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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  September 2, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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noises. >> reporter: within minutes prince george's detectives were notified to check out a location. >> while they were conducting the investigation prince george county had a murder in the jurisdiction and knew where he was. this was a description of the individual and name. our officers properly responded to the location identifying the subject locating the subject. >> reporter: the chase wound its way through maryland and into the district. for some unknown reason blanford got out of the vehicle and confronted prince george's county police. >> the subject stopped the vehicle and our officers continued pursuit on foot. >> reporter: did he return fire or shoot at the officers at all? >> this is part of the investigation. >> reporter: dc police chief said at this point it appears her officers followed policy. >> sounds as if the officers followed the policy and not to just join in the pursuit but monitor and proceed to the point of termination. >> reporter: police say they
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were familiar with theodore blanford before this morning's incident. he was a suspect in a number of convenience and restaurant robberies. they also say that a few weeks ago he was removed from the very same house where this morning's two murders occurred. back to you. >> audrey, thank you so much. is the alleged holocaust museum murder sane enough to face trial? bruce leshan was one of the reporters getting a first look at the man. >> reporter: prosecutors say the man was on a suicide mission with mass murder in his heart when he double parked in front of the holocaust museum and shot and killed the special police officer who held the door open for him. guards returned fire and hit von braun in the face and the entire attack was caught on
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videotape as hundreds of tourists fled in fear. now von braun is finally well enough for his first court appearance. you can see his shackled hands in the back of the prison van. a u.s. marshal wheeled von braun into the courtroom. he stared straight ahead but his eyes seemed to track across the proceedings as he was wheeled into place behind the defense table. he seemed to yawn and mutter and at one point he told the judge i took an oath as a u.s. naval officer to protect this country and i take my oath very seriously. >> reporter: at his public defender's request the judge ordered him remanded to the federal prison to see if he is competent to stand trial. he is known for spewing racist venom on the internet. the prosecutor said he has attempted mass murder before and given the chance will do it again. >> reporter: von braun is 89 but the prosecutor says that
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makes him even more dangerous because he feels he has nothing left to lose. he has no home, no real friends, and his attack on the holocaust museum has destroyed his family. the prosecutor says von braun closed out his bank accounts and wrote out funeral plans before the attack. he figured he wouldn't make it out alive. he faces four counts that could earn him the death penalty. murder, gun charges and civil rights violations. >> bruce, thank you for that. a frightening ordeal for a woman in springfield. she ers wacarjacked at gun poin at the metr into edrc into the unofk her car. several miles away the suspect crashed the vehicle and was appended. digital correspondent peggy fox picks up the story. >> reporter: what happened to a 46-year-old alexandria woman in the garage of the springfield metro station last night is sending chills through other metro riders tonight. >> it is really frightening.
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i think they should put more security around. >> reporter: as the woman approached her brand-new camaro she tells police this man, a 22- year-old man from maryland, pulled a gun on her and forced her into her trunk. >> it is insane. these type of events highlight the economic recession as well. people are just getting crazier and crazier. >> reporter: fortunately the suspect did not hurt the woman. the carjacker dropped his victim off in a neighborhood. she ran to the nearest house and called 911. police were able to track down the carjacker quickly. officers gave chase and outing crashed the camaro. he fled into nearby woods and hid for some 6 hours. fairfax county's helicopter division was called for the search. >> pretty much remained overhead. it is my understanding it was because of the helicopter being overhead that he stayed within that perimeter and he pretty much bedded down because he could hear the helicopter and knew that if he came out into
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the open that he was going to be caught. >> reporter: when outing finally came out of his hiding place a canine police unit was waiting. peggy fox, 9news now and >> the man is now in the fairfax county detention center with a number of charges. another washington neighborhood is undergoing much needed change. mayor adrian fenty announced the upcoming demolition of highrise buildings at 60th and east capitol streets. capitol view plaza 1 and 2 are the last remaining subjects to be addressed in a major redeveloping plan. >> it has been a big problem since it was abandoned and there have been attempts to secure it. but none the less people are ready to see this get knocked down. >> mayor fenty says the demolition of the buildings will improve the quality of the neighborhood and provide some additional development opportunities.
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traffic safety programs in virginia are going to share more than $70 million in federal grants. governor tim kaine says the grants will go to local, nonprofit and state organizations. initiatives include more use of seat belts and reducing accidents on roads and deterring impaired and aggressive drivers. officials say fewer than 20% of hotels, homes and condos in ocean city have working carbon dioxide detectors. they want to get more in  compliance. three people inside the americano hotel ended up in hospital after exposure to the odorless gas. 29-year-old patrolman shot and killed in the delaware town of georgetown. this happened last night. 22-year-old derek powell of cumberland, maryland, is charged with his death. police are still searching for a third suspect wanted in connection with the shooting that left another officer wounded. in virginia beach police
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are looking for thieves who ransacked a house and then stabbed the homeowner's cat. x-rays show how far the knife went into the pet. the cat is having trouble breathing. >> this is not an attack cat. this was one of the attacks that basically hung around the house and was very calm and everything like that. so somebody really, it was a violent crime. >> the homeowner says the burglars are cowards. paying a record setting amount of money for promoting prescription drugs for problems that were never approved to be treated. the justice department announced the deal today. as it is reported some of the penalties will go towards reimbursing medicare and medicaid. >> reporter: it is the largest settlement ever paid by a drug
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manufacturer. they are on the hook for fines for promoting products illegally. >> we want to stop crooks before they strike not only catching them. >> reporter: the company pleaded guilty to felony charges admitting it promoted a drug for ways in which the food and drug administration never approved. because of side effects the drug was pulled off the market in 2005. justice officials announced the deal wednesday calling it a major victory for the american people. >> combating this is one of the law enforcements top strategies. >> reporter: they also promoted three other prescription drugs for uses the fda never approved. doctors and patients filed claims for reimbursement for medicare and medicaid. because the drugs weren't used as intended those claims were false. the justice department ordered them to repay fees to medicare, medicaid and other government health programs.
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>> every medicare and medicaid dollar lost to fraud means that fewer children will see doctors for preventible childhood diseases. >> reporter: another 100 million going to the six whistle blowers who alerted the government to the case. officials have been reaped for this settlement for months. last year they set aside money to pay the fine. in a statement a company senior vice president says she regrets the actions taken in the past. cbs news, washington. use of drugs for so-called off label medical conditions, it is not uncommon but drug manufacturers cannot market drugs for uses that have not been approved by the fda. with school back in session metro transit police are stepping up their patrols. a team of 12 officers conducted back to school patrols today. they encouraged students to keep it moving and reminded them of appropriate behavior while riding the subway. firefighters are helping students get ready for the
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upcoming school year in fairfax county. more than 1000 backpacks filled with school supplies were handed out this morning. fairfax county public school administrators and workers at local shelters picked up the donated items at the rescue station in alexandria. school begins next tuesday in the county. talk about a gorgeous stream of days. sunshine and little feel of fall in the air. don't think we will get you back in from the terrace, tony? >> i think not. too nice. nice weather will continue at least through tonight and into tomorrow. throw a little wrinkle into it up ouofdsclhanging t with the h ou. r rtly wllwel ca it clear l to de cloudy skies. po w point in the 40s and 50s. no humidity. 74 downtown. 75 in manassas. those watching up near the pennsylvania line dropping into the 40s again. most of you staying in the 50s. no air-conditioning necessary
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obviously. another nice day coming up on thursday but there is a slight chance for a little bit of rain as we head into the beginning of the holiday weekend. we will talk about that and check the tropics when i come back in a few minutes. for now, back inside. >> all right, tony. coming up southwest airlines gives you a chance to pay for a prime place in their boarding lounge. firefighters here in southern california making big headway on a raging wildfire. investigators are now zeroing in t cause. the latest just ahead. abrasive on dentures? look, scratches collect and grow cause bad breath instead clean without scratching causing bacteria every dayb@fafab@fa
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the closing bell for the day of trading rang down.
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in atlanta lots of bells there. stocks fell once again. dow finishing down 29 points closing at 9281. nasdaq lost a point. s&p 500 dropping 3. wal-mart is recalling 4 million of its dura brand dvd players because of a fire danger. half of the incidents resulted in fires. the devices were sold from january 2006 to july of 2009 and they came in silver, pink and purple. if you own onof those you want to return it to any wal- mart for a full refund. southwest airlines will cut dozens of flights early next year. the airline says it is trying to become more efficient. those cuts amount to one flight a day on 92 routes. southwest will also add flights on some of its busier routes and there is this. you want one of those coveted seats on board before everybody else you can now pay $10 each way to get on before the very
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first boarding group. after a week of fighting an uphill battle to contain a massive and stubborn wildfire firefighters seem to be getting an upperhand. the latest now from the frontlines. >> reporter: hi, anita. investigators now say this was human caused. that could mean anything from a person dropping a cigarette to kids playing with matches to a person intentionally setting it. they don't know at this point but investigators do say they have several leads. cooler air and higher humidity are helping firefighters beat back the giant wildfire in the foothills of los angeles. the blaze is now 22% contained. >> it doesn't look like much but let me tell you it is a great improvement over the 5% i just saw the last time i was here. >> reporter: the fire has scorched more than 140,000 acres and destroyed dozens of homes that firefighters set backfires to control the
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damage. >> they did a nice burn. they drove a dozer down the spine of that hill and cut an extra fireline. >> reporter: neil martin is a former firefighter who refused to evacuate. he says this fire was different than others. >> it was unusual how slow it moved and how it would move without really regard to the wind. >> reporter: crews are working to create a ring around the entire fire clearing away anything that could burn. this containment line will be more than 100 miles long when it is all laid out over the next two weeks. >> this is potential for a long- term fire. >> reporter: about 4000 firefighters have been battling this blaze for a week and investigators now say a person started it. they have yet to determine whether it was accidental or arson. this could turn out to be one of the 10 largest wildfires in california history. it has already caused and costed $14 million to fight.
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anita, back to you. >> thank you. the death toll from a powerful earthquake in indonesia is 22. efforts still underway to save about 30 people trapped under rocks and dirt in one village. a weekend hurricane jimena is pounding the middle of mexico's baja peninsula. the biggest resort cabo san lucas is dealing with power outages. it appears to have escaped major damage. several thousand people spent the night in shelters. no reports of injuries which is pretty amazing. >> sure is. we were hoping some of that moisture, leftovers would make it into southern california and give them some rain but i don't think that is going to be the case. may veer over more towards arizona, new mexico. the leftovers of the hurricane. so wish we had better news there. >> they could really use it. >> but here, everybody is smiling.
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>> beautiful. >> wow. >> wow is a good way to describe it. this time of the year it is still not uncommon to have temperatures close to 90 for the beginning of september but not the case the last couple of days for sure. three-day trend. big holiday weekend coming up and going into the weekend i know a lot of you start out early on friday. a slight chance for a couple of rain showers but the best chance for rain is at the beach so i think it will be raining at the beaches on friday. but it should clear up on saturday here and at the beaches. so just keep that in mind. temperatures aren't going to change that much. clear to partly cloudy skies the rest of the night. wide range in overnight low temperatures from the 40s in the far northern suburbs to upper 50s to 60 in the city and bay. tomorrow perhaps a few more clouds than today. still very nice. partly cloudy skies with high temperatures again in the mid to upper 70s. sunrise tomorrow morning at 6:39 a.m. top of the hour national airport with a dew point of only 51 producing a relative humidity of 45%.
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obviously very nice. other temperatures in the 70s. 74 winchester as well. if you're looking outside you probably see a thicker cloud deck to the south here in dc. southern maryland, northern neck of virginia you have high thin clouds hanging around. this is actually going to become a player in our weather scenario as we head toward the end of the week as a little piece of energy is diving down. you can see it in the plain states hooking up with this moisture along the front and creating an area of low pressure that will come through thursday night and friday. so that's why i say a slight chance for showers but basically dry forecast as we head into the weekend. here is the latest on tropical storm eric. still technically a tropical storm but not looking very healthy at the present time. a lot of the deepness has left but sustained winds as of the 5:00 p.m. advisory from the hurricane center 40 miles per hour. should track up through the islands and perhaps stall off the southeast coast of the
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united states but certainly i don't think it will be a major player. seven-day forecast looks like this. 78 on thursday. 78 on friday. a slight chance for a shower thursday night and friday. no big deal. the rest of the holiday weekend will be fine. upper 70s to around 80 for high temperatures. maybe a couple of showers tuesday and wednesday as everybody goes back to work and school. but overall a good forecast. not quite perfect i would say but it is pretty close to it. >> we have had some very nice weather. can't complain. >> they are heros on and off the grid iron. >> coming up high school football players honored for helping rescue a family trapped in a will tell you will tell y happens. academically gifted,
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a lot evaporates. you can also try creating a compost for natural fertilizer. go to and click on living green for more information. >> neat stuff. miami, florida football heros getting recognition. >> for their bravery off the field. more now in tonight's hero's central report. >> reporter: on the field these players share a bond. but now something more than just a touchdown or a win links them together. july 12th a group on u.s. 27 driving back from camp when suddenly. >> started raining really hard and i saw a guy on the side of the road, passerby jumping up and down trying to stop cars. at that point cars were just passing by. nobody was stopping. >> reporter: the coach making a
5:24 pm
u turn finding an suv and family in desperate need of help. >> the woman was under the water. >> she was underwater and the car flipped upsidedown. >> reporter: they broke the door open pulling out the grandmother. another performing cpr. the coach pulling out a 2-year- old girl and the grandfather. >> they made a u-turn even though they were going in the opposite direction. >> reporter: the broward county school board so proud they are formally thanking the hollywood hills team with the resolution that will go in the books forever. >> i'm just wondering which one of you ripped the door off or how many of you? >> it was just mostly trying to be able to get inside and help that lady get out. >> all those in favor please say aye. >> aye.
5:25 pm
>> all those opposed no. >> it is a day i won't forget. i always remember that day, you know. i'll never forget it. >> what a great group of young men. we should note the hollywood, florida, police department honored those players today with an award of valor. well received. do you know a hero or need a hero? log to, click on the hero's central button and tell us all about that person. coming up on 9news now. a state lawmaker hits a cyclist with his car and it is caught on tape. plus a new tool to help prevent teens from texting and driving and it has taken off on the internet. why did the redskins sell season tickets to private brokers when tens of thousands of fans are on the waiting list? 9news now is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealer.
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welcome back. let's reset some of the top stories in the news now. a suspect in the murders of two women is now also dead. 51-year-old theodore blanford was shot and killed after a ase that went into the district. police were forced to shoot him
5:29 pm
after he drew a handgun. making his first public appearance since the deadly shooting at the holocaust museum. the 89-year-old man was ordered to remain injail and undergo a mental evaluation. a maryland man under arrest for the abduction of a woman from the springfield metro station last night. 22-year-old outing is charged with carjacking an abduction by force. the woman was released unharmed. angry redskins fans are sounding off over the news that the team sold season tickets to brokers who then resold them on the secondary market often at higher markets. the washington post reports at the same time redskins were claiming tickets for home games were scarce. more on the story including redskins reaction. >> now i hear that these tickets that i have been waing for are going to
5:30 pm
oker that's ridiculous. i' gotten nothing from the team. >> reporter: wasn't just the people waing on redskins ason tickets sounding off today a radio station, the callers wengry and hurt by the redskins admission that thounds of tickets to home games were first sold to brokers while fans waiting for season tickets were put on hold, in many cases for years. >> how ami going to raise my children to be skins fans when this kind of stuff goes on. >> reporter: so many tickets were available to steelers fans for last year's game at fedex field. inflated price tickets were available was sty. selling out every home me. 160,000 redskins fans were on a waiting list for general admission tickets. >> i want them flogged publicly. there are people waiting in line for 20 years. >> repr: dskins prolinebacker -- >> he a tie tyrant the way
5:31 pm
he runs his organization. to say that he didn't know these actions were taking place is ridiculo. >> reporter: the redskins admit the sales were made but deny they were authorized by the teamowner dan snyder. hyteam owner dan snyder. >> why in thwod rlare we going and terminating all these contracts and disciplining employees. >> reporter: no redskins broker would talk with us on camera doubted very seriy there is this waiting list with thousands upon thousands of fans on it. he called thata myth. perhaps an exaggeratito drive up the demand and perhaps the value of the tickets. thskintook another hit from the washington post. the newspaper says the team has been very aggressive in filing lawsuits against fans to get out of their lengthy contracts for season tickets regardless of financial hardship. bruce johnson, 9news now and the redskins are in jacksonville for their last preseason game. team owner dan snyderdeclined
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an interview request from th ashingn post" and has not been available today for commt. former new york governor eliot spits haa new job as a professor. he resigned because of a prostitution scandal back in 2008 now teaches a political scnce course at new yorkcity college. the three-hour urse iscalled "l pubndc policy." he has also been working in his father's real tate firm since leaving public congress. nine-term ohio democrat serving seven years for bribery and racketeering. the 68-year-old man will be on probation for the next three ars. taliban is blamed for another deadly suicide attack in afghanistan. 23 people were killed the attack. ripped through a crowd as ey were leavina mosque east of kabul. they often target high raing
5:33 pm
government officials. lockerbie bomber release controversy is not going away. critics contend the uk releasedded him in order to improve its ties with bya. british prime minister gordon brown today dismissed that charge. >> there was no conspiracyno coverup, no double dealing, no deal on oil, no attempt to obstruct scottish ministers. >> the man's condition has worsened. he is now in intensive care and unable to speak. update now on a public service announcement we first told you about last week on 9news now at 11:00 p.m. it is a jarring and blooding psa on the dangers on texting while iving and has no come a global internet british police say the video has been viewed by more than 6 million people on youtube and other sites. it is illegal in the united kingdom to talk on cell phones
5:34 pm
or text while driving and this psa was made in britain. we want to warn you about the video u're about to see next. it shows a bicyclist being hit by an suv. amazinglthe man survived. a lawmaker was cited fo nning a red light after hitting the 56-year-old cyclists. the man isa regular bicycle commuter in madison. the video came from a bus stopped at the intersection. the lawmaker is due in court later this mo >>we have got a llow-up now on the conneticut man who edpl acan online ad to sell his parents. the offer on craigslist read perfectly good parents for $155. got lots of use over these guys but it is me to mo on. the ad was a joke. the son and his parents peared on the cbc early show this morning. >> people realized it was in good humor. you really do love your mom and dad? >> absolutely.
5:35 pm
that's the whole point. they literally are priceless. that was the real joke. how can you put a price on two terrific people? >> he says he posted the ad because he finds it amazing what people try to sell on craigslist. he said he arrived at the fire for $155for figure because he wanted to make that price g pretty ridiculous. anher big step for women in network news. abc news announced the retirement of charles gibson this morning. he will be replaced by diane sawyer. gibson has been at abc ne for 35 years. he says he ans to continue as anoccasional contributor but sawyer's promotion meanthat with katie couric, two of the three leading anchs will be wo maie is in tonight for katie couric. she ins us live fr new york city with a preview. hi, maggie. >>the fill-in is alsoa woman tonight. >> there you go.
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>> coming up, california firefighters are finally gaining control of the wildfires there as some residents are coming back to whatever is left of their homes. but tonight we are learning that new clues show the fire appeared to man made. pl, new concerns about kids and the h1n1 virus. millions in budget cuts will a shortage of school nursesspell thos forr children? stories and much more night on the cbs evening ws right afr 9news w. back to you, anita. >>th k u, yomaggie. driving to distraction with pedestrians in the crosswalk. up next in living smart. mohow to dre and wa safer. it is information that ma be lia fe a life saver.
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a new survey by safe kids
5:39 pm
u.s.a. finds one out of six drivers are distracted behind the wheels texting, talking, often leading to deadly consequences. director of safe kids walk this way is joining us now to talk more about some timely pedestrian safety tips. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me, lesli. >> we say it is timely always but yesterday a 14-year-old girl suffered critical injuries just trying to walk across the street to get to school. far too many of us are driving distracted. tell us more about what your survey found. >> absolutely. safe kids conducted the first ever driving distraction survey in school zones. we were able to go into school zones all across the country and see what drivers are doing as they drive through these areas. what we found was shocking. one in six were not paying attention to the road and one in ten were talking on a cell phone. >> our study found afternoon drivers were 22% more likely to be distracted than morning drivers? >> more than the morning drivers? >> we think as the day goes on people are trying to multitask
5:40 pm
in their cars and not focused on one throad. psg alk . yoifntu waav sintips if you want to be a fer sariyou put ne to ed? >> put mextaging device, anything you're doing a device, anything you're doing in the car besides driving. put down the . don't read anything. ksin don't read anything. grooming at home. no need to put on makeup or shave in the car. >> anything can happen in a split second. >> absolutely. then for safe children. in the instance of the young girl yesterday, she was doing what she was supposed to do. she was going in the crosswalk. but what other things can young people do to be safe? >> one of the top things kid so. do is ducerer th eirece the keta stdiioctal . take f ofoff ipodadipods,adhe lle t text or talk on cethhe onst on tthewidk alis one of the best things to do. >> very, very important information. big take away for drivers is to pay attention and for walkers too. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much for that. we have got all these tips and more on our website
5:41 pm
we want you to be safe. click on living smart. anita? >> can't remind people often enough. thank you, lesli. the father of sarah palin's grandchild said there wasn't much parenting going on in the former governor's house. tony pann? >> a little bit of rain in the forecast going towards the y ho odaliweekend. fe will show you detthl in dat te s. t, rswifi we ll take heaterp ttow break. nus erathe p of the hour. gorgeous. 74 degrees downtown. stay tuned. weather will be coming up next. if you're like a lot of people, you have high blood pressure... and you have high cholesterol.
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looking for cost-effective ways to keep your house clean? here is one. tah a no-shoe rule in no urhome. check out the cleaning cheat sheet on the conductor who has led
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the symphony orchestra since 1991 has died. he was diagnosed with liver, colon and pan pancreatic cancer in april. he headed the cincinnati orchestra since founded three decades ago. eric kunzel was 74. madonna is wrapping up a second concert right now in the holy land. ♪[ music ] >> hello, israel. >> the singer took the stage in israel last night for the first time in 16 years. 50,000 fans packed a park for the first of two shows. israel is the last stop on madonna's sticky and sweet world tour. leanne rhimes and her husband are getting divorced. they were married in 2002. tabloid reports now link rhimes
5:46 pm
with an actor who filed for divorce from his wife of eight years last week. the father of former alaska governor sarah palin's first grandchild is now talking to "vanity fair" magazine. he says the palin home was different than what many people might think. she said palin's kids pretty much took care of themselves doing all the cooking, cleaning and laundry. the 19-year-old man lived with the palins for a few months before their baby was born. 9news now at 6:00 p.m. is 15 minutes away. new tonight. caught red handed and on camera. prince george's county police arrest suspects in a credit card fraud theme involving children. also, some cost-cutting tips for parents shipping their kids off to college. and see why just weeks after a double organ transplant a local man says he is ready to dance at his own wedding. that's coming up tonight at
5:47 pm
6:00 p.m. >> sounds like a great story. >> and a great forecast. very nice. >> it is an easy story, yes. we are going to keep the nice weather going. we are going into a holiday weekend and it might start to turn a little cloudy on friday. a lot of people get out of turn early for the holiday weekend and you might be worried but overall it will be fine. so even though you might see clouds coming in at the end of the week don't be concerned. however, if you are going to the beach i think there is a better chance. keep that in mind. rain drop you see on friday that's what i am talking about. clouds will thicken up. thursday night and friday about a 30% chance of rain showers. i would make it about 50% at the beaches though. it should clear up at the beach for the rest of the weekend and here on saturday and sunday. we will talk more about that in the seven-day forecast in just a second. tonight specifically clear to partly cloudy skies. no air conditioning necessary again. low temperatures dropping into the 40s in some of the cooler suburbs and low to mid-50s around the city. some spots last night in the mountains and dropped down to the 30s with scattered frost. don't think it will be that
5:48 pm
cold tonight but still unseasonably cool. partly cloudy skies tomorrow during the day. few more clouds than today but we will still call it nice. high temperatures between 75 and 80. sunrise tomorrow at 6:39 a.m. national airport dew point of only 51. very comfortable producing relative humidity of 45%. as you know this time of the year it is still not uncommon to get temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90. so this is a gem. a little autumn preview. 75 winchester. mid-70s at the naval air station. temperatures fairly uniform from the pennsylvania line all the way down to the northern neck. notice a couple of clouds here on the satellite imagery especiallydown south. if you're watching us down there in southern maryland, northern neck you have a touch more cloud cover than we do here in the city and north of town. there is a front stalled off the coast. it's been there for the last couple of day. area of low pressure looking like it will develop on that front and travel up the peninsula thursday and friday. that's why we put the chance
5:49 pm
for rain in the forecast. see this piece of energy diving into the southern plains that will hook up with all this moisture along the southeast coast and have an area of low pressure right up along that front. thursday night, friday, about a 30% chance for a shower. perhaps a little bit better chance at the beaches. take a quick look at the tropics before we get into the seven-day forecast. latest imagery of tropical storm erica not looking very healthy. 5:00 p.m. advisory from the hurricane center still technically a tropical storm though with sustained winds of 45 miles an hour. tracking through the islands and probably dissipate into a tropical depression and not be a major player in the tropical department. seven-day forecast looking like this heading into the weekend should clear up after that slight chance for a shower saturday, sunday, monday all looking nice. here and at the beaches. high temperatures upper 70s to around 80. going to be a couple of showers tuesday or wednesday next week as everybody goes back to school. overall i think it is a good forecast for the labor day
5:50 pm
weekend. maybe a sprinkle friday. that's about it. >> but not hit and sticky. >> not by any means. not hot and sticky. >> brett is here. not just top dog in our sports department. no, he is a newspaper columnist as well. >> this morning's edition of "u.s.a. today" and will be a regular columnist on the keeping score page. >> you've got lots of duties these page. >> who knew the kid can write. i'm just trying to confound the notion that us t.v. sports guys are -- what's the word i'm looking for? dumb. i gave it a shot. hope you read it. let's operate under the assumption that you don't understand the tennis rankings. don't beat yourself up over it. nobody understands it. one thing seems rather obvious. if they hold the titles she should be the number 1 player in the world. we don't need computers to figure it out. old fashioned common sense.
5:51 pm
or is it? at this moment serena williams not only holds the u.s. open crowns but also wimbledon and australian open. she is number 2. that woman who owns a grand total of let me see, zero grand slam titles is the world number 1. many in the tennis world are a little tweaked over this numerouser. how could she be ahead of a woman. she ought to be wearing a brown uniform. the thing is it is not an injustice after all. if you view tennis as a sport that takes place in four two- week installments each year maybe it is. sadly tennis' great detriment that is how people now a days especially in this country view the sport. in nongrand slam events serena
5:52 pm
williams has gone a 20 and 9 with zero tournament titles but look at this woman. she has gone 35 and 9 winning three titles. her brother agrees that it is tough to ignore that difference. >> on this ranking she is number 1 in the world. and serena williams, even though she won two grand slams this year she is number 2. sorry. that's the way. deal with it. >> you've got to deal with it. that is her big brother and former number 1 player. serena williams appears to be aware of this. after she lost in toronto a couple weeks ago she posted this to her twitter account "i'm a deadbeat. i'm a loser. i'm thinking about asking someone to punch me in the face for losing." seems a little extreme to me whatever gets your juices flowing. you know who else hasn't won a major this year and still is the number 1 player in the world? tiger woods. and i don't hear anybody screaming injustice about that. of course, tiger has won five
5:53 pm
other tournament including at&t national here in dc. the point is you've got to win all year. you can't just get up for the big ones and blow off the little ones. >> serena williams is number 1 in my book. >> well -- >> all right. >> did you hear anything i just said? >> lesli. >> up next, a tax on potato chips and soda could be in the works. plus, who needs to be first in line when it comes to swine flu vaccines. a9 >> us wom.c >> is always on. stay with us. tonight's living well segment is coming up next. fab@fab@b@fa
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this fiber? i'd had my fill. then i found miralax. announcer: miralax is the only brand clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. you'll see. it's clearly different. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax.
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time to slap a tax on junk food and soft drinks. that's just one of the recommendations in a strongly worded report on fighting child obesity that says calorie counts on all restaurants menus should be mandatory. the number of obese kids it is reported has tripled in three decades. if your family is tackling this issue we have help on our website including a free tool kit for parents. go to and click on lighten up. there are flu shots and there are flu shots. experts say that people in a high risk group need to get not one but at least two shots this season. one for the regular flu, the other still in development for
5:58 pm
h1n1. and even those of us who aren't considered high risk for complications need to be extra vigilent about hygiene this upcoming season. >> reporter: mel is getting his yearly shot in the arm against the flu. >> i fly a lot. you are in closed quarters. so it is easy to pick things up and easy to give things to other people. >> one of the most frequently asked questions is whether this vaccine that we are offering right now is going to cover h1n1. >> reporter: the answer is no. h1n1 is a different viral strain and needs a different vaccine. right now researchers are feverishly conducting trials on test patients to produce the most effective weapon against h1n1. they are looking at more than two dozen formulations and it is hard to pinpoint when the final vaccine will be out to doctor offices and clinics. >> the flu will probably beat it here and that's why we have idsato prepaorthat. >>idthat. >> reporter: airtoucegrn psredsen certain groups e n1h1 the n1 in first. vae
5:59 pm
w. rs cakereor preg. nt women. people who live with or care for prchdrenilde r unilx si hs t of age. young people months months to 24 years old and people with nirochc health conditions which puts them at high risk for h1n1. >> go to your doctor, get the seasonal flu vaccine. when the swine flu becomes available get the swine flu. >> reporter: mel goldburg says the shot isn't just for his well being. >> i also take it to protect my others. my family. my grandchildren. my wife. >> public health officials say they cannot emphasize handwashing enough. a lot of handwashing for extended periods. not just a quick rince under the sink and they are also talking about cough etiquette. right now on we have 10 things health experts want you to know about h1n1 preparedness. click on living well. thanks for joining us for 9news now at


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