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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 23, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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dearl arundel county. ngwahitc on tiac approaching davidsonville and south of shady side and north beach, heavy stuff up the coast to the north northwest. southeastern portion county, unty co there. you see it from hughsville and as we go in to mary's county you ty vivitimo ngngeihw activity moving northwest. it ismua ggy morning in the low to mid-80s with thunderstorms more likely this afternoon. angie? >> a reminder you can watch the next hour of 9 news now on-line at come over to my blog and go behind the scenes. on the southeast southwest freeway is where we begin. heading eastbound at south capital the off ramp is closed due to crash activity. moving outside to 66 eastbound.
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>> we are not don't yet. main delay our cameras are showing us things are clearing out but here around the germantown road area volume is building. let's end with the beltway in maryland. on the outer loop drivers are zipping by at new hampshire avenue. armando trull has more on what the president had to say. >> the president is hope -- hoping his speech to the nation last night will move congress, or the house of representatives to pass their version of health care reform before august recess begins. last night president obama spoke directly to the american people about the need for congress to quickly pass health care reform. >> this is not just about the 47 million americans who don't
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have health insurance at all. who ever feared they would lose their coverage if they are too sick. >> he argued out of control health care expenses in the private and public sectors are crippling the economy. >> if we do not control these costs we will not be able to control our deficit. if we do not reform health care, your premiums and out of pocket costs will skyrocket. if we don't act, 14,000 americans will continue to lose their health insurance every single day. >> reporter: republicans, however, are skeptical, saying the legislation cueny tl considered will blow up the deficit. >> if they try to fix our health care system, like they have tried to rescue our economy, i think we're in really, really big trouble. >> reporter: the president diy sagrees saying two-thirds of the cost of health care reform can be addressed through cutting out waste and better allocation of existing expenditures. the rest of the money may come from taxes on high-income individuals and families.
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>> i continue to insist that health reform not be paid for on the backs of middle class families. >> reporter: andrea, the president says he will not sign off on any plan unless it includes some key provisions. those are a safety net for anyone who lose their job or changes job so they can have insurance and there must be a plan of ensuring there is a pool backed by the federal government and finally no more denying coverage for preexisting conditions or for those who become too sick. live on captiol hill, armando trull for 9 news now and 9 news spoke with a physician in bethesda, maryland to get his thoughts on the president's reform plan. the doctor supports the plan but is worried about what congress may impose. >> you definitely do not need someone overseeing the physicians telling you where you can send a patient and what type of care. i think that's the concern.
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>> the doctor adds any reform will take sacrifices by everyone. >> we want you to join the discussion by and leave your comments on what the president said and learn more about what the president talked about and get the associated fact check on the press conference. it is all now at new this morning, reports that one of osama bin laden's sons is dead. a u.s. counterterrorism official says saad bin laden was likely killed in pakistan this year but so far no body has been recovered. npr reported the story. he was not considered a significant player in the alcade that leadership. park police are looking for the person who attacked a woman in rock creek park. it happened this time yesterday. he says he forced her to the wood and assaulted her. park police are looking for witnesses. >> we are hoping that maybe
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someone jogging or walking their dogs may have seen something and can give us a call and put the last pieces of the piz together 0 so we can close the case. >> they consider rock creek park to be safe but urge jockers to run with a companion and stay aware of their surroundings. governor o'malley meets with his cabinet this morning to discuss discuss plans to make cuts this the budget. the governor made $280 million in emergency cuts for now but he says $420 million needs to be slashed before labor day. maryland is following virginia's lead. it will close two of the highway lcome centers to save money. one is at sideling hill. the other in cethbay county welcome center on route 301 in centreville. the closures will save nearly $400,000. metro says the tacoma station will remain open through the week. but expect delays through the area of last month's deadly
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crash. metro general manager john catoe went on the radio yesterday to talk about metro's acoble. fheed a question about problems with a circuit days before the crash. he says it showed up on metro's monitoring system but it would have been hard to see. >> unless you were staring right at that part of the screen you would not see it was blinking. and those are some of the changes, of course, that the ntsb has asked us to put as we go forth in to a new system. >> the company has been hired to create a backup system. it would issue an alert anytime a fault is detected. >> jessica doyle is joining us with the "living $mart" report. >> a lot of frequent flyers have miles saved up but the reason is we are seeing great deals from airlines built to
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stretch your dollars. the latest is from united airlines. they have slashed the number of miles by 20%. on many flights from august 18th to november 18th. for example, a round trip domestic seat in coach normally costs 25,000 miles. it now requires 20,000. travelers have until friday to book in order to lock in the discount and i will have a list of the top ten frequent flier mile bonuses available on this moment at my blog financialista and a washington county official says alegion air will suspend service from august 14th to august 3 0th. the decision based on the normal drop off. if you are looking for a great deal fon a hotel. vancouver tops the list with hotel prices down 33% compared to last year.
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new york city is second with prices down 22%. other ep discounts tampa down %. want to go to hawaii, down 21%. and las vegas is down 20%. >> thank you, jessica. if you are taking a road trip out of town or to work, here's a look at where gas prices are this morning. in the numbers out from aaa's fuel gauge report shows the prices are $2.43 a gallon for regular grade. that's down 20 cents from a month ago. nationwide the average is at 2:47 a gallon. our time is 8 after the hour. in three minutes, kristin fisher brings us an update on the hero central project. and in ten minutes, wal- mart gets in toe the computer business. how it hopes to take control of the mark and how it will affect you, the consumer. but first a focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> looking a live doppler hd because we have some shower and thunder across southern
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maryland over to our east. just getting in toinpr ce prince george, tyunbut north beach isv ghhuille ghand learchs co artyuntosa tyne maries county, south of leonardtown we haveeavy showers out there. this afternoon we can expect showers and thunderstorms. high temperatures are going to be in the low, possibly middle 80s and a muggy day ahead. angie, how are the maryland roads. >> so far so good as we track the commute on the bw parkway and 95. nothing but green cars past 32. that's because they are moving at speed. that's the situation at we look at 270 southbound from montgomery village avenue to the beltway. it is free flowing and finally here's the capital beltway in maryland. north of the district. we have a live shot for you. the outer loop and inner loop are doing fine. the time is 6:09. good thursday morning. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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(female narrator) from jennifer: a microfiber sofa bed for just $299,
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only at jennifer. $299. jennifer: the only place to buy a sofa bed. i'm here in the web center with kristin fisher she has an update on the hero central project. >> good morning. most of our hero central stories are of course about people but the one i'm working on now is about a dog. not just any dog. check fathis out. right here. this is tazo, a black german -- oh, no that did not work out. that was not the picture i was going for. here we go. in just a th thright here. is tazo a black german shepherd anan d ann bachursear and rescu
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dog with the sedc fire departme . mert. i'm sure he's been a heroon previous occasions but we ar tr ngthat awful metro crash o fo last month. i the scene and he s the scene and he was part of a rs itegh onfirefighters ne ne people from that wreckage. in fact, in this picture, you can see those demolished inthre t here partner chris hopaner ch foreground. we're not e rtonly alilso hongribem.hie he will also be the a thof a fu byfunightot by the washington mystics. equinox restaurant and the og tatyl plil kee ac it will take place during a ta washington mystics game tonight. all funds edra is will gotogo l support dc fire and ems to re n e th search and rescue aidor ll air r mo owngrrni or6: at10 right on wu here on but until then be sure to go to the hero central home page to check out our latest stories
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about people or dogs doing good in our community. if you would like to check them out, all you have to do is go to and then click on the hero central button. if you have an idea send it to the hero central team at heros at at 6:13 we get a check on what is in the news now. hundreds of people turned out for a vigil last night for private first class bowe bergdahl who was kidnapped by the taliban last monday. a vigil was held near his hometown in idaho. three construction workers are recovering after this fire and explosion in pennsylvania. a duplex near the ski resort blew up. the cause of the blast is under investigation. the naked cowboy, you know he is a fixture in new york's
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times square but now he wants to be mayor. he threw his hat in the ring saying he would be a fiscally responsible leader. we know he saves a lot of money on clothing. >> i think for a dollar is all he charges a buck to get his picture taken and i believe that's how he gets his picture taken. walking around in his underwear, cowboy hat and guitar. >> all right. >> new thing at it is our interactive radar. you are going to need it. a 9.on . wa nti g . on i want to show you this on the computer computer. a lot . of activity coming up t coast. this moved in to western pennsylvania butas we swasitch over to hd we have activity not too far away from us. omzoomin to the method eutr. becaustr-- metro a couple ofca light sprinkles many centreville and potomac. those are the blue blips north and west but to e thute soh and east of town we are tiartost ng pick up the intensity onthe radar coming out of onthe noh
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beh, chesse speak beach area. that heis moving to shady de and in to soasuthetern prince georges county, upper marlboro, to the south light sprinkles in charles county passing hughsville, that utis moving northwest. brandy wine, clinton, 20 to 40 minutes watch for that. saint leonard you are dry now but south oflusby watch whatui pa rkand over leon d wn toatth will be coming your way and let's not rg cambridge activity moving towa u,you,as well. a busy morning to the south and east. as we look at the forecast the next three days today will be the most active day with shower and storms this afternoon and this evening. highs in the mid-80s. maybe low 80s in spots. tomorrow low 80s with fewer storms and on saturday hot and sunny and 90 degrees. same story on sunday but sunday a few more thunderstorms. muggy a few showers. a rumble of thunder. 60s and 70s. scattered showers and storms
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this afternoon. 81 to 85. showers and storms will taper off tonight. can't eliminate them entirely but lessening. 66 to 73. look at the clouds. they moved in overnight and you can see how they got lower and as the sun is coming up we have cloudy skies this morning and temperature at 73 at reagan national and a northeast wind at six. some spots below 70. almost a tropical feel to the atmosphere as temperatures are running low to mid 70 across southern maryland. and few 60s from culpeper to win chester to martinsburg but a steamy morning and again pretty quiet across the western half of the country. all of the action along the east coast is here. great lakes to the northeast. here's the seven-day forecast for you because we have drying out coming by the weekend. today shower and storms, 84. fewer storms tomorrow. saturday and sunday 9 a with a few storms and isolated storms are possible on monday and
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tuesday. >> time for angie's traffic. >> guess what, jean in my chat room tells me it is joe, her husband's 41st birthday. he drives cranes on the road. happy birthday, joe and remember, always be safe when you are approaching those construction sites and crash activity,s that where we begin. southeast southwest freeway heading eastbound at south capitol street. people are working hard to help to clear the scene including closing the off ramp right now. we will let you know when it opens up. moving over to 66 eastbound. things are dragging a bit from 50 to 123. we are also looking at 395 northbound. we have a delay that set in from duke street stretching to seminary. going to the maps again, here's route 50 from the bay bridge through bowie to the beltway, lanes are wide open and to wrap it up we end at new york avenue where we have are slow from the times building to bladensburg road. that's a quick look at traffic. now over to andrea. we are approaching 6:18.
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massive retailor wal-mart wants to get bigger hoping to t ge the computer business. e ad ilihen netoday's "usa today" retail reboot, wal-mart has hot deals on laptops. managing editor lauren ashburn has a closer look. what's this about. >> it could mean a price war is near on computers. soon you are going to be able to go to wal-mart, starting on sunday and get computers, laptop for $298 with three gigabytes of memory if that means anything to you. >> not really. >> the cute mini type. >> yeah, so it is a laptop and wal-mart will be making a push. they are designing their store to look like best buy. look at statistics from last year where people are buying computers. not a lot of people, well, there are critics who think the strategy may not be successful. you don't think of going too wal-mart for a computer. >> no. >> so last year 40% of computers sold at computer and electronics stores. 22% basically you went to the
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web, dell or another website to buy. 7% of people went to discount stores, 6% went to office supply stores and 25% other. the challenge for wal-mart here is really going to be attracting people and getting people who can help in the aisles and really educate people about consumer buying. they want -- wal-mart wants to attract people who are not just bargain hunters but this is a great bargain. and there are other computers you can get for $548. you can get a vista laptop with aning ahour battery and three gigabytes of memory. >> was walk in traffic at the computer stores going down or staying steady. did wal-mart see something. >> they are seizing an tune here especially in this economy. but one of the things is that they really see they want to get in to this market because they have -- because wal-mart has such good foot traffic. it is not so much, computer sales we found are holding up,
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at least among average joes like us. they are still buying customers so wal-mart sees an opportunity and it is really going to help the consumer. >> you know you ask why, wal- mart sighs why not. the time 6:20 i head the latest national headings on the disabled list and another amazing pitching performance at the ballpark. but first the signs of now. we note the passing of an advertising legend. the taco bell chihuahua died yesterday at age 15. do you remember the dog that used to say the phrase? but do you remember his name gidget, jose or spike. think you know the answer find out if you are correct when we come back. lauren says she knows.
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burtria ntd ente pestlarcr,a
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of every eligible associate's salary to their 401(k) andge t profit sharing plan. ...even if the associate didn't contribute a dime... ...making good jobs even bettere save money. live better. walmart. we're back at 6:23. the taco bell chihuahua died yesterday at 15 years of age. you remember the dog. but do you remember his name. the answer is g id get. it turned into a three year gig.
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in sports the nationals were supposed to have the day off, instead they will host the st. louis card #23458s in a makeup game. the guy who was supposed to start tonight is heading to the disabled list instead. zimmerman, holes sister gets to start instead. clemons had a great night. he retired the first 12 batters he faced. then there's willingham, he was four for four including a two run home run in the 6th. washington beats new york 3-1 and win the series. it's their first back to back wins since july 5th. in team tennis action the washington cast else needed a win to get into the playoffs and
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they got it. they host the new york friday night in the eastern conference finals. coming up on 6:25, ahead reaction to the discovery of mental health records from the virginia tech gunman. a developing story we have been following overunited, a drive-by shooting at a college campus, we will have the late us. we are looking at the dulles toll road, we will have more shots of roads across the region when we return. kind of sticky this morning. we have some showers which i will bring to you when we return. duls
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b@fab@ come see what the beginning looks like at with new unisom sleep melts i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. new unisom sleep melts. les the crew of the space shuttle end did you ever is up this morning. their wake-up came from houston one hour ago. today they will do equipment work on the international space station and get ready for a fourth space walk, that comes tomorrow. thank you for waking up with
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us. howard bernstein is live with our thursday forecast. >> we lost a jokt, it's too sticky out here this morning. the humidity is up, clouds have moved in, we have showers, even derstorms showing upthoscr as southern maryland. lighter showers toward i-81. had a couplsouprinklescross parts of fairfax county earlier. then in southern calvert dnow to st. marns we have more m s vi moving see showerswe will see ss afternoon with temperatures in the 80. >> hello everybody. accident headed eastbound on the southeast freeway, it's where
6:31 am
south capitol street is and still has off ramp closed. we are clear from clarksburg down to the split. we're looking at maybe about a 40 minute drive from the frederick area, delays probably not too far away. 66 headed eastbound you're slow around business 234. finally here's 395 headed northbound where we have a lot of brake lights from duke over to seminary. >> did he win over any skeptics. president obama hopes his prime time conference on health care did just that. he hits the road today to keep the push going. we are live on capitol hill with the story. >> reporter: good morning. the president says every day 14,000 americans lose their health care coverage. that's why he is hoping his speech to the nation last night will motivate congress, at least
6:32 am
the house, to get its version of health care reform in order before their august recess. >> i realize with the charges being thrown around in washington a lot of americans may be wondering what's in this for me. >> reporter: that was the concern president obama addressed at last night's press conference. he said the legislation he will gn must have a poolf public health plan sponsored by the government. it must have a safety net for those who lose their insurance through job change or loss. finally no more denials of coverage for preexisting condition or dropping coverage for those who are too sick. he also addressed fears over who will pay for the reform. the president says two thirds of the cost can be funded by cutting out fees and redirecting spending on medicare and medicaid. the rest conclude paid by higher taxes on people in the highest
6:33 am
income bracket. also now doctors and maerns make health care decisions based on profit and loss and not the patient's well-being. if the house is able to approve their version before they leave for august break, the president is hoping the senate can get their job done early in september. we asked a local doctor for his take on the president's bush. doctor margueles says sacrifices will have to be made all around for anything to work. >> we have a wonderful health care system, we can have a better health care system if more people can participate in it. that's what we should be striving for. we should put politics aside, let's fix the thing. >> can we do it in an affordable way? >> well, we can't afford not to. >> we want to know what you
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think. go to our web site and leave your comments on what the president said. learn more about what the president talked about last night and get the associate press fact krek on the press conference. we're following a developing story right now, a murder investigation in southeast washington. it happened in the 1200 block of eaton road. police tell us two men were shot around 2 this morning, one died, the other is in the hospital. also developing a campus shooting in houston, texas, at least six people were hurt overnight on the campus of texas southern university. police say it happened during a community rally there. they say someone opened fire in a drive-by shooting. a gang rivalry may have played a part. texas southern is a historically black college with about 10,000 students. missing mental health records for the virginia tech gunman have been found. they were at the home of the
6:35 am
school's formerea clinic dec thr. dsoranished a year before he killed 32 people and and himself. they were revealed by an attorney involved in a lawsuit two families filed in connection with the shooting. the governor says the records will be made public as soon as possible. >> we are right now pursuing the release of these materials. i do noteav hds the them. we are reaching backseea om.he ut to treaching back o family and the lawyer representing the administrator, they have been cooperative and we expect they will be. >> former clinic director miller declined to comment. virginia state police say removing records from the center is illegal. dc firefighters confirm it was a color even leak which forced an evacuation at george washington university. it happened inside a health and wellness center wednesday. investigators say the clear even leaked from a tank inside a
6:36 am
building. a security guard inhaled fumes, he's okay. no one else was hurt. it's time for another living smart report. jessica is here with economic bailout headlines. >> this one involves pension. the pens benefit guarantee corporation is an independent agency of the u.s. government. it is taking 6.2 bnon 6.2 billin iope pension liabilities from uto sieuprplo supplier delh i. e pthh. g the government will take overpayments for 70,000ortheha d retiree tt they say they n't afford under the restructuring plan. >> it looks like the federal bailout of fannie may and freddie mac could be the most expensive yet. cnn reports the local mortgage giants will need more money going forward, as much as 200 billion each toel stabilize the housita marke that would double the amount given to the nation's largest
6:37 am
banks. >> goldman sachs has finalized their exit from the government bailout and taxpayers made a good chunk of change. what this means is american taxpayers have made over 1.4 billion in profits on the $10 billion loan given to them last october. that is a 23% rate of return on taxpayer money, not a bad return for a nine month investment. >> let's hope that happens with the rest of them. >> thank you jessica. >> you're welcome. funeral services will be held today for walter cronkite. it will happen this afternoon in new york city. cronkite will then be buried next to his late wife in kansas city, that's where they met. he died at his new york city home, he was 92. you can watch live coverage here beginning this afternoon at 2.
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in five minutes video no one wanted you to see, now it's out there and it stars lebron james involved in something no basketball player wants to be part of, we will show it to you. let's go to howard. >> it's a muggy morning out erth i want to take youero teth i-8e corridor approaching harrisburg, a few showers. the forecast for virginia this afternoon, we're talking about temperatures cooler than yesterday, perhaps 85 in stafford. a chance for thunderstorms pretty good bet later on this afternoon and evening. >> virginia, all eyes on you, we are traveling on the dulles toll road, on 95 headed northbound, we're looking at a slow go up to route one wood bridge, that's
6:39 am
probably about a 10 to 12 minute drive right now. on the inner loop, back to the maps, we're finding that drivers are doing just fine, moving without incidence. we will be right back after these messages. b@ gkc÷qqñ
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are you having trouble finding time to hit the gym, try getting it another way, hop on a bike or take a bus to work or to run your errands. if you take your metro during off peek hours you can take your bike with you and most busses have bike racks on them. that's pretty good things to do instead of burning fuel. you can get more tips at our web site. the video nike and lebron james didn't want you to see. you know by now the video always
6:43 am
gets out on the internet. kristen has the story. >> good morning. people have been talking about this video for weeks on the web. in fact, sports illustrated call it basketball's version of big foot or the lock necessary monster. it was so heavily hyped it had electronic become an urban myth, that is untilte y wrdesheaywon t ns rsionsns the video. ayy ss i say it's thet dunk b been waiting ror, the tape lebron triedde om bate nwabn ios e bomb nation was the other one that posted it. let's look at this highly hyped video and here it is. this video was shot earlier this month at nike's lebron james skills academy. right there is the dunk heard
6:44 am
around the world. that was xavier's jordan crawford dunking on lebron james. every web site has played it or posted links to this site, every sports web site, showing it in realtime, slow motion and with the different version. here's tmz's version, a little different angle. a lot of this shot from cell phone cameras. i know some are thinking who cares, right. but if you look at how many people have viewed it on one single web site,y. e bomb nation wit postedery at #34sh 2yet daert a #34sh 20 inhe afternoon, already this single clip has been viewed right here 1,391, 302 times. so while it may not seem like too much to a lot of people maybe not too familiar with the sports world and lebron james, maybe some are fans and say it
6:45 am
doesn't matter, some people have a bad day. it is certainly what's hot on the web this morning. thank you. here's howard and you have more muggy and maybe some storms. >> lebron was able to destroy the tape of me dunking over him, so you won't be able to see that. >> okay. >> i was on the terrace, it started sprinkling on me. heavy showers, this is tropical type stuff, you will see blinding rain briefly as the showers push through south and st t this morning. ucedoes president look l mik h,he cree lploupl showers toward 81, but south and east is where we're heavytoo g go to aold, ye showers, especially heavy toward shady side, approaching davidsonville. we will go a little farther
6:46 am
south. meu notice theyreak up what but in serwhouthn lv ercatlvnd and centralt. st. mary heavynfai rall right now. this is all moving offndal aow r ththnorth and north wets a little bit. i'll show you this on the bigger picture. you ca see act as driving north and west from the big mass of moisture coming in up the atlantic. this afternoon i do expect showers and storms scattered about, could be an active afternoon, not severe, but active, 84. tomorrow a few storms possible, 86, saturday sunny, hot and dry, temperatures back to 90. sticky out there with a southeast wind at 5. it will pick up 10 to 15. 81 to 85 with scattered showers and thunderstorms.
6:47 am
sunset 8:27. showers and storms tapering off tonight, 66 to 73 degrees. it is muggy out there, low to even mid-70s. hagerstown this morning at 73 degrees. the winds have been fairly light here in washington this morng. it's qui across much of the country, some storms in texas, but the action up towards the northwest and southeast of us. with a front approaching it will tap into some of the moisture coming up the coast and we will see showers scattered about, some this morning. as the front gets closer this afternoon and evening we will see widespread activity across the region from west to east. here we go with your seven day forecast. 84 this afternoon, showers and storms. saturday, hot, 90 #shgs sunday a few storms possible, 90. an isolated storm still possible monday and tuesday.
6:48 am
>> we are getting ready to round out this hour, wanted to let you know on 95 and the bw parkway we don't have any incidents or accidents to report at this time. speaking of the belt way, let's take it outside and show you we are looking at a 10 to 15 minute drive from 95 over to georgia, no incidents or accidents here. on interstate 270, looks like things are starting to showdown just a bit. we will go over to virginia's side, show you 66 eastbound, where drivers are crawling along here. then 395 northbound is starting to get heavy from duke over to seminary. right now you're okay crossing the 14th street bridge. some living well headlines and a topic near and deer to a lot of our hearts, sleep. our partners at usa today have advice on fighting insomnia.
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try listening to audio books or classical music in the dark, stay away from e-mail or video games, that signals your brain to wake up. if you're stressing about not falling asleep, get up and walk around the house. 30% of us deal with some kind of insomnia each year. the university of q maryland school of medicine will be a leader in fighting the h 1 n 1 flu. they are picked for human trials of a possible vaccine. up to 1,000 people will take part nationwide. the dean is proud of being picked. >> let me say how honored we are at the university of maryland school of medicine to play a very prominent role in the global race to defeat this new public health threat. get more living well news by going to our web site. right now learn about these new beads that will tell you when
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your children have had enough fun in the sun this summer. in sports the nationals host the st. louis cardinals tonight, it's a make up game. willingham was four for four last night, they beat the mets 2-1. women's soccer in south carolina last night, team usa versus canada. the u.s. wins 1-0. time is 6:50, 73 degrees here at the information center. in three minutes what metro is doing to keep you safe on your commute and how a local company is involved. coming up battling, some skin experts will be on the program with the latest research and at home treatments for adult acne. plus quick and easy dessert
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recipes that are sure to spice up any barbecue, that's all coming up on the early show.
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if we don't act, medical bills will wipe out their savings. if we don't act, she'll be denied coverage
6:53 am
because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%. and he'll have to cut benefits for his employees. but we can act. the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act. in the 1930s, to replenish the barren soil of the american dust bowl. today, we take that same historic bean, mix it with fruit and bake it... into soyjoy. here's what's in the news now. in about six hours president obama leaves washington, he will take his health care push to the world renowned cleveland clinic. it follows last night's prime time news conference. an update on a story we brought you monday.
6:54 am
one person has died after this two car crash in virginia. 28-year-old ra mi ra died from his injuries. eight other people were hurt. a maryland company will hit metro with its new system. when complete it will alert metro instantly to any problems in the track surface including one believed to be involved in last month's deadly crash. >> we will see scattered showers and storms today with highs in the lower to mid-80s.
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my favorite band, they prayed to a packed house yesterday. it was a concert sponsored by our moms web site. while the parents might not love the music, the kids do. before you laugh at these local guys they are popular, mark my word. >> i've only seen my heroes and the musicians i adore on that stage, so to be on an stage with my band mates was a real thrill. >> you can catch them this morning at 11 at thefaul dhesle sound center. they will have twos stories next daes so get more information.
6:59 am
>> i used to cover bands at the 930 club. >> on inbound new york avenue from the times building, we are slow. and on the outer loop no surprise here, from 95, just a crawl, about a 15 minute commute and it's only volume. >> we have activity this morning south and east of town, scattered showers today, mid-80s. hot over the weekend with a couple storms on sunday. >> the nasdaq going for twelve in a row today, we will see if they can pull it off. >> the early show is next. they have more on the president's making his push for health care reform. coming up we're in the kitchen with chef jeff checking out his lobster roll. and you c


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