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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  August 29, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, thank you for being
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with us. well, residents throughout the washington mettal area and the east coast are cleaning up after hurricane irene pounded every state in north carolina to vermont. it brought with it strong winds and heavy rains. so far 27 people have died in this storm. including four in virginia and one in maryland. in northern virginia 17,000 residents are still without power. and that affected this morning's commute for some virginiaens. vre lost power at some of its fredericksburg line stations including franconia, springfield and that caused delays for trains this morning. and the district of columbia residents were still working to remove fallen trees from their yards and from their homes. power outages have created some dark intersections causing d- dot to use members of the dc national guard to direct traffic.
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the outages caused d.c. to close 15 public schools that are without electricity. in maryland, dozens of schools canceled classes because their power was out. while certain roads and prince george's county were closed because they were still flooded from all of the rain. one of the hardest hit areas in the d.c. metropolitan area was in calvert county. armando was there this morning where residents were helping each other clean up and dry out. >> i'm standing here in lusby and behind me stark evidence of the things that crews are having to deal with even two days after irene departed the area. this tree came down on these power lines and it almost toppled that pole that you see right there. but if you look behind me, crews are now having to assess the damage and figure out just exactly what they are going to do.
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>> a couple miles away in the devastated calvert and long beach neighborhoods folks were taking clean up matters into their own hands in no one has the signs up and county hasn't put the signs up saying one lane. it's a matter of trying to help out to make sure no one gets hurt. >> those helping hands came in all sizes and for many reasons. >> my video game consoles barely works. might as well just help clean up. >> back on cove point road, crews were working trying to restore power. >> they were grounding the lines to be safe for them to work on between here and up the road where the trees are down. >> all the utility companies in the area brought in crews from all over the country to try to deal with the aftermath of the hurricane. but all of these crews will have to assess and prioritize where they go first so some folks will have to wait quite a bit before their power is
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restored. lusby, armano, nine 9 news. pepco deployed more than 2500 workers to help get power back on for customers. right now the utility has 57,000 customers without electricity. 31,000 are in prince george's county in washington, d.c. 13,000 people are in the dark there. 12,000 people in montgomery county have no power. >> as for other utility providers in our area, cementco has more than 24,000 customers without power in southern maryland. bge has 352,000 people in the dark. dominion, virginia, has just over 18,000 customers with no electricity. be sure to go to our website,, you will get the latest information on the power outages and you can go to your phone if you are out of power
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because we will have updates on our facebook pages and that is you can also find us on twitter. our handle is wusa9. be sure to check out the version of our website that is designed for your mobile device. it's today is the first day of school in loudoun county, virginia and frederick and montgomery counties in maryland. but after irene, the first day is going to be delayed for thousands of youngsters in montgomery county. jessica doyle reports. >> reporter: school buses rolled in. new book bags. sneakers, all signs summer is coming to a close and some students feel this way about the first day of school. >> a little bit cranky.
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>> colonial e brooklyn middle school almost remained closed todayism was among 22 schools last night without power. >> my son was thrilled. >> lights came back just in time. automated phone calls went out to parent. >> we waited for the phone call and once we got the phone call then we came out. >> seven schools remained closed without power. >> it's really too bad that seven of our schools are without power and i know those kids and parents and teachers are ready to go. >> a challenging first, first day of school for montgomery counti' new superintendent. he has been working with pepco to get the power back. for the school system are you giving priority in the queue when power outages happen. >> they understand that we have 147,000 kids and a lot of people depend on us and we will continue to work with them to make sure that they understand the needs we have. >> school officials tell 9 news now the montgomery county schools are supposed to get
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priority service with pepco. wnhs broadcast live radio tv reports to montgomery counties and this budding journalist was feeling more intense first day jitters today. >> everyone knew we were going to have the hurricane then out of nowhere we had an earthquake so people are hess didn't to go to school because they are afraid will we have another earthquake or tornado. what's going to happen next. >> of the seven schools that remain closed this morning, the hope is to get them re-opened by tomorrow for their first day in school. reporting from silver spring, i'm jessica doyle, 9 news now. classes in six other maryland counties were canceled those counties include anne arundel, calvert, charles, howard, prince george's and saint mary's. we have not received information about closings for tomorrow. but when we get that information you can find it on our website, people in luisa county, virginia were hit with a double whammy. rain and wind from hurricane
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irene and more after shocks from last week's earthquake. the u.s. geological survey says five more after shocks have hit luisa county. the most recent occurred at 12:19 this morning. just south of mineral, virginia. the epicenter for last week's earthquake. it had a magnitude of 2.2. the other four after shocks starts in luisa, virginia, and they range from 2.0 to 2.7. so far there have been a total of 16 after shocks since the 5.8 earthquake hit mineral last tuesday. still to come on 9 news now at noon, one maryland county wants to crack down on youngsters that gang up to commit crimes. we will tell you what plans are in the works coming up next.
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rebel forces say they control all of the libyan capital of tripoli but no one knows where moammar gadhafi is. inside tripoli there was a lot of damage following the civil war and nato bombings. rebels are now going through the capital removing all images of gadhafi. the montgomery county council wants to pass a new law aimed at prosecuting juvenile flash mob crimes. council is talking with the
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county state legislators about introducing the law in next year's general assembly. the bill comes after a mob of 24 young people stole hundreds of dollars of snacks from a 7/11 in germantown. police have identified and charged 17 of them in the crime. 14 youngsters are jiveinals. police are -- juveniles. police are trying to track down others. irene may have canceled yesterday's dedication of the new martin luther king, jr., but that didn't stop thousands from checking out the monument after the storm. the crowd showed up to see the monument on the 48th anniversary of dr. king's i have a dream speech. the national park service says the memorial had some water flow into the title basin during the hurricane, but there was not much damage. the official dedication ceremony was postponed until later this fall. coming up next on 9 news
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now at noon, hurricane irene left a path of damage. we will show you the clean up efforts in new england and olga has our forecast. a great afternoon to get out and clean up a little bit after the storms and i will have a look ahead at that holiday forecast for labor day. coming up.
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peggy fox with if you have a child who plays any kind of contact sport you
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want to think about investing in a mouth guard. and dr. jay samuel who is a montgomery county dentist tells us a custom made mouth guard is better. thanks for coming in. this is true. >> thank you very much. you know, as a parent and health care professional there is nothing more important than the health and well being of our children and oral health care and sports injuries prevention is an integral part of that equation it's a -- all dental officials to provide children with properly fitted at or near cost so they can get the sports prevention injury possible. they protect better because they have a precise fit which makes them more comfortable. allows for better breeforting and lessens the impact. a child that does not wear a properly fitted custom mouth guard is twice as likely to suffer a dental injury. >> i understand a custom made mouth guard can cost a few hundred dollars but yo are working on a grant to help kids who can't afford that.
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>> a grant with friends -- and to provide dental education, screening and a properly fitted mouth guard to kids that just won't get that protection let alone dental care. it's more than just a piece of plastic. it costs thousands of dollars to replace or fix a tooth. it's imperative that we work together to prevent a preventable injury. thank you so much for coming in. i appreciate it very much and we will have more information about custom made mouth guards on good-bye, irene. irene is finally gone, but she left in her path millions of residents in the dark and property damage that's topping $7 billion. dueworthy geraldineo has latest information from long beach, new york. rescue crews are checking homes with water everywhere, a
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house burned out of control because fire trucks have no way of responding. rutland, vermont, is under water after irene caused some of the worst flooding the state has seen in decades. >> oh, my god. >> raging water toppled this 140-year-old covered bridge. >> like i never seen. high, fast, way over the banks. >> torrential rains from irene sent water gushing through the town of windham in upstate, new york. emergency crews raced to rescue residents. >> we all of a sudden got all this water. >> power outages are a major concern in the wake of irene. crews are working around the clock but it will take days to get the lights back on for many. here in long beach business owners will start removing boards from their storefronts. many have no idea how much damage they will fine inside. >> this long beach resident returned to find his refrigerator on its side after the basement apartment was floating. >> everything was pretty much floating. >> new york's subway is running again as nation's largest city
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returns to normal. mayor bloomberg ordered massive evacuation and closures to get ready for irene and some are now saying he went too far. >> we were just unwilling to risk the life of a single new yorker. bottom line we will make the same decisions again without hesitation. >> at the airport, travel schedules are in shreds. about 9,000 flights were canceled before irene arrived and now the work begins to rebook hundreds of thousands of passengers. cbs news, long beach, new york. this morning maryland task force one headed up i-95 on its way to help with clean up and recovery efforts. the urban search and rescue team is headed to fort mcgwire in new jersey. that's one of the places fema is using to coordinate responses to the storm. and by the way, pepco has just told us that they expect to have all power restored by
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thursday evening. don't hate the -- okay. hate the message but not the messenger. thursday evening they say they will have all -- for people who do not have power right now, they don't want to hear that they want to hear it's going to be restored any minute. >> but there is plenty of sunshine outside so the weather is nice and temperatures are comeferrable. so folks can spend more time outdoors today if you don't have taac or power on right now. the forecast today is very calm compared to that rocky weekend we had. we were sitting pretty right now. temperatures in and around the beltway around the middle 70s. we will take it up to near 80 degrees this afternoon expecting it to stay warmer down to the south but we are starting to get that south and southeast wind flow coming on shore. for most of us today it will be comfortable and into the afternoon. reason, why dew points down into the 50s. we have some dry air in place with our northwest winds and that's going to stick for today and part of tomorrow. but you will notice a subtle shift as the moisture from the south comes moving on up as we head into the middle of the
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week for most of us today will be a good afternoon. i will step out of the way and show you our day planner by the 1:00 hour we will push into the upper 70s and will hit close to 80 degrees by 5:00 this afternoon for many of us and then we will back it down later on tonight. partly cloudy overnight tonight and that means temperatures aren't going budge. most of us down into the 60s and a comfortable start to tomorrow morning and in all be prepared for a nice afternoon. i know a lot of folks are cleaning up. i had a little yard work myself to do in the afternoon hours and it's going to be comfortable. we might see an isolated shower off to the west near i-81. but most of us inside the beltway or near the beltway should stay dry. plenty of sunshine on tuesday as well and you will like wednesday's forecast as we head into the middle of the week. i will give you those details in a couple of minutes. region wide the entire eastern seaboard drying out and temperatures are comfortable. with again the southern temperatures already in the 80s and that's a taste of what we will get later on this week. we are quiet on satellite and
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radar. the national view not too bad for most of us. as we come in close to the center of the u.s. in toward indiana, ohio, see that moisture trying to push in over through the mountains? it's coming in our direction. we will have a little cloudiness overnight tonight but then by tomorrow we will clear out quite nicely. here is how we look with our future cast forecast model. mix of sun and clouds today. moisture stays outside of the beltway so far and then a little cloud cover early in the morning and then a lot of sunshine into tomorrow afternoon. here is what we are looking forward to with that seven day forecast. in fact, as we get into the afternoon today, we are seeing about 80 degrees for today's high and then into tomorrow, well, we will take it up even higher. middle 80s to even the upper 80s in some portions of southern maryland tomorrow but at least we stay dry until thursday afternoon.
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could be siewmers chest book is a nonprofit organization them have been advising consumers for 37 years and we are happy to have robert with me. the president of consumers check book. you can get this but what's important about having you here today is the fact that we don't want consumers to be scammed with all the clean up efforts, roofing and flooding and things that they need around the home. how can they make sure that they are not taken advantage of? >> well, try to step back. try to allow your salve little
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time. people are kind of panics if they had things happen before to their house or their yard or whatever. as you can just adapt a little bit. walk around that tree that fell down in your yard or get some neighbors help you at least cut away enough you get into your front door. then take a little time to compare different firms before you hire somebody. danger is that people driving down those trees in pick up truck who haven't done much of this before and aren't very reliable and you can be sure that the best firms are not driving down those streets in pick up trucks because they have a million people calling them. you want to try to give yourself another few days so you will have enough time to reach out to one of those other firms and know they will have enough time to see you and get a couple of different firms to give you bids. to give you comparative recommendations because you really need that to decide. >> that's a good suggestion. however, if you have water standing in your basement you
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want help and you want it now. should you call your neighbors? your family members? who do you call to get a reference? >> well, i would call neighbors and family members to see if they can actually help you sort of bail out some of this problem right away. in terms of getting a reference, that's what check book is all about. we recognize recommend and don't recommend a lot of firms 67 the tree care firms, about 100 firms that we rated. some of those are rated superior. 25 of them are rated superior by more than 90% of their customers but never 20 or 25 that get that kind of favorable rating from 50% or 60% of their customers. 50% versus. 0% is a big difference. you have to pay attention to that. >> should go to your book, www.checkbook and find out what you suggest. >> of course, i think the best possible answer but even short of that it's a very good solution because then you really know you are dealing
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with good firms. whatever firm you deal with make sure you try to get more than one firm out to look at your problem because one firm may say you have to take that tree down and another firm says you can save that tree. >> get a contract. put it in writing. have it in writing. >> that's rite. >> know what you are getting and what you are paying for. >> and that contract is exactly what has to be done. >> thank you for being here. come back and visit us at 5:00. have a good day.
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