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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 17, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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i sold her out... for some bruises and broken bones. i was weak. i had to get strong. you did that for me. you and rafe. is that why you killed him? i killed him because he was afraid to die! you're not truly hard on the inside until you're willing to give up everything that you love! to give your life away. he never realized that my future wasn't his to decide. or maybe he figured it out in the last few seconds. i don't know. you've got three seconds to go for it. it's not going to be that way, buck.
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david: adam and charlie, we're going in. bravo, hold your position. that's 180 bullets looking at you. you're never even gonna get that thing out of your belt. you think i care? two years planning this, and you let me choose the time and place? i know you care. you didn't come here for a fair fight. you didn't come here to kill me. you came here to die the same way crystal did. i had to kill her, buck. i don't have to kill you. why?! why can't you do this for me?! you owe me this!
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i'm 19 years old! they gave me 250 years! you don't know what that's like. to have to pay for things that i can't take back. i know what that's like. (wry laugh) that's just life. you want to die? that's your choice. but you don't get to decide how i live with it. (gun cocks) (cries) (sobbing) (wailing) (sobbing) (handcuffs clicking) well, that's like just so much hokum, isn't it?
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hokum... alan: well, i mean, maxwell's demon is a thought experiment, right? yeah. well, granted, there are theoretical applications, i'm sure, but, um, when the window breaks, the cold air still rushes in. gears fail, oil leaks. sooner or later, that engine is gonna break down. (buck wailing) i know that wasn't easy. you know, most days, i wouldn't think twice. no. not easy. hey, dad, a bunch of us at cal sci were talking about putting together a think tank, which is, you know, just a group of us getting together once a month and kicking around ideas, and... we were wondering if you might be interested in joining our group.
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you know, i still remember the time when you asked me for, um, an estimate on the remainder term for a taylor expansion of the hyperbolic cosine. amita: that's a very specific memory, alan. one never forgets the moments when one realizes that he has nothing left to teach his seven-year-old son about math. well, yeah, but... look at everything else you've taught me about since then. i think you've just given me another very specific memory. to our new venture. and to the causal arrow of time. (mugs clinking) larry: within the small sphere of our life, we can stare into the past, but only our future is within our control.
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. this is 9news now. >> a man once called the most trusted man in america has passed away. walter cronkite has died at age # two with his family around -- 92 with his family around him. >> walter cronkite was a giant in the age of giant. and americans looked to walter cronkite to sort it all out. tonight america looks back and
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remembers. >> this is walter cronkite. >> our interview with the senator will be entirely unrehearsed. >> it's good to be with you. tension is mounting here at cap canaveral. >> his is perhaps the most recognized voice in all of television journals. the historic journey became a racial battle ground and police dogs was one of the weapons. >> he was born in missouri an only child but he did most of his growing up in texas. >> cronkite said he wasn't much of a student, but that was before he got his first taste of the news business. he was just six delivering newspapers. >> i remembered when president harding died and i couldn't wait to tell somebody else i rushed down the street with a copy of the paper to my friend. >> cronkite was also fascinated with the magazine that took him into the world of fighter pilots, boot leggers and journalist. >> the one piece that hit me was the foreign correspondent. boy, that guy was in that trench
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colt and the bullets were -- trench coat and the bullets were flying. that's what i wanted to be. >> cronkite was there when the allies landed in north africa. and when america landed on the moon. >> when that vehicle landed on the moon, i was speechless. >> he was in vietnam when that war started to fall apart. >> and now three weeks after the offensive began, the firing still goes on. >> according to our cbs news estimate, president nixon has been reelected. >> and he met all of america's presidents since hoover and recalls the days when they weren't all that polished. >> we had our afternoon classes for politicians in washington right up there at wtop and i conducted these classes and how to perform for television.
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simple things like don't lean on your knees. don't lean on your elbows on the table. sit up straight in the chair. smile occasionally. that sort of thing. >> cronkite retired in 1981. and years later, he said that was too soon. there wasn't a day he didn't regret his decision. >> the court legalized abortion. >> that's the way it will be. . [ music playing ] >> one of cronkite's most memorable interviews was with john f kennedy was kennedy was a candidate for president. here he reflects on its meaning. >> i liked kennedy. everybody did. >> one of the candidates for the office of the presidency. >> but i felt at the same time there was kind of an arrogance there that bothered me a great deal. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> in that 1960 election, i wanted to be separate broadcast interviewing kennedy and nixon. nixon went first. >> we cannot have peace at any price. >> the following sunday we did kennedy. >> our enter ru with the senator will be -- interview with the senator will be entirely unrehearsed. >> and i asked him what do you think of your special qualifications to make you available for the presidency. and he flubbed it. >> well, i think i've had a historical view of the united states. >> he knew he had flubbed it. and he kept insist that go we tape the interview -- insisting that we taped the interview over again. >> well, i was really sore. i turned and i got halfway out of the room and i looked back at him and i said we'll do it again, senator. but i want to tell you something. i think this is the lousiest bit
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of sportsmanship i've ever seen in my life. by the time i got to the door, he shouted, hey, wait a minute, go ahead and run it. and we did. >> cronkite was in tears the day he reported about president ken dough's death. >> -- kennedy's death. >> every anchor has aville lan. roger -- a villain. digital correspondent jimmy spoke with with him tonight. >> reporter: for most tv viewers, he was reassuring. he was comfortable. and when you listened to him, you knew that he knew his business. he had control of his broadcast. and he was levelling with you. he was an honest man. walter was unlike any of his competitors.
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he wasn't a flip like brinkly. he wasn't p like jet finley. and thus of us who worked with him were filled with pride to that have privilege because he made us feel proud and he made us proud to be television journalists. we were not known as blow dry boys or the television boys. we were known as television journalists. and that badge all of us still wear. i think we shall never see the likes of him again. >> one more note, one of walter cronkite's very first tv jobs, anchoring the 6:00 p.m. on tv here in washington. that station would later become
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wusa channel 9. cbs will have a special program sunday night at 7:00, and we'll have more on walter cronkite's passing in just eight minutes. we have katie couric and her memories of the iconic man. > >>agedy i> ylar manre war w one youngoy b was critically injured and his brother was kill a ioynn apartment fire. this happened at a complex on 56th place. brittany morehouse is just back with the story. >> anita, it's an unbearable story for so many neighbors. they describe watching rescue crews perform cpr on those boys. this after one woman broke through windows trying to save them. >> it was black and we couldn't see. we couldn't hardly breathe. it was kind of traumatic for everybody. but our main concern were the kids. >> two young kids, both boys, ages 5 and 7. both brothers stuck inside their bedroom. lisa remembers smashing through windows trying to get them. >> i was trying to get to them
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as best as i could but i couldn't. and none of us could. >> including the boy's father who tells the police he left the apartment for a brief period of time before the fire broke out. >> he opened the door. and he still couldn't get in because there was so much smoke. >> investigators say preliminary results indicate the fire started inside the kitchen. >> not much fire damage, not much heat damage, but just an extremely large amount of smoke. >> it was that heavy smoke that most likely harmed the boys. >> they looked lifeless. they just -- they just didn't look right. >> now neighbors are praying for the 7-year-old. he is in critical and unstable condition at children's hospital. the 5-year-old died shortly after being taken to another hospital. their father is being treated for injuries sustained during the rescue. derek. >> brittany, thank you. well, tonight police are trying to find several families who employed a nanny who is now
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facing child pornography charges. she was arrested last night in hyattsville and police say the 22-year-old showed some of the children she was caring for pornographic images on a computer and then she used a live web cam to transmit pornographic images of those children over the internet. any family who employed her are asked to call police. president obama is pressing congress to. members of the senate want more bipartisan support for whatever comes out. >> if we don't achieve health carry form, we cannot control the cost of medicare and medicaid and we cannot control our long-term debt and our long-term deficits. that's not in dispute. so we're going to have to get this done. >> the president wants to sign a bill into law this year that would slow the rate of health care spending and expand health coverage to the millions of people who don't have it. from annapolis to frederick, the past week has brought a rash
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of high tech atm heist but they're not after bills. they're after your account info. >> andrew stack is live from the information center to warn how they're doing it. andrew. >> reporter: well, most atm robberies occur between 7:00 p.m. and midnight. half of these after the victim has withdrawn their cash. but lately victims aren't seeing the thieves at all and quite often have no idea they're being ripped off. >> the criminal you're afraid of may not be lurking in the shadows waiting for you to withdraw your cash. in fact, your biggest fear could be a hidden lipstick camera trying to read your pin as you punch it in. >> deposit slips next to the atm. and what they do is they cut a little hole in these devices and put a camera in there. and that's when they use to record the pin numbers.
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>> a former secret service agent and deputy director of cyber security for the department of homeland security. he says the lipstick cameras are often used in conjunction with a card skimmer attached to the slot where you insert your debit card. >> they now have your pin number and your information that's on your stripe on your card. >> generally what they're doing is they're just taking two-sided tape and they're attaching the skimming device to the atm. if it looks like it has a cover, you can jiggle it and make sure that there's no cover to it. >> reporter: as for the lipstick camera, that's a little easier. >> a lot of people will actually cover. you can put your hand over the pin card and punch in your pin so that if there is a camera around here, you're protecting it. >> reporter: and michael created the non-profit center for information security awareness to combat this sort of crime. he also says another indicator a
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karm -- card skimmer is in use and it fails to read it properly, you may have been skimmed. i'm andrew stack for 9news now and and topper is here with that 9 forecast first. warm days, cool nights, we love it. >> we've been pretty how long ee so far in july. -- pretty lucky so far in july. we do have to get through tonight, though. here is your forecast first. a few thunderstorms are still possible. we're going to keep the chance of thunderstorms in at least until about 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. partial clearing late. a little patchy fog will develop. low temperatures 64 to about 70. winds will become northwest at ten. that's a drying wind. it willpeap hnapenc o t front cl ears our area. satellite picture radar combined, we had a lot of pictures ear th. ul b wk ofhi i osff shore. but there's still a couple of showers left and the front is ill to our esat. ss,rmtormne o pyttrett to rolled thug h leesbu av ble.he p on is now up to0 7ov 7it rg.a thit still moving's offo
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, eahe tea asoutastt about 15 miles an hour. and more storms crossing i81. we'll come back and talk about where those storms are going to go and if we still have that shower in the forecast for tomorrow. all of that and more coming up >> the flash official. president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. 2:00 eastern standard time. some 38 minutes ago. >> vice president johnson has left the hospital in dallas. but we do not know to where he has proceeded. presumably he will be taking the oath of office shortly and become the 36th presidentf enre ited states. s
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welcome back. katie couric has followed in the foot step of walter cronkite. tonight she talked to me about his legacy. >> when i took this job at cbs news three years ago, he was so gracious and supportive, anita. he called me and he invited me to go out to dinner with him.
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and, of course, what a thrill that was. and we talked about his career. i remembered when he announced that john f kennedy had died and told the world and with that very simple gesture of taking off his glasses and then pausing. and you see him physically choked up, i think, was an unbelievable way of communicating the pain and the shock that the entire nation was feeling. and similarly, when he was so joyful when he was covering the space program and apollo 11 and he was speechless and you could see he was like a teenager watching this unfold. i remember all of these moments in time. and i think he sort of held our hands and got us through the good times and the bad times as well. >> well, it's hard to transition to weather after that, but we must do that. >> i'm afraid so. we're looking at a couple of showers out there now. >> okay. >> and maybe a couple sprinkles
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for your bike ride tomorrow. >> uh-huh. >> maybe a couple sprinkles. the next three days we'll start with tomorrow. we did keep a shower in. we left it 86. we kept it dry on sunday. 84. clouds may come in late as winds turn northwest. not a bad day, and not a bad weekend. by monday showers and storms reappear and temperatures go back into the mid 80s. there won't be that many on monday, but there will be a few on monday. weekend either side, we will start with tonight overnight in details, a few storms. partial clearing late. and then some patchy fog. particularly those areas that receive a storm, best chance for fog overnight. low temperatures 64-70. winds out of the northwest at 5-0. they will become northwest once the front comes through. tw, we're going to put this in --shis live. this is where the storms are now. one just to the south of 66 and down towards warrenton. we're going to put this into motion the next 60 minutes where the storm is going to go on a
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broad scale. primarily east and south. these storms that go south and head towards fredericksburg and these will go up and head towards baltimore. nothing severe at this hour. but some of the storms are pretty hefty. we have reports of very heavy rain out in leesburg as the storms go through there. not everybody is going to see a storm tonight. this is now in gaithersburg just north of rockville. and heavy rain. nothing severe. this is where it's going to go the next 60 minutes. it's going to go across alleghany and 108 and eventually 195. that will hold fairly well as the heavy storms do not anticipate anything severe. there are no watches and no warnings posted. back to the computer we go. we'll talk about tomorrow morning. partly cloudy, pleasant. a shower still possible. winds northwest at ten. and by afternoon partly cloudy, warm. not humid. a couple showers possible. but still a very nice day. high temperatures about 85 and winds northwesterly at about
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ten. and that is a comfortable, comfortable wind. zone forecast all six zones on our website at partly cloudy skies return. 84 in chantilly. temps are a bargain for this time of year. mid 80s for springfield and stat ford as you go down 95 south. downtown mid 80s. 85 in laurel. a bit o cooler by the bay. -- bit cooler by the bay. temps in the low 80s by annapolis. satellite picture radar combined, the bulk of the activity moved out ahead of the front. but the front has moved out to the west of us. until the front clears us, we have to keep a few chance of showers and storms in. and 80% you won't see anything. the 20% that do, it could be some heavy activity. one goes to the south of us and then the rest of the the batch goes off to the -- of the batch goes off to the north. all right. next seven days, 86 tomorrow,
11:28 pm
slight chance of a shower. the weekend is pretty nice. 85 on monday. a few storms. better chance for storms now on tuesday. mid 80s. a few storms on wednesday. then another pretty good chance of storms on thursday. we're back in the upper 80s and friday a couple of storms. temperatures almost 90. i was tempted to put 90 on. i did not. 89 next friday. >> okay. >> hum. >> it does start to get a little stormy. we have been very lucky. >> it has. just because there's a storm icon, doesn't mean it will rain all day. >> we'll be right back. >> it has landed. thanks a lot. >> oh, boy. >> thank you. >> boy. a we're going to besus brfoy teminu. >> whenmi walter says something, i'm speechless.
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if we don't act, medical bills will wipe out their savings. if we don't act, she'll be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%. and he'll have to cut benefits for his employees. but we can act. the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act.
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and now 9 sports, the best sports in town. >> welcome back. if jim riggel man was looking for a deal, he was positive saying he liked what he saw from his team. tonight, though, chicago sending their 8th to the hill. carlos zam bran owe living the wild -- zambrano living the wild wild -- 1-0 nats. things are looking good. uh-oh. here comes the hammer. zambrano hit 244. as a pitcher that's pretty good. solo shot. cubs win 3-1.
11:33 pm
and they'll do it again tomorrow night at 7:05. the junior circuit o's starting their second half on the south side of chicago. they beat the white sox. obama wouldn't like this. he wouldn't like this. that's an obama stimulus package right there. thome three-run shot. his 15th. 12-8 the final white sox win it tonight. wizards summer league basketball out in vegas. a grand theft orange. and nick young had two steals. later on more d in the second half. they take it all the way to the ten. but the wiz still lose 89-82. 89-82 tonight. the last time tiger woods missed a cut in a major he just returned from time off to mourn his father's passing. that was 2006. you could see that one coming. most off the world's number one
11:34 pm
was primed and ready for the winner circle this year after the win at the at&t a couple weeks ago. it didn't look good today. tiger giving new meaning to visiting the jungle. here in the 10th check this out. into the rough on the left side. they never found that ball. that was a double bogey. that kind of was a michael cosmo today. and then the wheels come off the wagon. 13th hole. he went from even to plus five in a hurry. missed the cut. the other surprise of the day was steve marino. i guess that's how they do it on the tough streets of fairfax county right there. then the eagle putt as well. he's tied with tom watson with minus five. >> you can't make mistakes and expect to not only make the cut but also try to win the championship. you have to play clean rounds of golf and i didn't. >> i really didn't have any expectations to be honest with you. i just wanted to come over here and just enjoy myself and enjoy the exen


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