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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  August 28, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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today. today students at prince georges county high school hope the last of their scheduling problems will be revolved. good morning, everyone. i'm andrea roane. howard is here with weather. angie goff has traffic. she says there is smooth sailing but may find wet streets along the way. >> frederick, carroll, howard, baltimore got hit hard from the district east you hi. t hard hit hard. everybody else, what aryou talking wh at youn doppler what i'm talking about. o trt in ghw t ri ghribut now but meso heavy showers and thunderstorms approaching the bay. south utsoof e north side of shady side and davidsonville and ll th wibevi e bextin he thene next 20 30 minutes. north of 70 seeing somesh erow anerd st orms frnoomh of the h roinsburg area ugth tywntownback in to uncaco coty and frederick. some contain locally heavy
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rainfall. as we look at the satellite and radar, you can see the action on top of us, now straddling the maryland pennsylvania border. update on danny a moment. now an update on the traffic. hope you have great plans for the weekend. let's get the morning started. beginning in virginia. 95 northbound from dumfries on up. delay free. roll over to 395 heading northbound. lanes are nice and wide open from duke to the 14th street bridge. to the inner loop we go. 95 making your way to 66. we are moving at a nice speed. no incidents to report on the outer loop, this time in maryland. taking the outside shot. live from university and finally wrap it up out of baltimore, 95 an the bw parkway is all clear to the beltway. andrea, over to you. >> reporter: it is the end of the first week of school for thousands of prince georges county students but today maybe the first day of class for many of them. computer problems plagued the first week, creating plenty of
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chaos and confusion. 9 news now digital correspondent armando trull has more from crossland high school in temple hills. armando? >> at least several hundred students here at this particular high school high school are hoping there will be an end to the chaos and confusion this morning when they show up to classes, but they are not holding their breath. >> i want to offer my sincere apologies. >> reporter: that's all the prince georges county school superintendent could say given one of the worst starts to a school year in the county's history. what's more, the prince georges county school system apparently knew months before the first school bell rang this monday that it had major problems with the scheduling system. problems which forced 8,000 students to cool their heels in school gyms, cafeterias and auditoriums for lack of class schedules. >> we write it up by hand, write it for the data processor and the child. >> reporter: despite an all hands on deck approach, to schedule students the old-
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fashioned way on thursday there were 1900 students without full class schedules and with four days of lost classes to make up. >> reporter: andrea, who's to blame? no one knows. the school system says it will review the contract it has with the programming company, the software company that created the software to see if they have any remedy under the contract but that company said it has not had similar problems at other school systems where the program was installed. we don't know who is to play and who will be held responsible but the kids don't care they just want to start the school year and hopefully it will beginned to. armando trull for 9 news now an about a mother in upper marlboro, maryland is searching for answers after her child was wrongly taken for a ride on a school bus. he said a teacher the put him on board but he wasn't supposed to be on the bus.
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and the driver made him get off at a stop several miles from his home. he got picked up from a stranger who luckily happened to be a parent and drove him back to school. the mother wants them held responsible. >> i think she should have been suspended or fired. >> reporter: the bus driver may face disciplinary action. and said the driver should have never put him off the buuns because the bus driver knew he child was not one of the students she was supposed to take home. 20,000 people have paid their respects to senator ted kennedy. the body of the massachusetts democrats lies in repose at the john f. kennedy library in boston. people walked past the casket well after 1:00 a.m. the viewing begins today before a funeral mass on saturday morning. kennedy's casket arrived in boston yesterday afternoon. thousands of people lined the
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70-mile route from the kennedy compound in hyannis port. some stopped on overpasses to see the procession. they applauded the motorcade as it rolled through the city streets. a print of senator kennedy done by andy warhol is on display at the national portrait gallery in the remembrance section opened after michael jackson's death in june. you can watch live coverage on the funeral here on channel 9:00. it starts tomorrow morning at 10:00. five after the hour. time for our first living smart report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day on wall street. good morning. >> let's see if we get the rally to keep going. good morning, andrea. good morning, everybody. stocks have climbed eight sessions in a row now. that's the longest winning streak in over two years and this morning futures trading predicting another higher open for wall street. while you slept, mixed trading
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overnight. the nikkei rose 0.6% and the hang seng 0.7%. the dow is 20 points away from 9600. the nasdaq rode 3. the s&p was up by nearly 3 points, as well. the number of problem banks in the nation has topped 400. those banks are considered to be at the risk for failing. in the second quarter, the number hit 416, up from 305. the quarter before. the fdic chairman expects the trend to continue due to the recession. do you hate pre-taped telephone solicitations that always seem to come at dinner time? help is on the way. the ftc is banning many of those phone calls. starting september 1st they need your written permission before they call you at home. this will not help you with your cell phone problem, though. >> all right. >> it is i legal.
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>> read those inserts that come in your bills. >> very good point. today's money saving tip of the day when you go to the college bookstore the sticker shock can be enormous. but this year we don't have to buy text books. we have an alternative coming up. police have made an arrest in the kidnapping of a girl after finding her alive 18 years later. no one has seen or heard from her since ' 91 when she was snatched from her home in california but authorities got suspicious when a young woman and her two children showed up with a convicted sex offender at his parole hearing. after questioning police, they determined that the 29-year-old alisa is actually jaycee. they say that he kidnapped her and feared her girls. >> never of the children have gone to school or been to the
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doctor. they were kept in complete isolation. they say they were kept in sheds and outbuildings in the backyards. she is okay physically and she has had a supervised reunion with her mother and sisters. after is summer of speculation, there were no huge demonstrations at michael vick's first game back from prison. some showed up in philadelphia. animal rights activists brought pit bulls to the stadium. some wore his t-shirt saying he should be allowed a second chance after serving time for dog fighting. a man goes after crews covering his daughter's court case and it is all caught on camera. we will show you it coming up. wildfires on the move. hundreds of people in southern california are evacuating this morning. it appears a negative outlook on life can seriously affect your health, especially if you are a woman.
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you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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in the news now a suicide bomber in pakistan hacked a main border crossing for convoys carrying supplies to alternate troops in afghanistan. 19 security officers were killed in the bombing. they were breaking the day long fast for the holy month of ramadan. hundreds of people are out of their homes this morning, forced to evacuate a wildfire that started on an isolated ridge line. this fire has already scorched more than 500-acres of brush. it is going -- it is one of four burning in the area. finally cameras outside of a courtroom in doylestown, pennsylvania capture an angry father. he lashes out at news cameras after his daughter was convicted of staking an about
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dc -- faking an abduction. she will spend nine to 23 months in jail. introduce you to the youngest worldwide sailor coming up in what's on the web. and even if it doesn't come ashore tropical storm danny could cause problems a the beach this weekend. here's howard. >> watching danny and thunderstorms on live doppler hd an what looks to be a busy forecast for the weekend is coming up when 9 news now returns. come on in. where getting a new vehicle is easy. because the price on the tag is the price you pay on remaining '08 and '09 models.
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people squeezing in a late summer vacation are seeing the first signs of tropical storm danny. it kicked up waves along wrightsville beach. authorities are warning people about high tides but some are venturing in to the water. remember the last incident we had in maine where two people were killed watching the waves. >> one big wave comes in. and terrible. keep that in mind this week. this is not bill by any stretch. shouldn't be as bad but still waves and rip currents are not out of the question. we want to start by reminding you we have interactive radar and you want to go there because we have a lot to talk about an you will need to look aft the radar the next few days. we start with r al, ppr 9000, also available at
5:15 am storms, heavy ones, msnothing s severe but flood warnings earlier. strong thunderstorms, pouring, checked an observation at the naval academy. a half an inch of rai 1414 mi nutes. some of these rainfall rates are two to three techines an hour. they are coming down torrentially there and we go south of shady side in to northern calvert county and from north beach to the bay you will get rid of that one shortly and to the north in frederick counties, all of the activity is moving to the east at 20 miles an hour and it is crossing here away from frederick up 70 up to thurmont and woodsboro. north of 70, westminster, southern carroll county had three inches of rain from earlier thunderstorms and hand hagerstown in the next 30 minutes they will be quite low. go to the weather computer and talk about the headlines. danny is less of a factor as it is sheered apart. beaches will see heavy surf the
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next couple of days with rip tides. more beach erosion metro will get rain rain from the front. and in fact danny is looking ragged. a mess of thunderstorms here. center of circulation in that neighborhood, forecast, winds 40 miles an hour from the observation of the forecast. still takes it north and then northeast. i want to show you on the other map as we get closer to it. here is saturday morning. it is passing off shore and continues to do. we thought new england may get grazed but now it is looking farther east. nova scotia may get hit with a tropical storm. mid 80s tomorrow and sunday with a better chance of storms today but still some on tomorrow and sunday. i don't think it will be a washout for the weekend but today is probably the worst day
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and it could affect the redskins game. but a lot of action is to the south. so this moisture is flowing up to us and that's why keep the rain gear handy at least through today and probably through the week. here we go. mid-80s tomorrow after low 80s today. you know, angie, i thought it was going to be nice next wreak. the front will not make it. we maybe unsettled on tuesday and wednesday but at least it won't be too hot. >> you know what i say, it's your fault. >> your fault. >> if we are dancing, there is nothing to say, howard bernstein there is nothing you can say to put me in a bad mood. at the bw -- bw parkway we have an accident attacking away a lane and the left shoulder. outer loop is okay. moving to 2670 southbound more volume from father hurley to the split. overall no major delays. in virginia through
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centreville. we are clear to route 50 and the capital beltway. 395 so far no problem at duke street. actually you know what this is the beauty of our live shot. obviously some new crash activity at duke street and it is blocking the right lane. this backup will start real early. we will keep you posted an let you know when the lanes open up. to the district we go. no issues on inbound new york avenue from the times building to bladensburg road. over to you. in the living well headlines, new ultrasensitive blood tests can tell when the heart muscle is dying. the rapid screening method is highly accurate according to the new england journal of medicine. two such tests are already approved. older tests can take hours delaying diagnosis and treatment. and feelings of hopelessness may increase a woman what's chance of heart disease and stroke. otherwise healthy women who are chronically hopeless are more likely to have plaque buildup
5:19 am
in their neck arteries and that can trigger a stroke. time to say good morning to kristin fisher in the web center. good morning. a british teenager has just become the youngest person to d.wo solo hoaround rl ea17d r--yole rlwod. 17-year-old wois one of rearched term tes.rm he is crossing the finish line he spent nine months on the high seas by himself where he battled equipment failures. celebrated his 17th birthday and kept on top of his studies and if you look at his journey he went 30,000 miles. sailed around africa, australia, new zealand and panama, through the panama canal. one reason it is hot on the web
5:20 am
is because he kept a detailed video blog on his website. you know, i got to say, some of these videos remind me of tom hanks talking to that fasoccer ball winston in the movie ay wa. hes all alone for nine months but he had tr inaoexjoarrdy.ury ne bu aordexary journey. but he w isno in e this now in bookof world records officially. but his record is already in jeopardy. a 13-year-old deaf girl is trying to persuade the girl to let her sir gate the globe. 13. i'd be trying to convince my parents, not the court. >> we know it will be broken, right? and we will see whether michael vick had any dust to shake off the first nfl action in two years. sports is next. it is 5:20.
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welcome back to michael vick. vick was the quarterback and mcnabb wide receiver. vick had a pass to mccoy and in the sec series vick lined up at quarterback and slot receiver he had a 13-yard pass setting up a field goal. vick finished 4-4. 19-yards passing. the eagles won 33-32.
5:24 am
>> great to finally get out there and get my feet wealth wet and get a feel for the game. it is like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it. i enjoyed my time out and had fun. yesterday afternoon the team was in tysons corner for the skins welcome home luncheon. the awards handed out, portis named the mvp. fletcher defensive mvp an james thrash on special teams. and the skins are preparing fir their game against the patriots. for several players this will be the final chance to show coach zorn and his staff they belong on the the team. tuesday is the first cut day on is always watching. >> we are evaluating these guys, not just the game. we evaluate them every practice. they have to come to practice and be lights out in all drill
5:25 am
work. mentally they have to be alert and going hard all the time. >> reporter: you can see the game tonight right here on wusa 9. skins versus pats, preceded by redskins tailgate. brian mitchell is from fedex field for a preview at 7:30 followed by the game at 8:00. the nationals enjoyed a win on the road but lost morgan for the season with a broken hand. it happened in the 1stinning with morgan trying to steal third but he did but he jammed his hand in to the bag. harris will be there the rest of the year. in the first zimmerman goes deep making it 3-0 nats. in the third adam dunn hit his 34th home run of the year for the nats 5-4 win. >> see you later. 40 career homers, 70 career rbis for adam dunn against the
5:26 am
cubs. and it is 5-0. find out how to save hundreds on college text books in the money saving tip of the day and after a week of school some students are still waiting for their class schedules. and investigators looking in to a huge water main break say they may never find the answers they are looking for. here's angie. >> thank you, andrea, on 395 northbound an accident has drivers backed up to edsall and the delays e argrowacing. we will have more busy roads as 9 news now returns. stay inwith us. (announcer) back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm, flaky, pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two bonus box tops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat.
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tens of thousands of people take time to pay their respects to senator ted kennedy. >> thanks for joining us. angie is here. she will have the traffic update in just a moment. we start with the forecast from howard and, some of us saw rain overnight. >> big rains up north. flood warnings in carroll
5:30 am
county for a while. >> we had a huge crash of thunder in herndon. >> that was nothing, though they had three inches of rain in spots and east of the district to the bay right now where the storms are left, there are heavy thunderstorms there. some dropped a half an inch at the in s.te minutes. that's a tropical downpour rainfall rate. you see north and east of town is where the action is at. over to anne arundel county frn s.po s it i ipo it is pouring over gac's ngross e y bridge to kent island an th e eastern shore. go south out of calvert county to the bay and upnorth for you, with temperatures in e upper 60s to so e s me shower and thunder from hagerstown to gewestminster, moving east. we will have a danny update at 6:15. i'm always on your side. i want to deliver on tgif, a nice friday light but unfortunately a few tieups.
5:31 am
395 at duke street. heading northbound. this is a biggie. the accident is taking away all lanes. currently we saw drivers were getting by on the left shoulder but looks like they are still at a stand hill here. we know the delay is stacked back to edsall. as more drivers hit the road this will grow. follow me on twitter, oh my goff is my name. i will let you know as the delays break apart an the lanes open up. on the outer loop an another accident on the left shoulder. another on the outer lap before the split. 270 is fine to the split. now, over to andrea. today, tens of thousands more mourners are expected to pay their respects to senator ted kennedy. some people sat in line more than two hours last night at the jfk presidential library in boston. 20,000 people filed by. he finals passing through four
5:32 am
hours ago. kennedy's widow greeted many many. >> it was moving. teddy loved the people of this state and the city and it was extraordinarily moving. >> reporter: the senator's family held a private wake at their compound in hyannis port. and then on to a 70-mile journey to boston. after an invitation only service tomorrow morning, senator kennedy will be brought to arlington for burial alongside his brothers. works repaired the site on thursday. he is eligible for burial because the served two years in army and because of his 46 years of service in the senate. the viewing for senator kennedy continues all day today in boston, and as we said an invitation only funeral held tomorrow morning with president obama delivering one of the eulogies. you can watch live coverage
5:33 am
here at 10:00 a.m. police in southwest virginia are investigating the murder of two virginia tech students. the couple was found dead in the jefferson national forest, a popular hiking area for tech students. investigators say it appears both were shot. one was found inside of the car and the other outside. police have not identified possible suspects or a motive. this morning, nearly 2,000 students in portion county are heading to school, hoping to finally be in class. school started on monday but problems with the computerized schedules delayed any class work. 9 news now digital correspondent armando trull had more from crossland high school in temple hills. >> reporter: andrea, good morning. there's a couple hundred students hoar at this particular high school who have had the same problem. they have been sitting in a gym or auditorium hoping to get their schedule so they can get on with it. hopefully today will be the day when school begins for them. >> to have more than 8,000 high
5:34 am
school students without a schedule on the first day of school is inexcusable. >> reporter: the system ran in to problems months before the first day of class, yet officials were unable to fix the glitches and had no backup plan in place. when the school bell rang on monday thousands of children waited in gyms, cafeterias and auditoriums until the againups could figure out a plan b. in a last ditch effort, they used every available staffer to fill out schedules by hand. by thursday there were still 1900 students in the wrong place at the wrong time. andrea, the school superintendent gave a press conference yesterday where he implied they will be looking at the contract with the software provider to see if there were any financial remedies, but that provider said there are other schools in which that system has been installed and none of them have reported
5:35 am
similar problems. reporting live, armando trull for 9 news now and if you are doing some overnight driving along 95 in virginia. this morning vdot started a series of road wowidening projects onet b t95enwehe occoquan river bridge and the fairfax countywois rkec etexpd days to complete. drivers should expect brief lane closures between midnight and 5:00 a.m. remember that tremendous water main break from christmas week last year? rescuers had to save drivers who got swamped on river road when a pipe burst. now officials with the washington suburban sanitary commission says they probably won't be able to determine why the 66-inch pipe was installed improper willerly. in three months of searching they haven't found inspection records. policy only requires be kept for two years. nasa will try to send the space shuttle discovery in to space tonight. they decided yesterday afternoon to postpone the
5:36 am
morning launch until 11:59 tonight to work on a backup plan. sensors showed a malfunction with a critical fuel valve. now it appears the problem is with the sensor itself. the shuttle is delivering equipment to the international space station. time for another living smart report. jessica doyle is back with the latest on michael vick's bankruptcy case. >> the latest is a federal judge has approved a plan that would essentially get michael vick out of the woods, if he can stick to it. good morning, andrea. under the plan, michael vick must repay his creditors $20 million. to do this, vick must sell $9 million in assets includes homes, boths and high-end suvs. he has to kick in his future nfl earnings and that will leave him $300,000 a year to live on. the session ended yesterday before vick returned to the nfl with the eagles. he was released from federal custody last month after
5:37 am
serving 18 months for running a dog fighting ring. time is running out to take advantage of the federal first time home buy pers tax credit. the $8,000 is available until december 1st. it sounds like a lot of time but usually takes 90 days to close on a house so you don't have a lot of time left. there are only 95 days before the credit ends. timefothr e money saving tip of e the day. the college kids are hitting the campus bookstores to load up on the reading busticr ke shop can be enormous. owyocau n rent them these days. for example one that sells for $150, instead yon rent it from the cost, $68 a semester. for more, check out my blog, the and you don't read the text books after you are done with them. everybody saves them and you don't look at them again. >> i remember the biggest thing
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when i was in college is getting to the bookstore to get the used books and making this swaps at the end of the semester. discover roadway of another type. scientists are amazed at the condition of a 2000-year-old artifact. in the last five seconds they have let traffic start to flow again here at 395 north at duke street. the accident is taking away most of the lanes. drivers are getting by slowly to the shoulder. latest details on the early morning tieup when 9 news now returns.
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5:40 am
jaycee lee dugard was snatched in ' 91 near her home in california. police spooted her at a parole hearing for hearing. talks are expected to center over a break if diplomatic relationships. chavez is upset over colombia leasing military bases in the
5:41 am
u.s. a roman horse head made from bronze an plated in gold has been discovered at an archaeological site in germany. scientists marvel as how well preserved the artifact is. it dates back to the year 23 bc. we have the viral videos of the day coming up and on this anniversary of martin luther king junior's i have a dream speech, the discovery of an error in a tribute to the civil rights leader. it is 5:51. we'll be right back.
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today is the anniversary on the march on washington. martin luther king junior led an estimated 300,000 people to the lincoln memorial, the site where he delivered his famous "i have a dream "speech. in atlanta, the city where martin luther king junior was born on the street dedicated to him you think his name would be spelled correctly. think again. keith whitney found a mistake years old and even residents there didn't spot it. >> reporter: there is definitely something wrong at the intersection of mlk and vine near the auc but more than the wires littering the street and the sidewalk. take a closer look. closer, even closer and you still might not catch it. >> right there. >> right there. >> take a closer look.
5:45 am
martin luther king drive northwest. >> take a closer look. >> oh, wow. >> wow. definitely not martin, is it? >> no. >> reporter: we asked residents coming by here for years and not one caught the mistake. >> take a closer look and check out the street sign. >> the street sign martin luther king -- oh, marin luther king. that is funny. >> reporter: but nobody laughs for long. many wonder how such a glaring error could have been made in the birthplace of martin luther king junior, just a few blocks away from his alma mater. >> as a student of his alma mater, one it is funny and two it is a bit discouraging and it brings questions of who was
5:46 am
over that. >> reporter: atlanta maybe the city too busy hang, but can't be too busy to spell check. now officials say now they know about the error it will be fixed in 48 hours. >> i can't believe i walk by this all the time. >> that is pretty bad. >> yeah. >> remember the nationals jerseys were messed up. >> we have seen these kind of bloopers a lot but that is pretty bad. >> yeah. that's going to be done. i bet it is done today. not going to waste time. danny is bad, danny is not so bad. he looked more impressive yesterday. he looks ragged like he in a sheer environment. not a factor for us. an upper level storm is coming and a front that is coming and a lot of moisture in place. in fact i want you to go to when you are not with us and check out doppler doppler 9000 and
5:47 am
ratee inivr ctdara to interactive radar to track e th storms. live doppler is busy to the north and east. a bunch of lightning and thunder here in town. also in montgomery and howard county, even carroll county had re e thchesin of rain with flraood warnings. the heaviest stuff is starting to pull in to the bay movi the eastern shore. the weather is in nhein tex20in or so. and to the north dealing with shower and rumbles of thunder, lightnmourthnt, moving in to portions ic. r edisk rieaouclntngl ol county frederick is clearing ou r e th metit e mebeing. a littleat erthis morning we will watch for more stuff. the other piece of action for the morning is danny. go to the weather computer and talk about danny. it is struggling. struggling to maintain itself as danny. the center is over here with a ragged looking bunch of thunderstorms. some are big ones and the weather service maybe classified or downgraded to a tropical depression if it is going to hold together. right now the winds are 40.
5:48 am
the forecast track by tomorrow morning has it east of hatteras to the north and northeast. it looks like it will stay east of cape cod but then over to november score shah. not going to get much stronger. hold 45 miles an hour is the belief. problems at the beach with heavy surf and rip tides but could have been a lot worse. 82 today with scattered showers and storms. may effect the redskins game. saturday 86 and sunday 84. fewer storms as we go through the week but still some out there on saturday and sunday. muggy at the bus stop. an isolated shower or storm far north and east. upper 60s to mid-70s. it is a soupy atmosphere. scattered showers and storms this afternoon, low 80s. some could have locally heavy rainfall. already seen it this morning with more showers and thunder tonight. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. he's are the showers and storms lifting away. a lot of moisture to the south and west and it will be an active afternoon.
5:49 am
the seven-day forecast, temperatures cooling off in to the 70s by monday. isolated shower on monday and then the front may get hung up. yesterday i did have it nice for tuesday and wednesday. today i'm not as optimistic. it is friday and that's good. >> that's always good. that is great news despite the weather, mishaps, traffic tieups we are dealing with. things are improving out there. 395 northbound. this accident is still letting traffic get by with one lane. drivers are backed up to edsall. here's the accident scene at duke street. take you to the outer loop where an earlier accident at the bw parkway is now clear. we know at route 1, we have more crash activity in the clearing stages right now. moving to georgia avenue it is currently closed market street to brookeville and this is a situation where we are told the driver ran in to a pole. officials don't know how long they will be out there working the scene but we will keep you posted. 66 eastbound, some volume
5:50 am
between 50 and 123. tracking the taillights but overall no incidents or accidents along the way. 95 northbound slow from the prince william parkway to lorton. kristin? thank you. it is viral video time. and i have a great clip for you this morning. it is really racking up the hits on youtube. a lot of people go bungee jumping and most times they jump over a bridge or water and there's a reason for that. the reason is if they miscalculate the stretch of bundy cord and go head first to the water, at least the water gives a little bit, makes sense, right. not what the person in this viral video did. a group of friends are about to go bungee jumping. that is a candy bar in her mouth. her boyfriend is going to pluck down and get that candy bar. he does it.
5:51 am
if that cord had been miscalculated, you are not going to just need a doctor but a very good dentist. that could have been a disaster there. i watched this a few times now and never gets easier to watch. i don't know if we can ' it again. bungee down, that's 100 feet up. pretty impressive. you have to calculate that cord and know what you are doing. >> maybe they have practiced before and we didn't know it. >> maybe. either way i'm impressed. coming up our next hero central segment about a 14-year- old who started his own charity when he was 10 years old. last night he was honored at the kennedy center. his story is coming up. a local job training program is taking extra steps to make sure the graduates find work. that story is coming up. in the buzz, a preview of taking wood stock and the other
5:52 am
films opening nationwide today.
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montgomery county sheriffs deputies may not have paid taxes. and may mayor fenty dodged questions on how his sons got in to a much sought after public school that is out of their district. and appeals court ruled on an argue between captiol hill neighbors that started in ' 99 over a tiny strip of land. read these story and more in the examiner. it is not the best time to find employment, but if you are graduating from one of the most successful job training programs in the area you have a head start. digital correspondent peggy fox says the story of one local pathway to the american dream. >> $389 a month for three small children for almost a year. >> reporter: she has pulled herself out of poverty through a unique job training program called training futures. she's one of 50 trainees to graduate today. >> it gave me the skills i needed to not limit myself anymore. i don't have to just be the receptionist.
5:56 am
>> reporter: he already started a new job as the admissions coordinator for hc manor care in arlington and makes close to $40,000 a year and now has the skills to move up. >> so far she's doing fantastic. doing great. >> the hr director says training futures helps to fill a void even in this economy. >> to find highly qualified people to fill position and be up to speed right away is very difficult, and having a vehicle like training helps us. >> the graduates have spent 25 weeks in a simulated business office environment, learning windows xp, microsoft office, keyboarding skills but they have also learned life management stills. >> reporter: the program is so successful, 90% of the graduates find jobs every year. >> it really is a great investment. a little money goes in and a lot of money over the lifetime of their earnings comes back to the county. >> reporter: they receive some public money but supporters say
5:57 am
it is a worthwhile investment in mclean, peggy fox, 9 news now and >> training futures is run by northern virginia family services and funded by local companies including gwinnett that owns this tv station. we are buzzing about the movies. what's going to knock off number one, make woodstock. they wrote a book about moving back home with his parents to help to save the family business. it so happens that an arts festival lost its license in a nearby town and the says why not bring the people here and make money for the family motel business and i know a guy with a 600-acre farm and that's what it is, taking wood stock. this is one of the director's first comedies. it looks funny in the previews.
5:58 am
>> i'm looking at it and thinking -- >> and check it out. >> every college student opens a copy of dazed and confused. this could do well. >> another movie is final destination in 3-d. this movie was not shown to the critics and that tells you something right there. >> like transformers and g.i. joe. >> i liked transformers better than g.i. joe. i love the way they put it. the three previous films, you have 3-d that maybe the attraction. you know what will come with the final destination, they are all going to die. if i ruined it for you i'm sorry. >> my mother will only see
5:59 am
three dimensional movies. i have been trying to get her to the miley cyrus movie and coraline. >>entertainment weekly is saying, flash that hall million ii. took in $31.1 million but thatfa s ov a weekend with no real competition. this one wouldn't even scream. what does that tell you. >> been there slash that. >> that's the way they sum it up. >> all right. let's talk weather this morning. a lot going on. not just with danny fabut local we may have much more ctim pa afromfront comi this way. and we had some stuff even closer to e the district vniir and right now it is east d and activity pulling away from anne arundel county


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