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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  September 28, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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and we have them there. telling us to bring us up to date. >> reporter: what we've learned from the witness statement is that when our officer arrived an adult black male charged and fire department at our officer. fire and rescue personnel transported the subject to an area hospital. he's currently in surgery. what we've learned from the homeowner is this is an area where there's no reason to be here unless you live here or know the people who lived here. when he saw an unknown vehicle coming up his long driveway, he came outside to find out what was going on. and when he came outside, that seemed to panic the driver who tried to turnaround. his rear wheels coming off the paveed driveway into the wet grass. the vehicle becomes stuck in the grass. the subjects get out of the car, charges and attacks the
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officer. >> do we know if this driver is a resident and why he was here in the first place? >> still under investigation to find out why this unknown male would have been in this neighborhood at this time. >> reporter: do we know if alcohol is a factor? >> everything is under investigation at this point. we have not found a weapon. we're open to all possibilities of the circumstances that caused the subject to be in this area to act erratically to channel our officer -- to charge our officer. >> reporter: we can tell you that the person who was shot by that officer is in the area with the multiple gun shot wounds undergoing surgery. and the officer, they also involved a course on standard and operating proceeds that are on paid -- procedures are on paid administrative leave. >> thank you for the update. tonight, also on our only local news at 7:00, more is better. president obama wants kids to go to school longer. we'll take you to a local
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school where they are already out there. follow the money. new details on the fbi bribe investigation, involving the dc taxicab industries. and murder mystery, police looking into the background of the father and husband killed at home in a quiet neighborhood.  police have stepped up patrols in a maryland neighborhood after the father of four was killed inside his home. it happened on sunday morning. investigators say that three masked mens armed with handguns stormed in, separated tyrone richardson from their wife and four kids and killed them. they fled in the family's black mercedes. >> he's obviously a family man. we saw his kids all the time and stuff like that. but it was just kind of hard to hear that. it could happen so close. >> there have been break-ins in the area, but they don't know if they are related. they are looking into richardson's financial dealing. filing for bankruptcy two weeks ago. >> i don't know anything about any financial problems or
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anything like that. i just know that we lost a very, very good guy. >> this is bruce johnson. from the streets of washington, today, independent cab drivers were nearly unanimous in their opposition to medallions. >> it costs too much. >> the money-making scheme. >> reporter: the medallion system is what drives the cab industries in new york city. here's how it works. the city decides on a number of cabs allowed to work the streets and then they charge those drivers a big fee for the honor. and you're given a medallion or a license, that can then be sold for whatever price the cab driver can get for. much like a liquor license. >> when you retire, right, you need to sell and get money out of it. when you retire here, you get nothing. is >> 9news now learned months ago, a task force or a commission tomorrowed to study -- formed to study the district of column y recommended against the move. but now, dc councilman, they -r with moving the medallion bill anyway. they planned a hearing for this week. and the chief of staff, ted loza, was arrested
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and charged with taking a $1500 bribe for helping push that medallion legislation through. president obama wants kids to go out there and longer for them. and at graham road elementary school for them at falls church. on the modified calendar. with five weeks more of the enrichment calendar. >> they agree that more is better. >> it's kind of a good idea. we do need our education and a lot of kids our age don't like to study. >> that is a testament to more time in the classroom. it used to be one of the worst performing schools in fairfax county. now, it's sls scores in the top 10% of the state. >> extended learning is a key to add high academic achievements for everyone. >> we really believe that every child can achieve grade level benchmarks and far beyond for many of them. but the variables are times.
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>> reporter: on april 1 of 2010, you and along with every other household will be getting a form in the mail. if you live in the neighborhood where at least 1/5 of the population speaks spanish, there's a good chance you'll be able to fill out that form in spanish. digital correspondent, with that story. >> in the park, english is almost a foreign language. >> you speak english? >> no. >> no english? >> no, nothing. >> no? >> with espanol. >> yes, espanol, si. >> along with every neighborhood in 14 other households nation wild will get this questionnaire in english and spanish. >> 10 minutes to fill out, very simple. >> it's the first time that bilingual forms will be automatically mailed out. saving almost $180 million. >> now, if you get the census form in english or spanish, which language would you prefer doing it? >> oh, in spanish. >> why?
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>> because you know, for understanding things that is easier. >> reporter: with 34 million spanish americans, they believe an accurate census adds up in many ways. >> i know where our community is going to benefit tremendously. we're going to show we have more numbers and more power. >> reporter: spending $26 million for the census forms in english and spanish is playing favorites with just one ethnic group. >> we think it's a bad idea. we want immigrants no matter where they come from to learn english, good for immigrants and the country. we think that doing the whole census essentially in english and spanish makes it more likely that the immigrants are going to learn english. >> reporter: the questionnaires will be available in chinese, vote vietnamese and russian. some latino christian churches are asking them to boycott the census to communities that depend on their numbers of the federal funds may support immigration reform. well, topper is here with
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that nine forecast first. we saw some sun, some clouds, and we got the sun again. what's going on out there? >> the front is through. actually, we're in pretty good shape. 80 out there at the national and tkalless. here is your first forecast. for tonight, reporting partly cloudy, it'll become breezy and it will be cooler here for them in the upper suburbs downtown. right now, still 74 at nashville. still 73 out there. you'll look to the west. the cool airs, they are not going to rush in here any time soon. a very pleasant evening as we're looking at winds picking up. and most of which is north of us, a couple of which you're still down to the south and through the northern area. that's about it. we'll kol back though. we'll talk about this and the winds are picking up tonight and tomorrow. what that means, we're talking about the coolest air of the season and how long that will be around. and the weekend forecast, they are up next. >> thank you. now it's time for us to check on the area highways this evening. we have a traffic look. >> reporter: yes, that's right, hello there. everybody, take a look, 395
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southbound, an accident this hour. the good news is you can see through our live camera, off to the right shoulder and not causing any delays at this hour. let's take a look at our map now. northbound bw parkway, another accident there. that's blocking the right lane. delays are slowing down traffic to out here. let's head over to 270 northbound in maryland. we've got reports of the disabled vehicle at this hour. delays stretch all the way through here as you can see and as you jump back to virginia tonight, 66 westbound and it is slow, lots of cars there from the beltway to 193, drive time about 20 minutes at this hour. and again, route 28, derek, back to you. >> all right, thank you. you might ask, how something so small can be such a big distraction. up next, a major safety problem on our area roadways and what's causing it. a little later on, as the time to hit the panic button. oh yeah it is. what's wrong with the rid skáeupbs after yesterday's hor -- redskins after yesterday's horrible
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embarrassing loss? stay with us. virginians are asking lots of questions about bob mcdonnell's "thesis." how old was he when he wrote it? mcdonnell was 34, married and attending pat robertson's law school. and what did the thesis say about women? a lot... abortion should be outlawed and birth control should be restricted-- even for married adults. then as a legislator he introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. learn more. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad.
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how to protect your four legged family member only on 9news now tonight at 11. and a new survey finds they leave the nation when it comes to the number of accidents involving the collisions with deer. and state farm insurance says that the average cost of those collisions are
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about $2,950. they also offer tips for how to avoid them. remember, deer is most active between 6 to 9 p.m. you might want to use your high beams as much as you can to illuminate the areas. keep in mind, they generally travel in herds. if you see one, there's a strong possibility others are nearby. and if a deer collision seems inevitable. do not swerve. you can lose control of your car and end up in the path of an on coming vehicle. and while deer may be a bit dangerous there, they have a better chance you're distracted by your cell phones on the roads. a report out today from aaa finds more than half of us are distracted by cell phones while you're driving on the beltway. meaning text messages, calls, even checking our blackberries. they say that the problem is so bad that they call it an epidemic of the distracted driving. they are teaming up with the department of transportation this week and they are highlighting dangerous workers because of that distracted driving. particularly with the hot lane
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work going on in virginia right now. in the meantime in maryland, they are trying to tackle a part of the problem. a new law that bands the text messaging while driving taking affect this coming thursday. that new law outlaws writing and sending texts, and violators could face fines of up to $500. well, what is the best symbol of our country? it's not microsoft, not even major league baseball or the nfl. it's wal-mart. according to a poll by 60 minutes and vanity fair, nearly 60% of americans say that the retail giant is our best symbol. and here are some more interesting things in that poll. 37% of americans think that taking bribes is the worst in a politician that could commit. compare that to just 2% who say having an affair is worse. when it comes to which man we would like to trade places for in a week, 26% say george clooney. that's more than the 24% who want to swap places with president obama. as for swapping places with the woman, the first lady tops the list at 26%. coming up, redskins rage.
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fans are fighting bad after yesterday's embarrassing loss to the detroit lions. we'll hear what they think the solution is. plus, topper is back with that full forecast. so keep it right here.
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you have heard about the credit card users while those gift cards and other prepaid cards have more safeguards too. we'll talk about them tonight under the new law, that's fully enforceable in february of next year. gift cards cannot expire within five years of the date activated. and if there is an expiration on the card, it has to be clearly marked. activity fees will go away as well unless there's no transactions in at least a year. if there is one constant in our part of the world, it might be this. as goes the redskins, so go the happiness of washington people. the move was pretty dire today after yesterday's loss to the lonely detroit lions. the lions as we all know by
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now, they last won a game, almost two seasons ago. well, now, some folks, some fans are calling for heads to roll. our own shared the misery with the redskins fans today . >> we're more than just the worst team. we're actually less than that. >> reporter: it's a miserable monday at the chili bowl and they are definitely not coming from the cheese fries. >> it's good. >> excellent. >> i'm here all the time for it. >> reporter: the upset comes from a team that occupies a space of honor right next to the photo from the president's visit. >> that is the food compared to the redskins, how do you compare it? >> much bitter right now -- better right now anyhow stkpwhr-fpl they are horrible. they are one of the worst teams in football. and it bothers me that i'm a redskins fan. >> reporter: the coach, roast the owner, fry the gm, just do something. >> you can see yourself for the government if you want to. >> and they sell a team to the government. >> maybe they would do a better job. >> just take a look at the
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paper. the examiner, we stink. the washington post. and washington, they bail out detroit. even u.s.a. today says lions and the streak right out there for them. don't mention the halfless redskins. >> if you scale on the mall where a bunch of government workers trail on for the game of the ultimate frisbee. there's a sense that even these guys could do better. >> how about they come play our frisbee game for them and that? >> yes. >> if you think you could move if before. they could not do that anywhere. >> maybe the team should go into another line of work. foster care. >> the redskins beat nobody. >> obviously they are the same. >> right. >> you don't need to worry about that. >> absolutely. >> still proud in washington. 9news now and grim times. right now, we are asking you, is it time for the redskins and i guess the redskins fans, they hit the panic button. 62% of you say yes.
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the season is already turning into a disaster just three games for them. and we'll dot horses. but things do need to get better and 4% believe they have nothing to worry about and 1% of you, just 1% don't care. cast your vote right now on and also, with your thoughts into an e-mail and send it to the mail bag. the address at i've got an e-mail from the college buddy. you may want to watch some football and we did not see that on sunday afternoon. >> yes, that hurts. stkpwhráefpb the weather is better than that. >> 80 today, just a beautiful day. the cold front went through for them. probably the coolest air of the season or the coldest of the season. rolling in tonight and also for tomorrow. next three days, looking at sunshine tomorrow. they are windy, beautiful. breezy, still breezy with the cooler times on wednesday and thursday. holding in the upper 60s on wednesday and thursday. they might kick on in some of
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the areas tonight. temperatures at 48 to 58. winds are southwesterly at about 10 to 15. they will pick up as you get into tomorrow. now, lows tonight, pretty cold. some areas, maybe just below 50. great falls, 53 out there for them and in silver springs. 50 out there. downtown, we're even talk -b about temperatures in the mid-50s and probably the upper 60s. temperatures right now, very nice. 70 at gaithersburg. 70 at vienna. 70 at woodbridge. even back to the west. nod bad. temperatures are not falling on the table. 69 at hills borrow. and 55 right now out here. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. windy and cool. 50s and 60s. winds are southwest at 10 to 20. by the afternoon, partly cloudy, windy, cooler. highs near the 70s. winds are westerly at 10 to 20 and gusting. we're looking at a down sloping win which means they are coming
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back here to heat up a little bit. they will probably get us into the 70s tomorrow. you look closely. you can see the cold front, they are pushing through. there it is right now, mostly showers and thunderstorms to the south and north of us. a couple sprinkles until the northwest. heavy activity going out there and they are just clearing the northern area. after that, we're in good shaeufplt >> and the zone forecast for them and still on our website. >> and partly cloudy, 60s, 69 in middleburg. you should make 70s. next 70s for them. 74 in annapolis. at some point, eyes around the bay. next seven days, 70 tomorrow and windy and breezy on wednesday. upper 60s, upper 60s on thursday. and they are probably some showers. low 70s, some light rain or showers, they will keep a close eye on that. >> and hopefully they will be
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the end for them. >> in the mid-70s. tampa bay buccaneers. and for them. they will work out.
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in the mail bag tonight. the massachusetts move to appoint a senator to replace the late senator ted kennedy. the state lawmakers voted in a rule to change things and make that happen. and our good friend says that stinks, especially since it was the same lawmakers who voted to mandate a special election for that position back when the governor was a republican. well now the senator kennedy passed on the governor now a democratic governor, by the way, required to wait five months before pointing the replacement for senator ted kennedy. putting a crimp in things. so under the guys of urgency,
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possible votes on the health care reform. the ledge shayture quickly reversed that legislation and you wonder, or maybe you are not wondering why some of us are cynical when it comes to our political parties. i certainly understand that, but i wonder what political party gifted with that people and that kind of power would decline to use it. now only to the -- now on to the very important stuff. the loss to detroit. a team that heads up here, and they play our guys yesterday and they have been a study out there. now, what went wrong, well, jack and all of them say it is just a matter of chemistry. the personnel for them along with the joe gibbs and now they have just been unable to put together a team that delves, it's the combination of players. not any one person. maybe they will gel for the rest of the season, or maybe it will not happen. what you're really saying is that the team has been poorly managed. but you say like it is a force of nature that cannot be tamed or predicted. i would say you just need
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better managers. >> what are you and the rest of you saying isn't the address is i'll be back with anita brikman. don't forget to log on any time on we'll see you then. bye. just as we promise 100% fresh produce... and rancher's reserve beef, guaranteed tender 100% of the time. at safeway, we have a new promise. a commitment to thousands of new everyday low prices... with savings of up to 25%.
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so you can get what you want... when you want it. at the price you need. today... and tomorrow. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway.
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that's our promise. "entertainment tonight" in high definition. >> controversy over khloe kardashian's weekend wedding. the celebrity bride, basketball star groom and reality show cameras everywhere. >> the producer side of me is thinking this would be a good theory. >> was the ceremony just a rating stunt. >> they married one month to the day after they met. >> plus secrets to khloe's stunning vera wang gown. >> that hurts. >> in rehearsal for donny


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