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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 21, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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turn it in reality. cutting back to save money. virginia closes 18 highway str stops in an effort to save millions of dollars. good morning. i'm andrea roane. howard here with weather and angie has the traffic. you will hear from her in just a minute. howard has the forecast to get us going. >> keep an umbrella handy. won't rain all day or in most places but like yesterday had some showers and storms down south. this morning live doppler hdb@ fairly quiet except for areas in southern maryland where we are looking at moderate to heavy showers not quitin to virginia approaching newburg and mechanicsville. saint leonard the shower g in tothe the tothe north an
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west. show you the big picture on the satellite-radar combined. where much of the moisture is sitting off shore but enough of us to give the showers heanr ot r st ern wesy pennsylviarnmo g. morning. 50s for the mountains.50 wi the mountains. d 72 helo here along the 95 corridor from baltimore to washington and southern maryland where we have the showers. a chance of a shower or two today. highs between 80 and 85. time for a traffic update. it is 5:01. >> hello, everybody. welcome to tuesday. let's take a camera tour. beginning with the outer loop. drivers are moving at speed. the intersection where it meets 270, also in maryland, speaking of 270 we have a camera for you. southbound looks like traffic is light past 121 and the same situation out of frederick this morning. in virginia, 66 eastbound. yeah it is all clear. i want you to know we will have more on those car rest areas
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that are closing down. 95 northbound is doing fine. lanes are wide open as drivers make their way to the mixing bowl and finally end with 395. this commute congestion free from duke street to dc. now, over to andrea. 18 of 42 highway rest stops in virginia are now closed. the virginia department of transportation says the move will save $9 million a year but critics say it will put drivers at risk by eliminating places they can pull over safely. 9 news digital correspondent armando trull is along 66 in manassas with more. >> good morning. i'm at the rest stop which is around mile marker 48. this rest stop closed last night. the only people here right now are the truck drivers who were here before midnight. you can see some of those rigs here. the rest of the rigs were kept from coming in. in fact, we kind of skirted some of the barricades to come in and do this report. we were told we might have to
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leave here soon because we're not really supposed to be here and this is all part of what the state is doing to deal with a $2.6 billion short fall in the transportation budget. the virginia department of transportation closed 18 highway rest stops. many motorists are angry. >> pretty inconvenient to be honest with you. >> reporter: how inconvenient? the average distance between stops will be 120 miles. >> people have to go to the bathroom and people pull up when they are too tired an traveling. the next rest stop is maryland. hot going to wait that long to get out there. >> reporter: they are facing a $2.67 billion deficit over the next reo years and closing the stops will save $9 million a year. >> it is important enough to find the money somewhere else. >> reporter: it maybe through a plan proposed by governor kaine who wants to operate commercial kiosks and coffee shops at the
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rest stops as a way to staff and maintain the facility. the plan had been defeated by the general assembly. and the closure of the rest stops has become a hot button issue in the race for the governors. all the candidates say the rest stops should reopen and they are looking at a list of measures to have that happen including having some of the facilities maintained by inmates and as we told you here is the virginia state police. perhaps they are coming to tell us it is time for us to go. we will see what they tell us and where we go later this morning. 9 news now and >> we will be watching to see what happens. dui cases are tossed out of virginia courtrooms because of a new supreme court ruling. it is based on the institution's sixth amendment which says defends have a right to con front their accusers. they say that includes breast technicians. but because there are so few of
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them and so many dui cases it is too great of a burden. there's good news about crime this morning, national and local rates are plummeting. traditionally crime rates tend to rise in bad economic times. the theory is the more desperate the situation the more likely someone will turn to crime but not this time. a u.s. criminallologist say it is similar to what happened during the great depression. >> if people experience economic hardship but they feel everybody is in it together, they feel everybody is pulling their weight and there's a lot of information that happened during the great depression, i don't think that crime will go up. >> reporter: just how far has violent crime fallen? mithe hocide rates in dc, new york and los angeles are on pace for their lowest in 40 years. you should expect more fireworks today about the future of health care in america. the u.s. chamber of commerce, the nation's largest business
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group, will begin to run ads saying it opposes president obama's plan of a government- run health insurance system. the president is feeling pressure from both republicans and democrats who oppose his plan for universal health care. he is scheduled to hold a press conference tomorrow night to press his case. it is time for our first "living $mart" report of the morning and jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day on wall street. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. we are riding high on the market right now, relatively speaking, not compared to a couple of years ago but forward looking economic indicators help to push the dow in to positive territory yesterday. and this morning world markets are rallying and future points to more green arrows at the opening bell. the dow jumped 104 point and the nasdaq added 22 and the s&p up nearly 11. investors will keep an eye out for apple's earnings report due out after the closing bell
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today. the analysts think it won't have any trouble beating profit expectations. the maker of the ipod and iphone has beaten estimates for two years running. the stock is up 21% since the last earnings report in april. drivers are gearing up to cash in the clunkers. this friday it kicks off. auto dealers will sell cars urn the cash for clunkers program. consumers can get a credit of $4,500 if they exchange vehicles that get 18 miles a gallon or less for more fuel efficient vehicles. congress approved the program effective july 1st but gave the department of transportation until friday to complete the rules of the program. consumers will see a lot of deals in the next couple of days advertising rebates. >> we talked about this before on mind over money, it sounds complicated but they think they worked it out. >> it should be simple for folks if they are interested. >> that saves some money and
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more money-saving tips coming up. >> today we are saving you money by using technology to get you the lowest airfare on your next vacation. >> thank you. a bill approving the right to carry concealed weapons is floating around the u.s. senate. and federal health officials advise all americans to get their fall flu vaccination. we will be right back. 72 degrees and you are watching 9 news now. e b@
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. welcome back. ten minutes after the 5:00 hour. we are traveling eastbound on the dulles toll road from the airport toward tysons corner. lanes are wide open. it is angie. ready for a terrific tuesday. traffic is coming up. in the news now at 5:11, americans get ready to be vaccinated for the next flu season. that's the word from the food and drug administration which just approved the flu vaccine for the 2009/2 a 10 season. plus, the shot won't protect you against the h1n1 virus. that vaccine is currently under development and about to undergo testing. california governor arnold schwarzenegger and state legislative leaders say they have agreed on a plan to close a $26 billion budget short fall. they have been trying for months to get the state back on firm financial ground. schwarzenegger says it has been like a suspense movie. the senate is considering a proposal which will give people the right to carry concealed
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weapons across state lines. under the bill they would have to obey concealed gun laws of the state they are visiting. charles schumer along with families of the virginia tech massacre have come out against the bill. a national sports reporter once again becomes known for something other than her work. and another dc sports team finds itself on the cusp of making or missing the may haves. it is 5:12. we'll be right back. l. pamprin multi-symptom
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welcome back. a live look at the washington monday numb and downtown washington. time to say good morning again to howard bernstein and wasn't so bad leaving from the garage this morning. i didn't face anything yet. >> there were big rains in southern maryland yesterday, though and we will talk about
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that. my lawn is quickly turning from lush green to this stray material. >> crunchy underneath. >> barely any rain this month. .26 the entire month in national. but the next three days we have a chance of shower and thunderstorms out there over the next few days. today a shower or thundershower. thunderstorm chances mainly going to be west of 81. low 80s. tomorrow mid-80s still a shower or thunderstorm. the same story on thursday with the heat and the humidity. this morning, we are looking at some rainfall totals that are justifiedly. in dulles month 9. .26 for the month so far. these are two inches below the average for the month. the same in baltimore. charlottesville and martinsburg have had more rain. yesterday in southern maryland they had 1 1/2 to two inches of rain in calvert and st. marys county and showers and thunderstorms that sat on them.
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this morning what do you see? you see the moisture along the coastal areas. not the greatest beach day and parts of new england, another batch in western pennsylvania. live hd, once again, southern maryland seeing showers. a couple of sprinkles to the cumberland area. here's saint leonards. north of you. benedict, mechanicsville, this is drifting in to eastern charles county at 20 miles an hour. here's hughsville, even plum point you might get in the activity in the next 20 to 30 minutes as this drifts to the north and west and then toward prince georges county. back to the weather computer and talk temperatures in the 60s and 70s. culpeper, you are dry and 3 for a cool spot. and thankfully saint indy goes you have the thermometer operational, 73. 72 cambridge and here in washington. the winds are northeast at seven. i expect them to be southerly
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later on today. and the relative humidity is 71%. we have showers off shore. incredible thunderstorms this morning across kansas. you can actually see the spin in eastern kansas coming in to northeastern oklahoma. a lot of thunderstorm activity there with winds and rain and for us this continues up the coast. if we get this moisture farther west we'd do a lot of damage to our july dryness but only going to be spotty the way it looks right now. the seven-day forecast coming up. 83 this afternoon. a chance of a shower or thundershower. still some scattered thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon on wednesday and thursday. the heat builds. isolated storms on friday and saturday, pushing 90. and by sunday, 90 with scattered thunderstorms, as well. time for traffic. it is 5:17 going to be a great day. i can feel it. a reminder i'm broadcasting behind the scenes of this show on mine at visit my blog.
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it is all there. 95 northbound in virginia from woodbridge to the beltway, good amount of drivers so far but no egg significant delays. over to the inner loop and we are using the realtime graphics from the wilson bridge past 95 to 666. nothing but pretty green cars telling us drivers are moving at speed. lanes are wide open as we take you outside and show you 395 northbound. no complaints from 495 to the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. on the maryland side of things we will move it over to route 4, route 5, crane highway. the roads are checking out okay and finally go back outside and show you the outer loop north of the district. so far so good, folks. no incidents or accidents to report. kristin fisher, what's going on in. >> we have a violated espn reporter an arrested harvard professor and the world's most crowded swimming pool. those are three of the top storb wethisweb this stto. ge it ar. starting with this tiorrey orhe
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it is the esho t riitheesttgh bsite right now according to te. trternetactrngsi assault on aarotey arr l alall e sh isnalis. she is a reporter for pnes esan a video surfaced of ofr he l room. ng in her i was shot thh rouga peephole in her hotel room door. they are trying to catch the perpetrators moweand esst bsit deleted the devio but this sports blviog is wondering what kind of affect this will have on female otr orstkiy ma ng> her story making waves on the web this morning is abt thote arrest of harvard profsoeshenry lewis gates junior who is one so mieeprthe preeminent scholars of african- s.udcamaniest ekamwe ri acambekdge police cafiofr ficameto his home afte po reof a break in. gates leregey dlfused to identify himselfe thpo toy lice report, ane acsed the officer
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accused e fiser ce of racism. he r een arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. gates is fighting back. an finally check is. oth ghteou he xt lembt l'sgoet scrambled, let's try this e.on look e.att. t could this be e thwos d'rld'mos cr imming pool. it elis . it this is ol ipon . pool in china and these swimmers are ngyi . u can eaisriteeangblisteri you can e t rise heghreththey a floaty to floaty. glad to see they are getting out of the heat but i don't know how sanitary. dunn look too sanitary, right. >> hadn't even gone there. crowded for sure. >> yes. >> next the nationals fight to try to find their first win since getting a new manager and shaquille o'neal is focusing on the upcoming nba season and a new tv show. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to 9 news now. here's a look at people celebrating a birthday today. in sports the nationals
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begin our look at headlines. last night the nats hosted the mets. new york on the board early. an rbi double in the first made it 2-0. in the second the nats tacked on three more. the rally was capped off by dan quell's rbi single. nats lose 6-2. washington has dropped six in a row and remains winless since riggleman became the manager. the world tennis season started two weeks ago but playoffs are set for this friday. they were in springfield, missouri fighting to make the playoffs. one of the lasers players sang the nationals anthem. the dc would lose the next three sets and you will matily the match. ksatles must beat the buzz in order to keep the playoff hopes alive. shaquille o'neal maybe moving to cleveland and still
5:25 am
has one foot in hollywood. the big fundmental will be the star of a reality show of a. prosecutors suffer a slight set back in their efforts to convict a woman accused of killing her four children and u.s. defense officials say more u.s. soldiers will be needed to properly fight the growing war in afghanistan. it is 5:25. ghs ) ( m) hey bets, can i borrow a quarter? sure, still not dry? i'm trying to shrink them. i lost weight and now some clothes are too big. how did you do it? simple stuff. eating right and i switched to whole grain. whole grain... studies show that people who eat more whole grain tend to have a healthier body weight. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains...
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u.s. soldiers mark a grim milestone as they suffer the highest single monday losses in afghanistan since fighting began in 2001. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us for joining us this tuesday morning. angie is here and she will have the traffic in just a moment. hopefully the report will match the smile on her face. >> it is looking good. >> good. we start with howard's forecast. he has a smile on his face. in hoping to get a little rain around here. >> always has a smile on his
5:29 am
face. >> happy guy. a couple of showers but the vast majority of it is a dry morning. the ouds arthere but in ar doppler hd land we will take you ern ryland lacause they inthouman arndloe because they are looking at raterashowers ac ssro possions of s . rymaand caliver counties and extreme southeasternprince georges county. this is drifting to the nortest. newburg watch out. laplata anwaldorf may e 5 iswh see isthe heaviest activity. temperature-wise this morning, reings in the olcod s. cool spots in the 50s and 60s. we sit at 72. we are looking at a day with cloud and sunshine. low to mid-80s and a spotty shower or thundershower. good morning to you. >> i know and a fresh pot of coffee just got brewed. it is feeling good.
5:30 am
hope you have your cup. let's get started. wake up. 270 looking nice from 121 to the split. come fly with me. we are going 5 -- 50 westbound through annapolis and bowie to the capital beltway. loving these green cars telling us drivers are moving at a wonderful pace. taking it to virginia, outside, 95 northbound a little volume is building around dumfries but so far no significant delays. we're not done yet. 66 eastbound. so far all clear from gainesville through centreville to dc. andrea, that's a quick look at traffic. now over to you. the manhunt for an american soldier captured by the taliban enters another day. the search comes as the united states marks a grim milestone in afghanistan. four american soldiers were killed in a road side bomb on monday bringing this month's death toll up to 30. susan roberts has the latest from washington. >> reporter: the u.s. military is vowing to do oleverything it
5:31 am
can to bring private bowe bergdahl home safely. >> first of all our commanders are sparing no effort to find this young soldier. and i also would say my personal reaction is one of disgust at the eck employation of this young man. >> reporter: over the weekend, the taliban released a video of the 23-year-old american who says he is scared he will never see his family again. he disappeared after walking off 0 this base in eastern afghanistan last mont >> i have my guy, who i was hoping to marry. my grandma and grandpas. i have a very, very good family. >> reporter: back in his hometown of hailey, idaho residents wrap yellow ribbons around trees in a show of support. july had been the deadliest month for u.s. forces in afghanistan since the fighting began and with another war still going on in iraq, the pentagon admits the troops are stretched too thin.
5:32 am
>> reporter: to fix that problem, robert gates wants to boost the size of the army. it now has 547,000 soldiers but gates plans to recruit another 22,000 over the next year. >> i'm convinced this is an important and necessary step to ensure we properly support the needs of 0 our commanders in the field and providing relief for our current force and their families. >> reporter: this is the second time in less than three years the military determined it doesn't have enough man power. the increase is temporary but considered critical to combat the escalating violence in afghanistan. susan roberts, washington. news of possible disputes spread after iraqi manner expressed u.s. forces were frustrated in their role. they turned over control to iraq forces earlier this year. gates says while there are
5:33 am
challenges to the new situation they are being worked out. prosecutors in the benita jacks trial received a slight blow during testimony on friday. one of the coroners says the oldest daughter suffered stab wounds which could have been self inflicted or committed by someone else. the medical examiner said there is no test to determine who stabbed the oldest daughter. jacks is accused of killing her daughter peace and living with their decomposed bodies for 18 months. a move to save money will include closing rest stops. armando trull is live along 66 in manassas with the sorry. >> reporter: good morning, last year virginia governor kaine warned if the general assembly did not move on the budget request there would be huge short falls and a lot of cuts coming. well, it has happened. this is one of 18 rest stops that's been closed as of this
5:34 am
morning. the virginia department of transportation is facing a $2.6 billion deficit over the next six years and closing the rest stops will save $54 million. less rest stops will also mean many drivers, including truckers will have to waste more time and gas. >> more convenient, you know, you are off and on and two seconds and you stop at a truck stop it is 20 minutes out of your way. >> reporter: aaa says they will crib to littering on the highway and traffic accidents by motorists who stop on the road to answer the call of nature. >> what about the people that come down and have to change pampers and go to the bathroom. >> we will have to find another way home. we won't come through virginia [ laughter ] >> reporter: but it is not a laughing matter for virginia state officials who recognize the impact the closures will have on tourism and commercial revenue and are looking at a host of measures that will allow them to reopen the facility. behind me you see one of the
5:35 am
last trucks that actually made it to the rest stop before it closed and across route 66 is the only rest stop that is still open, that is on the westbound side of i-66. however, that rest stop will close in september. and this, andrea, is not the only thing that will happen. officials are considering cutting back on the safety patrols that help stranded motorists along the way and this is because of a budget short fall. armando trull for 9 news now and time for another living smart report. digital correspondent jessica doyle is back with a check on how the economy is looking. >> that's right. we will get a financial checkup from the head hoff the fed. ben bernanke is heading to captiol hill for a session with lawmakers today. starting at 10:00 this morning he's expected to repeat the forecast as the economy will start to grow in the second half of the year and he is
5:36 am
likely to be asked about taxpayer bailouts to financial companies and the slow-moving government efforts to stop home foreclosures and also likely to be asked about the possibility that an economic stimulus could spur inflation later on. soon congress is expected to look at ways to tighten financial regulations on financial institutions at the same time some of the biggest recipients of the government's $700 billion bank bailout are increasing their spending on lobbying lawmakers. among the biggest spenders, bank of america and morgan stanley. time for the money-saving tip of the day. you want to take a vacation and you are open to suggestions for the tht ealech fe stt pegh te tht deeache pest flight determine where you rme arheade how do you e find that out. >> airfare g dodog cafind es fr from your city. and which da of the week are the cheapest for flying. that can thousands u th ndofs s
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dollars d for more check out my blog on and if you read my blog you would know that today is the day to score free food at starbucks. this morning they are giving away a free pastry to every customer that buys a beverage but restrictions apply. you never know when they will run out. >> exactly. think about that. one local government says it just can't afford to give consumers a tax-free holiday this year. and virginia republican bob mcdonnell receives the backing of a major supporter in his gubernatorial run. it is 72 degrees an you are watching 9 news now. /d
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welcome back. on 66 eastbound through manassas volume is picking up. no major tieups to report. it is angie with the 9 news now traffic coming up. in the news now at 5:40. an apartment fire in riverdale, maryland claimed a sec life. jay able sander farrell died on sunday at children's national medical center. his 5-year-old brother died shortly after the two were found unconscious in a back bedroom of their apartment. the fire was caused by unattended food left on the stove. virginia's republican
5:41 am
gubernatorial candidate bob mcdonnell received the endorsement of a huge democratic supporter. the cofounder of black beer tape television, business owner and noted philanthropist and entrepreneur has thrown her support behind mcdonnell. she was the second largest donor to governor kaine during his run. the district says it can't afford a sales tax holiday this year so it is repealing the tax holiday scheduled for next month. that will save the city $640,000. this prior years the sales tax holiday provided a nine-day tax exemption on clothing, accessories, school supplies and shoes for $100 or less. nasa becomes the toast of the social network twitter and good advice which may help you to slash your grocery bill in u lf. are watching 9 yonews now. fa /d
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carol! denise! you've lost weight!
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it's just all these giant things make me look small. (chuckle) i hate dieting. me too. that's why i eat this fiber one yogurt. (mr. mehta) it has five grams of fiber, zero fat, and fifty calories. please, this is too creamy and delicious. it's true, only fifty calories. i am adding this to my list. here it is. (announcer) go to for valuable coupons. how would you like to safe save 58% or more on groceries reserve one friday a monday and head east. >> good deal! good deal! >> this is the wishing rock grocery auction in maryland.
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we are talking meats, fish, snack foods, drinks you name it. >> 6 there's a case. >> on tonight's bid is number 1248, linda dickerson, a self described grocery auction junkie. >> i have six grand dids that live with me and i need all the help that i can get with school out. >> linda is from florida and travels looking for the auctions. she loves the savings. >> i save at least fa60 to 70%. >> reporter: case and point at the grocery store, 24 urgable gos $2for for $24 at the auctio 8. ham steaks. three boxes of terrorist cuts are only $4. >> kathy allen the owner of wishing rock. >> i think they are great. she gets the food from wholesalers and overstock. some of it is close to
5:46 am
expiration and some has years of shelf life left and lots of frozen items. it is so popular it has moved to bigger quarters. >> it is more enormous than it ever was. >> the economy is judging all of us now. >> $6. >> tonight, linda has some reinforcement. >> you are bidding, don't bid against that one. >> her sister-in-law and niece. >> i'm here to carry stuff. >> reporter: the bidding is fast and furious. by the time it is done, shortly before midnight linda has almost two months worth of food for her family at a total cost of $191. >> that was derek mcginty
5:47 am
reporting. he says the next auction is this friday night. for a list of upcoming auction and what you want to bring with you go to our website at and click on living smart. here's howard. >> that's a fun way to shop, huh? >> i guess if you have the time. >> and if you have the savvy to do it. >> you have to know your stuff. >> weather wise you have to bring an umbrella today. not that it will be an all-day rain but spots will see a couple of showers. but the majority of the time and most of us won't be stuck in rain. get you going with the forecast first. next three days looking like this. maybe mid-80s today depending on how many sunshine we get. by wednesday and thursday back in the mid-80s with mainly afternoon scattered thunderstorms here and there with a little more sunshine over the next couple of days. now, this morning, we are dealing with a good deal of clouds out there. isolated shower or
5:48 am
two. live doppler in just a moment. temperatures in the 60s and 70s with a northeast wind at five miles an hour. sun is up at 6:00 sharp. mostly cloudy highs 80 to 85. winds northeast southeast at five to ten miles an hour. but rain chances are just not on the high side so to speak. maybe 30% or so. here we go. the moisture streaming in from the south to the north across the beaches in new jersey and new england. another batch of moisture is going through western pennsylvania but locally live doppler hd is picking up activity to our south and east across calvert and saint mary's county in to prince georges county. not yet to brandy wine but some light showers and heavier stuff. you can see it from benedict north of saint leonard here. plum point almost to you. route 2 and route 4, route 5, some showers and even in charles county east of waldorf is where we are looking at the
5:49 am
shower activity. talk the temperatures this morning which are in the 60s and 70s. low 60s in culpeper and winchester. low 0s from baltimore and washington. warm spot again national 72. same with southern maryland. temperatures in the lower 70s. the winds northeast at seven. not too bad. dew points in the low 60s. big picture. we have the moisture here. i want to show you this neat feature i have been watching this morning in kansas. look at the twist on this. this is a neat thing to see coming in to portions of northeastern oklahoma. severe thunderstorms with gusts, 40 to 50, to 60 miles an hour. here's our seven day. 83 today. watch for a shower or two. tomorrow, scattered thunderstorm and thursday the same. mid to upper 80s. pushing that 90-degree mark toward the end of the week but a few thunderstorms are possible, maybe slightly better chance of a thunderstorm with highs around 90. time for traffic at 5:49.
5:50 am
here's angie. >> you want to know what's happening on the roads. it is 11 minutes from the 6:00 hour. let's get to it. 95 and the bw parkway, smooth sailing out of baltimore past powder mill to the capital beltway. a quick shoutout to bo in my live chat room. he said what is going on 270. that's the road i travel. here you go. live from father hurley a little volume building but overall okay to the split. hey, virginia, 66 eastbound you are our next stop. past the car rest area doing fine through manassas. i want you to know for those who travel route 28 at maple wood drive some crash activity has been reported. finally fly the dulles toll road. here we go from the greenway through herndon and reston to tysons corner to the toll plaza before the capital beltway. nothing but green cars. drivers are vimot angmoving at here's inbound new york avenue for you through northeast dc. that delay from the times
5:51 am
building to bladensburg road is here. now over to you. good morning, everybody. one day after the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, nasa's most high profile twitters are converging here in the nation's capital. it is the crew's tweet up in washington. i know you are wondering what on earth is a tweet up? it is basically a meeting of people who use twitter but this even is about the last space mie t e tlutssmiion that repaired the hubble rspace telescope. it is today and if youlwou d like towogo, sorry. tough luck gs cayou n see the ven has already reached ty qck ithit capacity et one of the reasons this event is so poputo meet geto meet th twittering astronaut. i did a few gmtsenon mike when he was twittering on board the shuttle during the
5:52 am
what's he 'se hup no w?ll s , westlahiee tee twt well, his latest tweet hours te n veo hours ago and he wrote the apollo 11 gala ended. i met armstrong, aldrin h more boyhood heros. who are some of the other top nasa tweeters? t non cat noforgetzz arin. one buld a he tof loapapollo 11 moonmen. he 004,ll15fos.0 er h 'solatin004,e llfodoowers. what's he doing he 'sictwitter n upd tein 21 hours. he's enbea busy guy e st pa 24 hours because he's doing back to back public appear gckt e e privilege of meetin gathlaat e galaat th d is now. heis now. he inpats these paamazing paintings with lunar dust on exhibit at the smithsonian i'an
5:53 am
withth is. th . en my view fr eve the even last night where i got to hear armstrong speak and i have two astronauts in my family and that's as close as i could get but had a great time and a fabulous event. i will have more on my blg at thank you for bringing your mom, dr. anna fisher to our studios yesterday. district residents could face a number of tax hike an their husbands lay off forces one stay at home mom to take control of her financial future. we'll be right back.
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job what is a stay at home mom going to do? the case of one woman you launch your own business. >> reporter: san ya bunch a mother of two prepares a cup of joe and in this case it is her own coffee from her company the ever green home. >> i wanted to do something i was passionate about which is the organic food line and contribute to the family financially and help out. >> reporter: when her husband's job was suffering and the economy declined she took her experience as a nasdaq market analyst and launched ever green and the coffee took off. >> whether the market is up or down, people will drink coffee they want good coffee. >> the coffee roasting facility is in maryland. >> we can channel it to the appropriate silo so it is friendly for our staff. >> reporter: they are grown from the rain forest and come from latin america and african and recycled steel cans. >> recycled steel is literally one of the most recycled
5:57 am
packages available on the earth. it saves 1400-pounds of cole in its production. >> reporter: she says it was hard but worth it. today it is stocked at three area whole foods and planned to launch it in giant supermarket. >> there are times when i wanted to cry or throw my hands up and say i can't do this anymore because you have to balance family and business and they are very demanding and this company is like my third child. so that it is never getting weaned. they are always nursing. a very big challenge but when it gets really hard my advice is don't give up. keep your eye on the prize. >> peggy fox, 9 news now and >> all right. thank you very much. we start buzzing this morning and angie has some clicks. >> over the weekend i joined some polo enthusiasts and environmentalists and dc for the third annual green cup of polo and this is part of a match -- i had never
5:58 am
been to a polo match. what what an extraordinary game and extraordinary weather. it was a great time. what is great it is put on the capital polo club and the proceeds they i think will raise $50,000 from this benefits three local going green groups. it stays in the area and helps the viral and there was earth friendly food, recycled paper. that's the newly crowned miss dc 2009 jennifer corey and that is former miss dc and i believe we have another picture for you that includes the capital polo club president with the virallallist and redskins legend gary clark. you see him in the red hat he is all denged out. >> no picture of you and your hat. >> if you go to my blog at i didn't do a hat. i did a gingham dress. >> you have to do a hat. >> i have the pictures as well
5:59 am
as a recap. >> check out oh my goff. >> isn't it impressive how strong the animals are. you don't realize it until you are up close. >> i felt his kick and i was like amazed the force of the animal is incredible. he was just playing. "american idol" i know it is not "american idol" season but we have heard of the contracts for ryan and simon but what about paula? she may not get it. she might be leaving because of the money in that contract. >> that dress is awful. >> and the watergate hotel is on the auction block if you have a million dollars to get in on it. >> that 40 there's million, defaulted on a $40 million loan. a couple of showers to share with you. if you are in southern ry we will start thwippdoler hd and show you domuch of the area is dry except for areas inlv er


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