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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  May 1, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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. it's growing fast. satellite images shows the oil spill off the louisiana coasts that tripled in size in one day. i'm bruce johnson. science firsts say that the spill could grow so large that currents could pull it to the florida keys and maybe unthe east coast. efforts to contain the leak in gulf mexico have not worked. the coast guard said about hundred thousand of gallons are spewing out each day. and president obama plans to get a look for himself on sunday. >> reporter: strong winds and high satisfies are break ago part some of the barriers laid
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out to protect the gust coast. weather conditions are preventing drews skim oil from the surface. >> and the problem to contain. it's way too rough. >> reporter: the coast guard said it is impossible to estimate how much crude has leaked into the gulf. the one expert says that the slick has tripled in size. british po troll yum is responsible for stopping the leak and stopping the oil. but the federal government taking steps of its own. cargo plans will start and 6,000 national guard troops will help in the government. some say that bp and the government waited too long to act. >> they should have wrapped it up right then and there. >> reporter: in this business, timing is everything. they have four to five months to make all of their money for
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the year. this man has been hauling shrimp from the gulf since he was a teen greater this is all i do. >> reporter: about 25% of the nation's seafood is caught and processed in this region and this growing disaster could impact the local economy for years to come. the coast guard conceded that it's nearly impossible to know how much oil has gushed. after seg earlier it was 1.6 million gallons. demonstrators are rally, calling for federal immigration reform and vent their anger and identify traffic yule new law t requires arizona law officers to question people about their immigration status if there's reason to suspect they're in this country illegally.
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advocates have been in front white house today. >> reporter: it started as a rally. people came from all over the country to be here, across from the white house. say live in miami. >> reporter: this man said that the group will not get arrested today because they'd be deported. but they're not hiding the fact that they're here illegally. >> we're asking to for a chance to stay and contribute to the place they know. >> reporter: laura is hoping that one day her husband will be allowed back in the country. >> he asks me where is my daddy? i say he's not here. he said why? and it breaks my heart because i know his dad wants to be here. >>i want my daddy. >> reporter: even a u.s. congressman and state delegate decided to get arrested say feel that the impact of the bad law in arizona. i've been living with anti- immigrant law proposals in
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maryland. and this is the time to stop these. >> reporter: the group sat on the sidewalk in front of the white house, which is illegal. arizona governor brewer signed a follow-up bill on friday that she said should lay to rest concerns ever opponents that the new statements make it crystal we that racial profileing is illegal and will not be tolerated in arizona. gloria he is estaphan led a protest. speaking in english and spanish, he said that immigrants are good, hard work criminals, not criminals. they say that the law it necessary because of the federal government's fail tour secure the border. and thousands of demonstrators gathered in daily plaza for daily reform. they believe it could join tens
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of thousands to rallies in dozens of cities. in rockville, people from 32 countries became u.s. citizens. movent montgomery county executives legan urged the people to become involved in the communities. they stay new clerchgz are ahead build they could be able to help their communities. the murder a popular middle school principal remains a mystery. hundred people gathered today. the 42-year-old washington d.c. educator was shot to death in his maryland home this month. here's more from the music center are in bethesda. >> he was amazing. he did so many different things for so many people. >> reporter: and celebrate they did for and educatetor and father figure that inspired young people from all walks of
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life. chancellor mcreed gave a heart- felt tribute. he spends -- spent most of his career at montgomery county schools. his killers remain a history. they have narrowed the timeline to sometime april 14th. his suv was found a day later. >> that is unseting it part and i know -- unsettling part. he was skillful with recruiting kids and that included extracurricular activities. the common theme through the tribe suite that -- tribute was that brian bets was larger than life and that file your was not an option and that could you not be an average student around him. and he had an undeniable
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devotion in shaping their lives. and they're determined to carry on the role model's legacy. >> i'm going dedicate my lice and services to mr. bets. >> reporter: jackson and the former cheerleading squad gave a cheer for the service and repeated it for us. >> everyone misses him. >> reporter: i talked with the police and they say they're getting new information in every day they have said at least two people were involved in the fatal shooting and seen driving away from bets's silvers spring homes. a bomb scare the metro zoo station caused some delays for passengers on the afternoon this afternoon. they received the threat just before 1:30. trains were allowed to pass through the area but did not stop at the dupont circle
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station. they conducted a security sweep and determined that the threat was a hoax. still ahead, and oning collapsed at a shopping center and it sends shoppers running for cover. president obama delivers the spirited defense of his administration at a graduation ceremony today. [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn
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today's compensationment address -- commentcommencement address at the -- commencement at the university of washington. >> this kind kind ofville indication underminds democratic deliberation. why should we listen to a social lift or right or left wing nut? it makes it impossible for people that have legitimate but bridgeable differences to sit down at the same table and hash things out. >> he urged the michigan graduates to averdict combat that coursens our culture. hundreds of people were able to travel the world without leaving washington today. the free event was dubbed the around the world embassy tour.
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more than zero embassies and residents opened up their doors. it was the kickoff to a month long international celebration sponsored by cultural tourism dc. mishap at a shopping center sends several people to the hospital. an awning collapsed. a dozen firefighters were called in to sift through the rubble. still to come, new video from the volcano in iceland that caused air traffic chaos over europe. humidity levels started to rise along with the temperatures. this is regan national today. 88 the high. 61 the low. at dulles, we set a record high of 90 degrees. i think we'll see more records fall sunday and we'll talk about severe thunderstorms when 9 news now returns. [ laughs ]
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new video from the volcano over iceland. clouds of ash continue to erupt from the volcano that is 75,000 miles southeast of -- is hauled the ash across the sky stranding hundreds of flights. that is amaze. >> that is incredible to watch. >> what about this weather here? it's like a hot day in the summertime. we had a record high. today at dulles i think we'll see more records fall as soon as we go into tomorrow. record highs tomorrow, 88 and
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89 respectfully. i'm going to go to 91. we have two rounds of thunderstorms for washington d.c. proper. we'll cool down with more cloud cover and the chance of storms in the next couple days. but it will be a hot and humid day tomorrow. through the evening hours tonight, lower to mid-80s. southeast breezes dying down. overnight temperatures 61, 70 degrees. even lower to mid-70s in the heart of the district. five to ten-mile-an-hour winds so it will be and air conditioning night, especially with the humidity levels. through the 70s tomorrow morning. and you're going to see the humidity starting to pick back up. so here are the record high temperatures tomorrow. national back in 1830 was 89, dulles 88 in 1992. i think we'll kill those records. tomorrow we have a breezy, hot and humid day. there will be thunderstorms northwest of washington d.c. and eight to nine tomorrow, depending on where you are in
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the metro. so the first real bought of excessive heat tomorrow, stay cool and hydrated. take plenty of water breaks and just breaks them severals to keep you cool out there. current temperatures running anywhere from the mid to upper 80s. and we have 90s hanging on and frederick west in cumberland. most of us will be falling into the oz. satellite and radar together. we have an area of thunderstorms still going well west of here. that will be combined with storms southwest virginia and a cluster of storages way out west. and that will give slight chances of rain in western maryland. here's the forecast for us. there we go. you might see a storm or two in the overnight hours in western maryland. sunday, see more storms northwest, north and it looks like and isolated storm trying to pop newspaper maryland. you see washington southeast, drive perfect conditions for a hot and humid forecast. so from sunday night, watch
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this this is one possible chance of isolated scattered showers. this is very early in the early morning hours. so overnight sunday into monday. if we can get sunshine and recover back out monday afternoon another round of potential storms is possible. we might have to watch for a risk of severe weather associated with the storms. so that is the forecast. we're just looking for a hot and humid end of this weekend. overnight low temperatures only into the 70s for many. and you factor in the humidity and it will feel a lot warmer than that. you don't have a breeze to ventilate the air. so air-conditioning is what we're looking at tomorrow. do you factor in humidity with the air temperatures. and the heat index mid-90s and upper 90s south of washington so watch yourself if you're going to be out and about tomorrow. tomorrow evening afternoon, mainly out west is where i expect thunderstorms to developing. from washington, up towards
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southern maryland lower 90s and upper 80s and seven-day forecast for you. there's the chance of the storm chances that i showed you overnight sunday and monday. and monday afternoon and evening. tuesday is the actual front and isolated storms possible. we're back into the 70s and 80s for the highs. and next weekend friday into saturday the next chance of a storm is possible. possible record-setting day tomorrow and looking for the scattered showers and storms on monday. we're looking for the nats to salvage everything. >> and who would have thought a year ago today that we would say that the nats are here in the hot team in town is the washington nationals. they'll take that. ahead in sports, the nats are rolling and the fans may have a bigger reason to celebrate. strasberg time in washington is growing near. the move that the team is about to make. and dc you'll inside the getting started to move it
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house and a nascar preview is ahead.
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how good can the team be? and we don't have the rookie on board. >> we don't rookie on board and ryan zimmerman is battling and injury. >> we have to learn the names on the roster. >> not just zimmerman. >> kennedy at second base. i've soon a few games. with the unfortunate collapse of the caps, baseball takes center stage in our area. and turning the spotlight on the nationals could paints and ugly picture and now it seem that's the organization's biggest superstar is a step closer to joining the good times. after steven stranberg's start in harrisburg, he'll be promoted to triple-a syracuse. mother nature is not as much of
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a given as strasberg. he has given up only one run in 17 and a third innings. washington has won three straight and florida has dropped three. chris -- has a 6.48era. we'll have your highlights tonight at 11:00. d.c. united's season started and who thought they wore searching for their first win? 51 minutes into this one no, score yet. red bulls dribble into the box. and they beat two there to put it past troy pishing king. and nine -- perkins. and nine minutes later, they go by there for the goal. dc you'll inside the is 0-5 in the league standings that is the worst start in five years. golf, a tigerless in the third
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round and phil mickelson hanging near the top. he would finish seven under, two shots back of the leader and the lead certify this guy, billy mayferry. he would stick it close that shot would lead to this birdie putt. he is the leader by two head into a final round. hockey, and cap fans it does still go on. and third period bruins up one. and bruins lead 4-. here comes the fire. one fire. within one, 14 minutes, they have seen enough that is the game win next and the bruins take a 1-0 lead in that seempltz. nascar nears our neighborhood and goes under the lights tonight. it is a d shaped track. kyle busch is on the pole for
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tonight's start. the other big news, big guys up near the top jimmy john sewn and jeff gordon starting third and further. it's nowhere near the biggest or the fastest, some say it is one of the most ideal for race conditions. >> richmond is, honestly, one of the best racetracks to go to from the perspective what have is the quality of the race. the track small enough close racing and big enough not to have a rec fest. >> our fan cans get that sensation of speed and even us as race car drivers. >> so how soon before goes here? >> he'll -- if something would happen tomorrow and if he's verbal, they could leave him down there again. you know they're going to him once up there. but we're looking at in a matter of a month this guy could be here. >> cool, cool. tonight warm and humid and
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temperatures falling into the 80s in many case. tomorrow 91. that would be a record shattering high t we hit 90 that is the record at dulles today and i expect another one today. mainly storms form us overnight sunday into monday. and thank you for watching. "the cbs evening news" is next. and we'll see you back here at 11:00. bye. [ male announcer ] let's take the garden into our own hands. soak our yards in color. get our hands a little busier. our dollars a little stronger. and our thinking a little greener. let's grab all the bags and all the plants and all the latest tools out there. so we can turn all these savings into more colorful shades of doing. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get spectracide bug stop for the new lower price of just $4.98.
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