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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 29, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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facing dui charges alexandria's police chief decides to step down. howard is here with weather and angie has the traffic for us. we start with howard's forecast. it will be a busy, active day. not all-day rain but several periods of shower and thunderstorms. i are watchingonmo re live e i wantto begin. generally on the west side of the viewing , areat no, the eas side. this is moving north northeast. we wl zoom in and show you e n westlfwestha of the county we have activity, not quite to the beltway yet and much of clouden county and prince william seeing showers. waulkier coun syeeeg inllows rdllg rdhars and west of the ha plains there and even out to west in rke pa e and shenandoah va lley seeing activity. to the ll andwe norstnd northwe have th moving to the vingo the northea
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east as we speak. to utrnhernmaryland, charles county, owshs wiere arth owshs i th e you but the bulk e th e thanwe. erstmpteinsteamymoour in the 70s. however, with a decent amount of shower and clouds today. mid to upper 80s. some some storms could be strong to severe. under a slight risk of severe weather. full details coming up. right now here's angie. hello, everybody. wake up. here's the traffic. we are ready to get started. the prince william parkway to the beltway, everybody is at speed. continuing to 395, here's the shot. no delays as you track the taillights past duke street to the 14 t street bridge. take you to 66 and show you the eastbound trip out of gainesville to centreville to the district. if we flip it over i can show you lanes are wide open. skip that and take you to
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maryland. 270 ising good. traffic is picking up past the germantown area and to wrap it up here's the inner and outer loop north of the district at 270, everybody is moving a great pace. now over to you. alexandria's police chief was supposed to be in core today. david baker's hearing has been pushed back to next month. when he appears he will no longer be the chief. 9 news now digital correspondent armando trull is live in january more. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday police chief baker put in his resignation after a controversial incident over the weekend. >> alexandria chief of police david p. baker has submitted his resignation and informed me he will retire as chief. >> reporter: he ended his career after arrested for a drunk driving accident. police say that baker's alcohol level was twice the legal limit
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and he failed several sobriety tests. he was driving a city suv when he hit a car trying to merge on to 66. >> we are disappointed in what happened and with the decisions made by the chief the other night. >> sources close to the chief say it became apparent to the veteran that given the circumstances of the accident and his arrest to remain on the job would have compromised his by built to serve the city he protected for almost two decades. >> deputy police chief earl cook will be in charge on an interim basis until alexandria finds a new chief. armando trull for 9 news now and a crackdown on big rigs in northern virginia. fairfax county police and soldiers from ft. belvoir conducted truck safety inspections on tuesday after complaints from lorton residents. authorities say 22 of the 23
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inspected trucks were pulled off the road because of serious violations. police are looking for help in finding a 13-year-old girl that was last seen july 21st at her house in indian head, maryland. the family said she has been known to hang out in dc along longfellow and kennedy street in northwest washington. you have seen her call police. today the dc woman accused of killing her four daughters could learn her fate the judge hearing the jacks case said he could issue a verdict as early as today. jacks is accused of killing the girls and then living with their remains for months. the bodies were discovered in january 2008. the man accused of being the leader of a group plotting terror attacks oveeas s ha hasome ties to our region. daniel patrick boyd was arrested at his home just outside of raleigh, north carolina. he's charged with conspiracy to murder, kidnap and maim persons
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abroad. he attended alexdrh ia hig school in the ' 80s and rumored to play on the state championship football team. his neighbors reacted to the arrest. >> everyone in the neighborhood is shocked. they are going through the house and bringing things out. >> reporter: boyd's mother still lives in the washington region. her listed address is a condo in silver spring. when 9 news now called her residence, a man answered the phone but refused to comment. police in ocean city, maryland are trying to unravel an explosive mystery. a man reported finding a pipe bomb near the beach at 40th street. the bomb squad removed the device. they are trying to figure out who put it there. it is five after the hour. time for the first living smart report of the morning. jessica doyle has a preview of the day on wall street. good morning. >> good morning. another busy day with earning
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and economic data. later this morn we will have the beige book survey of economic conditions and find out if depend is growing for big ticket items like refrigerators in a report on durable good orders and waiting for the next round of profits from companies like disney. while you slept the nikkei added 0.3%. the dow lost nearly 12 and the nasdaq added 7 and the s&p dropped 2 1/2. if you lost money in the market last year, take comfort, so did federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. his portfolio took a wallop. at the end of 2008 his asset holdings were worth between 850,000 lane $1.9 million. that is still a lot of money but it is way down from the 1.2 million to $2.5 million his portfolio was value at the year
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before. we have a freebie to tell you about this morning. barn and noble teamed up with at&t to give you free wi-fi. it offered internet service the past four years but you used to have to pay for it. it is after it is starting its own e-bookstore. you are saving us more in the next half hour effort cruises are a great bargain but we will save you money on top of that great bargain. >> we will be listening for that. dozen of police cars will have dash cams this year. they accepted a federal grant to put cameras in 100 cars. installation will start in september an the police department is seek more grant money in pehohos of getting cameras in all 800 of the cars. the mayor of e town the dominican republic that hopes to equipment from the dc fire department is talking to the examiner. the mayor says the towns leader paid a friend and confidant of
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mayor fenty $11,000 cash to t ship a fire truck and ambulance. since that shipment was turned around eric the town hasn't heard a word about the deal or its money. read more in the examiner. a landslide leads to a deadly train crash. plus shuttle astronauts are on their own with an important task before returning to earth. if you use a tanning bed in hopes of avoiding the sun's cancerous rays you may have done more harm than good to your body. you are watching 9 nnewsow
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. welcome back. the time is 9 after the 5:00 hour and we are traveling eastbound on the dulles toll road where we have no issues to report early this wednesday. it is angie with the traffic in realtime coming up. in the news now, a landslide caused a train to derail in southern china on wednesday killing at least four
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people and injuring 50 according to state media. this is the second deadly train collision in china. last month three people died when two passenger trains collided in central china. today astronauts on board "endeavour" will carefully inspect the shuttle for damage. it undocked from the space station yesterday after delivering and installing a japanese laboratory. "endeavour" is scheduled to return to earth on friday. the so-called pant lawsuit guy has lost another round in court. you may remember the judge sued a dc dry cleaners for $54 million for a pair of lost pants and then sued over losing his job as a federal judge. now they threw out his wrongful termination suit. twittering can you get in trouble. that's what's on the web and a record heat wave in a place where people are least prepared for it. heat is not the problem as much as humidity and
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thunderstorms today. look at live doppler hd and some action already on the west the ve o.the metro. ai dwil etth r foyou and have the sedan-fovesty focare coming up. hot to relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control.
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today forecasters in seattle, washington predict the normally soggy city will break
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the all-time highest temperature. tuesday the mercury reached a new high of 97 degrees and today it could reach triple- digits a figure that's never been recorded there. many homes and businesses in seattle don't have air conditioning. >> they are used to the breeze coming in off the ocean, not the mountains and this has been an historic heat wave for them. >> i don't envy them at all. just taking an evening stroll. this is after 7:30 because the humidity was so stifling. >> 78 has been the low. and the dew point pushing 70. start with a quick image se nt to me by mark washburn out of colonial beach looking to newburg maryland. some beautiful g ghs tninotsh there and mark, thank otyou for that. e-mail your photos to tea9nsus. .com@w we have activity to show .cyou th is morning. a little lightning and thunder.
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mainly shower activity. some of it is moderate with the use in anthaie r,r,ci espe ally wezo wl inild om an antake you places in to fairfax county. now getting close to the beltway. you can see that activity inside the beltway actually across annandale, fairfax to vienna and chantilly. loudoun county light showers there. to the west for you and we will see in faulkier county, south of the plains a couple of showers there also. 66 to front royal and charlestown, west virginia getting in on the rain as it lifts to the north. some bres as as we get to bealetown but warrenton back to cornwell and goldvein now so you are north and east seeing the showers. you can see it is moving up 95 to the north northeast. big picture on the weather computer shows we have a batch of showers moving through northern virginia. other showers in virginia and more to our west and southwest. so the energy is coming
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together to give us these showers and storms this morning. we are in the 70s. south winds five to 15. we will have more showers and storms this afternoon. mid to upper 80s and a slight risk of severe weather from the storm prediction center. that means damaging winds, hail, torrential downpour. we will watch it carefully this afternoon and in to this evening when we could have a few thunderstorms, 60s and 70s. most areas in the 70s. look at the readings this morning. mid to upper 70s. 77 now the coolest of the morning so far here in washington. cambridge is 79. 70 martinsburg. winchester 73. in the mid-80s for highs with a chance of thunderstorms off and on throughout the day and just a lot of energy. you can see it spinning right here. coming out of tennessee and kentucky in to this warm and humid air mass. that's why you will need to keep the umbrellas handy. here's the seven day 86 with thunderstorms. tomorrow hot isolated storm.
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88 on friday. over the week we think saturday could be dry but sunday more storms. temperatures in the upper 80s. angie, welcome back. >> thank you. looks like the forecast has a little bit of everything in it. thank you for keeping us posted, h.b. route 4, branch avenue, 301, suitland parkway no problems in this area. taking it outside. here we go. 270. a good amount of volume 109 to 121. the head lights are building an the germantown area. you are okay to the split. hey, virginia, 66 ebb february centreville to the beltway all clear. 395 looking good. as we switch the camera other i can show you the local and express lanes are slowing an the duke street area. we will wrap it up with a drive through northeast dc. nice an quiet from the times building to bladensburg road on inbound new york avenue. andrea, over to you. in living well headlines
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sounding the alarm about tanning bed and their direct link to skin dance cancer. -- as skin cancer. an international panel of experts has upgraded the warning to definite putting tanning beds in the same risk category as tobacco and arsenic. >> a number of studies show an increased risk in melanoma and particularly in people who start using tanning beds before the age of 35. >> reporter: in these young people, doctors say the risk jumped 75%. the american cancer society suggests using bronzing creams or self tanners instead. the food and drug administration is placing tighter safety regulations on the use of mercury dental fillings. they have to carry product labels warning dentists to use adequate ventilation and avoid using them in patients with mercury allergies. we say good morning to kristin fisher and wish her a
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happy birthday. she tells us what's hot on the web today. >> thank you so much, and ya. good morning, everybody. twitter users, beware. a single tweet has become the sole basis for a large lawsuit. what happened is a chicago woman posted a comment on twitter complaining about her moldy apartment. now her management company is taking her ettocourt. take a look atth isbecause this is hefe t ofnding tweet that is cainofg l alof this problem. on , y than12am wrdae otin response to a friend, you should come home e y way. who says eepi ngin a moldy aptmenwas d bad for you. that's it. that's the enrempcoany company h ai f the m ai is fis sealanwar sehe toher to 50 grand plus court costs just th at letwng t. 'sda silengtweet. amanda aclet cohas been deactivated.
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tried to find it and has been shut do e th omewntif the time of the t she only had 20 go. we will have to we will have to wait and see how it plays out in court. moving on, the new iphone 3 gs saves the day d anansolves the crime. iphone avenges burglary. what ppened is a 15-year-old colorado teenager was roedbb edis annehoa is en olitt bubuer but not if it has the new feature called find my hone which tracks it do wnwh to the exact address. police used that feature to recover the property and arrest the criminals. if that is not a selling point, i don't know what is. >> i agree. and again happy birthday to you. one nfl star's future appears set this morning but not so for two orplayers. and the nationals start off with a big bang. could they keep the winning
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streak intact. sports is coming up. b@ so when you said you bring fiber optic
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all the way to the home, you meant... we bring fiber optic all the way to the home. um... which gives you more bandwidth than cable. so you can upload faster. so it's like comparing a horse and buggy to a sports car. am i the, uh, horse? (announcer) it's a whole new internet. only verizon's 100% fiber optic network makes uploading as easy as downloading. because your internet's not fast unless it's two-way fast. here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday today.
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in sports new york giants receiver plaxico burris is scheduled to appear before a grand jury. he will testify about what happened when he shot himself in the leg at a new york nightclub last year. he faces up to 3 1/2 years in prison on weapons charges. burris pleaded not guilty in the case. redskins personnel chief vinny said the team is not trying to sell michael vick. some analysts predicted washington may make a play for the quarterback because they have been involved in other qb intrigue and because he is from virginia. he has a long relationship with vick's agent who happens to represent the current quarterback jason campbell. after months of toying with another comeback, bret favre says he is staying retired.
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the long-time packers quarterback said he is not up for the daily grind of the nfl. the futurer hall of famer turns 40 later this year. the nationals are on a winning streak in milwaukee on tuesday night and washington's ak question station situation from pittsburgh looks better and better. a solo homer and then in the 4thinning nats slugger adam dunn hits one entirely out of miller park. a 450-foot bomb and dunn's 26 homer of the year. morgan adds on an rbi hit later. washington wins for a 4th straight time 8-3. >> getting on base, driving in runs, you know, just been doing a great job and that's one thing we haven't seen is a hit to lead off a game like that but you know he can do that. he's a strong little guy and it was nice to get us on the board real quick like that. >> reporter: the game at camden
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yards took 11 innings and that's when the royals get a hit to drive mark home. the throw is off line and the orioles lose 4-3. several members of the dc unit ready preparing for the all-star game and recovering from the draw at home. they hosted l.a. -- a final score 1-1. the mystics were in indiana last night. all starters scored double figures but had no answer for katie douglas. she had 34 points in 36 minutes. mystics fall 85-81. today president obama hits the road to promote his health care plan. and as the white house meets to veto a spending bill.
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and days after his dui arrest an area police chief decides to step down. here's angie. >> thank you, andrea. bay bridge drivers, listen up. westbound on the bridge. a disabled vehicle is blocking the center lane. more to look out for early this wednesday. i will have them coming up and howard is here with an active forecast. stay tune. there are moments in time when the paths we take do determine our future. today we are communicating with each other as never before -
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but i've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do.
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(announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. kids are hungry after school. that's why i always have totino's pizza rolls. big pizza taste. in a bite size roll. kids can't resist their delicious pizza flavor. totino's pizza rolls. the pizza way to snack. today president obama is heading in to vara and the carolinas to gain support for his plan for the health care system. welcome back. thanks for joining us. angie is back and will have traffic in just a moment. howard is starting with the forecast and says you may need rain gear early today. >> yeah. if that coffee doesn't wake you up. step outside. the humidity is like a slap in the face. it is steamy outside and all of that heat and humidity we have with upper-level energy will spell showers and storms from time to time today some of
5:31 am
which could be strong to severe. live doppler hd this morning, showing activity on the b@west lf . nhaow c half now. it cto . ty r s teerow county. lighter showers ercothe eventh south. eastern areas are quiet at the moment and the aviest stuff we were eing earlier has weakened but it is only 530 so lair on we r will see more. -- later on we will see more. one batch across ohio, and kentucky we have energy e waorit thfto wait for that to come through. already in the 70s. mid to upper 80s today with scattered showers and storms. angie has the traffic. that's right. we are half way through the 5:00 hour and watching the volume build on 95 northbound around the prince william parkway. that delay just getting ready to set in. we will keep you posted. continuing on the inner loop in virginia. going to the maps from 95 to 66 nothing but nice and green cars, telling us drivers are
5:32 am
moving at a great pace. the fall beltway a good amount of traffic as we track the taillights past new hampshire avenue but you are doing fine. to wrap it up here's 95 then the bw parkway. green cars here as well out of baltimore to 495. over to you. >> thank you. today president obama is traveling to virginia to promote his health care plan. the president is scheduled to make a stop in bristol in the southwest part of the state as well as in north carolina. president obama pitched his overhaul plan yesterday to a group of retirees in the district. >> we have to get a better bang for our health care dollar. >> we need to take our time and get it right and i don't think we are there yet. >> reporter: it is doubtful lawmakers will pass a plan before they break for the august recess and opposition maybe going away from captiol hill. last night hundreds of people in colorado rallied against the plan. some argued that the quality and availability of care will
5:33 am
diminish. today the house is scheduled to make debate the $636 billion pentagon spending bill the white house is threatening a veto if it includes funding for the f-22 fighters and a replace presidential helicopter. the obama administration and military leaders are trying to end both programs. lock lockheed martin held a ceremony in texas for the rollout of the f-35 fighter jet. the f-35 is expected to replace the f-16s and f-22s currently in use by the military. lockheed plans to build 19 test planes this year. if all goes well the military will get the first delivery of f-35ss in 2012. five senator republican senators said they will vote to confirm sonia sotomayor to the supreme court. the senate judiciary committee voted to approve her with only one republican member joining democrats to support her.
5:34 am
she is expected to easily win confirmation and become the first hispanic on the high court. alexandria's police chief is retiring at the end of the week. david baker made his decision days after arlington police charged him with drunk driving. 9 news now digital correspondent, armando trull , has the story. >> reporter: baker was arrested by arlington police on saturday. he was driving a city- registered suv when he allegedly hit a car as he tried to merge on to i-66 from fairfax drive. arlington police say baker, the 40-year law enforcement veteran failed several sobriety tests and his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. >> bad judgment resulted in something that we can all learn from. >> reporter: hours before a scheduled meeting with alexandria officials, baker, who had been on the force for almost two decades and served as chief since 2006 submitted his resignation. >> chiefs of police have a very high level of responsibility and that is not taken lightly.
5:35 am
>> reporter: armando trull for 9 news now and virginia governor kaine is urged to reopen the virginia tech shooting investigation. the victims of the 2007 massacre say they want the facts of the case re-examined. they believe the original review has too many inaccuracies and omissions. they want more information about the discovery of cho's records at the home of dr. miller. last week, we learned that miller took the gunman's files when he left his job a year before the shooting. it is time for another living smart report and jessica doyle is back with a jailhouse confession from bernard madoff. >> yes. this is a confession that could bring significant consequences. what we have heard is bernard madoff spent 4 1/2 hour with lawyers for victims in the ponzi scheme and madoff told
5:36 am
him exactly how the fraud took place. now they plan to use what he learned yesterday to add defendants to a lawsuit. he plans to file it in manhattan this week. madoff was taken two weeks ago to a federal prison in north carolina to serve his 150 year sentence. forget working 9:00 to 5:00, the eight-hour day has been replaced with the ten-hour work day for managers. according to toa survey conduct by nfi chresearers, 77% of senior executive and managers work 41 to 60 hours a week and 52seworked at least 51hours a week. 40% work ten hours a a day and 20% said they work 11 hours or more. time for the money saving tip of the day. hard to find a better for vacation than r vacation than a cruise. and if you are sailing out of of imayou save the price a plane ticket but there ar saoy you are cruising.
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cruise lines get most of the revenues from the things passengers buy onboard. so watch your spending onon the photos, shore excursions and ksindr of the day. if you want a massage book a spa special when the ship is in sport and if you are in the military, a police officer, teacher or part of a ingroup of over 55 years d, watch for discounts. this add up to $200 a person. for more go to my blog at www.the financialist federal investigators put more pressure on michael jackson's personal doctor. that story is coming up. plus, enough is finally enough for one woman who's been living with tens of thousands of bees as her neighbors. no problem in silver spring at the intersection of new hampshire and georgia avenue. 95 northbound doing great in virginia as well. more shots on the roads you
5:38 am
travel coming up. b@
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in the news now at 5:39. authorities in nigeria impoed a curfew in the northern part of the country after a avenue of attacks by islamic militants. the police chief says five police officers and 50 militants have died in the fighting. the african nation is split along north/south lines between
5:40 am
muslims and christians. federal agents searched a las vegas office and home of michael jackson's physician. the warn comes less than a week after a raid on his home in houston. he was given him powerful an necessary at the timics that may have caused his death. a woman this the french quarter expects to be rid of her guests. she hired someone to get rid of a huge beehive in her garden. experts estimate some 200,000 bees have made their hive in this home. ic. the sad flight of a shopaholic. that story is coming up and despite getting high marks this time around, teens in the summer jobs program could be out of work at the end of the week. on the weather terrace, it is a steam bath out here and a light springs. nothing too heavy he. re
5:41 am
light to occasionally moderate showers with heavier stuff in . west virginia. an active day. details coming up when 9 news now returns. (announcer) we're stepping up our style
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a reprove for one community scheduled to lose a local firefighter. they announced the station would stop running amy and fire emergencies this week.
5:44 am
the beltsvilledded if told the county it can provide enough volunteers to keep the station open. the beltsville station will be volunteer only except monday through friday day shifts. will the mayor's summer jobs program end after only six weeks? the dc council is yet to act on mayor fenty's request to sunday the summer jobs for the full nine weeks. bruce johnson has been working the story. >> reporter: the mayor's summer jobs program has gotten high marks. >> a lot of hard work in the heat. >> would you do it again? >> yeah, i would. >> reporter: the mayor is asking the dc council for $24 million to complete the nine week, three-day summer jobs program for 19,000 young people. joe walsh, the director of the summer jobs says there's been no repeat of last year's debacle when scores of workers
5:45 am
were unassigned, under paid or paid after they left the program. >> we built a time and attendance system which reduced the number of payroll issues. that was a huge problem last year and a few hundred reported this past pay period. >> reporter: the dc council is yet to formally agree to give the mayor the $24 million needed to finish the summer jobs program. the legislators have been meeting all week long to try to figure out how to close the $666 million bug short fall. dc council sources say legislators will ask the chief financial officer to verify the $24 million is needed to complete the program. that amount will likely be approved, say sources, who add that next year's summer jobs program will be reduced only six weeks because of the budget constraints. >> anytime you cut back on the budget you are cutting the number of youth that can participate the number of weeks or both. >> reporter: the private sector has responded to the summer jobs program and hired 1100
5:46 am
young people this summer compared to 300 last year. bruce johnson, 9 news now and if the dc council approves the funds, the summer jobs program would run through august 21st. we say good morning to howard bernstein. it is 5 listen 46. and sticky, yucky. >> sleeveless, linen, you know, seersucker, one of those things. nasty outside with all of the humidity and we will have at time showers and thunderstorms. some this afternoon could be strong to severe. gusty winds, torrential rains and maybe even hail. we it fucallre y as tcit carefully as the day progresses. cawant to tell you interact radar. zoom interact radar. zoom in west in parts of st eastern west virgia alsorts of infoation. zoom and out. your location across the country, as well. again it is at the website. go to inlive doppler 9000 hd an show you the biger picture
5:47 am
stre. and southeast of town quiet but some showers weaked ea as they moved ward us, producing light ra. no tin othe tisouth side ofth town, co ng in toward the district right now, and west across parts of fairfax county, western fairfax county we have activity. nothing terribly heavy right now. fairly light. go north and west this to loudoun county and here's leesburg, light sprinkles. west of winchester and stevens city we are seeing the heavier stuff we were looking at and then light showers in southern faulkier to culpeper and perryville in the park. so some activity out there this morning but nothing too horrendous from clinton through springfield and national airport and from -- west of fairfax, lighter showers. we are watching that. go to the weather computer and talk about the next three days. hot tomorrow, low 90s with an
5:48 am
isolated afternoon thunderstorm and then on friday a couple in the afternoon. in writing with the forecast, scattered showers and thunderstorms. temperatures in the 70s. south wins five to 15 will be breezy this afternoon. south to southwest 10 to 20 with scattered thunderstorms 84 to 88. some could be , to severe. lows in the 60s and 70s and southwest winds 10 to 15. there's the batch of showers that moved through us weakening some. to the west there is a lot of action out here and the upper level energy will increase as the day goes on. 72 culpeper. 73 winchester. those are the cooler spots with a lot of areas mid to upper 70s already. we have a temperature at 77 with a heat indeck at this hour up to 81. i think the heat index could be in the 90 degrees. yesterday it was in the middle 90s with that heat and humidity. the seven day, 86 today with scattered showers and storms. hot tomorrow, isolated storms
5:49 am
an upper 80s for the most part with occasional thunderstorms here and there. stay up on the weather today. and stay up on the traffic right now. with that here's angie. >> remember, you can always get it with the rundown. over to the left of the screen here we have the weather. we have the traffic going on all morning long. you can also check us out at talking about the traffic right now. looking at this live shot of 270 southbound from germantown to the beway. looks like we are picking up volume. overall no incidents or accidents toward the split. moving along. here's the beltway. the outer loop is filling out from 95 to georgia avenue. drivers are moving at a good pace. that delay will set in here shortly though. in virginia 95 northbound looking at aning ato ten minute drive to get from the prince william parkway to lorton. that's just volume. 395 northbound starting to fill out. more brake lights past duke street. drivers making their way to seminary. look like they are fine across
5:50 am
the 14th street bridge and finally inbound new york avenue is slowing down from the times building to here at bladensburg road but you are okay to the third street tunnel. now over to kristin who is standing by in the 9 news now web center. >> reporter: good morning. it is time to look at the top stories on the web this morning. right now the bbc's website has got three stories that i keep seeing links to over an of on e s it tto m. this is a sad story. the body of an debrrlelh ity isma 7 n,wos 7yeardeelolrly itish woman, 77 years olo whbrwho allege ashopaholic was found under a pile of clothing. the clothing did not kill her. she died usbuesca causes but her home was so mecrd amwithwi shopping d d otclothiip itos tr the to d sad or rbemiteepg ssd ine haen for several days and half five
5:51 am
trips they were able to find her. >> reporter: moving on if that is not depressing sty andrea has told yo instu andr has told you you ane orstalb over e web throughout ththe day. ere headline, no doubt tanning a ha beds cause known for known for they werenot good for l nepawea they y arg nntag in w beputtno tanning dsnn same teca rygo category d arsenic, which h is alreadily a d veshryngocki ednganots, bve nryio nianed bs, not very good for u.d ulcobe could be good. the slogan, here's the famous advertisement, guinness a y. tus out it true aftrue l.r piof afthe black stuff a day may work th aswes ll a wes aa heart to prevent heart clots which raise the risk of heart attacks
5:52 am
so andrea, down a guinness before you decide to go to a tanning bed. that's the lesson learned from what is hot on the web today. >> so it is a pint da day now will keep the doctor away as long as it is guinness. some stars celebrate fashion on four legs. that t story is coming up the buzz ever and does cosmetic enhancement tax.
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5:55 am
the only metro employee to be reassigned after last month's deadly crash is back at his old job. $25million in federal stimulus money is going to sick area police departments. and amid declining enrollment dc's school chancellor announces plans to reshape sick la at certain schools. some people are willing to pay a threatty penny to get cosmetic surgery, the question is are they willing to pay 10% more. there's talk on captiol hill about adding such a tax.
5:56 am
lindsey mastis finds how serous the talk is. >> botox is great. >> reporter: is it a good or bad idea? i'm not talking about botox but a 10% excise tax on botox and other elective cosmetic surgeries. >> you have to decide how many ways can you make money off of people in general. >> this doctor spent a lot of time in canada and wouldn't be opposed to 5% on everything, but botox, tummy tuck and the like should not be singled out. >> when you go to mall there is a cosmetic counter, put a tax on that, shoes, do you need an extra pair of jimmy choo shoes? >> it is talk rate now but creating a buzz on the streets. >> i like that better than gas tax. >> i don't know what gives them the right to say i am going to tax not cosmetic surgeries but
5:57 am
not other surgeries. >> if you have enough money to pay for that you have enough money to pay for the tax. >> i have been told -- it sounds like botox is in the safe zone for now. in washington, i'm lindsey mastis. 9 news now and we polled people about the subject on-line. 44.4% say they believe cosmetic surgery should be taxed. surprisingly the same percentage, 44.4% say no way. and a little over 11% say they don't care. you can still let us know what you think at >> i say just spend less and don't tax anything. >> and the revenue comes from? >> howard bernstein for president, everybody. >> i wasn't here the last couple of days actually. i was in new york. the tenth annual paws for style fashion show. this is a celebrity charity
5:58 am
fashion show going on in manhattan and there i am walking taylor. that is ramona from the house wives of new york. she walked the runway, as well. and you know this person, corona americanoff from dancing with the stars and wendy diamond. she's on the greatest american dog and heads animal fair magazine. she putt on this event back in 1999 and it was the first pet runway event that actually went to help animals in need. look at the mohawk, isn't that great? that was modeled after the fashion show and it went well and hoping to raise $70,000 to raise our four-legged friends. >> good for you. >> great time. glad to be part of it and representing dc. they were all new yorkers up there. we heard in the earlier story that even if you remarry after
5:59 am
divorce it could still impact your physical health. they are not worried about that. they are just glad the war is over and they are glad they can get on with their lives. we are talking about hulk logan and his wife -- eck wife linda. their net worth is estimated at 26 million to $32 million. >> i need a moment. >> is he still dating the chick that looks like his daughter. >> she was dating a guy that was younger than his daughter. >> that went to school with his daughter. >> i have a story about altruism to share. it is a story about della. this is the actual truck. the teen wanted to do something for charity the teen helped her to buy it out and she is renting it out to raise funds for charity. she is 17 years old. >> whatever works. tod.g to work for you sen senioror


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