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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 21, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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55 winchester. very, very comfortable start to the day. expecting a mix of sun and clouds today. temperatures where they were yesterday, mid to upper 70s with a noontime temperature of 73 and drive home temperature of 75. we are almost 6:00 straight up. time for traffic. good morning, patranya bhoolsuwan. >> good morning, howard. an accident in maryland. i believe we have video this morning of eastbound central avenue. it is shut down between bright seed drive and the beltway. we don't have that but we will come back and check out the outer loop in maryland. 95 and georgia. more cars are moving through the area. but no incidents or accidents to report. hop over to 270 southbound and see how things are looking out there. an accident out of frederick, left shoulderment and it is clear to the split. good morning, virginia. an accident at 50 eastbound at annandale. expect delays going through that area. and finally we will head 66 eastbound. a live shot there.
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a little volume in that area. we're at 50 otherwise clear to the beltway. we continue to follow a developing story this morning. firefighters responded to the gabon embassy overnight at the 2,000 block of 20th avenue in northwest washington. a fire department spokesman says he fire appears to have started in the base and spread to the first floor. no one was inside when the fire started. it sustained $100,000 in damage. it will be a busy start to the week for many people in dundalk, maryland who are still cleaning up after a major water main break flooded 100 homes. wusa 9 digital correspondent alex trevino is in the information center with the latest developments. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, angie. people are trying to pick up the pieces right now and taking it one day at a time. the cleanup process is not easy. under the debris, ruin christmas ornaments.
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the worst part their home has water damage, almost six feet of water filled their basement after a water main raptured. >> we had a finished base and our house is up for sale. we were trying to move and it will be a little longer now before we can do anything. >> reporter: some homes on this street were among the hardest hit. crews from the baltimore county department of public works rolled out heavy equipment to help cleanup. >> we are loading up dump trucks and the packer trucks, trash trucks. >> reporter: county workers helped to clear basements once the water and debris were dealt with and electricity restored. one important thing to look out for. reports of scam artists knocking on doors in dundalk saying they are doing cleanup work on the county's orders but the county executive says the county hasn't sent anyone to do such work. live from the information center, 9 news now and
6:03 am new polls show a major shift in the gubernatorial race in virginia. it is in a virtual dead heat. according to recent polls. among respond dents are expected to vote, mcdonnell leads deeds. a poll showed him with a 399% lead among likely voters. momentum is now with deeds and some say it couldn't have been done without a controversial college paper. >> i'm insulted senator deeds would continue this bogus line of attack. >> are you saying you don't believe in that paper anymore? >> no. i believe in strong families. that's what my paper is all about. my opponent took a sentence or two out of it. >> this is not about a paper he wrote 20 years ago but the fact he spent the next 20 years implementing the ideas in that paper. >> reporter: there are two more
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debates between the candidates before the election day. it could be a battle to the end with all of america watching this swing state. president obama took his health care reform push to the people this time in back-to- back interviews over the air waves. during a series of pre-recorded interviews on sunday he said that he would not amount to a back handed tax increase and he says other elements will make it affordable for people from a shopping exchange to health care tax credit. the president makes an appearance on the late show tonight. the situation in afghanistan intensifies and without more troops it may get worse. that comes from top u.s. alternate commander general stanley mcchrystal. he says resources will not win
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the war but underresourcing it could lose it. the pointed out an urgent need to revise strategy. investigators say they found notes how to make bombs by an alleged terror suspect now in custody. he is a shuttle bus driver. he and his father were arrested by the fbi at their apartment in denver. in court documents the fbi charges his fingerprints were found on materials, batteries and a scale that could be used to make explosives. a third man in queens, new york was taken in to custody. right now he is not being held on terrorism charges but on charges of making false state statements to the government. >> the allegations is that he lied when he said he had no knowledge of nine pages of handwritten bomb-making material on his computer. >> reporter: he has publicly denied being involved in a terror plot, but fbi agents say
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the afghanistan native admitted receiving weapons and explosives training from al- qaeda. they say they became suspicious about his possible involvement in a terrorist plot after he made a cross-country trip to new york. a california rapper who's lyrics hoe spoke about the thrill of murder and mutilation have been charged in the death of four people in virginia. they say he was taken in to custody this weekend where he was waiting for a flight to california. the 20-year-old has been formally charged with the murder, robbery and stealing the car belonging to a pastor. authorities say that he will be charged with killing three pooh more people inside of the same house once their bodies have been identified. police say the house belonged to longwood university professor debra bra kelly. authorities aren't saying how the four died. >> this is a bad crime scene. that's what i will say. okay. they were subjected to some things. >> reporter: police say
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postings on the site my space indicate that he may have known debra's daughter. he is due in court tomorrow. the time is 6:06. time to check in with "living $mart" jessica da -- jessica doyle. we are talking an the business side of health care reform. a survey shows most local executives support health care reform. like the rest of the nation they are split on proposals considered by congress. a survey by the washington business journal agree the health care system needs to be changed but four in ten support current proposals. three in ten oppose the plans that congress is working on. a formal announcement of new rules governing the internet is expected as soon as today. the fcc wants to propose rules that will keep internet service providers from interfering with the flow of information. it could keep verizon comcast and at&t from slowing or
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blocking services content that flows through their network. watch dogs fear companies could block tv shows and other content delivered over the internet effort tax cheats are getting more time to turn themselves in. the irs is extending the weeweed wednesday deadline for international tax dodgers to apply for amnesty program. they are making more time to prepare paperwork. 3,000 americans hiding assets overseas have applied for the program. they will annoyance the program is extended until october 15th. obviously the bonus for people who have cheated on taxes is they can avoid the costs and getting caught. >> a little relief for this this morning. redskins fans must be scratching their heads wondering when the offense will show up in the zorn era. they managed no touchdowns in the win against the rams.
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robinson for the touchdown and the 7-6 lead. the redskins lead in the third. this 24-yard play set up sean's third field goal. skins win 9-7. as for the skins they'd like to see some touchdowns. >> i think it is a tough game. they had to grind it out. typical of an nfc team. they have a challenge when they face the eagles and giant and everything like that but a strong start. >> they played awesome. i love this game. woo! >> the game was boring, sorry. 7-9. >> the redskins take on the lions in detroit next week. kristin fisher introduces us to one woman who became a hero without leaving her home. and group therapy turned deadly. now a doctor faces serious charges. how is maryland's weather
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looking? >> maryland, good morning to you. another cool start. it will not be as pretty as over the weekend but pretty decent nonetheless. as we look at the temperatures 50s out there with a couple of areas in the 60s. but you will notice on the eastern shore, mid-50s easton and andrews air force base. frederick 54 and cumberland an here in washington we have temperatures right now at 61. looking at a mix of clouds and sunshine. more clouds west. cumberland 77. annapolis 75 and leonardtown 7. patranya bhoolsuwan is watching the maryland traffic fors you. good morning. we are starting out at georgia and university this morning. not too bad. no problems to so far. same story at wisconsin and willard as we take a live shot there. clear in that area. no incidents or accidents to report and finally fly over 95 southbound from route 32 to the beltway all green cars and drivers are going at speed. that's what we want to see this
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time for today's hero central report. kristin fisher has an emotional and important story. i can't wait to hear about
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this. >> it is a good one. our hero this morning is a woman from chicago and she's been a hero over 40 years without ever leaving her home. barbara has been writing letters to troops in war zones from world war ii all the way to iraq and afghanistan. digital correspondent frank nappy has the story. >> reporter: barbara's patriotism is always on display outside of her small apartment. inside, several days a week, she proves that loving america is much more than just flags. she writes letters to local soldiers in combat zones. she fills them in on what's going on back home. >> who are you writing to? >> to keith crow. >> and he's from? >> oakland, illinois. >> reporter: and where is he now. >> he's in afghanistan. >> fighting yet another war. >> yes. >> afghanistan, this is barbara's sixth war for writing letters to the troops overseas. she has no idea how many she
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has written, but does remember when it started 1944. >> i started to write to my uncle who was in the marines and he was sent over to guada canal. >> and then came korea and her letters went to bill, she married him before he shipped out. he survived korean and she wrote in the gulf war, iraq and afghanistan, almost always to sons and grandsons of chicago- area friends. >> barbara of course wrote handwritten letters until she got her first computer a few years ago, but no she does not e-mail. she sends real, old-fashioned letters she wants the soldiers in arms to have something real to see something from home. >> i feel they are my son. i only have four girls and i feel they were my sons. >> reporter: and yes, they do write back and that's her biggest joy. >> when i go to the mailbox and see a letter from one of them i
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can't wait to get in the house to open it and read it. >> she loves writing the letters she just wishes the wars would end so many more would be needed. >> if you would like to send letters to troops like barbara, go to this website called letters to it will link you up with a soldier overseas if you would like to send them an e-mail or letter and that's what barbara does. she still refuses to e-mail because she wants them to get something in their hands. >> i actually had a pen pall pal in iraq as well and we did snail mail and it took a while to get care packages to and fro but it helps to have something to hold on to. >> a very inspiring report. we appreciate it. the time is 6:16. here's what is in the news
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now. a doctor is in jail after several people try to recover after a group therapy in germany. they took an unknown drug cocktail. one of the participants contacted emergency services who then alerted police. the space shuttle discovery is on a cross country flight to florida after reasoning to earth earlier this month. the discovery got a piggyback ride atop a modified 747 as it left edwards air force base on sunday morning. the shuttle could reach kennedy space center in florida. >> nay cannot fly through rain because the heat shields are sensitive so that trip can take weeks if the weather doesn't cooperate it but they may get it done in a couple of days. >> you are plack huge role in this. >> there's flooding in areas of
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georgia. schools are closed due too the flooding an water issues there for today and we'll show you the rain in just a moment. our forecast, going downhill. had a fantastic weekend. as we look at the next three days, mid-70s to upper 70s with a few more clouds. tomorrow the first day of autumn which begins 5:19 in the afternoon with the autumnal equinox. mid-70s with a chance of a shower. possible thunder on wednesday with highs near the 80-degree mark. a look at the moms like bus stop. a mix of sun and clouds and cool. sun is not up yet but in a few minutes. 50s and 60s out there. you need to wrap the little ones up a bit. maybe a sweatshirt should do it for them. 47 to 79 southeast winds five to ten miles an hour. then tonight, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. not as cool as this morning. just about everybody in the 60s
6:19 am
this morning. a lot of 50s there. 51 in baltimore. 53 andrews and also at the naval air station in patuxent river. warm spot to the north and west in cumberland and hagerstown where temperatures are in the lower 60s. at national no winds to speak of. 61 and dew point at 55. still a pretty comfortable air mass in place, thanks to high pressure which is slowly moving off shore. check this out. down here, all of this moisture across alabama and georgia will stay west of us. but rain chances will be going up. half inch below for the year. we need a little rain. here's the seven-day forecast
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it is 6:19. patranya bhoolsuwan is in with the morning traffic. good morning, howard and everyone. happy monday. start with the graphics here. eastbound central avenue. we have been telling you about an accident investigation happening there. shut down roads between bright seed road. take 202 to get around that area. let's jump to a live shot at 270 southbound. good morning. germantown to 370 a little bit of volume as we track the head lights through the area. no major problems to report. let's head over now to virginia for inner loop from 95 to 66. seeing green cars there. moving 61-mile an hour on average. not too bad through that area. another live shot. 395 in virginia. starting to slow a little bit between edsall and seminary this morning. no major accidents there as
6:21 am
well and finally 95 northbound in virginia if you are in that area it is a little jammed from presence william parkway to lorton. give yourself 15 minutes. angie, over to you. >> thank you. we go inside of the "usa today." secret interviews are adding insight to a new book out about former president clinton. joining me now is "usa today" managing editor lauren ashburn with the details and these are saucey details at that? >> a pulitzer prize winning author sat down with president clinton for 79 interviews in office and they had talking to do in those interviews. >> why hold off all of these years and finally hearing what president clinton had to say. >> one reason is branch had another book he was writing and president clinton released his memoirs. one interesting one is
6:22 am
boris yeten came out of the blare house across from the white house and president clinton said he was standing on pennsylvania avenue trying to hail a cab in his underwear and said he wanted pizza. and another time he snuck down though basement and the guards there thought he was a burglar. so secret service had to come. those tidbits are in the book. it is called the clinton tapes and it is called wrestling history with the president. >> great read with insight we haven't heard before. thank you so much, lauren ashburn with "usa today." coming up, we have next the skins -- after the ugly win the skins tell us what they think. and dallas debuts the new stadium. could they open up with a win? stay with us.
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it is 6:25. welcome back. it wasn't the offensive showing redskins fans were hoping to see but in the nfl a win is a win. redskins hosting the rams. jason campbell found cooley seven times yesterday. this one good for 15-yards and led to a field goal. the skins couldent find the end zone. sellers dropped a would be touchdown. the rams would make them pay. mark to robinson 7-6 st. louis. the skins add one more field goal for the ugly 9-7 win. >> it is my responsibility. i can do whatever, i can wave all kinds of magic wands but i have to come up with the right play and put our guys in the
6:27 am
right position. >> we are happy to bin but sucks to go out there like that in -- if we were in here happy and cheering you would be like those guys don't have a clue. >> it is a w and hard to get a win in the league so be happy when you get there. >> this is the easy part of the skins schedule. next week they travel to detroit. the lions have lost 19 in a row. then they host tampa bay. on the road, each team is 0-2. last week's opponent was this dallas last night to help the cowboys open their new stadium. a record 105,000 fans were on hand for the debut. in the fourth, manning finds steve smith for the touchdown. smith had ten catches and 134- yards. giants lead. dallas fought back. jones ran seven yards to give
6:28 am
them a one point lead. field goal seals the win. new york is now 2-0. what president obama has to say about an investigation in to acorn is next on 9 news now. also, what part of our region is just saying no to transfats. a live look at the key bridge. traffic no problems. fine start to the day. we will let you know if we can keep the week's beautiful weather rolling for a while longer 9 news now will return after this. m
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ok let's take it to the weather terrace for a look at the weather with the one and only howie b. >> a nice weekend we had. another nice start to the day. the difference today is we will have a few more clouds than what we have seen over the weekend. wall-to-wall sunshine is what what we had saturday in to sunday. traveling in to west virginia you could see a shower this afternoon but for the rest of us in good shape. right now we are generally clear outside. 61 in town with 53 down in
6:33 am
southern maryland. 54 easton. 51 baltimore and for today expecting temperatures to climb in the mid to upper 70s with a mix of sun and clouds. patranya bhoolsuwan is watching the traffic. >> good morning. it is back to work monday and it will be slow. as you can see 395 northbound stop and go between the beltway and seminary. 66 eastbound not much better. 50 to 123 and once again nutley to the beltway but no major incidents or accidents to report. hop on the outer loop h. good morning, maryland. hope you are doing good new hampshire to georgia. it is starting to slow as you can see the head lights through that area and fly over 50 westbound and see how things are looking. green cars is what we like to see. back to you. the mud and debris are still a problem for many folks out in dundalk this morning. some residents will be busy sifting through belongings after a water main break
6:34 am
flooded 100 homes in their neighborhood. 9 news now digital correspondent has the latest details. >> good morning. that's what people in dundalk are hoping for. they just want things back to normal. some families are taking the recovery process one hard day at a time. this family is dealing with the aftermath after this pile of debris under property, ruined christmas ornaments and their home has water damage, six feet of water filled their basement after a main ruptured between dundalk avenue and broening highway. >> we what a finished base and our house is up for sale. we were trying to move and it listening longer before we can do anything. >> reporter: the homes on this street had the most mess. crews rolled out heavy equipment to help clean up. >> we are loading up dump trucks and packer trucks and county trucks. >> residents helped to clear
6:35 am
the basement. residents need to be aware of reported scam artists knocking on doors in dundalk saying they are doing cleanup work on the county's orders. the baltimore county executive jim smith confirms they have not sent anyone to do such work. live from the information center, 9 news now and >> thank you for that report. president obama says there deserves to be an investigation in to the activist group acorn. the came under fire after hidden camera video shows two workers advising a woman posting as a prostitute to lie about her profession and water her earnings. the house and senate voted to deny all or some of the group's federal funding. employees at the university of maryland will be hit with another round of furloughs. the board approved a plan on friday that should net $26 million in savings. each university president will decide how many days the 21,000
6:36 am
employees will go without pay. it is on the heels of revenue estimates. the maryland budget chief says the state could cut it to balance the budget this year. o'malley says maryland is far better off than some other states. the district of columbia fire department is unprepared to handling citizens emergencies. it is two years after the controversial deaths of rosenbaum on a dc street. the inspector general's report published in the examiner finds the city hasn't established a quality medical insurance program. it does not have enough staff to coordinate services. the time is 6:36. time to check in with living smart reporter jessica doyle who has more on the good an the bad. >> we are talking about the job
6:37 am
market. new numbers came out and it is a mixed picture. these are numbers for august and this is what they look like. in the district the unemployment rate 11.1% up from 10.6 report the month before. maryland's rate 7.2%. but there's good news for the commonwealth of virginia. the unemployment rate dropped to 6.5% from 7% the month before. and here's good news for the local job market. the department of transportation is won $2.8 million in similar plus funding that will go to green projects. they will use it to create full and part-time jobs. the newspaper website you read every day may cost you in the future. a survey finds that 58% of the responding newspapers are considering cutting -- or rather applying on-line fees. of that group 22% expect to introduce the fee before the end of the year. the new york times is among the
6:38 am
papers that may charge you to read content on-line. and we will have more details on that by this fall. >> look forward to it, thank you. baltimore has banned transfats as of sunday. restaurants are not allowed to prepare or cook foods with ingredients that have more than a half gram of transfats per serving. they are offering help to businesses and restaurants that help complying with the new law. what's hot on the web? next on 9 news now plus, controversial over a proposal. and we are focusing on virginia traffic and weather. across virginia a nice cool start to the day. clear to partly cloudy out there. just spoke to charlie at 55. and bill called in and said it was a cool and dewey 51 degrees. looking at the temperatures in the commonwealth of virginia.
6:39 am
a lot of 50s out there. some spots near 60. quantico 59 and leesburg 61. winchester a very cool and comfortable 55. partly to mostly cloudy today. a lot of high clouds especially this afternoon but comfortable, 77 culpeper. 79 fredericksburg and 78 manassas. hue are the virginia roads looking. >> so far so good. it is monday morning and people are heading back to work. look at i-81 this morning. no problems this morning. head over to alexandria and see how things are looking there. 18th and seeing a little traffic. and finally to gw parkway. a lot of green cars. drivers are going at speed. back to you.
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we're back with your living green tip of the day. you know, the air you breathe, outside it can be bad enough that you shouldn't have to worry about what you are inhaling at home. the average house collects 40- pounds of dust a year. for less than 20 there's you can eliminate the problem, change a furnace filter every three months to make sure it is cleaning the air. forget the $2 brands, the best bet is a hepa air filter. they cost more. you can find more tips at just click on living green. kristin, what's hot on the web this morning. >> a lot hot on the web. we have two stories involving the white house specifically that is hot on the web. the first has to do with the president saying he is open to another government bailout. this time we are talking about newspapers. here's a story on the hills blog, the briefing room. obama open to newspaper bailout
6:44 am
bills. the president said he is happy to look at bills before congress that will give struggling news organizations, especially newspapers tax breaks if they restructure as nonprofits. part of the reason the president says he is open to the bailouts can be found in the huffington post headline. here it is. obama stays -- says news is becoming all blogo -- blogosphere, all opinions. >> he says they are feeding anger when it comes to the health care debate especially. >> i think part of what is different today is the 24-hour news cycle and cable television and blogs and all of this, they focus on the most extreme elements on both sides. they can't enough of conflict. it is catnip to the media right now, and so the easiest way to get 15 minutes of fame is to be
6:45 am
rude to somebody. >> reporter: blogers being rude, no, never. move to the second story, last week i told you about an exclusive washington times report. here it is. the white house collects web users data without notice. now the white house is firing back. look at the top story on the blog, the briefing room. they say the administration's practice of tracking and archiving comments on their social networking sites is their obligation under the presidential records act. here it is. i'm reading right here. it is saying the pra was written in 78 but doesn't have a section on e-mail but everyone agrees the electronic communications meet the broad definition of especially records then the white house is legally required to preserve them. that's what they say. of course a lot of social media users say thank you we don't want to be tracked by the government or the white house. but, you know what n this day and age you have to know that it is out there and it is
6:46 am
something we talk about all the time, you don't really have a choice. >> viewers are taking a note. after that story people were getting on my space saying we better watch out what we say. don't know who's watching. people are being more careful on what they are posting. >> there have been cases where some people on air have posted stuff and that has come back to bite them later on. >> howard bernstein. >> facebook. we had a great weekend. >> gorgeous yesterday. >> a nice start to the week. >> nothing lasts forever. neither will the weekend weather. we will stretch it out a little bit. how's that? as we look at the forecast fist, a decent day today with a few more clouds. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. yesterday 77 at reagan national which is where we should be. maybe a degree or two light but good. today is the last full days of
6:47 am
astronomical summer beginning. the equinox is 5 clock tomorrow afternoon. upper 70s to near 80 degrees. here the moms like bus stop. cool with a mix of clouds and sunshine but more sun than clouds. this afternoon, it will be a decent day. not as pretty but decent. mid to upper 70s. western maryland parts of west virginia may see a shower but here in the metro we will be fine. not as cool tonight. lows in the lower to middle 60s. you see the clouds over us yesterday afternoon and last night. this morning we are generally clear with a lot more clouds. again, western maryland, southwestern virginia with showers in to ohio. that will slowly create heat. temperature-wise 52 culpeper. 53 southern maryland and
6:48 am
andrews air force base. and much of prince georges county seeing temperatures in the lower to middle 50s. here in washington we have 61. winds are dead calm right now. relative humidity is 83%. we are still in pretty good shape. a lot of moisture to the south. talked about the flooding in the atlanta area and back to alabama. parts of mississippi, tennessee. this is moving this way and slowly this moisture gets to us. little tomorrow but wednesday will be probably the most active weather day around here until maybe sunday this week. here's the seven-day forecast. mid-70s today and tomorrow. some spots in the upper 70s with a chance of a shower tomorrow. by wednesday a berth chance of showers. thursday lingering shower. friday mostly sunny and 80. saturday looks good and by sunday a chance of showers returns with temperatures back in the mid-70s. >> time for a traffic update. good morning, patranya bhoolsuwan. >> good morning, howard. good morning, everyone. it is monday and there's an
6:49 am
accident to report this morning. an accident is in central maryland. if you are going through the area roads are shut down. right now alternate 202 or walker mill road. take note of that. we will head over to our next accident. next at 95 southbound. an accident at 32. after that it is clear all the way to the beltway. take a live look outside and see how things are looking on the roadways. 270 southbound as we can see already stop and go between father hurley to the split. a little slow there. inner loop in virginia. also volume is picking up braddock to 66. and finally going to head 95 northbound and see how things are looking out there. prince william parkway to lorton. it will be jammed 15 extra minutes for drivers in the area. back to you. >> thank you. a bill which would allow passengers to carry guns on trains is drawing opposition.
6:50 am
the supporters gave the amendment approved by the senate would allow hundreds to travel on trains but they say it poses a security risk and forces amtrak to spend more on baggage screening. several lawmakers voiced their opposition at penn station. the time is 6:50. metro looking for ways to put the brakes on a disturbing trend on the subway system. that story is coming up. and which section of the eastern seaboard had record rainfall this weekend.
6:51 am
the washington post calls bob mcdonnell a "culture warrior." and what does that mean for virginia? it means: bob mcdonnell introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. he wants to outlaw abortion-- even in cases of rape and incest. and mcdonnell opposed birth control for married adults. learn more about bob mcdonnell's crusade to take virginia backwards. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor and my campaign sponsored this ad.
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here's what is in the news now, metro is trying to keep more people from intentionally taking their lives on the subway tracks. last week, a 15-year-old became the latest person to intentionally step in front of the trains this summer. advocates say the key is to
6:54 am
take any mention of suicide seriously. it will take several weeks for public works crews to repair a massive water main break in dundalk, maryland. the water flooded scores of homes and washed out a highway. record rainfall flooded streets and some homes in the atlanta area this weekend. more than five inches of rain fell. some people watched as their vehicles floated away in rushing floodwaters. >> pretty good start to the week after having a great weekend. we will have a few more clouds but lunchtime 73 and drive home 75. patranya bhoolsuwan has another look at the traffic and i will show you the seven-day forecast when 9 news now ♪
6:55 am
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an elaborate production features thousands of volunteers in new york's central park. 2,000 people formed a hour glass sculpture, depicting the effort in a race against time. it is played up with live room and a ticking sound which meant a warning for law makeers worldwide. patranya bhoolsuwan, what's going on with traffic. >> 270 southbound. it will be slow father hurley to montross. a lot of cars out there. 66 eastbound jammed from fairfax county parkway to 123 and then once again from nutley to the parkway. and from 395 northbound delays from beltway to seminary and pentagon to the 14th street bridge. howard? >> what a great weekend we had. we can stretch it a little bit in to the weekend. because we will have a nice start to the week. mid to upper 70s with a few more clouds coming than what we will be seeing over the weekend. by tomorrow maybe a shower. moisture from the west moves in and on wednesday a better chance of showers and possible
6:59 am
thunder. warm with temperatures near 80. lingering shower on thursday. friday and saturday look good and sunday looks like there will be a chance of showers. jess, how are the markets. >> we have been up two weeks in a row. futures trading is predicting a lower opening. at the top of the hour on the cbs "early show," maggie rodriguez gets a look at the stars following the emmy awards. and how you can go walking with dinosaurs. get news around the clock by visiting and weather, too. >> we are one big team here. we are getting you going early on this monday morning. thanks for joining us, everybody. bye-bye. >> see you coming up at 9:00. bye-bye.


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