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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  August 13, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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weather. kenny burns is in for angie. he'll have the traffic in a moment. we have football tonight. >> oh, we do. i'm excited about that. this is a great time of the year as we ease in to football season. we will ha that forecast, too. thng mornis awe get started clear skies, no fog. to the west you might have a little but so far so . telas st e te a cla clear ot spto edkserfr. buic rge fredericksburg. the temperature 74. kiwang up to 70. t.s today in the middle totoh e. ghoare loonng raa uny stdeth rmngin the cafo stre . uli cdnwo oou'to nt forecast. i wouldn't count on too i ma. nyu yos lkfony xepaxeivnttuer r, pamaybe to fredericksburg may see one or two but not too many this afternoon. kenny is in for angie goff. he has our back with the traffic. >> welcome. we will begin in maryland, 270, a clear ride frederick to the capital beltway.
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on the northbound side at middle brook road on the off ramp we have problems. virginia northbound 395 clear trip northbound from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. 95 northbound in virginia good from belt save leave the house now if you are heading to the city. no problems to report at bladensburg road. here's andrea. the most common crime in montgomery county is theft from vehicles and most of the most attractive targets are parked in garages or malls. the theft rate is on the increase and police have launched an initiative to take a bite out of this particular crime. 9 news now armando trull is live at one of the spots that's being targeted by officers. good morning. >> the crime-busting initiative is called don't forget.
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it features a finger with a ribbon wrapped around it as a way to remind people who park in public garages not to leave anything visitable in the car that could tempt thieves. thieves that have been very busy lately. >> the crimes have occurred in nine public garages, most of them near the downtown area of silver spring. police say the most popular stolen items are gps units, mp 3 players and laptops are also high on the thieves shopping list. but they say a little bit of change may tempt thieves to break in your car. so, folks if you are leaving your car in any public garage, don't leave anything visible, like anything that has money, cds, your cables that connect to a gps unit because that will tell thieves you have one and
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even the suction cup marks on your windshield from placing your gps unit. they suggest you wipe that down so there is nothing that will target your specific car for thieves. armando trull for 9 news now and >> thank you. a man accused of setting a woman on fire is in custody this morning. u.s. marshals arrested james anderson in southeast washington. the attack happened on monday night near culpeper, virginia. detectives say anderson was in a camp with a woman and her daughter. he sprayed the woman who was driving during a flammable liquid during a domestic dispute. >> she stopped the car, pulled off on the shoulder of the highway. as she was getting out of the car the suspect allegedly lit a match, threw it at her and set her clothing on fire. >> reporter: the woman has been released from the hospital. her daughter was not hurt. anderson has been charged with violating a protective order, reckless endangerment of a minor and grand larceny.
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maryland state osha officials are investigating a deadly accident in howard county. police believe that 26-year-old salazar of colombia lost control of a lawn mower and fell down an embankment. he worked for a landscaping company and was mowing outside of annapolis it was not known how long he was there before he was spotted yesterday afternoon. the two pit bulls that killed a leesburg man in his house have been euthanized. they say the family of carter delany, the victim, made that decision. investigators say the mauling was the first human fatality from a dog attack in memory in loudoun county. it is time for our first living smart report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day on wall street after a robust finish. >> yeah, it was a nice day yesterday. and today we are hopeful things will look better because of economic data. retail sales figures to be
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released and they are expected to be up. the reason new car sales. the cash for clunkers program will likely drive sales higher a third straight month. this after stocks took a poto sionto federal reatbefera thftatfeli edlistocks overseas today. the nikkei rose 1% and the hang seng 2%. the dow stands at 9362 after gaining 120. e aqnath sdadded 29 and the s&p rose 11. wall street really liked what the federal reserve had to rycoin terms of the . the thce ry the . central bank says things h are leveling out. so much so it plans to end one of the programs aimed at propping up the economy, slowing the pace of the program to buy treasury securities. all you can eat buffet pales in comparison this deal, all you can fly. that's a promotion offered by jetblue. book an unlimited number of flights to any of its
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destinations for $59. the period of time this is available, september 8th to october 8th. jetblue flies out of dulles. run the numbers ahead of time and make sure it makes sense for you because i did a little calculation and the amount of time i could fly versus the time i would -- the cost worked out to $120. >> not bad. ben cardin got an earful from constituents about health care. the democrat held a town hall meeting in hagerstown yesterday afternoon and listened to frustrated, angry and scared people. >> why not go in to an area that is more effective, like tort reform and closing the borders?
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[ applause ] >> we're $99 trillion in debt, how are you going to look at my children, in their eyes and tell them they are going to have a better future with $9 trillion in debt? why haven't you been more aggressive in exposing the insurance company groups that have been out there from using nasty tactics like shop downs and the propagation of big campaigns like the big lie so called death panels that have no basis in fact. >> reporter: nearly 450 people packed the hagerstown commune college theater. 500 people outside tried to make their opinions heard. the cleanup of a vacant property in washington's spring valley neighborhood has come to a halt after a startling discovery. a vile containing mustard gas was dug up on glen brook road.
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they used the area to test chemical weapons during that war. they have been searching for buried munitions in the area for years and the latest discovery poses no danger to the public. the man convicted in one of the best known terror attacks is being released. plus, the time of day you schedule a colonoscopy could influence the accuracy of the test. and some people in california may have a big problem with a new neighbor that is checking out the pool. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back. ar
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we're flying in from the eastern shore through annapolis and over to the beltway on westbound 50. no problems. a smooth trip. traffic details coming up. in the news now at nine after the hour this morning. the bbc is reporting the man convicted of the lockerbie bombing will be released
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shortly. he has terminal prostate cancer and has been serving a life sentence for the 270 people who died when pan am flight 103 explode over scotland. police in argentina donned riot gear to remove squatters. community activists and government workers had taken over an empty building and transformed it in to a cultural center. officers forced everyone out. authorities are trying to scare a bear out of a california neighborhood and back to the nearby forest. the bear even took a dip in someone's pool as it roamed around. after trying horns they tried a rubber bullet and got the bear to run in to nearby woods. researchers discover another risk for people who don't sleep enough. that story is coming up. plus, some of your neighbors to the south desperately need a stretch of dry weather. it is 5:10. here's kim. >> i'm watching doppler 9000.
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it has been scanning the skies all morning. i will let you know what we have seen and what we will get. it is ten minutes past 5:00. the forecast is next.
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people in parts of north carolina are hoping to see the sun today. they are trying to dry out after one rainstorm dumped more than eight inches of rain in a
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matter of hours. some people ignored warnings from police to stay off of flooded roads and found themselves in trouble. >> where have we seen that before. >> just yesterday you were saying people don't realize the flash flooding, that is what causes the most problems. >> it only takes a foot of water to move your car. it is like a ship without a you had rudder and if you have power lines that can be overturned or the road could be washed out, you don't want to be in that situation. we are not expecting a lot of rain today but we check out the pope coe power cast. i was watching a soccer game last night. you know the guy that yells goal! it is in my head. we have an exclusive partnership with pepco where we provide the winds and precipitation forecast and there is an interactive outage map you can click on, too. why not check it out every day. let's get started.
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you know what is going on outside, i have the allergy update. trees and grasses are low. guess what mold is. >> high, not super but one ailer jen in the air. so if you are sneezing it is likely that mold. clear skies over the district. partly cloudy off to the east. we might see a stray shower a little patchy fog to the west. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. this afternoon a dekennel day. no 90s. gotta like that. northeast winds and you folks east of dc or to the south may get a stray thunderstorm. our temperatures are cooperating. there's 73 inside the beltway. gaithersburg up 270 is 68. 74 fredericksburg and to the west we have comfortable 60s along i-81. that's a 67 in martinsburg. here's the satellite-radar loop. a handful of storms have pushed to the east leading us to a wake of clear skies up 95.
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good driving conditions. we will let you know about the traffic in just a minute. the redskins are playing up in baltimore on the but the ravens, partly cloudy skies and may a stray early storm. at the kick off 78 and then easing back to 73 during the game. we have a decaying front along the east coast. we're not alone. it will be the focus for stray convection we get as we head to the weekend. nothing too widespread. basically it takes the heat of the day to generate popup thunderstorms and today as i mentioned the best chance is off to the east. as you make your plans for tonight, things will calm down. lows around 70 like we have been seeing almost every morning with a north breeze. tomorrow a decent day, a stray thunderstorm. a smidge warmer in the upper 80s. east winds between 3:00 and 7. the seven-day forecast is up.
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80s in here until saturday. by then flirting with that 90- degree mark. in to next week a bermuda high pressure system backs in. and that will bring the type of weather from bermuda our way. best chance of thunderstorms on wednesday afternoon. kenny burns is in for angie goff. he has the traffic. >> we will start in annandale. getting word of an accident at rose lane involving a police cruiser. if you are traveling through the area take extra caution. eastbound 66, smooth trip. leaving manassas over to washington. northbound 270, montgomery county we will have a look at the ramp through middle brook. downed wires. right now the county is working to clear it for you. no problems or incidents at this time. outer loop of the beltway between prince georges and montgomery counties, in delays. we see volume picking up there but you will get through with no problems. and southern maryland no problems leaving charles or
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calvert county on route 5, 4 and 301. in living well headlines, the best time to get a colonoscopy could be in the morning. that's according to researchers at the cleveland clinic in ohio. they found the rate of potentially cang rows growths were higher in the morning. why? they say doctor fatigue could be a factor. your risk of developing diabetes could increase if you are getting too little sleep. that's the finding of a new university of chicago study. participants who slept only 5 1/2 hours a day developed higher blood sugar level and resistance to insulin. they suggest a healthy lifestyle should include proper eating and exercise and a sufficient amount of sleep. parents are being warned to keep a close eye on the medicine about cabinet because they say medication overdoses are to blame for two-thirds of all childhood poisonings. the finding comes from the
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centers for disease control. tiger has one last chance to claim a major title in 2009. and some of the players you see in the redskins preseason debut are probably not featured in madden 2010. stay tuned. sports is next. it is 5:19. yeah, no it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ... yeah, every night is something different. oh, yeah yeah... ... she always keeps them in the house. no, no, no. i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. babe... umm, i gotta go.
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(announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good.
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welcome back to 9 news. here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday. we say good morning to kristin fisher. he's in -- she's in the web center with what people are buzzing an on-line. if a football fan or video game addict or both this story is for you. the latest edition of madden nfl game is hitting shelves on the at midnight and already one of the top stories on the web th is morning. now, here's the madden nfl official website from ea ports. it is getting a ton of hitsmog inr
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for the midnight launch. you can read review and find out how to preorder on-line and that's thwawato go unless you wantto wabe one of those peop waiting in line at wal-mart at the wee hours ofe ofthe morning nd there wines lirossac cothnelie s across the couny tyetpr chlimun prett teguetanaritse bausteclaye an a the game sold over 2 million units in august alone. if you take alo ok ghlorit rihe early repothat weth atwe simil despite the recession. here's the story on "usa today." madden nfl 10 completes its ifu yoas. et so, if you liwould like to pre- order thgame before it hits the shelves, they have a list of preorder deal and i will have a link to on my site. my isfrom wal-mart, andr, isgetht , they riof ngfepopr a loea gyrifema apreapoloe- e-gyil for mer thei tor eith
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spouses and even a for $89 sero for $89 at the electronics department so you can already sweet talk your spouse and get her ready for a weekend full of video games. i love it. we will have more on what is hot on the web in 20 minutes. in sports golf's final major tees off this morning the pga championship and tiger will be seeking his first major victory this season. the last time he failed to win one of the majors is in 2004. his most recent attempt woods missed the cut at the british open. he will play with harrington. as we mentioned earlier the redskins preseason kicks off tonight. washington is heading up 95 to play baltimore. while many of the star players won take the field, the game should give fans a key glimpse of the possibilities for the coming campaign. the score may not matter but the performance will be crucial for those trying to make the
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squad. >> an opportunity to sigh where we are at. they are in a good team and it will be a great challenge for us. >> i hope to get out there and get contact and hit a few people and oryoep r:u cafeelack. >> reporter: you can watch live team coverage tonight on 9 news now at 5:00, 6:00, 7 and 11:00. plus, get training camp insights on the sports page anytime at in baseball, zimmerman scheduled his reconstruct i have elbow surgery for next wednesday. he is expected to miss all of next year. in lane, 2ndinning, anderson had a solo home run for the privileges and then adam laroche with another homer, just two batters later. now, washington's ronnie belliard tied the game with an rbi hit in the 7th but the nats bull pen gave up another homer
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to adam laroche and they fall 6-2. washington starts the four- game series in cincinnati tonight. in baltimore, the athletics taking on the orioles. in the 8th, a pitch gets away from mark hendrickson and the a's score. baltimore goes on to lose 6-3. the wizards made what might be their final off season move on wednesday. the team signed 6'10" center from argentina. he gets a one year deal worth $2 million and is hoping for another trip to the postseason. >> in the playoffs. just be interesting. work hard, be ready for when we have a chance to show what we can do. >> we felt we still needed one piece to our puzzle and that is to get a better and big man. someone with a lot of playoff experience and someone that can give us added depth at the
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forward position. >> reporter: in a world cup qualifier u.s. and mexico tied in the 82nd minute. that's henpeck coe was all alone in the box and scores. i tried, kim. >> find out how some engaged couples can save really big bucks on their wedding. that's coming up in our next "living $mart" segment. and now is the time to make sure your children are sending in to a school time sleep schedule. a blogger launched an on time crusade to get a man removedded from his job. we'll be right back. at busch gardens... a p destin and water country usa... where family-fun surrounds you... and world-class rides astound. start at
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is. police ask you to help make your target less attractive to thieves. we will have the traffic in just a moment but start off
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with kim's forecast. we're closer to the weekend. >> we are. we are enjoying our summer days now that it is not oppressively hot but summer like today. >> muggy. we have the stickies with us. they are not goanime soon but re ytime anon but imoppressive 90s 7urersi3 esinnego mperatures 73 inside the mpe ch. annapolis is 73 along with fredericksburg and culpeper you have 66. the satellite-radar loop. a batch of rain in the form of passing showers. they were spotty. a bigger batch skirted by the delmarva. right now that's where the clouds are. it is mostly sunny at 9:00. by noon 82 and we are working on a high of 86. we are good air quality. kenny burns is in for angie goff. he has the traffic. good morning, kim. starting northbound 95 in virginia. a smooth trip from woodbridge
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to the capital beltway. an accident in annandale, columbia pike and rose lane involving a police cruiser. if you are traveling through that stretch take extra caution through the area. southbound 270, smooth sailing from frederick to the capital beltway. through rockville, keep in mind the ramp to middle brook road we have downed wires. county is working on cleaning th atp. u ave wemetro delay to avlltell you about. geat at medical er. trains are single tracking between friendship heights and grovesnor. expect delays. police want you to help them to take a bite out of crime. they say thieves have been busy lately stealing items from parked cars in public garages in silver spring. that's where we find armando trull. >> reporter: well, good morning. they are launching an initiative that is called don't forget and it features a poster with a ping and a ribbon around
5:32 am
it and that is to remind people when they leave their cars parked they don't leave any items visible to thieves because thieves have been very busy the last few months. it has been a busy thumber for thieves targeting parked cars in silver spring. last month there were 20 thefts from vehicles in garages. in june, items were taken from 35 vehicles. most of the crimes seem to center around nine public parking garages near the downtown silver spring area. police say thieves will be tempted by anything that is visible inside the car. anything from small change to electronics. gps units seem to be the most popular stolen item. and andrea, police are going as far as telling you to wipe off the marks that the gps holder suction cups leave on the windshield when you put them there because they don't want you to give any indication that your car should be targeted and they will be handing out fliers with this information at this
5:33 am
and other garages throughout the silver spring area all of this week. armando trull for 9 news now and a woman in anne arundel county returned from vacation to deserve her home had been broken in to. he reported the burglary to police but she saw her property being sold at a yard sale down the street. he said his excuse was he had been doing drugs with a fen and wasn't thinking clearly. mayor tenty's office is not not -- they say us purse sell was discharged for his role in a fraudulent real estate deal. a local blogger started a one man campaign on-line to bring down john catoe.
5:34 am
he rides the metro's red line every day and he says metro's inability to point a finger at a person or thing responsible for the crash can only mean one thing. >> is john catoe the man that should be running this system when a lot of work needs to be done. i am sick of excuses and want there to be result and real change. >> they say the petition isn't worth a response from catoe. they point to several obvious false names among the signatures like hulk hogan and i.m. nuts. today the kennedy family is holding a wake for shriver. thousands are expected to pack the church. mrs. shriver who founded the special olympics died tuesday morning at age 88. the family will hold a private funeral mass tomorrow. tonight the environmental protection agency will ask your
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opinion on how president obama should tackle cleanup of the chesapeake bay. agency officials are holding a town meeting in frederick, maryland and met with bay advocate groups in annapolis to explore what methods are helping to make the watershed cleaner and how much more needs to be done. the barack obama administration wants a draft of a cleanup plan by september 9th and a final plan by november. there is a website where you can post your suggestions, log on to and click on living green for that link. time for living smart report and jessica doyle is back with that. >> we are seeing signs the housing market is on the verge of a recovery. luxury home builder toll brothers says contracts for new homes rose 3% last quarter. their first increase in four
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years. now to pay for these homes more people are applying for mortgages. loan applications are up 16% from a year ago. think the price of a wedding is a rip off, how about getting hitched for 99 cents. a store is offering to hold nine weddings for nine couples for 99 cents each. you get cheap wine, plastic plates and the wedding gown is made out of cotton t-shirts and. time for the money saving tip of the day, cl tathkee cog okceins take the cooking class but don't have the $75 fee. until the the month atfering free densnstratio re including how to saute and sere oplyer properly, healthy ki macung p up cka up a thing or two whe yoilu are
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there but if yocan resist it is absolutely free. for more money saving tips go to the school maybe a few weeks off but for parents now is the time to start to working your children toward an earlier bedtime. doctors who study kids and sleep recommend they be in a back to school sleep routine at least a week before heading back to class and that change to an earlier lights out has to happen gradually. say two or three days for each hour difference. plus, this is one time when it is not a good idea for youngsters to mimic their parents ' example. >> kids at a school age require more than adults, nine, ten, 11, depending he tonir age. >> reporter: cored en keges or d g keeping radios, television, gavio demes out of your child's bedroom. that's one way to do it well. days after storms and flash flooding the national guard is called to help part of new york recover. that story is coming up.
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plus, michael vick hopes up to young people of how much dog fighting took over his life. here's kenny burns. we are flying along the dulles toll road leaving loudoun and heading to the beltway. it is 5:38 and 72 degrees. 9 news now continues in a moment. ♪ till now - ♪ i always got by on my own - ( audience cheering ) ♪ i never really cared
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♪ until i met you... a1 makes the burger king steakhouse burger sing. live look at the 14th
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street bridge. traffic details coming up. in the news now at 5:40, the national guard is heading to western new york to help clean up after massive storm damage. flash flooding from weekend storms left muddy debris everywhere and now it is becoming dusty as things dry out. one town is relying on well water because of damage to the reservoir. the bodies of five italian tourists kill the midair crash over the hudson river are on the way home. part of new york's madison avenue fell silent as pal bearers carried the caskets headed for jfk airport. the victims included a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. michael vick told children dog fighting took over his life. the disgraced nfl quarterback spoke at a church in chicago. he admitted spending more time running the dog fighting ring than studying plays. and he he said he cried every day in prison.
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we have news from space coming up in what's on the web. plus, the obama administration's opposition to dc school voucher's program starting to hit home for cities and their families. the weather terrace is garden is producing tomatoes. not expecting a lot of rain. the forecast is minutes away. you are watching 9 news now. good morning.
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president obama's administration is ending she school voucher program and a lot of new students who have been promised slots in the program are having their vouchers revoked. >> you like school? >> yeah. >> she had been told by her mother that come september she would be enrolling in the same private school that her -year-old brother now attends. >> do you have any idea what you want to be when you grow up? >> yes. >> reporter: what? >> a doctor. >> reporter: why is that? >> because i want to help people. >> reporter: his private education has made possible is by a $7,500 voucher provided by the congress. that same money had been promised to his little sister until the obama administration and the fenty administration ended the program that allows a
5:45 am
few students from places like barry farms to attend private and parochial schools. >> now the experiment is showing that low-income children can excel. >> reporter: she says her daughter was given avoucher to on ly lyhave it revoked. they said that vouchers would continue but only for children in approved schools. >> i have a letter state she would get a scholarship. >> reporter: the president said no kid should be in a failing school. for these 216 kids will go to failing dc public schools when they were told they could go to a private school. >> this is not about not having the money. the congress appropriated funds to keep the positions going this year and senators lieberman and feinstein have introduced a bill that would keep it going another five years. the voucher program benefited 300 students. nick coe will keep his voucher through high school. 9 news now and
5:46 am
>> the opportunity scholarship  program costs $14 million. the obama administration has been on record, as bruce said from the beginning opposed to the vouchers for use in private and parochial schools. i have a click to share with you. it is from an event last night. virginiaens are saying farewell and good luck to the former lieutenant governor don buyer. there he is with his wife megan. they are leaving on friday. he is the new u.s. ambassador to switzerland. >> neat. >> come over and see them. we had a reception last night for ambassador nancy brinker and they were so excited. megan and i worked together on events in public television. she was saying they have to take a two-week course and it is more than proper forks or whatever but cultural, all sorts of things you need to know about the country in which you are posted. we wish them the best of luck. >> very good. all right. quick tease at 6:15. you wanted to know about that
5:47 am
tomato topsy-turvy upside down. we have a viewer that have one and she sent me pictures. i will share them with you and give you the scoop how it works. outside not that bad. our weather will be pretty decent considering the 90s we started the workweek off with and today in the 80s. an isolated storm and notice tomorrow and saturday we have them as well as the frontal top of . top of us. u headou t ad out to pick up the paper you will do so with muggy conditions and 73 degrees. a couple of 60s far north and west in to allegheny and cumberland but most of us in the middle 70s. you can feel the stickiness in the air. as the frontal system is parked over us. at least we have some clear skies. we will see the sunshine this morning. really didn't see a lot of it yesterday. we had the thunderstorms that blew through in isolated spots yesterday. i just got off the phone with
5:48 am
jan shriver in reedville. she got an inch of rain in northern neck of virginia. so they are happy about that. we are at 73. the wind actress the northeast at six and the humidity is 84%. the weather holds highs in the middle 80s. to the east, more cloud cover baltimore to annapolis, patuxent river, around 82 to 83. south and west of town, cuhiep ghhigh of of 84. redskins play the brenavin arbe. nd. oumight be around. i'd count enon staying dry most of time and partly cloudy with upper 70s, easing back to the middle 70s during the game. catching a flight to the west coast, we will watch this frontal system along the east coast sit here an die the next few day and as we get daytime heating it matrixer a storm. things will be calming down. if we get anything to the east, lows around 70 tonight. tomorrow not a bad day.
5:49 am
in the upper 80s with easterly winds a stray storm around. otherwise partly cloudy skies. here's your seven day. 87 tomorrow. 89, turning toward 90 on sunday. it will be hot at the beginning of next week with lower 90s around. the best chance of organized weather in term of a line of storms is probably on wednesday, 91. kenny burns is in for angie. how's the traffic looking? >> well, so far so good if you are leaving baltimore to the capital beltway. looking at 95 and the baltimore washington parkway. it is a go. outer loop between prince georges and montgomery county. we are noticing volume around university boulevard and colesville road. no incidents in the roadway. eastbound 66 in virginia picking up volume and slow between 50 fair oak and 123. and inner loop of the capital beltway at speed between 66 and springfield. watch the popup graphic. we have an accident in annandale. columbia pike and rose lane involving a police cruiser. take caution through the area.
5:50 am
here's kristin fisher in the web center. >> thank you very much. good morning. from a new planet to a mystery object found in saturn's rings. there are quite a few stories about space making waves on the s leb toget' t itg. s get t' it check this t.ou fo is not too unusl r ntiescists to discover iea new eta inthis day and age but it is very rare that planet is orbiting backwards. that's exactly what astroners in switzerland discovered about a planet that is 1,000 lightyears away. it is big deal because every other planet discovered rotates in t nonot t th miastro physist t is calling it the d it ever found and it is the fastest rising site on the web right now. take a look at this shot that was just sent back from nasa's spacec . shows what seems to be a very small object. you can see it right here that
5:51 am
ripped through one of saturn's rings. this image has left some space is ifyou go to become it turns outwh atis likely lllit. it lit. it isbasically a ma ba ma al fromthe fromthe outer enof one of the rings. a lot of space dig inbe being e y dar onafteday after human space flht u. anning committee which is supposed to report to the president at the d of ababout what possible options humanscoveueinnt to orcoexntinue to explore space. they met erye mersty an determined of all obudget wations out there there is no human exploration in space beyond where we are right now. i was at that meeting and talking about it on facebook. i want to arshtwe share two sp need mecos before exploration.
5:52 am
that's not how i feel i am passionate about space but that is the reality seen here on earth. on the other side, i think you have people saying i think we should focus on hungry children before space. a new celebrity couple sighting. we tell you about it in the buzz. and legends from the world of sport and entertainment we'll be right back. co with more eligible models qualifies to be recycled iyour you can get a $3500 or $4500 government rebate.
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and an illegal immigrant is wanted on drug and gun charge and former vice president cheney is talking about how he felt when president bush turned away from his advice in his sec term. read these stories and more in the examiner. president obama handed out 16 presidential medal of freedom awards at the white house on wednesday. the group was extremely diverse, representing the world's of medicine, entertainment and science. cbs news correspondent karen brown has more. >> sandra day o'connor. >> reporter: they were introduced like rock stars. >> reverend joseph e. lowery but the medal of freedom recipients are stars of human achievement. >> the truest test of a person's life is what we do for one another. >> reporter: in their diversity lies their humanity. >> a good man. >> reporter: the last surviving indian chief, not knowing his greatness was to speak for itself. the first female president of
5:56 am
ireland, stumbling, only to be caught by a movie star. and rivera. >> she knows the adversity it comes with a difficult name. i can relate. >> reporter: sharing a big laugh with president obama. even the first african-american president was humbled by their greatness. >> it has been said that sydney point yea does not make movies he makes milestones. >> he hugged deeply the first black man to win an oscar and placed the highest civilian award on steven hawkings. they were household names like desmond tutu and tennis great billie jean king and also mohammad who was changing the world one microloan at a time. >> lifting millions of people from poverty. >> reporter: the teary eyed daughter of ted kin did
5:57 am
accepted her dad's award and harvey mill was honored post huously. >> harvey said it best, you have to give them hope. >> reporter: a standing ovation for those brave enough to embody hope. >> another of the 16 recipients is a woman we know well here at 9 news and buddy check buddies know her, buddy check brinker. she was receiving support of her fans and none greater than the love and pride if from her family. that's her son eric there and her mother, a beautiful woman who was there to celebrate nancy brinker's achievements. wonderful evening and of course she was the in the bush administration at the end as the -- i forgot what it is head of protocol an the ambassador to hungry. so a lot of ambassadors and
5:58 am
people from the breast cancer community. she changed the conversation all of us in the world are having. >> and you would know covering it. >> no longer talking about the big c. we are smoking out about it and changing and making a difference. very nice. we are buzzing about michael jackson. it has been a month and a half since he died and people are wondering what is his estate worth? we are getting a better picture of that. since he died he earned $100 million through a film deal and recent merchandising contracts. extores expect another $100 million to roll in by the end of the year. you have to say, well, he's in a lot of debt, too. he is over $300 million in debt and that's just on one contract related to the sonny atv music publishing partnership, that's on top of the spending problems that he had. but long term they are saying compare him to elvis for example to see how faestate wil
5:59 am
presley generated $55 million in revenue last year alone. still rolling it in. so you have seen the hangover. >> i have. >> if you have seen the hangover you know who bradley cooper is. he has been reportedly dating jennifer aniston but ambiguous if they ever really were but it doesn't matter now because he's been seen cozying up to renee zellweger in barcelona. by the way, he gutted from georgetown university. >> didn't know that. he is dreamy and smart. >> very good. it is thursday morning. timed arte withthe stwearte with the heanr at e c.aftrfiaffi look outside at e thconditions ave temperatures in wein far north and here rth and to noseea tothe 60sin martinsburg, hagerstown, cumberland and winchester. as for the clouds we don't have many on top of us. a stripe of clearing along 95 between baltimore, dc and fredericksburg. eastern shore of delma


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