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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 25, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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siwein the r peup60s to around 7 of the peonly issue we have is g inthe fog in wir ai thfricered air with friced k'ers aiored reporting a quarter mile visibility. other than that a fairly nice day ahead. plenty of sunshine. low 80s by noon. upper 80s to near 90 for a daytime high. code yellow which is moderate air quality. angie has the traffic. hello, everybody. are you ready for a fantastic day because we are ready to help you along. beginning with the traffic on the outer loop. a little volume to tell you about between university and georgia. not so bad so far. moving to 50 westbound from the bay bridge through annapolis to the capital beltway. things are looking nice and green. tells us that the drive is good. we are moving at speed. to virginia, 66 eastbound. drivers are doing fine. seeing the volume build an 50. delays probably not too far
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away. 395 northbound still slow from duke to seminary. and finally 95 northbound. looking at plus five minutes in the car to make it from the prince william parkway to lorton. now, over to andrea. a new wal-mart supercenter will be built near a civil war battlefield. historians have long opposed the move saying the building and shopping center in orange county, virginia will be too close to the historic wilderness battlefield. armando trull is live in in the 9 news now information center with more. >> reporter: well, andrea, opponents said that the wal- mart was going to be built on the graves of civil war dead. supporters said the county needed the money and revenue from that. the majority of speakers supported bringing a super wal- mart to locust grove. they said the 32,000 residents of the farming community would benefit from the jobs, tax revenue and inexpensive shopping options, more so given tough economic times.
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>> i think wal-mart does a lot of great things by putting money back in the school system and there's just nothing out here. >> reporter: the store will be located near the wilderness battlefield. a civil war preserve for grant and lee where they first fought and where 20,000 soldiers lost their lives. >> they should be considerate enough tot not to do it where there is possibly civil war dead buried. >> they rejected the argument the board said the superwal- mart would bring hundreds of new job and millions of dollars in tax revenues. and construction could begin as early as next year. armando trull for 9 news now and state employees in maryland need to prepare themselves for
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furloughs. under a deal worked out between the governor's office and labor unions, employees will take from three to ten furlough days depending on their gallery. the days would be taken early next month and may of 2010. most offices will shut down for five days. vernoro'malley is expected to announce $470 million in budget cuts today or tomorrow. the government is urging drug makers to get an h1n1 flu vaccine out faster. a panel of white house scientists wants production pushed up by at least a month. health and human services secretary believes the virus could peak in the early fall and could be deadlier than the normal flu season. the cdc deputy director believes the spread of the flu will be worse among children. >> when school starts again, there will be the likelihood those folks most likely to get/vv the school age
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population will be back together and you will see an increase in disease again. >> reporter: spike in the flu cases in the fall could be followed by the regular seasonal flu that would come in the winter and hit elderly people harder. in maryland another death from the h1n1 flu. an elderly suburban maryland man marks the 7th death due to the flu in the states. health officials say their biggest concern is the new school year. they are convinced the illness will make a comeback this year but say school closures are unlikely. they advise sick people to stay home. time for another living smart report and jessica doyle is joining us with a look at the rules of tipping in these tight times. good morning. >> good morning. hardly -- a lot of people hardly have enough money to eat out at big restaurants these days yet alone leaving a fat tip and waiters say since the economy took a turn for the worst gratuity has done the same thing. >> there are rules for just
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about everything, even tipping. >> 15 to 20% is the usual. >> reporter: like all rules sometimes they are honored. >> 20%, sometimes a little heavier. >> sometimes they are broken. >> even if the service is great, my little tip is not too great for them and i feel bad but it is the best i can do. >> reporter: pamela says when economic times are tough consumers spend less and often means cutting back on gratuity. >> the dine and dash is back. although they are paying the bill they are not leaving a tip. >> coast to coast, servers are feeling a tip, smaller orders, less customers and fewer tips. >> would would tip more 15 to 20% are going for 10, too 15%. >> now it is 10%. >> for every $50 you spend you should leave your waiter ten. i'm seeing 6 and 5,er excusable behavior in a bad economy. they say absolutely not. >> it is like stealing.
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it is like not paying the bill. it is part of that gratuity is part of the meal. >> reporter: and a big part of the server's income. usually a waiter's minimum wage salary goes to taxes. many of them share their tips with food runners and bartenders. experts say if tight times have you tipping less, due on this advice, order less or take advantage of specials. >> if you are going to dine out and go to nice restaurants you pay the tip. >> reporter: now tipping rules apply evidence where, too. etiquette experts say the recession is no excuse for being a scrooge when it comes to taxi drivers, packing lot attendants and other service workers. >> remember, leave leave something. >> thank you. the shuttle discovery is grounded for another day and the end of a federal program means the end of what proved to be a successful run for american auto dealers. we will have those stories coming up but first focus on maryland's weather and traffic.
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we start with howard. >> a very nice day across maryland this morning. a touch of fog in frederick where the visibilities is a quarter mile. otherwise, doesn't get much better than this during the aug rnleaugust. let's talk about the temperatures this morning. temperatures in the 60s and 50 in cumberland. in southern maryla, weheare approaching atth 70-degree mark. 69 at the naval air station patuxent river. on the bay in annapolis, 72. we are talking 80s today. upper 80s to near 90. on the bay, shady side did do a little better with sunshine and a high of 85. time for maryland traffic. with that is angie goff. thank you. hello, everybody inch the focus is on you, maryland. a live shot of drivers stopped at a light at 355 and shady grove. looking nice and quiet out there way. to georgia avenue and viersmill. one driver out here. hardly any traffic.
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moving to the bw parkway, traveling southbound nothing but green cars to the beltway. now over to andrea. there may be more than traffic slowing you down this morning but how you handle those obstacles could determine the outcome, best-selling author and motivational speaker willie jolly explains. >> reporter: this is willie jolly and today's live better for success step is how to improve your success by improving your attitude. as you move through life you will have some days when murphy will come to visit you know murphy's law anything that can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible time. we all have murphy moments. chapter two of my book says it better. some day you are the windchill and sometimes you are a bug. the negative bug fine minds its own business and hits the windshield. and it curses its bad break and
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two democratic meetings on health care in virginia. here's kristin fisher with the hero central report. good morning. >> good morning. this morning's hero central segment, i want to point you to a story on our partnerseb w si to "urs say. toda" it is " about a t oua massachus -- achusetts as maas the thwheelchair recycler. the 47-year-old was in a car accident and has been lcee ewhhairsi wheelchair ever since. three years after that accide ve he ara testd a company boro, rlmassse which he refurbishes donated wheelcha and s llsethem for a fraction of the normal price and in some cases them lls them
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away. here's his company's website, right here. the wheelchair rerecycler. in the past years he's helped 500 ndhaicapped pele opop get in wheehanormally wo hnormally wouldn't have access or be able to he custneeds. if you have antir chau needs. f you have a chairu neulyod wo kelito donate keto davis da organization, the wheelchair recycler or need a power chair isth e thisis the website i would point you to. ler. m.eirlcwh rcoha again, i will have a link on m d og at vidais t isnothe only organization s thoe. ththis d eds s are somebody who ne to get a lcee hairwhand maybe your insurance is not covering it there are other options to help. here's one. whee. halc inclg program at a if you would like to learn more about these programs i will have a link on my blog at
6:13 am if you know of a hero for an upcoming hero central segment or if you know somebody who maybe needs a hero we'd like to hear about it. go to the hero central home page at or e-mail us at andrea, back to you. in the news now at 6:13, north and south korea have reportedly agreed to hold red cross talks to families separated by the nationals division. the north accepted the south's po posal to hold meetings on the matter beginning tomorrow. you can leaf leave your clunker at home if you are shopping for a new car. the widely popular government program known as cash for clunkers is officially over but not before jump starting an auto industry in need of a boost. despite reimbursement problems many dealerships are reporting the highest sales numbers in more than a year. bad weather forced nasa to call
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off the liftoff of the space shuttle discovery. the space agency will try tomorrow morning. discovery and the seven astronauts are destined for the international space station. on board the shuttle, 17,000- pounds of supplies including a $5 million treadmill named after tv comedian stephen colbert. here's howard. remember -- it should be fun. good for him. >> let's talk about a couple of things, first of all i'm not myself today. >> who are you? >> i don't know. i took a zyrtec. >> are you better or worse than the old self. >> i'm loopier. >> tell us if you like the loopier side. >> i have the chat room open behind the scenes. we can talk about weather or whatever else you want. but the allergy update is
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running, the tree pollen is not an issue but grass and mold pollen and the mold was quite high. thank those rain the last couple of days the forecast the next three days nice today and tomorrow on the warm side. especially tomorrow as we shoot to the low 90s by thursday a chance of a thunderstorm back in the upper 80s. this morning at the bus stop a nice one. better than yesterday when we had those thunderstorms to the south. just clear and comfortable. some 50s. tonight, still measure saab under minely clear skies, low 60s to the lower 70s. this morning 72 on the bay at the naval academy. they are looking good. webster field, saint mary's county 80 degrees. 50sin culpeper and winchester,
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cumberland, upper 50s. manassas 59. some areas are reporting a touch of fog. so watch for that. the relative humidity is 84% but it is pretty comfortable this morning and maybe good to get out and enjoy it before it heats up. high pressure in the eastern part of the country. storms in the central and northern plains. in the tropics, we are watching low pressure starting to get organized just northeast and east of puerto rico. tough to tell if they are trying to form here or up here. it will move to the northwest. as we head to the end of the week and them weekend, there's a possibility this could be close to the carolina coast or stay off shore and head to the main coast or if we are lucky, like bill it will curve between bermuda and the u.s. and head out to sea without making land fall. certainly with a tropical system it would impact the long- range forecast. this morning we have high pressure in pittsburgh. today, tonight and tomorrow feeling good about how our weather will be. the next seven days for you
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with the seven-day forecast. by thursday 89 with an isolated storm and friday redskins have the game on friday night. and we will watch the weekend to see what happens with potentially tropical storm danny. good morning, angie. good morning dear howard. hello, everyone. thanks for joining us. yeah, we are a little bit through our 6:00 hour. we are getting started. feeling good. unfortunately an accident at southbound 11 a at the pentagon. drivers are losing two left lanes. only that right lane of traffic is getting by. we know this is impacting a little bit of 395. we will turn on the cameras and show you we are slow duke to seminary and a good amount of congestion approaching the pentagon. that skyline is looking nice and pretty this morning. over to 66. delayed from 50 to 123 officially and to the outer loop from new hampshire to georgia. watching those head lights the
6:18 am
volume is building finally present to you the travel times. nice and glean on the inner loop. making our way fr95r om 3 to adm ll inad13 minutes. six minutes ebb on thed tooa d to the beltway and southbound 270 from the spur to 495 looking at a measly three minutes. over to you. >> thank you. it is 6:18. did you update your facebook status this morning so everyone knows what you are up to? maybe some people love the cause networking sites be they love to talk about lv es. the headline in "usa today, are social networks making students more narcissistic? managing editor lauren ashburn is here with the results of a new study. >> what about the rest of us. >> this study is coming out by a womb who wrote the narcissistic experience just talked about generation y and by their own admission they say yes. >> my goodness. >> look at one of the questions in the survey that actually determined the results of this.
6:19 am
and it says, and i quote here -- who strongly disagrees 4%. >> whoa! >> who strongly disagrees 10%. neutral 20%. who agrees 46% of the folks who surveyed and strongly agrees is 20%. >> oh, my goodness. and were these young people from a particular section of the country? did that sway it a little bit. >> 1,000 students across across the country. and what is interesting about this is they have admitted it themselves and not only do they admit they are more narcissistic and say social networking has contributed to that fact. >> do they think it is a
6:20 am
problem? do they want i they want to change or keep going with it? >> keep going with it, i guess. some factors say it is not just about self promotion if you are on facebook. some people it is and they are admitting it but they say it is self presentation. i think you had michelle woodward on here who is an executive life coach and she had a free on-line. be careful what you put on your site about yourself. the nationals try to hold off the brew masters and mark santos makes a starting debut in charm city. before we heed to break it is time for the signs of now
6:21 am
question. 400 year ago what scientific device was invented the microscope, the gal layian telescope or the super computer? we'll be right back. if you think you know the answer, find out if you are correct.
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welcome back to sunshine 9 news now.
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here's the signs of now question. 400 years ago what major scientific device was invented? the microscope the gallelean telescope or the super computer. in the answer is b. galileo invented his verge of the refracting telescope. he was not the first to invent it he is given credit for the first individual who invented a refracting telescope. it would eventually lead him to develop the theory of the sun centered universe. putting him in a life long battle with the catholic church. we begin with a look at the nationals the nats hosting the brewers. colin on the mound and gets off to a handy start. he pitched a shutout in five inning but in the sixth, a two run shot and then the brewers took it 7-1.
6:25 am
last night's preseason game in baltimore was the first nfl start for u.s. golden boy mark sanchez. the jets quarterback was officially welcomed to the league by the ravens. it took them 46 seconds to say hello rookie. 7-0 baltimore. in the second, clemens and that quarterback, same treatment. maclean takes it to the house and the ravens take the jets 24- 23 still a close game. they are year the skins third string quarterback is a fans favorite and this year is no different but no one knows who it will be. chase daniel, the all-american looked awesome on saturday night and he and brennan who was the flavor of the month last year are in a battle to make the roster. >> the competition right now is for the number three spot.
6:26 am
and, chase is making a statement about that. that he is willing to compete at that level. >> all i'm doing is trying to get a spot on this team and i realize it is an audition. this is my first option, why i came here to learn under coach zorn. >> reporter: tune in on friday for the skins third preseason game. patriots and redskins will be preceded by a tailgate special. mitchell will join brett haber for a preview. it begins at 7:30. the game is at 8:00. the obama administration opens a probe in to interrogation tactics used by the bush adstnimiration. here's angie. time to take a look at your traffic and we are nilife from the sousa bridge in to dc. a clear commute. more shots like coming up. you know it is almost cool outside here on the weather
6:27 am
terrace. a look at the current temperatures and let you know how warm things will get before the day is out. 9 news now returns in just a moment. fab@b@fab@b@
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function you need another reason to stop smoking a study says that it can cause cancer and heart disease and can affect your taste. new research shows the taste buds of smokers ten to be flatter that can lead to decreased sense of taste. scientists say more research is need to explain why this happens. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. howard is enjoying a lovely morning on the terrace. >> in august this could be one of those mornings the sticky and steamy. we're in late august and delightful and a lot of folks are saying what a great morning . atthe temperatures this morng,inyou will see we have some 50s evene wyothwestthe we 57 for culpeper. a touch of fog reported k d a haeredlfand k a halfmi leha visibility. near 70. a ttle sticky in southern maryland. 59 in winchester and the dew
6:32 am
points have come down in the low to mid and upper 50s as we get closer to town. and that's a true measure of how much moisture is in the air. dew points in the 70s and that's why a tropical feeling. what we are looking at is temperatures in the low to mid- 70s. lower 80s by noon. by 5:00 for the drive home. a lot of sunshine and near 90. i will be back at 6:45 and we will talk about the tropic and how it could impact the seven- day forecast. >> if you are loggen on the computer, go to wusa -- and you will see a picture of me. click on that and learn how to submit your back to school pictures that we will share on the morning show. start off with good news on the traffic map. at the pentagon it appears according to realtime graphics the accident has cleared. all lanes of traffic are getting by. 395 northbound. about a ten minute commute as
6:33 am
we crawl along from edsall to seminary. that's just volume. to the maps and over to route 4, rout 5 and crane highway. this is an accident free zone. we are seeing typical volume that we see around this time and finally interstate 270 from germantown road to 370. a good amount of volume but clear to the split. now over to andrea. we are following a developing story from the justice department. the obama administration is launching a criminal investigation in to harsh questioning of terror detainees during the bush presidency. the justice department picked john durham to investigate alleged mistreatment of terror le ects by the cia or op acting as his contractors. one of the things under investigation is whether or not interrogators threatened to kill the children of khalid sheik mohammad if the u.s. came under more terror attacks. the allegation is part of a 2004 justice department report that examined the cia treatment
6:34 am
of terror suspects. it was declassified as part of a lawsuit filed by the aclu. officials say decisions on any prosecution will be up to attorney general eric holder, not the white house. >> a man who was the youngest prisoner held at the detention center at guantanamo bay is home with his family. the 21-year-old was arrested in afghanistan in 2002 at the age of 14. he was charged with wounding two u.s. soldiers and their interpreter. the federal judge ordered their release after the judge ruled the confession was soared. they say he confessed after gang officials said they would kill his family unless he cooperated. activists upkit set about the humanitarian crisis in darfur have taken out advertising space today. one called sudan a priority for the administration and then asks for strong action. the ads have been printed in
6:35 am
the "washington post," the wall street and two local papers on martha's vineyard where president obama is vacationing. leaders in orange county, virginia have given approval for developers to build a wal- mart superster near a civil war battled field. they have lo e oppod opthe move saying it will be too close to the battlefield. armando trull is live in the 9 news now information center with more. >> well, the site of that proposed wal-mart is near a civil war battlefield where 29,000 soldiers lost their lives. this morning the orange county board of supervisors had to choose between the value of history and the value of money. by aviette of 4-1 the orange county board of supervisors approved a superwal-mart for locust grove even though it will be located near the historic civil war battlefield. they agreed with most of the speakers that argued the big box store would bring needed
6:36 am
jobs, tax revenue and shopping options to the rural community of 32,000. >> more income and jobs, more opportunities. more opportunities for kids. >> hundreds of civil war preservationists had asked the county to reject correct the wal-mart or consider a site further away from the wilderness battlefield preserve. >> wal-mart proposed location is overlooking. it is up on a hill overlooking the battlefield and during the time of the conflict that location was used as a hospital for union and con fred rate. there are probably civil war dead buried on that property. >> the board rejected that argument saying the $800,000 in tax revenue and hundreds of jobs were sorely needed especially now in the middle of the recession. >> construction on the project could begin as early as next year. live in the information, armando trull , for 9 news now
6:37 am
and >> a deep freeze is on in montgomery county. a budget freeze. just about every part of the county's school system's budget is lockeddown. any jobs that are open right now will stay that way. there are a few exceptions and here are some of them principal jobs, special education teachers, school psychologists, interpreters and translator and maintenance work on copier and printers. those jobs are still open. students in prince georges county will no longer receive free rides on metro buses. the county suspended the participation in the kids ride free program. ate loy allows kids to ride for free. the county is cutting the program for budget reasons. time for another living smart report and looks like the obama administration will keep a bush appointee on the job. who's that. >> we are talking able
6:38 am
bernanke. the obama administration plans to nominate him to the second term. the president is expected to announce it during a break in his administration. brennan i can was nominated fed chairman by president bush and sworn in february of 2006. he is credited by many for averting a falldown. he is expected to face tough questioning before congress. speaking of the economy we will have a look at consumer confident dense. it the board releases a snapshot on consumer confident dense and investors will look for a key report for home prices for the month of june. they hope for encouraging reports on both fronts. maryland wants another slice of the stimulus pie. the state requested $360 million in federal funding to improve marc rail service and speed up amtrak trains. virginia has asked for $75 million for similar rail work. so all the states are trying to
6:39 am
get a bigger piece of the pie out there. >> smaller an smaller. >> exactly. thank you, jessica. police in northern virginia search for children who maybe the victim of a child predator and the home own evers association dispute is putting one neighbor against an entire town. it is time for the focus on virginia's weather and traffic. we start with howard. >> good morning, virginia. looking good to start this tuesday. comfortable humidity levels. charlie in catlick called in and said it is 60 but no fog for him. as we look at other temperatures across virginia you will see a nice start es tu day. your tuesday. we have 5 -- 50s outhere. winchester 58. closer to town, closer to quantico 65 degrees. looking at the forecast for this afternoon. a few clouds south. near 90 near spotsylvania. and for purseville. angie, how are the virginia roads. >> >> not bad. i like it when i can show you roads like this.
6:40 am
123 near route 7. check it out. volume light. no incidents or accidents to report. over to 50 and glebe road near fairfax, if we can get there. and show you a few cars out re uation. everything is clear and finally we are flying the toll road from the greenway all the way to the beltway. no incidents or accidents. nothing but glean cars. it is 20 minutes from 7:00. we'll be right back.
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i'm kristin fisher with what's hot on the web. sometimes it is easy to predict what will be hot on the web and other times not so much. this is one of those other times. one of the top sites on the web according to the internet tracking site is a list of the top ten most olst ol cars in americ a. here it is. you can find the story on and they say the number one most stolen car in america is right here. a 1994 honda accord. and right behindit, in a hi ta,' anohepot is ndhoa, the ' 95 civic. why hondas? well, there'a 95 looft them out antherd d r veieths they don't ieise as many eyebrows as stealing a mercedes would and most importantly hondas have easy toremove parts in are easy for thieves to sell. so honda owners, beware. at number three is an ' 8909
6:45 am
toyota cay mrthe oddest model on thste . li ' 97 ford e f-150 pickup. that is america's best atbe nr and at numr five is e dgdom raupckpi e dgrapickup a llat's the newest model you see wireonot'shehe car rsat. h 's other cars that madehethe cut. a 1996 jeep grand cherokee. and at number eight is the ' 4 acura integra. but i have to say it is ford that makes e li stmore than y rey other carmaker. the three in the thtop ten, honda and dodge both me in with two, jeep, acura and toyota have one car on the list if you would like to see a full list i have a link at i haven't had my car stolen but i have had it broken in to and i have a ' 99 toyota. so far my experience, matches
6:46 am
up with the list. >> back to you. >> that's what we hear every year. >> driving a civic. don't like the list. >> be careful. >> we like the forecast for this morning. >> it is beautiful out there. which hearing from friends checking if with me. second half of the week thicks will change big time. the next three days look like this. the upper 80s to near 90. plenty of sunshine but not humid. low 90s. it will be ott hot tomorrow and a chance of a thunderstorm a in the bus stop, clear and comfortable. temperatures anywhere from the 50s out west to low 70s along the bay over to annapolis and shady side there. light winds at five sunny an warm. near 90. wins turning from the north to
6:47 am
and isly direction. clear and pleasant tonight with the low 60s to the lower 70s. another good night to be outside or op the windows and enjoy it. hagerstown 57. our dye point dropped in the 60s. the air temperature in this upper 60s. 82 annapolis. notice the temperatures in and the dew.s are close in culpeper and winchester. patchy area of fog or two not out of the question where the temperature is 61. they have reported fog. 68 with northwesterly winds at seven at national and the dew point in the low 60s. great weather across the central eastern part of the country. storms in the northern plains, but the thing we will watch is this area of low pressure developing north and northeast of puerto rico. a little spin looks like right here. as of this morning no close circulation. this has not been classified by the hurricane center. don't be surprised if it doesn't become a tropical depression and maybe a tropical
6:48 am
storm. danny is the next name on the list. let's say danny will form p. i think that's what will happen. will danny come as some models suggest this way or stay off shore and head further east. we don't know yet we will have to see what happens. right now high pressure is in control. the front in the midwest by tomorrow afternoon and evening it will be draped here and another front behind it. so depending how quickly these fronts can come across will determine whether or not danny gets picked up and pushed out to see or arrives closer to us and gives us more problems by the weekend. here's the seven day forecast, 8 t today. tomorrow we will be this throw 90s and you can go to and check out the seven day. and then by the weekend, the end of the week more storms in the forecast. could be wet for the skins preseason home game on friday night. angie, take it away. >> hear it for the redskins, 12
6:49 am
minutes from the 7 hour. it is looking niece. traffic on 95 northbound not so bad. slow in a couple of spots from the prince william parkway to lorton. and using the brakes gun. to the inner loop we go. notice the yellow there. below speed from braddock to 86. that's just volume. speaking of 66. can we turn on the cameras and show you 50 to 123. drivers are using the brakes a little and approaching 495 below speed. on the outer loop from new hampshire to georgia avenue, we are estimating the drive at ten minutes and all is a goo as with fly 50 westbound from the bay bridge through bowie and the beltway. that's the latest look at traffic. now, back to you. fairfax county police are asking anyone if they recognize a man they say tried to about you can duct a 9-year-old boy from a store.
6:50 am
stephen liggon is in jail after arrested for cornering the boy inside of a restroom at dick's sporting goods. police say liggon wouldn't touch the child but he wouldn't let him leave. the investigators are asking anyone who thinks their child may haved a contact with liggon to call police. a zoning dispute is pitting neighbor against neighbor. the couple on the left side of a pipe stem driveway received permission from the town to open optometry offices in their home. their neighbors say the retail part of the business everybody selling contact licenses is flooding the street with too many cars. >> i made it clear i did not went their business customers coming down the driveway. it would impact the sellability of our house, our risk an liability to, you know, accidents, et cetera. >> reporter: the barnes say it is against zoning rules for
6:51 am
their neighbors to operate a retail business out of the home and the judge sided with the barnes but the town of poolesville is appealing the case. los angeles officials say the ken of pop, michael jackson was murdered by a lethal combination and firefighters stop a wildfire which has been threatening one of the oldest historic sites in the world. i'm maggie rodriguez, coming up on the "early show," the h1n1 virus. who gets the vaccine and how is the government protecting your children at school? what the cdc says every parent should know. and tricks to lower your supermarket bills by a simple change of name coming up on the "early show."
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in the news now, michael jackson's death has been ruled a homicide kazed by a mix of drugs used to treat insomnia. that's according to a law enforcement official who said forensic tests found the anesthetic combined with two other sedatives are believed to be what killed jackson. an airborne effort to gain control of a wildfire in greece
6:55 am
has been successful. the fire had been threatening homes in northern athens as well as the historic bat ground at marathon. before brought under control, the flames destroyed home and forest land in the region. we have a beautiful morning out there. humidity is down an it will stay low today. low 80s by noon. topping off in the upper 80s near 90. angie has another look at traffic an the seven-day forecast when we return. just as we promise 100% fresh produce...
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hey, last look at traffic real quick at 6:58. on the outer loop at university we have an accident adding to this backup. we are jammed back to 95. looking at 12-plus minutes. that will grow as long as that
6:59 am
accident remains. 395 from the beltway to seminary slow. using the brakes to the 14 street bridge and wrapping up in new york avenue. delayed from the times building to bladensburg road. sunny now and all day. beautiful upper 80s to near 90. hot tomorrow, near low 90 an a chan of a storm by thursday and friday. temperatures drop off. fronts on the way and maybe tropical storm danny could impact our were as well as we head to the week. we will watch that carefully. >> as for wall street, we are looking at a flat open, waiting for economic data and that could decide which way wall street heads this morning. the "early show" is next. how to cook for three nights for less than $20. >> like that. >> coming up at 9:00, finding success in today's complicating dating world. >> and you can get the latest, news, weather and traffic by going to waist wusa. and also while you are there, visit our blogs. have a link


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