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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 3, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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50sin the e thmotamountains. ut southern maryland. 72 this morning and just a tad humid outside. we will see temperatures in the upper 80s and near 90s but a slim chance of a thunderstorm and code yellow moderate on the air quality. we are just coming up on 6:00 a.m. 72 degrees. angie is joining us on the roads. >> not going very fast as we take a live shot of the outer loop. this is the situation on pennsylvania avenue. crash activity has been pushed to the left shoulder. notice it is taking away a left lane as a result of this drivers, the taillights are stacking up to branch avenue. that's not the last of our worries on the capital beltway. taking it to realtime graphics and show you the inner loop. at georgia avenue an accident here. better news on the inner loop at 95 in maryland. the accident has cleared. so far, no major delays just yet. taking it out to 66. heading ebb. things are filling out between
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50 and 123. but a report of an accident heading westbound at nutley. we will stick with the maps and take you to the gw parkway. be aware we have police activity reported here heading southbound at 123 and finally wrap it up through the district. inbound new york avenue. that's how we end it. from the times building to bladensburg road. drivers are below speed. okay florida avenue to the third street tunnel. that's a quick look at traffic. now over to you. a celebration commemorating a new g.i. bill begins our news this morning. president obama will join virginia senator jim webb on the campus of george mason to mark the largest expansion of the bill since world war ii. armando trull is live on the fairfax campus with more. >> reporter: good morning. all of the men and women who have gone in to harm's way after september 11th 2001 are eligible for this new g.i. bill and essentially their bachelors degree will be paid for by uncle sam.
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it is the greatest expansion of veteran benefits since ' 44 when program and the lawmaker who helped to sponsor the bill, virginia senator jim webb will be here to celebrate the occasion. the post 9/11 gism bill is the largest expansion of veteran benefits since world war ii. it gives men and women who serve in the military or are military vets a chance to get a free undergraduate education at an in-state public college or university. as well as allowances for housing and text books. >> that will provide the cost of education for me. it will take care of that and i can focus on my family and make sure their needs are met. >> reporter: virginia senator jim webb sponsored the bill two years ago. >> i know the history of the legislation and what the level of benefits have been in the past. before i even decided to run for office, i felt very strongly that there was an equity issue here. >> reporter: the measure has a
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yellow ribbon component. service members who want to attend a private school are eligible for additional financial help at participating private institutions. audrey, there are thousands of eligible servicemen and women in the metro dc area and hopefully they will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to advance their military careers or their transition from warriors to civilians. reporting live at george mason university, armando trull for 9 news now and the family of a missing navy pilot has answers two decades after his disappearance. scott speicher's f-18 was shout down during the first hours of the persian gulf war. the pentagon confirms remains found buried in the iraqi desert are those of scott speicher scott. his family and friends pressed the military to continue to look for him. they say they now have the closure they have been seeking. diplomates are working to find the status of three morn tourists detained in iran.
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the missing americans were staying in a hotel in northern iraq before going for a hike along the border between iraq and iran. state tv reports the three were arrested after they allegedly crossed the border in to iran. federal authorities are considering a plan to move suspected terrorist held at guantanamo bay to prisons in michigan and kansas. but the ranking republican in the u.s. house says that plan is ill-conceived. ohio congressman john boehner is calling on the administration to go back to the drawing board. the administration has struggled for months how to close the u.s. navy prison at guantanamo. police are searching for the person responsible for shooting four people in prince georges county. the shooting happened yesterday morning in district heights near the 6700 block of atwood street. lice say none of the victims appeared to have life- threatening injuries. they are trying to determine a motive. tight budgets in prince georges county mean some fire
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houses are unstaffed this morning and there aren't enough volunteer firefighters to cover the fire houses that aren't being staffed. however, officials say the public safety is not being compromised by the money-saving measure. they say they have more than enough man power to handle fire and rescue emergencies. this week, we expect to get some answers behind the fire that destroyed a home of former dc school board president peggy cooper. firefighters were helpless to do anything but watch as her house on chain bridge road burned down. the reason is low water pressure. less water from nearby fire hydrants. they are trying to figure out why the pressure was so low an they should issue a report this week. it is time for the living smart segment. we begin with a look at the success of the stimulus. president obama says his $787 billion stimulus plan is responsible for the economy's
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progress. the president says his programs have put the brake on the recession but that much more needs to be done. the popular cash for clunkers program may be suspended unless the senate approves additional funding. the obama administration says the program, which gives americans up to $4,500 for the purpose purchase of a new car could be halted this week. the house of representatives has to approve $2 billion to keep the program going but the senate is yet to act. congress is setting its sights on big banking bonuses. the house voted to restrict controversial compensation packages after nine banks took billions in federal bailout money paid thousands of employees millions in bonuses. the prince georges county council is considering making it more difficult to open check cashing businesses in -- businesses in the county and the reason is their image. some say they want to improve the image by clamping down on
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certain types of businesses like strip clubs, liquor stores, pawnshops and check cashing outlets. virginia shoppers can save with tax free shopping day. starting on friday, shoppers at virginia stores will be exempt from 5% tale seams tax on supplies up to $20 and clothing and shoes up to $100. the annual sales tax holiday ends august 9th. dc and maryland cancelled their days because of budget short falls. research say they discovered a new strain of the virus which causes aids. and a consumer warning, some of those anti-beak door -- bacterial products may actually make you sick. we will have a good start to the day across maryland. we will focus on maryland weather and traffic right now and across maryland look at the temperatures. nice morning out there. don't have much to tell you about other than a few patches
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erstrywema n lawestern mary la 68 andrews and 70 in frederick. as far as this afternoon is concerned, partly to mostly sunny. it will be a very warm day. talking near 90 in a few spots like frederick 9. rockville 88. on the bay annapolis and 85. angie has the maryland traffic. >> we will begin with a live camera of the outer loop at route 4, pennsylvania. look over here and you can see the crash scene pushed to the left shoulder. drivers are a little congeste backed up bato branch avenue. to the graphics. the inner loop at connecticut we have a disabled vehicle blocking the left lane. a report of crash activity and finally i give you 270 southbound from 109 to 111. drivers are using the brakes. they are below speed. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back after these messages. stay with us.
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the people you say it to but also yourself. some people will say what's good about it, some are going to grunt, some will say nothing because you are not saying it for them. you are saying it for you. if you hear good morning enough you will start to believe you will have a good morning and if off good morning then you are on the way to a good afternoon and then to a good evening and then a good day and if you repeat that seven days a good week and if you repeat it for a month, and then 12 months you have had a good year. i started this technique and every year gets better. it sounds simple but profounding impactful on your success and attitude. >> start by saying good morning. this is willy jolly, good morning, folks and have a great day. good morning. i'm kristin fisher with what is hot on the web and one storying you will find on almost every
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major news site and it takes us way back. it is about mozart and a big deal in the music world. researchers in austria announced two musical scores that were previously thought to be anonymous works were actually composed bay young sew mozart. here's one of them. take a listen ♪ [ music ] >> pretty demanding if you ask me. you are listening to a childhood creation of a musical genius. this premiered yesterday in austria. these two compositions have been stored at the international mozart foundation in austria as anonymous works. now the director of the research department believes the works were composed by mozart before he was old enough to write music. get this, his father had to transcribe them. so why is this a big deal in the classical music world?
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because it provides more proof that he was a musical prodigy, in case you needed more evidence. and they also believe this forms an important link between his work in his early years and his work later life. let's look at b@life. let's look at what the websites are saying about this finding. was s talking about taon the thbbc's website. mort 's missing link revealed. this is the most e-mailed story on the bbc's webse g. so morning. m. on music pieces probably composed y young mozart. that's how the story is playing out on the web. if you want to listen to the entire body of work i will have a link on my blog at and i have to say, a lot of times on youtube you will see more superficial celebrity-type stuff. this youtube video of the new mozart work is one of the most popular stories on that site
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this morning. back to you. >> amazing. sounds wonderful. thank you very much. in the news now at 6:14 a new strain of the virus that causes humanitarian aids has been discovered. it differs from the three known strains of hiv and appears to be closely related to a form of the virus recently discovered in wild gorillas. harmful bacteria found in skin products promoted an antibacterial led to a government seizure in roy, utah. u.s. marshals raided a chemistry lab story facility this weekend. the food and drug administration says it is tainted products that claim to treat open wounds, damaged skin and protect against various infectious diseases. the fda is warning the public not to use any of their products. severe weather led to problems in northern maryland. residents say it feel like -- felt like a tornado hit their
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neighborhood. two confirmed tornadoes touched down in frederick and carroll counties causing damage there. we have to send people out to check the pattern of the winds. >> they work with structural engineers and come up with a course for their people and they look how did the trees fall, this way, or some this way and that way. if they fall in one direction they are thinking straight line winds but in opposite directions you know something has rotated. until they get out there, the experts who have the training that's when they determine. and then they determine the extent of the damage and they can make a good guess on the strength. >> we had a couple of them this weekend. >> i posted a report from the weather service at my blog at so you can read about that and we will know about the cecil county one later once the mount
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holly weather service office gets our and looks at that. the next three days with the forecast first. in for quieter weather for a couple of days as we heat up in the upper 80s this afternoon. low to mid-90s tomorrow. some spots pushing to fredericksburg would not surprise me if we got to 95 on tuesday and by wednesday a better chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon with a high temperature in sothe low 90s. this morning partly cloudy. a little muggy. 60s and 70s out there. northwesterly winds at five and that northwesterly wind will bring drier air in here. this afternoon, quite warm. i don't think it will be too humid. maybe just a tad humid today but not bad. 85 to 90. then tonight, outside chance, real slim for an isolated evening thunderstorm shlear to lows in the 60s to lower 70s. checking our the time lapse, fairly quiet out there. sunrise a few minutes away. there we go. and a little haze out there, as
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well. 71 degrees at national, a northwest wind at seven. relative humidity is 84%. and dew points have come down a bit. 70 on friday and now 67. still up there. 68 at montgomery county. 72 easton and cambridge. 68 in winchester this morning and in hagerstown 69 and even in newland 75 degrees for the northern neck. the big weather problem this morning has to be in the upper midwest. we have storms in central oklahoma. the line of showers and storms from iowa and illinois, missouri and chicago may get some of this and cause flight delays if you are traveling that way. otherwise between this front and this front. so at least for a couple of days only a slim chance of a thunderstorm. here's your seven-day forecast. here's your seven-day forecast -- we will get there
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eventually. i will go the long way. temperatures in the low 90s tomorrow. thank you. 88 degrees. 92 tomorrow. closer to 95 in a few spots. wednesday 91 with a bert chance of storms and cool it off to the mid 80s by friday. again an afternoon thunderstorm. >> here's your traffic report. >> i'm here. don't worry. no technical malfunctions here. thanks for joining us. it is 18 minutes after the 6:00 hour. this is what we have for you. on the outer loop at route 4. that's where we have crash activity to the left shoulder. drivers are a little slow around the route 5 branch after avenue area document the maps of the inner loop at connecticut. just skipped over it a disabled vehicle is blocking the left lane. police and fire are out on the scene there and then on the inner loop at georgia. a report of crash activity f. we advance the graphic i can show you on the gw parkway,
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northbound from -- around 123 is where we have police activity reported going southbound from the beltway to the key bridge. a crystal clear commute. live from 95 northbound from the prince william parkway to lorton. i'm tracking the trip and saying it will take 12 minutes if you were to hit the road right now. and if we go back to the graphics i can show you the dulles toll road. fine as drivers make their way from the greenway to the capital beltway. they still remain at speed. that's a look at traffic. now over to you. thank you very much. the nats look too extend their road winning streak and problems with the redskins offense have become the main topic at training camp. it is time for the signs of now question.
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the first was poor little nelson. we begin our look at the sports headlines with the nationals. the nats were in pittsburgh looking for another win. a runner on for ronnie. and pittsburgh putts the nats up 2-1 n. the seventh josh willinghams gets the guys back on track. the nats take this from pittsburgh with a score of 5-3. the nats can even the series with a win tonight. at camden yards the orioles hosted the red sox. top of the third, the o's down 6-0 when josh goes yard. the orioles never stood a chance giving up 18 runs.
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the score 18-10. this weekend tiger proved once again he is nearly back in top form. on the fourth hole tiger was tied for the lead at 17 under. then he would distance himself hitting a 15-footer regaining the lead and then on 18, tiger was a three shot lead and would hit a long birdie putt for the win. look at this. isn't it beautiful? oh, no. he misses that one. he scores on, his fourth tour win and get this his 69th of his career. another day and another world record from michael phelps at the world championship in italy. yesterday he was part of the usa's 400-meter medley which broke the record the usa team set in beijing. phelps wrapped up with five golds and a silver. not bad for a guy that took six months off. before the start of camp, one of the concerns was the
6:25 am
offensive line and it appears those concerns are still rapid. so far in camp the o line has been dominate bad the d line. the work of the d line led to campbell being picked off three times. in fairness, the league's fourth ranked defense had only gotten better with the addition of haynesworth. >> there's reason for the scrutiny and criticism but we take it to heart and just made us work that much harder. everybody is focused on the job at hand and the improvements we have to make. >> we can't wear out. our starters have to be able to play 16 games and playoffs. and you can hear more from the skins post practice press conferences, feature story and video blog. it is all on our website at go to the sports section and click on the training camp icon. the ravens got a welcome
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edition this weekend. a guy who was a subtraction. the top receiver derrick mason retired less than three weeks ago. on saturday he did an about face and decided to come back for the 13th nfl season. the first practice was on sunday. a new psychiatric hospital in our region is criticized for being too small before it even opens. and metro riders shouldn't expect things to improve anytime soon on the red line. lanes are all a go on the toll road eastbound through herndon, reston and mclean. more realtime roads when we return. outside on the weather terrace a few clouds but a nice start to the workweek. we have some changes in the form of heat. we will talk about that and let you know when the next chance of thunderstorms is when 9 news now returns. r42rpp
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(announcer) new icy hot medicated roll. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control. dozens of dc residents took part in free health screenings this week. the health screenings were provided by the united medical center foundation. the nonprofit organization is dedicated to improving health and wellness education for residents of the district.
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6:30. howard is out on the weather terrace with a look at what to expect today. how's it feeling out there. >> pretty good. a tad bit of humidity here but a comfortable morning across the region. a good start to the week. not until wednesday is when i expect the thunderstorm chances will pick up. t dw es thist esthis morning and storms off shore but oklog inodlooking odrug inn 70s now. lower 70s in town. we sit at 71. some 60s to the west of us in shenandoah valley and culpeper, 63. look at the mountains in the 50s in oakland. today upper 80s with a lot of sunshine and a slim chance of a thunderstorm. angie goff, it is 6:31. >> thank you very much. just a reminder i'm broadcasting live from behind the scenes of the morning show all morning at my blog at
6:32 am when incidents like this pop up i talk about them. southeast dc, a pedestrian has been struck. we have crews on the scene at the intersection of massachusetts and 14th. please use a lot of caution heading that way. in virginia we take it outside and show you 66 eastbound. it is a slow ride we are tracking from route 50 to 123 an things open up as you approach the beltway. keeping over to 395 an stay in virginia. heading northbound we are below speed. this main slow go stretches from duke to seminary and to wrap it up we give you route 4, rout 5 and the suitland parkway. zooming in. notice no incidents or accidents to report on any of the roads and on the outer loop at route 4 pennsylvania the accident has cleared. audrey, over to you. >> us servicemen and women are getting an upgrade. not on the battlefield but in the classroom. the new g.i. bill gives them a chance at better lives after the
6:33 am
military. armando trull is live on the campus of george mason university where president obama will holdal celebration event for the bill. armando? >> it is not just after they leave the military, any active serviceman or woman, who began to serve after september 11th, 2001, is eligible for essentially a bachelor's degree at uncle sam's expense. every man and woman, who currently wear the military uniform or served in the armed services in the past will have a chance at free tuition toward a bachelor's free at a public university. this is great news for vets who have had to strug until the past. >> some nights i don't sleep because i wonder how i will pay my electric or phone bills or if that much my next set of tuition. >> better late than never. that's the way i look at it. >> reporter: it provides housing and text book allowances also. it is the largest expense of veteran benefits since world
6:34 am
war ii says the bill's sponsor. >> reporter: this is a huge step. >> reporter: the measure provides addition am assistance for those who want attend a private university. there are thousands of active servicemen and women who are eligible in the metro dc area and hopefully they will take advantage of this opportunity, not only to advance their military careers but also their careers when they enter civilian life. reporting live at george mason university, armando trull for 9 news now and metro riders should continue to expect delays on the red line. this weekend, the national transportation safety board said it completed its testing of train control equipment at the site of last month's fatal train crash. however, metro will replace the track circuitry in that area between takoma park and the fort taughten station. the work should take a month. dc officials say a new psychiatric hospital will not be big enough to house the
6:35 am
anticipated number of stations when the facility opens next year. dc council member says the $157 million, 293 bed facility on the campus of saint elizabeth hospital will be about 70 beds short. dc officials say when the facility was designed several years ago it was thought more people would receive treatment at community hospitals. that does not appear to be the case. in the dc council has voted to extend unemployment benefits for thousands of city residents for an additional 20 weeks. the benefits of 5,000 people would have expired if the legislation had not passed. mayor fenty says the vote will help to alleviate the burden felt by many households and provide some job training. in living smart the cost of a public school education is skyrocketing. the per student expenditure in our region this year is
6:36 am
$14,240. up from $9,800 in 2002. however, while we're spending more, we're not getting as much. education officials say there have been only minor improvements in standardized test scores and graduation rates since then. the $19 cap on taxi cab rides that begin and end in the district has been lifted. the dc council has done away with the cap calling it arbitrary and unfair. it was put in to place after the old zone fare system was replaced with metered cab fare. it goes in to affect on october 1st. the happiest place on earth is now proving to be one of the least family friendly, as well. a one-day visit to disney world in orlando, florida will cost $79, up from 75. the same ticket for a child between the ages of 3 and 9 will be increasing from $63 to $68.
6:37 am
prices also increased for the resort's multiday ticket packages. fairfax wins its bid to host an international contest featuring emergency workers, and this weekend was a challenging one for two major airlines. look at virginia weather and traffic. but right now we will talk about the virginia weather. pretty quiet out there. no thunderstorms to tell you about this morning and other than isolated patch of fog, part clomostly cloudy skies. mid-60s in togeanor to winch 67. 71 at women dulles. and 72 quantico and ft. belvoir. very warm 90 in fredericksburg, 86 in winchester. get an update on virginia traffic this morning. >> that's what i'm here for. focus on virginia. crawling from duke to seminary. this is volume. in incidents or accidents here for this slow go.
6:38 am
take it over to rosslyn. wilson boulevard and lynn street where it is light. pedestrians are crossing here and finally let's wrap it up with the gw parkway, heading southbound nothing but green cars from the beltway to the key bridge. the time is 6:38. we have more weather, news and traffic just for you when 9 news now returns. stay with us. yeah, no it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake,
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welcome back. this is your living green tip of the day. produce in most supermarkets traveled 1500 miles before arriving at the shelves. it is not as fresh as local produce but the gas from shipping it is a large cribber to green house gases. next time you are cooking dinner, try to buy produce from local farmers or even better some of the farmers markets.
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remember the air force one scare in new york city. it is a white house photo op gone terribly wrong. the air force released several documents about that incident on its website. punctures, e-mails. all released in response to several foi requests or freedom of information requests from various news organizations. so i want to show you whatatu yo will find if you go to that . re is right now.u i will have a link to it on my w u atfigousa9.c@w. what you will . find here is th flight authorization right thale e.tuac pictures tuof the oto op d anansupporting nt o yrnstve egontlsmeai-mcudo. s.nt mostly government e-mails. i'd like ta sto rtntwith the pictures because they are impressive but unfortunately this coerutmp will not open wee. from this itbs so i apologize but i highly recommend you check them out. i will have a link ony ecblog
6:43 am
at what we do have, there are huof ea erha grnedot a great job of putting together a compilation of some of e th most interesting tidbits you will find on that site d ani want to share some with you this morning. the thing i find fascinating isn it breaks down how the story played out, en it watialre med the people responsible for it were thinkinge rsfit one, the first inkling something fih gone wrong. this is from somebody the air fo photo fly by in new york. had a it causedistress. if you scroll wn doremos.and o continuing to read the blogs. still ugly. this of course ew is ns ismiutnn thed scth e d arat air force one caused on the irground and it reads the white house press secretary got asked about it knewng his daily brief and
6:44 am
in nothing. nice word for r itit new w york were pretty upset. you casee more and more people are finding out this g a bi. de ale th a big deal. e it. if about it. if you go down longer you can see them saying, do not answer the mail unless ordered to do so. a fascinating look at how a crisis plays out in the government and i will have links on my blog at back to you. >> very interesting surfing. thank you very much. if you are heading out in the next 15 minutes or so, umbrella, no umbrella. >> not today. a slim chance we will see something in the afternoon but with rain chances 10%, i have one for this evening just in case but it is not going to happen today or tomorrow. wednesday will be a much better chance. i say that right, famous last words. today really slim. talk about the forecast for the next three days.
6:45 am
temperatures are warming up and a front in the middle of the week will cool us off for thursday and friday. today upper 80s. tomorrow, 90, 95 in a few spots. 92 for national and 91 on wednesday with a better chance of some afternoon boomers in the daytime heat. partly cloudy, muggy this morning. readings in the 60s and 70s. a few 50s in the mountains in garrett county. northwest winds five miles an hour. for this afternoon, partly sunny, quite warm. sunset 8:17. other than a slim chance of an isolated storm it will be cloudy with lows in the 60s and 70s. 74 on the bay this morning at the naval academy. 76 on the bay in the northern neck. we will go west and 66 from orange. culpeper last hour 63. and 67 from winchester martinsburg 69 hagerstown and 68 frederick. good morning, manassas, you are 70 and in town we have 71
6:46 am
degrees at reagan national with a light northwesterly wind and a pretty comfortable morning. as we look around the country we are in good shape. some thunderstorms, though, big ones here in northern michigan back to milwaukee. this stuff will come close to chicago and we will see how much it will impact the air travel, even over to des moines and illinois and missouri getting in on the thunderstorm activity. other than that we have a front off shore. we have this front. we are in between the two. with that happening. high pressure will build in and give us a good day today and tomorrow. look at the computer modeling. in good shape. nothing near us. through tomorrow, after noon, some of this activity, maybe a little popup thunderstorm indicated here. we had an isolated storm tomorrow afternoon and by wednesday, as this gets closer to us we will have to see how much that bubbles up with the daytime heating. talk about the seven-day forecast because we have the heat for the first part of the
6:47 am
week and as we go to the weekend part of the week temperatures which will be dropping off back to seasonal levels. 88 degrees this afternoon. slim chance of a storm. 92 tomorrow. it will be a hot one. by wednesday some afternoon storms and 91. thursday and friday we fall in the middle 80s. again a chance of a couple of afternoon thunderstorms. it is 6:46. we say good morning to angie. >> good morning to you, howard and everyone who is joining us so early on this monday morning. i hate to tell you but we have a jam up on 270 southbound from 124 montgomery village avenue to sean shady grove. the good news is this is volume. no incidents or accidents along the way. to the outer loop we are watching the taillights stack up from 95 to georgia. good morning, virginia. virginia, virginia. 395 here's your camera. drivers are below speed duke to seminary. okay, crossing the 14th street
6:48 am
bridge. the inner loop, we are tracking the average speed from 95 to 66. in the green. drivers on average going 64 miles an hour. and finally i give you inbound new york avenue. we are a bit heavy. lain lanes are open from the times building to this spot at bladensburg road. before we go, i have some fabulous viewers to share with you. say hello to stylist james cornwell and maria watkins. thank you for making washington look so good and waking up with 9 news now. over to you. this proved to be a tough weekend for delta and northwest airlines. a delta flight was preparing to take off yesterday from reagan national national airport when the plane experienced engine failure. passengers and crew were removed as a safety precaution and putt on another plane headed to kennedy airport. a northwest jet blew five tires as it landed at minneapolis saint paul international. the incident forced airport officials to close one runway for several hours.
6:49 am
no passengers were on board the plane at the time. in another incident, a second northwest flight had to make an emergency landing in rochester, new york as an indicator alerted the crew to a fire extinguish wisher had gone off in the cargo area. no one was hour. a growing effort to require older drivers to take a road test before renewing their license is coming under fire from the american association of retired persons. new hampshire and illinois already require elderly drivers to take a road death when they renew their licenses. lawmakers in massachusetts are considering a bill. the aarp says requiring only older drivers to take a road test is discrimination. they say doctors should decide if an older person is unfit to drive. >> we know if we improve the medical reporting system there will be a reduction in fatalities. we know if we require in-person renewals there will be a
6:50 am
reduction in fatalities. >> a person is road tested at 16 1/2 and never again. that's crazy. >> reporter: according to the national highway safety transportation, by the age of 80, elderly drivers are just as likely as 17-year-olds to be involved in fatal crashes. fairfax will host the 2015 world police and fire games. fairfax had been in competition with toronto and winnipeg to be the host city. the event is expected to draw 10,000 police officers, firefighters and correctional officers. organizers say they plan to hold opening ceremonies at nationals park. many of the events will be taking place at george mason university. the fate of michael jackson's estate could be decided during a court hearing later today. and american children could be at great risk for high blood pressure. i'm maggie rodriguez. coming up we team with the
6:51 am
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the wife of don young has died. lou young was 67. a spokesman for the alaska
6:54 am
republican says don died at the great falls, virginia home the cause of death has not been determined. the youngs have been married 46 years. later today a los angeles judge may decide the status of two men currently controlling michael jackson's multimillion- dollar estate. court filings have shown the two received $5.5 million and taken possession of much of the late pop star's property. seven out of ten children in the u.s. have low levels of vitamin d. a new study says it puts them at risk of bone disease and high blood pressure. one researcher calls the findings shocking and says kids need more milk and fish and other foods rich in vitamin d. the american academy of pediatrics recommends that children also take a vitamin d supplement daily. 71 degrees and 77 by 9:00. looking for a high in the upper 890s. partly to mostly sunny skies.
6:55 am
angie has the traffic and i will have the seven-day forecast when 9 news now returns. b@ you know what i love about raisin bran crunch®?
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how are we doing. >> your immune system is -- >> your accent is very thick. ever notice your accent makes things sound worse than they actually are. >> the new movie, the serious side of adam sander will approved to be a hit this weekend. it claimed $23 million. the movie star sandler is a terminally ill come median and rounding out the top five, harry potter, g-force, the ugly truth and aliens this the attic. >> producer heather saw the
6:59 am
ugly truth. it is about a tv producer. >> don't know any of those. >> we know b@some great ones. outer loop we are jammed but before that a pedestrian had been struck at 14th and massachusetts. crews are on the scene. be careful. look at the outer loop to give you a picture to the right. drivers with are below speed and 270 southbound from montgomery village avenue to montross road you are slow but that is just volume. in good shape today and tomorrow. by wednesday a better chance of storms and 91 and cooler on thursday and friday with afternoon thunderstorms. >> thank you, howard. and thank you for watching. the "early show" is next and they will have more on the growing trend of volunteer vacations. and tasty cooking from poplar springs. >> sounds good. and we will be


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