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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 17, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the preparations are almost finished for this morning's presidential speech at the university of maryland. good morning. i'm angie goff in for andrea roane. we begin with the one and only howie b. >> a little rain this morning. a little wetness on the roads and that may cause problems as the morning progresses. start with live doppler hd. we are watching activity as it moves in west to east. light to occasionally moderate showers. you see them montgomery county through loudoun and northern virginia back to winchester ' warrenton to culpeper, through prince william faulkier county and fairfax county. this is approaching the washington, d.c. metro. you folks at prince georges will get it in 30 to 45 minutes or so as everything moves from the west to east. go to the weather computer and talk about today. 60s now. a chance of showers this morning with cloudy skies.
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still a spotty sprinkle this afternoon and temperatures only around 70. it is 5:00. time for traffic. hope everybody is doing well this thursday morning. we will start off with 95 northbound in virginia. looking at traffic. no problems to report so far this morning. we will head to 395 northbound duke to the 14th street bridge we are tracking the head lights moving well. no incidents or accidents reported. look at how the maps are looking. 95 to 66 all the green cars mean traffic is moving well. drivers are at speed and we will end on the outer loop on maryland 95 to georgia avenue, no problems there. back to you, angie. this morning we start with breaking news out of afghanistan. a large explosion has shaken the capital of kabul. the blast occurred in a neighborhood that houses a u.s. and british embassies along with military installations. at least two people have been
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killed and dozens of vehicles burned. the explosion was the fourth major attack in the capital in five weeks. we will bring you more information as it comes in. the senate health care reform is out but widely criticized. the montana senator says the bill is something both parties can agree on. some specifics of the bill include requiring every american to buy insurance and establishing sliding subsidies to help people who cannot afford it. insurance companies could not deny coverage based on preexisting conditions. >> what we are saying to the united states senate is thanks but no thanks your proposal will not pass muster here. >> this package may not represent all of our first choices. >> at the end of the day we all share a common purpose, that is to make the lives of americans better. >> reporter: the white house has called the plan a step in the right direction. president obama will bring his campaign to reform health
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care to the university of maryland in a few hours. the president will speak at the com cast center on campus and that's where we find armando trull. i hear people have been busy all night preparing for this moment. >> that's right. they are still preparing now. the president will be here later today and he will say that any health care reform plan must provide security for those who have insurance and provide affordable options for those who don't. they were busy beavers last night. >> we expect a couple hundred volunteers. >> they were prepping the com cast center for the visit from president obama who will continue to use his electronic bully pulpit to push for reform. this young cancer survivor understands the president's message. >> i went through chemotherapy and everything and i realize my
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parents had health insurance for me and had everything covered and then i realized there are people that don't have health insurance and they can't afford treatment. >> it is wrong for our country to neglect health care for people who don't have it. >> reporter: the doors at the university of maryland come cast center will open at 9:00 this morning. the event begins at 11:00. attendance is free and as i said, people can come but if they want to get a seat nay better get here early. live at the com cast center, armando trull for 9 news now and >> thank you for that report. we will have highlights from the speech coming up on 9 news now at noon. you can read all the deals of the senate health care reform plan at just click on living well. in other news, the state of virginia has officially set the execution date for john allen
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mohammad. the dc sniper mastermind is scheduledded to die on november 10th. ten people died in the shooting. his attorney says his client will appeal to the u.s. supreme court and ask governor kaine for clemency. dc council members grilled the citied ifed if and wasa. a hearing focused on an inadequate water supply during a fire on-line bridge road. they say they never got thursday row maps of the system even after similar problems in western. listen to the exchange between mendle son and fire chief rubben rubben. >> i'm stunned here. you show up at a fire, how can you not know where the water supply is. >> reporter: wasa officials had
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to answer questions about out of service area and areas prone to water problems. it is time for another "living $mart" report. that's why we are joined by the wonderful jessica doyle. >> good morning to you. wall street has been on a winning streak lately and investors would love for this to continue on this thursday morning. stocks headed higher eight of the last nine trading sessions. yesterday's gains fueled by news that the factories increased production last month. the dow urged 108 and the nasdaq by 30 and the s&p by 16. a report on the health of the housing market is due out this morning and it could determine the direction of trading today. the commerce department releases housing starts. the national association of home builders saw the housing market rise the third month in a row. that reflects optimism about
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growing sales. all one can say about the next story is only in italy. a bank in the northern part of the company is helping customers turn hard cheese in to hard currency. instead of money or gold these vaults contain cheese, $180 million worth of cheese. they say investing in parmesan is more stable than investing in gold because it is worth more than young parmesan the bank thinks it can't lose. if the person defaults on the loan the bank will sell the cheese on the open market. >> i'm wondering how that smells in there. >> delightful. you know i follow you on twitter because i'm always looking for you to give me something free. >> we are finding free bees and discounts on the favorite stores and restaurants you are going to already. >> can't wait.
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>> environmentalists and watermen agree pollution is killing off the chesapeake bay the group environment maryland released a report yesterday called the watermen blues. blues. algae growth is blamed for the destination of shell fish population. if the food police have your way you could be paying a special tax on sugary drinks. and the entertainment world mourns the death of a member of peter paul and mary. stay with us. #
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. in the news now, music fans
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are mourning the loss of mary travelers from peter, paul and mary. the group known for puff the magic dragon and blowing in the wind. she lost her battle with leukemia last night. mary was 72 years old. the associated press reports that airbus knew about problems with a speed sensor on a jet that crashed in june but they did not order a replacement until after flight 447 went down off the coast of brazil killing all 22 # people on board. the black boxes were never found and they may never know what role the sensors played in the crash. u.s. troops in iraq have closed a prison that was once the largest lockup. the detain knees are being released or transferred to iraqi custody. if you use social media the white house maybe watching you. the story is coming up in
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what's on the web. heavy rains ruin a commute in a city that is plagued with traffic problems. we have rain knocking on the doorstep in washington. we will take you around with a tour of live doppler hd and let you know what you can expect for the rest of the week when 9 news now returns. #
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. welcome back. aaron is causing flooding in atlanta. and a clogged drain made it worth for drivers on i-75 north of the city. they had to shut down the interstate while people spent hours waitinger them though find the source of the problem. we have rain moving in west to east this morning. looks like it will be around two or three hours in spots and then move on and the rest of the day will be cloudy and maybe a spotty shower after that. i want to talk about interactive radar on you can track this yourself. you can see that as well. a lot of things to follow the weather when we get it when we can't join us here at 9 news now. , start with live doppler hd. show you where the rain is right now. it is knocking on the doorstep here in northwest. from winchester over to
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montgomery county and loudoun county we have showers. lighter showers in fairfax. as you head down south to woodbridge and manassas we are seeing activity starting to pick up. go north and then south. montgomery county looking at an area of showers along 207. -- 270. south of town, this is what we are also seeing, an area of moderate showers here. down 95 from woodbridge back to north of garrissonville across portions of prince william county. you will see more than that here in another little while. look at the forecast for the next three days. temperatures will struggle to get to 70 with a better chance of showers this morning.
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tomorrow, mostly cloudy, could be sunny breaks in the afternoon. warmer up 0er 70s and -- upper 70s and saturday looks delightful, upper 70s. spotty showers around this afternoon but less than this morning. highs around 70. tonight a sprinkle is possible under mostly cloudy skies, 58 to 64. here's the big picture. a lot of rain to our south, just a little batch of showers that we are seeing this morning. temperatures are generally in the 60s, mid 60 here. some 50sin the mountains but upper 60s in southern maryland and fredericksburg. our seven day forecast where temperatures start off cool today, around 70 for a high. tomorrow, saturday, sunday, we warm in the mid to upper 70s. the weekend looks good. i think it will be dry for deter pins and skins home games and next week is more unsettled
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and mild. time for traffic. hope everybody is having a great thursday morning. let's look at a problem spot this morning. in the district new york avenue inbound an accident at south dakota avenue but clear after that from bladensburg to the third street tunnel. finally end up with 95 northbound. a live picture in virginia dumb fries to toe beltway. no incidents or accidents reported. >> thank you patranya. a first of its kind study focuses on americans and suicide. the substance abuse and mental health services administration conducted the study and found
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8.3 million adults in the u.s. had serious thoughts of killing themselveses in the past year. 2.3million came up with a suicide plan and 1.1 million adults actually attempted sud. the -- suicide. the study found that younger adults are more likely to consider ending their lives. chronic gum disease triggers bone loss around the teeth. for every millimeter of bone loss cancer increases four times. they recommend daily brushing, flossing and cleaning. experts want to attack sugary drinks in an effort to cure obesity epidemic. they are recommending a tax on such benches they say it could raise $150 billion over the next ten years. at 11:00, fighting gravity to fight the damage caused by
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stroke. in a living well special report we take you to a rehab center getting people back on their feet. plus, a stroke warning sign this man completely missed. that's tonight at 11:00. now over to kristin fisher with a look at what's on the web. one of the buzz words of othough balm ma administration has been transparency, especially on-line. that's why our web story of the day is so surprising. take a look. they say the white house has started to collect videos on the social networking site without every notifying or asking for the consent of the site's users. we're talking about facebook, twitter and youtube. this is a big deal because it affects a lot of people. right now take a look a the white house's facebook page, they have 350,000 fans on facebook and they get hundreds
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of thousands of followers a day. so what's happening is the white house has hired a contractor to crawl and archive every comment that you see here. they are archiving every comment, every tag, every picture, every video on all the social networking sites. according to the washington times report, the defenders of the practice say the white house is doing its job as required by the presidential records act and point out the bush white house archived comments on its official website but they say it goes against the president's pledge to protect privacy on the internet. what do you think about it? let me know what you think and i will air the best comments at 6:40. >> i actually follow them and usually get a gazillion
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comments anytime they post anything. >> that's why they contract out. the nationals scored this time but was it enough to down the world series champs? and jim zorn tries something new. those stories coming up in sports. #
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. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. # . speaking of the burgundy and gold the ready skins are looking for the first win of the season at their home opener against the rams and that will take place at fedex field this sunday. despite losing to the giants in new york, the team appears to be relaxed and ready to play. the coach, jim zorn, made that even more evident yesterday. he used the speaker system that is used for crowd noise piped it with music for the players
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to practice to. >> i thought it would loosen everybody up and it did. i think the guys enjoyed it. keep it up for a while. >> that's how you can tell when this league has evolved when you come out to music. it boosted everybody. when you listen to music it lifts you up. >> reporter: full back mikele isers has an ebbs -- mike sellers has an extra reason to dance. he got an extension and signs with the skins through 2014. for more on the wednesday practice head over to our sports page at the nationals and the phillies went at it last night. in the 1stinning, phillies did a double steal. howard at second. phillies up 1-0. nats starter hernandez kept it close as long as he could but a grand slam put this one out of reach. philly wins 6-1. that's the
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tenth slam for philadelphia. tops in the major league. we head to arlington, virginia, for day five of training camp for the capitals. the tournament is over with ovechkin's team winning. he had four assists in the final games. they knocked off semins. the preseason opener is today in buffalo. goingle goes from on-line to print. we'll explain why in our next "living $mart" segment. plus, a smelly insect could be trying to make its new home in your home, thanks to the change of the season. in a few hours, president obama will enter the com cast center for a speech promoting health care reform. good morning. we will fly over the dulles toll road. past route 7 to the beltway. all clear this morning. the time is 5:26. we'll be right back. thank you for watching 9 news now.
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. welcome back. i'm angie goff in for andrea roane. thank you for joining us. patranya bhoolsuwan will have the traffic report in a moment but first it is thursday, almost the weekend and it looks like that rain is not tapering off. >> i was thinking the five day weeks we have to change it to four-day weeks. >> you got my vote. >> grab the umbrella. we have scattered showers moving in from west to east approaching the metro right now. prince georges county it is quiet but that will change as well. rain knocking on the doorstep. upper part of the county, rain is covering most of northern montgomery in to leesburg, north in loudoun county and then south of town coming in to southern fairfax, prince william and faulkier south of 66 to 95.
5:31 am
occasionally a moderate downpour out of this as well. go to toe computer. it is cool this morning and uniform. low 60s north. upper 60s south and we are at 65 at reagan national. while temperatures will struggle under cloudy skies and occasional shower to get to 70. we say good morning to patranya bhoolsuwan. >> good morning there, howard. hope everybody is doing well this thursday morning. we will start with graphics and an accident in the district. new york avenue inbound. we told you about this at south dakota. it is blocking traffic on the right lane right now. after that it is clear bladensburg to the times building. southbound 270. head over to maryland. father hurley to the split. all clear this morning. a little volume but no incidents or accidents to report. let's head over to 66 eastbound out of centreville past 50 to the beltway. no problems to report there. and finally inner loop 95 to 66 looking good. no problems there.
5:32 am
back to you, angie. >> thank you. a group of senators have released health care reform proposals. it is already being criticized but the white house says it is a step in the right direction because something must be done. armando trull is live in college park where president obama will promote that reform later this morning. good morning, armando. >> reporter: good morning, angie. president obama is not going to allow himself to be distracted over the senate health care reform plan and later this morning he is expected to tell an audience here at the comcast center that any health care reform must include security and stability for those americans who have insurance and second an affordable option for those who don't. today he brings his message to the university of maryland. volunteers will work in to the early hours to get the comcast
5:33 am
center ready in time. >> issues will affect me and my peers and my generation the most. we will have to pay for it when they keep moving on and when medicare and other programs go bankrupt. >> it is important for our entire country. there are 47 million americans who don't have health insurance and that's important to us. it is a huge injustice. >> reporter: the even begins at 11:00 a.m. but doors open to the public starting at 9:00. if you want to get a seat get here early and hopefully before the rain gets any heavier. reporting live at the comcast center, armando trull for 9 news now and president obama may find protesters a at the comcast center. an an tay abortion group say the plan will lead to more
5:34 am
readily available abortions. -6r7b89s deeds and mcdonnell will face off this morning at 10:00 a.m. recent polls show mcdonnell's once large lead has shrunk to single digits. budget cuts are coming to the dc public school system and they will have an impact on your children. the chancellor michelle rhee says they could face up to $40 million in cuts which will lead to increased class sizes and teacher layoffs. she did not see how many teachers would lose their jobs. >> we don't anticipate that any major programs or offerings will be affected by these cuts. we will work to continue to ensure there is a smooth transition for our students, schools and staff. an we expect to give notice of any required separations by september 30th.
5:35 am
washington teachers union president george parker responded by saying the cuts would be devastating and he questioned why the system hired 900 new teachers to only wind up announcing layoffs. a warning for those who live or work near ft. belvoir. today around lunchtime a huge air force hangar plane will be flowing at a low altitude over the davis field. it is part of a refueling mission. so don't be alarmed. if you plan to drive on the beltway late tomorrow night you could find it is closed. crews will doubt down all the lanes at route 123 including the exit ramp. that's so dominion virginia power can move power lines. it is part of the del dulles extension project. time for another living smart report. jessica doyle makes a comeback. >> good morning. you know how google has been working to assemble a massive
5:36 am
on-line collection of books. >> always doing something. >> here's the update. google is realizing not everyone wants to read books on the computer so it is teaming up with another company that makes a high speed establishing machine and that can access their library of 2 million books and manufacture a paper book book in five five minutes. it will have a recommended sales price of $8 a copy. well, in one corner you have bei don't know. in the other corner, teen retailer abercrombie and fitch. they are suing her because it is coming out with a perfume that is similar to the men's cologne. check the bottom of the receipts for offers. the latest trend is to offer you free stuff or discounts printed at the bottom of the
5:37 am
receipt. often times fast food joints will offer free items for a free survey and the same deal at a clothing score could score you 10 to 15% off the next purchase and often they will offer gas discounts if you fill up with an affiliated station. >> so when they say do you want your receipt i should say yes, because i always say just keep it. the arrival of fall brings stinky invaders with it. details coming up. and why astronomers are so excited about one of the new planets they discovered. we are looking live at 50 westbound flying over from toe bay bridge to annapolis and the beltway. all lanes are clear. 65 degrees. 9 news now will be right back.
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. in the news now, phillip garrido the man accused in the kidnapping of jaycee lee dugard is also the focus of a probe in to two unsolved kidnappings. they say his kidnapping is similar to two girls that disappeared in the ' 80s. this after police found bone fragments of phillip garrido's home. there's no word in what caused a mass i have three alarm fire at a california hotel. it broke out at the raymond hotel. firefighters had to work quickly to control the flames from the fire to make sure it wouldn't jump to surrounding buildings. estrous customers in europe have released an artist image of a planet discovered outside of our solar system. what has them so excited is that the planet is rocky like earth and only a little bigger than our planet. however, the planet's nearness to its sun makes astronomers
5:41 am
believe it is way too hot to sustain life. facebook's population is about to surpass that of a major world power. details in what's on the web. little girls love to act like princes now not just at million million but year round. find out how local businesses are cashing in. we are out here on the weather terrace. it is not bad. some light sprinkles are falling. i urge you to grab the umbrella and i will tell you how long you will need it for when we return. #
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. we're seeing the weather change as we get closer to the official end of summer but cooler temperatures are bringing unwanted visitors looking for a place to stay warm. >> they give off this weird gross scent that makes you want to run away in fear. >> oh, gosh. one on my nose. >> and -- >> it make my hair turn purple.
5:45 am
>> they are talking about a brown stink bug. they can be a real nuisance in your home this fall as they are seeking shelter for the winter. >> i carry around a newspaper to hit them with. >> i think my kids overreact. they are harmless. they don't bite. >> reporter: experts say good screens and a caulk gun are the best protection. >> i'm getting them out of my house without stinking my house up. >> these things really stink. 9 news now and >> your best bet to protect your house is weather stripping around doors and sealing entry points. right now there are no capitals available to use in your home. as far as keeping the weather bugs away, gosh nothing seems to work when i'm working the morning show. >> this weather you can not avoid. like life, putt on a happy face
5:46 am
and grab the umbrella. because we have a little rain out there. we had a lot more rain to the south and a little batch in northern virginia over the last few hours. here it comes. moving over to the metro. on live doppler hd this is what i'm seeing. not much east yet. southern frederick county just being affected but west of town is where we see the activity pick up. we will zoom in and take a tour for you. northern half of howard county will get in on that. more activity down to charlottesville with a scattering of light to occasionally moderate showers. look at this here. in the district fairly clear. getting light activity to the east. southbound 95 toward springfield in to western part of charles county seeing light
5:47 am
rain shower activity. here's the heavy stuff luckett to leftsville moving east, northeast. south of town, the other batch where we have moderate rainfall, west of 95 from quantico and east across the river now. look at the forecast for the next three days looking like this. today a couple of showers mainly this morning. temperatures around 70. tomorrow 77 degrees with mostly cloudy skies in the morning becoming a little sunny if we are lucky in the afternoon and saturday looks good. mostly sunny and temperatures in the mid 70s. the bus stop, rainy patches. cloudy and cool in the 60s with a northeast wind at five to ten and the temperatures won't move much. only 70. a northeast wind at ten and spotty showers are possible during the afternoon hour.
5:48 am
sunset 7:15. warm spots in southern maryland in the upper 60s and only 60 with light showers in the winchester area. national has winds from toe east northeast at 12. temperature 65. with high pressure coming down a lot of moisture will be to our south over the next few days. the seven day forecast. temperatures 70 with a shower this morning and nice as we get to the week and more show showers are possible on monday, tuesday and wednesday. temperature 75 to 80. patranya bhoolsuwan is in doing traffic for us this morning. >> good morning. hope you are having a great thursday. start with a problem spot in the district at south dakota
5:49 am
avenue. as you can see there's an accident blocking the two right lanes. after that it is clear to the third street tunnel. look outside. much better here. outer loop of maryland, new hampshire to colesville this morning, still a little volume building up but no incidents or accidents to report. heading over to 395 northbound. the usual trouble spots are not too bad. cars are moving at speed at duke to the 14th street bridge. finally end it with 95 and the prince prince william parkway to lorton. all lanes are clear. chris fin fisher, back to you. >> thank you so much. it has been a big week for social media. two of the biggest scythes are reporting big numbers in terms of profits either from advertiser or investors. start with facebook the largest social networking site in the world and this week they announced how big they are and it is staggering. tech crunch is reporting that facebook has crossed 300
5:50 am
million users worldwide. that's up from 250 million last july which means they have added 50 million new members in two months. now to put that huge number in perspective for you that means it is almost as large as the entire population in the united states. facebook has 300 million members and there's 307 million people living in the united states and get that, of facebook, nearly 300 million members about 70% of them are outside of the united states. now, that's not the only news that facebook is reporting. look at this. for the first time the site has indeed turned a profit. the site of course has been popular for several years but like many social networking sites it struggled to turn a profit but they say they finally became profitable last quarter beating the goal of getting out of the red by the end of 2010. it has been a very good week
5:51 am
for twitter. yesterday the blog tech crunch said twitter is valued at $1 billion. they plan to raise $50 million during the financing round. they are yet to turn a profit because they haven't been able to implement a profit making business model but it could have an impact on its valuation. good news for social networking sites. angie, i know you love them. back to you. >> everything is getting bigger. ted kennedy's memoirs came out weeks after his passing and patrick swayzes will come even sooner. and speaking of books, a hunt for clues around washington. stay with us. #
5:52 am
it means: bob mcdonnell introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. he wants to outlaw abortion-- even in cases of rape and incest. and mcdonnell opposed birth control for married adults. learn more about bob mcdonnell's crusade to take virginia backwards. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor and my campaign sponsored this ad.
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. are. officials are reviewing a proposal to improve 270. some montgomery county employees are taking yoga classes on the taxpayers dime. read these stories and more in the examiner. according to the establisher and book seller,
5:55 am
dan brown's book set a record for the first day of a novel. dan brown suggests the house of the temple on 16th street hides even greater secrets by night. the lost symbol opens in the temple room where a new ma sonic niche ya drinks blood bred wine from a human skull. >> it is a great read but after all a work of fiction. >> reporter: he is one of those guys who seems to revel in squeezing the drama out of a story. >> you don't really drink wine out of a human skull. >> we're really not that exciting. >> most of us think of the masons as deeply mysterious and secretive and there are indeed some secret passageways here at
5:56 am
the temple. there are no bodies up there. the reality is that many of these supposedly secret ceremonies are actually established in a 1,000 page tome by the grand historian. >> the previous books have been huge best stellars sending tourists flocking to the live and the vatican. the latest book readers are devouring it. >> any bodies. >> no body we have found. >> reporter: it has excited visitor those mason's lodge on captiol hill. countless secrets have been whispered in a room with egyptian symbols but perhaps not the secret brown's fans are searching for. >> do you have the wisdom that will unleash infinite power. >> not that i have seen. if we have it hasn't been disclosedded to me over the last 28 years. if you look for the secret to being a better man, the
5:57 am
masons say come on by. 9 news now and the masons were a little worried they would come off as bad guys in brown's book but the author went out of his way to present them as essentially benign and misunderstood. >> like me. >> exactly. you are not misunderstood. >> we are buzzing about patrick swayze. he was working on a memoir with his wife and that is coming out actually. they started it 20 months ago when they heard the news and he died on monday. he cowrote the book with his wife. excerpts will appear in people peel magazine. he knew what he was chasing. he said my doctor told me my chances of surviving were not too high and i thought to myself i have had more lifetimes than any ten people put together and it's been an
5:58 am
amazing ride. so this is okay. >> what an attitude. and you know she will be a huge part of that. they were such a winning duo. >> they knew each other since they were teenagers. >> i know. so sad. burt reynolds is our of rehab. this is coming from his manager after he checked himself in due to an addiction to painkillers. he is 73 years old and we know him in smoky and the bandit, and deliverance. and they say he was a prisoner of prescription pain pills after he had back surgery and had to use them and i guess took it too far. now he is out of rehab he is hoping his story will help others seek help. he said this is something you can't do on your own. >> i didn't know he was in rehab. >> i didn't either. i guess it was low radar. chris brown is doing community service in virginia
5:59 am
near richmond near his hometown of tap han knock. he was clearing woods an debris and this is the first of 180 days in a court-ordered community service program. he is having to pay for extra security guards because of all of the looky lous who will gather. >> paparazzi that want to see him work. >> he waved to the fans and ignored everybody else. >> we talked to kristin earlier about how twitter is taking off. it was huge with the vm a's. her name is justine and helping viewers twitter throughout the night and it turned off to pay off. as 1.3 million vma tweets were unleash between the time the show started and ended. that's more than when michael jackson died. let's get to weather. a little wetness this morning. you will need the rain gear in a


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