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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 30, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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you, go to and click on living green now. dc firefighters battle pressure and hydrant problems as well as the flames that destroyed a home in northwest washington. good morning, everyone. i'm andrea roane. angie has the traffic. we start with howard bernstein. good morning to you and how good of a morning is it? >> the stars are out in many areas. we will start nice and as far as thunderstorms, there's a tree down in allegheny county, maryland. we had tree damage yesterday. tomorrow things will pick up a little bit as far as that is concerned. get you ououe do and ll you what is happening. the storms we had yesterday, you see how quickly that has ann we lled in to new england. weavcle red out nicely this morning. still some stssf roac ke akyuc n kente ad anndte nnessee and vi ngbearriving afternoon. roafternoon. inbe good d be ingood shape. a few clouds this afternoon.
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temperatures in he 770s. a few 60s ouerthbue t in ooas w martinsburg, 68 winchester, leesburg 73. lack at temperatures in the mid to upper 80s with an outside chance of a thunderstorm. it is 5:00 and time for traffic with angie goff. >> thank you, howard. we are getting closer to the weekend. we begin with a tieup at the parkway. it is taking away the right lane for drivers. moving in to virginia, eastbound 66, no issues to report out of gainesville through centreville to dc. 395 northbound is delay free from the beltway in to the district. going back out to 270, we take you to maryland, heading southbound from 109 to 1 1 a good amount of volume but no significant delays and finally the outer and inner loop in maryland. finding lanes wide open from 95
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to georgia and vice-versa and beyond. over to andrea. a dc resident loses a home and there's a chance it would have been -- could have rebetefu rs had trouble getting water on the fire. the house near american eriv untysiand the home burned for hours. armando trull is live from the scene with more. >> reporter: there are still fire crews on the scene to make sure any hot spots that flair up are quickly contained. neighbors say they heard an explosion last night and shortly thereafter a two-alarm place blaze which consumed the home. >> this is what million dollars looked like as they went up in fire and smoke. the p.m. blaze totally gutted a chain bridge road mansion blogging to the former president of the dc board of education. >> the residents are out of town from what i understand from neighbors.
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>> we have a second alarm fire. stubborn fire. >> reporter: firefighters say low water pressure in this exclusive american university neighborhood severely hindered their efforts to contain the fire. >> during the process, the units are on the scene. firefighters were struggling with water pressure. >> you are looking at a live scene of a fire truck at the foot of a hill. the home that bushed is actually all the way up the hill. if you see the hoses as they snake down, this is the situation that firefighters had to deal with. these hoses snake all the way down to almost 2 and a half blocks away. can you imagine the type of pressure needed to get the water up the hill, back up another hill and that's what firefighters say hindered their efforts last night. armando trull for 9 news now and we have learned the identity of a man shot and killed in maryland yesterday
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morning. montgomery county police say he is eladora hernandez. police responded to check out a 911 hang up call. one officer fired twice. one round struck and killed hernandez who had a bb gun and knife by his side. banita jacks could spend the rest of her life in prison for killing her four daughters. a judge found her guilty of the murders yesterday. federal marshalls funnel their bodies in the southeast dc home when they served an eviction notice in january of 2008. jacks will be sentenced in october. tomorrow the dc city council is set to vote on a series of tax hikes and school cuts. council members discussed the cuts in a closed-door session the plan would avoid hikes in income and property taxes but
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would up the gas tax and possibly the sales tax as well as higher tobacco taxes. >> i have a problem with paying higher tacks to reduce dc's defense unless i have a sense that they will do a more efficient job of managing their resources. >> reporter: the dc school system could take a hit of $45 million. you can read more on bruce johnson's blog at it is five after the hour. time for the first "living "living $mart" report of the morning and jessica has a preview of the day ahead on wall street. looking at a nice rally at the opening bell. according to futures trading. we'll take it, right? ever. on tap the earnings report from international paper and the weekly jobless claims. the nikkei fell 0.1% an the
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hang seng 0.4%. the nasdaq lost 8, the s&p dropped 4. and the dow lost 26. microsoft and yahoo reached an agreement on internet search. they plan to gang up on google using microsoft's new search engine bing. they get 88% of the revenue for the first five years of the deal. reach out and touch someone for free. a new free directory assistance provider. 1-800-free-411. itlets you make a call to anyone in the world free and there is a catch of course you have to listen to a couple of ten-second adds to get the call. >> free and you are saving us more money. in the money saving tip of the day in a half hour we are swapping frequent flier miles for free trips. an update on a dc girl
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quarantined in china for nine days with the h1n1 flu. she was one of nine students in her tour group diagnosed with the virus but the last to be released from the hospital. she has rejoined the group at a beijing hotel. four u.s. senate pages are showing symptoms of the h1n1 flu virus and have been quarantined. they are all improving and should be back at work today or tomorrow. >> the nation's lawmakers maybe closer to reaching a deal on health care. house leaders and fiscally conservative democrats say they have agreed on a deal which cuts more than $100 billion from the rover haul plan. this comes as the president hits the road to promote the program and assure americans this is about covering the uninsured and not diminishing the quality of care. >> we're not going to be changing your system if you are happy with what you have got. under the reform that i
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proposed, if you like your doctor you'll keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you will keep your plan. now, if you are one of 46 million americans who don't have health care coverage, you'll finally be able to get quality, affordable coverage. >> reporter: a vote on the house by the energy and commerce committee could come as early as today. days after the murder of a pregnant woman, police find her baby alive. that story is coming up. plus, the secretary of defense says thousands of military families may get to see their loved ones return from iraq ahead of schedule. if you have gone organic in an effort to stay healthy, doctors say the change may not be doing you much good.
5:09 am ar wangar up to weather- related isinth thisth modowned
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tree. it is angie with traffic in realtime coming up. in the news now, coming up on 5:10, police in massachusetts have found a baby girl cut from her ermoth's womb alive at a new hampshire hospital. investigators arrested 35-year- old julie corey an unidentified man after friends were suspicious of corey's claims she had given birth. the infant mother darlene hanes was found murdered on monday. so secretary of defense says up to 5,000 u.s. troops may leave iraq early. visiting iraq yesterday, secretary gates said a reduction in violence could lessen the need for those units. most of the 130,000 american troops in iraq are scheduled to stay until after national elections in january. authorities are evacuating people in washington state because of a lightning-sparked wildfire. the flames burned more than
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1,000-acres. fire crews will be battling the record heat that is torching the upper northwest. there's a scientific reason why we never forget how to ride a bike. that's coming up in what's on the web. plus, severe storms are causing problems out west near the rockies, but is it a s&p system we need to worry about? howard? >> we will get a break today but more storms in the seven- day forecast. those details and let you know if it will heat up9 nemows9 news now this morning returns. so when you said you bring fiber optic
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all the way to the home, you meant... we bring fiber optic all the way to the home. um... which gives you more bandwidth than cable. so you can upload faster. so it's like comparing a horse and buggy to a sports car. am i the, uh, horse? (announcer) it's a whole new internet. only verizon's 100% fiber optic network makes uploading as easy as downloading. because your internet's not fast unless it's two-way fast.
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because your internet's not fast
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we have good news about the maryland golf pro who was struck by lightning last week. danny shanz was on congressional golf course when storms hit last thursday. doctors at washington hospital center upgraded his condition from serious to fair and expect him to fully recover. very good news. severe weather brought hail and flooding to parts of southern colorado last night. while colorado springs saw heavy rain and street flooding p pueblo county got so much hail the ground was covered in white. they expect more stormy weather there today. >> howard county just started a program with the national weather service. this is the first county in the country that is upgrading hundreder to the same
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importance as lightning because thunder is caused by lightning. they want folks in their county and everybody should take it serious. hopefully other people will hop on board. we have the chat room open. if you would like to join us go to you can track storms all the time not only with doppler but interactive radar. check it out. check out the forecast for the next three days. today is the opening of training camp. a lot of people will be outside. a good deal of sunshine this morning but this afternoon, clouds will thicken up a little bit. could get an isolated storm. still warm and slop on the sun screenment don't be shy about that one. upper 80s to near 90 if we get the sun long enough. tomorrow scattered storms in the afternoon. temperature in the upper 80s and on saturday perhaps an early shower. otherwise looking good with highs in the upper 80s.
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this morning some sunshine. it is a bit humid. a few spots in the 60s but a lot of 70s out there. northwesterly winds southwesterly at five to ten and highs 86 to 90 under mostly cloudy skies and again that threat for isolated thunderstorm. the sunsets 8:21. mostly cloudy tonight, an isolated shower or thunderstorm. better chances will be out west in the mountains. lows upper 60s to low 80s. some showers and tornado warnings yesterday. looked at the damage reports, wind damage reports in western maryland. thank. i will we really didn't get the tornadoes from this. we certainly had spinning thunderstorm super cells if you will. last night heavy showers. in northern maryland the mess pulling north and east. in good shape. the time lapse, a cloud or two going by but generally clear skies this morning. it is a muggy one out there with a dew point at 80 and a temperature of 73.
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relative humidity is 81%. readings to our south and east in cambridge, 77 still. almost 72 from quantico. manassas is 70. frederick 70. hague herstown, good morning, you are 73 and in western maryland 68. as we head to friday a couple of things. a couple of storms. but as this system leaves more energy out here and even this guy in the midwest will head east and give more triggers and focal points for thunderstorms to develop. by no stretch are we done with storms for this week. here's the seven day. upper 80s today. isolated storm. scattered thunderstorms on friday afternoon in to friday night. saturday, keep your fingers crossed. after the morning we are in good shape and could see a few storms with the upper 80s. angie is stepping in and i like that dress, angie. >> thanks. got to wear something bright to brighten this rainy day. hello, everybody. thanks for joining us. just a reminder, i'm
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simulcasting, the gloomy day. 17 minutes after the phi clock hour. get started with the live camera. 95 northbound from dale boulevard to the capital beltway. no problems at this time. we will switch it over and show you 66 eastbound. incident free from gainesville to manassas to the beltway. taking it to realtime graphics for you. here we are route 4, route 5, 301, we will give this a thumbs up. on 270 from germantown on down, a little volume but overall no significant delays. wrap it up with inbound new york avenue. no delays from the times building to bladensburg road. >> in the living well headlines, more on concerns about a cancer cluster in montgomery county. in january, residents near hempstone avenue in poesville raised concerns about the number of cancer cases in their neighborhood. the centers for disease control studied specific cases and determined there is in cancer cluster present but the agency
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plans to monitor the area. the couldn't i can is undertaking its own report, examining residents environmental concerns. that study should be finished sometime this year. new researchers -- new research shows organic food has no nutritional or health benefit over ordinary food. they reviewed the scientific published over the last 50 years and could not find any significant proof th atgoing organic is healthier, however it did not focus on the erffdice ffof chemical levelsof between organic and nonorganic foods. in the global organic market is estimated to be $48 billion. time to say good morning to kristin fisher and find out what is happening on the web. >> that's right. time to look at the top stories on the web right now. these are the stories gaining the most traction on-line as you get ready toe rkwo the work y.t nu er one is a a sty ord anth ' andrea has told you a little
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bit lin imassachusetts have o s tt mba alive at hampshire hospital. ophao shire mpspital. alve been arre ed inin the case. muered ay> ed ed onmo. nd ou yghphrase it isst raphse it e ernd ed why you tebike. te a am of neuro scientists a y saey coswthervethe an eranand it has dowido with a key nerve cell in the brain memories for momo ntro memori for motor cal after mete especi fallyat orespecially for 5:20 ony iny the morninmore about learn ormore about nklink link to it onmy blog fithe fithe te a te gierover a cheat cheat on t on y stpeorgr ouof about e t oggrar the wikipedia entry for that
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inkblot test becausit thshows -- i'm going to inshow it to yo t righ right now. the ths why ig inoralloinkbts igorinal inkbloh stmm esoncoespo rnsfoe r each one. they say it is g innsst aanr we posting an answer exto nto next year'ssat but so far wikipedia is not backing down. the nationals try to stay on the hot streak and coach zorn throws down the gauntlet to redskins veterans. sports is coming up. it is 78 -- 73 degrees and you are watching 9 news now. b@@
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here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday today. nationals are looking to take the series from thes today. they played game three last night. zimmerman had two rbis including two on this single in
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the sixth. it put dc up but the old problem again the bull pen couldn't keep it together. casey mcgee had a two run hit in the bottom of the sickth. the nats snap their four-game winning streak. the redskins training camp gets underway this morning with all of the team's rookies except one, orap coe is yet to sign and without one practice being held the camp has two position battles brewing. zorn declared the starting job at wide receiver and wide tackle are wide open. zorn also said that antawn would have to work hard to keep his starting position as the team's number two receiver. >> we're going to have a few guys in the mix for that flanker position, santana moss will be our x receiver. right now, antawn, who came in here and yelled it out, you could see his enthusiasm.
5:26 am
he is going to have to fight hard to keep that position as the flanker and he's easily the third receiver, but is he our second sever? >> reporter: don't forget nine sports will have wall to wall coverage today. brett haber and brian mitchell will have live reports each day and plus features and uncut interviews on the sports page at multiple sources say the ravens are working on a trade for brandon marshall. baltimore is desperate for a receiver since the retirement of mason. marshalled a 104 catches for denver last year. one day after his first loss in four years, michael phelps reacted by swimming faster. at the world championships in rome, phelps rebounded from his 200-meter free-style loss with a world record in the 200-meter fly with a time of 1:51:51.
5:27 am
he shattered the previous mark. he surpassed the great mark fit who had 33. it is dubbed the beer summit. a preview of the president's meeting with the black professor and white police officer involved in an alleged racial profiling incident. and more questions about water problems this morning after fire destroys a dc home. here's angie. wake up, wake up. it is 5 listen 27 on this -- 5:27 on this thursday. we are traveling from the bay bridge to the beltway. we have traffic and weather together when 9 news now returns. stay with us. fa
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dates back to 1925. it was made popular by the children's book misty. thanks for joining us this thursday morning. angie will have the traffic in a moment. but first howard has the forecast. it is not gloomy and it is not cloudy, right, howard. >> it is beautiful outside. >> you have been seeing stars. >> my coffee is finished so i'm waking up. we're not perfect here early in the morning. so cut me slack. >> was all good. i was looking at the seattle stuff and on the blog i posted the seattle record report. they had 103 yesterday hottest they have ever been. 26 degrees above average. if we were 26 above average we would have hit 114. and most don't have air conditioning. >> look at the time lapse. a morn morning. just a spectacular start to the day day erteesatmp ure inth temperatures in the 70s nospots
5:31 am
60s and g. to fog. mid toth widawith isolated thunderstorm. 5:30. coming up on 5:31. angie has the traffic. >> we will kick things off with realtime graphics for you. 95en this the bw parkway, better news out here. the accident at route 50 is now clear. it is crystal clear for both roads down to the capital beltway. outside on 270, turn on those cameras from 109 to 121. no stack ups yet. approaching the split you are okay, as well. hey hey, virginia, i-95 is looking fine. that's the next stop from dumfries to the mixing bowl and finally round it out with the beltway in virginia where from 95 to 66 nothing but pretty green cars telling us the drivers are moving at speed. that's a quick look at traffic. now, back to you. it is called the beer summit and takes place later today at the white house. president obama will sit down with the black scholar and white police officer who have
5:32 am
drastically different accounts of what happened when the two crossed paths and cambridge, massachusetts earlier this month. susan roberts has more. >> reporter: the drinks are on the house tonight, the white house. president obama has invited harvard scholar henry lewis gates and sergeant cames crowley over for a beer, hoping they can finally put to rest the controversy over racial profiling that erupted last week. >> the president will drink bud light. the professor said he like red stripe and sergeant crowley mentioned he liked blue moon. >> reporter: while they sip beers at a picnic table they will look for common ground. gates accused him of racism for arresting him in his own home. and he said that he was disorderly and belligerent. the touchy situation got worse when president obama said the police acted stupidly. the president said later he should have calibrated his words differently and both men
5:33 am
overreacted. >> my sense is you have two good people in a circumstance in which neither of them were able to resolve the incident in the way it should have been resolved. >> reporter: both gates and crowley are expected to bring family members with them for what is caused a very casual affair. one that president obama hopes will lead to improved relations between police and minority communities. susan roberts, cbs news, washington. today services will be held for three victims of a helicopter crash. the chopper crashed last thursday night near hagerstown, maryland. they were returning from a charity event where they gave helicopter rides to raise money for troubled youth. services will be held at 2:00 in damascus. then at 6:00 this evening family and friends will attend a visitation for george tutor. at 7 p.m. a viewing will be held for jeff
5:34 am
nordaas in columbia. he will be buried on friday. arrangements have not been announced for boothe. the national transportation safety board says there were changes to metro's train signals before the deadly red line crash. the equipment was replaced five days before the june 22nd crash. investigators are looking in to whether replacing it may have affected the system's performance. dc fire officials acknowledge that water problems hampered efforts to save a home. firefighters had trouble enough water pressure to douse the flames at 30 chain bridge road. this morning, little but the foundation is left. we have more on the story. >> let me show you how daunting a task dc firefighters face. look at this hose. this hose snakes all the way
5:35 am
down the hill to the end of the hill and around the block to a fire hydrant. the fire was not at that end. the fire is actually all the way up this hill, past that fire engine that you see and half way up the other hill. is it any wonder it took over four hours -- low water pressure in this exclusive american neighborhood are to blame for the fire department's inability to fight the blaze for hours. >> firefighters did the best they could under the circumstances, but it will be a big loss. >> reporter: the fire that began at 8 p.m. and was raging by midnight destroyed the chain bridge road mansion an extensive art collection inside. the home's owner was away on
5:36 am
vacation. the home's caretaker was also away. two dogs were rescued by neighbors. this morning the question the neighbors face is despite their very expensive property taxes and their very expensive income taxes, how safe are they should there be another fire. reporting live, armando trull for 9 news now and it is time for another "living $mart" report and digital correspondent jessica doyle is back with really good news about the economy and something we could use. >> you can't hear this enough. we are hearing that the recession, the worst that we have had in five decades that it is actually easing. that's according to a new report from the federal reserve. the beige book survey finds the pace of the recession has slowed or now in fact stable in most areas of the country. the job market is extremely weak but the housing mark is improving in some places. here home prices have risen two months in a row. a lot of people are turning
5:37 am
in old gas guzzlers for the cash for clunkers rebate, the latest tay 1600,0clunkers have been 00turned in, equaling $69 million and the government says 22,000 new car dealers have signed up for the program. it is time for the money- saving tip of the day. are you a couple of frequent flier miles short of a free ticket? do you have miles from another airline lying around that you aren't likely togues, think of swapping extra les to score the trip. several websites alw u yoto t,and the ane th u yos leu want on anher airline. then you . s no thcharge for listing but consumers on both ends pay a fee as high as $180. if you ced ckout loyalty, frequent and pointsom and check with e inthairline before you make ththe ade. it may beeapechr to buy needed miomfr them. you can get more money-saving tips on my blog at the
5:38 am >> thank you for the advice. another hearing is scheduled for the accused holocaust shooter. a grand jury indicted james von brunn on first-degree murder charges and hate crimes. stephen johns was shot to death in the attack. other guards then shot james von brunn in the case. he is still hospitalized. you can read the entire indictment on our website at some of the goods seized in a raid at a chefferry pawnshop are back in the store they came from. it appears six hi-def tvs were stolen from a wal-mart last month. they were among the items believed seized tuesday when they raided the maryland computer exchange. investigators were back at the shop yesterday seeing if if they could match up stolen good reports around the county. legal trouble for the mayor this morning. that story is coming up. plus, a deputy's patrol car camera shows a driver missing stops but the real surprise is
5:39 am
who's behind the wheel. angie. >> it is thursday and we are tracking the traffic on the dulles toll road from the againway to the beltway. let me tell you the lanes are wide open for business. more news is next. stay with 9 news now. it is 5:38. saidid s had d 4.4.9 ininches o rain since monday down there in the northern neck. we have had not even an inch at national for the month. big cluster of storms in the
5:40 am
middle of the country. the northern plains, oklahoma and texas looking at rain this at least for today. storms are back in the forecast. here's the seven day. 89 today. 88 tomorrow. we will see only an isolated storm today. scattered storms tomorrow afternoon. saturday maybe okay after an early shower and then sunday could be more storms. temperature in the upper 80s. can't storm on sunday, angie, i have to do the legg mason. >> that will be good times. take a lot of pictures. i'm sure you will blog about it. i'm broadcasting live from my blog at just click on oh my goff. we are in maryland op ere everything is clea shot from ne avenue. moving over to 270. the switch from 121 to the capital beltway. things are mighty fine. no incidents or accidents at
5:41 am
this time. good morning, virginia. 66 eastbound. what's going on from centreville in to dc? looks like we still remain delay free. 395 northbound a different story. we are seeing a little volume and more brake lights past duke street area. and finally let's call it a wrap with inbound new york avenue. we are seeing a little slow go from the times building to this spot at bladensburg road. that's a look at traffic. now over to you. >> good morning, everyone. new report show the economy could be on the rebound. just yesterday the fed released a beige book which is a report on the economic conditions in the 12 federal reserve bank districts. now jessica doyle has more on the report in the last living smart report. i want to show you w u ouyohoca learn more about it on-line. if you go to wu sa"uyou ll see -- "usa today" --see see pow ree s rtshow economy mending. an click ther d ane click there map is going
5:42 am
up. you are lookg mama p thof e 12al fseederre e nkba re districts and it details d de egw rischn riiofa ngil each region is faring right now. no w, the latest facebook report of ess si gnof ilstabs gnio ofizat stabilization. rie ght here, new york, elev cld,ankansas city ansccio. right here, right here, louid o twhavehe t have the the economic decline as appeared to be moderating. there are regions, otas regions, as asand ongirer gion, richmond, rit here, which would describe the ow, , t bdueicclf k icregi, richmond h on, rigimond right ridianctd here of exactly atwhe thwh conditions areright now. acrdcointoright now. bo okpo rtre . lli adwi ok report. it says unbalanced u. it ays unbalanced economic conditions in fifth ncst ridi ctma eainreink w dijune and early
5:43 am
july. retail and service firm renkand and rtsteacorllepfawade ntco rtseportellfaing wages and steady declining employment levels. one other region, minneapo ecthat inwatedis d cae activity has worsened. if you guys would like to take a more indepth look and get in to this map i will have a link to my that site at >> thank you, kristin. this one may have been predictable. a lawsuit is brewing over sasha baron cohen's latest movie. that is coming up in the buzz. and kate gosslin is believed to have bought a home. c#2g
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
an investigation of the dc police department after a mass of protesters. how the university of maryland hiring freeze will hit student and matt damon is tackling the declaration of independence in a new documentary. read these stories and more in the examiner. another reality tv star is moving in to the dc metro area. kate gosslein has reportedly bought a condo in rockville. we have more about the new digs. >> she will renn a condo here? yikes. >> it will be peaceful for her. >> the debate has begun, kate may soon call this home an it seems everyone has an opinion about it. >> i think it will be cool. >> i think it will be scary. >> i'm told a few weeks ago, kate was eating here at the pavilion, if she is moving in to a condo in the town square
5:47 am
it would be the pa laidian. they have hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and granite in the kitchen and bathroom and a large soaking tub and a gorgeous view. but what will the neighbors think. >> finally something that residents have to look forward to and i think it is even better. it is a celebrity that is moving in. >> we can always do -- it is exciting. can't wait for her to be here. >> some not so much. >> i don't get what the hoopla is. i don't know why people are interested in her. >> stop trying to do your hair like rod stewart. >> i don't want her here. >> why not. she bring her cameras and paparazzi. i don't want it to disturb our . >> peomac >> welcome though neighborhood, teka >> what do you think? you can teare your thoughts on
5:48 am
the discussion board at this is kate. >> go away. >> whenever i post anything about kate on facebook, i get from 50 to 75 comments from people. there's something that makes them ticked about her. >> when we talk about kate coming and show the great soaking tub, isn't it still kate plus 8 and where are we putting eight children in a small condo? >> who knows. they will be shuttled off. here's somebody that starts up controversy all the time. he was threatened with lawsuits when he was borat and his bruno character can do the same. he ruffled serious feathers in the middle east and he claims he spoke in the movie with a former member of the largely disbanded brigade. he claims he talked to this terrorist and asked him to kidnap him. you know? al-qaeda is so 2001.
5:49 am
and he wanted them to kidnap him. the guy he spoke with is threatening to sue him because he says the terrorist claims he's not a violent man. he's not a terrorist. >> it is liable and that could get him in trouble in israel but the homosexual association, because bruno is out there, he says that could get him killed in pakistan. >> you have to annoy everybody. >> or ai now no one. >> exactly. >> we saw that with that movie coming out the first time. we thought the boys from south carolina. bob barker is not going anywhere anytime soon. the price is right host held a conference to talk about his meeting with the chief of e cherokee nation. it was about their display of bears in bear pits. barker says they both feel the bears are being mistreated and should be in a natural habitat. they didn't say if they would remove the animals from the pit
5:50 am
but they say publicity on the issue could spur the change. >> yeah. a new one to talk about in invitro fertilization, a california sperm bank is helping would be parents know a little more about what they might be getting by matching up their samples with celebrities. the samples they will get. some customers want to know about height, weight, eye and hair color. you can't get the actual donor, but what people are doing at the sperm banks are looking at pictures of celebrities saying that owner looks like so and so. so they say this sperm would give you something like hasselhoff, so california cairo bank. >> i don't li
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