9%. art majors were next at 11.0% followed by the humanities at 9.4%, grad with health or education degrees had the lowest jobless rate. the state of maryland is going to demolish the president's residence at the university to make way for a new mansion. the maryland board of public works approved the decision today. the original house was built back in 1956, but it hasn't been renovated in decades and it doesn't even meet current safety codes. the new mansion will cost more than $7 million provide both event and work space for the university of maryland. one more cold night before we start to warm up, but does the mild temperature stick around for the weekend? let's hope so. topper is here to tell us coming up. but first the cancer society's annual report is out, what it says could soon be the top cause of this disease in
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the u.s. next.
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in tonight's health alert both good and bad news from the american cancer society's annual report. overall cancer rates and deaths in both men and women are going down again this year. that includes some of the most common cancers, breast, lung, prostate, colorectal. the report also shows better treatment and screening has saved more than a million lives over the last 20 years, but the american cancer society says the rate of some of the less
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common malignancies is going up. >> we're seeing a rise in cancers of the thyroid, cancers of the esophagus, cancer of the liver, cancer of the pancreas and cancer of the throat. >> now the cancer society isn't exactly sure what's causing these specific cancers to rise, but obesity is considered a factor certainly in some of them. 234569, the report says obesity could -- in fact, the report says obesity could pass smoking as the no. 1 cause of cancer in the next decade. prank callers, your actions could soon be a crime in virginia. a delegate proposed a law that could do just that. anyone who sends a ring or text with the intention of annoying somebody and not communicating. the bill would make that a misdemeanor. those convicted would face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. right now there's just a fine. the general assembly starts its session next wednesday and will take this up. so what do you think? is the proposed punishment too
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harsh? it would catch phone stalkers, but it would also make criminals out of kids who do some frank prank calling. does the law address hi-tech -- prank calling. does the law address hi-tech bullying? address your thoughts to mailbag at occupy d.c. wants its members to be able to stay around the clock in mcpherson square and it's going to court to make that happen. members of the group phyllidean junction seeking to ban the federal government -- group filedded an injunction seeking to ban the federal government from enforcing camping or sleeping regulations in the square, but the group wants to prevent that from happening at all. a hearing is set for january 31st. it's happening again, a member of the military built a treehouse for his sons and now he's battling fairfax county to keep it. phillip blevins spent thousands of dollars on the treehouse. the county says he built it too close to his property line and they want him to move it or
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lower it. blevins says it's not a good idea. >> it's attached to four live trees. i don't think i'd be able to remove it myself or even reelect it and regardless of what we do i would say we'll lose four trees and most likely, lose the functionality of the treehouse. >> so if this sounds familiar, it should. it's because mark grapin ran into similar problems in fairfax county. last month the zoning board ruled he could keep his treehouse where it was. blevins says he's planning to get a lawyer. we've certainly felt the temperatures drop the last couple days and it's caught some motorists and our transit system a bit off guard. reporter: i'm surae chinn in fairfax where the coldest days so far this season have caused some problems anywhere from cracks on the metro tracks to cars. you think everything is working fine. the battery, fluids, tires, but in hours that can all change in a cold snap. >> i had to jump start my own truck. reporter: a little ironic
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because aaron dennis is a aaa mechanic. >> i'm busy working on other people's vehicles. >> when i start my car, i hope it turns over. reporter: with temperatures dropping and fluctuating this week, your battery can lose 20% of its charge. >> supposed to be 30 psi, so it needs to be corrected. >> when we went from 30 to the teens, every car out there with regular air pressure in it has lost air pressure in their tire. reporter: in newer model cars the automatic tire sensors have been giving false readings when water leaks in. mechanics say use a manual tire gauge just to be sure it's okay. surae chinn in fairfax, 9 news now. >> i saw one of those go off in my car and i was like what's going on. >> it's a sad state of two days of cold air this is what happens. we're in a world of hurt because fortunately it's going to leave quickly, but wait till we have a week of this weather.
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we're looking at a little bit of snow right now. let me start with live doppler 9000. these bands of snow are setting up to the west. this could lay down a dusting. howard mentioned it at noon. we're getting some pretty good echos. i don't know if there's any ground truth to this, but in hagerstown and frederick i think the snow is hitting the ground. the darker blues are a pretty good indication it's hitting the ground. the activity will push off south and east and move down 270. most folks will see at least a flake tonight. we'll zoom in a little. go up 270 past clarkbsurg, urbana and go across the river, i think you're seeing a little light snow. the bands will continue to move south and east. our big snows don't come from the west, so nothing to worry about. our temperatures, a very dry snow. 30 in rockville, bethesda, 31 arlington, 34 d.c. that's as warm it's been all day and 30 in great falls, 29 in reston.
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the snow, clouds and southwest wind will keep temperatures up because this time last night they were tanking. late night possible between now and 3 a.m., dusting possible, but very dry snow, no problems for the morning commute. then just chilly thursday, temperatures back into the 40s which is about average. so for tonight not as cold, light snow or snow showers, a dusting possible, low temperatures 25 to 30 and winds increasing a little bit out of the southwest at 10 to 15. that's kind of a warmer or milder wind. by morning returning partly cloudy and cold. you'll still need a code and sunglasses, just not as bitterly -- coat and sunglasses, just not as bitterly cold. by afternoon partly cloudy and chilly but seasonable, high temps near 45, winds turning again northwesterly at 10. they will not pick up. look at the sunset tomorrow, finally at 5:00 a sunset. it's been a while. let's break it down. to start some residual clouds,
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25 to 32 and then 37 to 42 at noon, partly cloudy and 40 to 45 by evening. we'll call that chilly under partly cloudy skies. the next three days we'll tack on 10 degrees between thursday and friday, 54 on friday, partly cloudy, pleasant saturday. we got clouds coming in and maybe a shower, light rain late but still 51, a pretty good deal this time of year. next seven days, two pieces of energy coming at us, one saturday night, another one sunday into monday and we could see light rain or late snow monday. the system is trying too duck south of us. we'll keep you -- to duck south of us. we'll keep you posted. we go back to the 50s, 50 on tuesday, 55 wednesday and a much stronger side coming our way and we'll be on the warm side of that tuesday and wednesday. up next three newly renovated schools in montgomery county finally open their doors and we take a look inside next.
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well, in montgomery county today students celebrated moving back into three newly renovated schools, but the money to refurbish some of the aging buildings is rapidly drying up. our scott broom looks at what's next for one of the schools next in line for repairs. reporter: weller road elementary school in montgomery county is next on the list for renovations here and boy, does it need it, but a fight is on to make sure the money doesn't run out for more schools that need help. the good news is weller road elementary is about to get a $25.5 million facelift and get rid of those trailers. the bad news is there are at least 17 more schools in montgomery county that need the same kind of work in the next six years and there's not enough money to do it. montgomery county just asked the state for 184 million. the state's offering just 24. to demonstrate that the investment is worth it, school officials cut the ribbon today on montgomery county's three
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latest renovations. this is garrett park elementary school. kids will get a gym here for the very first time in an energy efficient building that even has a green roof to save money in the long run. parents are excited. >> it's like a high school with two levels. so the kids are impressed with their lockers and all the new features and a gym! reporter: it's a tale of two schools, the ones in the 21st century like garrett park and the ones that aren't like weller road. the bottom line is always money. >> we are a growing county. reporter: montgomery county superintendent joshua starr now hopes to pry loose at least 40 million more from the state to keep the renovation program on track next year. >> we have 2,500 new kids coming in and it's important they have the facilities they need to meet that growth. reporter: an appeal is underway. >> it costs about 25% less to build a be now than five years ago and we want to take
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advantage of the market forces right now. >> pretty spiffy. there were ribbon cutting on seven locks elementally and camden road elementary as well. that is our report. i'll be back tonight at 11:00 with meteorologist topper shutt and log on any time to or follow us on facebook. see you later tonight.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. george clooney. the oscars can wait. hollywood's most glamorous couple is on the red carpet tonight. >> we're behind the scenes as george walks arm in arm with fellow oscar nominee vola davis. then, new brad pitt taking his son pax for a ride. and did justin timberlake and jessica beale get engaged? murder at the queen's castle. is this the victim? >> plus, what the stars of "ncis" are saying about the case? as they celebrate a big milestone. the real housewives from coast to coast, altogether. we'll tell you why. then, is this the real apolo ohno? to jerry springer get a new job? >> have you seen the jerry springer show? he


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