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tv   9 News Now at 9am  CBS  July 20, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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lunar landing. today we stop to remember the 40th anniversary of man's first steps on the moon. health care reform, the white house's push for health care reform becomes the key focus of congress and the sunday talk show circuit. murder investigation. a house party in loudoun county, virginia ends with one dead and two arrested. thanks for joining us. today is monday, july 20th. angie goff is here. she will have the traffic update in a few minutes. we start off saying good morning to howard bernstein.
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>> doesn't feel like july 20th. >> no. >> temperatures struggle to the lower 80s. it will feel like july by the end of the week. >> see if if we can wait on that. >> the month so far has been running four below average for any must bees which is incredible. >> i did aning amile run and barely broke a sweat. what does that tell you. >> or you are dehydrated. >> no. a t.nk lo i'm an avid runner. showers are showing up on doppler . re hein toinwn gsinth are relatily. quietin to the south and west, this diminished so ofuth ngrid spelfian d manassas d anwoodbridge and bealeton and some light shows er and that's it. on the atweheercoutwempwe llwi teatta. mperesur the esthisolcoh desi.
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s.per 60s si tolowe70 73cambridge and easton. 72 fredericksburg but 66 winchester and culpeper. culpeper 64. there's the weather model and micy assistant angie goff. temperatures in the lower 80s. a slight chance of a shower under mostly cloudy skies and code yellow moderate air quality. time for angie now with traffic. >> got a little anxious because we have a lot of traffic to get to. hello, everybody. we are two minutes after the 9:00 hour. issue op the beltway at the outer loop at wisconsin avenue. drivers are backed up from new hampshire to georgia. slow approaching the scene. take it over real quick and show you on the inner loop. on the ramp to access southbound georgia avenue is where we have new crash activity. watch for crews. turning on the cameras. 270 southbound we are heavy shady grove to montross road.
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hey, virginia, i like what i see. 395 northbound. lanes wide open to the 14th street bridge. to the inner loop we go where we have a jam up. going to the maps braddock to 66. drivers are below speed. 66 eastbound a 20 minute commute from 123 to the capital beltway and finally if you ride the metro we know we have disruptions system wide which means delays on all lines. that's the latest. now over to andrea. >> one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> today president obama will host the three members of the apollo 11 crew. they are expected to talk about the anniversary of the lunar landing and discuss the program in the years to come. armando trull is live outside of the air and space museum with more. >> reporter: good morning.
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when the apollo crew was here last night, they spent very little time speaking an the past and concentrated on the future of america its space program. 40 years ago today, man first stepped foot on the moon and last night in washington neil armstrong and his crew members spoke humbly about their role in that achievement. >> history is the sequence of random events and unpredictable choices, which is why the future is so difficult to foresee. >> reporter: those lucky enough to get tickets to last night's event at the smithsonian say they had a chance to be part of history. >> i figured this could be the last chance we will see them together. >> reporter: the first men to sever their earthly bonds and stride on a celestial body posed a question to the audience and the nation. >> america, do you still dream
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great dreams? do you still believe in ourself? are you ready for a great national challenge? >> reporter: that challenge, say the veterans, is for americans to also be the first to walk upon another planet. >> as celestial bodies go, the moon is not a particularly interesting place, but mars is. >> reporter: that's it, andrea when the apollo crew meets with obama they will ask him to fund a mission to mars so america can be the first to step on the red soil of the red planet. armando trull for 9 news now an the u.s. military is condemning the newly-released taliban video of captured video of bowe bergdahl. the u.s. commander in afghanistan says the extremist group is exploiting the soldier in violation of international law. the 23-year-old disappeared from his base three weeks ago.
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in the video he said he is scared and wants to go home. >> i have a very, very good family that i love back home in america. an i miss them every day when i'm gone. >> reporter: bowe bergdahl was asked to send a message to the american people. in that message the taliban asked americans to pressure the government to leave afghanistan. the taliban group holding him has not set any conditions for his release. the u.s. military says they are doing everything possible to get him back safely. loudoun county deputies have arrested o n mein the shooting death n of a 19-year- old. alvar ready doe and nurse have been charged with second-degree murder death of the 19-year- old. investigators say the victim and alvar ready doe got in to a verial fight. deputies say nurse joined in and pulled a gun.
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>> when you have a house party, people can come from other areas, people who you don't even know and that can cause issues within the party and lead to tragedies and fortunately we saw one here. >> reporter: deputies say the victim was shot in the neck and later died in the backyard of the house. steel la dixon are calling for changes in the way that maryland deals with juveniles charged with violent crimes. they say current measures have not been effective. both agree juveniles should be placed in to custody longer periods of time and be charged as an adults. michael vick is a free man. his dog fighting sentence is scheduled to end today. he will now be able to lose the electronic monitor he's been wearing urn home confinement for the last 23 months of his sentence. this paves the way for him to
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retry top get reinstated in the nfl. an overhaul of the insurance industry tops the agenda for the obama administration this week. both houses and congress are working on the bill. they hope to have something to sign in september. also this morning, a new "washington post" abc news poll finds president obama's approval ratings have dropped on several key issues including health care reform and the economy. with me is david hawkings. he is the managing editor of congressional quarterly weekly. always good to have you with us. >> reporter: the poll numbers on the front page of the "washington post," is the white house paying attention to these numbers. >> oh, yeah. the white house is keenly attuned to public opinion and trying to calibrate when to
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fight back and this is where they fight back in the seasons of putting the president much more front and center in the debate. the president -- there was a time at the 100 day mark and today is the six month mark anniversary of the president. one criticism is he was out there too much and he came back and now it is time to put him out there and try to close the deal. they see support is mixed. people like the idea but not the details. >> they certainly don't want to pay anymore. >> they certainly don't want to pay anymore in a recession. this is time for the salesman in chief to come out. >> he will meet with health care providers at children's national medical center and take it to the public. he's going on national television. >> a primetime news conference on wednesday night and i understand he will also cut
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some internet videos. he will try to put out news releases of a sort on-line to try to get around those of us of the main stream media and talk directly to the people and do an increasing am of talking to members of congress. it is all 0 balm ma all the time on health care. >> reporter: you say he is talking to members of congress including democrats who are worried what he is doing to their constituents and they see 2010 coming up closer. how can he put pressure on them to go with the plan? >> he has to create a group dynamic where waiverring, conservative, democrats are persuaded they won't cast a vote for something that ends flopping. that really made democrats mad at president clinton 15 years ago. president clinton would get them to take unpopular votes for thing and wouldn't pull it off and things that didn't become law, pay mousily attacks on energy, his health care
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proposal. one of the main reasons republicans took over congress in the mid-90s is because these democrats felt cut loose by their own president. >> reporter: we have been talking about health care reform since president clinton and probably before that. so what's the rush? it seems like everyone is saying slow down and detail the fine points. >> i'm surprised they are saying a bill in september, that's not in the cards. the dynamic is not to get something done by september. they are only in session three or four more weeks before a summer vacation and come back in september. it does not look, if we see it will be the week before christmas. let's break away from politics to summer scandals and people have been talking about them c street house. the c street house is a house on c street around from the capitol. it is owned by a group called the fellowship which is a christian group. they have let several members
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of congress stay there. and for whatever reason a disproportionate number of members of congress have had some problems with their personal lives. mark sanford when he was a member of congress lived there and came back and visited a former member of congress named chip pickering has a messy divorce on his hands. he lived there. there is a third one. john enson an we know what happened to him. he also lived there. it is a strange turn of events. i think probably statistical anomaly but probably some democratic group houses where some members have had problems of their own. it is a curse of the republicans of their own making. they have built a political glass house about their morals so when they get in moral trouble we are eager to poke at them. >> everyone is watching the c street house. thanks for joining us. the journalism world mourns
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the taste nature intended.
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best-selling author frank mccourt has died in a hospice. the 78-year-old was known for his pulitzer prize winning book "angela's ashes." born in new york city his meme yarr conles his poor childhood.
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this is walter crone site, cbs news, good night. >> from the great wall. >> a memorial service will be held on thursday in new york for walter cronkite. the legendary newsman died on friday. he was 92. he spent 19 years as the anchor on cbs. after thursday's memorial he will be buried in missouri next to his late wife. sunday was a busy day for the "endeavor" crew. they used the robotic arm to lift a platform. it holds batteries that will be installed later this the week. nasa wants to store as many big spare parts as possible at the international space station before the shuttle stops flying at the end of the year. two crew members will try fix an out of service toilet aboard the space space station. we are honored this morning to
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have a nasa astronaut with us as the world celebrates apollo 11th 40th anniversary. the first mother in space in 1984 and she is here with her own daughter kristin fisher. great to have you with us. as one of the few with the right stuff your memories of ' 69 and that lunar landing where were you when it happened. >> it was the last summer i spent living at home and we got to watch it together an it was a special moment. >> is that the moment you said i want to do that. before they were all guys. >> that reinforced it. i wanted to do this since the moment i saw al shepherd and watching his flight. >> did you write a letter to them and say i want to be part of this program? how did it happen? >> no. i figured as i got older there weren't a lot of women astronauts around and i one a pilot so i figured the dream
9:18 am
was going to go to somebody else and all of a sudden nasa was recruiting people as mission specialists and i had the right credentials to apply and applied one day before the deadline and was fortunate enough to be in the first group of women selected. >> when you were selected was it a phone call, telegram or what. >> a phone call, one of the most exciting phone calls i received in my life. >> reporter: and you have the distinction of being the first mother in space. when did you go and how did this come about. >> kristin says i owe it all to her. but i was actually code on my assign and flights two weeks before i delivered kristin. i delivered her on a friday and i was in the monday morning meeting the following week. >> did you have any idea what your mother did for a living. >> absolutely not. i was only a year old when my mom went in to space. and 3 years old and i grew up
9:19 am
in neighborhood where everybody's parents worked for nasa. everybody had connection to the space program so it took me to go to school and college in boston away from nasa to really appreciate, you know, my parents ' place. especially my mom's place in the history of the space program. >> reporter: with both parents and people in your neighborhood working for nasa were you ever tempted to go in to space and try this out as well. >> you know, sure. i have a huge interest in space and the space program but, you know, i didn't quite have the perfect score on the s.-at.s to be eligible to become an astronaut so i will leave that to my mom and dad. maybe carry on the family legacy in another way. >> maybe the first space journalist. >> yeah, i like that. >> you took time off to raise the girl and came back what is
9:20 am
your role now. >> i was the working with the international partners and trying to figure out how we were going to do and now seeing the realization we are up to expedition 19 in the expedition crew and now i'm working in charge of our procedures and training for the shuttle astronauts and working on how we will train the new astronaut candidate class we just selected because this will be the first class since our class was selected that will not be trained on the shuttle but will be trained on going to the space space station and the next generation vehicle. >> reporter: of course the astronauts will be at the white house and urging the president to find explorations to mars. and buzz aldrin had basically said moon is a dead zone. no areas to really have a homestead there. that we should concentrate on
9:21 am
mars. should it be either or or can we do both, go back to this moon and stay on course for mars. >> i think it needs to be both. i think by going to the moon and building lunar bases and learning techniques with will then use as we go to mars it will probably take longer but i think it is the right way to do it in a progress , safest way to do it and then sort of development develop those technologies and learn the techniques. because going to mars and living there the first time will be a real experience. >> reporter: is in the best way money should be spent in a tight economy? >> i firmly believe if you don't invest in your future, just like a family. you have to live here and now and take care of your expenses but think of your future, as well. when i talk to school children across the country it is amazing to see their enthusiasm and get them interested in science and math and not just being a rock star or something like that. so i think it is very important for where america heads in the
9:22 am
future. we need to be careful. i know it is tight business times but we also have to spend on the future. >> kristin, last thoughts on your mom being such a vital part of the future for the rest of us. >> i'm so proud of her. the older i get and especially when these anniversary come along like the 40th anniversary i'm so proud of what she's done and her place in the space program and i feel confident that she can encourage more young women across the country to get in to math and science when she's through with me. >> i'm very proud of you, too, i couldn't do what you do. >> dr. fisher, thank you thanks for joining us. >> have fun tonight at the big celebration of the 40th anniversary and we hope kristin will get to meet neil armstrong. because that's who she wants to meet tonight. >> let's go to howard another space enthusiast. >> great stuff. i will get back to space camp
9:23 am
with phillip in a couple of years. we did it last summer and it was a lot of fun. in 1930 the temperature soared to 106 degrees. washington's all-time record. today not even close to that. below the average of 88 by a good margin, 82. a couple of showers out there. a couple of showers and maybe found thunder. middle 80s on wednesday with still a threat of isolated mainly afternoon thunderstorm. so in writing, mostly cloudy with a few showers. low 80s. and tonight mostly cloudy. a chance of a shower and lows in the 60s and scattered showers and storms, mainly in the afternoon tomorrow. highs an 80 an with the northeast wind a good deal of clouds, as well. a good deal of clouds today. they have been lifting from the south to the north. a few sprinkles an here. look at southern virginia. some showers and thunderstorms west of roanoke. switch it to doppler.
9:24 am
this area has fizzled south and west of us approaching prince william county. southern prince william county a few light showers there and to the south and west near orange a couple of showers but these are very light. one thing the cloud cover as we have been talking about will keep the temperatures down. in fact we have cloud cover for you. you can see renn -- even right now mostly cloudy skies, 73 degrees. the winds are northeast at six and dew points rise in the low 60s. 67 winchester. and martinsburg, winchester 66. not much more rise. that's why lower 80s is all we are forecasting. looks to be an unsettled weather. as we look at the seven day, 82 today. 86 on wednesday and thursday. maybe a few more storms on wednesday than thursday and better chance of storms on sunday rather than saturday.
9:25 am
keep the umbrella handy but not an all-day rain by any stretch. >> thank you very much. it is a dream come true this summer for some young basketball players in our area. they are shooting hoops a the verizon center, the home of the wizards. with me is the president of the wizards business operations. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> how many people are involved in this camp. >> the first camp was two weeks ago where we had 80 to 90 kids and the second camp starts this morning and they are arriving right now. another 80 to 90 kids. hope to do more of this in the future. >> who is eligible to come, just any child who puts in application or young stars. >> anyone who wants to come. we have boys and girls. >> wow. >> i think it one runs from early-age kids up to teenagers. we welcome them all. >> is this a free camp? >> no. there is a charge like most camps in the area we have a
9:26 am
charge for it. we do offer scholarships and have some kids who come whose families aren't able to afford it but there is a fee. >> why should anyone want to come. >> the difference is a chance for the kids to play where the wizards play. they play on the main court, 20,000 feet arena and practice where the wizards practice. it is a outbound -- wonderful experience for them. >> who are some of them people that come and help them perfect the technique of the game of basketball. >> we have a great camp crew but we have a lot of speakers that come in. being in the verizon center, our players are there and they talk to the campers. flip saunder the new coach folk to the team. so it is great to be in the building that's the kind of
9:27 am
people we have come by. we have some people from your business come by. we had steve who does the game side television and glen consoar and dave who did our radio came in and talked to the campers as well. >> what do they tell the campers. >> they are there to become better basketball players but we make sure they hear about other elements of life, importance of education, staying in school, dedication to the books. >> i like to hear that. a lot of young people think of the big bucks they see reported in the newspaper but we were talking earlier of the thousands of talented young men and women that come through high school program and college program, so few are actually selected for the professional league. >> it is true in any sport. not just basketball but football and baseball. a very tiny percentage of kids reach that level. for the vast majority of them
9:28 am
the life pass will take them somewhere else, maybe become astronauts like previous guest, i don't know. but we talk about how to develop dough parts of their life. which is one of the reason why we have front office staff and broadcast parer ins to come in so they can see there are other ways that take their life. it may still involve sports but doesn't include millions of dollars the professional athletes they make. >> barring any injuries how's the wizards season looking. >> i'm excited. we have a new coach and if we can stay injury free we are looking good. keep your fingers crossed. i think we will have a grit year next year. >> thanks for joining us. and telling us about the camp an i know a lot of people want to get inedlvvoexer nlvmmsu. staymmwith us. ( sighs )
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( music throughout )
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look at the jefferson memorial. let's get an update on the rush hour. here's angie goff. 9:32 and right now we have new crash activity to tell you about. this is on the beltway near 395 and 95. that's where you have to watch for crews. speaking of 95 still looking at a delay stretching from the prince william parkway to lorton. starting to break apart. so good news there. moving outside and turning on the camera. 66 eastbound. we are looking at 10 to 15 minutes from nutley to the capital beltway. that's just volume, my friend. back to the map. a new accident in oakton has southbound germantown road closed at oakton road. you want to watch for fire and police crews out here. to the outer loop in maryland you go where drivers are crawling along. pretty much stop and go from 95
9:33 am
to georgia. we are watching crash activity on the inner loop to access georgia avenue. a car is stopped out there. 270 southbound. end with a pretty shot for you. things are clearing out from 118 germantown to the split. now over to peggy fox. >> it is time for the moms like segment. it is a great time of the year to explore the area's parks. there are so many of them but what happens in your child gets hurt? with me with advice is brenda hyde, the publisher of washington family member. thank you for coming in. your magazine does a survey. where are the best parks in the area and you have had a tremendous response this year. >> we did. parents love to share information with other parents and they nominated a lot of parks. before anyone panics there is a link in so they don't have to worry about it. >> the best three. >> clemen john tree in mclean
9:34 am
cabin john in rockville and then burke lake park in burke, virginia. >> there is one that is handicap accessible so if you have a child in a wheelchair it is great. >> it is extremely unique. a lady by adell, oh, gosh, what was her last name, lebowitz came from the children because it is such an odd name. >> mixture of all of their names. >> it is a place where she envisioned they could have a parallel playing experience. >> kids with none of those have a great time, as well. there is a wonderful merry-go- round. it is huge. hard to keep an eye on your kids there. >> and parking can be an issue there, too. >> that's true. they are trying to address that but the others are great, too.
9:35 am
they are good. you have to talk about safety when you talk about parks because there are 205,000 kids a year that go to emergency rooms with injuries because of falls off of playground equipment. >> so what do you look for when you go to a pack and you want to make sure it is safe. >> the most important thing is the surface but also, how is it designed and the spacing among the equipment. and then the maintenance of the equipment. all of those things are important. however, the surface area is most important. >> okay. >> now even though a playground is safe and all the designs are adequate you need to keep an eye on your child and do age appropriate, some items are for older kids. >> well, a good playground will be designed to where the areas for younger children will be operate from the airs for the older children because you don't want them to play together. >> reporter: tell us about the surface. i wonder about this.
9:36 am
i see those rubber things from tire treads seem to be popular and sand. tell me what to look for here. >> there's is the shredded rubber which is really good. the materials that are actually like pads that have been tested and designed to be cushioning on playgrounds. those are wonderful but you don't always get that. sometimes you get pea gravel and sand. what you don't want in the playground is woodchips that are treated with crow mated copper arsenic. so you have to make sure they are not treated by that. sand, make sure it is covered at night. >> don't put than, if you have a sandbox you have to cover it at all. >> and pea gravel should not be used for a playground for children because they will eat it. >> don't want that. thank you so much. keep an eye on the surface and if you have small children go to another park if they have
9:37 am
the pea gravel. >> we have pictures and links to the districts on the moms like me, if you come to the washington family magazine group. we will have another of our meetups tomorrow night in broad lands, virginia. it will be the moms meetup. >> clydes is beautiful. >> 7 mm. be there. >> thank you so much. we will see you on moms like we'll be right back. my doctor told me i had to start doing things for my heart, but i wasn't ready to give up taste. sometimes, sacrifice is the name of the game.
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welcome back. a live long at a news conference with the apollo 11 crew. today they will meet president obama where they are expected to ask him to expand space exploration to mars. our next guest has been scouring and looking for the best travel deals. welcome back to the program. in looking for ways to save for summer travel what are the top tips? >> we like a couple of websites. the first one is travel earlier in the year we got a four-star keys resort. the room were normally $450 and through travel zoo they were 150. >> wow. >> smarter has a unique approach. you are able to plug in destinations that are interesting to you and they will send you an e-mail when a
9:41 am
deal comes up or when the airfares drop for that destination. >> they do the work for you. >> right. >> in terms of planning an even how far in advance did you look. >> it used to be the farther out you planned the better the prices. but often the best deals are closer in. properties get nervous when they have inventory available and we suggest that people call a property that interests them and find out what deals are available and often the deals are so good you can't turn it down. >> say you plan your vacation and are looking for some good places to eat but you want to stay on your budget. what are your tips for that. >> the traveler can go to places like tip adviser, best has reviews of the restaurants and destinations that we feature. but we found over the years the best source is to ask the locals. they know their area better than anyone else and they will tell you where the best deals are and the best food is and we
9:42 am
find it the best resource we can get when we come to a destination. >> come to town and talk to a couple of people on the street. i like that tip. you found grace places to stay within driving distance of washington. why don't you tell me about that. >> first is the good stone inn. it is an hour outside of the city in the middle of the country in middleburg. this is an original evidence skate where the carriage house and stables have been converted to luxury accommodations. and there is a chef there that is great. and the next is in the rolling hills of maryland. the property is centered with this gorgeous greek revival mansion and there are 40 rooms spread out over 11 buildings. great kitchen, as well. beautiful property and very reasonable rates. >> they look beautiful.
9:43 am
you have one more for us. this is in rehoboth. >> this have a gorgeous inn in a seaside town and of course in the summertime it is a beautiful place to go but even in the winner when we first went there. it is just a beautiful little town. charming. this place doesn't have a restaurant. it has beautiful rooms and gardens. it has a spa and our favorite restaurant in town is called the blue moon. all three of these properties have exclusive offers on best so travelers can get a deal. >> what do these cost. >> from $200 to $600 depending on what the property wants to offer. some include meals or treatments and so forth. >> tell us about your website, too. >> well, is designed to help the traveler plan a weekend and our feeling is that a weekend is only three days at most. so you can't afford to make a mistake. we provide the traveler with
9:44 am
objective information about the destination and we have actually been to each destination and stayed in the hotels. we have eaten in the restaurants and put the best of what we found on the website. >> we appreciate the tips on these trips we look forward to taking them. well, coming up a rags to riches story about a wizard casting a spell at the box office. and next, we're in the kitchen bringing you a small taste of italy.
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harry potter an the half blood
9:48 am
prince won big this week at the box office. it brought in $159 million not including the 240 million overseas an the best start in franchise history. here's something free to do tonight. the screen on the green kicks off on the national mall. tonight it is "close encouldn'ters of the third kind." it begins between 4th and 7th street at sunset. we talked about summer get way as and now a local summer getaway. we welcome chef from brio grill. >> you are in tysons, by the way and you have been around. i have been to one of the restaurants in birmingham, alabama. >> we both know that one. >> for the summer you are doing a local price fix menu. >> just came out with this. it is 16.95.
9:49 am
you get a choice of salad, one of the three entrees and a dessert. >> i'm looking at fresh roasted vegetables. >> i'm finishing the citrus chicken. it is marinated grilled chicken breast and we finish it off. we have some roasted vegetables. zucchini, carrots, red onion, red peppers and redskinned potatoes, very nice and summery. >> a nice light olive oil. >> olive oil, salt and pepper and finish with spinach to coat through there. sauce we will put on that is what i'm about to start here. >> this doesn't take very long to cook. >> no. it is very fresh and quick. >> how important is it for your restaurant to find that local fresh produce? >> we do our best. we try to find suppliers that
9:50 am
are willing to work with us and get the freshest stuff we can find and consistent. we don't want our lettuce to be varying in color day in and out, our asparagus to be giant. >> one you get a relationship with the supplier it takes care of yourself. >> it is wonderful when it does. it is very nice, encouraging, especially in our business working with food it is food. it is not always going to be cookie cutter every single day. >> you are cooking up diced tomatoes and lemon and you are plating roasted vegetables and spinach. >> yes. we will put this on the bottom. >> we will see it in a second. >> sorry. i took that off camera. all right. finishing with the sauce. some slice lemons, diced tomatoes, to that i will add fresh rosemary. and you can grow that in the backyard or deck garden if you
9:51 am
want. >> yes. rosemary is hearty herb. it is very delicious. stands up well. >> it has such a wonderful flavor. >> yes, very prominent. to that we will add it is truss gastreke. it is a sauce to give it a sweet sour feel. ours has champagne wine vinegar, sugar lemon and orange juice. a nice balance with the chicken. to that we will add some roasted chicken stock. little salt and pepper. you have to have a little salt and pepper in everything. >> if you don't need salt in your diet they will try to leave it out. >> everything we can to work with our guests. >> finish it with a little butter. and you can't smell this but this really smells divine right
9:52 am
now. it is all starting to come together. >> it is fantastic. >> when it is done you pour it on top of the chicken and roasted vegetables. >> that's eat. beautiful, summery and beautiful dish. >> in 234e 0 seconds with zero left tell me about the other dishes you have prepared. >> we have beef tenderloin mar sal la with roasted vegetables and redskin potatoes and it is fillets top with a mushroom mar sal la sauce and then the chicken a la vodka. >> i thought the fettucini would be saucier. i think a lot of people overdo the am of sauce on our pastas. >> we have to run to commercial but we taste this when we come back and check in with wall street and te abu yoout the seven-day forecast. stick around. yeah, no it's great.
9:53 am
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here's the opening numbers on the monday the 20th. it is a mix bag, dow up 53, nasdaq off a point and a half and s&p off over five points. here's a look at what is on tap tomorrow. some simple ways to get your child to slim down this summer. and on wednesday the anatomy of evil. we will talk to the author of a new book about the world's most heinous killer and mind over money will help you get out of credit card debt. that of course will be friday. a couple of showers out there here and there. not going to rain everywhere but keep the umbrellas handy just in case. tomorrow a few more shower and thunder, 80. isolated the rest of the week. although thursday and sunday more concentrated and the heat will build by the weekend we will get to 90. >> dunn have a mic but want to
9:57 am
say thank you to dr. fisher for inspiring us and helping us to celebrate the anniversary of the lunar landing and kristin you did a good job making her the first mom in space. >> popped right out. >> this is wonderful. >> glad i could be on to show this stuff. we have our price fix menu sunday through thursday and it is all summer. >> that's it for us. the next news is at noon with j.c. and howard. fios guy! where ya headed?
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