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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 20, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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take you to 80 by 9:00. that is when we will have partly cloudy skies. mostly cloudy conditions take over about noon and with that some thunderstorms certainly by 5:00. a high of 90, angie. hook us up with a nice drive. >> i will hook you up with a tie up to avoid on air and on- line. follow me on twitter at oh my goff is my name. the outer loop at van doren street is where we have crash activity taking away the right lane for -- right center lane for drivers. expect more lei delays than usual at this time. 95 northbound no problems past the prince william parkway. we have a live shot for you. notice the head lights are moving okay. and then head to 395 and show you the slow go that set in 15, 20 minutes ago. it stretches from duke to seminary. the next stop the outer loop from maryland, from new hampshire to university we are still moving at speed. finally, it is smooth sailing on 95 an the bw parkway.
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notice the green cars. we are moving at great paces making our way to the capital beltway. now, we'll make our way over to andrea. work is in full swing on the intercounty connector in maryland. and now it is affecting early- morning commuters. armando trull is along i-95 in laurel with this story. armando? >> reporter: no kidding, andrea. you want to see work in full swing? look at this. all of these workers just arrived this morning and they are getting ready to start construction on this portion of the intercounty connector which is actually the one that will go right over i-95. by the time all is said and done, 43,000 cars a day are expected to travel between prince georges county and montgomery county. that means that the traffic on i-95 will be affected because they will be closing four lanes of traffic in the overnight hours in order to get that work done this is maryland's most controversial highway project,
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especially for homeowners living next to the construction. >> it is an eyesore for us. >> reporter: it is an expensive eyesore. the most expensive highway in maryland. the 19-mile long intercounty connector will cost $2.6 billion the pace of work has sped up in the last few months with bridge abut. s, treesles and sound walls going up at record speed says this spokesperson for the project. >> we are pretty far, over 50% finished and the design has been put to bed a while ago. >> reporter: the obvious it is starting to disrupt traffic on 95 where as many as four lanes at a time are being closed in the overnight hours to accommodate work on the ecc. complete in 2011 it will stretch from i-270 in montgomery county to route 1 in prince georges county. you don't have to wait until 2011 to use the icc. by late next year, the first portion will be completed between shady grove and georgia avenue.
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reporting live on the icc, i-95 junction, armando trull for 9 news now and and here's more information on the intercounty connector. it is one of two roads left from a planned outer beltway. the other road the fairfax county parkway. it will be a toll road without toll booths. money will be taken using e- zpass transponders or cameras taking shots of your license plates. when it is done it will be called maryland route 200. now to virginia. we told you on tuesday that work will be delayed on the hot lanes. now arlington county is suing to stop work from ever starting. it wants a more thorough environmental impact review. county attorneys say the lanes will impact surface streets also. right now voting is underway this afghanistan. people there are choosing a new president. the current president happened karzai cast his ballot earlier today. he is the favorite to win the
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election. election day comes amid reports of attacks from the taliban. some rocket attacks have been reported in the southern part of the country. monitors say it has kept turnout down. the federal government is enlisting businesses in the fight against the h1n1 virus this fall. the government is now advising all businesses to have a flu plan in place. if the flu hits hard, the government suggests that companies cancel face-to-face meetings. space employees farther apart. and encourage high risk employees to get vaccinated and if possible have employees work from home. >> a little planning now will help to ebb sure our economy with stands whatever the v sv virus throws us this fall. >> reporter: encouraging workers to wash their hand and installing sanitizers can also help to slow slow the spread of the flu. four months after a fire critically hurt a firefighter police make an arrest. we told you about this when it
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happened in april. investigators say a house fire was intentionally set in largo, maryland. the firefighter daniel mcgoen was hurt while inside the home. police arrested 58-year-old john daniel. he's accused of setting the fire. he was released on bond. five past the hour. time for a special "living $mart" report. and jessica doyle is joining us with more on those new credit card rules that are taking affect today. >> it is a big day. do you remember the consumer credit card protections that president obama signed in to law back in may? the first set of rule changes go in to affect today, but consumers are already seeing some unpleasant surprises on their credit card bills. here's what you need to know. it is getting harder for credit card companies to raise your interest rates. card holders must be given 45 days notice before the rates go up and if they don't agree to the increase they can close the
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account and pay it back at the current rate over a five years. the changes offer new protections for consumers by experts warn there could be other ways companies could make money. so check the fine print. >> we may be seeing fees on cash advances that weren't there before, ebb creased fees and may be seeing fees on balance transfers and those credit card holders, say 55% of americans don't actually carry a balance on credit cards they may be seeing fees. >> reporter: some credit card companies have already figured out a new way to bring in more money every month. >> banks are raising me mims dramatically. it used to be 2% of the outstanding balance and now 5% of the outstanding balance and a lot of people are not able to make the payment. >> reporter: let's say the minimum payment on a $10,000 balance used to be $200. now it could jump to $500 a month or more. so if you can't make your payments, what should you do. >> go to a national nonprofit consumer credit counseling agency because they can get you
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back to 6% and help you wipe away late fee and over limit charges. >> reporter: them second wave of new credit card reform laws takes effect in february including rate increases for existing card debt and how companies can mark to college students. but raising that minimum payment every month is making things very difficult for a lot of people. >> thank you. in ten minutes, lauren ashburn tells us how the new rules could mess up your credit score. a list of the best colleges in the country is out and let's get to it. number one this year, a tie according to u.s. news and world report, harvard and princeton tied once again. yale is third, 4th cal tech, mit stanford and university of pennsylvania. uva is 24 and number 23 william
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and mary. virginia tech is 71. american comes in at 84. howard is at 96 and catholic university ranks 121st. read more about this entire list at it is after the hour. in six minutes a look at the damage left behind from tornadoes that hit in the midwest. and in four minutes, hero central the story of a 16-year- old girl who did the right thing in a crisis. right now we focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's kim. >> every morning you can find the focus on maryland weather. start with a look around at the temperatures. it is mild. if not muggy outside this early thursday morning. you can see the temperatures run from 70 in cumberland. 75 inside the beltway. patuxent river 74. annapolis you have 75 a trip up to 88 today. thunderstorms later in the afternoon. cumberland, you have a chance of seeing them later this morning. the temperature also 88 degrees. 90 in rockville. angie, good morning. good morning, maryland.
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no problems as we take a live shot of nor vac road. university boulevard and piney branch, drivers are stopped at a light, volume light. all aboard. we are flying the bw parkway southbound from 32 to 198 all the way to powder mill. drivers are moving at a great pace. you are watching 9 news now and we will be right back but first to andrea. >> thank you. your success could be dependent on the company you keep. best selling author and motivational speaker willie jolly explains why positive people make all the difference. >> reporter: hi this is willy woollily a simple idea to help you live better and have greater success. it is a simple idea that says who you are around is who you will become. that's why it is critically important that you stay around positive, uplifting encouraging people who will inspire you and push you to live your dreams.
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unfortunately, we often hang around people who are discouraging us and telling us things that are not possible for our lives. they will tell you things like why should you go back to school. you are too old to go back to school. not knowing that some of the greatest people went back to school at later ages or you can't do that, someone else tried it and didn't make it. someone else's failure can be our success opportunity. look, make a commitment to hang an people who will encourage, inspire and empower you. and make a commitment to hang around positive people and you, too, can have positive results. this is willie jolly. visit my website at willie for free motivation and make every minute count. b@a
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virginia congressmen will push for a new metro station. they want the blue line extended toward woodbridge. and a playground at marvin gaye park. and friends of the national zoo host brew with the zoo. the microbrew fund-raiser begins tonight at 6:00. time for today's hero central report. this morning the story of a teenager hero win. reach rachel she is 16 and a camp counselor in new york city. she was filled on a bus with children headed to camp and the bus driver collapsed and died. she sprung in to action, though. >> i was here, right. and so i just got up, i ran and put my foot on the brake and
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pulled it. >> out of the darkness comes the light. his gift to you is that he left you in charge for a moment. you had three seconds to react and you discovered. so even if his death he gave you something. >> reporter: that was the camp director and he's already inviting rachel back as a camp counselor for next summer. don't forget to visit the hero central page at whether you are in need of help or trying to find a place to volunteer. if you want to spotlight someone send us an e-mail. the address is it is 6:13 this morning. here's what is in the news now. we are learning u.s. forces played a limit role following yesterday's terror attacks in baghdad. 95 people died in a series of coordinated bombings. iraqi forces took the lead in handling the situation. the man who created the cbs evening news and "60 minutes "has died.
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don hewitt was a producer for decades for cbs he died on wednesday of pancreatic cancer. he was 86 years old. they are cleaning up in four states across the midwest. a series of tornadoes struck yesterday evening. this is the damage yesterday in minneapolis where at least six people were hurt. >> wow. >> yeah. we will be dealing with the heat one more day, andrea. how does the little dog do outside with the heat. >> he comes right back in. he likes to play with the yellow ball and when he is tired he comes to the door and he's ready to come in. >> be mindful of the pets we like to keep them inside when it is so hot and keep them hydrated, of course and yourself, too. the live chat room is d an anpe enlping people ekwe waingetareweekend ont ingoth onwiwith the temperatures. middle to upper 70s in
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leesburg. 66 culpeper. the time lapse tower cam shows the washington monument and cloud cover but we don't have any rain drops. i was just on the weather terrace to verify. we don't do this all day but it was dry outside. winds from the southwest, very light, three miles an hour. in between batches of weather. another round of thunderstorms will get going with the heat of the day as long as we remain in this soupy air mass, which is locked in place straight through saturday. so you can take your lunch outside but may have to keep a weather eye to the sky with a few showers brewing. 90 for the hot high. it will spark storms like yesterday. here's hurricane bill. a couple of changes while you slept. first of all it has been downgraded to a category three from a four. so, it has weakened a little bit and it is still on track to turn more to the north and northeast northwest over the next couple of days. you can see bermuda there. it is hopeful it will stay to the west of bermuda and stay off shore of the united states.
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but the time frame for its passage, at least past our latitude is in to the wee hours of the weekend, sunday night. this will generate pretty big swells along the east coast and rip tide currents. as you head to the shore this weekend, keep an eye on the local forecasts and be careful out there. we want to get everyone back home safely we will be watching this if it takes a swipe at canada or not. this afternoon you can see the thunderstorms light up the screen. later tonight things will calm down and tomorrow we will fire them up again. 74 -- seven-day forecast is up. you can put down that toothbrush and look at the screen. we don't want you to miss it. as we head to the weekend. saturday is touch and go. sunday is the pick of the week. lower humidity andle 80s. a reminder i'm hooking you up with a personalized traffic report at facebook and twitter
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and earlier accident at van doren is now clear. move to 66 eastbound. no problems. that's what we are finding from 50 past 123 to the capital beltway. moving to the maps. i want to show you on 66. this is heading to the district. the ramp to access southbound 110 is where we are getting word of a disabled vehicle. use caution. taking it to the outer loop. a slow ride from new hampshire to university. overall maybe five minutes and finally wrap it up with inbound new york avenue. an incident free drive. delayed from the times building to bladensburg road. andrea, over to you. we have been telling you this morning about the new credit card rules going in to affect today and their unintended consequences. here's another "usa today" consumers credit scores can fall when card issuers cut limits. lauren ashburn is here to explain. >> reporter: it is another
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casualty of the new laws going in to afc and people who have paid their bills on time, don't have credit card problems are seeing their credit cards slashed, the amount of money they can borrow against. that number is being slashed. >> so if you have a limit of $20,000. >> it could be cut to 15,000. >> this is a study by fair isaac. they are the ones that created the fico score. .57million consumers scores fell from october of 2008 to april of 2009. the average reduction of credit was 5100. that is just the afternoon and the score drop, what fair isaac was saying is it was well under 20 points so they are saying just about, a very small amount but consumers are saying 20 points can be the difference between a great interest rate on a loan and not so great interest rate. >> people don't understand, you have got this credit card and it has this large limit, how should that affect your fico
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score but you look at how much credit you have access to. >> it is a utilization ratio. >> but what that means is that you have a certain am of money that you can borrow against. and if that number drops, then your score is not as good. >> reporter: you are not as -- you are more of a risk for them. >> that's true. the consumer banking association says new credit restrictions are forcing them to do this and they have to limit what people can borrow. and i always like to give consumers here the ability to say, okay, well, i can do x and in this situation, there is not much you can do. >> you can't change things around. >> thank you. >> you can read more in today's "usa today." the time is 6:19. ahead why a football tradition is changing at fedex field. and learn what a dollar will get you tomorrow at nationals park. but first it is today's
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signs of now. we told you ten minutes ago that u.s. news and world report is out with the best colleges in america. when the magazine put out the first ever college list which college was at the top, stanford, northwester or texas? think you know the answer? find out if you are correct when we come back. need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun.
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the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love.
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we're back with the signs of now. cal tech was the last nonivy school at number one. that was back in 1999. in sports a reversal of what he reported -- of what we reported at this time yesterday. the associated press reports the nationals will make mike rizzo the permanent general manager as soon as today. he's been the interim gm since march. he will be on hand tomorrow when the nats introduce pitcher stephen strasburg. anyone with a ticket to friday's game and the 2:00 p.m. press conference at nationals
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park and they will sell tickets for $1 at noon at the ballpark box office. as for last night's game with the rockies, clint was at it again with another solo home run. this shot in the fifth made it 4-1 rockies. the nationals cut the deficit to one run. in the seventh, runners on the corner for adam dunn. full count. yeah, dunn strikes out. nats lose 5-4. the redskins get ready for this weekend's game against the steel everiers, fans are getting ready to tailgate but there are some changes you should know about. this weekend you can only tailgate behind your vehicle. that means smaller parties and probably no tents. also, you won't be able to choose your own space in the parking lot. right now at, check out what we overheard at redskins park on wednesday, including the buzz over jim zorn using the word "soft "to describe his team after last
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week's shutout. check it out on our sports page. ahead the dire budget picture lawmakers in richmond are facing. and jetblue's all you can fly deal is no longer in sale. why it pulled the special. we're live from kenilworth and eastern avenues. all is a go here. more issues on the roads an the trains coming up. the sunrise is casting a pinkish hue on the clouds above my head. it is thursday morning. all dry for now on the weather terrace. that will change this afternoon. don't miss my forecast. it is next. you are watching 9 news now. good morning.
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check out 8-year-old tiger brewer. he is believed to be the youngest ever wing walker. am cameras caught limb as he was on the spy plane. going 100 miles an hour, 1,000 feet over the ground. tiger said he was scared at first but called the experience amazing. thank you for starting your thursday with us. i'm andrea roane. howard is off this morning. meteorologist kim martucci is here. she is live on the weather terrace with our forecast. >> reporter: good morning. it is not too bad outside if it is not too bad outside if you can tolerate
6:30 am
humidity. let's get started and show the temperatures. avwe h the temperatures. we hav inoms rafrupper e rangg birange satellite-radar loop. the mornings are fairly quiet but not long after lunch we fire up the storms. we will take you from the 70s where we are now and we will reach for a high around 90. be careful out there. these storms will be slow moving and have heavy downpours. angie, good morning. we are half way through the 6:00 hour and we will kick things off with a live camera of 395 northbound from edsall to seminary. we are tracking the trip. five to ten minutes and building. moving along and go in the beltway and check out the upper loop from route 50 to 66 overall things not so bad. on maryland said of things,
6:31 am
here's 270 seeing a good amount of volume from germantown road to 370. let's talk about the trains. metro is doing all right. vre is on time but marc, your train 890 on the brunswick line has been cancelled due to some issues. 892 is operating on its own schedule and metro is honoring tickets. that's the latest on the trains and the roads. now, over to you. a story that is happening right now, boating going on -- voting going on in afghanistan. while you slept people there started to go to the polls. this is a closely-watched election as troops have become more involved in fighting the taliban. happened karzai is expected to win. that is if he can get 51% of the vote. otherwise he will face a runoff. jerry van dyke says a lot is at steak. >> there is a tremendous am of corruption, poppies are still
6:32 am
being grown. can he stop what he hasn't been able to stop before? we don't know. >> there are report of rocket attacks in southern afghanistan this morning it reduced voter turnout there. the war in afghanistan is not worth fighting. that's the finding of a new abc news "washington post" poll. 51% of 1,000 people said the war was not worth fighting and 47% said it was. the cia reportedly spent several millions of dollars on an unsuccessful program to kill top members of al-qaeda. the new york times reports they this private military contractor blackwater usa was hired to plan, conduct and train for the plan. they changed their name after it came urn heavy criticism for the shooting in baghdad that left 17 iraqi civilians dead the budget situation is getting worse in the commonwealth of virginia. as expected yesterday, governor
6:33 am
kaine lowered budget expectations by $1.5 billion. he says that means more cuts across the board. he admits it won't be pretty. >> we will make these decisions carefully and with precision, but let there be no mistake. they will be painful for those that rely on public services at this very challenging time. >> reporter: the governor and lawmakers say they will try to avoid taking money from education and public safety programs. now to maryland, work is in full swing on the intercounty connector project and it is impacting commuters on other highways. armando trull is live in laurel to explain. >> reporter: good morning. the traffic that you see behind me is i-95 northbound heading to baltimore. southbound heading to washington. look at those columns. those columns you see. in two years they will be supporting traffic for the intercounty connector, about 43,000 cars will be going from prince georges county to montgomery county.
6:34 am
but in order for that to happen, all of the work behind me has to be completed and that means there will be lane closures here on i-95 during the overnight hours. work on the intercounty connector is speeding right along. bridge abutments, trestles and town walls -- sound walls are going up at record speed. >> everyone is looking ahead and being as positive as we can and doing the best job we can. >> reporter: that mean traffic is disrupted. the greatest disruptions are on i-95 where four lanes are being closed in overnight hours in order to accommodate icc construction. some neighbors who live near the 19-mile stretch of road are not pleased. >> things will be built along the road and just as crowded as it ever was. i don't think it will do much except spur more development. >> reporter: the first portion of the toll road between shady grove and georgia avenue will most likely be carrying six lanes of traffic by late next
6:35 am
year. the project is expected to wrap up by 2011. the intercounty connector will be a toll road that uses e- zpass technology and cameras to assess tolls for those using it. armando trull for 9 news now and expect overnight delays in tysons corner starting next week. crews will start to lift steel beams in to place on 123. it is part of a hot lanes project there. expect delays and detours from 9:30 at night until 5:30 in the morning for three weeks. work will be cleared before the morning rush hour. time for another living smart report. and bad news for college student and their parents. >> good and bad news. more kids are having trouble coming up with the money for room, board, tuition, well, the "washington post" reports that college kids are appealing financial aid decisions this
6:36 am
summer in unprecedented numbers. and they are getting more money even though universities have budget problems of their own. that's the good news. here's hour you can appeal. contact the college to determine itals peap process. spell out the reasons foyor ur financial aid appeal. say there is a job loss or pay cut. document the reasons. contact the iancnal advisory board and follow up. planning to jump on jetblue's all you can fly plan? too late. the airline ended the sale of the unlimited flight path yesterday due to strong demand. jetblue rolled out the deal a week ago. it originally planned to keep it going until friday or until supplies last. those supplies only lasted until wednesday. an upcoming issue of entertainment weekly's printed magazine will be embedded with a video player that will run ads for cbs shows and pepsi. the ad comes in a heavy paper package and looks like a greeting card that plays noise.
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it plays as the page flips open. they say it is the first ever for a print magazine. really cool. >> open it up and it will start to play. >> yeah. like all the different verges of media are coming together. >> sounds good. get a copy of entertainment weekly. sales are going up. i can see it now. final preparations are underway at the kennedy space center in florida. the shuttlewill lift off on tuesday morning. launch time is 1:36 a.m. on board is patrick forester from springfield, missouri. monday morning we will have a live interview with nasa and a preview of's mission. the cash for clunkers may hit the end of the road soon. ahead how many old cars have been turned in and an unexpected affect of the program. and now a closer look at virginia's traffic and weather. >> every morning this is when we focus on virginia's weather.
6:38 am
good morning, everybody. outside right now we have 73 in winchester. is 70 at ft. belvoir. 66 culpeper. check out your high in culpeper today. from 66 unto 90 but there will be thunderstorms especially this afternoon. and that will be the case in manassas, 9. i want to remind you guys at we have a great tool, a new feature called interactive radar. you can track the storms to your neighborhood. >> speaking of tracking that's what we are doing in virginia when it comes to the roads. happy to report at route 50, all lanes are wide open. move over to arlington, virginia. glebe and lee highway. switching the shot over. we are finding a volume light ride and finally we are flying the dulles toll road past the airport to the beltway. drivers are doing fine making their way without incident. it is 6:38. glad to have you join us for 9 news now. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back.
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. i'm howard bernstein with the living green tip of the day. if you have a child in school you know that schools use a lot of paper. the average school throws away 38-tons of paper a year. that's 644 trees a year. there are greener options, buy recycled paper and when you are done wit recycle it again. and encourage students to use both sides of their notebook and use every page before getting a new one and most schools have them ask if they can e-mail their home work. get more tips on and click on living green. the "early show" begins in 18 minutes. maggie rodriguez is in new york with a preview. good morning, maggie. >> good morning. t coming up on the "early show," as the debate over health care reform rages on and on in your neck of the woods we will be speaking with former
6:43 am
massachusetts governor mitt romney who passed health insurance legislation in his own state. car dealers are withdrawalling from the popular cash for clunkers program. we will tell you why. and he transformed the way news stories were told. what you are watching right now will remember the life and legacy of 60 minutes creator don hewitt. all of that and much more coming up on the "early show." back to you in washington. >> thank you, maggie. our sme is 6:43. cash for clunkers will hit the road soon. the white house will announce as soon as tomorrow plans to start to wind down the program. some dealerships nationwide are getting out now. they say the government has been too slow in getting the $4,500 credits to them. we told you about this earlier in the week. so far 435,000 clunkers have been turned in across the country. the program is having a side effect on used cars. they are getting more expensive to buy. digital correspondent, andrew stack explains the simple reason, supply and demand.
6:44 am
>> reporter: don and sharon planned on their new car being a used car. >> for a few bucks more i ended up with a new car with a 100,000-mile guarantee on it. >> reporter: part of the reason they opted for a hyundai accent may have something to do with the cash for clunker deal. they are buying a new toyota corolla but because their chrysler is heading to the scrap yard it will be one less used car on the market. >> did it go as a cash for clunker. >> it did. >> it is a supply and demand thing. people have been bringing in cars for the cash for clunkers program and it is not available to the marketplace. >> reporter: every vehicle that has writing on the windshield will be taken out and recycled. he said two weeks ago there were only 200 car on the lot and since then another 500.
6:45 am
they will all be taken out of circulation. >> it has taken a while to absorb it. i didn't think i was coming home with a new car. >> we do 100 deals in a day normally. half of them have a trade in. now 20% have trade ins. andrew stack, 9 news now and we say good morning to kim on her favorite day of the week. >> it is but i have been set back with allergies. we talked about this. show you what one of the problems ises is. i will tell you why, look at this picture, under the microscope. this is what ragweed looks like. it is not in the high category yet but local science types that follow this science types tell me it is in the area and getting worse the next couple of days. trees and grass in the low category and mold in the high category, as well. good thinaysd
6:46 am
we. thaysd. we are rolling through this hour. we will get through this day together and talk about the weekend weather. we have 74 in town. and 72 winchester. good morning, fredericksburg with 74 and it is 73 in the greater frederick area. we had storms that blew through yesterday and things quiet down overnight and another round is forecasted to blow through again today. if you remember yesterday's weather, you will be in pretty good shape because we are stamp chg it again for this amp. 70s is where we are at right now. it is dry outside. we have a couple of clouds an. these will turn in to tall qume low nimbus clouds that develop thunderstorms. 90 for the high. tonight a couple of showers leftover an we will watch things wind down. all eye on the washington monument. the temperature is 74. the winds are calm and the humidity is high, 91%. so, we told you it was going to
6:47 am
be stormy and hot. take those precautions. bring the pets inside. find air conditioning and if you can get the errands done this morning you will be in gad shape because this afternoon will be stormy and this is the case tomorrow and even on saturday. sunday will be the better day this weekend. all eyes on category three hurricane bill in the atlantic ocean. was downgrade last night while you were sleeping. here's the latest coordinates for it. sitting 430 miles away from san juan. it is moving up to the north northeast over the next couple of days through the weekend. and it doesn't look like it will take a swing at the u.s. but it will be generating large swells and likely rip tides over our neck of the woods if you are heading to ocean city this weekend. and there's a closer check at where bill should be going. might be affecting coastal canada. the canadian maritimes so we will be watching that. seven-day forecast time. looks like our stormy weather keeps on keeping on today,
6:48 am
tomorrow and even on saturday. sunday is the better day this weekend. and in to next week some mighty fine weather is looking good. if you need a travel forecast, hop in the blog at and join my live chat room. i will hook you up. the same goes for me. my door is wide open on my blog. opinionalizeed traffic reports. telling you what you need to know before you hit roads like 395 northbound. at duke street an accident is taking away the left lane for drivers. so far we know they are backed up to the capital beltway but the drive time is not so bad. still at ten minutes. moving along and 66 eastbound a nice drive from 50 to 123. finding things moving without incident. to the outer loop we go. this time in maryland showing you north of the district a good amount of volume from new hampshire to georgia. on 85 and the bw parkway we are all clean which means we are gold to 495 and finally marc train riders, i want you to
6:49 am
know that train number 890 has been cancelled due to severe delays an we know that train 892 is running on its own schedule. metro is honoring ticks. now over to andrea. it is 6:49. virginia tech gunman cho did not show violent thoughts a year and a half before the shooting. that's according to mental health records just made public. these are the s rerdcofound at the home of the former university counselor. they describe him as depressed and self destructive but no hints to the 2007 massacre that left 32 people dead. the school says the documents confirm findings and official reports. lori haase, mother of an injured student, disagrees. >> the records themselves are a reflection of the kind and type and nature of information that is missing from the panel report.
6:50 am
>> reporter: you can read all of these medical records for yourself. see them right now at the story is on our virginia news page. sky nine caught this scene yesterday. hikers being rescued off the billy goat trail in montgomery county. we're told six hikers were exhausted, out of water and lost. paramedics checked them out. they are all okay t. there will soon be a new . y to get to naonrkalrdpas pa bo. atn take a mayor . fenty announced the pie at diamond peak park is open for water taxi servic the are plans to have boats run from old town alexandria and national harbor. the nats and rockies played another one run game last night. a solo home run in the 8th but colorado's carlos gonzalez was the game winner. washington loses 5-4. our time is 6:50. 74 degrees here in northwest washington. last night, pewerball
6:51 am
jackpot hit $280 million and there's one winning tick out there. in three minutes where it was sold. we'll be right back. when morning comes in the middle of the night... rooster crow. affects your entire day. to get a good night's sleep, try 2-layer ambien cr. the first layer dissolves quickly to help you fall asleep. and unlike other sleep aids, a second dissolves slowly to help you stay asleep. when taking ambien cr, don't drive or operate machinery. sleepwalking, and eating or driving while not fully awake with memory loss for the event as well as abnormal behaviors such as being more outgoing or
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aggressive than normal, confusion, agitation and halluciations may occur. don't take it with alcohol as it may increase these behaviors. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and in rare cases may be fatal. side effects may include next-day drowsiness, dizziness, and headache. in patients with depression, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide may occur. if you experience any of these behaviors or reactions contact your doctor immediately. wake up ready for your day-ask your healthcare provider for 2-layer ambien cr.
6:53 am
a maryland man admits to causing a standoff in an
6:54 am
atlantic casino. he admits to hijacking a shuttle bus and threatening to blow up a casino. he will be sentenced in october. right now construction is going on the intercounty connector but that means traffic on 95 will be affected. four lanes will be closed during the overnight hours. unless you bout your powerball ticket in south carolina you didn't win last night's jackpot. it was a big one, $250 million. of course the odds of winning are 195 million to 1. andrea, starting to sound like a broken record, but, like yesterday, we will fire up thunderstorms this afternoon. it will be humid and hot. highs of 90. the time is 6:54. the temperature is 74. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back. b@b@b@
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it's a revolution in pain relief.
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(announcer) new icy hot medicated roll. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll.
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with the roll, pain's under control. check out lombard street in san francisco. that's the steep street popular with tourists. yesterday it turned in to a real life version of candy land. i think that is really neat. >> really neat. >> check out the isodose. times square a record attempt with 1,000 people together to play tick tack toe. it is sponsored by tick tack. everyone got together to put xs and o's down at the same time. the event raised $100,000 for the group cancer care. >> you never win. >> never win. >> never. >> and sometimes we win with traffic. sometimes we lose and unfortunately it looks like we have an accident still on 395 heading northbound at duke street. we are delayed from edsall to
6:59 am
seminary. moving over to 95 northbound, slow from the prince william parkway to lorton and 270, at montross road an accident is taking away two lanes. this is backing up quick. backed up to montross and growing. for some reason my seven day keeps advancing to this graphic. i apologize but let me tell you we will have thunderstorms today. highs around 90 degrees just like yesterday. some heavy downpours later. >> all right. >> we are set up for a good day on wall street. we are looking at neighbor maybe a 20 point rally at the open but a lot of economic data is due to come out. >> the "early show" is next and they will have the latest on hurricane bill which is weakening. and the latest band that won five entries from our fans at metro mix. interact with us at our blogs at we'll be looking


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