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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 23, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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mountains and up the east coast. that's been affecting our eastern areas. picture before we gee t to doppler. notice the moisture across the delmarva in to southern maryland up the bay. the stuff to the west is weak in the tin wt viiainrg t onu yoowu yothe picture and there's the youfst out west. its south and east which is coming in. southern st. marys and partof thlvert county and to ereaste n shore u eayocan ty viti yo activity is moving t henorth northwest. we will watch this for the rest of the day. let's talk temperatures which s.e in the 60s and 70s 75w asasm 70 as warm as in anin annapolis. we sit at 73 and a cool spot being culpeper at 64. so today mid-70s by 9:00. 80ish by noon. 83, maybe 85 for a high but scattered thunderstorms and could be a rough afternoon. >> thank you, howard. hello, everybody. howdy, howdy. happy thursday.
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get started with the traffic and one tieup of the morning we are watching. a report of an accident on the southeast southwest freeway where it meets the third street tunnel. traffic is light. traffic is very light on 95 as we take it outside and show you from dale city to the mixing bowl, you are not going to find any problems. 66, how's it going? through manassas as you make your way through centreville to the capital beltway, drivers are moving at great speed. the same on 0. that's the next stop. hello, maryland. zero incidents and accidents to report. finally to wrap it up, i give you the capital beltway. all is a go on the inner and outer loop north of the district. how to pay for health care reform and who will benefit from new legislation. those are a few of the questions many have been asking. last night president obama tried to answer them. 9 news now digital correspondent, armando trull , is live on captiol hill with more. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. the president is hoping the
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answers he offered to the nation last night will spur the house to finish their part of the legislation before their august recess. last night, president obama spoke directly toe this american people about the need for congress to quickly pass health care reform. >> this is not just about the 47 million americans who don't have any health insurance at all. reform is about every american who has ever feared they may lose their coverage if they become too sick. >> reporter: president obama argued that out of control health care expenses in the private and public sectors are crippling the economy. >> if we do not control these costs, we will not be able to control our deficit. if we do not reform health care, your prime yeps and out of pocket costs will continue to skyrocket. if we don't act, 14,000 americans will continue to lose their health insurance every single day. >> reporter: republicans, however, are skeptical, saying the legislation currently considered will blow up the
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deficit. >> if they try to fix our health care system, like they are trying to rescue our economy i the we are in really big trouble. >> reporter: the president disagrees saying two-thirds of the cost of health care reform would be addressed through cutting out waste and better allocation of existing expenditures and the rest of the money may come from taxes on very high income individuals and families. >> i insist that health care not be paid for on the back of middle-class families. >> reporter: the president says any plan he signs off on must have several key components, a safety net of insurance plans that are backed by the federal government, also the fact that no one can be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition or because they get too sick and also the fact that no one can lose their coverage because they lose their job or change their jobs. reporting live on the hill, armando trull for 9 news now and one doctor who's been
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treating patients in maryland more than 25 years says he has worries about plans for health care reform. the doctor says that the doctors don't need someone telling them where they can send a patient and what type of care they need. he says he knows reform won't be painless. >> if it involves physicians making sacrifices, drug companies making sacrifices, attorneys making sacrifices, insurance companies, everybody has to give if you want to fix the system. >> can we mix fix health care in any affordable way. he says we can't afford not to do that. we want to know what you think of what the president has to say. log on to and leave your comments on the story under headlines. the national institutes of health is planning to begin human studies of h1n1 flu vaccines. the tests are key as the government decides whether to offer the vaccine to millions of americans starting in mid october. the university of maryland medical center will participate
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in human trials for the vaccine. the maryland school of medicine is one offing afederally- supported treatment and vaccination units. the senate rejected an amendment to allow guns to be carried over lines. it would have given people with concealed weapons the right to carry their firearms out of state. virginia senator jim webb is one of those democrats. >> the violence we see in our streets and in our neighborhoods must be addressed. but little of that violence has ever been cause by those who seek permits to carry. as i mentioned before, the people who are perpetrating that violence already have the guns. >> reporter: despite web support, the measure failed by two votes. opponents say it would force states with strine jen gun requirements to recognize permits from states with few
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restrictions. police are searching for a man who attacked a jogger in rock creek park. the man snatched a woman off the trail, forced her in to the woods and assaulted her. it happened yesterday morning. police urge joggers to run with a companion and stay aware of their surroundings. it is time for our first living smart report of the morning. jessica doyle is here, as always, with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. >> good morning, andrea. we have a lot of news to go over today. we have earnings and economic data due out and a merger to talk about. bristol-myers squibb is paying $2.1 billion to buy a cancer research company. ahead of the the opening bell, stocks indicate that stocks will open higher. asian stocks headed higher, as well. the dow is 8881 after dropping 3 and the nasdaq rose 10 points making for 11 sessions of gains and the s&p slipped a half point. today a fresh look at how the job market is doing with
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weekly claims for unemployment benefits. testifying before the senate, ben bernanke said the unemployment is the economy's most important problem the "wall street journal" reports that the job market is doing worse than the overall economy, suggesting that deeper than expected joblessness could linger even after the recession ends. on the earnings season, quarterly results on whether amazon and ahead of that report they say they are buying za ppo in a stock deal worth $900 million. they have won fans with perks like free shipping and personalized service and people love it. >> i know they do. and we love your tips of saving money. >> we are saving you money by saving hundreds of dollars on the next vacation on internet service. not something you think about but the costs can really add up. the white house vows to rid the world of a nuclear north korea.
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and investigators raid the office of michael jackson's office searching for clues of wrongdoing. it is coming up on 8 after the hour. you are watching 9 news now. you've got a strawberry pop-tart,
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good thursday morning. we are doing fine on the eastbound dulles toll road from 28 to the beltway. it is angie with the early- morning traffic report coming up. in the news now approaching 5:11. secretary of state hillary
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clinton is urging asian nations to vigorously enforce the latest united nations sanks against north korea. at a summit in thailand, secretary clinton said washington will pursue every avenue to rid the korean peninsula of a nuclear threat. hundreds of people attenned -- attended a vigil for bowe bergdahl. the soldier captured by the taliban in afghanistan. president obama said the military is doing everything it can to find the missing sollier. police and federal agents are looking through documents they retrieved from the clinic of michael jackson's doctor. doctor murray's attorney says they are seeking evidence of manslaughter. they raided his houston office on wednesday and took documents and a computer hard drive but no drugs. the journalism world prepares to bid farewell to a legend. and a dunk that became an instant basketball legend is unveiled for the world to see. it is humid this morning.
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showers on live doppler hd and could be an active afternoon. full details coming up when 9 news now returns.
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welcome back. it is a live look at the capitol building. we say good morning to howard. a muggy day out there. still very dry month. i just blogged how detroit has been for the monday and today meso when you are at work or at later on go twuhosa usa and show you sothg ing new we add. we have an interactive doppler on-line. you can zoom in and out and track seatre wer heand not only here but r nationally, as u
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well. this is weather tab. go down and you he see doteractive doppler and it i atf ufstthat was just came on-line yesterday afternoon. the next three days, we have some thunderstorms in the forecast for you. talking temperatures in the middle 80s. yesterday hit the 90-degree mark. that was a warm day around here. readings have shot up. as we go to tomorrow more sun. a chance of an afternoon storm mid-80s and saturday hot and sunny and high of 90 which is just about where it should be this time of the year. this morning muggy. a few showers. 60s and 70s out there. scattered showers and storms this afternoon. low to mid-80s. southeast winds 10 to 15. sunset 8:27. a few showers and storms mainly this evening and tapering off later on. lows 66 to 73 degrees. southeast winds five to ten.
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watch the moisture coming in from the southeast. going up the coast and up the bay, as well. stuff to the west is more impressive an hour ago. this lost some oomph. let's go to doppler and talk about what is happening. quiet in the metro but the stuff has me concerns in st. marys, anne arundel charles county you will run in to this stuff as it is moving to the northwest. some of this is heavy. a little lightning. this may clip newland but st. marys city, lusby is clear at the bmoufntmeut northern and central part of the county is seeing activity to mechanicsville and the eastern shore. watching showers and thunderstorms. the clouds have been moving in overnight. had some high thin ones. on the time lapse. i will step out of the way and you can see how they have lowered as the moisture is building in. a reading at 73 degrees.
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it is a sticky morning out there and not a lot of wind to stir things up either. warm spot on the bay. annapolis is 74. so is quantico. cold spot in winchester and quantico. in the mid-60s. this morning a front up here. one logoing this way and another low trying to come up on the coast. good thing it is near land because it might have done something. it is almost that time of the year for the tropical weather to be moving in and we will be dealing with that front as it moves east and that moisture from the west will come together and that's why we have a good chance of showers and storms later this afternoon with highs in the 80s. on only in the 70s. pittsburgh and new york and boston today only near 70 degrees. it is a very cool summer for them. here's our seven-day forecast. 84 this afternoon with some showers and thunderstorms pretty good bet. could affect the afternoon commute more so than the morning. 86 with a chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon. hot over the weekend.
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a few storms on sunday and isolated in to monday tuesday and wednesday, as well. >> time for traffic. we do one of the coolest things in the dc metropolitan market we actually broadcast live from behind the scenes of this show. you can see all of our studio secrets. pop over to visit oh my girlfriend and you will be able to chat with us. on the outer loop we are doing okay. drivers are zipping by as we track the taillights. live from new hampshire avenue. moving to the maps. here's 301. route 4, route 5, the suitland parkway, everything is free flowing. we will take it to virginia. 66 clear to the beltway. seeing more drivers around the manassas area. on 395, no delays right now past duke street. you notice volume light and finally end with an incident free northbound new york avenue. that's your shot. we thought we had it for you but let you know you are fine from the times building to bladensburg road.
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over to kristin fisher. today is the funeral for long-time cbs evening news anchor walter cronkite. it will take place this afternoon in manhattan. now the legendary news man is no longer with us a lot of people are asking who is the new most trusted newscaster in america. that was the sub of a "time" magazine on-line poll and look re s ltsuisthnt results this mo w w, the title no thaterwaw lt a'uscanete, stwser kihahapassed d tecaws, ermicoming in e vote is the daily show's ilstewart. t owno hnkrerowo ce itd ul feel about an d ann ch oor ocom central ll. anpoia d brn williams 29and and charlie gibson charlie gibson at 19% and katie courictake ara to keta a look ma isp. y is map. every state evat thu yosethin i
5:20 am
green has voted jon arsts t ewha ica sticeast most trusted newscaster. that's a lot of states. you can see g ngsta roicurinav n iowa. e shcomes in with 65% of the vote in iowa but almost everywhere else e you g in eegoing is see inarjostewjot dominating poll. let's look at our area. in virginia, samererendthhe the jon stewart tas t the state 38. 38%. over in ret he, ghri, he yo is closer u can see it is tighni ng up jon stewart 44% in jon stewart 44% in maryland, as well. so those are the of this time poll. you can see of course jon sty wart takes the cake on that one but we can all agree that walter cronkite was america's anchor and we will be streaming his funeral live on our website this afternoon. it is set to start at 2:00 p.m. so if you want to see it all you have to do is go to
5:21 am >> thank you, kristin. the nationals enjoyed the first multigame winning streak and many what seems like forever. but yesterday's victory wasn't without a set back. sports is next.
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welcome back. the nationals begin our look at
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sports and last night they faced the mets. he struck out five over seven- plus innings. willingham shined. the outfielder was 4-4 including a two run homer in the sixth. washington beat new york 3-120 win the series the nats first back to back win since july 5th. last night's win wasn't without bad she's. zimmerman is heading to the dl. he will spend the next 15 days recovery from elbow soreness. yankees and the o's. jorge tags it. his 12thth of the year. the bombers sweep that series. if you make the annual trip to florida to see the o's at spring training camp it won't be in fort lauderdale anymore. the team signed a 30-year deal to move to sarasota.
5:25 am
the new facility will include a cal ripken youth baseball academy. in teen tennis action, the washington kastles needed a win to get to the playoffs and they got it. the kastles rolled past the blazers. so they will host friday night in the earn conference finals. the wizards sec year center mcgee has been invited to mini camp with team usa. he says his goal is to make the american squad for the world championships in turkey next year. and after three weeks under lock and key at nike headquarters, the lebron james getting dunked on video has finally leaked. all right. let's look at it. if you can see that xavier soft more swooping in on lebron. it was nice but some are saying this was way too much hype
5:26 am
surrounding the hidden video. >> oh, my gosh. >> we are all talking about it, aren't we? a police officer makes a startling revelation at the trial of a woman accused of kill her four daughters. and several weaknesses in the cybersecurity work force have left us open for an attack. westbound on route 50 in maryland from the bay bridge to the beltway. travelers, hey, you have nothing in your way. it is angie and i will have the traffic and howard will have the weather when 9 news now returns. stay with us. ( sighs ) ( music throughout ) hey bets, can i borrow a quarter? sure, still not dry?
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health care reform. americans are reacting to the president's plan. good morning. angie is here and will tell you about the traffic in a moment but howard is here with the forecast. >> i haven't mowed this month but i think i will have to this weekend. we have rain going in. i got the weed wacker out so the neighbors won't hate me. >> i lo thedwae we cker.
5:30 am
, sybu 90 isbusy mo g inanrnveit itover la out o no rthern neck and eastern shore. a neshower popping in extreme southern prince georges and you se d you see from meanleicilsv u to some showers ty an st. marys city coming up to solomon and heavmbru leof ruleof unmbthdeththere. retucomi up from the of the claouas t t carolinas. switch over to the weather computer. from the southeast across the bay. the stuff west is west is erngg risp g sprinkle but that stuff in southern maryland we are watching. right now we are at 73. low ontoid m low to mid- 80s with scattered showers and thunderstorms. >> that's okay. you know, we are here and we are in great moods. the coffee is brewing. i can smell it in the studio. it will be a great day. 95 northbound the commute not so bad itself from the weigh station to detail city area.
5:31 am
that's just where we are seeing a little volume. heading over to our realtime graphics i give you the inner loop between 95 and 66. all nice and green. drivers are moving at speed. on maryland's side of things. here's 270 from germantown on down. starting to fill out here but no significant delays. finally we will end with our maps. taking you up to the two commutes out here out of baltimore. we have 95 and the baltimore- washington parkway. and drivers will find the lanes are wide open for business. andrea, over to you. >> thank you, angie. president obama says the stars are aligned to pass health care reform legislation. and congress should take advantage of that opportunity. the president made the comment during last night's primetime news conference at the white house. 9 news now digital correspondent armando trull is live from captiol hill with more. armando? >> well, in that conference, the president said that every day 14,000 americans lose their health care coverage and that's why he is hoping the house will
5:32 am
finalize its version of health care reform before their august recess. >> i realize that with all of the charges and criticisms that are being thrown around in washington, a lot of americans maybe wondering what's in this for me. >> that was a concern president obama addressed at last night's press conference. mr. obama says thelegislation e will sign must have a pool blpu health plan sponsored 50 the so governmenfor bl million americans without suinnce. itsuust have a safety net for those who lose their insurancb finally no mb e denials of coverage for preexisting conditions or dropping coverage for those who are too sick. he addressed fears over who will pay for the sweeping reform. >> i continue to insist that health reform not be paid for on the backs of middle class families. >> reporter: the president says two-thirds of the cost can be fund by redirecting spending on medicare and medicaid. the rest can be paid by higher
5:33 am
taxes on people in the highest income brackets. also stressed that now doctors and insurers make health care decisions based on profit and loss an not the patient's well being. >> now, andrea, the president is hoping that if the house is able to finalize its version of health care reform by august the senate can take it up in the fall after the summer recess. on the hill armando trull for 9 news a now and iraq's prime minister is calling on the united nations to lift all sanks imposed against his country. during a visit to new york he said that iraq is now a democracy and his country poses no threat to international peace and security. the security council has passed 70 red luciens on iraq since the kuwaiti invasion. this request came at the same time that president obama announced the time line to withdrawal american troops from iraq will not change despite continued violence.
5:34 am
american troops are set to leave the country by the end of 2011. a new report identifies problems with the u.s. government's cybersecurity work force. problems which could ultimately put the country's security at risk. lindsey mastis has the story. >> reporter: hackers, spies and terrorists try to get sensitive u.s. government information and they attack. >> almost daily. >> max dire with a partnership for public service says viruses can shut down entire websites. >> recently we saw the ftc website was shut down because of a cyberattack. >> on the 4th suspected hackers from north korea attacked u.s. and south korean government websites. a report titled cyberinsecurity by partnership for public service and ruth allen hamilton found serious problems with federal cybersecurity. according to this report there aren't enough people in government with expertise to
5:35 am
protect against a cyberattack. the say they agree. >> we have a big problem. we don't have enough people. >> reporter: e thdereport includes recommendations that barriers rbeedovem so the best cybersecurity experts could easily get in to top positions and encourages t rn govement to vep loits itown cybersecurity training program and do more recruiting. >> it is very, very strategic to our national security and we have to find people who have skills specific skills to help us with it. >> 9 news now and president obama revealed plans to appoint a cyberczar in may but so far no names have been announced. prosecutors are expected to call their final witnesses today in the benita jacks murder trial. yesterday police sergeant testified he never saw jacks oldest daughter when he visited the home in april of 2007. that contradicts what he told
5:36 am
federal prosecutors and what he wrote in a report dated from january 13th, 2008. he wrote that he thought he had seen the oldest daughter and she looked clean and healthy. the franchise's visit came at the request of a social worker after the girl failed to show up for school for several weeks. >> jessica doyle is back with signs the good old days are back for wall street executives. >> the economy is pretty terrible for a lot of folks but one group is not feeling pain anymore and that is wall street executives. the "washington post" reports the biggest banks are setting aside billions of dollars more to pay executives and employees. just months after rescued with taxpayer bailouts. so far this si x s.u. six u.s. banks set idas4 e $7ba emeeplemismest lalast year. for example, goldman sax set aside a record -- 6 own.6
5:37 am
e eeagoypl,0 73$7 00aveme ee oy year. that is double last year's total. here's a company doing well despite the recession, paer in a bread. they should be just fine. they restaurant the restaurant industry in general suffered the worst quarterly decline in that's a look at your on-time traffic. money saving tip of the day. if you like to stay on-line e a here's ystowa save on wi-fi. many hotels safe 20- -ch ar20 . e omtern seicrvservice yo urro your room. fr tead only aye stwherit is ee. they tend to be cheaper hotels like holiday inprn exes hon l chatter has a li of hotels with free wi-fi and some will waive the fee if you sign up upfor rewards programs.
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l rewards programs. total savings $140 on a seven day vacation. >> can we leave the computer at home. >> yeah. today family and friends say good-bye to a beloved and respected newsman and another republican senator comes out in support of judge sonia sotomayor. 73 degrees. we'll be right back. there are moments in time when the paths we take do determine our future. today we are communicating with each other as never before - and that requires a seamless network that is constantly growing better, smarter, and more secure.
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it is angie with the traffic coming up. in the news now, six people are recovering after a commute rally on the campus in houston. the violence is believed to be gang related. funeral services will be held today for legendary cbs newsman walter crone cite kite. it will take place at saint bartholomews church in manhattan. andy rooney and his son chip are among the scheduled speakers. he died at his home, he was 92. you can watch live coverage on beginning today at 2:00 p.m. a high-profile republican senator has gone public saying he will support judge sonia sotomayor for the supreme
5:42 am
court. we're talking about lindsey graham of south carolina. he says he backed sonia sotomayor because she is well- qualified and has a main stream record. senator graham become the fifth republican to renounce support for the nominee. some children get advice on ways to stay active, healthy and drug free. we'll be right back.
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5:44 am
5:45 am
helping local children live active, healthy steroid free lives. the nats training staff taught youngsters injury preventing stretches and also got advice from the pros on athletic conditioning and how to excel in sports without the danger of performance-enhancing drugs. >> play stands for promoting lifetime activity for youth and what it is basically young people to get out and enjoy themselves with activities that will help them throughout their life. okay. promoting an active lifestyle. >> the campaign was started to help address young people's health challenges including obesity. if you have a child struggling with that issue go to our website at for a free family tool kit called lighten up. it is 5:45. howard is here. >> let's have a -- mets have a makeup game against the cardinals. they are in town for one.
5:46 am
hopefully weather will not be an issue but concern the thunderstorms will be around. and this morning concerning south and east we vedolir lepp bere fowehit wee the recast first. you can clearly see the activity south and east and a 8 at activity diminished a lot. leri e thbeltway a nksp arlingose toand mclean. ts are real showers popping up. erne tannd aruo el county we are seeing aactivity west of adshsi soh utofsouth of davidsonville. go farther south, look apes. chke at chesapeake. shower coming to you. . viurs hog20 an hocounty coming an county coming up we have more shower activity now around hughsville and ben dick and then down resaint mary'scowh ise erwh ere we have seeing more activity. heavy stuff saint mary's city and eastern ore,as weas.
5:47 am
if you todo to do . th at wiitbellto nsco era . at it will be a good amount of showers and storms off and on thoughout the day. let's get the forecast first for the next three days. today 84 an maybe 85. scattered showers and storms. more so this afternoon than this morning. we are a little busy right now. friday 86. fewer storms and more sunshine and then hot and dry on saturday with a high of 90 degrees. a few showers this morning, 60s and 70s this afternoon, low to mid-80s. shower and storms. not expecting severe weather but maybe recent rainfall in spots. little for the month. 2600 so far in national. shower and storms taper off this evening. 66 to 73 degrees. look at the moisture off the atlantic. a lot of rains along the coast. not really a good beach day. another batch of moisture diminishing here on 81. much of it going in to pennsylvania.
5:48 am
nationally big picture. quiet for much of the western half of the country. all of the action really, some in texas and down south but it is from the mid-atlantic through new england and we are watching a couple of fronts really. one to the west this goes here but it is taking its moisture up the coast to new england and with the front approaching and enough moisture around today we have a trigger of shower and storms a good bet for this afternoon. as this front gets closer to us. by winds turn west and we start to dry out for friday. here's the seven-day forecast. little stormy today. temperatures only in the mid 80s. mid-80s tomorrow but warmer mid- 80s we'll say with a couple of storms possible. saturday sunny and hot, 90. sunday, partly sunny and hot. afternoon storm 90 and isolated storms on monday an tuesday. 5:48. 73 muggy degrees. how's the roads. >> a case of the mugs. that's okay. we are having a great day already and the weekend is almost here, folks.
5:49 am
270 southbound from germantown area to the beltway, things are looking clear. volume is building. our main delay stretching from 109 to 121. keeping things moving. here's the capital beltway. the outer loop remains at speed. notice a lot of taillights around new hampshire avenue. things are starting to fill out here. inner loop doing okay. 95 northbound. hey, virginia from the prince william parkway to lorton. speeds are starting to drop finally but we are moving without incident. we will continue on to 395 northbound. we are watching some of those brake lights stack up here past duke street. it is like this to seminary and finally northbound new york avenue, everything is okay from the times building to bladensburg road. the delay has started to set in. and on the southeast southwest freeway eastbound at south capital street is where we have crash activity closing the off ramp there. before we go, have have a very important 9 news now click to share with you. say hello to mr. tom block from
5:50 am
ashburn, virginia. he is a george mason university graduate, an avid sports fan and above all a big 9 news now watcher. best wishes to you on your 30th birthday today. thank you for being part of our morning team and joining us every morning. over to andrea. >> go to kristin right now. what's hot on the web? well, we have all probably seen video of california governor arnold schwarzenegger holding a knife or probably much worse during his days as the terminator, but it's not something you would expect to see now that he's a governor, right? that is unless he is talking about slashingthe state etbu e y erfocathrn buorrnposted this his or his twitter page. its readhere's a video i just shot for my twitter followers. let's watch it. >> hey, guys, i just want to say thank you very much for the things you are giving me. we talked about making cuts in
5:51 am
the budget, getting rid of some of the state costs and then all of a sudden you come up with the great ideas why not just sign the cause and sell it for more money. that's what we are going to do. the id ea megimore s.eaid weideas. schwarzenegger saschwa an thank anhis twittefollowers r su their suggestions about how to solve butiast dgbu crisis. t hamight imagine, tcaha quss n the web especially since zescnehwar gg has come under fire this week ggfor dgetbu a an dget bu plan that will see $15 billion 'swhat jo rrimat eptyor rtyt oi zearnegger panned for itifteknr e. over here new ldnong knarildawsne er zeg arnold ar hwggscne gets a big knife and cuts the california budget crisis. m hith erit erlett ofbit of
5:52 am
e. him there. whats d scoezehwerneare hgg d say about it he? it? he is defending his knife- wielding twitter video and here's what ed he topos rtreer stjuyesterday and i'm going to re. ote, wr e,u yoknow, yosent a governor to sacramen, not ntse fun with thwhe ole s thing. not that n fuolfun with making the budget cuts they sadden e i th job itself b g rdvei jo ha mo inrdb joi have ever is ishuge ona rehuge responsibility. just rewelcomes and a little bit of a sense of humor. i know you guys are saying what about the knife? great question. spokesperson for the governor said it was actually a gift he received on tuesday and it just happened to be sitting on his desk. i think governornator indeed. >> how did the knife get
5:53 am
through security. one band is the latest rage at several local clubs. you are watching 9 news now. the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%. and he'll have to cut benefits for his employees. but we can act. the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act.
5:54 am
5:55 am
in the examiner, a child care center says montgomery county's vex of its expenses gives the appearance of discrimination. some americans could lose benefits between in a deal. it is the latest rock sensation that is drawing big crowds at area venues like the 9:30 club. but if you haven't heard of
5:56 am
rocknoceros -- >> it is 10:30 a.m. and it is playing to a packed crowd at jammin' java ♪ [ music ] ♪ it is music for kids written by three men who call themselves willy bob, coach and boogie. they call their songs family music because parents like it too. >> we have been coming regularly the last couple of months. a great way to get out of the house and have fun. >> they have all the cds and they sing it every single day ♪ [ music ] >> the three men created the group four years ago. their popularity has soared and this past weekend they played the 9:30 club. >> i have only seen my heros and the musicians that i adore to be on that stage. >> they go back a long way.
5:57 am
to 2:00 have known each other since kindergarten and all three went together to high school at fairfax county. >> it is fun, almost 24 hours a day. i wish i didn't have to sleep. >> willy bob and coach are both dads. >> i'm one nondad. >> no, in fact i like it. it gives me my kid fill and then i can go home. >> never changed a diaper. >> exactly. >> the trio has three cds and hopes to go national appealing to that special audience. in vienna, peggy fox, 9 news now and we have some cute video for you. we always love little cuddly animals. maybe he is not so little but definitely is cuddly. look there. this is the 240-pound african lion. this is jupiter. >> me and my dog. >> he was rescued from a life of abuse and malnutrition in
5:58 am
the traveling circus. and he since lived at the animal shelter in columbia's third largest city. >> he loves her. >> this have an adorable hugging type of lion and she just rescued so many animals and she doesn't allow the public to come in and see. she doesn't like the idea of a circus, putting animals on parade. >> aren't you afraid one of these tigers -- >> sure that something could happen but she is taking care of them and i think that is a reason she doesn't have the public come in, as well. i think too many different people, outside distractions could cause the animals to go back to the natural tendencies but so far he is loving it and she loves him. >> she said that was the best hug she had ever gotten. moving over to espn the erin andrews situation continues. if cnn bans new york post
5:59 am
staffers from appearing on the show. it is common they come on reporters because what they did is they actually posted three images from erin andrews being nude on their website and, you know we have all seen it and they are saying -- not talking about the pictures but you can see the still shots and one came out and said this really crosses the decency line so i can understand that. >> we don't need to see it. >> because the of the way the pictures were obtained. we don't know if they are going to be back on there. >> espn has to stand up and protect their people and personal privacy, as well. so good for them. get to weather because we onhae thone thrar da this morning, especially t utasheof washinason. west of town, some shshowers ar diminishing but i want to zoom yupoule owshwh youatwhat ishappening southern maryland getting it. inside the beltway a sprink ortwo


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