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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 17, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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hotel horror. at least nine dead ÷ capital. >y(o wildu8 weather. powerful storms leave a mark from oklahoma to new jersey. president obamañhd honors the pp for a accept tocentury ou-d)aci progress. >> what we journey the naacp has traveled, but the journey thatrqoñ we as americans have traveled over the past 100 years.srg captioning funded by cbs good morning. thanks foró#n, joining us. people are dead in two bombings this morning.g"dgìc&
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50 others were wounded at',çñfx foreign vitors.u@fs indonesia's president blames-@ and says thee3apç people respon will be found and arrested.p2?bw delia hattonr$ has more. >> reporter: twobí÷ luxury%ñ ñ g in jakarta rippedxsiz apart in fñpv simultaneous b blew out)'l blew out)'l it was so big. then about five minutesitarñyú"é hu,2ç the explosions werepápo7es powe enough. >> in the air.pj fear and consternation.zn >> reporter: no one's claimed responsibility for the blthg3pç
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analysts believe this could have been the work of the h2xz÷count dominant terrorist group, the al ñ islam who were responsible for thejxy the muslim extremist group is also thought to have targeted the same marriotték$eo8fñ hotel, leading to tight security in the surrounding neighborhood. today's1áwço coordinated attack reignitedu7im.n÷ fears that jem fight. a third unexploded bomb found as wondering what elwcx can be don th northernob⌞pf]v8fçitaly. ÷#in,ráh an aide.69w the pope's injuries do not: appear to be x>aydserious.
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house eff'éapí to reform09 healthcare has taken another the costcckt that step.> reporter: michelle, good a key govero!é)6ñ oversight healthcare. a congressional budgetq@m÷ offir says the billswillkt@otrz1]áop ñ rise of8midcal costsi/t- )ñ committee has given yu obama a bçon to be.ó optimist optimi3=ññ4jddq u$e house ways r c÷ ñ all the republicans on the committee to ñie ⌝?he o p! w>orm'q&p pay for the o z÷ to pass his plan at a rally in new kemkhb8 going up unless thec+ house and senate c agreefwaúzñ)zkñ on and approve ell.
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congress' budget director says paganlq)ug-i]o0záronomical cost time 8+]ñ we just cannot afford this ambitious grab.zj28uu
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that was, in part, a celebration of i%'án3!&÷ >> 2@ i am honored to6x give h ozk àr1m(vi2ñ welcome the 44t president of the united states, d:avr 0!ç÷)hh2m ç3&@)b chief was >> what wera9scelebrate tonight nota÷ simplyzñ theñ journey thep bu that we as÷y americans have bu traveled over the past 100 ef1+!dn's "jqocp
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>> reporter:!wáz h$dz first speh ájjt!cáñcweyç office, theeiaíe
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z to get bad grades. that's not a reason tom
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watch" ri9ñ -ei9xó1ax >>iáiex meet the avy92-year-old naía: tripping in her town, she khy1-mez the way to city >lb ha÷fm
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it was like a bomb. it was like a bomb exploded and a tree explode. it was really scary. very scary. we're still shaken up. >> a lightning round in golf. four men on a new jersey golf course ran under a tree during a storm when lightning struck the tree. one of the men blacked out, but all are doing just fine. wild weather also battered the oklahoma city area. severe thunderstorms tore part of the roof from a high school off yesterday. heavy rains flooded a gym and some hallways. ed flooing rain accompanied by hail damaged some police cars. power was knocked out for almost 30,000 customers for a time.
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there were no reports of injuries. on the "cbs money watch," asian stocks advance this morning. harry potter, of course, set a new record. claire leka is here with more. claire, good morning. >> good morning to you, michelle. asian shares were mostly higher overnight. japan's benchmark nikkei rose .5%. hong kong stocks jumped 2.5%. investors are hoping the rally can continue into the weekend after strong earnings from tech giants google and ibm. the dow jones industrial average starts the day up 95 points. the nasdaq begins up 22. bank of america, citigroup, and general electric report earnings today. the latest report on new home building is also due. a leading business lender is in financial trouble. it's the century old cit group. it has more than $5 billion of outstanding loans to more than $1 billion. the government is allowing it to become the fourth largest
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bankruptcy in u.s. history. the recession is also providing a tough economic lesson to a company behind a footwear fad. crocs has given 2,000 employees, one-third of its work force, their walking papers. as the economy boomed, so did krks. 1 million pairs were sold in the past seven years. now a stunning reversal from a $168 million profit in 2007 to a $185 million loss in 2008, leaving the company with serious debt. the latest harry potter movie cast a $104 million spell over worldwide box offices during its first day in the theaters, setting a new record for the boy wizard. "harry potter and the half-blood prince" grossed $58.2 million in north america and $45.9 million overseason wednesday. become the biggest chinese box
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office success ever. beat the 11-year record set by 1998's "titanic." and starbucks is trying a new drink booze. it's opening a new neighborhood cafe pilot store in its hometown of seattle that will feature beer and wine, nighttime hours, and live entertainment. it will be called 15th avenue coffee and tea and will serve espresso drinks as well without the starbucks logo. if the idea catches on, more stores could crop up in cities across the country. michelle? >> i wonder what the rules are on forehere or to go? claire leka here in new york. claire, thank you. straight ahead, your friday morning weather. in sports, manny ramirez back in los angeles as baseball returns from the all-star break.
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the
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country. new york, late day storms, 88. miami, 93. chicago, sunny and 70. denver, 81. los angeles, sunny and 77. and time now for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows clusters of storms scattered across the southern plains and deep south. skies are turning gray over the ohio valley. more storms will build over the southern plains as it begins to turn cooler. it will turn stormy along the east coast with the strongest storms expected to form along the mid-atlantic states and northeast. ryan howard now owns a major league record. the phillies first baseman hit his 200th home run last night. he notched 200 home runs in fewer games than anyone in major league history. they beat the marlins 4-0 for their sixth straight win. manny ramirez returned home to dodger stadium for the first time since his 50-game
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suspension for violating the league's drug policy. but he wasn't much help. and down in san diego, clint bar muss hit a three-run homer that led the colorado rockies to a 10-1 rout of the padres. and home run derby winner prince fielder showed he wasn't worn out by all the star slug fest stuff he was doing, belting a three-run shot against the reds to start the scoring. milwaukee went on to beat cincinnati 9-6. when we return, another look at the day's top stories. and supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor wins over critics and hits the confirmation fast track. >> you have come a long way. you have worked very hard.
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. thunderstorms will be developing along the east coast with
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thunderstorms developing across the mid-atlantic states in the northeast. it will remain hot and dry throughout the west. here's another look at this morning's top stories. at least nine people are dead after bombs went off at two luxury hotels in jakarta, indonesia. one american was injured. jakarta's police chief says the suspected bombers were hotel guests. pope benedict is being checked out at a hospital in northern italy after he fell this morning. sources say the pope has a sprained ankle. supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor is expected to be approved by the senate in the next few weeks. the senate judiciary committee has finished hearing four days of testimony on her nomination. joel brown has the latest. >> reporter: a white new haven firefighter who judge sonia sotomayor ruled against in a reverse discrimination case was among the first witnesses to testify at her supreme court nomination hearings. >> achievement is neither limited nor determined by one's
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race but by one's skills, dedication, commitment, and character. >> reporter: but on the judge's side are new york mayor michael bloomberg and her former boss in the new york d.a.'s office, robert morganthal. like she's done all week, judge sotomayor stepped past hot button issues and refused to state how she would rule on things such as abortion or gun control. >> would you want to come in here and say, i agree with you. this is unconstitutional before i had a case before me. >> reporter: but republicans kept trying to knock her off her script during the second round of questioning. >> is there any personal judgment to be relied upon by a supreme court justice in deciding whether or not the second amendment is a fundamental right? >> you hire judges for their judgment, not their personal views or what their sense of what the outcome should be. >> last question on the wise
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latina woman comment. to those who may be bothered by that, what do you say? >> i regret that i have offended some people. i believe that my life demonstrates that that was not my intent to leave the impression that some have taken from my words. >> you know what, judge, i agree with you. good luck. >> the senate will hold a vote sometime before its august recess. the woman, who is on track to be the nation's first hispanic supreme court justice, seems to have few obstacles left in her way. joel brown, cbs news, the supreme court. and on the 40th anniversary of the apollo 11 mission to the moon, there are sharp new pictures of the historic walk on the lunar surface.
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it cost nasa nearly $250,000 to refurbish the pictures. cbs news supplied some of the footage. that's because nasa erased the original video so it could reuse the videotape. this morning on "the early show," a closer look at the newly restored moon landing footage. i'm michelle guillen. this is the "cbs morning news." >> the eagle has landed. >> july 20th, 1969, the day man reached and walked on the moon. the new swiffer sweeper cleans so completely... you'll never go back to your old broom again. and now a song for mary... from a mr. broom. ♪ don't you want me, baby ♪ don't you want me, ohhhh new swiffer sweeper is redesigned... to clean deeper into corners. dry cloths trap and lock 50% more dirt, dust and hair than a broom... with a new dirt grabbing texture.
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umm, goin' over to jason's to watch videos. what are you gonna watch? what is this twenty questions? no. what are you gonna watch? mom, dad love us enough to ask the important questions. because if you don't... who will? good morning. topping the news, police in prince georges county are investigating the shooting of three people at an apartment complex in greenbelt. the shooting appeared to have stem from an argue between roommates. investigators say one of those men is a military police
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officer and the other man grabbed his roommate's weapon and started to fire in the parking lot. a capitol police officer heard the shots and returned fire. the officer and suspects were hit but are expected to recover. a 12-year-old girl was grazed by a bullet. nine people are dead after an apparent attack in the capital of indonesia. bombs went off minutes apart in an upscale business district that houses foreign embassies. no word if any of them are americans. nasa will wake up the crew of "endeavor" this morning just after 7. they have been checking for damage after foam pieces struck during the liftoff. so far it apoors the tiles were not seriously damaged. good morning to howard. >> got hot yesterday afternoon. 96. hottest day of the year so far
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and some humidity this moin g. still muggy but not as hot because some thunderstorms will be approaching. isinthrnmemo sog cloucosover spots and breaks as well but showers to the north and west affecting western maryland. ter action will kick upup isth oon. th afis morni iist sticky out there. per 60s to mid-70s. it has fallen to 68 in cumberland and martinsburg but a steamy day ahead with highs in the upper 80s to 90s. we say good morning to angie. >> that's okay. it is friday. >> yea. >> so excited and ready for the weekend. we will begin with a live shot for you. 95 northbound we are fine. as we take you to the maps we want you to know about for those who life in virginia police activity on the outer loop past braddock road. police clear 121 to the split.
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and the outer loop is fine, as well. the unemployment rate is expected to rise past 10% and last well in to next year. many job seekers showed up on thursday looking for government work. some shelled out hundreds of dollars to companies that promise to help but some of the companies are actually scams. we have more on how to apply for these jobs for free. >> i have been searching for three years for a full-time position. >> reporter: justine says applying for a federal job is difficult. she started her surgery on- line. >> i used usa jobs search, career, i have sub mid personally to the cia website, fbi. >> even thought of paying for help. >> they are asking for quite a bit of money, $100 a year and they submit your resume to all of these agencies. >> but it could be a scam.
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>> the federal hiring is an obstacle course. >> he says all the information that they need is free. >> people should expect it will take longer than they want. that's the norm. >> it gives them an opportunity to get questions answered face- to-face. if the application process seems confusing, job seekers can call the agency. that's something malone has done as she searches for full- time work. >> always have a number listed for hr contacts or even at the website and you can call them and i have never had a problem. >> reporter: if the process isn't going well, he says try an internship. >> if you get certain internships in the government you can be converted in to a full-time employee noncompetitively. >> lindsey mastis, 9 news now and >> we have links on our site at click on the story.


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