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tv   The Early Show  CBS  August 19, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> bye-bye. breaking news. hurricane bill grows into a monster category 4 storm overnight and could threaten the northeast with a very rainy weekend. and caught on cell phone video, a texas twister tears through a shopping mall. >> another call landed on top of mine. the entire hood of my car came in on me. it was just very scary. >> more breaking news. from baghdad this morning, a series of bomb blasts kills at least 58 people and wounds more than 300. we'll bring you the latest. president obama tries to calm supporters as tempers flare over health care reform. will the president use the democratic majority and go it alone? a concerning new study on the hpv vaccine gardasil, given to millions of young girls. early this wednesday morning, august 19th, 2009.
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captioning funded by cbs good wednesday morning, everyone. it is a busy news day here. i'm maggie rodriguez. julie and harry are off this morning. >> we watched hurricane bill developing in the atlantic. now a category 4, as you mentioned, maggie. the question is, will it affect the east coast of the u.s.? dave price will be along shortly with more details. >> a daunting sight when you look at it like that. we'll get to that. first, we begin with breaking news out of iraq. a series of deadly explosions ripped through baghdad this morning. cbs news correspondent sheila mcvicker is in london to bring us up-to-date. >> good morning. five coordinated attacks in baghdad aimed at government ministries, downing sections of highway and damaging bridges. with a death toll that's now at 75 and probably increasing.
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the blast came within minutes of each other. at iraq's foreign ministry outside the green zone, cars were left twisted in a heat of smoking metal. seven died here. today's targets were all government and commercial buildings, so close to the heart of government that the iraqis parliament filled with smoke. after a decrease in violence earlier this year, the government planned to take down the blast walls which protect and divide the city. last week, iraq's prime minister warned of the risk of increasing violence. the u.s. military which withdrew from urban areas two months ago, said they are trying to reignite the sectarian bloodshed. today's blasts also raised questions about the ability of the country's security forces to provide stability. >> sheila, thank you. of course, we will keep you posted on this developing story. >> more breaking news on the domestic front. all eyes remain on hurricane
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bill, which keeps getting stronger and stronger. our own dave price has much more this morning. good morning. >> it was so quiet for so long. the case is that, that is not how it is any longer. a lot of activity over the past 48 hours. this morning, bill was upgraded to a dangerous category 4 storm with sustained winds near 135 miles per hour. of course, a picture from the international space station behind us. look at the video now taken monday. a massive storm measuring 300 miles across. and it is getting stronger. we'll go to that satellite loop. the hurricane force winds extend 45 miles from the storm's center. that's an increase. of course, the tropical storm winds extend 175 miles out. it is beginning to track to the west and slightly to the northwest. expected over the next several days, 450 miles east of the leeward islands. later today, bill expected to make the gradual turn to the northwest. the latest models show a slight
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shift, a very slight shift to the west. so far, most of the significant threat may be to bermuda. we'll keep an eye on that as we head into the weekend. but the core of the storm, the storm could still wind up between bermuda and the u.s. coastline without making landfall. for now, it doesn't look like this is going to be a danger to the u.s. east coast. there could be some extremely rough surf, high tides and rip currents along the coastline for the next several days. we'll keep an eye on it. these can make changes which affect where it winds up bringing the worst weather to. all right. to another weather-related event. we'll go to beaumont, texas, to the south, where residents are cleaning up after a t nado ghppou hredto,ea lving a trail of destruction half a mile long. >> reporter: 2:00 p.m. tuesday, beaumont, texas, the mall. this man's cell phone captured video of a twister suddenly barreling his way. >> there it is.
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>> reporter: berg was working a drive-thru window of a restaurant when the tornado struck. it tore part of the roof off the store, then ripped tloouhrough parking lot, turning over several cars. >> another car landed on top of mine and the entire hood caved in on me. it was very scary. >> reporter: several trucks were tossed around like toys. >> my truck was laying out in the middle. i was park through there. >> reporter: one man reportedly went into cardiac arrest during the storm. there's no word on his condition. >> no serious injuries from the tornado itself though. we'll continue to watch the weather in the atlantic and we'll have more as the morning progresses. maggie, jeff, to you. >> thanks a lot, dave. now to the ongoing debate over health care reform. president obama will preach the need for health care to faith leaders today in conference calls from the white house. on capitol hill, it's reported
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the democrats may flex their majority muscle to give the president what he wants. senior white house correspondent bill plante has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, maggie. that's right. health care reform thing is in such danger for the administration that democrats may try to go it on their own and not cut a deal with republicans. the issue is the public option at the center of the president's agenda. his spokesman says that is still what president obama would prefer. >> the president, his position, the administration's position is unchanged. that we have a goal of fostering choice and competition in a private health insurance market. the president prefers the public option as a way of doing that. >> reporter: but gibbs left the president some wiggle room. many democrats feared that that might lead to dropping the public plan for the sake of compromise. this morning, "the new york times" quotes top democrats in
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congress as saying, that just won't do. they will try to muster their majorities in both houses to make sure that a public health care option does become the law of the land. the left/right fight over the public option has become a problem for the administration. they have lost control of the argument. the president will try to regain it in a couple of conference calls once a day with faith leaders. a more important one tomorrow when he talks to his net group nation followers. maggie? >> bill plante at the white house. thanks, bill. joining us is republican strategist dan bartlett and from washington, democratic strategist chris kofinis. chris, do you believe that the president made a mistake by not being firmly insistent on the public option, and in his wishy-washy as some called it, did the republicans sense a weakness and pounce on it? >> i don't think he made a mistake. i understand the legislative
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need to give yourself a number of options. he didn't want to take a position that you couldn't negotiate from. plus, it was a legislative reality that congress was going to take the lead on this. i think what the white house and the obama administration now is facing is the reality that republicans were never going to negotiate in good faith. i mean, you already saw senator kyle come out. not even the co-op is not good enough. the truth is health care reform isn't good enough. i think that is the reality, the political reality, democrats are now facing. i think this is why this entire debate will fundamentally change in the weeks ahead. >> dan, let me bring you in ahead. rahm emanuel said for the republicans, defeating the president is more important for their political goals than anything else. what do you think about that. >> it's interesting -- i don't blame them for doing this because they're having trouble passing the legislation -- they're putting all the blame on republicans. when, in fact, most of the objections from the united states congress is from barack
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obama's own party. that's really where the fundamental mistake or tactical mistake with regards to this public choice option happened. they played this card too soon, maggie. they should have held this in their back pocket until they were at the last minute of the negotiations. they're in a conference, that's when you play a card like the public option. playing it too soon only riled up his own base, core support for health care reform. the only thing they have left to do is i guess to enlist prayer from faith leaders as well as hopefully getting any sort of bounce off blaming republicans or blaming the insurance companies. the fact of the matter is democrats control congress. democrats can pass this bill if they have the votes. the problems are coming from within their party and from the american people who aren't buying what he's selling. >> chris, a couple of days ago, howard dean predicted this would pass with the public option. the president would sign it. do you agree, it doesn't matter
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what the republicans or anyone else thinks? this is going to happen the way the president wants it to? >> first things first, we'll have significant health care reform passed in the fall. the question is how significant? does it include a public option or co-op? it's clear there are strong feelings in the democratic party for a public option. you know, this notion, dan's point about this is all the democrats' problem. at the end of the day, it's not just the democrats' problem. it's america's problem. it's a problem that's been ignored and was ignored by the bush administration for eight years. at the end of the day, this is something the democrats and the obama administration have to address. this is something the american people want. i think what you'll see the obama administration do going into the fall is make a very strong argument why we need this health care reform. in terms of the public option, i think it will be in there in some form. >> i would like a yes or no from each of you. it's so complicated.
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is health care reform going to happen, dan? >> some element but not what they wanted. >> chris? >> yes. i think it's going to happen and be more significant than people realize. >> thank you both. chris kofinis and dan bartlett. sure has taken a long time. >> a lot happening this morning. for more news, we check in with russ mitchell. >> good morning. new violence this morning in afghanistan's capital on the eve of the presidential election. men with guns and grenades took over a bank until police rushed the building and killed three suspects. three police officers reportedly were killed as well. approximate. a family spokesman said michael jackson will be buried next saturday, which would have been his 51st birthday. hattie kauffman tells us the doctor who was with jackson when he died is finally speaking out on youtube. >> i want to thank all of my patients and friends -- >> reporter: dr. conrad murray, the subject of a police investigation into michael
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jackson's death, chose the internet for his first public statement. >> while we've seen dr. murray's images, this is the first time we hear him speak. i didn't know he had an accent. it starts to help define him as a person a little more. which can be a good thing when it's well orchestrated, as this was today. >> i told the truth. and i have faith the truth will prevvil. >> reporter: meanwhile, the jackson family confirms that michael will be interred in this mausoleum august 29th. >> it's sad to know he will be buried on his 51st birthday. >> reporter: because this is a private cemetery, fans will never be able to make a pilgrimage to his crypt. >> there was a lot of concern about kidnapping the body and vandalizing the body. >> reporter: jackson biography jay randy tarborelli said there
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is a lot of controversy. >> they didn't want to let michael go. for a lot of people in the family, this is the final moment they dreaded for a long time. >> a missing swim suit model has been found dead in a dumpster near los angeles. police say 28miasne j28-year-ol fiore was strangled. they want to question her roommate. turning to sports. quarterback brett favre is back. for the second year in a row, favre changed his mind about retiring. he worked out with his new team, the minnesota vikings yesterday. if you're wondering why brett, why, here may be a few reasons. he signed a two-year deal worth about $25 million. i'm available to come out of retirement as well. dave price is here with a check of the weather. >> i'll be his backup. i'll take 12. let's take a check of the weather. we talked at the top of the program about what's happening with bill in the atlantic,
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category 4 storm. now let's look at the national maps and see what's happening. the big area of activity is the midwest. everywhere from des moines, iowa, to st. louis, missouri. into chicago, we could see high winds and hail. we'll keep an eye on that. scattered showers throughout florida and the gulf states. the high heat continues in the northeast. we're talking about 5 to 10 degrees above the norm. from nevada out to washington or actually up to iroregon and washington, heat returning to that area with temperatures in the 80s. dry on the west coast. rockies looking good. it is going to be in the triple
7:15 am
that's a quick look at your weather picture. 15 minutes past the hour, folks. >> thanks, a lot, dave. coming up next, millions of young girls had a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. but is it safe? plus, why investigators believe a babysitter could hold the key to finding a missing 6-year-old girl. and the cover girl versus anonymous internet attacks. how her battle can change the you're watching the "early show" on cbs. show and tell
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attention parents of daughters.
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1 out of every 4 girls in this country has been given one shot of a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. should parents be worried about the health risks? dr. jennifer ashton is here with the results of the studies. >> the vaccine was approved in 2006 in the hope it would save thousands of lives. now there are big questions about its safety. three weeks after amanda received the hpv vaccine, she experienced pain at the injection site and fell ill. >> she had been from a competitive lacrosse player in high school to someone who was chronically ill. >> reporter: she lives with an oughto immune disease. although there is no prison link, her parents and doctors blame the vaccine. the vaccine presents some risks. but according to new findings, the vaccine is relatively safe. there were over 12,000 reports of side effects after 23 million doses were given. 94% of these problems were
7:20 am
minor. but 6% were serious, including patients who were hospitalized, permanently disabled or who died. merck says it continues to be confident in the safety of this vaccine. >> i want her to be one less woman affected by cervical cancer. >> reporter: but critics question the vaccinemakers' aggressive ad campaign saying it is misleading. >> you have a very low chance of having cervical cancer. being one less means nothing because you weren't going to be one to begin with. >> reporter: the cdc and fda continue to recommend the vaccine and doctors say they'll look at it on a case-by-case basis. >> i would absolutely continue to offer the vaccine. i would say that i am now alerted other risk factors and would discuss those with the patient. >> this is not a black or white issue. like all medical decisions both the benefits and the risks should be considered, maggie.
7:21 am
>> you're the mother of a daughter and a guiliynecologist what are your reservations? >> the biggest is the way gynecologists are treated when they have an abnormal pap smear, this vehicle seen does not mean they'll never have an abnormal pap smear. you've been vacinated and i haven't, and we have the same abnormal pap smear, the doctor still has to do the biopsies and surgery until we've been vaccinated. until they change the guidelines, the benefits are more theoretical. >> you have to treat people who have been vaccinateded a and th who haven't the same way? >> that's right. >> this portion of the "early show" sponsored by hershey's bliss. it's not just chocolate, it's bl ♪ there's only bl one word for this ♪ ♪ it's bliss ♪ only one word describes chocolate this creamy, this rich, this indulgent. bliss. hershey's bliss chocolate.
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welcome back to the "early show" from new york city. we've got a lot coming up for you here in the next hour and a half. including a lawsuit that could have a dramatic effect on the internet. a model is suing an anonymous blogger she claims ruined her reputation. we'll explain how a judge's ruling would force some bloggers to come out of hiding. >> could your breakfast cereal pack as much of a punch in terms of fighting cancer as some fruits and veggies? we'll tell you about antiidn an itseth health watch. intesting segment coming up. >> and the top ten reasons why britney spears would make a great president. >> great bitse from letterman lt night. >> would she wear that as president? >> okay.
7:31 am
that is brs, by the way. >> a lot of her. >> monday marked the sixth birthday of haleigh cummings. her father says someone could hold the key to her mystery. >> i want my daughter back. >> reporter: six months ago, ronald cummings pleaded for whoever took his little girl to bring her back home. police launched a major search effort to find haleigh cummings who disappeared in the middle of the night. her father's girlfriend, whom he since married, was babysitting the girl at the time. she said she discovered the girl missing when she woke up at 6:00 a.m. >> i woke up and found her gone.
7:32 am
>> reporter: this week, the sheriff's office said misty's story doesn't add up. physical evidence at the scene contradicts what she told police. investigators say the search for haleigh is ongoing and they are still hoping to find her alive. joining us from orlando for an exclusive interview is theresa neves, haleigh's grandmother, and her attorney, mark nejeme. good morning. >> good morning. >> theresa, what's the latest you've been told about where police stand on this investigation? >> my son has been cleared, and they are looking into the details of misty's account. >> can we talk about misty's account? what have you not heard from misty so far that you would like to hear? >> i don't know. i don't know that there's anything i haven't heard. i don't know what they've heard. you know. so it's hard for me to say.
7:33 am
>> i know this is tough, but police have said they don't believe misty has been fully honest or accountable with them about what happened in those four or five hours. is that the case as far as you know? >> as i understand, if you're asking me about what they believe, my understanding of what they believe, yes. >> mark, let me move to you for a moment if i we spoke with an investigator working on thee as s cpowhodai corroborated with physical evidence found at the scene. what kind of physical evidence eyare th talking about? >> i think generally there's ae five-hour gap that you alluded to from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and the version she gave isn't adding up. there are certain areas that remain with a large question mark hovering over them. i think that's the focus of their investigation. we've been brought on to assist with them by bring renewed
7:34 am
attention, because there are unanswered questions. i think that the police are quite appropriate in following through and trying to piece together this puzzle. what happened during that five hours, and where is haleigh? >> theresa, as haleigh's grandmother, do you believe misty had anything to do with haleigh's disappearance? >> i do not. i hope she did not. i think that mark said, this will hopefully clear some things up and they'll know what's going on. >> monday marked the sixth-month anniversary of haleigh's disappearance. do you believe she's still alive? >> i do. i believe god will bring her
7:35 am
hope. without faith and hope, you don't have anything to cling to. >> we appreciate your time. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> all right. it is time now to check back in with david for another look at the weather. good morning again. >> let's look and see what's happening. we'll start out in the midwest where it is the going to be a rough afternoon. des moines to st. louis up to chicago, pushing eastward from the afternoon into the evening. what are we talking about? once again, large hail, damaging winds. it's that time of the year. we have a front beginning to push through. that's what we're going to wind up with. if you're flying through this area, your delays are most likely going to build through the afternoon hours. now, in the northeast, we're watching that high heat continue. just not going anywhere right now. temperatures in the 80s and 90s. you certainly want to watch out for air quality. through the gulf states, in portions of the southeast, we still have some moisture rolling through there. that could create thunder and lightning and stormy situations. again, as we head towards the shoreline of the gulf of mexico,
7:36 am
the southwest looks warm in the triple digits. high heat continues as you head to the pacific northwest. high heat in terms of what they normally have. temperatures climbing into the 80s. that's a quick look at the national that's a quick look at your weather picture. phoenix, 109 or 110 degrees today but it's dry heat. >> thanks a lot. coming up next, the cover
7:37 am
girl versus the blogger. why a judge's ruling is sending shockwaves through the internet. >> explosive new information in the murder of a couple who adopted childn s whitpecial needs. this is the "early show" on cbs. ♪ daisy, daisy sour cream ♪ fresh and tasty naturally ♪ so, do a dollop, do, do a dollop of daisy ♪
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bloggers beware. if you choose to trash talk in our online writings you may no longer be able to remain anonymous. michelle miller is here with more. >> good morning. trash talking happens all the time. people are slammed on the internet on thousands of anonymous blogs and websites. one vogue cover model decided to take a stand and take her case to court. >> reporter: this woman saysey . they were insulting, offensive to some, but that does not mean that the law provides redress for these insults. the defense is really, this is free speech. >> reporter: still cohen insists the remarks damaged her reputation. it is out of hope, her lawyer says, this ruling will send a message that the internet is not a safe haven for defomtory speech. will it discourage free speech
7:41 am
on the web? >> this should be a big wake-up call to bloggers. if you defame someone online, the web company can be forced to turn over the information as to your identity, your address, so you can be sued individually. >> google tells us it releases user information only after a subpoena or court order. the internet giant isn't saying when it will give up the name of this particular blogger. >> what do you think this might mean for freedom of speech on the internet? >> we know speech is free but those rights are limited. the question is will those tweeters and facebook pagers think twice before they speak their minds? we'll have to wait and see. >> i hope they do. coming up next, does your breakfast cereal pack a a high anti-oxidant punch? we'll tell you next. (mom) he needed everything for college:
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in this morning's health watch, anti-oxidants and cereal. new research reveals that whole grain cereals and bob corn are packed with the disease-fighting vitamins. we always hear about anti-oxidants being in fruits and vegetables. >> i was surprised to find they're loaded into a lot of cereals because, again, they contain whole grains. most people don't think of whole grains as a good source of anti-oxidants but they really are. >> anti-oxidants do what? >> the thinking is they reduce inflammation and stress on the cells. in that way, they help to prevent or slow the process of cellular aging. that's the way it's implicated in things from heart disease to cancer. >> we have a series of examples. some grains are better than
7:46 am
others when it comes to anti-oxidants. >> a cereal is not a cereal. basically this particular study found that things that use whole grains like corn, oats, whole grains, bran, are very high in anti-oxidants. things like oat meal are good in terms of fiber. it's talking about the raisins. actually, the highest cereal was raisin bran. not because of the flakes or the grains but because of the raisins. >> really? >> dried fruits, another good source. >> what else do we have? >> snacks, most people think of popcorn as a healthy snack as long as you don't load a lot of butter. again, it's a puffed whole grain. anything with sin min as a spice and the crackers all really good sources. we can't forget about the fruits and vegetables. >> this doesn't mean we can stop eating our fruits and
7:47 am
vegetables. >> the key is a well-balanced diet. the fiber is not only important but the anti-oxidants as well. >> sounds very good, dr. jennifer ashton. >> and have your breakfast. >> already did. coming up, she is buff, cut and ready for the oval office. wow. britney spears dlelivering letterman's top ten. this is the "early show" on cbs. "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by walmart. save money, live better, walmart. (miley cyrus) miley cyrus & max azria ♪ now create your own look with my new line miley cyrus & max azria only at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. kids who don't eat breakfast aren't getting the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong.
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♪ >> good dancing. >> i have it on my ipod.
7:51 am
>> pop princess britney spears is back and buff. she went on the letterman show last night clad in only a bikini and explained the top ten ways the country would be different if she was president. >> number three? >> put a nightclub on the mon by the end of the decade. >> number two? >> three words, vice president diddy. >> and the number one way the country would be different if britney spears were president -- >> finally, the media would pay some attention to me. >> there you go. >> i have a question. did you guys hear anything she said? >> no. was she talking? her first appearance there since three years ago, which i think was kind of a comeback. would this be a comeback as well? >> she's hoping. >> she's very funny. >> the list was great. number five, every presidential news conference would feature costume changes. >> number four -- >> i love it when she says it.
7:52 am
go ahead, jeff. >> you want me to get in a bikini? >> it's breakfast time. >> america might have a more coherent fiscal strategy. >> and only invade fun places like kabul. >> she lost 20 nounpounds in fo weeks. - ( rock music playing ) - ♪ oh! what do you say to a spin around the color wheel? - to paint with primer already mixed in? - ♪ yeah yeah yeah... - test samples instead of can commitments? - ♪ whoo! - what do you say we dip into our wallets less... - ♪ are you feeling it? - ...and grab ahold of the latest tools out there... - ♪ oh! we can quit all that messing around with extra steps - and get busy turning our doing dials up a notch? - ♪ whoo! ♪ oh! more saving. more doing. - that's the power of the home depot. - ♪ yeah yeah yeah.
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7:59 am
explosive new information about the murder of a florida couple with 17 children. was it a murder for hire plot? and the wife of south carolina governor mark sanford speaks out for the first time and explains why she didn't stand by her man. early this wednesday morning, august 19th, 2009. welcome back to the "early show" on this wednesday. we've got a very nice crowd. good morning, everybody. good morning. i'm maggie rodriguez with dave price. >> coming up, do you remember omarosa, the reality star a lot of people love to hate from the first season of "the apprenti
8:00 am
apprentice"? she's found a different calling. >> could she get fired? >> you could say that. >> there she is. >> hello, omarosa. >> hi, there. >> in our back to school series, we'll show you to redesign your dorm room on a tight budget. >> shane not stirred, we are going james bond with the fancy gadgets that he had also for mixing a drink. shaken, not stirred. >> could you tell the difference between shaken, not stirred? >> without a doubt. >> you think so? >> without a doubt. like the difference between pepsi and coke. >> we'll show you the science of creating a perfect cocktail. first over to russ standing by at the news desk. >> good morning to you at home. in the atlantic, hurricane bill
8:01 am
turned into a monster. seen from the space station, the hurricane is now a category 4 storm with winds up to 135 miles per hour. it is expected to skirt north of the caribbean later today. a series of deadly explosions in baghdad this morning. at least 75 people died and more than 300 were wounded in the attacks. the explosions hit near the finance ministry and inside the green zone. new mexico governor bill richardson meets with two north korean diplomats today. the north korean delegation will be at the governor's mansion. he said he will not be representing the obama administration. president obama talks health care with religious leaders today, saying reforming the system is a moral issue. it is still a very political issue with town hall meetings across the country like this one in wisconsin yesterday. >> my question is if we don't get the public option, how are we going to control these damn insurance companies that keep pulling this crap?
8:02 am
>> if you think by creating more bureaucracy and expanding coverage, and keep saving money, i have a couple of bridges to sell you. >> congressman barney frank asked a protestor, on what planet do you spend most of your time, end quote. dave price now with a check of the weather. >> people in from chicago. your first trip in from chicago to new york? >> yes. >> ever? >> yes. >> you have tall buildings there. what do you think of your trip so far? >> it was movinamazing. >> i think so too. we have friends from minnesota. if you're watching there, breaking news. you're already shaking your head no. >> no, no, it's a mistake. we're rivals. minnesota, wisconsin, green bay packe packers, minnesota vikings. he's a great player, but oh my goodness. i think it's a mistake. >> you heard it here first on
8:03 am
national television. more on nfl sunday coming up. >> we'll be watching. >> you'll be on it. your analysis is incredible. nice to see you guys. hello to everyone in minnesota. big hello to everyone watching in mexico city this morning. happy birthday, hfernando. a look at hurricane bill churching in the atlantic. it is working towards the northwest ever so slightly. going to take a greater turn, traveling more westward. tracking it, bermuda still in the danger zone. doesn't look like a threat to the u.s. coastline right now. we'll continue to watch it. it could create strong surf and some high winds right along the coastline as we head through the late weekend and into the beginning of this accident week. we'll keep an eye on it. national map, rough weather today in places like chicago later on this afternoon. and into places like des moines and st. louis where you'll see high wind and possibly strong
8:04 am
storms. the northwest continues the high heat and temperatures 5 to ten degrees this weather report sponsoreded by the national association of realtors. buying or selling a home? every market's different. >> that's a quick look at your weather picture. maggie, inside to you. >> up next, an update on the brutal murder of a florida couple. we'll get the latest from the sheriff heading the
8:05 am
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8:08 am
police are still trying to unravel a very complicated murder plot we've been following here. eight suspects have beenallegeda florida couple. a ninth person has entered that mix. kelly cobiella has more from florida this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the double murder of byrd and melanie billings shocked pensacola. new details are painting a much more complex of both the billings and their suspected killers. although eight people have been arrested for the grisly murders of the couple, the case is not yet solved. and robbery may not have been the only motive. newly released police documents suggest byrd billings, a used car salesman, had enemies, according to the pensacola news
8:09 am
journal. >> he repossessed people's car and had a reputation of being a ruthless businessman. >> reporter: police are also investigating investigations that a fellow car dealer had some kind of role in the murders. tice has not been arrested but has been called a person of interest. >> henry tice is a former business associate of byrd billings. the two had had a falling out sometime ago. >> reporter: tice also had a connection to the accused trigger man, mr. gonzalez jr. >> mr. tice is considered to have a father/son relationship with leonard gonzalez jr. own>> in his i own statement to police denies he committed the murder but made shocking claims there may have been a contract hit out on billings. >> he made the statement that several local auto dealers wanted him wacked. >> reporter: the full truth continues to elude police as they push on in the investigate.
8:10 am
>> there is a lot of interconnectivity among these people. how it played out is still a mystery. >> reporter: police say nine of the billings' 17 children were home during the slayings and several are believed to have seen the gunmen. but on the record reports from police are creating more questions at this point than answers. jeff? >> i'd say so. kelly cobiella, thank you. joining us exclusively from pensacola is escambia county sheriff david morgan. good to see you again. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, sir. >> let's talk abouts hryen cab tice. tell us w he is and whahenv inv> se' h a local care' dealer who, agn,ai as your previous reporter stated, had business dealings with mr. billings and an ongoing friendship with patrick gonzalez jr. and business holdings in alabama. >> it seems like patrick gonzalez jr., the alleged ring
8:11 am
leader, is trying to shift some of the blame to mr. tice. what do you make of those charges? >> i would say in this case with the number of people we have under arrest and facing their upcoming trials, there is plenty of blame to go around. >>. >> you had said originally you thought the sole motivation in this case was robbery. do you still think that's the case? >> we, in conjunction with the state's attorney's office in escambia county initially put out that premise. of course it's a very solid wonl. it w it was a home invasion that unfortunately led to a couple of murders. that still is the basic premise of this case, yes. but we've also stated from the very beginning, information was coming in. as you know with the release of public documents, we had this information early on. we had been proceeding in that direction concurrently with the home invasion robbery and murder. we never at any time discounted the fact -- excuse me, the
8:12 am
possibility, not the fact, this could have, in fact, been a conspiracy and also a contract killing. >> let me ask you that. given that byrd had rough and tumble business dealings, do you think it likely this was a contract killing? >> we're still gathering information. again, one of the most bizarre things about this case is there seems to be no conclusion to it because of the number of people that are, in fact, involved. every day we end up with two or three additional people we need to interview. that's the conspiracy part of this case, which the level of proof to get probable cause to effect an arrest for conspiracy is much higher. that's why this case has slowed to this point. we're still working on that area of the investigation. we're identifying the numbers of people that actually had knowledge that the billings o' s home was going to be invaded, if you will.
8:13 am
the web of people that had knowledge of this is very large. >> sheriff david morgan. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> up next, the political wife who did not stand by her man. we'll hear what jenny sanford is saying now about her unfaithful husband. you're watching the "early show" on cbs. . it's my "save-so-much-on- his-graphing-calculator... look. i made it say, "booger." ...i-can-get-him-a- math-tutor" button. it's my "save-so-much- on-school-supplies- he-can-stop-using-his-sister's- old-backpack" button. it's my "save-so-much-i-can- get-a-binder-for-every- day-of-the-week" button. there's no school on saturday and sunday, genius. don't ruin this for me. (announcer) staples equals savings on everything for back to school. staples. that was easy. light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading and and a taste you'll find... [sluuurrrrpppp!] irresistible. light & fit. great taste, fewer calories.
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8:15 am
the wife of embattled south carolina governor mark sanford is speak out for the first time since her husband's affair. saying his obsession with an argentinian woman was almost like an addiction. >> i've been unfaithful to my. >> reporter: in june, jenny sanford joined a long list of political wives whose husbands were caught cheating. >> i misled people. >> huge mistake in judgment. >> i am deeply sorry i did not live up to what was expected of me. >> reporter: but unlike her counterparts who stood by their men, ms. sanford stepped away
8:16 am
publicly. noticeably absent from her husband's news conference. she gave him an ultimate em, me or the misstress. mrs. sanford and the couples four sons moved out to the couple's home on the secluded south carolina koecht. in the current issue of vogue magazine, she admits to looking at pictures of her husband's lover online and thinking she was pretty. for now she left the door open to reconciliation, saying, i have put my heart and soul into being a good mother and thi it i think it's up to my husband to do soul searching to see if he wants to stay married. the ball is in his court. joining us to talk more about this is psychotherapist jenn berman. >> good morning. >> it's been so interesting to
8:17 am
watch mrs. sanford not stand by her husband like so many other wronged wives. she is out having a good time, biking, enjoying her life, not living with him anymore. what does this tell you? >> she's been very smart about this. first of all, she's a very religious woman. and i think she's really trying to do her best for her sons. but there can be a misconception because she expressed an openness to a potential reconciliation she's being passive when she's not. she's really saying to him, this is your opportunity to prove to me, to fight for our marriage. here's the hoop, start jumping. >> traditionally, we have seen political wives staying because maybe they felt that was the definition of a political wife, to help him preserve his career. do you think she's breaking the mold here? >> i do think she's breaking the mold. i think it's great. jenny sanford is a woman who is successful, well educated, financially secure. she doesn't need this man to
8:18 am
have her identity and doesn't need him in the way a lot of other wives do. a lot of political wives, their identity becomes very wrapped up in being attached to this husband and this power figure. she clearly has a lot of confidence on her own. >> i know that the washington post called her the new role model for wronged spouses. do you agree, do you think that the general population can learn a lot about how she's handled this? >> i do think that the general population can learn a lot about how she's handled this. she's handled it with dignity and grace. she hasn't said anything to make her husband look any worse than he does. he's dug his own grave. she's been respectful of the fact that she has a family. she has sons who will be reading every word she says. i think she's been very smart and very careful. >> how much do you share with your children in these cases, in your experience, doctor? >> if you're not a public person, you share as little as
8:19 am
possible. you don't need to hurt your children. your children are hurt enough by the separation of their parents. if, in fact, you're in a situation like a small town where everyone's talking or you are a public figure and your kids will hear about it from other kids on the play ground or read about it on the internet, you have to address it. you want to be your children's best source of information. >> if you could answer this question, you would be a hero. why do they do this? it seems like more and more lately, so many politicians ruin their careers and families like this. >> this type of personality that is brought to politics loves being in the limelight, is very vulnerable to affairs. you add in power, money and travel and have so much opportunity. it takes tremendous impulse control to not have an affair if you're a politician. >> dr. jenn berman, thank you. >> thank you. >> that cases the intersection of love and politics and money to a certain extent. we noticed this survey that came
8:20 am
out, which got a lot of people's eyes. intriguing question. would you rather have money, sex or lose weight? they did this surveying asking just that question. surprising results on your screen. 57% said they would rather save money. 31%, lose weight. and only 6% have more relations. >> men and women or just men? do we know? >> what age, that's the other question. >> are you surprised by this, dave? would that be your choice? >> i'd like it to be a tie. >> all three? >> listen, here's the thing. i think a lot of people right now want the security of having money. they're worried about the rest of their lives. number two, you know, i think people thrive for self improvement. i think a lot of people are self focused. that's where the weight thing comes in. sex to a lot of people is icing
8:21 am
on the cake rather than a way of sustenance. but sex is -- that's a low number. >> they asked what the amount of money is, by the way. 50 bucks a way. >> they would be willing to have less sex if they could save 50 bucks a week. >> how about an indecent proposal if you could save money. >> we saw how that worked in the movie. >> how about you? would you rather have sex, money or -- >> i have a theory. i would combine all three. here's how. if you have more sex, you lose weight. and if you lose weight, you eat less food. you save money on food. >> that's not necessarily -- i want to know your answer. we have four seconds. i want to know your answer. >> we'll be right back. you're watchow."in"e ar show."
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welcome back to the "early show." our crowd here on the plaza is being treated to a performance by 22-year-old hahn-bin. good morning. >> good morning. >> you are a protege of the incredible itzak perlman. in october, you will make your carnegie hall debut. that may not happen. recently he lost his -- how much is this worth -- >> $500,000. >> $500,000 violin. he left it in a new york city taxi cab. >> hello. >> so the question is how he got it back? >> the question is, do you know you shouldn't even leave your blackberry in a new york city taxi? >> i was very, very tired. that's all i can say.
8:30 am
i had come back from the hamptons rehearsing withity impa itzak perlman. this couldn't have happened at a worse time for me. >> that's all you have to tell your insurance company, i was exhausted. is it being held together with a rubber band? >> no. >> this is your life, right? this is hugely important to you. >> i spend eight hours on it every day. i've been preparing for my carnegie and kennedy center debut. i was devastated to say the least. i was amazed how quickly i was able to recover it, within just 12 hours. >> did you get a receipt when you left the taxi? >> of course not. i was very responsible, yes. it was 1:00 a.m. >> how did you get it? >> i called the police immediately. they didn't believe me. they didn't know i'm having my debut on october 8th.
8:31 am
when i told them i left my $500,000 violin in the cab, ty said you mean, $5,000. >> no. >> it took a while for me to find the right detective to recover the violin and work with tlc to recover it. >> what are you going to do for the taxi driver who recovered it? >> i volunteered to play for him sometime soon. provide a concert for him. i would love to. >> thank you so much, hahn-bin. >> how about a little devil went down to georgia? >> i'm an immigrant. i don't know that song. >> you'll learn. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. nice to see you. >> i sing, but you don't want to hear that. >> there's only one charlie daniels. good luck with your debut at carnegie hall. good luck. would you mind playing a little
8:32 am
background. you can play mood music based on what the weather is. how does that sound? >> i think it was very sunny. >> very good. as we check the weather in the northeast, beautiful conditions. a gorgeous day. humidity is going to be up. still get out there, make the best of the day. now some rain. as we head to the gulf coast, keep in mind there could be showers rolling in, potentially some clouds as well. it may be a good day to wear the umbrella and leave the sunglasses home. now let's get some high heat in the west coast. hot, hot, hot. as you head out to the west coast, temperatures climbing, climbing. not just moderate levels but higher. then when they get high, they'll go even higher than that. what to do? what to do, people? make sure your air conditioning is working. look out for those who are with you and make sure you also stay
8:33 am
hydrated. thank you so much. hello to our friends at cancer care, pridioviding free support to anyone affected with cancer. going to be in times square tonight. trying to break a record playing ticktacktoe. >> she was a reality tv phenomenon. fascinating to watch and named
8:34 am
by tv guide as the number one most hated reality star. now omarosa manigault-stallworth is turning a new page, studying to become a minister in dayton, ohio. she joins us this morning. good to see you. >> good morning, jeff. how are you? >> i'm well, thank you. when people hear about this, i think a lot of people are surprised. should they be? >> i think that the contrasting images of me in the boardroom going toe to toe with the other contestants and face to face with donald trump and then the idea of me being in seminary could be quite shocking for most folks. >> why did you decide to enter the seminary? >> you know, this was a very personal decision. the last two years, i've been struggling with my faith and trying to just really find my place. and i met with my pastor, dr. hicks and spoke with ivan hicks the dean at seminary.
8:35 am
we made a decision in order for me to grow in my faith, i should enter seminary. that's what i've been doing. >> you've always been quite religious? >> i've had a great relationship with christ. in the past five, six years i strayed away. this is about working on my faith and being obedient. >> you started the seminary school on monday. a few days in, how is it? >> oh, it's intense. i, in fact, have a paper to write as soon as i get off the interview with you. but it's been very, very rewarding for me because i know i'm doing what i'm supposed to be doing. >> as you go through the school and eventually leave, do you plan to stay in the spotlight to put a focus on this? >> you know, i realized that on "the apprentice" we reached 28 million. if i could reach 28 million and tell them about the sweetest thing i know, the word of god, certainly i will use the
8:36 am
platform i have, to tell folks about what's important to me. that's my relationship with christ. seminary is about exploring and finding out what god has for me to do. i want to be a workman for him. >> i wonder what "the donald" would say to all this. if you saw him on the streets, what would you say? >> i haven't had a chance to talk with him about this. but i know he is a man of faith too. i know because of the relationship that i have with donald that he -- you know, there are a lot of surprises that he had. i think everybody has an opportunity to change and to grow and to transform. and i'm going through a transformation right now. and i would hope that people would be more supportive. i have people in my life who are. i understand people are questioning what's happening with me. just know i am obedient. >> okay, omarosa joining us in
8:37 am
seminary school. >> thank you for having me. >> good luck to you. >> thanks. >> now here's maggie. >> this portion of the "early show" sponsored by staples. staples equals savings on everything for back to school. >> this morning in our series "back to school early." fixing up a dorm room. here with ideas that won't break the bank is our designer, kristan cunningham. pretty boring and bare and bland. after a little bit of work, a lot of great ideas, let's show everybody what it looks like live right now. bravo, kristan. what a change. all the products you used to transform the room are really
8:38 am
inxi inexpensive, aren't they? >> yeah. the goal was to achieve a high end look. everything for the most park came from ikea or target. still shop the best stores but look past the typical back to school items. looking for something more sophisticated areas of the store. for most students, this is the first chance to express themselves. go high end and be upscale about it. >> how did you get these window treatments up? >> most students are confronted with the same problem. the cinder block rooms that you can't nail or paint. >> that's right. >> how do you get big blasts of color? these command hooks look like this. they will stick on but don't damage the wall the way the typical foam backs do. >> they can hold the weight? >> they absolutely can. we used a bunch at the top. when everything comes down, nobody will know anything was on
8:39 am
the wall. >> a phenomenal idea. >> yeah. >> you have a lot of storage bins. this one is pretty. >> all of these guys, you know, paper -- you know, the magazines, all the supplies, those are the things that are going to create the visual chaos. when you come home to your dorm room, those are the areas where you go, it doesn't feel nice and soothing. pretty everything in one color and behind nice containers. i do the shopping. i've looked everywhere. ikea systems are the cheapest out there. you can afford to put everything in a little house. >> everybody assumes if they're so fancy-looking they have to be expensive. >> cardboard. really do the trick. and they're all in white. keeps it nice and uniform. >> i remember my dorm room was teeny weenie. i didn't have the space. i love you have made room under the bed. how did you do do that? >> bed risers are 15 bucks. one of the most inexpensive
8:40 am
items you put in the room. they're worth a million bucks in what they gave us in valuable real estate. with those extra few inches, we were able to accommodate this rolling drawer, also from ikea. this was at $60, one of the more expensive items. it can be a bench or go at the foot of the bed. it's giving extra storage. it makes sense to invest in because it will make it into the first apartment. >> you think it will last that long. >> oh, yeah. this $20 table, this little guy. >> that's unbelievable. >> it weighs nothing. you can move it around. >> just looks expensive. >> exactly. little pieces i like to call swing pieces. when friends pop by, you can get even set up. you have a nice little laptop.
8:41 am
>> my clttollege roommate poste echo and the bunnymen and all these punk bands on the other side of the room. >> it's good to do something less juvenile. you're 18 and 19 and becoming an adult. these frames, six bucks from target. they weigh almost nothing. spend another $3 a yard in fabric. we did a color that's pretty neutral. being really spare but bold with the color. we get a nice accent color. >> brilliant, thank you. nice to see you. >> for more on these products, go to our website, let's go back over to jeff. >> thank you very much. al gore is on a mission to raise awareness about global warning. cbs news science and technology correspondent daniel sieberg met a young man who had his own
8:42 am
"inconvenient truth." >> while politicians debate, everyday citizens of all ages are doing their part to raise awareness of climate change. i got a chance to meet one of the most committed act vifrtivi. from the west coast to the east coast in new york, 15-year-old alec loorz takes his message across the country using poles to illustrate the predicted sea level rise if nothing is done to predict global warning. >> this line says you will be under water here. >> reporter: his mission is to plant trees encourage energy conservation. he helps empower other kids. >> it's true, we are the future. we are more than that. we are here now. we are the present. so our voices do make a difference. >> reporter: alec's voice has the support of a former vice president.
8:43 am
at the age of 12, he applied to be part of al gore's network of official speakers. it took persistence but he was accepted. >> at the first event, he introduced me to his crowd and talked about what i did. that really opened up a lot of doors and was really cool he did that. >> reporter: alec's cool factor certainly isn't lost on his friends and family members. >> i'm very glad that alec is really taking the bull by the horns and is really trying to get the message out. >> we have to take the action and not just wait for other people to fix our own problems. >> reporter: ultimately, alec says it's a universal message that applies to everyone. >> let's work together to change the world and not just occupy it. >> alec will continue his night in the coming months on both the national and international stage. he's scheduled to speak in
8:44 am
colorado, copenhagen and qatar. >> great but depressing to see someone half our age has accomplished all this stuff. does he go to school? >> he does in a sense. he's allowed to do this work as part of his curriculum. it's a home school he's in on the west coast. it's both at the same time. getting life experience and this great education. >> thank you so much. coming up, the science of cocktails. there is more to making drinks than just the ice. this is the "early show" on cbs.
8:45 am
female announcer: from jennifer, while supplies last, this luxurious microfiber sofa and chair for just $399. our most dramatic offer ever: both pieces, just $399. while supplies last. from jennifer: you don't have to spend a lot to have good taste.
8:46 am
we're learning this morning that making the perfect cocktail is more science than art. >> yeah. mixologist and wine spirits connoisseur tim laird is here to explain the chemistry behind a great drink. good morning to you. >> good morning.
8:47 am
>> we have been talking about this segment all morning long. >> it's a fun segment. >> in anticipation. >> you have four drinks that will illustrate why the science makes the cocktail better. >> exactly, maggie. it's not rocket science but cocktail science. it represents density. this is what a good bartender will always pour the spirit first. >> what's the drink called? >> real easy, called jack and ginger. jack daniels and a little ginger ale. then if you'll see, because of the density, it sinks to the bottom. it's lighter than the mixer. when i pour in the ginger ale, the ginger ale will go down and grab the jack daniels and mix itself in the cocktail. we add ginger garnish to that. it makeses itself approximate. >> should you add the alcohol first? >> always. some bartenders use density to their favor.
8:48 am
i call this the resort scam. >> the pina coladas, they put the rum in after. >> they drizzle a little bit. and you think i'm getting a great cocktail for $15. you're getting just a drizzle of spirits. would you please out for that. >> whiskey sour. >> this is the original whiskey sour. it was made with egg whites. that was the ingredient that caused the frothiness. on a good whiskey sour, you want that foam up there. the egg white was what they did. they don't use chemicals. here's the perfect whiskey sour. 1.5 ounces. fresh lemon juice. that's the ingredient to make good cocktails, fresh. a sweetener, an ounce of simple syrup. and then comes the egg white. a tea spoon of the fresh egg
8:49 am
white. get the pasturized so you don't worry about salmonella. when i shake this up, the proteins in this egg white will coagulate and make a nice foam. let's see how we did. >> how often do you have a whiskey sour made with the real egg. >> they're not. they should be. that's the real deal whiskey sour, just like that. boom, a little orange garnish right on top. there we go. >> put the alcohol first and use fresh ingredients. number three, margarita. saying my name. >> if you remember from biology class, you remember taste sensation. the salt from the rim, the lime juice, sweet from the nectar and where the bitter comes in from the tap innins on the tequila.
8:50 am
that blends itself together. then you get that fifth sensati sensation, which asians have been using for centuries. that's really savoring. when it comes together like a well-made margarita. >> that's a perfect cocktail because it stimulates all the senses. >> boom. >> forget about manhattan. >> we have to do a perfect manhattan. i love this. the secret ingredient to this going back to the science is the bitters. this was a key ingredient in the manhattan. this was invented by a scientist for medicinal purposes it started out as. now it's made its way into cocktails. >> i love how you can pretend it's a scholarly pursuit. there is genuine research to be done here. >> there really is. we're always in the test kitchen research, research, research. a perfect manhattan. 1.5 ounces of bourbon.
8:51 am
the other ingredient, bitters. use sweet vermouth. what people don't realize is sweet vermouth is wine-based so it goes bad. i will substitute a little of that with chambord. >> shake or stirred? >> that's the big question. james bond posed that. everybody to this day is going shaken versus stirred? we found out it doesn't make a difference. i'm telling you, bartenders argue that. >> shaken versus stirred? >> you'll try one and see if there is a difference between the two. here's "a" and "b." >> thanks, everybody. we'll put these cocktails on the web approxim ?ñ?? ow
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