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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 23, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [laughter] craig: sometimes people say to me, craig, why do you put up with this network that doesn't give you a band or any promotion
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and makes you do your show in a basement? i'll tell you why. because i just spent the last hour talking to dianely and karen gillan. -- diane lane and karen gillan. [laughter] and that's my job! oh, what's a come and a go. sweet. good night, everybody! ♪ [ rock ] oñ
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[ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. 9news now brought to you in hd by verizon fios. a network ahead. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." >> nobody deserves to get beat that way. a disturbing video goes viral showing two teenagers dragging a young woman by her hair and beating her so badly it triggers a seizure. plus, how to beat those cam cameras that give speeding tickets. a local man explains his method. and a developing story. a wild scene unfolds outside a local gas station after a
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stabbing leads to a fatal confrontation with the police. there is 9news now. a man walks into a store, stabs another guy right in the face and the altercation ends with that attacker dead. this all happened in springfield, virginia, where police are still on the scene just trying to figure out what the heck was going on. we are joined live. >> reporter: derek, that eyewitness is manager of a tire store just up the street. and basically in the afternoon a man stumbled into his store bleeding. he helped the man then he confronted the knife-wielding assailant. he will describe what happened. >> i went to lock the door and he started waving the knife around me and he followed him all the way up the street before the first officer arrived on the scene. he asked him to lay down but he
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started charging the police officer and chasing him with his knife trying to stab the police officer too before he discharged his weapon. >> reporter: what kind of weapon did he have? >> it was 5, 6-inches long, a butcher knife you would have in the kitchen. i don't think there was any question about it. the officer did what he had to do. i'm proud. did a great job. they got somebody off the streets. >> reporter: and now you're looking at a live scene of the investigation of that fatal shooting. the body is still there. police have not identified who the man was that was fatally shot is. they are still waiting to notify his relatives. and also not saying who the man who was stabbed and is now in the hospital is. we don't know his identity. we doe no that he is suffering from nonlife threatening injuries. we don't know about the relationship between the two men, what it was, why that altercation began. all of that is still being
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investigated. reporting live, derek back to you. >> a lot of questions unanswered. this investigation obviously will go for a while. thank you for that. >> yes, indeed. well, caught on camera, the video of a woman being senselessly beaten inside a baltimore county mcdonald's. it has gone viral and on the internet and so has the outrage over what you're about to see. ken molestina has the video and reaction to seeing it. ken? >> reporter: it happened at this macdonald's monday night. now that the video has surfaced it ignited plenty of backlash. the images we are about to show you are graphic. this is the video that by now has gained widespread notoriety after it went viral on the internet. according to baltimore county police you're looking at a 22- year-old woman being kicked and punched over and over again. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: people we showed this video to say it is hard to believe what they are eyes are watching. >> my heart is racing just seeing it. i feel like crying and i don't
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even know this girl. >> reporter: the two female attackers seem to be done with the beating then come back with more. >> they came back. >> reporter: the victim is dragged by her hair and left on the ground near the door. seconds later she begins shaking possibly due to a seizure triggered by the beating. >> she got beat to the point westbound she was having a seizure. >> reporter: the owner of this mcdonald's released a statement saying "i'm as shocked and disturbed by this incident as anyone would be. the behavior displayed in the video is unfathomable." it is sparking more criticism aside from the beating itself. >> nobody helped her out. that is terrible. >> reporter: in the video only an older woman seems to be trying to stop the attack. the employees sort of linger around watching. and the person videotaping it all seems to be enjoying it instead of calling for help. >> when i used to work there, that was supposed to be protocol. something escalated to where the manager felt, you know, our safety was in danger we are
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supposed to call the police. >> to get enjoyment out of that is sick for someone to film that and enjoy it. >> reporter: now a 14-year-old girl has been arrested. and she has been charged as a juvenile according to police. now, another woman, an 18-year- old woman has also been arrested. according to police she is yet to be charged. derek, tonight police investigators still not saying exactly what could have led to this vicious attack. >> thank you, ken. new pictures and new information coming in right now from lambert airport in st. louis. an apparent tornado touched down right near that airport. several people have been hurt. the wind blew out glass all over the airport. it tossed around cars in the parking lot. reportedly pushed an american airlines flight right off the runway. no word yet on how many people are hurt or how badly they might be hurt. some serious weather out there in st. louis. >> yes. second time this week our nationals were playing st.
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louis and had to evacuate the stadium. they had to evacuate the stadium when the reds were in town. they have shut down the airport. here is a look at it. they also have shut down what are equivalent of our beltway. i-270. tractor-trailers spewed around the area. same system that moved through st. louis is heading in our direction but we shouldn't see the severe weather out of it. it is all connected. we have had that frontal system slowly moving. therefore we are locked into this cold rain and it will be with us all night long. notice the brighter colors here. it is coming down a pretty good clip in areas of eastern and western virginia. that sliding into north western virginia but the tornado watches will stay out in areas of kentucky and southern illinois. we only warmed up into the mid- 40s. we won't drop much. it will remain chilly and remain quite wet. that east wind is going to try to shift to the southeast and that may warm us up. notice the movement of this as it all slowly flies out of the area to the north and
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northeast. it is dropping light amounts but even at light amounts that adds up too. we do have a flood watch to our west and northwest. we will talk more detail about that and what that may mean in the coming days with rises in the waters. plus we will let you know how your weekend is shaping up. see if we can get any sunshine here. a major commuter alert for anybody that uses the new york avenue bridge. right now one lane from each side of the bridge is shutdown leaving only four lanes coming in and out of the district. two lanes each way. vdot closed them down about an hour ago. if you've got to drive this way, you can expect up to a 30- minute delay in your commute. $40 million construction project will take about two years. now an update on that dc police escort for charlie sheen. the police department now says sheen's people did pay for it. $445 to cover the costs of two patrol cars racing him from dulles airport down to constitution hall. the police chief indicates paid for or not it never should have
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happened. the police chief said as a rule celebrities don't get escorts in town. carjackings and attempted carjackings all committed early in the morning and all committed by men wearing ski masks. police are investigating three recent cases in montgomery county. two in silver spring. one at a gas station. another at an apartment complex. the third case next to a shopping center in chevy chase. today we got a name and face of the teenager that escaped from a youth detention center. they are still looking for him who pulled the jail break in laurel on monday. he attacked a corrections officer and then used a ladder to scale the razor wire fence before driving away in that officer's personal car. police say if you know anything about this, please call 1-866- 411-tips especially if you have seen is this young man. tonight police are trying
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to piece together the last moments of phylicia barnes life. how did she go from visiting her family in baltimore to her body being found in a dam. the north carolina teenager had been missing ever since december. another body was found some four miles down the river from barns and police aren't sure yet if there is any connection between the two. >> as of today we still don't have an identity on this man. our investigators have been running fingerprints, contacting other police departments and so that is a continuing priority in this investigation. >> there was no trauma to barnes' body but she was naked when they found her. how simple math can get you out of a speeding ticket that you didn't deserve. talk about a cl
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lindsey lohan found to have violated her probation. the 24-year-old's lawyer says she will appeal and that will allow her to post bail. a businessman is using simple math to convince judges that his drivers do not deserve the tickets generated by speed cameras. gary neurenberg reports that simple math simply proves they weren't speeding at all. >> reporter: speed cameras in forest heights keep generating tickets for drivers at east over auto supply. >> i went ballistic. >> reporter: will foreman began to investigate 40 tickets. >> how many do you think were legitimate? >> i can't find one that was legitimate. >> what's the problem with the forest heights cameras. >> reporter: they are not accurate. he has been proving it in court
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with simple math. >> this is the first image. this is the second image. >> reporter: he super imposes image 2 over image 1. looks like this. >> and with the length of the vehicle you can ascertain the distances it traveled. >> reporter: that's where the math comes in. on a spreadsheet you can see how far a vehicle travels in those 3.63 seconds. the ticket says this truck was doing 76. >> that vehicle should have traveled 40 feet. it traveled 14 and a half feet. not 40 feet. the charges against us were wrong. >> reporter: he says he has won every case where he has used the math to prove his driver is not guilty. >> it is either theft, total gross incompetence or extortion with a badge. >> reporter: after phone call and e-mail attempts we got no response we went to town offices and saw the administrator closing his door. >> we just would like the town's response, sir, to the fact that people are getting
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tickets they don't deserve. >> will you need to talk to the mayor. >> we have called the mayor but the mayor is unavailable. you're the town administrator? yes? >> yes. >> can you tell us if you think they are accurate, the cameras? >> i'm not a professional in that area. >> reporter: but he did say he believes the cameras to be accurate. the company's place here is the corporate parent of the traffic company which operates the cameras. both companies refused an interview with us. >> they are stealing from the public. >> reporter: foreman was talking about town government when he said that. he has asked the state to investigate and can see a class action suit somewhere down the road. in the meantime he is telling people who get the tickets, fight them. >> we talked to people who run these cameras they will say this is really about safety but a lot of us really think it is about money. >> again, do the math. >> revenues from the tickets account for about half the town's budget. the tickets bring in about 2.8
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million a year. this is a town of about 2600. as mr. foreman says do the math. that's more than $1000 in fines for every person in town every year. >> wow, gary, thank you so much for doing the math. appreciate it. has become more common for dads to leave work when they are children leave work. texas rangers colby lewis drew criticism when a reporter with the dallas observer who said as a baseball fan he just wants his team to win. >> i was very surprised because here is the thing. we actually have a father absence cries crisis right -- crisis right now. so when athletes and celebrities make a statement my family is important, i'm going to be there when my child is born that should be celebrated. >> nationals short stop ian desmond is taking a few days
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off for the birth of his first child. he is the second player to take advantage of the maternity league policy. caught on tape in seattle. a hydro plane bursting into flames forcing the driver to make a jump to it to safety. they were out on lake washington just for a testing session yesterday. you can see the back of the boat just sort of burst into flames. the flames came up and smoke. perkins got away and swam to shore safely. this next guy could have been the inspiration for michael jackson's smooth criminal song. take a look at it. just kind of walking by the counter, picks up a laptop like he owns the place then he just kind of calmly walks out. right in front of the people who run the store. yes, walks right out the front door. so far the cops have yet to catch him. did you hear the one about a catholic, a jew and muslim who took a cab from new york to l.a.? it is not the set up for a
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joke. this happened. a muslim cabby finished driving two friends, one jewish, the other catholic on a trip. they left the airport saturday and they hit tinsel town a few short hours ago. >> friday night stayed at my place. do you think a cab would take us from new york to l.a.? >> you walk out in new york city, you hail a cab. you want to go to l.a. >> the two friends paid the cabby $5000 for the ride. the cabby says this was never about the money, although he took the money, it was a chance to see parts of the country he has only heard about. an $8000 give away? not for a game show or a monster truck prize. that's what a church in minnesota is offering easter sunday. the hot ticket items include televisions, nintendo and movie packages. church leaders say they hope the prizes will be an incentive
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to get more folks in the door. last year the church gave away two cars and 3000 people ended up attending easter service. they expect to double that number this year. i don't know if it is the same thing to get lured in by material things. >> i don't think so. >> i'm not sure about that. what's the deal, my friend? the weather rough in st. louis but coming our way, right? >> i don't think we will see the severe weather they have seen. we have got our own problems. cold rain too. everyone getting together this weekend, of course. you're wondering will you see sunshine? will we warm up and get out of the 40s? it is more like february. i think we will. but some of us will have a better chance of keeping rain in the forecast saturday and sunday than others. start with the outside picture. the story goes like this. rain will continue overnight. thank goodness it has been light in its intensity most locations getting a quarter inch to a half inch at the most. that's it. but it does continue. our areas out west have flood watches and i'll show you those
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in a moment area streams could rise and it could find its way in tributaries into our area. cloud cover. starting in the south. southern counts will see more sunshine and we will warm up a little more. well into the 70s. temperatures will warm up for everyone but the possibility of a passing thundershower or storm will remain with the northern counties all weekend long. so if there is going to be a break in the action, it is going to be basically in the center and southern portions of our viewing area. again, those to the north, you may have a few breaks, you may have some dry periods, i believe that, but the threat will continue. 43 degrees. take a look at this. keep an eye on washington. watch all of the green, all this rainfall continue to trail right through the same area, right through washington. it gets very heavy now through areas of eastern counties of west virginia into the panhandle moving now across to piedmont. this is an area where the national weather service has a flood watch. see the counties shaded here. this goes into effect until tomorrow morning. most likely will be extended
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because the rain will continue. and our live doppler 9000 showing the heavy rain getting ready to move in to front royal and it will continue and make its way into this county as well. the frontal system on the way is going to stall right to the north of us and still has yet to move through the area. so therefore we are still in the cold air. take a look how much rainfall. this could be 3, 4, 5 inches of rain. terrible news for the ohio river. here is how it shapes up for us, then. rain continuing overnight. i do believe we will have a few breaks and maybe some dry times. sunday shaping up to be the same as saturday. first half of easter sunday does look dry. 73. not bad tomorrow. but again the satellite radar picture you can see the terrible weather. by the way they have closed down lambert air force in st. louis because of the tornado damage and they are still surveying the damage there. high pressure gave us just a raw east wind today and will
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continue to watch that rainfall make its way across the metro area the entire region off to the north and northeast but i do still like 80 on sunday so what that tells me is the warm front giving me this cold rain will be north of us. so northern counties have a better chance of a passing shower. the threat is with us pretty much all weekend. >> all right. >> we will salvage something. >> thank you, tom. i think you can make the argument about jim larranaga that he stayed as long as he could? >> well, he stayed probably longer than he had to. he could have gotten out five years after that final 4 run but he was loyal to the school and to the town. he put george mason's program on the map. now he will try to do the same for the university of miami. why did coach jim larranaga leave fairfax to south beach? caps
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it is time for 9 sports with brett haber.
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the best sports in town. > every spring the officers came for coach jim larranaga. every year he turned them down. jim larranaga's sense of loyalty and community trumping his desire for greater fame and fortune. until today. he resigned to become head coach at the university of miami. his salary doubling from $525,000 to over $1 million a year. jim larranaga's tenure at george mason included five tournament berths. a never ending enthusiasm like the one he showed at his press conference in miami tonight. >> i have a certain set of core beliefs to quote the great chinese philosopher confucious who said choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. and that's what i did.
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>> that is classic tom o'connor said he tried to keep him but couldn't compete with the money. o'connor and jim larranaga had a tense relationship and that spurred the coach to leave it was reported. o'connor denied that. this is what he had to say about his relationship with jim larranaga. >> i think it was great. had a great trip with the basketball players and jim to italy this year. it was a terrific relationship. >> o'connor says the search for a new coach will begin immediately. he has some names in mind. the stats say when a hockey team leads a playoff series three games to one, that team wins the series 92% of the time. which is comforting to caps fans until they remember last year. first round 2010 remember the caps had a 3-1 lead on montreal only to fold and lose in seven games. that was the fourth time in their history the caps have blown a 3-1 lead which means
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tomorrow's game 5 would be an excellent time to close out the rangers less doubts creep in. >> obviously you want to do better and make sure you finish it off. >> we knew they are not going to go away quietly. they are a hard working team when it comes to play every night and it has been a hard fought series so far. it is not over yet. >> unfortunately the caps will again be without mike knuble. remember that character from the charlie brown cartoons how a dusty cloud followed him where he went. that's how it is with the nationals with the rain clouds these days. postponed again tonight in pittsburgh. that's their third rain out in the last six days. makeup game for them on monday. nba playoffs tonight. celtics and knicks game 3. rajon rondo on the break. look what he does to sean williams on the other side? right here, shakes him out of
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his tank top. triple double for rondo tonight including 20 assists. they roll 113-96. they lead the series three games to none. finally tonight the best soccer celebration since the flopping fish of icelands from the danish super league. scoring the goal for them. watch what he does, you're out, you're out. but then here comes the law. bang, you're dead. we don't condone gun violence. i'm just saying.


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