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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 22, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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9 news now and from the first local station with news in high definition this is 9 news now. >> good morning. we made it to hump day. >> i need some bling. >> some crystals. it is called the chandelier. >> very nice. >> start with live doppler hd ictozoom in to errgedbud ksan anburg and d newild. sswilderness. this is moving to the northeast. act to get ldto lyng g aboboi gto ssto cross route 17 cin20 minutes or . so locally heavy rainfall. other than that a quite morning sowith a a pa esssofpasses of f we had shower and thunderstorms pop upupyesterday evening arou 8:00, 9:00 across northern maryland. really from frederick over to carroll county and baltimore
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county. there they go, locally dropped two inches. en ma ev scdahausd an eninch of rain. lower 70s in town and by the bay another quiet morning with a chance of thunderstorms and highs in the mid to upper 80s. angie goff, how are you doing? >> an accident alert in arlington, virginia. thank you so much, howie b. welcome to the 5:00 hour. let's go ahead and begin with graphic and let you know near arlington hospital and george mason drive and 16th street crews are taking away lanes as needed. glebe road is the best bet. moving to 666 eastbound from gainesville to centreville. lanes are wide open. drivers are moving at speed. here we are tracking the head lights past 234 manassas. on northbound 95, not finding any problems. drivers make their way from fredericksburg to the beltway.
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andrea, over to you. is metro's train control system failing to do its job? metro says the system is working fine. however, a published report is raising disturbing questions about the safety of metro riders. 9 news now digital correspondent, armando trull is live at the greenbelt station with more. >> reporter: according to the report in the "washington post," which is this in this morning's post, metro discovered a lot of problems including the one here at the again belt station. an investigative story in today's "washington post" suggests that metro's train control system, that is supposed to prevent crashes, is now function -- is malfunctioning across the board. the post claims that internal documents and interviews with officials indicates the technological problems responsible for last month's fatal crash may be widespread.
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this doesn't surprise the president of the union that represents metro's train operators. >> from our members we have heard of stories such as this occurring out on the line. >> reporter: metro's general manager denied the allegations and hastily called a press conference. >> it is a gross misstatement of the fact. it is frightening people in the residents unnecessarily so. this system is safe. >> there maybe anomalies but whether those anomalies are serious and for sure whether they are serious though point of the signaling device malfunction at fort totten is cherry not the case. >> reporter: many metro riders don't know whom to believe. >> it is hard to say because the public doesn't get all the information for better or worse. so you have to decide if it is safe enough for you to take and, you know, get on the train and not think too much about it. >> reporter: and that is
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essentially the situation that metro riders will face this morning, whether or not to trust whether the system is safe. now, of course officials say one of the best ways to clear up the doubts is for the them to issue a preliminary report on the cause of the accident and any other safety anomalies they may have discovered but there is word word when they will issue that preliminary report. live at the again belt station, armando trull for 9 news now and president obama will look to the american people tonight for support in his bid to reform the nation's health care system. tens of millions of americans don't have health insurance, and the president will speak about that at his primetime news conference. he wants congress to pass legislation by august, but is facing tough opposition from both republicans and democrats. many lawmakers feel they need more time temperature others feel a government-run health insurance option is too risky. >> if the bill fails, it will be because of disagreement
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among the democrats. >> reporter: the insurance -- >> the insurance industry hasn't put a dime on the table. >> it is time to scrap this bill. let's start over in a bipartisan way. >> reporter: you can see the president make his case tonight here on his news conference starts at 8 p.m. if you are not near a television you can watch it streamed live at should gun owners be permitted to carry concealed weapons across state lines? the senate can vote on that question today. the measure comes one year after the supreme court truck down dc's gun ban. the senate bill would require gun holders to obey the laws of the state they visit. eleanor holmes norton says it is a bad idea. gun rights advocates like the plan. >> this is an outrage and it is what happens when you let the
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nra have its way on dc. now they think they can get their way on any bill they want. >> reporter: the senate proposal for concealed weapons is wrapped up in a defense spending bill. we will keep you posted on the bill an hour later newscast. a new push to expand an investigation involving dc councilman marion barry. the current investigation deals with barry's use of taxpayer money to employ a girlfriend. now the "washington post" reports that muir yell bouter wants to know more about barry's role in securing a $300,000 earmark for the association of former foster care children of america. the head of the nonprofit is accused of misusing the fund. barry denies any wrongdoing. martin o'malley is talking about furloughs and putting employees on what amounts to vaca without pay to save money. they are in the red by $700
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million. the governor doesn't like furloughs but it is better than the alternative. >> i'm hopeful that together we can come up with ways to avoid layoffs. i recall over the course of this last year i ran in to a couple of state employees that say i really don't like the furloughs. i said i don't like them either but i don't dislike them as much as i'd like to have to lay people off. >> reporter: he has outlined over ways to close the close the budget gap. 75million there come by medicaid money from the feds. time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle has a preview of the day on wall. good morning. >> good morning. wall street is hoping to rally for the 8th day in a row, which sounds good. i don't know if it will happen, though. futures trading is predicting a slightly lower open this morning. even though a bunch of favorable earnings reports were
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released after the bell. stocks rose in asia modestly. the dow stands this morning at 8915 after rising 67 points yesterday. the nasdaq rose almost 7. that's the tenth day of gains in a row. the s&p rose three points. earnings on tap, wells fargo, boeing and ebay among others. the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke heads to a senate panel for questioning on the state of the economy. yesterday he told members of the house we are in the early stages of the recovery. he was also criticized for failing to prevent the financial crisis, even as the white house is looking to expand the fed's power. freddie mac has gotten the fourth new ceo in a year. the mortgage giant tapped charles holdman junior. in his last job he restructured putnam after they faced federal
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and state charges. they are looking to restructure fannie mae and freddie mac. so he has that type of experience in the past. you are saving us money how. >> seeking reassessments for your property tax bill to lower that. >> we like the sound of that. >> a new report says federal agents often violate the institution. and students gather to watch the longest total eclipse of the 21st century. it is 71 degrees and you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back. b@
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welcome back. it is wednesday and we have a report of an accident on the inner loop at the american legion bridge. it is angie with your traffic in realtime and more shots across the region coming up. in the news now at 5:10, the number of mexican imgrants
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who crossed the border dropped sharply this year to the lowest level in a decade. the census data points to the economic downturn in america and rising unemployment but still the numbers show undocumented workers, who are already in the u.s., are opting to stay betting the economy will improve. a new report on immigration arrests as immigration agents violated the constitution by entering homes without proper consent. the report also says latinos made up a disproportionate number of people arrested who were not initially targeted. the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century has thrown parts of asia in to near darkness after dawn. millions gathered to watch the once in a life phenomenon. but a woman died in a stampede where thous gathered to watch
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the eclipse. and the tenth ranked player in the world helps to propel the district's tennis team closer to a bid -6r789s we'll be right back. strengthens enamel. act restoring-- for strong teeth act now.
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welcome back to 9 news now. here's howard bernstein to explain why some of us are
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seeing rain and others reason. >> just luck. there's no real trigger in the atmosphere, a little piece of energy here and there. we have the moisture and humidity around. yesterday we had a couple of storms in the afternoon. last night some bubbled up to the north across montgomery but eastern frederick through carroll and baltimore county had over two inches of rain and the thunderstorms but most us are high and dry with this very dry july. the next three days we have a chance of thunderstorms today. a little better chance tomorrow and then on friday. that isolated storm chance. temperatures mid to upper 80s the next few days. probably the coolest day will be on fathursday. this morning we will call it partly cloudy with an isolated shower. got one south on doppler. we will look at it in a minute. 60and 70s. yesterday we stopped at 86 with all the sunshine. today about that. 84 to 88 with a east wind at ten and tonight, can't rule out an isolated shower once again.
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mid-60s to lower 70s. got some fog this morning. i want to talk about that. half mile visibility in andrews. quarter mile cambridge. so, some areas have to watch for that. and as we show you the radar, the showers and storms from last night and then this morning we are watching one, just to the west northwest of fredericksburg. go over to live doppler hd and i can show you what is happening. there it is in southwestern parts of stafford county. you can see it here. let's go back in. by 17 and 616 we have this shower here moving to the northeast. it will eventually get west of garrisonville to the quantico base and continue to move off if it holds together in prince william county. that may take an hour or so but that is what we are watching this morning. temperatures, readings, a mild start. leesburg, dc, 70. same with quantico and fredericksburg. low 60s from the shenandoah valley and 71 on the bay.
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spoke to bill in neuland he has 68 degrees with a lot of dew down there. officially 70. dew point 67. a sticky morning out there with a relative humidity at 90%. we need more rain and it has been a dry month. plenty of rain across the midwest in to the ohio valley through the mississippi valley looks like that area of showers and storms will head this way, but tomorrow, as it gets closer that will enhance the thunderstorm chance and that's why tomorrow a better chance of storms than today. however, as we look at the seven-day forecast, still a chance of a storm or two this afternoon, 87. tomorrow mid-80s with thunderstorms and then we heat up on saturday, 92. by sunday a chance of storms and 88. isolated on monday and tuesday. still on the warm side. 5:17. good morning to the coffee drinking angie goff. she can't start without it. >> it is brewing.
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it is not done yet. i know. i'm up and at it. we are broadcasting live from my chat room at you'll see my picture. it is oh my goff. my blog. click on it and join us behind the scenes. on the inner loop at the american legion bridge this is where we have a report of an accident. the outer loop is fine north of the district. moving over to 270, heading southbound. slow from 109 to 121. a lot of volume here at germantown road. moving to the maps. pennsylvania avenue, suitland parkway, 301 and branch avenue. so far so good. in virginia 95 heading northbound. here's the shot. you are clear from dale city to the beltway. this is actually 395 and that's where i am going to end it. no incidents or accidents. it is just volume. over to you. >> thank you, angie. good morning, everybody. a town hall meeting on health care got heated on monday and now it is what is hot wee thb. web. look at this. maryland senator ben cardin a
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democrat who favors health care reform took quonesa tia from robert s dirodiof clinton. he just taken stjutaken a new j that pa less s hid joolb s old so he cided denot to get health insurance d and of the rtof tha on sths hiatitftcos s onats s its ftcosts over to a rspe that does pay and they are payi rsfor you. this has many of you sounding w r ouebsite. t. out. we received dozens of comments and i want to share two with you this morning. i'm readg int ri. hegh ree ont gh. reot one wrote, senator cardin, mr. rodis woul dowhat i would got sihe ckt sick or had car accident, he would pay his med k5 care. he will have the money because he didn't have to pay $1,000 a post up, jay beoti e g i to . s . diesro atst nothing about all and atm l ali'd i'm sure w he eldt ouecxp toreceive
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health care if he walked in e h sp hoand so he should pay soy for k asof in as ncrasu hopeinncrayo u you hope you don't get in to an accident but if you do you are covered. same thing. we have two views part peof the broader health care debate happening on calliohid l an you can join the going to >> thank you, kristin. the nationals gave their interim manager something he is yet to experience in a nats uniform. and are the nats going to let the number one draft pick slip away? this morning sports headlines are next. it is 70 degrees and you are watching 9 news now. b@b@b@b@fa@ there are moments in time
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a microfiber sofa bed for just $299, only at jennifer. $299. jennifer: the only place to buy a sofa bed. here's a look at people celebrating a birthday today. in sports think nationals hosted the new york mets last night in southeast dc and it got scary in the third. two on for new york. david wright hit the ball to center but check out this catch to get the out and end the inning. starter jonathonen turned in a brilliant performance. he went the distance earning his first career shutout and the first ever at nationals
5:24 am
park. nats blank the mets 4-0 and won the game. there's some troubling news on the stephen strasbourg aren't. thionates are not on pace to sign the number one pick by the august 17th deadline. a source close to the investigation says the nats have offered nothing more than a standard minor league deal. the gm says there are talks of going behind the scenes. in in the bronx, the o's vidsing the yankees. bombers won it with a walk off homer on monday and no such drama necessary last night. in the 4thinning robbie with the two run shot. his 14th of the year and bombers take it 6-4. the washington kastles are fighting for a place in the world team tennis playoffs last night against the buzz nadia won singles and doubles matches. the kastles crushed the buzz 23-
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12. if they win tonight they make the playoffs on friday. the maryland soccer lex, dc -- at the maryland soccer lex, dc united up against the rochester rhinos in. tied in the second when he buried the rebound and knocks down the imaginary jumper. united wins 2-1 and will play houston or seattle in the finals. virallallists come out against a plan to cut down on road congestion. and ' beloved military plane is retired by lawmakers on the captiol hill. we'll be right back.
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health care reform debate. president obama takes to the airways to promote changes in insurance and gain supporters on captiol hill. welcome back to 9 news now. this is wednesday morning and angie is here and she's carrying her own light in her
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hand leer necklace. she has the traffic update in a few minutes. howard has the forecast. a little steamy hot and humid. >> the muggies are out there this morning. dew points and humidity is up. rain-free except for stafford county and take you there on ve li doppler hd. one hefty ow . tyan minutes ago but isitan tracking to the northeast at 15 to 20 miles . urho you can see it urwewest of 95. garrisonville this cobe knocking on your doorstep if it holds together in 20 minutr or 15 or inso in tlyalano kw ford eventually to kwan coe. let'go to the weather computer and show you we had thunderstorms across northern maryland. dropped a couple of inches to across carroll, baltimore and eastern frederick county and eron loneonlone e ow we sit atat 70s. right now a lot of mihudity ou rmfor a thunders uwah tct for a thundeg rmin th toupper to upper 80s. good morning, angie goff. >> good morning.
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hello, everybody. half way through the 5:00 hour we are going to begin with the capital beltway. starting with the outer loop from 95 to georgia. seeing a good amount of taillights. a lot of people are hitting the road. on the inner loop at the american legion bridge that's where we have a report of crash activity. a lot of drivers volume is building on 270 southbound at germantown road. before that drivers are dropping speeds between 109 and 121. hey, virginia, we love you and we love the traffic so far on 95 northbound from fredericksburg to 495 a 40 minute commute and back to the beltway, this time on the maps. the inner loop from 95 to 66. drivers are clocking in at a good pace and moving a speed. the president is pulling out all of the stops to sell his health care plan to the american people and congress. tonight he hits the national air waves for a little primetime marketing. susan roberts has more. >> reporter: tonight president
5:31 am
obama will try to ensure the public and convince congress that health care reform won't break the bank. >> i want to put the pressure on but ultimately the test is, is this a bill that will be better for the american people or not and if it is not, we'll keep at it. >> reporter: the plan currently working through congress will cost an estimated $1 trillion. but the president insists it won't add to the deficit. >> he goal is to hold down soaring health care costs while expanding coverage to most of the 46 million uninsured. >> mr. president it is time to scrap this bill. >> reporter: but republicans argue the white house is doing too much too soon. >> the gop isn't the only one putting up a fight over the proposal. he is facing tough opposition from some members of his own party. many democrats are against a surtax on the wealthy. it -- wealthy. it adds 1.54% in taxes to individuals making over
5:32 am
$280,000 a year. >> this isn't just the super wealthy. >> gerry connolly represents one of the richest districts in the country. he is among the 21 freshman democrats who are urging them to find the money elsewhere. >> the insurance industry hasn't put a dime of identified savings on the table yet. >> reporter: president obama is optimistic that progress is being made and warns the price tag opens keep tacking will only get worse without a major overhaul. cbs news, washington. a piece of military aerial history has seen the last days in battle. yesterday the senate voted to stop additional production of f- 22 fighter jets. the president hailed the move saying it will better protect our troops. f-22 supporters say it will be a blow to long-term national defense and cost thousands of jobs in the middle of the recession. there was a surprise on the senate board on tuesday the return of robert byrd. the west virginia democrat hasn't been on captiol hill for
5:33 am
more than two months because of illness. he is the longest serving u.s. senator. he returned to the capitol to vote on an amendment to a defense policy bill. virginia governor tim kaine is expected to announce plans to call a special legislative session to respond to a supreme court ruling. as we first told you on monday, some virginia prosecutors are choosing not to pursue cases against drunk driving or drug suspects. that's because the high court ruled the defendants have the right to question lab technicians as part of the sixth amendment right to con front their accusers. that's in direct conflict with virginia law. you can learn more about the cases at just click on virginia news. metro transit leaders are eck pressing outrage over a published report which says there are widespread failures of a system designed to prevent crashes. 9 news now digital correspondent, armando trull is live outside of the greenbelt metro station with more. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. this is the report that created
5:34 am
that controversy. it says metro has discovered problems in track circuits, circuits on places such as here in greenbelt belt. yesterday metro called a press conference to refute those allegations. the "washington post" article says the same problem that caused last month's fatal crash is widespread, and that many portions of track on four of the system's five lines are failing to detect trains. a gross exaggeration of the facts, say metro's top man. >> the metro system is safe. we are safe to operate and the reports you have are not true. >> reporter: the president of the union that represents metro's train operators agreed with cato the system is safe but disagrees on the big picture. >> he's not looking at the whole picture. i think something else is going on out there and because of information that we have received, we know this is not annoyerslated incident. and i'd like for them to look in to it and let us know what
5:35 am
is going on completely. >> many of the people who use metro have the same concerns. >> anyone who rides the trains knows there is a problem go on just by the volume of people on each train and how many times it gets off loaded so i think it needs to be something they take care of and do so quickly. >> one thing that could dispel some of the concern swirling around the metro accident and whether metro is safe or not is the ntsb preliminary report on last month's fatal crash. but ntsb is not released that report and there's no time line as to when that will happen. reporting live at the greenbelt station, armando trull for 9 news now and a plan to widen i-270 in upper montgomery county and frederick is causing an outcry among environmentalists. the state's proposal calls for 30 miles of highway widening along with a new transit line. environmentalists say it would
5:36 am
encourage sprawl and cause more traffic jams. the montgomery county council has put off a decision until september. time for another "living $mart" report and digital correspondent jessica doyle is back with the move one stop senator is making to end a long relationship with financial firms. >> yes. this is a real sign of the times on captiol hill. we are talking about senator chris dodd, chairman of the senate banking committee and for three decades the largest financial firms have been generous donors to his campaign. according to the "washington post" consider this a breakup. the post reports that senator dodd has become a crusader to cut down on banks. polls show him trailing a little-known republican challenger ahead of next year na te election speaking ofsecrspea government is getting tougher on hetoy safety. neru kis le ckum rules kick oinaugust14th. e e . th14 thmaximum pelty for
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a new survey shows half of the defense workers whose jobs are moving from northern virginia to fort made in maryland say they will move, too. the survey conducted by the defense information systems agency say most plan to commute initially. 58% say they will keep their jobs if they are moved and 13% say they would stay in virginia. 29% are undecided. loudoun county supervisors have approved a developer's plan to build a minor league baseball stadium. it would be part of a large office and retail project near dulles town center. the ballpark would seat 5500 and be used at times for concerts, school graduations and other events. developers hope to open the park within two years. a local group kept quarantined in china could soon be allowed to finish its sigh seeing tour. and an apple or orange or any piece of fruit can help to keep the doctor away. we'll be right back. b@
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welcome back. it is early on this wednesday and we are live heading in to dc on 395 where the lanes are open but volume past duke street. more traffic is coming up. in the news now at 5:40, a group of 22 local high school students quarantined in china amid fears of the h1n1 virus are expected to be allowed to
5:41 am
complete their two-week trip of the country the students were confined to their hotel rooms when one member was hospitalized with flu-like symptoms. an apple a day is said to keep the doctor away but orange juice may get the job done, too. researchers say it has to do with a compound in oj. it improves blood vessel function and lowers a person's risk of heart disease. what's it going to take for suspended nfl quarterback michael vick to return to the playing field? we will take a look coming up. we have mainly clear skies this morning. it is muggy, though. watch for that and we have a shower to show you on live doppler hd. we will talk about that and what to expect for the rest of the week and of course we need rain. it is coming up on 9 news now in a moment. cash in on style at the jcpenney bonus sale.
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the washington office for one of the largest animal rights groups may protest michael vick's return to the nfl unless unless certain conditions are met. we have local reaction to his possible return to pro football. >> reporter: at the district's main shelter for dog and cats there is no shortage of vikeal slick opinions. >> should he be allowed to play football again. >> on the dog no. for the people looking to adopt, michael vick's return to
5:45 am
the nfl conjures up deep feelings about our pets and whether a 23-month prison sentence makes up for his role in a brewal and often fatal dog fighting operation. >> i don't think so. a lot of kid look up to players as role models. >> reporter: at one point in time 11 of michael vick's dogs were brought her for recovery before they were moved to a sanctuary. nfl training camps open next week but the commissioner would only say they will rule on his return in the near future. the washington office of peta, people for ethical treatment of animals wants him to under go a psychiatric evaluation before allowed to return. >> of course anyone who serves their jail sentence deserves to walk out of jail but they don't deserve to have their multimillion-dollar contract again. >> reporter: so can we expect peta to show up and protest. should michael vick return without a psychological
5:46 am
evaluation. >> it is a possibility. >> reporter: there could be a major role for vick. the battle against dog fighting and other forms of animal cruelty. >> we could use him as an ambassador for what not to do with dogs. >> prior to his conviction and imprisonment he yond went a training program at peta headquarters and agreed to a record tv spot denouncing dog fighting. >> no word on when the nfl commissioner will meet with michael vick, even after he is reinstated. the 2 t-year-old quarterback would have to find a team willing to sign him. time to say good morning to howard bernstein and what's ahead for us in weather. >> muggies. the humidity is up and we could see a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. we verizon seeing isolated stuff, yesterday afternoon and this morning an isolated shower in the stafford area. we will look at that in a second on live doppler hd. i want to get you started with the forecast first. today looking at temperatures
5:47 am
mid to upper 80s with isolated thunderstorms. more storms tomorrow. thunderstorm chances go up. mid-80s and back to the upper 80s. we will call it partly cloudy this morning. some areas clouds an areas clear. a patch or two of fog. 60s and 70s will climb to the range of 84 to 88 with a southeast wind at ten and that threat of a passing thunderstorm. only 30% or so. most of us like the last few days will be dry. sunset 8:28. partly to mostly cloudy. isolated showers. still possible tonight. 66 to 73. the fog this morning at andrews, quarter mile visible and cambridge quarter mile visibility. it has come up from a quarter to a mile in culpeper and probably a little fog in carroll county and maybe frederick where the rains last night were in excess of two inches, isolated and some thunderstorms around 9:00, 10:00 or 11:00 has hey moved in to pennsylvania. there they are.
5:48 am
the ones that left but this morning see the lone shower. live doppler hd picking this up. we zoomed in to garrisonville and stafford. here's quantico as it is moving to the northeast. it is building up a little bit here. if this holds together, maybe marbury or indian head in to southeastern prince georges county that could take an hour or so before it gets here. as you step out this morning won't need the jacket but it is muggy. temperatures are falling to 59. the cool spot locally, winchester and culpeper. watch for fog again. oakland 57. 72 at the navy air station pa tux sen river and jan in reedville said 73 degrees. around here it is a hazy morning across washington. talked about the temperatures again around that 70-degree mark in town with a light northeast wind and the humidity is high at 90%. the barometer is 30.10 and falling. a lot of moisture in the middle of the country and some of this
5:49 am
will get here. but first hit the mississippi and ohio valley and then will be enhancing our thunderstorm threat as we head in to tomorrow afternoon. here's our seven-day forecast. 87 today with that thunderstorm threat. 86 tomorrow. back to 87 on friday. more thunderstorms tomorrow and i think on sunday than say the rest of the week. hot on saturday. highs of 92. 5:48. 70 degrees. angie has the traffic. >> thank you very much. in you follow me on twitter, oh my goff is my name. not only do you get traffic alert but metro alerts, as well. on the red line expect delays because of a train circuit malfunction outside of the new york avenue station. talking able our roads, though, this is what is going on the outer and inner loop. no incidents or accidents to report at this time. between 95 and georgia avenue things are filling out. 270 southbound a lot of volume in the germantown area.
5:50 am
from 70 to the capital beltway. right now a 35 minute commute. that is going to grow just a bit. in virginia 95 northbound at the prince william parkway off ramp is where we have new crash activity reported. meanwhile we are slowing down around the prince william parkway to lorton and seeing a good amount of brake lights on 395 northbound past duke street to the district. now over to miracle league kristin fisher who's standing by in the 9 news now web center. >> good morning. i have three viral videos hot on the web this morning and they are all about animals. can't go wrong with that. start with a clip in england. check out these baboons attacking a car. apparently staff was getting sick of visitors not properly securing their vehicles before they headed to the baboon section. so they sent in this demo car with a roof box. mug gang in to the baboon section and well, you can see
5:51 am
what happened. andrea, they then posted this video on-line and you can see luggage absolutely everywhere. i don't know about you but if i was a visitor i would not drive in to that area with an unsecured roof rack. >> i get it. >> so there's a warning from that zoo. moving on the video of the world's second largest aquarium has been viewed nearly a half million times on youtube. there it is right there. this is it. it is called the perosia sea and located in japan. it is the size of three olympic size swimming pools which is big enough to hold four full- grown whale sharks and this is bun of three in the world that have tanks large enough to hold a whale shark and finally i want you to check out this clip of a baby chick going up against a monday tore his saturday.
5:52 am
>> it is hard to watch. >> oh, no. >> i know. >> but if you wait a little longer i promise i wouldn't show you if it if it had a bad ending. the baby chick stands his ground and gets away after a few more seconds. after a few more seconds you can see the lizard turns around and the baby chick is fine. if you want to see the entire clip i will have a link on my blog at go fish at there he is turning away. all is well in the animal world this morning. back to you. >> wow, i was worried there for a while. >> thank you, kristin. a local resident is named allstate's volunteer of the year. and how some of the prize possessions from one of the world's most renowned psychics can be yours. ine dollars, you can get them shoes from names like danskin now and starter. ♪ select eyeglass frames are just $9 at walmart --
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5:55 am
in the washington examiner metro's crash alert system failed four years ago, just as it did in june when nine people were killed and the montgomery county council is considering stricter oversight in light of a fraud investigation.
5:56 am
he predicted the future for the social elite in dc. and the celebrity clairvoyant had collected a swap of vintage items that will go up for auction on sunday. >> through her crystal ball jean dicken claimed to see the future. >> some of her observations were astute and you don't really have to believe in the occult to appreciate the contribution she made in entericking with political players. >> dixon died in ' 98 and on sunday her estate goes up for auction in bethesda. the clothes, the books, painting, beds and wishing well will all be up for grabs with more than 400 items on the list. >> i would say the crystal ball generated the most excitement and it is hard to say what that will bring. i think we have to have another clairvoyant weigh in on the possibility of the high price. >> reporter: dixon was a
5:57 am
personal psychic to nancy reagan and other celebrities and she wrote her ability to see the future was a gift from god. >> she was a global figure. >> she did have a beloved pet. it was mike the magic cat b@who had his own wardrobe including this rhinestone collar. >> i will be here because i'm particularly interested in some of the clocks. >> reporter: the auction house says they have been getting calls from europe, including italy and england. >> people remember jean dicken fondly. people will say may mother followed her prediction and read her column every day and would love to have a small momento. >> 9 news now and again that is sunday. parking tickets. >> looks like a cities across the usa are saying this is a way we need to get revenue in to pay for our budgets and so it looks lick this is a trend that is sweeping the nation everywhere from santa monica is seeing parking fees increase. just raised theirs from 40 to
5:58 am
$50. and yonkers, new york, also they said this is a way we can help to pay for that $900 million budget and the newest thing in dc is the street sweepers installing cameras actually on the street sweeping trucks so that those that don't move their car and tourists. >> they are sick of the visitors like with hotel taxes. >> and they will find you. you have to pay it. >> they won't come back and you lose on the otherrened. there has to be a way to work it out. >> be careful and take note. write it down. >> pay attention. >> if not you will be fined. >> got a new 85-foot christmas tree coming from the arizona white mountains and the question i have to andrea before we talk about this, this one will come and be this year's christmas tree every year. >> the green guy is coming out. we could get a green christmas tree, something we are not
5:59 am
chopping a tree down and something we are not spending all of the energy to truck it in. i know it is a tradition and a great thing but it is not very green to have a tree like that. that's my two cents on that. >> you will pick it up, too. >> and recycle. >> and recycle. >> exactly. we want to talk about animals before with the baboons and the chicken and whatever. and we have a video of the largest giant turtle in one of the largest -- this is a male and has a new home in tulsa, oklahoma. he is 80 years old and still growing and they are hoping he will mate. that they will leave more. >> needs a diet. >> at 80 he is just middle age. >> and still growing. that's the thing that's amazing. >> his little numbers. >> he went down the red carpet. welcome to oklahoma. >> the tulsa zoo. we have a couple of minor issues in


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