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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 10, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news. a ups truck barrels through barricades and crashes into a popular museum. >> topper is tracking a bumpy forecast. chilly weather and a chance for rain. >> i'm just hurt right now. >> a mother grieves. her son found shot to death. now controversy over why police waited a day to search for a bleeding victim. this is 9news now. >> and we begin with that late breaking news in the district. right now police are on scene after a ups truck slammed into the hirshhorn exam. gary nurenberg live with the very latest. >> reporter: anita and derek, you know the hirshhorn, it's the one that has been here since 1975. it's mostly known for contemporary art. picasso. but until tonight, ups truck in museum was not part of the collection. the truck was on the
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independence avenue side of the hirshhorn near 7th street when it crossed the sidewalk and hit the building. >> there was a glass plate and the truck actually crashed into that causing some damage. of course, we were able to assess the driver's condition and he's been transported to a local trauma center. his injuries are trauma two which are serious but not life-threatening. >> reporter: it shoved across life planters which are not meant to stop vehicles completely. >> i think they served their role. they probably slowed the vehicle down and it did stop at the front. >> reporter: a police bomb squad checked for explosives as traffic was rerouted. no word at all that explosives were found or that this is terrorist related. as you can see, the front of the museum is still closed. no word on any damage to the art. it appears the truck did not penetrate the building enough to do that. did some damage to the front of the thing. but a spokesperson said they expect it will be open tomorrow.
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the accident at the metropolitan under scrutiny tonight after they failed to find the body of a city intern despite calls of a gunfire. he had been shot several times and left for dead but wasn't discovered until the next day. as andrea mccarren reports, his murder allegedly stems from a dispute over a ride. >> reporter: at sunset, police waited through dense woods in the 200-block of new come street southeast in search of evidence. amidst gnarled branches and steep terrain, 18-year-old alonte sutton took his last breath. >> i don't wish this pain on anyone. >> reporter: sutton was a straight a student at ballou high school, set to graduate next month and he hoped to go on to college. the father of a toddler, he appeared to be on the right track. a young man who impressioned his mentors at -- impressed his mentors at the dc city council.
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>> he was one of the best and brightest and we recommended him for another spot which he won that too. >> reporter: on saturday sutton was changing a front tire when police say he was confronted by a male acquaintance who asked him to give his girlfriend a ride. sutton said no. the man allegedly returned with a weapon, chased sutton into the woods and fired multiple shots. >> we practically grew up together and not having him around is just -- >> it's not fair. >> reporter: despite 911 calls and squad cars that responded to the scene, witnesses tell 9news the police never got out of their cars to search the woods. only the next day after sutton's family reported him missing did police return to the area and discover his body. >> what occurred or did not occur on saturday is currently under investigation. >> the guy may have been still alive for some time but to lay in peril is really sad.
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>> reporter: police know who they're looking for and acknowledge the suspect has a criminal history. and while the victim, alonte sutton, appeared to be getting his life together, he, too, allegedly had a criminal past, including arrests for robbery and unlawful entry. as a 14-year-old according to the washington examiner, he was arrested for felony robbery while carrying a gun, fighting with police and unauthorized use of a vehicle. new at 11:00, a local marine has died. 21-year-old marine corporal kurt shea of frederick died on may 10th during a combat operation in afghanistan. he was assigned to the third battalion. no word on when his remains could be coming home. it looks like dc public school teachers will have that new contract with a performance rewarding pay hike after all. today the major, michelle rhee gathered to announce the city can pay for the deal which would
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grant teacher a 20% raise based on their performance. several day earlier they told them they couldn't certify the contract because the money wasn't there. >> i had to open things up and move some things around. >> when they return in the fall, they will be amongst the most highly compensated educators in the country which is well, well deserved. >> but vincent gray says the whole process was terrible, complaining there is no way the city should have announced the contract without knowing for sure it was paid for. some of the controversy erupted because some of the funding comes from private donations. an update now with a manhole explosion. an underground electrical fire is what caused the pressure to build up and that is what caused the manhole to blow up. the blast caused some minor damage to a sidewalk and a parked car near the convention center. nobody hurt. and we made some calls and officials say a man is in serious condition tonight after a truck slammed into him at a
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shopping center. this accident happened at the eastover shopping center. the driver was doing doughnuts before he drove up on to the sidewalk and into a crowd of people. >> the gentleman was spinning around the parking lot and he jumped up and he hit the guy and drug him up here where he hit the main wall and just ejected the guy right into another car. >> that driver now faces several charges. police have not released his name or the victim's name at this time. a big development regarding the future of the supreme court. president obama has nominated elena kagan to be the next supreme court justice. she would replace justin john paul stevens who is retiring. >> and to represent the united states there is the most thrilling and the most humbling task a lawyer can perform. >> kagan is 50 years old and she
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is currently the solicitor general representing the federal governor and the obama administration. kagan has never served as a judge. critics say that will be a prime topic at her confirmation hearing. today wall street rebounded from big losses last thursday and friday. the dow industrial jumped more than 400 points. the nasdaq climbed more than 100. meanwhile the leaders of the new york stock exchange nasdaq and four other exchanges laid out the framework to avoid another melt down. it would require them all to have circuit breakers so the system could be slowed down. the exact details are still being worked out. turning now to the disaster in the gulf, bp scrambling looking for new options to fix the oil leak that was created after a rig exploded last month. an ice buildup is what might be used. crews may try again to cap the well with a smaller dome. they could pump cement and heavy
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mud down from the surface or perhaps try to clog the leak with debris. they're also using submarines to spray chemical disperse ants at the source of the oil. another option, tap into the gushing oil pipe. >> we continued since the very beginning to pursue multiple paths. this is very, very challenging environment to work in. >> meanwhile, more oil soak birds are turning up near the accident site just 50 miles south of louisiana coast. state officials want bp to build up coastal sand bars to keep that oil from watching delicate march lands and beyond. a review for almost anything online. fine dining, shopping, you name it. but there is a hidden danger. some reviews are phoney. an unbearable situation for this young cub stuck in a tree. see how mom saved the day. and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. clouds are rolling in. we'll take you out with the wakeup weather. 8:00 in the morning on the
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chilly side. it's going to stay dry, though, through the morning commute. 40-48 for temperatures. grab a jacket on your way out. we'll come back and talk about when you'll need the umbrella. maybe some big thunderstorms here and some incredible video out in the plain states. stay tuned.
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to the late breaking news tonight where a ups truck has slammed into the hirshhorn museum. gary nurenberg is live with the very latest. gary. >> reporter: well, derek, police and doctors are trying to determine whether it might have been a medical condition that caused the driver of the ups truck to leave independence avenue and drive the truck through planters, a light pole and into the lobby shattering some glass there. initial assessment is damage to the building was not severe at all and smithsonian spokes people say they'll expect the museum will be open tomorrow. independence avenue remain closed while bomb technicians make sure there are no explosives. no indication that this is terrorist related, but police want to be more than careful with this. they expect to open independence avenue relatively soon. if there are changes to this story, we'll bring them to you right away. >> thank you. fallen law enforcement officers are being honored in our area as part of national
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police week. today montgomery county held its memorial tribute to honor the 16 county officers who died in the line of duty during the department's history. they include hector rayala who was recently killed. his wife is pregnant with triplet. the department is raising money for the family ♪ music playing . and tonight fans are remembering ly nalena horne. she challenged the way hollywood saw black women. she spent 60 years on the film and tv. tonight friends and family are mourning the death of a high school student. anthony feather died in a car accident over the weekend. that crash happened while he was on his way to an after prom party. and four other teenagers in that car, none of them wearing seat
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belts. officers say the car hit a utility pole flipping over ejecting four students. >> he wanted to take care of his mom. >> was he your only boy? >> he was my only child. and this was mother's day without him? >> anthony went to king george high school. he was a cornerback. he was so good as a sophomore he could have played ball at any college in the country if he lived long enough. click and read. it's something you probably do every day when you want the 411 on a business. but in tonight's safe and sound report, what you see in that online review may not be as telling as you think. to explain, here is lesli foster. >> reporter: social restaurant is packed with patrons ready to wine, dine and savor the experience. but it's the word of mouth on the internet that worries the owners of that columbia heights destination. >> with a website like yelp,
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someone else controls how you're portrayed. >> reporter: now we're all critics. all you have to do is punch in a few keys to give a thumbs up or down or so you think. >> you are the user, you may think that that is an actual review or it actually made it to the very top but when in fact it's sponsor contact. >> reporter: it's not uncommon for people to have sponsor contact. but yelp tries to strong arm them. >> there is definitely a pressure to use them for that paid advertising. >> i say it's close to harassment. >> reporter: at salon 180, the manager says they were inundated with advertising requests from yelp. >> they're trying to get people to advertise with them and when they don't they're going to take your business down via the reviews. >> reporter: and there are plenty of other stories for business owners too worried to go on camera. in some calls and e-mails they told us they did not like yelp's alleged tactics but they feared speaking out could potentially harm their business.
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>> it seems ultimately that yelp hasn't been transparent about the way they rank their sponsored content and it seems in some ways that they have kind of violated the trust of their community. >> reporter: business owners across the country fought back earlier this year. they filed a class action lawsuit alleging the online review site uses advertising contracts to extort money. we asked the company for an on camera interview to respond to the claims. in a statement a yelp spokesperson says the claim made by these business owners lacked merit and business owners have never been able to pay yelp to manipulate their review content or reputation. >> we started the comment cards because we were unsure about what we were reading on yelp. >> reporter: it's just one of the tools businesses are using in this new media age where one comment can reach millions. they say there is not always truth in advertising, especially online. lesli foster, 9news now. >> the plaintiff's lawyer tells us the lawsuit against yelp is
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still pending. since the filing the online review site has made changes to the ad policies. a spokesperson says they now allow whether reviews have been filtered and that yelp goes to great length to protect the integrity of the reviews on the site. to help you sort out what you read online, go to and click on living smart. taking a look now at a story that had our newsroom talking, a mother bear to the rescue after her cub got stuck in a tree. now, this is video from youtube. look at this. a visit to the zoo caught it and you can see the cub is stuck up there. it doesn't want to come down. big mama is doing her best to get to him. finally she is able to break the tree in two. the cub runs down and runs away from her. that's exactly right. some think the cub was actually in trouble and trying to avoid spankings or whatever bears do to their young. an all new david letterman
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will be on after 9news now. here is a sneak peek. >> the state department has warned against travel to the tribal region of pakistan. [ laughing ] >> great. there goes my summer vacation. >> a little satire is always good. tonight angeline lilly will be there. let's see if pink came to the foundation tonight. there were lots of us crowded in there. that is broadcasters from all the local tv stations, radio, cable personalities as well. and as i mentioned, there was lots and lots of pink. >> i was going to go but forgot to wear my pink. >> that's okay, guys. you're forgiven. it's okay. you got some serious stuff. we do. just so you know, may is statistically the number one months for tornadoes.
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>> really. >> four tornadoes occur every day the month of may. and today was no exception. we have deadly tornadoes in oklahoma. we'll start with the video. we'll start with the tornado that was spotted. this is around the norman, oklahoma area. this is phenomenal shot. you can see the debris it's picking up. >> wow. >> now let's go to the damage another tornado did around the norman area. these are pretty big homes. this is pretty stuff when you see homes simply leveled across the board. they're thinking winds anywhere from 150-210. and that's just studying the damage. four fatalities and a few injuries. >> wow. >> so not good. in terms of the most deadly outbreaks, three of the top four occur in the month of may. now, let me show you the satellite picture and we'll zoom in a little bit to the heart of the storms. we talked about this becoming a big story. there was a high risk for storms in this area. that's where they are right now.
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and they're moving now to the north. let me give you a little different vantage point. we'll take away the satellite and just concentrate on the doppler. this is where norman, oklahoma is. it occurred in this area and they also occurred in parts of north eastern oklahoma. there were watches and warnings and that's where they were. here's where they are now. they're not quite as intense. they moved through kansas city and now they're moving through missouri and heading towards iowa. and they're heading towards peoria on into chicago. okay. let's go back to the computer. and we'll, again, as far as we're concerned, we just have some high clouds spilling in here tonight. here is the deal, though. we might get into the warm sector on tuesday and we, too, can have big thunderstorms. we'll keep you posted on that. okay. next three days, 58 tomorrow with rain. grab your umbrella and your jacket. 77, warmer on wednesday. i've knocked thursday down to 70. but it will be dry and a little more pleasant.
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tonight increasing clouds and cold. 38-48. easterly winds at ten. tomorrow morning i think we'll be dry during the morning. a light rain or shower possible well west of town. winds easterly at ten. howard will have your bus stop forecast at 4:25. but afternoon, different storely. mostly cloudy, chilly, light rain or showers. winds out of the southeast at 10-15. that is not a particularly warm wind. and, again, not a lot of precipitation heading our way but enough to make it a wet commute on the way home. here is our nine future cast. tomorrow morning clouds. we can deal with that. we get into the late morning showers start showing up. i think the showers will be a little further east of this. but the date is, late afternoon, early evening, showers move across the metro area so it will be a wet commute on the way home. they should be out of here by 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow night. 58 tomorrow. 77 on wednesday. morning showers afternoon storms. again, we lowered thursday. kept it dry. only 70. low 80s on friday. upper 70s on saturday. the next front comes in late
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sunday. i think the first half of the day will be fine. showers and thunderstorms. and then it may bleed into monday. temperatures in the mid 70s. >> let's just get through tomorrow. >> exactly. >> like march tomorrow. >> thanks. the nats may look out or we're going to start to believe. >> another one-run game. they're winning the close ones. these are the ones they used to lose and now they're finding a way to win. plus brian in line for a belated honor. and the minor league pitcher who brought beer to the mound. his identity in 9 sports coming up. [ beeping ]
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> the amazing part of the nation alz being three games over 500 and two games out of first place is of the first 30
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games they played a dozen without their one and only star ryan zimmerman. but zim is back now and making up for lost time. nats and mets in new york tonight. bases loaded, one out. they strike out david wright and ike davis gets out of the jam and that was crucial because the bat took over in the third. adam and zim gone. nats take the lead 2-0 in fine shape. they got into another jam in the 7th. two on. strikes him out and the nats go to four games over. they beat the mets tonight 3-2. a little hockey. game six penguins and canadiens. pittsburgh trying to end this but now these two teams that knocked out the caps the last two years are going seven. the decider, game seven, in pittsburgh on wednesday. caps defense man mike green made all forget his playoff
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shortcomings as he presented a check for $63,000. he committed 50 bucks her assist. it will go for toys and books for the kids and children. you know how they say in the miss america pageant if the winner is unable to fulfill her duties then the first runner up takes the place. arakno was the first runner up. curbing was suspended -- kushing was suspended and now they're going to revote. the rookie had 11 sacs last year. the uva women's lacrosse team will be asked to do the impossible this sunday to put aside the tragic death of their teammate yeardley move and begin play in the ncaa tournament. the cavaliers are the sixth seed. they will play in
11:27 pm
charlottesville saturday afternoon. the lady terps are the top seed. georgetown, navy and james madison all are locals in the 16 team field. if this had been a year ago, tiger woods would have held the press conference here today. but because the at&t national has made the temporary move up to philly, those guys got to ask him the pointed questions today, a day after tiger had to pull out with a neck injury in the middle of his round. they recalled that tiger complained of similar neck pain shortly after the ill fated car wreck and inquiring minds wanted to know if the two things were connected. no. completely separate injury. finally tonight, the minor league round rock success were shocked in reliever johnson entered the game because, a, he came to the mound with a bag full of beer, sipped one, and then got into the fight and got chased around by one of the opposing batters. thankfully we will later learn that johnson with that mustache
11:28 pm
is really will ferrell, the actor who got a starring roll in a minor league game. >> that's funny. >> you knew it when the mustache was half hanging off. >> we'll be right back. here's to the believers. the risk-takers. the visionaries. the entrepreneurs... who put it all on the line to build and run their own businesses. at at&t, we know something about that. our company started out in a small lab, with not much more than a dream. and today, we know it's small businesses that can create the jobs america needs. that's why at&t is investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks. making them faster, smarter, and more secure. connecting small businesses to
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