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tv   9 News Now at 9am  CBS  July 22, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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how safe is metro transit? according to a new report a system fails to work half of the time. health care reform debate. president obama promotes changes in health care and is trying to gain supporter on captiol hill. and marion barry could be the subject of another investigation. spear head by one of his fellow council members. good morning. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is wednesday wednesday, july 22nd. angie is here and will have the traffic update in just a
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moment. we say good morning and welcome back to kim martucci. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> i'm well. keeping a weather eye to the sky. not concerned about a lot of rain. great to see you. let's get started together and look outside. wiwe ll have will help you wigiane the traffic. 73 ie idns the traffic. in the y.bewalt winchester 66. hagers to wn 66. hagers70. and rr70. and garrett county, wester maryland it is 63 as you wake up and get moving this hump day. here's the satellite an radar loop. sandwiched between two systems. eyes on the prize to the west. the ohio river valley is where the heavy rain will be. this is along a front that has stalled out there and we will be in the nebulous area a little unstable and if you look at the at ms. fear the wrong way it might rain on you keep your eyes down. most of the day should be dry, partly cloudy and a little
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warmer than yesterday. we will be taking temperatures up to the middle 80s this afternoon as this warm front lifts across central pennsylvania. it is along this front and down the low in kentucky. that's where the highest rain chances will be. and our temperatures this afternoon, up to 87. if you are heading to 77d an 77 rey n- fo minu s.mean in the meantime, angie has a look at the traffic. good morning. >> goodgood morning, kim. thank you very much. it is wednesday, july 282nd. we -- 22nd. we are just getting started. let's kick things off with the realtime graphics. i have a tieup on the southeast southwest freeway at south capital street. drivers are losing the right lane. stay to the left to get by and be careful. watch for the crews. moving to the outer loop. 15 minutes is what i'm track and that is growing. 15 to 20 in 95 to georgia north of the district.
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in virginia we know drivers are stacked from van doren to telegraph road. 270 southbound. that's the next stop from montgomery village avenue to montross road. you are below speed. hey, virginia, what's going on 395? not much. looks like we are crawling along here from the capital beltway. like this to the 14th street bridge. no incidents or accidents, folks just that's just volume. go outside and show you inbound new york avenue from the washington times billing to bladensburg road. below speed. okay once you hit florida avenue. that's a look at traffic. now over andrea. >> is retro's train system failing to do its job. >> metro says it is doing fine but a published report is raising question about the safety of riders. armando trull is live at the greenbelt metro station with
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more. the report says that several stations have problems. "washington post" article says the same problem that caused last month's fatal crash is widespread and many portions of track on four of the systems' five lines are failing to detect trains. a gross exaggeration of he facts say metro's top man. >> we are safe to operate and the reports you have are not true. >> reporter: the president of the union that represents metro's train operators agrees the system is safe but disagrees though big picture. >> he's not looking at the whole picture. i think something else is going on out there and because of information that we have received we know this is not an isolated incident. and i'd like for them to look in to it and let us all know
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what is going on completely. >> reporter: many people who use metro have the same concerns. >> take the metro much. >> every day. >> how do you feel when you see a story like this? >> scary enthrall as individual citizens we have responsibility. >> one key piece of information that may clear up how accurate the story is the ntsb preliminary report on last month's fatal accident but there is no time line when that report will be released. armando trull for 9 news now and president obama will look to the american people tonight for support in his bid to reform the nation's health care system. tens of millions of americans don't have health insurance and the president will speak about that at his primetime news conference. he wants congress to pass legislation by august that he but is facing tough opposition from democrats and republicans an ma many lawmakers feel they need more time and others feel
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a government run insurance option is too risky. see the president make his case here tonight on wusa 9 and the conference begins at 8 p.m. if you aren't near a television you can watch it streamed live at should gun owners be able to carry concealed weapons across state lines the measure is one year after the supreme court struck down dc's gun ban. the senate bill will require gun holders to obey the laws of the state they visit. gun rights advocates applaud the plan and eleanor holmes norton says it is a bad idea. >> this is an youth rage and what happens when you let the nra have its way, first on dc and now i think they can get their way on any bill they want. >> reporter: the senate proposal is wrapped up in defense spending bill. we will keep you posted on the vote later in our newscast.
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a push to expand an investigation in to ward 8 councilman marion barry. the current investigation deals with his use of taxpayer money to employ a girlfriend and now ward 4 council member bouter wants to know more about his role in securing a $300,000 earmark for the national association of former foster care children of america. the head of the nonprofit is accused of misusing the funds. barry di denies any wrongdoing. martin o'malley is considering furloughs. they are in the red by $700 million. the governor said he doesn't like furloughs but it is better than the alternative. >> i'm hopeful we can come up with ways to avoid layoffs. i ran in to a couple of employees who said i don't like the furloughs and i said to them, i don't like them either but i don't dislike them as
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much as i would have to lay people off. >> reporter: $75 million will come by way of extra medicaid money from the feds. prince georges county council has approved a ten-day furlough plan for all county workers. they were included in the budget to close a $113 million budget gap. the plan was approved with amendments requiring a minimum of three furlough stays in -- days in first three quarters they will revisit the issue quarterly to see the full ten days are necessary. a private funeral for walter cronkite is planned for tomorrow in new york. plans are in the works for a memorial at the lincoln center. cronkite's last appearance was as a commentator. they worked on a weekly series and they are here with us now. thank you very much for being with us. when was walter cronkite's last
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appearance on the show? what's the time frame we were talking about. >> about a year and a half ago now. he was the winner of -- winner of, december of 2008. >> your reaction to this passing of a legend in the business. >> it is definitely the passing of a legend. we have known it was coming. i'm friends with chip con cite, his son. we have been in contact an we knew it was a matter of days but it is a great loss and he was one of a kind. won't be another. >> absolutely. except for one cnn appearance, walter cronkite pretty much stayed off of our screens, our broadcast screens. what barometerred him to say yes when you asked him to be part of it? >> we had done an interview with him. an so he had really gotten to understand what our mission and the programming was and he was enthusiastic about that, as someone who retired earlier in
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essence than he wanted to he liked the concept of the channel and the opportunity to shed his reporter's objectivity and really speak for five to seven minutes in an editor really about any issue that was important to him was very appealing. >> reporter: what was the subject of the first commentary. >> environment. >> what else did you have planned for him? >> we actually started the last piece we recorded was the first of three parts on the iraq war, and unfortunately he had gone off to vienna and had a fall and was injured and after that just never really had the energy or ability to continue with the series so we were never able to air the first piece on iraq. the first piece rltv has that
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on the website and you can see it on www.rltv. >> he liked the mission of retirement television. did he ever talk about, as you say he retired at 65 where we could have enjoyed seeing and listening to him even longer. did he ever talk about leaving because i read when he was asked about his retirement he said the network was losing a lot. they were losing basically history. and what did he tell you about leaving? >> he never really looked at it as having left the business. just moved on from cbs and that platform. he was active after that. involved in a good number of documentaries. one that is produced as an emmy- award winning documentary and focused on his passions such as space. >> reporter: was he worried about where the news business
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was going, infotainment rather than news mr. he spoke to that in one of the pieces we recorded. it was a real concern to him that people were tending to put their emotions and opinions in to the news. and it wasn't as impartial as he thought it should be and he felt the race to make the deadlines and be the first is so stiff that people don't do their home work and go forward with a story and apologize later. >> did they talk about the media using facebook or twitter in a responsible way. >> he did an editorial piece for the huffington post. so he embraced the internet. thank you very much. we have lost a great in our business.
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great to have you with us. a banker heads to captiol hill to advise on the state of the economy. and millions enjoy a celestial event they may never see again. we'll be right back. b@
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ben bernanke heads to the senate panel for a day of questioning on the economy. he told members of the house yesterday we. >> reporter: in the early
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recovery stage and interest memes will be low for tiso cranizitd edic for failing to prevent the financial crisis. the number overmeek can immigrants who crossed the border dropped sharply last year to the lowest level in a decade. the census data points to the economic downturn to rising unemployment and the data shows undocumented workers, who are already in this u.s. are opting to stay and that the economy will improve. the longest solar eclipse in the 21st century put asia in to near darkness after dawn. many watched the once in a lifetime phenomena. in india a woman died after a stampede of people watching. and others closed their shutter an stayed inside due to superstition. dr. stone is a world renowned forensic scientist and discovery channel host and he is out with the new book "the
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anatomy of evil." welcome to our show. >> thank you. >> you have a 22-level graduation of evil to define a range of serial killers. tell us about that scale. >> it is actually for murderers including serial killers. i began to work on that when i was called to be an expert witness in a murder case and i wanted to give the jury some idea of where a particular crime consisted of a man killing his wife and children sits in the grand scheme of violent crime and figured i would anchor it, it, it wassent justified homicide and the everyone is jealousy murder that everyone can understand but even though they are not supposed to do it. over end of
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the scale and i made segments is number 22, where there was not only serial sexual homicide or at least homicide but particularly prolong and diabolical torture. to me that seemed as bad as it could get and that was the end point of the scale. >> we had the sniper shootings. where would that fall on your graduation of evil? where would they fall. >> 15 or 16. probably 15 is where i have other spree killers and 16 i use for multiple vicious acts including rape or murder. a little more in the way of violation and dig grow grace of the dame. this as i understand was just shooting from a distance so presumably we hold painless deaths of the victim so all within a couple week period.
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and that is called a spree. different from mass murder but a bunch at once and different from serial killing. >> let's talk about serial killers. when we think of serial killers we think of ted bundy. what makes them different from everybody else? >> they are different because thermoty vatted to commit rape periodically. they seem, many of them, not all of them but many of them unable to form intimate relations with men and women and instead they stalk and rape and then kill their victims. sometimes they go to great lengths to dispose of the body in such of a way they won't be discovered so they can then be free to do the next. so that they are mass murderers. there is a sexual motif
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sometimes because of a again netting or environmental factors interwoven so they are different in that way. >> you have picked out characteristics that are common with some of these, such as killing cats. what are some other things. >> well, killing cats, being and setting fires. that's famous killing animals, setting fires, prolonged bed wetting but many have been abused by, physically or verbally by parents or caretakers and then a small number, the prime factor seems to be a serious head injury that damage the front lobe in such a way as to damage their ability to feel compassion for people. >> fascinating research, doctor. we wish you luck with the book the agnatmy of evil. thank you for coming in to talk to us. >> now over to kim who has the latest weather update. >> thank you. here's our time lapse tower
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cam from the netherlands carillon. moisture up to 75. the winds are light out of the south southeast at 3 miles an hour. the humidity is 76%. here's how the skies look on the satellite and radar loop. no rain yet. some clouds are building across west virginia. we have a thunderstorm yesterday in eastern west virginia panhandle that set up shop for the longest time. you guys are closest to the stalled frontal boundary across ohio. may see a stray shower or thunderstorm later today. it is not favoring too many around the district. we are 73 and 73 right now in richmond, as sowe 72 manassas. 70 rireckan. gaithersburg ine a southern maryland hein the uppe 70s. rather warm there in the 60s in
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cumberland. the moisture to the west and that's where it will be busy today. around here in and out of clouds. a little instable may breed a thunderstorm later, 87. 86 today. scattered thunderstorms tomorrow and kicking off the week. still a chance of a thunderstorm, partly cloudy and 87. let's get a closer look at this rain from pretty much nashville to kentucky central kentucky. cincinnati will be a wet flight there and soon to be knoxville, tennessee. around here we are in between the system in lane and the one across the ohio river valley. in here we will call it partly cloudy, and a slight chance of showers or storms and as the warm front moves north it will allow warmer air compared to yesterday. this means highs of 87 this afternoon. 82 new york city. 89 that raleigh. lows in the murky lower 70s. i will tell you the next seven days. here we go. tomorrow scattered
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thunderstorms are likely 86. heading to the weekend we will crank it up a few degrees. 87 on friday. a partly sunny hot day on saturday, 92 and sunday looks like scattered storms and highs in the upper 80s. that's a check on the next seven. over to andrea. >> thank you, kim. when the courts say no cameras bill hency comes to the rescue. he's one of the most renown courtroom artists in the country and now he is out with a new book, all rise, courts, crimes and courtroom art. welcome. >> we are usually on the outside waiting for all the parties to come out for the cameras but you are inside, basically a real witness to history. does it feel like that when you are sitting in there. >> at times it does and that is what compelled me to do this and i'm used to being behind the cameras and producers. i put my drawings up to be seen. so this is a change for me to actually be out pushing my book, but it is something i
9:24 am
felt was important to write. >> reporter: why? >> well, just all the cases i have been to. it really struck me that i have been sort of a witness to history and at the same time i wanted my drawings to be seen for more than three to five seconds. so this really was an ideal situation. >> reporter: how long have you been doing this now? >> 27 years. >> 27 year and you put all of those photographs in one book. >> well, no. >> how did you decide which will go in and which will have to be left there? >> i picked what was historical, what, you know, caught the attention of the people in general but with media coverage. >> this definitely caught the world's attention. i never saw so many cameras and satellite trucks outside of a courtroom. was the lorena bobbitt trial. >> i tried to be broad in what i selected. it was getting to the edge of somewhat tabloid in coverage and you are right it brought
9:25 am
out all kinds of people, even people selling t-shirt on the steps of the courthouse. it was pretty wild. this is michael vick. >> that is michael vick. that was an incredible case to watch that shift from someone who who had such stature and such respect and not this particular sketch but one in the book of him as he entered the courtroom in prison stripe an i was struck by the superman tattoo on his right hand. and just to see that contrast. >> what's that differentiates you from the rest of us because you look for little things. maybe the hand movement or eyes or whatever to focus in on and make your pictures come alive. >> i look for those details. that's sort of my job, number one is provide the visual to tell the story but also as a journalist i started this as an artist and i have been trained
9:26 am
by journalists i have worked with and learned to, you know, look for those details and tell that story. >> exactly. there's also a section in the boand e thesbars and these may not be some of the most celebrated trials or heavily covered but some of the most interesting images. we see the woman in the short fur coat and the man on the lower left of the screen his pants are around his ankles. >> was a startling development. a lot of these are serious cases but bizarre things happen in court an you have to be ready for that an the defendant was asked to drop his pants in front of the jury but we were all struck at what was to come and the strategy by the defense attorney was the tattoos must have been visible by the victim and they hadn't identified them but the visual was startling. >> we have less than 30 seconds. are you on tour by the boom or in the courtroom as well. >> i'm at the national
9:27 am
historical society on july 29th for the official book launch and i hope people come to that and courtroom is the site. >> we have a link on that. but you are not working in a courtroom. >> the benita jacks case has been going on and i have been covering some of that. but one day to the next i never know. that's the way it works. >> we put a link to that courtroom on our website at you can see more of bill hency's wonderful drawings. that is court crime and courtroom art. all rise. and thank you. >> thank you. an effort to ease traffic on a heavily traveled local corridor comes under the scrutiny of environmentalists and governor kaine is trying to make sure drunk driving d violaters can not escape prosecution. we'll be right back. carol!
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welcome back. a live look at 270 at 118. plan to widen 270 is causing an outcry among environmentalists. the proposal calls for 30 miles of widening along with a new transit line but they say it would encourage sprawl and cause more traffic jams. virginia governor called a legislative session to respond to a supreme court ruling. as we told you often monday, some virginia prosecutors are choosing not to pursue cases against drunk driving or drug suspects because the high court ruled defendants have the right to question lab technicians as part of the right to confront their accuser. that's in direct conflict with virginia law. the session will be august
9:32 am
19th. you can learn more at and click on virginia news. let's go to angie for an update on the rush hour. >> also at our website, you can find my blog where i have a link to my twitter where i keep you up to date on the traffic tieups that could slow you down like this one i posted on-line. the outer loop at van doren is crash activity. it is off to the shoulder but drivers are slowing down before that point as they make their way to telegraph road. move it up to 395. turn on the cameras and show you this awful crawl we are dealing with. looking at at least one hour to get from the capital beltway past the bridge to the third street tunnel. had an earlier accident at the southeast southwest freeway. not helping things much here. to the outer loop. 95 to georgia moving without incident. the commute is slow. anywhere between 15 to 18 minutes. 270 southbound. we looked at the camera earlier. here it is again. the southbound delay under
9:33 am
sunny skies. slow shady grove to montross. to wrap it up we take you to northwest dc where drivers are zipping by by at the intersection of 1 9 and pennsylvania. happy to report no incidents in the district as of now. now, over to you. >> thank you. from acoustic and plugged and in rocking and that's the billing for two shows this friday night. a local musician with nationwide recognition and we welcome shane to our show. welcome. good morning. how are you? >> i'm going to embarrass you a little bit. one critic said voice and instrument so powerful it just might move mountains. whoa! >> very kind of him to say. i don't know what to say about that. but i'd prefer that over how horrible it is. >> have you ever gotten a horrible review. >> actually, yeah. about my voice. someone really hated my voice so you get both. >> reporter: do you get bummed out when you get bad reviews or resolved to do a better job
9:34 am
next time and show them. >> i get a little bummed out at first and then move on. >> just remember, you have an instrument so powerful you might move mountains. you hold on to that all the time. >> tell us about the two shows on jammin' java i understand they are opposites. >> the 7:00 show is seated an doing kind of what, playing acoustic guitar and telling more stories behind the songs and 10:00 show will bring out the full band and it is a totally different more rock 'n' roll type of experience. >> exactly the and full band is. >> the trance. >> for people who got tickets and i understand it was a sellout almost as soon as the box office opened you are putting a dent in world hunger. >> i went to the dc central kitchen a couple of months ago and started up a relationship with them and so they will be a the show and it is a nice combination to do something bigger than just a show.
9:35 am
>> reporter: if someone is just tuning in and they go shane hines, what does he play. you describe yourself as an indy rocker. what does that mean? >> you know, i'm not sure. just doing everything on our own. we are doing what we want. we don't have any label support or anything like that. we just make it happen. >> well, i have to say on one of the labels you even had fans help you to pay for the cd. >> absolutely. we did teen and asked fans to help us pay for the next record and raise $34,000. it is amazing. so humbling. >> and tv for you is the new radio. i understand the real world -- >> tv is much more open to independent artists. radio play lists are much smaller. so they are just willing to listen to you a little more than radio is. >> all right. you will not find a singer, song writer or group of musicians in the area.
9:36 am
i'm talking about shane hines and the trance. we want to hear him play something for us ♪ [ music ] & staring at the picture ♪ ♪ wanting to be home with you tonight ♪ ♪ but don't get behind the wheel if you drink too much ♪ ♪ learn the difference when lust and love ♪ ♪ always stand up for something worth falling for ♪ ♪ don't lie and don't cheat to get your way through life ♪ ♪ know when to back down ♪ know when to fight ♪ keep your promises so your word's always true ♪
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missing mental health records belonging to the virginia tech gunman have been found. governor kaine made the announce this morning. he killed 32 people on april 16th, 2007, before taking his own life. his mental health treatment has been an issue in the shootings. those records were missing from the university's counseling center. governor kaine said the records will be released as soon as possible. a group of 22 local high school students quarantined in china amid fears of the h1n1 flu virus are expected to be
9:41 am
allowed to complete their two- week trip of the country. the students were confined to their hotel rooms when one member was hospitalized with what was confirmed as the h1n1 flu. loudoun county supervisors have approved a plan to build a stadium. it would be near dulles town center. it would seat 5500 and could be use at times for concerts, school graduation and other events. the developers hope to open the park within two years. >> we are asking you to be the judges week, at least when it comes to my wedding day hair do. yesterday we showed you the down do. courtesy of aveda salon in bethesda. look at the new me with a half up and half down work courtesy of elie elie salon. when you see all three of the looks go and cast your vote.
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partial updo. >> we curl the bottom and the top i will put half up and the veil will start from here down. you have to have some highlights to show the picture otherwise it will look dark. >> like a helmet. >> like a helmet. >> pretty soon it will be done. >> okay ♪ [ music ] can you come with me on the honeymoon. >> i will if you ask me [ laughter ] >> what la.
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rnound e.n and yocan an se>> and as >>l usuai hate rebe fopie.ct sor>> orefoh picture. >>goe.. if th oeryoyo. if you are interested in seeing eryes hair do and a preview of o a d preview of tomorrow go to my blog wu lyaltetuvorr you can actually vote onwhh wh ldi should wear. cag llshinitca> ha> we will come back on the other side of the break. it is 9:43. you are watching 9 news now. good morning. fa
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allison krausse performed last night for president obama at the white house and also
9:47 am
charlie pride and west virginia native brad paisley. and we noknow th is winter's capitol christmas eetr will come omfrin alp aarizona. a national forest there will provide an 85-foot blue spruce and it will arrive in washington in november. the nationals hosted the mets last night it got scary the third. david wright hit a ball to center. but morgan gets the out and ends the inning. listennen turned in a brilliant performance and went the distance earning his first career shut out the first ever at nationals park and thionates blank the mets 4-0. but there is troubling news from the steven strasbourg front. espn reports the nats are not on pace to sign the number one draft pick by the deadline. a source close to the investigation says they have offered nothing more than a
9:48 am
standard minor league deal. the gm says there are talks ongoing behind the scenes. we'll be watching. it is a classic. when you are talking about meal time in america but how do you perfect the cheeseburger? we will find out. we brought the best in. we have chef joe palma here now. he has a secret recipe. it is about proportion. that's the first thing you said to me. >> i did. proportion in a few things. we use a custom ground burger that you can actually do a home. i would go to whole foods or any reputable butcher and you want an 85 to 15% fat ratio in there. >> and we look to the proportions in term of the size of the bun to burger, amount of condiments on the burger the amount of garnish. >> so portion portion portion.
9:49 am
>> put one on the grill, please. and just as you said, tell everybody at home why we want the fat in the burger. >> because it will do two things, prevent it from sticking on the grill, which is key and give you more of a mouth feel. and obviously you don't want too much fat because there are flames charring your burger. >> you salted it. >> salt it because it is a pretty thick patty but bare in mind when it is cooking the juice is washing off the fat, as well. so you want to season it. >> got it. >> now, to me i would think the cheese is key for your cheeseburger but you are saying it is up to the individual. >> some people like more of a sharp bite. >> this looks like a sharp cheese. >> it is. cheddar. >> from wisconsin. >> wisconsin.
9:50 am
>> i guessed. you can use spicy pepper jack, blue cheese. >> what is the strangest cheese you have had on a cheeseburger? >> brie. >> how mushy. do you add it afterwards and hope it melts. >> absolutely. citgoing to melt. you put it on a burger and put the bun on it quickly. you toast the bun properly it will soak it up. >> what's the cheese that goes inside of pasta. >> ricotta. >> that would be different. >> i would be and among other things definitely different. >> might taste good but we don't know. coned wise you can't go wrong with mustard and ketchup, any orsuggestions. >> i see pickles over here. >> this is a at this time
9:51 am
disproportion nate. but we are eating that and it is proportionate. >> it is indeed proportionate. some don't like mustard and you don't have to have it by any stretch required but brings a spice and balance fatty elements as well. >> quick question about cooking this burger. with all of the salt on the outside will that have any searing affect on anything like that or will it cook evenly. >> it will cook evenly. the salt doesn't affect the sere as long ooze your grill is blazingly hot. keep the lid down to keep the heat in pop the lid up and go. >> heavens to betty don't squish it with the spat la and let the hot juices out that are cooking inside. >> it is. you will get a dry bug and not good. >> this is the self promotion part of the show. where are you at. >> at the ritz carlton at 22nd enm street. >> we will have your tips at
9:52 am and of course we have to sample this before everybody waiting in studio b marchs on the weather terrace for their piece of the burger. we will come back and check on wall street and i will have the seven-day forecast and see what mee wh is ween e siren behind me is when we come back. fiber one. i'm looking for some fiber.
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this bar is an excellent source of fiber. there's no fiber in this. tastes too good. there is fiber. [ chuckle ] no. i can't taste the fiber in this chocolate. they have 35% of your daily value. hmm. oh, samples. hmm. autobahn. wackenschdol. fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes. opening bell on wall street shows that things are not good. >> not my fault. >> dow is down 56 and the nasdaq off 5. s&p down almost 9. but it iserly as we like to say. >> definitely. here's a look at what is on tap for the rest of the week at 9:00 a.m. ike ike leggett stop by
9:56 am
tomorrow and shark week. whoa. shark weekend is coming up at the national aquarium. we will have a shark expert with us without any shark friends, i hope an on friday the mind over money panel is back. great advice and all for free. >> ever since we had the biers on here that attacked andrea's eyebrow she is always aware of the pets we have on the show. >> i mean the bird had blood drawn. so no. >> like the birds movie. >> and they put them in the air more than once, too. >> it was pretty funny. look at the next seven. our weather is not bad. probably like this most of the day. stray chance of a shower. temperatures in the middle to upper 80s. in the the weekend, hot weather on saturday and 92 degrees, you hear it here first. be ready take it easy and get air conditioning on saturday if you can't get to the lake, the pool or the beach.
9:57 am
>> the perfect cheeseburger. i like that. are yours medium or medium rare. >> we prefer it medium rare but however you like it. >> i wish wehood a camera that could make and show you this line of people who are running with their plate and fork. >> we are ready to cut in to it. >> but shane is here and is our special guest. friday the 24th if you can get in too late now. but the next news is at noon. bye-bye.
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