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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 26, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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will potentially delay things for you in and out of those areas and hopefully no s fe tfrm t. f ctfefrom that. as far as cter esthis morning, wonderful 72 here in shinon. cueper wn to 63. 71 fredericksburg and hagerstown and southern maryland, as well. day at a glance, humidity is not too high today. manier than yesterday but comfortable. code yellow air quality. 83 by noon and 90 for the drive home at 5:00. it is 72 at 6:00 a.m. time for the traffic. >> we want to talk about the drive in. we are finding problems early on. on 495 the inner loop in particular we have a disabled vehicle at the wilson bridge. it is off to the right shoulder in the local lanes. traffic past 295 is getting by just fine. over to 395. it is a little slow ride. already early from duke to seminary. that's just volume. next we want to move to the maps and show you the inner loop in virginia. from 95 to 66. realtime sensors are showing us the drivers are clocking in at a great pace.
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we will take you to the outer loop. hop over to maryland, north of the district. the situation past new hampshire. a good amount of volume between this area up to georgia. and wrap it up with 95 and the bw parkway. we'll take you there. out of baltimore past 32, down to powder mill you are looking at a clear commute. now, over to andrea. >> thank you. at one past the hour, the world is waking up to the news that senator ted kennedy has died. the lie job of the senate died last night. he was 77. kennedy represented his home state of massachusetts in the senate for more than four decades. last year he helped president obama get elected. today the president said america has lost "a great leader." digital correspondent armando trull begins our coverage. he's live on captiol hill. armando? >> reporter: ted kennedy was the third longest serving senator in american history. for 46 1/2 years, he fought countless political battles hoar on captiol hill, winning his share of them and in doing
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so he leaves a legacy that has touched the lives of millions of americans. when ted kennedy took over the senate seat left vacant by his brother's election to the presidency in ' 62 he never suspect head would be among the longest-lasting senators in american history. a legislative record of 47 years, which influenced education, civil rights, immigration and health care and earned him the respect of presidents. >> the life of senator edward m. kennedy has made a difference for all of us. >> reporter: he called himself the liberal senator from massachusetts and the political opponents he faced down couldn't help but give him respect. >> he is a fabulous united states senator. when he's against you it is tough. when he is with ya it is a great experience. >> reporter: americans never elected him president but the legislative record he enacted during his distinguished career has left a legacy few presidents ever matched.
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this morning the senate's top democrat harry reid said while congress mourns the death of ted kennedy it only pushes them forward to enact health care reform. armando trull for 9 news now and we knew senator kennedy was living with brain cancer but there were recent signs his health was detear rating. last week he asked massachusetts lawmakers to revamp state law allowing them to appoint his replacement rather than holding a special election. he wanted to make sure massachusetts had two votes in the senate and he did not attend the funeral of his sister, eunice kennedy shriver. the founder of the special olympics died at age 88. senator kennedy blamed his health from keeping him from the funeral. news of the senator's death came down early this morning. there's plenty of reaction on the web. kristin fisher has that part of the story. good morning. >> that's right. it is the big story on the web
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this morning, both on websites here at home and overseas. now, senator kennedy was a senator from massachusetts, but he really was a national political figure and very well known around the world. here's a look at how the international community is reacting to the news of senator ke nnedy's death. t arstin australia. the sydney morning herald. this is their top story, kennedy a great friend australia. that's coming from prime mitoer y sa say has ed adey nnaohas made an extraordinary american ceraman politics, an extraordinary contribution to america's role in the world. ted kennedy will be sadly missed in america and sadly missed e world bue world thcluding in one a. one bbc's websitin the u.k. y. ir headline d teednn atthis ted kennedy. e go onn brow on n owd and he is highlighting senator kennedy's in n heer tthor d anlero the northern
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s.inand peacesoc he says evenil ngcis lness and death he r venelnstopped fighti for the causes, which were 's feli life's work. care. i wathal care. i want to show you what some e. we ha bsweite. they have gree isav h say page and sathou nds of th people have posted their comments already on this swi u right now. , here's from matt london. he says kennedy was a true democrat and a great icameran. the last of aman epic stdynay o prola a , saeseralivhel the bl uscauniver, l health care, a united ireland, gun control and on an on. those are the stories we are seeing on the websites with overseas and around the world. but if they are making comments over there you know there are a lot of comments on the social networking sites and i will have more on what people are saying coming up. this morning republicans are praising the life and career of senator ted kennedy.
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california governor arnold schwarzenegger who's married to kennedy's niece maria shriver called kennedy a loving husband, brother uncle and father. nancy reagan said she is close to the kennedy family. she released a statement saying -- be sure to stay with 9 news now. cbs news and for continuing coverage on the death of senator ted kennedy. leave your comments at on kennedy's legacy and coming up at 7 a.m. the "early show" will have reaction from captiol hill, massachusetts and worldwide. and tonight at 8:00, watch a cbs news special, kennedy, the last brother. the time is six past the hour. a check on other stories making headlines today, in ten minutes why so many federal stimulus projects are coming in under budget. and big budget cuts in maryland. learn what is happening today.
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right now a focus on maryland's weather and traffic. we start with howard. >> good morning. you folks in maryland a nice morning to you and nice morning for you as the weather is pretty comfortable out there. it is a tad more humid than yesterday. temperatures are still in a good start, good range to start the day. some readings in the 60s especially in western thmarylan where cumberland is 63. southernmaryland 72 from naval air station patuxent river and 66 fredericksburg. good morning, angie goff. good morning, maryland we begin with a life one of chopper and great ken kahoe where things are smooth. georgia and 16th. good amount of volume. no incidents or accidents to report and 50 westbound. little earlier we had a couple of accidents at the bay bridge but they are clear and so are
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virginia districts frederick, winchester, clarke, warren and orange. have a great first day of school. the board will vote on a half billion dollar in cuts. they were outlined by o'malley. including shutting the state government down for five days, cutting $211 million in aid to local counties, furloughing all state workers and laying off 205 employees. we are currently in the process of notifying employees, through no fault of their own, will find out they no longer have jobs. >> reporter: the o'malley administration has been forced to slash spending by $4 billion and cut 3200 jobs. virginia congressman jim moran held a town hall meeting in reston to discuss health care reform. he was meet with cheers and boos when discussing a public health care option. >> no one would be required to join the public option.
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people, everyone is still free to purchase private insurance. >> reporter: the democrat says health care reform would cost roughly $100 million over ten years he says the government can't afford -- can afford to pay if they add surcharges on the wealthiest americans. democratic candidate creig grand jury deeds is joining us live in the studio coming up at 6:40. time for a living smart report. jessica doyle has news about our credit cards. >> you know the expression it is not paranoia if you are actually being watched. well, your credit cards are watching you. cnn reports the industry is gathering data from millions of card transactions every day. if you are spending suggests you maybe in a financial jam, they could raise your interest rates or reduce your limit.
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>> this will be interesting. may be a two different e-reader family. coming up, here's what is in the news now, this is a live look at the u.s. capitol and the flag at half staff for senator edward kennedy. he died last night at his home many massachusetts. he was 77. he democrat served on the hill for 42 years, the third longest tenure in senate history. nasa will try again on friday to launch the space shuttle discovery. this morning's launch was scrubbed because of a broken fuel valve. if discovery doesn't launch by sunday the mission will be pushed back to october. no big winners last night in the mega millions lottery. that means friday's jackpot will be worth $325 million. the odds of striking it rich, 175 million to 1. watch the drawing on friday night during 9 news now at 11:00.
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feel lucky? >> i might. i might feel lucky for that much. >> why not? >> why not. >> maybe $5 worth and let it ride. >> let it ride. wish we could let the weather ride. it is pretty nice. a great day yesterday. temperatures are few degrees cooler than they thought. second half of the week, things will change big time because we have a front on the pay and potentially tropical moisture, as well. the next three days looking like this with the forecast first, hot today 91. as we head to tomorrow, not bad, upper 80s by friday a cold front and maybe moisture from what is yet to be named even a tropical depression but i think it will be tropical storm danny as it heads toward us friday in to saturday and the skins game on friday night, home exhibition game could be on the soggy side. this morning a gray morning at the bus stop. clear and comfortable. 60 -- 62 to 75. light southwesterly winds out there. the 75. we are reserving that for southern saint mary's county
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where school begins today and the humidity down is a little higher than the rest of us. low 90s, plenty of sunshine and southwesterly winds five to ten miles an hour. clear to partly cloudy tonight, lows in the low 60s. and low 70s in town with light winds. tomorrow winds will be northeasterly and cooler. we have 71 in town. there's the 74 from webster field. so southern saint mary's county muggy there and 63 from cumberland and martinsburg. 61 in culpeper. going to be a touch of fog in the cooler spots but generally a quiet morning with the dew point in the mid 6s higher than yesterday and a light southwesterly wind at five miles an hour. nationally we have high pressure in the northern plains. high pressure over us with a front in between. the storms from kansas and nebraska in to parts of chicago land to detroit. that's going to cause problems with air travel. this is a tropical issue that we are looking at. this area of disturbed weather is yet to be classified even a tropical depression but winds
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will become more favorable and allile sheer across that inhibiting the development. and then all of the computer guidance saying hey it will head to the east coast, but show you the models. the forecast models. some of them are real close to us. these are the western ones. but the majority take it off shore and potentially to know scioscia. regardless with the storm passing to the east even if there it is a tropical storm there will is likely to be be high waves and rip tides. and you saw the girl that watched the waves and slipped out to sea. take it seriously if you are going to be at the beach on friday, saturday and sunday. 91 today. no problems. tomorrow a stray afternoon storm and then unsettlehood friday through sunday and depending on danny and the front it will determine how much rain we do or don't get. good morning. hey, if you are popping on the computer don't forget to
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visit on the home page you will see the picture. click on my picture and we will chat at my blog and i will get you the traffic. slow ride from the prince william parkway to lorton. a drive time at ten minutes. moving to 395 northbound. main delay stretches from edsall to seminary. then we will take it to the district. inbound new york avenue from the times building to bladensburg road we are below speed and a good amount of volume approaching florida avenue. 270 southbound in maryland. the delay from germantown road to 370. no accidents. and the same situation as we go to the maps on route 4, rout 5 and 301. regular delays going both ways. andrea, over to you. >> thank you. it is 6:18. all of us are making sure to stretch every dollar these days including uncle sam and ro. rk thr headline "usa today" "usa t building slump stretches stimulus money. managing editor lauren ashburn is here to explain. >> this have one of the silver
6:19 am
linings. the federal stimulus package, $787 billion of it and we have and a lot go to roadwork across the country. well, the roadwork we are finding because construction firms have been without a lot of jobs, they are able to be bid in so much lower that we are even able to do more roadwork and bridge work across the country. >> where are we seeing the boom more so. >> look at the transportation safety administration at the airport. they were given millions of dollars to improve security. all the bids they came in with came in so low they are now able to put more money in to increased luggage carrying devices in security. you know when you go through. so that's where they will put their money. the national parks service is building more roads than they ever anticipated because the contracts that came in to build those roads were so much cheaper than usual. and in pennsylvania, there's always a joke, if you are in
6:20 am
pennsylvania what sleeps six and is orange and it is a penndot truck. because it always seems like you are seeing these penndot trucks everywhere and there is so much construction. now it is really true in pennsylvania. they have launched an extra 52 road and bridge projects because they have been able to save so much of that money. >> incredible some the glass half full. >> right. is providing a lot more jobs than ever anticipated. >> that's what the stimulus package was supposed to intend. very good. lauren, thank you. you can read more in the "usa today." a check on sports is next. and an old friend rejoins the nationals and the skins get ready for the patriots. but first the signs of now. all morning long we have been telling you about the death of senator edward kennedy. he served on the hill for 47 years, the third longest tenure in history. this which senator holds the
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record. is it thurmond, byrd or dirkson. you think you know the answer find out if you are correct when we come back. fafafab@fab@@
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now now. -- signs of now. the west virginia democrat spent 50 years the capitol and is still serving today. in sports the nationals take on the cubs on the in chicago, and starting for the nats an old friend. the team resigned hernandez. the right hander was traded to arizona in 2006. he was released by the mets last week. he is 7-8 this season. the nats and cubs opened a three-game series this chicago last night. washington scored six running in the 5thinning, four on duke's grand slam. it is his 8th home run of the season. that made it 9-1. josh willingham had a good night. he had a pair of home runs, including this three-run blast in the 8th. the nats would trounce the cubs 15-6. on to football now.
6:25 am
the redskins are getting ready for friday's matchup with the patriots. the starters should get plenty of time in these games the first stringers could go a full three quarters. that should be the longest outing before the season opener. you can see it live friday night here on wusa 9. our time is 6:25. ahead our coverage on the death of senator kennedy continues. flags are at half staff here in washington. reaction from captiol hill as well as around the world. also, angie goff is keeping an eye b@traffic. >> that's right. check it out. no problems on 14th and pennsylvania northwest. i'm tracking the drive in to the district coming up. outside on the weather terrace this morning, comfortable. more humid than what we had on tuesday morning but more moisture is heading this way as we finish out the week. the wednesday forecast is coming up.
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and nothing, nothing is going to keep me away from this special gathering tonight. >> that was senator ted kennedy speaking at last year's democratic national convention. the lion of the senate has died at the age of 77. ahead, reaction from washington, massachusetts and abroad on the passing of this political icon. thank you for starting your wednesday with us. i'm andrea roane. we want to get you ready for the day, so we head out to the weather terrace where meteorologist howard bernstein
6:30 am
is there with the forecast. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. a pleasant morning here. humidity is up a bit but not too bad. in southern maryland you have a lot more low-level moisture in place. so, yeah, it is a little sticky down there. look at the weather computer and you will see quiet. showers and storms detroit to chicago could mess up air avoreltr e mtonew llavel mtre york state as e thw pr progresses across ontario. read there's the low 70s. 71 in town. 7 # 63 cumberland and 77 at ocean city. it is balmy where water temperatures are in the 70s. 83 by noon and 90 by 5:00. topping off at 90, 92. good morning. i'm hooking you up with a look at the traffic. 95 and bw parkway clear. from 495 new hampshire to georgia crawling along. that is a ten-minute drive. it is growing.
6:31 am
66 eastbound. you are delayed 50 to 495. a couple of breaking points along the way and the good news is no incidents and finally the inner loop in virginia. finding drivers are at speed as you make your way down there. realtime sensors showing the cars are green and finally the outer loop from van doren to telegraph. no accidents to report an we are moving at a great pace. over to andrea. >> thank you. this morning the world is mourning the loss of senator ted kennedy. the massachusetts democrat died last night. he was 77. president obama is calling kennedy "a great leader. " he parade praise his work on civil rights, health care and the economy. of course, senator kennedy's endorsement of then senator obama caused a huge shift in last year's campaign. digital correspondent armando trull is live on captiol hill with more on the senator's life. armando? >> well, andrea, senator ted kennedy was the third longest- serving senator in american rest history. for 46 1/2 years he fought and
6:32 am
won countless legislative battles here on captiol hill and he leaves behind a legacy that has touched the lives of millions of americans. ted kennedy took over his brother's senate seat in ' 62 when jfk was elected president. 47 years later his accomplishments in the political arena eclipse those of his two older brothers who died at the hands of assassins. ted kennedy became the third longest serving senator in american history and along the way the laws he helped to enact would touch millions of american and earn him the respect of those elected to the office he never athieved. >> the reason he has been able to help to deliver voting rights and immigration rights and helped people who are vulnerable is because he fights. >> those he fought in the senate also respected his ten nasty and legislative skills. >> he remains the single-most effect member of the senate. >> reporter: kennedy was lionized with america's highest civil honor, the medal of
6:33 am
freedom. and the british government recognized the son of irish immigrant with an honorary knighthood. and andrea, the senate's top democrat this morning said the best way for congress to honor ted kennedy with is to pass health care reform. on captiol hill, armando trull for 9 news now and news of the senator's death came in a statement released by his family. here's part of the statement. we have lost the irreplaceable center of our family and joyous light in our lives but the inspiration of his faith, optimism and perseverance will live on in our hearts forever. he always believed our best days are still ahead but it is hard to imagine any of them without him. this news is spreading fast this morning on social networking sites. kristin fisher has a closer look at that. >> reporter: that's right. you are right. the news spread very quickly on sites like facebook and twit and that's where people are going to share their thoughts teout the legacy of the lion ine bysenate.
6:34 am
ok. arlooking ce s uraghoo e thboceok. hours ago . e thokfaboce e ace created. it has over 300 members. here's what people are saying. i want to share two of the gewiou y on this sw. aig r wiitou yze itaig switzer is is unfortunate he will miss the passing of health care reform, >>meg thinthhe s edwoha rkfor 3n ar and comment from timothy blare, the definition of public servant. a sad dafor everyone no matter what e sl you are . e u at 'son facebook. now to r.twte lo itok at this. this is e site happening in dc and it shows you the ic on twitter right now. scroll down yod n ancau see the number one, covered by the ad, number one topic on twitter right now isinre ce peain peace senator ted kennedy and number
6:35 am
tw o.number mirote -- that was two ago. here's one from nualex jasons. he is retweeting what e e temajority leahihas att emsten hi icstatement which is --is -- that's how th story is playing out on the social networking sites. if you would like to weigh in on what senator kennedy means to you and what his legacy has maybe done in your life or in your mind we'd like to hear about it. you can go to our website at if you would like to share your thoughts. andrea, back to you. >> obviously reaction to his death is pouring in not just from across the united states but around the world.
6:36 am
prime minister brown says facing illness and death he never stopped fighting for the causes which were his life's work. i am proud to have counted him as a fred. the australian prime minister has had this to say. . of course more remembrances to senator kennedy will be coming in all morning and we want to know what you have to say. leave your comments and thoughts all day long when you visit coming up at 7:00, maggie rodriguez will anchor the "early show's" coverage from hyannis port, massachusetts outside of the kennedy compound and tonight at 8:00, the cbs news special, kennedy, the last brother. we focus on the knew that torial election we will be joined in the studio by creigh deeds. he will talk to us about the issues. but first here's howard. >> good morning.
6:37 am
you have a nice start to the morning, virginia. a little coolish in spots if you will. some temperatures in the low 60s around culpeper but generally very nice start. look at those readings on our weather computer. you'll see the readings that ol lplper atat1. 6 we have other temperatures in1. the low 70s, though, from fredericksburg and quantico. manassas 64 and winchester 69. looking at sunshine today. hot one in amissville. arlington 92 and olney around 90. >> virginia we are all about you right now. a live shot for you. the wilson boulevard area near lynn street. looks like the drivers are stopped at a light. no accidents to report. moving along to fairfax, route 50 where it meets 28. traffic is building but no incidents here, as well. and come fly with me. we are on the gw parkway from the beltway to the key bridge. this commute is absolutely clear. happy wednesday. you are watching 9 news now.
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welcome back. the flags are flying at half staff at the capitol for senator kennedy who died last night at the age of 77. his battle with brain cancer
6:41 am
has ended. the democratic candidate creigh deeds is joining us life in the studio -- studio and we have invited bob mcdonnell as well and we look forward to having him before the election, as well. before we talk about virginia politics, i want to get your thoughts on the death of senator kennedy. >> a very sad day for a storied family. he had a huge impact on the work of the senate for many, many years. >> reporter: let's talk about virginia. a lot of problems. the big news out of maryland where they are detailing how they will make $400 million in cuts to get their budget in line including furloughs, heavy layoffs on state workers and the governor, governor kaine announced they need to make nearly $1.5 billion in cuts in virginia. how would you make those cuts. >> it is a tough unprecedented economic time. businesses are cutting back, the government has to do the same thing. the government has to control the spending at every level.
6:42 am
this will be a tough time. every person depends on services from the state, state employees across the board will feel the impact. the governor will have to look at what we can live with and without. what i'm going to do when i'm governor is impose a zero-base budget. i will require every agency to justify every cent they spend so we start from scratch every year to determine how to provide services. performance reviews of every agency to make sure we are squeezing every ounce of goodness out of every tax dollar. >> no agency would be spared. everything on the table including transportation and education if cuts needed to be made. >> everything has to be on the table. frankly transportation is a huge issue in virginia. we have tremendous problems and it threatens our economic prosperity and i will get a plan passed the first year i'm governor. everything is on the table to fix transportation except education funding we have to continue to make investments in the future and the development of young people and that will
6:43 am
require us to be careful with education dollars. >> would you consider raising taxes? >> everything is on the table. you can look at my record and see that i have been one that has not been unwilling to make tough choices, particularly about transportation. i think our economic prosperity depends on it. so everything is on the table and i will work with people from both sides of the aisle to reach a real solution next year. virginiaens are tired of playing games and sitting in traffic. >> reporter: unemployment in the state 7%. bob mcdonnell's ads say he is a job governor. early on in the campaign you talked about tax breaks for small businesses, gave ge giving federal payroll tax refunds to create jobs, governor's opportunity fund all to job creation but given the economic situation in the commonwealth, do these go hog the back burner no. >> no, they are on the front burner. virginia is in a much better position than a lot of states.
6:44 am
6.9% of employment is 286,000 people looking for work, 286 thousand people worried about losing their home, who have children and worried about whether they can afford college education. we have real challenges and we have to figure out ways to insenty vise the growth of the economy. that's why the tax cut i proposed makes so much sense. it is easy to talk about what kind of governor you would be but it is better indicator of what kind of record you have. what you have done as a public servant. i have been about creating economic and educational opportunities throughout my time. >> you are going to spend the day in northern virginia. a recent post article says they are worried about you and don't understand you. do you feel that the obama administration's drop in pore lairty has hurt you. you are from 5 to 15% behind bob mcdonnell. >> i think the administration is trying to do a lot of things this year for the country's sake. the president has been helpful for me and he will continue to
6:45 am
be helpful. >> thanks for joining us. time for a "living $mart" report. let's send it over to jessica doyle. >> this is great news for people looking for a job. many employers are planning to put out the help wanted sign. a survey from our partners erbudedeco finds 53% of emoyers expect to hire full- time 12 ex12 months and four in ten plan to hiac ctremon tt,porary or from project worker and another 39% will hire part-time employees. anheuser-busch has run in to a problem that have cans of bud light in college colors. the school says it promotes under aged drinking and infringes on the trademark. they discussed the issue with the brewer because they were concerned it would be marketed to people under the legal drinking age. cup cake lovers, you are going to love this.
6:46 am
washington is getting even more cup cake shops. the "washito tngpopostreports that red velvet is expanding next month to dupont circle. it will compete with hello cup cake. something sweet opened in northwest, georgetown cup cake is moving to a larger location on m street and opening a branch in bethesda, some others baked and wired in georgetown, and blushing bake shop, lavender moon and rhonda's cup cakery in greenbelt. >> an explosion. >> me not fitting in to my jeans. >> jog away from the cup cake shop and jog away from. >> good morning. howard. >> maybe a good day to go jogging outside if the weather is cooperating. who doesn't like a good cup cake, right. some ganache or something in the middle. >> delicious. >> after we pass today, things start to go downhill tomorrow and by friday all bets are off
6:47 am
as a told front is on the way and maybe a tropical system, as well. the next three days 91 today. 88 tomorrow with a stray storm and friday could be soggy for that redskins game. friday night preseason exhibition game. 83 at best. we may be cooler than that with scattered showers and storms. this morning at the bus stop, school is in session for some but not everybody. clear and comfortable. low 60s in spots to mid-70s in southern maryland with light southwesterly winds. sunny and hot. still not too humid this afternoon. although a tad more than yesterday. highs in the low 90s. tonight, clear to partly cloudy and low 60s to low 70s with light wind. this morning we have some 70s out there already in southern maryland over to easton at 72. 60s to our west in charlottesville, shenandoah valley regional airport 63. oakland 63. as we look at the beltway roundup upper 60s to low 70s.
6:48 am
beltsville is 69. same with andrews air force base and to our friends a brandy wine we are checking in with 68 degrees. reagan national, 71. the -- yesterday the dew noint the low 60s so a touch more humidity in the air and that willen crease as the week progresses. here's one front to the west here. another one back here. this first one will cause problems up to o'hare and detroit with some airport delays, especially this morning. in the tropics, we are watching this cluster of thunderstorms which we believe will form in to tropical storm danny. maybe even hurricane danny in a couple of days but right now not classified yet. that could happen today where they will upgrade that and computer guidance suggests that danny will come this way and here's the front. these are the model forecasts between friday and saturday for the mid-atlantic. some of them come close to us. i think we will be off shore, if not 100, to 200 miles, at least we will can you have
6:49 am
beach erosion and rip tides. if you go to the beach, it is the last weekend in august and keep that in mind. the next seven days looking like this. 91 today. it is going to be hot. not bad. tomorrow 88. could be a stray storm. as we head to friday and saturday a lot depends on what happens with danny and the front. increasing possibilities and probabilities of shower and storms through sunday and then we dry out and cool down for the beginning of school for monday and tuesday and temperatures in the upper 70s. night time lows in the 50s and 60s. angie has the traffic. that's right. we are getting closer to the 7:00 hour. thanks for joining us early on this wednesday. getting started with the outer loop from new hampshire to georgia. slow ride. looking at 15 minutes in the car if you hop on the road right now. heading over to 27 a southbound. an accident. it is at father hurley. the main slow go is from 118
6:50 am
germantown road tracking the head lights to 370. next we will fly 50 westbound from the bay bridge to bowie to the beltway. nothing but green cars. drivers are moving at speed. moving along we are clear on 395 in virginia as far as incidents and accidents are concerned but obviously below speed from the beltway to seminary. this drive is stiming 10 to 15 minutes and finally here's 95 northbound in virginia. from route 1 over to lorton. we are congested. that's another ten minute drive. over to you. metro's red line is back to normal this morning after a small fire near the bethesda station. it happened last nate on the outbound track and caused smoke to fill the station. investigators say it was caused by an overheated insulator. trains were forced to share a single track from friendship heights to the grovesnor station. sky nine was over route 301 at 214 this morning. a $2 million rehab project gets underway. you have to follow a detour on
6:51 am
eastbound 214 to get to 301. work will replace a 50-year-old bridge. it should take one year. federal officials say they do not believe a student pilot, who violated restricted air space around washington, knew what he was doing. sky nine captured pictures of the plane after it was forced to land at the montgomery county air park in gaithersburg yesterday afternoon. a blackhawk helicopter intercepted the plane and forced it to land. the plane plane is registered to a company in pennsylvania. there is word a plane registered to the same company violated restricted air space two years ago. in sports her dan measure returns to the nationals tonight. he get the start. the team resigned him after he was released by the mets. last night's game against the cubs was a power show by the nationals. >> and dukes left center. another nationals grand slam.
6:52 am
>> reporter: elijah dukes hit that blast in the fifth. nats beat the cubs 15-6. our time is 6:51. 71 degrees here in northwest washington. ahead, remembering the late senator ted kennedy. in three minutes, reaction from the white house and captiol hill. ♪
6:53 am
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them death of senator kennedy is in the news now. the senator passed away last night. the spent over a year battling brain cancer. his family said he died at the family compound in massachusetts. here on captiol hill, senate democratic leader harry reid said the best way to honor the lion of the senate is for the congress to pass health care reform. we're also getting reaction from the white house. president obama calls kennedy a great leader and the greatest senator of our times. the president and first lady also say they have lost a dear friend. friend. fa r42rpp
6:56 am
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we have an accident at 270 at father hurley. drivers are backed up to 118 germannentown road. not fun there. okay. 66 heading eastbound. 50 to 123, below speed and low approaching the beltway and inbound new york avenue slow from the times building to bladensburg. tomorrow 88 with a stray storm in the afternoon and depending on how the front interacts with the tropical moisture, the weekend from friday through sunday could be unsettled and cooler. and nice monday and tuesday. wall street six days in a rogaines but it may come to an end this morning. looking at a slightly lower open for wall street today. the "early show" is next and they will have more on the death of senator kennedy at age 77 from brain cancer. more on 9 news now at 00


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