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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 17, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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station with news in high definition this is 9 news now. a shootout wounds three people at a local apartment complex including a 12-year-old girl. good morning. it is friday. welcome to our newscast. howard will have the weather. angie will have the traffic in a few minutes, but 96 degrees we made it to yesterday. >> feeling good today. got to bed real early. >> god for you. >> feeling good. >> like 5:00. >> rolled up the sidewalk. >> show you doppler. while it is quiet for most of us, cumberland and west virginia we have a qume of light sprinkles. a lot more than that will be happening. some clouds are streaming in southwestern virginia across ohio and kentucky. pelot more activi d ani ct it toex be acvetivethis afternoon. 64 oakland and garrett county.
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65 southern maryland and richmond and culpeper at 70. a warm sticky day. watch out we could have some strong storms this afternoon and this evening. we're at 5:00 straight up. almost 5:01. good morning, angie. >> it is early on this friday morning. thanks for joining us. turn on that coffee. we are going to have a great day. 95 and the bw parkway. we are flying baltimore to 495. check out the cameras and bring you 0 southbound past 121 nothing but a clear commute all the way to the split. in virginia, 66. how's it shaping up. the eastbound trip, tracking the taillights nice and quiet through centreville. on the outer loop, one early- morning tieup to tell you about. some police activity. this is near the braddock road exit. we know police crews are out there an taking away two left lanes for drivers. round it out with northeast dc, inbound new york avenue.
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not many drivers on this road but a report of an accident at florida and orange street. over to andrea. police are sorting out a roommate fight that led to a shooting at a local apartment complex. one of the bullets hit a 12- year-old girl. armando trull is live in greenbelt, maryland with more. >> reporter: yesterday afternoon a scene reminiscent of the wild wild west played out in this apartment complex behind me and the residents have thanking their lucky stars no one but the suspect was seriously hurt. >> boom boom like six times and i thought it was a firecracker. >> reporter: it wasn't a post 4th of july celebration. but a wild shootout in this apartment building and left three people hurt including a 12-year-old girl who was grazed by one of the bullets. everything began when two roommates, one a military police officer began to fight in the apartment. during the scuffle the pair
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crashed through a window and in to the parking lot. >> the roommate was able to locate the officer's off-duty weapon and subsequently ran in to the parking lot and began to randomly fire the weapon. >> reporter: an off-duty capitol policeman who was driving by saw the suspect. >> at that point the off-duty united states capitol police officer engaged the suspect in an exchange of gun fire. >> reporter: the suspect was seriously wounded in the exchange. the u.s. capitol police officer was slightly wounded. at this point they are trying to determine who will be charged in this incident. live in greenbelt, armando trull for 9 news now and we have an update after the independent of the 24 hour standoff in mclean, virginia. the suspect who shot himself died on thursday. they say he shot his ux girlfriend on tuesday night and took their -year-old son and ran in to his home.
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the boy and woman inside the home were not hurt but the child may lose both parents because his mother is in grave condition. u.s. capitol police have identified the man they shot and killed on wednesday. officers say -year-old ke llen white didn't obey demands to drop his weapons. he exchanged gun fire with police after he drove the wrong way down a one-way street. he had prior arrest on drug assault and weapons charges. benita jacks broke down and cried as her mother talked about her grandchildren. p. they called a brief recess so she could regain her composure. early morning blasts in jakarta indonesia have killed at least nine people.
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dozens more have been wound. explosions ripped through two neighboring hotels. the j.w. marriott and the ritz carlton in an upscale business district that houses foreign embassies. authorities confirm some of the dead and wounded are foreigners but we don't know yet if that includes americans. it is five after the hour. time for the first living smart report of the morning and jessica has a preview of the day on wall street. >> reporter: good morning. we are liking the earnings season so far but let's face it expectations were so low it is not taking a lot to put a smile on investors faces. the the nasdaq is up seven days in a row hitting the highest level since october. moreenings on tap from the likes of ge and the housing market. hang seng jumped 1.4% today
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after the dow gained 95. the nasdaq up 22 and the s&p up 8. google is still making money hand over fist despite the down economy. it reported second quarter earnings of $1.5 billion. not only a record but better than expectations. it comes despite the lowest growth yet and shares were lower in after hours trading. another update from the banking sector. reports from bank of america and citigroup. both are expected to say that consumer defaults on credit cards is rising but that hasn't stopped j.p. morgan chase from posting blowout profits and the same from goldman sachs. every time we get these ups investors love what they are hearing. >> they are making money and you are saving us money. we are getting dinner for
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free and getting paid to shop. >> i like that. >> thank you. a developing story within the last hour. pope benedict xvi is hospitalized the vatican spokesman said he slipped and fell during a vacation in the italian alps. but it doesn't appear to be serious and the pope walked in to the hospital with an aide. president obama credited his rise to the nation's highest office to the work of black civil rights leaders. he spoke to members of the naacp as the organization celebrates the 100th anniversary. >> on the 45th anniversary of the civil rights act, discrimination cannot stand. not on account of color or gender, how you worship or who you love. prejudice has no place in the united states of america. >> reporter: president obama also pointed out blacks are more likely to be poor and end
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up in prison than whites and he is hoping the naacp will back his domestic agenda. >> reporter: it appears that some republicans may vote to confirm sonia sotomayor to the supreme court. two critics called her ruling main stream on thursday. the fourth and final day of her hearings. it is expected the senate will confirm judge sonia sotomayor as the nation's first hispanic supreme court justice before the august recess. later today the space shuttle "endeavor" is scheduled to dock with the international space station. on their first full day in orbit the astronauts helped to inspect the spacecraft for damage. pieces of foam struck the shuttle during wednesday's liftoff. so far nasa engineers think while some thermal tiles were dinged none were seriously damaged. they will install the final pass of the japanese space lab. coalition forces in afghanistan appear to be playing good cop and bad cop. we will tell you about the two
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different messages they are sending out after threat attempts to kidnap american soldiers. that story is coming up. an amazing and scary view in the seconds half a tanker truck exploded on a major u.s. interstate. you are watching 9 news now.
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doctors are trying to save two police officers injured in a shootout with suspects. both suspects died in an exchange of gun fire. three other officers were shot but are expected to recover. the taliban is threatening to execute an american soldier captured last month. news crews recovered leaflets from coalition forces warning the taliban that if the serviceman is not freed the captors will be hunted.
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another leaflet is friendlier asking for help finding the soldiers. here's amazing surveillance video of the explosion of a tanker truck. smoke billowed from the nearby highway. the crash led to a partial collapse of an overpass. the tanker was trying to avoid an out of control car when it crashed. luckily there were no serious injuries. a couple of area hospitals are ranked among the best in the country. that story is coming up. plus, some law officers will have to fix their own cars before they can help others after severe weather strikes in the plains. we may have some severe weather around here today. perhaps the best chance of rain after the hottest month of the year. details toward the weekend. 9 news now returns after this. /d
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a severe thunderstorm caused damage in the midwest. it sent rain watering pouring in to one school and flying debris damaged a dozen patrol car at the sheriffs department. some people had to be evacuated but no serious injuries were
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reported. welcome back to 9 news now. you know the oklahoma area well. >> may of ' 99 i was in the tornado through midwest city and areas south and east. the last day i worked we had golf-ball size hail. that is not an uncommon occurrence around there. but a lot of sales on cars when you have stuff like that, too. if you don't mind dimpled hood or roof. talk about evens going on. one tomorrow, weather should be fine for whatever you have planned but the green cup is going on tomorrow. this is an organization that is in poolesville. weather should be fine. a little breeze but they support green groups with the funds they raise and there a more info at as far as the next three days are concerned, the mold, the
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latest count is in the elevated. highs low 80s but a nice weekend for you once we get rid of the later afternoon and evening thunderstorms. partly cloudy. a little humid this morning. temperatures in the coolest spots mid-60s. most of us in the 70s and 80s in a while here say by 9:00 or 10:00. expect the 80s. partly sunny, scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. 85 to 90. variable winds five to ten. showers and storms will taper off, probably later on this evening, maybe in to 10:00 or 11:00, midnight or so which should be starting to see the area lift north and east. west northwest winds five to ten. this morning some clouds around here. not much in the way of shower activity. it is well west of us. but on doppler hd i have it zoomed in to cumberland area, approaching hancock, pawpaw light showers is all we have for you. overnight we had clouds and breaks as we go back to the
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weather computer and this morning a few high clouds are out there with breaks. temperatures mid-70s at reagan national with a north wind at six. but the dew points upper 60s. it is a sticky morning out there. 76 on the bay in annapolis. 76 hagerstown. 72 quantico and southern maryland mid-70s. we will watch these storms out here as they move toward us they could be strong to severe this afternoon and under a slight risk of severe weather that means potentially strong winds and hail. some strong storms later on. weekend looks good. highs in the low 80s. wake up, angie goff. a good start to next week with temperatures in the 80s and slight chance of thunderstorms. >> unlike you i didn't go to sleep at 5:00 p.m. lucky duck. let's talk about the outer loop at braddock road. police activity is blocking two
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lanes. use caution out to this part of the beltway. moving outside, 95 northbound no issues to report from dumfries to lorton. around here we are seeing the volume build early this morning. you are okay to the mixing bowl. next we are clear on 395 as we continue to the 14th street bridge. no incidents or accidents to report. that same situation as we head back to the maps and show you route 4, route 5 and 301. the outer loop in maryland. looks like drivers are moving at speed. now over to andrea. >> thank you. in living well headlines there are new concerns that treatment for breast cancer could be linked to heart disease. that is in the british journal of cancer. they sound some people treated with radio therapy developed heart problems in later years. only those who had radio therapy on the left side were at risk. it is used to treat patients who have had breast conservation surgery. i have more on my blog at
5:19 am two dc hospitals have come out on top. u.s. news and world report ranks washington hospital center an the national rehabilitation hospital among the best hospitals in america. washington hospital center gets rave reviews for its cardiac services including heart surgery. the national rehabilitation hospital ranks 12th in the country for its rehab program. we say good morning to kristin fisher and she's talking about heros. >> you got it. hero central is what is hot on the web. this morning i will have the next heros segment. it is about a givees club who mentor seniors in nursing home who have hardly any visitors. but first i want to tellu yo about the latest on the hero central home page. here it is. to get there all you have to do is go to usa wusa and click on the hero central button and this page is what will pop up.
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the latest hero central stories will be here on the left side of the screen. you can see we have done stories about the ocean city beach patrol, saving a little boy after a sand tunnel collapsed on him and he went this to cardiac arrest. he's okay. up here a story about a gold medal paraolympian teaching adults how to run with prosthetic limbs and our latest story has to do with right here nationals host christmas in july toy drive. it is a toys for to thes fund- raiser and it is hoedstu by th nationals alongside the u.s. marine corps. all you have to do is brig a new unwrapped toy to the park and donations will be accepted friday through sunday. this is the fourth year for this fund-raiser. last year they brought in over 2,000 toys and $19,000 for the toys for to thes organization. we will have more hero central
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at 6:10. >> sounds good. thank you. we will have the latest on the british open where play has resumed. and will the nationals pull out a win for their new manager. we will have that story when we come back. 75 degrees and you are watching 9 news now.
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here's who's celebrating a
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birthday today. well, now to the british open in scott land where second round play started this morning. right now two players are tied at five under, including five- time british open champ tom watson. tiger doesn't tie off until 9:20 our time. he birdied on thursday but couldn't stay in the red. he misses the par putt on ten and finishes at plus one. t
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. jimenez has dropped off the lead in early morning play. we will keep you updated. jim riggleman made his debut as nationals manager last night and against the cubs. lee's solo shot boosted chicago's lead 2-0. the nats allowed three runs and the nats lose 6-2. >> maybe i'm just excited about managing the ball game but i feel good about the club. i know that's, with our record that's not maybe what some fans want to hear but i feel we will turn this thing around. >> reporter: let's hope so. history was made last night in the national league east matchup in florida. the phillies ryan howard hit his 23rd homer of the season and more importantly the 200th homer of his career. he reached that milestone faster than any other player in major league history. our time is 5:25.
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some local auto dealers shutout by gm or chrysler win a battle to get their businesses back. that story is coming up. plus, a vote on captiol hill early this morning paves the way for a massive health care reform package. and the investigation in to last month's deadly crash will make travel on the red line extra difficult this weekend. >> angie? >> smooth sailing southbound on the gw parkway from the beltway to the key bridge. we have the traffic in realtime when 9 news now returns, along with our friday
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house members burn the midnight oil to bring president obama's health care plan closer to law. welcome back to 9 news. thanks for joining us this friday morning. we want to give you a quick update on the pope. we told you earlier that pope benedict xvi fell earlier this morning. the vatican now said he broke his wrist but he walked in to
5:30 am
the hospital on his own. they don't believe anything serious. angie will have traffic. a well-rested howard bernstein is here at 5:30. >> you know what it is like by the end of the week. >> but never 5 clock it would have to be 6:00. >> i have sleep envy. >> everybody was out of the house, the dog was sleeping too. and what can i say. >> the weather was so nice. you've should have been out and about. >> show you the radar. western maryland a couple of showers to talk about. they are light b@right now approaching hancock and west virginia. however, we will see more activity later on. on the weather computer you will see activity to the west in ohio and kentucky and southwestern virginia. look at that stuff firing. couldn't here later this morning before the noon hour. we will watch this carefully. were aseeing a warm morning. mid-60s in winchester. 75 in town. highs in the 80s but watch out. strong storms will be possible.
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75 degrees. good morning angie goff. >> good morning. half way through the 5:00 hour and still tracking that condition out on the outer loop near the braddock road exit. drivers here are losing two left lanes and that is due to police activity. checking out the drive on 66 eastbound. here's the camera shot through centreville. we are doing fine but as you approach route 50 we are seeing a lot of early-morning volume really start to build. 270. no delays from father hurley on down and 95 and the bw parkway, thumbs up. over to you, and ya. >> thank you. president obama is pushing hard for congress to move ahead with legislation that would reform the american system of health care. and the house made some progress on the bill this morning. digital correspondent susan roberts reports. >> reporter: a house committee has given president obama a reason to be optimistic. the house ways and means
5:32 am
committee passed legislation early this morning after 16 hours of debate that would reform health care. three democrats joined the republicans on the committee to vote against the bill including tax increases on the wealthy to pay for the plan. >> we will get health care reform done. >> reporter: the president urged congress to support his plan at a rally in new jersey. he said it will go up unless the house and senate can agree on major reforms. but it is a tough sell. congress' budget director says the overhauls will actually cost taxpayers more money, a view trumpet -- trumpeted by many americans. >> all of us will pay an astronomical cost at a time we cannot afford this ambitious grab. >> reporter: the president is pressuring congress to pass legislation before the august recess. different versions of the bill are gun going changes in the house and senate. supporters say they are making progress.
5:33 am
>> we are going to find ways to get it in the right direction. that is good provisions which will actually lower the rates of health care costs. >> reporter: president obama has the backing of the american medical association which gave a thumbs up to the house bill. but the president still has a lot more selling to do. susan roberts, 9 news now and tomorrow, metro's red line will be closed between the tacoma and fort totten stations from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on thursday they closed the tracks for five hours to work on documenting the sight lines on the curve where one train smashed in to another train. the department of transportation announced it will require all railroads to use positive train controls. the electronic detection system automatically senses training speeding toward trouble. the suspected cause is a
5:34 am
failure the system's positive train control system. police in prince georges county have a shooting investigation on their hands this morning. three people were hit when shots rang out at an apartment complex on greenbelt road in greenbelt, maryland. 9 news now digital correspondent, armando trull , is joining us live from the scene with more. >> reporter: the residents of this apartment complex in greenbelt are counting their blessings this morning because they say the toll could have been a lot higher. >> i heard shots so i came outside. >> reporter: four people were hurt on thursday during a wild shootout in this greenbelt apartment building. it began after a fight between two roommates. one an mp from ft. myer. >> the off-duty officer left the apartment in an effort to call for assistance. at that point, the roommate was able to locate the officer's off-duty weapon. >> reporter: prince georges county police say the roommate ran outside and began to shoot
5:35 am
the weapon. a capitol policeman saw the suspect and returned fire. >> during that exchange of gun fire, the off-duty u.s. capitol officer, the suspect, along with the off-duty army base officer were struck by gun fire. additionally in an apartment close by to where the encouldn'ter took place, a 12- year-old girl was also, it appears was grazed by an errant round. >> reporter: now, andrea, the only person in serious condition is the suspect. at this point, prince georges county police and the district attorney are trying to figure out who will be charged in this case. armando trull for 9 news now and dc's charter schoolteachers won be getting everything they have been promised for the new school year. for instance, nia, community public charter school in northeast expected new furniture and computers but as
5:36 am
minute straighters say they are only sending a portion of the $400,000 payment the school expected. the mayor says that is because there is a way with the -- there is a problem with the way charter schools are paid. he is trying to fix it by next year. jessica doyle is back with good news for car dealers looking to hang on to their businesses. >> this is exactly the news the car dealers hoping to stay in business were hoping for. the house voted to require general motors and chrysler to hang on to those dealerships. gm is in the process of cutting the network of 6,000 dealers by 2,000. chrysler eliminated 800 of its 2400 lots as part of those bankruptcy restructuring. the house measure would force the auto companies to restore those dealers. the. if you see a wallet laying on the street, odds are it is okay to pick it up and keep what is inside.
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you may find $5,000. here's what you need to know. cricket is dropping 2,000 wallets in the washington area. two wallets have $5,000 inside and a trip to new york and $50 motorola discounts. they are promoting new stores in the region. wpgc is giving clues to where they are being dropped throughout the day. time for the money saving tip of the day. how does free food sound to you. getting a free dinner out every month is pretty typical for erre s.sho they will eat at restaurants and evaluate the food, wait staff and ambience to give a nonbiased view of how things are going. they are used in retail, gas stations and entertainment venues and you can get paid for shopping. juan way to become a mystery shopper is go to national
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shopping for opportunities. >> i like that. saving money and having a good time at the same time. we will have the latest on the terrorist attacks in the world east most populous muslim country coming up. and more on the plans for the astronauts on the space shuttle "endeavor." we have traveling 50 westbound no complaints. the lanes are wide open. more news is next. stay with 9 news now. crest whitestrips has created a strip so revolutionary...
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welcome back. we are live from the sousa bridge. no problems getting in to dc. i will have the complete traffic report coming up. in the news now five people are dead after twin bombings in jakarta. dozens more have been wounded. the explosion happened in the business district at the marriott and ritz carlton hotels. now the city's police chief says the suspects they have to assess the risks. police so far seven men face murder charges in the case against a couple and a woman has been charged as an seasonings rery. the space shuttle "endeavor" is expected to dock with this international space station. they will install the final
5:41 am
piece of the japanese station. they have been inspecting for damage but nothing serious has been found. we'll look at things you can do around town this weekend coming up in what's on the web. plus, a man who advised u.s. troops in iraq says withdrawalling from cities could create more hazards for soldiers. here's howard. >> a warm morning out here. in the mid-70s in washington and muggy as well but some thunderstorms will be here this afternoon. i will detail that coming up when 9 news now this morning returns.
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american troops are largely handed over the war in iraq to iraqis. but how will that work? one believes 30,000 soldiers who have been retained as military advisers should be sent to iraq soon. digital correspondent andrew stack has more on their mission. >> i don't think that anybody should assume this will be an on/off switch where one day we are helping the iraqis and the next day we will be able to walk away. >> reporter: jerry watson says the withdrawal of american troops from iraqi cities three weeks ago was necessary, but could pose some unintended hazards. >> the security agreement in effect puts american military under the watchful eye of the
5:45 am
iraqi government. >> reporter: some fear u.s. sol years would not be allowed to engage attackers without first clearing it through iraqi authorities. watson says this simply isn't the case. >> people need to realize that there's no military commander that's going to put his troops in a situation where there are dangers. >> reporter: but while u.s. soldiers may or may not have their hands full avoiding becoming casualties the point of the latest troops serving as advisers is to make sure the iraqis learn to stand on their own two feet. >> eventually these combat brigades might be able to be pulled out. >> reporter: colonel watson says he knows what soldiers have going through because he's been there. >> as i was starting to step through that you heard this take cover, take cover, incoming, incoming in. >> he says if he don't take this course of action now america could be mired down in iraq for generations and he
5:46 am
points out the troops heading to iraq this fall, they are not new troops but replacing troops that are rotating out. in the information center, 9 news now and 75 degrees. as you see on the screen. a warm sticky morning. >> after a hot day where we hit 96 yesterday. westerly winds. the air was dry enough and plenty of sunshine. >> yes we did. today a different story. we have thunderstorms in west virginia. southwestern virginia, kentucky. that stuff could be here before the noon hour the way it looks and some storms today, this afternoon and this evening could be strong to severe. let's talk about what to expect the next few days because the weekend is upon us. after we get rid of thunderstorms later on today, tomorrow is looking nice. lower 80s on send and a nice weekend, especially for july. so this morning we will call it partly cloudy. and a little humid.
5:47 am
temperatures in the mid-60s but in the 80s the next few hours in most areas with the sun coming up. partly sunny and scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. 85 to perhaps 90 with variable winds five to ten miles an hour. although strong and gusty. showers and storms will taper off probably before midnight. lows in the 60s. this morning we watch the showers to the west. very little off to the east. heavy stuff really across southwestern virginia. and this has me concerned for later this morning as it moving to the north and east. on doppler doppler 9000 we zoomed to the hagerstown region. not much going on here. watch out in pennsylvania to hancock a few light sprinkles. it has been a cloudy night with breaks out there and on the time lapse you will see we are di ngup with a couple of clouds out there. a decent morning with temperatures at 75 at national and north wind at six and the dew point, that's the culprit right there in the upper 60s.
5:48 am
the muggies have come back. this afternoon, i think the beaches will be dry until maybe this evening. temperatures 80s to 90. solomons watch out. southern maryland you could have some thunderstorms. on the bay northwest winds at three become westerly. mid 80s. look at the water temperatures, low 70s off shore. 80 in the bay. should be a nice day, low to mid-80s and lower 80s and a mix of sun and clouds with light wind on the bay. water temperature again just about normal for this time of the year. the seven-day forecast we have some changes. after today's storms we will have nice weather over the weekend with highs in the low 80s. sunday looking better than saturday but good both days. isolated storms should turn on monday an tuesday. temperatures in the mid-80s. angie goff, 5:48. what's happening. >> 12 minutes away from the new hour. whether you are brushing your
5:49 am
teeth or drinking your coffee, putting sour socks on. don't worry, be happy. it is going to be a great day. it is friday. a new accident at route 1 woodbridge. we know that drivers are backing up a bit from 123 to lorton. moving to the maps and update you on the situation here at the outer loop at dad braddock road. police activity has been rush pushed to the right shoulder. drivers are getting by. 66 eastbound, starting to use the brakes from 50 to 123 which is early for this delay to set in. factor in a few extra minutes if you are driving 66 this morning. 270 no problems to the smith and rounding it out with the capital beltway, taillights and they are moving at speed from new hampshire to georgia. now, over to you. happy friday. the weekend is just a few hours away and that means it is time to look at metro to se their top pick for them
5:50 am
weekend. let's go to it. the third annual green cup polo. i know miss angie goff will be going. it starts torment, saturday noon at the capital polo club in poolesville, maryland. there will be two polo patch intches but if it is not your g will will be live bands, a hot contest and wouldn't be the green cup polo without all things green. so a lot of organic food if you want to head out. moving on out, this this really cool. the watson adventures haunted scavenger hunt. the first is taking place tomorrow on saturday. it is a scavenger hunt for adults -- adults and you are armed with a flash light as you visit what are believed to be haunted buildings around and near the white house and you can expect to see, you know, some sort of a spirit appearance from abraham lincoln, thomas jefferson, dolly madison and many
5:51 am
ordecreased political figures. wrapping up a look at metromix weekend picks right here. there we go. a day in a park benefit sponsored by the washington humane society. there is a dog show. of course a doggy couture fashion show and you can adopt a dog or cat at the event at the washington humane society adoption mobile which will be at the location. the first 50 people will receive free baskin robbins ice cream. free ice cream, puppy and them weekend, can't go wrong with that. >> sounds like fun. it turns out we will not learn what killed michael jackson this week. that story is coming up. plus a growing trend in which shows are racking up emmy nominations. you are watching 9 news now. (mom) soon, we'll be doing homework,
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with new unisom sleep melts i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. new unisom sleep melts. this morning in the examiner the montgomery county council and police are at odds over whether they can afford to buy helicopters. plus, the dc finance office is investigating hairy thomas ' report on whether they builders
5:55 am
contributed to his organization. for the sec year in a row cable shows dominate the top categories in the primetime emmy nominations. manuel gallegus has the from hollywood. >> entourage, damages, dexter, weeds all shows on cable and are all nominated. ' 60s retro madmen is the leading series with 16 nominations including nods for john ham an elizabeth moss. other shows nominees big love, dexter, house and lost, the only network dramas to get noticed. >> how does this turn on. >> reporter: 30 rock received the most recognition overall. 22 nominations including outstanding comedy series and acting bids for tina fey and
5:56 am
alec baldwin. >> come to think of it i have a meeting. >> reporter: the office. >> i'm not going to give you a prize for running over an employee. >> family guy, concords how i met your mother and weeds. this were a few noticeable snubs. several shows that recently ended were overlooked like er boston legal and the shield. and even though hbo dominates the nominations with 99 true blood was left out of the major category. >> i'm coming from the darkness in to the light. >> reporter: like the oscars this time the emmys are trying something new, adding more nominees to the big categories hoping increased star power can deliver a bigger audience last year's telecast was the least watched ever. nominee and how i met your mother star neil patrick harris will host the emmy awards. it airs september 20th here on wusa 9 and for a list of the
5:57 am
emmy nominees log on to and click on our water cooler news page. well, the jackson story continues. it looks like the l.a. coroner's office has come out and said, it is going to take longer than expected to do the complete autopsy of michael jackson. originally they thought they would have the results by the end of this week or early next week but now they are saying at least two weeks away. and they are not giving a reason for this. they know the toxicology report is important in the sense we will know what drugs were in his system when he died and if they caused his death and that will be determining whether the criminal charges will be pending. >> the family has an autopsy going on. >> with a private one so -- it continues. >> all right. let's switch gears. real world mtv, the show has been on for years and they are now in washington. you may recall there was an issue with lindsey mastis who
5:58 am
went down to cover the real world story. this is the video. she was out there and this cameraman got in her face. she was polite because she knew it was being recorded but like what are you doing buddy. >> will it show up on the show? >> that i don't know. but the real world photographer has apologized in an e-mail to lindsey. he writes -- i would like to extend an apology for my conduct on july 2nd. my actions on that day were ill advised. lindsey of course is a gracious young lady and accepted the apology. you can see the apology and lindsey's report at metro click on the real world story. we were talking about cnn, money magazine the list of the richest single men and where to find them. now forbes has the richest hollywood men. a list today. and topping the list george lucas, $170 million. >> a down year. >> a down year for him.
5:59 am
>> steven spielberg, $150 million and jerry bruckheimer who has dark blue on cable and maybe um up for nominations. seinfeld in the fourth place and dr. phil, the doctor is in and cashing in, he is number five on the list. >> they are all so hot. >> yeah, right. >> they didn't say hot just said richest. >> i do like jerry. >> he he makes good movies and tv. >> let's talk weather. while it is quiet it is muggy. this afternoon we will be talking thunderstorms some of which could be strong to severe. the satellite and radar image. watching storms not only kentucky on the big side but in southwestern virginia seeing new ones pop up in the last 60 minutes or so and some of those will be tracking to us later this morning and during the afternoon we wille watching the storms. here wego. in the 70s although


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