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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 3, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is 9news no. >> good evening, everyone. the redskins made it interesting but in the end the pre-season finished with a loss. and with some lingering questions. nine spors director brett haber joins us now with more. >> they accomplished half of what they wanted tonight. they left jacksonville with no starters seriously injured. the other half was trying to create a positive and others in the third string late in the game that mission was a bust. and it all went south literally. the first time the redskins touched the ball anthony aldrich picks up the catch.
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he tumbled into the end zone. redskinsshould have stopped him at the three. instead he gets nskins reserves made it interesting in the second half including this on fourth and goal. daniel to mitchell. that got the skins within seven but it ended there. 24-17 the final as the pre-season ends with another loss. with that, we head to sara walsh who is live tonight. they didn't end the season well. >> reporter: no, they didn't. you have never seen a happier group of guys and that's because this pre-season is over. >> it feels good to be over. i'm ready for the regular season. i'm try of playing quarters an series and being done. i'm ready for a whole game atmosphere and everybody can come together.
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all of our players. everybody included. and we can get to see it. >> it was good. i think a lot of guys got a lot of good experience. it gave the coaches a chance to see what they wanted it see. >> reporter: a 1 and 3 preseason record. but they said it doesn't matter because that slate is about to be wiped clean. we're going to have much more. back to you in the studio. >> it will matter in ten days against the giants. we'll have more, including an update on colt brennan's injury that took place in the 4th quarter. that's coming up a little later in sports. >> thank you, brett. tense moments after a car ran into a bidding. it happened just -- building. it happened just before 7:00 a.m. a police officer tried to pull the man over along independence avenue but the driver drove away nearly hitting that officer. the short chase entered when they hit a building. that driver is facing charges
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tonight. a follow-up on a story we first told you about in july. a softball coach will be back on the job when the season starts. brad young was fired this summer for violating the school's alcohol policy. he says a couple of parents brought beer it a party he hosted and that he didn't know that would violate school follow see. a former maryland state trooper is being charged with sexually assaulting a woman during a traffic stop. that incident happened last july and months before that another woman claims she was assaulted by that same officer. brittany morehouse has our exclusive report on this second accusation. >> reporter: for several weeks we've been in contact with shalana jones investigating her claim she was sexually assaulted by a state trooper. and then we heard today the man
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was charged with a separate chart. she read the please release out loud. when she gets to one name, she chokes up. >> i can cannot shed tears at all. they are happy tears. >> reporter: her story began in 2009 in the georgia exit off 495. >> i and a few friends were headedtaar clal rtaen car place. a second officer that puedta up kept coming to the car. she identifies the officer as marlin iglesias. he told her she couldn't leave until she wrote her name and number down on a pad of paper. >> and as soon as i was handing this officer the pad, he reached over, pulled my top down, pulled my pants down, fondled me. i hit, smacked, called him a few names. >> reporter: she immediately reported the offense to maryland state police internal affairs. >> i went directly there. i left wheaton and drove stlat. >> reporter: she says after she
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filed an official complaint with a state's attorney, he left her this message. >> he did turn in his resignation. our office has not gone forward with any criminal charges. we view him being out of law enforcement and giving up all of those financial things as somewhat of a penalty. >> reporter: the state's attorney tells 9news now he has no comment on the case. as for the trooper, our attempt to get his side of the stories were received with a slammed door. while jones thinks her case prompted him to resign back in april, a maryland state police spokesman would only tell us it was because of a state issue. >> brittany, thank you for that report. new tonight, dc police have identified the young woman hit by a metro bus as she jogged along connecticut avenue. she is 30-year-old amanda manke, communication director for congressman washington state. the bus hit her at the
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intersection of connecticut and florida avenue. first responders rushed her to nearby george washington hospital. at last check she was in stable condition. one of the biggest entertainers of our time michael jackson was laid to rest just a short time ago. tonight the ceremony was closed to all but the jackson family and close friends, including liz taylor and mccauley caukiin. firefighter tools are allowing a team of firefighters to break into free standing atm machines. as digital correspondent andrew stack reports, there have already been 16 robberies and police profilers expect more. >> reporter: from door to score in just 20 seconds. >> but it's a very quick hit. >> literally it takes them a matter of a minute or less.
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they're using mostly fire department tools to very quickly hit these smaller atm machines. >> clearly it's been preselected. they know exactly what they're doing. thief been in here before casing -- they've been in here before casing the career. >> reporter: former fbi profiler says he's seen this sort of team work before. >> the familiarity with the tools. if they're not firefighters, they're familiar with those tools for some reason. maybe they're former firefighters. they've had some training or experience and know how to handle it. anybody that hasn't handled those tools wouldn't know how to do it. >> reporter: regardless of who is behind the robbery, sooner other later this team will get sloppy. >> the sense they can get away with the stuff and they're smarter than everybody else is going to be ultimately their downfall. it's just a matter of time before they get false. >> reporter: that's one thing the police chief agree on. >> we're going to catch them. >> andrew stack 9news now and please are not disclosing how much money has been stolen
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so far due to that ongoing investigation. the labor department starts labor day weekend tomorrow by releasing august unemployment numbers and is expected they'll show another 200,000 workers have lost their jobs. as labor day approaches, what is the state of american labor? and gary nurenberg is here with the answers to break it all down and to give us the meaning behind those numbers. >> well, in one local economist's view, it has only been worth a couple of times in all of american history. take eric bushay. take eric busha. >> i have b b unemployed for three months this weekend. >> he is ju one off the 6.7 million americans who have lost their jobs since december of 2007. how bad is that? >> we've lost all of the private sector jobs we created in the last ten years. >> reporter: whoa. rewind. say that again. >> we've lost all of the private sector jobs we've created in the last ten years. >> reporter: and when the labor
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department reports an unemployment rate, they said, yes, but hold on to your hats. >> we factor in all of those folks working part-time that want full-time work and all those folks that are so discouraged they've just quit working, the unemployment rate is really 17 percent. >> reporter: 17%? >> this is probably the third worst situation we have been in. >> reporter: and are you optimistic that there is a long-term turnaround. >> i'm really not particularly optimistic. >> reporter: he sees the competition on the street. >> we're fighting for the same job as the middle tier people are fighting for. you're in for a fight. >> reporter: exactly. >> a lot of folks will find a job but it will pay them much less. you'll find ten applicants for every one job. discouraging. it is discouraging. this economy is not functioning properly. >> reporter: so it is not going to be a particularly happy labor day. one bright spot may be for eric
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bushay, he is a digital project manager. and they said technology may be one of the areas where there could be job growth. so hang in there, eric. >> uh-huh. labor day will be a day of working for many. yep. >> yep. see you there. >> all right. thank you, gary. and we have jobs aboard to help you find opportunities in a growing field across our area. just log on to and click on living green. still to come, new developments in the investigation into those wildfires in california. and i'm tony pann. was another b w another beautiy today. we do have a little bit of rain in the forecast. we'll show you that. stay with us.
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good evening, everyone. i'm tony pann. it looks like the weather is going to stay quiet over all. let's start with the three day trend first. a little raindrop there on friday. a 30% chance is what we're putting in. that means there is a 70% chance that it won't rain. so i think overall you'll be pleased with the forecast going into the weekend. clear to partly skies for the rest of tonight. again, no air conditioning necessary. low temperatures are going to drop into the 50s. not quite as cool. but still for this time of the year very comfortable. g bright full moon asht as well. mixture of sunshine and clouds.
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a slight chance for showers tomorrow. high temperatures range between 76 and 81. sunrise tomorrow at 6:40. a comfortable dew point right now of 53. that produces humidity of 57%. it's 58 in winchester, 59 in culpeper. you folks watching out in the mountains may drop into the 40s again tonight. but around the metro area, i think everybody stays in the 50s overnight tonight. tomorrow just a few high thin clouds showing up on the satellite. and, again, just like last night, we have a stalled front off of the coastline. and this will be the focal point for an area of low pressure to develop later on tonight and during the day tomorrow, and that's why we're throwing the slight chance for a shower into the forecast. i think motion of the precipitation will stay off shore, but there is a little piece of energy on the upper level of the atmosphere but producing light showers and sprinkles in kentucky and that is going to swing through here in the afternoon as well. so that's why we put the 30% chance for a shower in the
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forecast. i'll show you the seven day in a second. but first let's take a trip down to the tropics. that is now tropical depression erika. the storm has lost a lot of the deep convection. it's struggling to stay alive. it will probably stay a tropical depression the next couple of days and just kind of drift through the islands. as of the 11:00 advisory from the hurricane center, maximum sustained winds 30 miles an hour and it's going to drip to the northwest, across puerto rica and maybe by the time we dwet towards the middle of next week, if it holds together it could be off the southwest coast of the united states as a tropical depression or a tropical storm. so he'll keep an eye -- we'll keep an eye on erika. seven-day forecast looks like this once we get by the sprinkles tomorrow, it looks like the rest of the holiday weekend is going to be fine. saturday, sunday and monday. just a few clouds drifting around. the temperatures will stay in the lower ends of the 80s. we stay below the normal for the holiday. and then maybe on tuesday and wednesday as everybody goes back to work and school, there could
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be a couple of showers. but nobody is looking at that part of the forecast. >> enjoy it now. it's pleasant. >> it's outstanding. i was out on the weather deck. good stuff. >> the only thing, allergies are up. >> i think, yes, you could be sneezing a little bit. >> yes. >> but other than that, it's going to be good. >> yes. we'll take it. >> all right. thank you, tony. big developments in that wild fair north of downtown los angeles. new tonight, investigators have determined that fired was tlib ritly set. -- deliberate reset. that means this is not only a arson case, it's a homicide investigation. that means two firefighters died when their trucks careened off a deep mountain road. it's destroyed more than five-dozen homes. now an update on a story we told you about last night. the city council in honolulu got a when i have of the so-called -- whiff of the so-called ordinance. the ban was to get smelly people
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from riding the metro. well, spongebob is getting the boot at king dominion. they're saying goodbye. it's replacing them with some golden oldies. charlie brown, snoopy and the whole peanuts gang. so why the big switch? it's contract with nickelodeon was up and the peanuts had been a hit at the other theme parks. well, it's a pill that is packed with a promise. but does it deliver? we'll have the answer coming up.
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welcome back. lose weight, cure cancer, protect yourself against h1n1. these are some of the claims made by those who sell the pill
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form of the berry on the internet. more on these claims later. but as living smart anchor lesli foster shows us, consumer beware as it comes to the internet free trials. >> reporter: oprah, rachel ray, the berry has some big fans. >> everybody is looking at rachel ray and everybody is looking at oprah and they think, oh, she's lost a lot of weight. let me try that. >> reporter: so when a free trial offer popped up on her computer, she ordered it. just $0.99 was supposed to be on her credit card. but that's not the problem. this is a acai berry detox. >> i told them i did not want it. >> reporter: she told them twice but she's getting this monthly charge. >> $82. >> reporter: they'll tell you this price is a rip off. >> i wouldn't even pay $28 a month for it. >> reporter: at this store you can get a lot more for $14 99. so who sent these pills to lane?
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the company is in hollywood, florida. fwm laboratories. >> thank you for calling customer support. we look forward to answering your questions. >> reporter: the company did not return calls for comment but we learned the company has an f grade from the better business bureau and thousands of people have complained about companies like this offering free trials. she speaking up. >> i will never buy off of a popup again. >> reporter: there is big money in the internet sales. it's estimated sales are approaching $15 million. that's up from 500,000 last year. lesli foster for 9news now and now back to those claims of the acai berry helping to cure cancer or protect you against h1n1. the fda has not evaluated acai and the health benefits are still being studied. and about the celebrity endorsement, oprah winfrey's people say she's not associated with nor does she endorse any
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acai products or online solicitation of such products. tomorrow night at 11:00, buying a ticket to the movies can cost you anywhere from 8 to 10 bucks. but we'll show you how to see the latest action flick or suspense thriller for free. that's tomorrow at 11:00 on 9news now. and brett is back in three minutes. walmart checks other stores' prices
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in time. >> we're going to temper our fear tonight because most of the shenanigans took place with the second string. but they did not look like a team ready for prime time really any time. in jacksonville for the third and 4th pre-season game, the very first time the skins touched the ball a disaster. the ball comes loose. underwood scoops it up for the
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jag and goes into the end zone. when the skins got into the field, jason campbell solid, if not spectacular. the 11 yarder his longest of the night. the jaingz scored plenty. -- jags scored plenty. the redskins bring on daniel as quarterback and he takes way too much time in the pocket. gets hit and fumbles. land re recovers for the jags and three plays later they shut have brought him down right there. not a good job for the redskins d. 21-0 there. the one thing then that we didn't want happened in the 4th quarter. brennan who looked pretty good tonight tackled from behind on the scramble. and had had to leave the game -- had to leave the game with a left leg injury. not clear how severe it is and whether it will affect the decision. bottom line there were bright spots certainly lost in the
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pre-season finale. let's go right back live to jacksonville. sara walsh is outside the locker room with more. hey, sara. >> hey, brett. it's strictly numbers that decide who gets the quarterback spot and the redskins coaches have a little bit of an issue. brennan 86.3. chase daniels 86.7. this is going to have to be a business decision. and the bottom line is one of them has to go. >> obviously i think it was what we both wanted. we ended on somewhat of a positive note. i didn't throw an interception today. >> you have colt. he's been here for a year. and i know the system. chase has got to come in. he makes it and he does a good job of throwing the ball. so it's going to be a tough decision. i like both of them. i enjoy spending time with them. it's going to be hard to see them go. >> i don't really care for the pre-season too much. but now it's time to get on with the real deal. >> reporter: cold tells me his
11:29 pm
leg is fine. -- colt tells me his leg is fine. if he had to go a couple days, he will. it's okay. >> thanks, sara. there were other pre-season games tonight. and just on the very same day when michael vick found out that he can come back in the third regular season game, he got the second half start for the eagles against the jets tonight. went seven for 11 with a pick through the air but rushed seven times. the eagles fell to the jazz 38-37. the ravens a winner tonight as well much and so we can say with much glee and happiness, the pre-season is over. let's get it on for real. because we're tired of playing when it doesn't count. >> make a break it night for some redskins. >> yes. 22 guys are going to get cut between now and saturday. and i think chase daniels is going to be one of them. colt bren snan going to get the job -- brennan is going to get the job. let's take another look at the forecast. there could be a sprinkle tomorrow. but overall a dry, pleasant and
11:30 pm
comfortable weekend. >> thank you, tony. thank you, brett. that's 9news for tonight. tomorrow morning on 9news now, see the plan to protect health care workers on the front lines from h1n1. that plus traffic and weather to get you on your way starting at 4:55. don't forget we're always on at letterman is next. goodnight, everybody. oudr h
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