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tv   The Early Show  CBS  July 16, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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fa now. it's big. it's expensive. and it's supposed to make you feel better. president obama pushes healthcare reform. we'll tell you what it does and what it costs. >> we can't kick the can down the road any longer. deferring reform is nothing more than defending the status quo. breaking least two more persons of interest now being sought in that mysterious slaying of a florida couple. >> the complexity of this case is staggering. >> dramatic video of the moment that changed michael jackson's life 25 years ago and why it may have led to his death. and paul mccartney gets back. ♪ get back get back get back to where you once belonged ♪ >> "early" this thursday
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morning, july 16th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs good morning. i'm harry smith along with maggie rodriguez. julie is off. i find it hard to believe it was ten years ago tonight that jfk jr.'s plane crashed. he and his wife and her sister died. he was such an icon in the city, and we're going to remember jfk jr. a little bit later on this morning. also ahead this morning, we heard about women complaining about sort of pain and loss of sensation in their thighs from wearing skinny jeans. >> i had not heard that. >> and we thought this could not be a real thing. we talked to our dr. jennifer ashton, and she said it absolutely is. she's eager to talk about what women may be doing to make it worse and what we can do to make it better. it's a legitimate health concern. we'll get to that.
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>> and paul mccartney? >> paul mccartney was the coolest thing in the world. first, though, healthcare reform is picking up momentum on capitol hill. the senate health committee pass a $604 billion reform plan wednesday. th's a day after house democratic leaders put together their own $1.5 trillion proposal. cbs news white house correspondent bill plante has more. good morning, bill. >> reporter: good morning, harry. all along the president has said he wants a healthcare bill written before the august congressional recess. now he's stepped up efforts to put pressure on members of congress. he talked with cbs news medical correspondent dr. jon lapook. >> my main focus is how we can stop putting money into things that aren't making people healthier. >> reporter: according to the latest cbs news poll, 62% of all americans want the u.s. government to exert more control over the u.s. healthcare system, but money, how to pay for reform is exactly the problem which could doom it. house and senate democrats have
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offered up separate $1 trillion plans, plans that have no republican support. among the ideas on how to pay for reform, charging fees to pharmaceutical companies, a tax on sugary beverages, and a sur tax on incomes over $350,000. that's an idea the president supports. >> personally, i think the best way to fund it is for people like myself who have been very lucky to pay a little bit more. >> reporter: scornful republicans say today's economic climate is a bad time to rush through a major spending bill. now, the debate is far from over, but it looks very much like it will take a lot longer than the president wanted and not result in the bipartisan support democrats had hoped for. democrats had made it very clear they're more interested in getting a healthcare bill passed than getting republican votes. harry? >> bill plante at the white house. joining us now to break down the numbers and explain how healthcare reform could affect you, jill schlesinger of
7:04 am who does this involve? >> 97% of legal americans will be covered. we have 46 million who are currently uninsured who will be covered. almost 160 million people who are insured through their employers may see premiums go down and limits on lifetime caps are going to be removed. some of those paying for their own insurance, they're going to see some benefits, maybe see some breaks. and everyone on medicare and medicaid continue to be covered. >> and this whole notion that you'll be denied insurance because of a preexisting condition will be done away with. >> exactly. >> this is a giant, giant wish list. okay. so beyond that then, how does this plan sort of -- how does this change? how will this -- how will we see changes in our everyday lives? >> you're going to hear the word mandate. that means you have to buy health insurance. it also means your employer has to have insurance for you. >> which is an evolution in the
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president, what he said when obama was running for president versus what he says now. >> exactly. this is all in negotiation. this is the house plan, the senate plan. everyone's going to come together. you've got to buy in or you're going to pay a penalty. your doctor may change. you may find that some doctors don't participate in the public plan. that could change for you. as you said, you can't be denied for a preexisting condition or some health issue that's been in your past. >> it's so interesting because there's so many special interest groups who are fighting this and don't want to let it happen. as bill suggested in his piece, there's so much -- there's a popular support for some sorts of change. i think people will start to balk, though, when they see what it may cost. senate version over $500 billion, house version $1 trillion. let's talk about how this gets paid for. >> we see a tax increase on the wealthy, which is going to pay for half of it. what is wealthy? if you're an individual,
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$280,000. for families, $350,000. there's a charge of up to 5.4% for people who earn over $1 million. that's going to be the lion's share. business surcharges. your business doesn't enroll in a plan, they are going to pay a tax. >> right. >> that's going to be a problem. supposedly, medicare and medicaid savings. but, again, all these numbers are out there. they're up for discussion. we don't have a final plan yet. it looks like there will be some compromise, especially on this little pie chart. i think this is where the special interests are going to come. and this other one about small businesses and how they pay. that's where the screaming is coming because that's where the jobs are generated. >> that's right. 80% of the nation's jobs are generated by small businesses. >> jill schlesinger, thank you so much. there's been another arrest this morning. a woman has now been linked to the murder of a well-known florida couple. byrd and melanie billings were shot dead last week in the home they filled with a dozen adopted special needs children. cbs news correspondent terrell brown is in pensacola with the
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latest. terrell, good morning. >> reporter: maggie, good morning to you. it is a case that continues to take several twists and turns. cbs news has confirmed that morning that federal agencies are now investigating. >> i have no knowledge of any dea investigation involving the billings' murders. >> reporter: the sheriff disavowed knowledge, but the dea confirmed they are working the case and have been from the start. their interest, possible drugs and money laundering. they won't say who may have been involved. >> the complexity of this case is staggering. >> reporter: five of the seven male suspects have prior records with convictions ranging from misdemeanors to drug offenses. the eighth suspect, pamela long wiggins, arrested yesterday in alabama, she is the first woman charged and the only one not on the billings' property the day of the robbery/murder. she may have personal ties to the alleged mastermind of the attack, leonard patrick gonzalez
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jr. cbs news found this marriage license from december. the bride's name is pam long wiggins, and one of her witnesses, an l. patrick gonzalez. like gonzalez, wiggins had money troubles. >> i know the mortgage company is also foreclosures on her condominium unit. >> reporter: and new pictures of the victim and their own financial situation is emerging. court documents of 2008 show the couple sued their own son michael for child support after they took in his daughter, their granddaughter, in 2006. they also asked for $50,000 worth of life insurance on the then 18-year-old girl with themselves as beneficiaries. >> i get the strong sense that there was a financial issue here for the billings, that they may have been living way above their means or their stated income. >> reporter: a viewing for the slain couple will be held later on today. funeral services will be held tomorrow. maggie? >> cbs' terrell brown. thanks, terrell. joining us now from pensacola is
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sheriff david morgan. good morning, sheriff. >> good morning. >> this morning you have an eighth suspect in custody, a woman. do you believe that everyone involved in planning or committing this crime is now in custody? >> sadly, no, we do not. we have two additional persons of interest that we are discussing at great length. of course, i and my staff will be delving into that further today in consultations with the state attorney's office. again, sadly, no, we do not feel that this is the end. >> without getting into detail, can you tell us that it's possible that this was a murder made to look like a robbery. >> no. i can tell you definitively that robbery was a motive. it was one of the primary reasons for entering that home. >> sheriff, is there any indication the victims of this crime were in financial trouble? >> as i stated yesterday, maggie, we have not investigated
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the billings family. the focus of this investigation was the murder of the billings family and those individuals that, of course, are involved either centrally to this or on the periphery. so we're getting questions about the billings family and their background, and we're not prepared inform discuss that because, again, it was not the focus of our investigation. >> will it become the focus of your investigation in light of what you learned? >> i do not anticipate that. that only occurs in my line of work when we get people that complain, people that come down and file a formal complaint with us or with the state attorney's office. that's the first stage that initiates an investigation in law enforcement, and we've received no such complaints at this time. >> and what can you tell us about the dea's involvement in this investigation? >> i believe that may have been a miscommunication or a misunderstanding. again, i do not speak for federal agencies, and they don't speak for me, by the way. i would never discuss that, if i had any knowledge of that, but i can say unequivocally that i have no knowledge of the drug enforcement agency being
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involved with our case or involved in anything on the periphery of it. again, that's their purview, not mine. >> sheriff david morgan, as always, thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. >> and now let's check in with dave price. he's here with our first look at the weather. hello. >> good morning, gang. how are you? >> how are you today? >> i'm good. got nice cool temperatures rolling through much of the east coast. but we also have unstable air. looks like the cold front, remember it was slipping through the great lakes yesterday and portions of the midwest. in the northeast, you're going to get it today. keep in mind, as you go to the upper peninsula of michigan, you take that sheppler's ferry over on the grand hotel, you need to stop in the gift shop and buy yourself a fleece. 40s tonight, 50s tomorrow, chilly weather. high heat in the southern plains stretching through new mexico where we'll see thunder showers as well. watch in wichita today. west coast looks good. and looks like it will be on the hot side not only in the
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southwest but in the >> that's a quick look at your weather picture. these are on and off showers today. it's not a whole day of deluging rain. that's a quick look, folks. it's just a little bit. >> not deluging rain? >> not deluging. folks? >> dave, thank you. still ahead this morning, judge sonia sotomayor heads back to the senate. we'll tell you why todayed could be her toughest test yet. plus just released videotape
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of the moment 25 years ago when michael jackson's hair caught fire. now we know just how bad it really was. and paul mccartney gets back to the ed sullivan theater, back to where he once belonged, on broadway for a rousing performance. when morning comes in the middle of the night, [ rooster crow ] it affects your entire day. to get a good night's sleep, try 2-layer ambien cr. the first layer dissolves quickly... to help you fall asleep. and unlike other sleep aids, a second dissolves slowly to help you stay asleep. when taking ambien cr, don't drive or operate machinery. sleepwalking, and eating or driving... while not fully awake with memory loss for the event... as well as abnormal behaviors... such as being more outgoing or aggressive than normal, confusion, agitation and hallucinations may occur. don't take it with alcohol... as it may increase these behaviors. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, swelling of your tongue or throat may occur...
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only at jennifer. $299. jennifer: the only place to buy a sofa bed. lots of news today. >> russ mitchell is off, but jeff glor is here at the news desk to bring us up to date. >> good morning to both of you. good morning to everyone. things are looking good again on wall street this morning thanks to strong earnings from a big bank. bloomberg tv's deirdre bolton has more this morning. good morning to you. >> hi, jeff. how are you? it's all about jp morgan chase today. blowout earnings from the second largest u.s. bank will drive sentiment for the trading day.
7:17 am
jp morgan chase earned 28 cents a share, and that was versus the 5 cents a share that analysts were expecting. you could see four straight days of gains for the dow and the s&p 500. investment revenue helping out to offset rising defaults on consumer loans. still, though, there's a black cloud rising with housing data. research firm realtytrak shows that 1 in 84 american households have received a foreclosure filing. they hit a record 1.5 million in first half of 2009. that's a 15% increase from the same period a year earlier. the numbers basically imply the housing slump is not recovering. jeff, just a few of the push and pull forces for wall street to manage today. back to you. >> deirdre bolton in new york. deirdre, thank you. supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor begins her third and likely final day of questioning this morning before the senate judiciary committee. cbs news correspondent wyatt andrews is on capitol hill this morning with more on that.
7:18 am
wyatt, good morning. >> reporter: jeff, good morning. in day two yesterday, the questions that she faced, judge sotomayor came very well prepared to discuss her judicial record, but where it came to any kind of current legal issue -- we're talking about financial regulation, abortion, or gun rights -- sotomayor ducked and weaved. sotomayor deflected questions from both sides, often by saying she needed more information. senator tom coburn asked about the law on very late term abortions. >> i can't answer your hypothetical. >> reporter: coburn also asked in a question related to gun rights if citizens have a right to self-defense. >> i'm asking about your personal opinion. >> reporter: that is sort of an abstract question. >> reporter: one democrat even joked about her dodging direct questions. >> i think your record is exemplary, judge sotomayor, exemplary. i'm not commenting about your answers, but your record is exemplary. >> reporter: now, this morning we expect the questioning of her to end and a parade of 31
7:19 am
witnesses will begin. including frank ricci, one of the white new haven firefighters, whose discrimination claim sotomayor once ruled against. testifying for her, though, will be one of her former bosses, manhattan district attorney robert morganthal. >> wyatt andrews, thank you so much. space shuttle "endeavour" will be under the microscope this morning. "endeavour" was struck by at least two pieces of fuel tank during yesterday's liftoff. engineers will look at the launch video, and the crew will conduct its own examination. the investigation does not look serious. finally, how can you make chicago's 110-story sears tower disappear? it's easy, just change its name. today sears becomes the willis tower. named for a british insurance group that's leasing 140,000 square feet of space in america's tallest building. the willis tower. all right. now here's harry. >> thanks, guys. up next, it was beatlemania on broadway.
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paul mccartney rocks out above the marquee at the ed sullivan theater. we'll have more when we come back. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by walmart. save money. live better. t.waarlm for sales to save money. walmart checks other stores' prices and they'll match any advertised price. so instead of searching for "deals" out there... you get everyday low prices, right here. vo: dinner bell sfx: ping ping ping fancy feast elegant medleys tuscany entrées restaurant inspired dishes with long grain rice and garden greens is it love? or is it fancy feast?
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paul mccartney got back to where beatlemania began. last night he rocked the house at the ed sullivan theater where the beatles first played in 1964. >> here's cbs news correspondent bianca solorzano. >> reporter: his return was grand, perched above thousands of fans. performing for david letterman, paul mccartney stepped out for a surprise concert over the marquee of the ed sullivan theater. the former beatle came back to where it all began. >> i'm excited, really excited.
7:24 am
>> reporter: 45 years ago inside this same theater. >> the beatles! >> reporter: the beatles made their american debut on "the ed sullivan show." beatlemania was born. >> the guy on the curtain came up to me and said, are you nervous? i said no. he said, you should be. there's 73 million people watching you. >> reporter: many of these fans weren't even alive the first time paul mccartney played at the ed sullivan theater. and those that were here say it's a sweet reunion. >> i waited for this for a long time. >> reporter: an encore that took 45 years to happen. an encore that some say was worth the wait. bianca solorzano, cbs news, new york. >> at the rehearsal, they put a big black curtain over the marquee so no one would know. all of a sudden, they appeared. people were like it's the
7:25 am
beatles. there's paul mccartney. >> he looks a lot more relaxed the saekd time around. >> we'll be right @a
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a lot of people came to our plaza on this thursday. they love new york, and we love them. thanks for being here, everybody. thank you as well. welcome back to "the early show." >> coming up in this half hour, it's hard to believe, but it has been ten years since john f. kennedy jr. died in a plane crash. we're going to take a look back at his life and legacy. also this morning, in "healthwatch," what women won't do to look good. tight jeans, as we know, are fashionable. but our doctor says they could potentially lead to a serious condition. we'll have the skinny on that this morning. first, we have a look at the just released videotape of the accident that burned michael
7:31 am
jackson's scalp years ago. cbs news correspondent hattie kauffman is in los angeles with more on that. hattie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. to take you back, the album "thriller" had just come out. jackson was at the top of his career. you can tell from the video the burns were very serious, but amazingly he kept on dancing even as his hair burned. a warning the image could be upsetting. this video from "us" magazine shows the moment michael jackson's life changed. he was filming a pepsi commercial in 1984. in the first take, everything goes smoothly. watch the sixth take. the pyrotechnics ignite while he's still at the top of the stairs. incredibly he continues to dance for ten seconds even as the flames burn his hair and scalp. j. randy taraborrelli was in the audience that night. >> michael went down. everyone went on top of them. and then they started saying he's been burned. >> reporter: the severity of the
7:32 am
burns were apparent as he was rushed off the stage. it's believed the second and third degree burns led to the abuse of painkillers. >> this was when he decided it was okay. not only okay, but necessary to take pain medication. >> reporter: almost a decade later, the pop star acknowledged his drug addiction. >> this medication was initially prescribed for the excruciating pain that i was suffering after recent reconstructive surgery on my scalp. >> reporter: now pain medication is playing a pivotal role in his death investigation. investigators removed bottles of diprivan from jackson's home. investigators are focusing on several doctors, including dr. conrad murray, who was with jackson when he died. >> if police can discover that any doctor provided diprivan to michael jackson in his home, outside of any hospital capacity, the crime would be negligent homicide. >> reporter: 25 years ago fans were not informed of the severity of the accident. instead, the most famous image of the day was michael waving from a gurney.
7:33 am
it's only now after his death that his horrific injuries can be fully grasped. it was after that accident jackson began wearing hats to hide the scars and to take painkillers, sedatives, and finally the anesthetics that are at the heart of today's investigation into his death. maggie? >> cbs' hattie kauffman. hattie, thank you. in his new book, "unmasked: the final years of michael jackson," ian halperin says no one feared more for michael jackson's life than the singer himself. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this is a book that has a title about his death, and you recently started writing it a while back and changed the title when he died. >> i originally got involved in the case in 2005 after he was acquitted of the child molestation charges. i was furious. i thought we had another o.j. simpson case on our hands with high profile lawyers getting a celebrity off the hook. so i wanted to really let the world know that michael is a child molester. but four years later, thousands
7:34 am
of interviews and documents later, i conclude 100% michael jackson never molested children, and he was just a victim of extortion attempts and people trying to bring him down. >> and you say he was a victim of that in more ways than one, including his drug addiction which has been talked about since he died. let's look at this video again, when we believe the drug addiction was born. the fire happens after the shooting of the pepsi commercial. for the first time, we're seeing how bad it was. he keeps dancing, apparently not even aware his scalp is on fire. he spins around and the flames go out. then it hits him, and people tackle him, and we get a clear view of his burned scalp. from what you've researched, from interviews of people close to him, from your dealings with michael jackson, how bad did this addiction that was born in this moment get? >> this was definitely the start, but it didn't have to become a dependency. i don't look at michael jackson as being an addict. i look at him being dependent
7:35 am
because he had all these illnesses and he needed them to live. without the medication, i don't think he could have survived. but this incident back in 1983, i think it was the perfect opportunity for doctors to take advantage of it and to get him to become dependent on prescription drugs and to up the level of the drugs he was on. and that's where i find the injustice is. these doctors, i hope, are investigated thoroughly by authorities and are brought to justice because michael jackson deserved a much better fate. let's face it, he's the world's greatest entertainer. one of the greatest humanitarians i've ever encountered. michael jackson was not given justice in his life, and i hope the people who enabled him are brought to justice. >> you make some explosive claims in your book. you say he may have been anorexic. he was gay. a lot of people at home will say everybody's coming out and talking about michael jackson, pretending like they're experts. with all due respect, what makes you an expert? how can we trust what you're saying when your sources in the
7:36 am
book are not even named? >> well, a lot of source,named in the book. some aren't because -- >> the two main sources, the confidants you're talking about. >> they signed confidentially agreements. i will prove everything in my book easily. the people coming out of the woodwork, they've only come out since michael's death. everyone knows i've been working on the book and the film for years. my book will be the definitive account of what happened to michael in the final years, and i have 300 hours of footage to back everything up. if people want to be detractors, i urge them to read the book first before making any judgments. >> and you have knowledge that we may not have heard the last of michael jackson's final wishes. do you think there's another will? >> i'll predict today on your show that we definitely -- this is not the last we've heard. i think there will be people challenging the authenticity of the 2002 will in the coming -- in the near future. >> how do you know? >> i have source ins his camp. >> all right. ian halperin, thank you so much. >> thank you very much. a pleasure. now let's go to dave.
7:37 am
he's here with another look at the weather. >> let's see what's happening. we're going to begin in portions of the upper midwest. look at these temperatures. let me remind you again. j-u-l-y, july, that's the month we're in, and we have temperatures which feel more like autumn. 40s tonight, 50s friday from st. paul to duluth to marquette and all points in between, cooler than normal conditions. widen out the map. scattered showers along the east coast. a cold front begins to push through. steamy although not unseasonable in the southeast. keep that in mind. southern plains, it is going to be hot, triple digits from new mexico to california. and we may see scattered thunder showers. here you could see flash flooding. just keep that at the top of your noggin. and the northwest loo
7:38 am
>> that's a quick look at your national weather. 80s throughout the hawaiian islands, and 70s with a mix of sun and clouds throughout alaska. harry? >> up next, ten years later. we'll remember the life and still shocking death of john f. kennedy jr. (announcer) for many with arthritis pain, not treating is not an option. all prescription nsaid pain relievers, like celebrex, ibuprofen and naproxen, help treat arthritis pain and have some of the same warnings. but since individual results may vary, having options is important. prescription celebrex has been the option for millions of patients for 10 straight years.
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ten years ago today, john f. kennedy jr. died when the plane he was piloting to a family wedding crashed. here's a look back at his life and legacy. on a hot july night a decade ago, americans learned jfk jr. had died. >> once again, the kennedy
7:42 am
family is steeling itself tonight to deal with tragedy. >> the son of camelot was killed in a plane crash with his wife caroline and her sister lauren. the man once crowned the sexiest man alive was dead at 38. born in 1960, the son of president john f. kennedy and jackie kennedy, john f. kennedy jr. spent his early years living in white house with his sister caroline. after the president was assassinated in 1964, the family moved to new york city where john attended private school and then went to brown university and nyu law school, but he did not follow in his father's footsteps. >> ladies and gentlemen, meet "george." ? >> in 1995 he decided to start his own magazine. >> i've been lucky to have a lot of opportunities and feel fortunate there's this energy associated with it. >> so many people who remember the kennedy presidency always assumed that someday he would go
7:43 am
into politics. >> now ten years after his tragic death, the public fascination continues. "people" magazine has just released these never before seen photos. and with the ailing health of his uncle, senator ted kennedy, the family's legacy is being remembered. >> ted kennedy has carried the family torch for 40 years, and there's a real question now whether there will be another kennedy family member who can step forward and be a national leader. >> living here was so interesting because it was like a pall cast over the city when it happened. >> i can imagine. >> it was so sort of unimaginable. >> that was the case everywhere, all over the country. >> but he was such a presence in new york city, and it's kind of made almost sort of a joke. it was in seinfeld. julia louis-dreyfuss' character was always talking about want to go run into john f. kennedy jr., whatever. but he was here. >> that was the great thing. people did run into him, and he ens just like a regular guy.
7:44 am
t>> years goes by quickly, doesn't it? >> such a loss. we'll be right back. all frames you choose the fabric we custom make it it's more affordable than you think. n eahaetallen offer ends july 31st. dinner bell sfx: ping ping ping fancy feast elegant medleys tuscany entrées restaurant inspired dishes with long grain rice and garden greens is it love? or is it fancy feast?
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this morning in "healthwatch," are those super stylish, super skinny jeans bad for your health? our dr. jennifer ashton is here with important advice for fashion victims. good morning, jen. >> good morning, maggie. >> we joke. we say fashion victims. is this a real legitimate health concern? >> it actually is. it makes sense based on the anatomy and physiology. we're talking about a nerve that runs through the groin called the femoral cutaneous nerve, and with tight things, even tight jeans it can become numb down the thighs and into the buttocks. just like a garden hose, if you step on it and can't get the water, same thing.
7:48 am
>> so that will be the indication, a numbness? >> exactly. a numbness down your thigh and possibly into the buttock too. >> how can we make it worse? >> there are a number of other condition that's give you the same result. they can range from anything from surgery to obesity, pregnancy, even prolonged standing or walking. but things like high heels actually are one of the fashion ways that this can get worse because the pelvis is tilted forward or back, and it actually makes the angle l in your hip a lot more pronounced. >> what can we do to make it better? >> you can stop wearing these jeans. things like leggings, you can get the same fashion look, but you're not going to compress the nerve in your groin. >> because it's not as tight? >> exactly. it's a lycra and flexible fabric. this is thicker and compresses the nerve in the groin a lot more pronounced. we see this in surgery,
7:49 am
sometimes when a retractor is placed in the abdomen, people can complain of this after surgery. we see it in obesity, diabetics, people who are pregnant. you don't want to be a fashion victim. if you're noticing that, probably time to change your wardrobe. >> dr. jennifer ashton, thank you so much. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: cbs healthwatch sponsored by the florida department of citrus. ♪ happiness starts with healthiness. and healthiness starts at petsmart. use your petperks card and save up to 25%... on tail-wagging toys, treats and food... at the petperks sale... going on now at petsmart. you'll never go back to your old duster again.
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7:52 am
i know you're a big fan of "entourage" on hbo. they started a new season. kevin connolly, "e," is going to be here in our next hour. hmmm... well... naaa... yeah!
7:53 am
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a fiery crash and a dramatic rescue as a family vacation turns into a disaster. >> my sister was still in the van, and daddy was trying to put out the fire. it's jon minus kate but plus hailry? >> jon actually met haley when she was 19 years old because haley is the daughter of kate's plastic surgeon. >> we'll bring you the latest on the drama-filled lives of the reality couple. and no entourage this morning for actor kevin connolly. >> she's thoughtful. >> i think she's sending mixed signals. >> which isn't good for a fragile, sensitive mind like he is. >> and we'll ask him what's ahead for the boys this season "early" this thursday morning, july 16th, 2009.
8:01 am
great crowd on hand, right? really great crowd. >> mostly ladies because they're all here for you. >> that's very lovely. nice to see you, ladies. hello. hello. how are you? >> good. >> good. so am i? we'll talk during commercial. >> good morning, everybody. i'm harry smith along with maggie rodriguez. julie is off today, but she is on the forbes list of the most influential women in the media. how about that? >> very nice. she came in at number 17. go, miss julie, host of "the early show," host of "big brother." >> congrats to her. >> oprah still came in at number one, but jules is right there. also coming up, more and more parents are turn to go
8:02 am
grandma and grandpa to take care of the kids. this morning some pointers for moms, dads, and senior level baby-sitters. >> you're good at this. you have the lovely house in connecticut where you always -- they call you mr. barbecue. >> that's what they call me. i operate something called america's test kitchen gone bad. >> it's barbecue season. we're going to find out how to make ribs that will keep everybody coming back for more. >> with chris kimball from america's real test kitchen. >> there you go. first, let's go inside and say hello to jeff glor standing in at the news desk for russ mitchell. >> good morning to you. good morning to everyone. this morning pensacola, florida police say they're looking for two more people in connection with the murders of melanie and byrd billings. an eighth suspect, pamela long wiggins was arrested yesterday, the first woman charged. the dea also confirms its investigating this case. seven others are under arrest. police say robbery was the primary motive, but other issues
8:03 am
may be involved. the men under arrest spent a month training for that break-in. earlier we asked forensic psychologist michael welner what he thought was most striking about this crime. >> you don't often see a case that comes together with so many people involved. that's going to be the key to solving it. unlike many of the cases that we talk about publicly, police can identify a number of people involved, and that's going to get them the answers and the people. maybe not all of the people, but they're going to get to the bottom because they already have people involved. >> visitation for the billings is planned for tonight. their funeral is tomorrow morning. interstate 75 near detroit is closed this morning after a gasoline tanker truck exploded beneath an overpass last night. amazingly, only three minor injuries were reported. in georgia, it was a family roadtrip that nearly ended in tragedy. cbs news correspondent susan roberts has the story of this dramatic rescue. >> reporter: the king family was
8:04 am
traveling in their minivan last week in the atlanta area when the tire blew, sparks flew, and the van burst into flames. it was all captured by the police dash cam as the kings struggled to make it to the shoulder. two of the four family members got out. but as officers pulled up, you can hear the anguished cries of sisters stephanie and michelle kean screaming for them to rescue their disabled mother trapped between the burning minivan and the guard rail. >> when we got there, there's no waiting. we can't wait for the fire guys to show up and do their thing. so we just had to do whatever we could. >> reporter: here you see the officers pulling the woman to safety. >> we picked her up and dragged her a little bit further away from the fire. i could feel it on my back, the flames, the heat on my back. >> reporter: in the end, everyone made it out alive. >> i thank all of them for helping. i thank the lord for getting them there. >> reporter: two people are still hospitalized but will be okay. all are grateful.
8:05 am
susan roberts, cbs news, washington. >> wow. and this is it the 40th anniversary of the start of something very big. it was the launch of apollo xi, giant saturn 5 rocket carrying three astronauts to the first moon landing. that giant leap for mankind took place four days later on july 20th, 1969. katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> a crucial life lesson for kids on how to manage their money. we'll show you the innovative programs that are teaching them financial independence. it's part of our special series, "children of the recession" tonight only on the "cbs evening news." now back outside to mr. dave price standing by for us. >> jeff, note to you, by the way, and anyone else who may be visiting new york city. just a little bit of trivia. new york is now sold out of the i love new york t-shirts. there are none left. the buy one, get four free
8:06 am
special is now over. nice to see you, ladies. welcome. from the carolinas. we've got all sorts of friends here from all around the country. and a little bit of interactive weather, by the way. let's get right to it. let's go to the maps and see what's happening all across the country. time for a dip. a dip in the pool and a dip in temperatures. look at this. spokane at 95. 90 in portland today. 100 in boise. as you head to salt lake city, close to 100 degrees, 97 there. time for interactive weather, everyone. you could see some thunder. lots of thunder. [ clapping ] that was incredible, in portions of the southern plains skreching back to new mexico. and some rain. oh, i like it. you know what, what the computer system can't do, you can. you're incredible. rain scattered up and down the eastern seaboard. a little bit of unstable air pushing on through. and cooler temperatures in the upper
8:07 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by the mercedes benz you must experience. the amazing e class. >> i just want to make sure that was a thunder clap. >> yes. >> just want to make sure. >> that was very good stuff. i'll see you at the concord this weekend. quick+b%úñ look at your weather picture. maggie, over to you. >> dave, thanks. up next, is granny becoming your nanny?
8:08 am
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8:10 am
(woman) for me, pristiq is a key in helping to treat my depression. (announcer) ask your doc.
8:11 am
a new survey by finds more than 60% of grandmas and grandpas are taking care of their grandkids on a regular basis, with 12% acting as primary caregiver. this is a growing phenomenon in many families, including the first family. she is perhaps the most regal of granny nannies, the first granny, marian robinson, moved all the way to the white house to care for sasha and malia. >> i'm doing exactly what you do. you do what has to be done. >> according to one study, 56 million grandparents live in the united states. they had 37% of households and have the highest net worth of any group, putting them in the
8:12 am
best position to weather the economic downturn. >> is this nice? >> yes. that smells like candy cane and peppermint. >> jacqueline rafla keeps a full house. quite often, you can find all of her 12 grandchildren here. >> i didn't lose any children yet. >> in part because of the recession, many grandparents are taking over childcare demands. in fact, 40% of grandparents living within an hour's drive of grandchildren, provide regular child care. and just 8% of them receive any pay. grandma rafla, 65, is the model granny nanny. >> i trust her 100%. she's my mother. she's raised, you know, her own five kids and now 12 grandkids. >> her daughter nashwa, the mother of triplets, cedes authority when they're with their grandmother. >> if she's helping me out, i felt i had to kind of give her
8:13 am
control. >> this grandmother finds the kids are the reward. >> it keeps you going. you know, it's life and it's youth. >> dr. georgia witkin is senior editor of she's here with more dos and don'ts for granny nannies. good morning, doctor. >> nice to be here. >> this family we just saw seems to have developed a really good system. it's not always that easy, is it >> it's a change very often because grandmothers are so young now and busy doing their own things. here's what they tell us at it's absolutely worth it because there's a long list of advantages. number one, the parent-child ratio is much better than at daycare. the food is better. they're getting unconditional love. you know what the kids say? unlimited canteen. they really like that. but as a psychiatrist, what i like, is study after study shows that children who have a great grandparenting presence have less delinquency and less drug abuse. >> but is it good for grandma too? is she giving up too much of herself? >> here's what they tell us at
8:14 am it is worth it because they feel needed again. a the lot of us are busy working and so forth, but this is part of what we've done before, we'd do it again, and we're doing it for the family in hard economic times. we've seen it before. the family comes together. if you're helping your son or daughter work, it's good for you. it's good for your grandchildren. ined stead of leaving them the money, let me help out now and get appreciation. >> if you can afford to pay the grandparents, should you? >> grandparents say no. 92% say no. now, if the person who's earning the money while the grandparent who's watching their child is doing it for the family, then the grandmother is going to, of course, participate. they say what they really want is appreciation. they want to know that you know what they're doing is of value and money is not the only way of showing that. >> michelle obama has talked so much about how important her mom has been in raising her kids. mrs. robinson says she makes it a point to make time for her own
8:15 am
life. what are some tips, some pages from mrs. robinson's book we should all take? >> three ps. number one, if you're taking care of everyone else, remember to parent yourself too. not better than everybody else, but put yourself on your own list of loved ones. pace yourself. number two, remember to pause. you know what women typically do. we take care of everybody else. only then can we pause and take care of ourselves. i'm saying, the moment you have down time, those children are busy watching tv, do something for yourself instead of another chore. and number three, play. that's why i love grandmothers taking care of grandchildren because the grandchildren will never remember all the laundry you do, but they will always remember the day you went down the slide with them or you were in the pool with them. you know what i say to the grandmothers and grandmas too, go out and play with them. don't just send them out to play. >> i love that. great stuff. dr. georgia witkin, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> pleasure to have you on. coming up next, jon is minus
8:16 am
kate but plus one these days. we'll tell you who it is. what's up, smart? being smart. yep. just booked my 10th night on, so i get a night free. you. me. getaway. really? where? anywhere you want. a bed and breakfast? bed and breakfast. check.
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a place by the beach? a place by awesome. oh, you are smart. accumulate 10 nights and get a night free. welcome rewards from smart. so smart.
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welcome back to "the early show." jon of jon and kate fame is making headlines again this morning again. in fact, we're getting an exclusive look at videotape of him with his much younger girlfriend. while kate gosselin has been home taking care of her eight children, jon has been jet setting around the world. in this exclusive, never before seen video, he's caught returning to new york from a trip to france with a new woman by his side. he was on his way back from rittsy st. tropez with 22-year-old haley glassman.
8:19 am
there they were seen enjoying champagne on a luxury yacht with designer christian artegier. cameras followed their every move. >> usually, girls like, you know, larger chested. you have them always cut off. the rocker girl, the confident rockster. >> jon actually met haley when she was 19 years old because haley is the daughter of kate's plastic surgeon. >> it was a bike that was -- no more, please. thank you. i'm so done with it. you might want to take the horn off and throw it in the trash. that would be the best thing you could do in your whole life. >> not yet clear what effect jon's new relationship will have on his eight children. >> is this the kind of woman that kate wants her eight children around? this could lead to a real problem when it comes to a custody battle. >> i don't know. she's 22. she might not be ready for eight children. he's 32. remember yesterday we had that segment, fw there's a nine-year
8:20 am
age difference, it's destined to fail. not to be a cynic, but that was a study. >> earlier this morning, your newscast talked about changing the name of the sears tower. >> to? >> the willis tower. >> it's named after todd bridges. >> what you talking about, willis? >> there it is. that's what we were going for? >> what is that? >> it's an insurance company out of the uk. but everybody, they're hoping to become better known here in the u.s. now that they have their me on the sears tower. >> but the sears tower is so iconic. >> i lived in chicago. is that ever going to be the willis tower? >> no. everybody will still call it the sears tower forever and ever and ever. >> they have that very cool observation deck up there now. >> 103 stories above michigan avenue. >> glass stand. in the glass and look straight down. >> maggie wants to go. >> i do. i love that stuff. >> you do. let's do it. >> marshall fields. >> let's do the show from up there. >> yes. >> that's not exactly a big
8:21 am
space. >> so what? >> think about other things. they wanted to change the name, and did the name stick or not? one that comes to mind for me, avenue of americas. >> good one. >> anyone in new york city ever call -- it's sixth avenue. and that's decades. >> then you have the pan am building, which they changed to the metlife building. and the einsteins who changed that ball field in houston to enron field. how's that going? >> how's that working out for you? >> and a great honor and a worthy honor for robert f. kennedy, the triboro bridge in new york city has been named the robert f. kennedy bridge. >> national airport, reagan airport. >> i hear people call it reagan. >> i'm going to reagan. >> i do too. there's still a lot of people. >> it's generational. it takes a full generation of people who forgot what it used to be called. >> shea stadium is citi field. >> that one we'll never get used to. >> people still go to shea.
8:22 am
>> and you're going to citifield to catch paul mccartney. >> i'm going to catch him in concert. very excited. >> remember when we saw ringo live on the roof in liverpool. >> i do. >> ringo told me of all the beatles, paul -- like newman on seinfe seinfeld. paul is the one who always got all the girls. we brought it full circle, i think. >> we feel good about it. >> i'm going to get out my guitar and strum kumbayah and maybe play us to break. >> still to come in the tv business, who made the cut and who didn't in this year's emmy nominations. you're going to see them live coming up shortly on "the early show" on cbs. t.
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8:30 am
by the aroma eminate frg our corner. we're grilling ribs, everybody. welcome back to "the early show." can we enjoy this for a minute? >> first of all, we're grilling ribs, and apparently we're twisting buns because i'm burning up here. man, i'm like what's going on? >> i smelled something, and i don't think it's ribs. >> i need the soothing ribs. >> go get that. >> you want to take a look at the weather picture?
8:31 am
>> we want to grill first. is that okay with you? >> we want to get chris kimball looking this morning. our favorite bow tie chef from america's test kitchen and the suspenders. he's got a new book, "best grilling recipes." and he's here to share his secrets. how are you doing? >> good. >> let's start with the actual meat we're cooking. >> name your cut of beef. >> this is beef obviously. >> texans love their beef ribs. >> the problem is, if you get this kind of cut, the ribs are too long, and they're hard to fit on the grill. if you buy beef ribs for cooking, as you would in texas, you want a smaller cut. you want to find ones with as much -- these have a lot of meat, you can see. depends where the ribs come from. on the animals, some have a lot more meat. these are pork ribs. and these are spareribs which come from the belly. this is a full cut. this full cut is obviously too big. you're smiling. >> i want the whole thing.
8:32 am
>> forget the little cuts. what you really want is the st. louis cuts, which is this. that's trimmed. it's this, but it's trimmed down. >> i didn't know that. >> it's easier to cook, and there's more meat. you don't have extra bone. >> so st. louis ribs with trimmed down spareribs. >> that's baby back. that comes from the back of the pig. baby is a marketing thing. if baby sounds cute, they sell more. >> it's not a baby pig. >> no. they're smaller. and they don't have quite as much fat. they come from the same place, the loin. >> i know a lot of people who boil their ribs. is that a good thing? >> let's go to the grill here. these are the texas ribs. what you've got to do with ribs is you need moist heat. if you cook them entirely on the grill, it's going to take a long time. we started these actually in the oven over water. >> over water? >> yeah, over water. >> you don't actually boil them. you steam them. >> and the steam, the moist heat breaks down some of the collagen, the fat in the ribs. so we finish them essentially on
8:33 am
the grill like that. and we have a foil pack. the other thing you want to do is indirect heat, coals on this side, meat on this side, foil package, soak them, put them in foil. >> didn't put them directly on top of the coals and the foil. >> this is just the beginning of our tutorial on ribs today. stick around for a little bit? >> you're not done with me yet. >> no, not even close. we have to eat some of this stuff. >> that too. >> we're going to be back with more of chris and his delicious ribs in just a minute. first, though, just chill. >> i'm ticking ribs 101, and i'm coming back for ribs 201 next semester. >> we're going to finish the tutorial a little later on. i hope you're not just -- >> i'm going to be here. nice to see you, chris. nice to see you, everybody. we've got a special friend here. came all the way from colorado. how old are you? >> 13. >> 13 years old. what's your name? >> zach. >> zach, where do you go to school? >> i go to centennial middle
8:34 am
school. >> what grade are you going into? >> seventh. >> is this your first trip to new york? >> second. >> you're an experienced traveler. want to take a look at the maps? >> sure. >> that's the right answer. let's pull up the maps and see what's happening all across the country. instability rolling across the eastern seaboard. keep that in mind. low pressure system and cold front moving eastward. high heat in the southern plains and scattered thunderstorms. some could be strong. heading into tomorrow, blazing sunshine continues out west. still chilly and wet as you head to portions of the upper midwest and into the great lakes and the upper peninsula of michigan is going to be on the soggy and cold side. breezy as you head into northern new england, and we're looking for some showers to roll into theúp-o northeast as we head in tomorrow evening. that's a quick look at the national map.
8:35 am
>> that's a quick look at your weather picture. harry, we'll send it inside to you. >> all right, dave. by any standard, kevin connolly is having a really good year. the actor started off 2009 with a golden globe nomination. then he appeared in the blockbuster film "he's just not that into you." and this week's sixth season premiere of his hit hbo show "entourage" scored its highest rating in a couple of years. kevin connolly is back. it's great. you look at the paper, "entourage" is coming back, and the reviews have been really,
8:36 am
really good. everyone is talking about this show feels like it's been reborn. >> it's been great. also being the sixth year of the show, the fact that we're doing the numbers we're doing and people are still into it, it's great. it's a good sign. >> do you know when you're doing a show season after season after season, this year did you say, this feels different? it has a little different feel? >> doug allen, our creator, sort of knew he had to reinvent the show but keep it the same at its core. we knew we were doing something a little different. we were a little nervous, but people seem to have responded the right way. >> for people who pay attention to the show. there's a whole thing going on, you can tell already, sunday night with you and sloan. are the embers -- somebody fanning the embers to flame? >> he's chasing down the old girlfriend, trying to get back with her. so that's sort of what i'll be working on this season. >> there you go. and, of course, the star of the show is getting his legs back underneath him. >> that's right. last year was kind of a rough year for the guys. it ended well, but this year
8:37 am
it's back to everybody's doing well. it's good times. nice cars. good parties. >> recession is over. >> exactly. >> let's take a look at a clip. >> i didn't want you to come here tonight as my friend. i miss you. >> don't. >> i know i screwed up. i was a lousy boyfriend. >> you used me as storage. you moved in for a week and then left. >> that was all my fault. things are different. finally moved into a place, a place that you found for me. >> eric, you moved in this morning. i can't just jump back in. >> i don't know if i can be just friends with you. >> so this is about -- it's high school's over. these guys are maturing, and you have finally looked in the mirror and said -- >> it's time. >> i've got to make a commitment. >> exactly. i've moved into my house. now i got to get the girl. that's what i'm doing. >> it's very interesting to watch. it's very interesting to watch this thing evolve. what's it like working -- you've
8:38 am
been in the business kind of forever. >> yes. >> does this mirror at all anything that you know about hollywood? >> i would say to a point. you know, again, it's a tv show. it's always glossed up a little bit for a tv. i would say the show is very insightful, like more than anything, as to sort of how the ins and outs of the business and how it works. >> as you travel around hollywood and people see you, what do they say? everybody must have an idea for the show. >> everybody's got a pitch. and it usually is something that benefits them or whatever it is. >> they want to get their shoes on. >> i've got a great idea. johnny drama goes tanning. >> i said, you know what would be an even better idea, if we shot it at your tanning salon. that's sort of the idea. >> long island kid. how old were you when you first started working? >> 6 years old. >> what was your first gig? >> i think it was a tender vittles cat food commercial. 1980 it was, a long time ago. >> tender vittles. >> is that even still around? >> i'm not sure. who even knows?
8:39 am
when you come back here, do you go home? >> oh, yeah. i spen -- my family's on long island. i spend most of my time out there. >> how is your reception when you go home? >> it's great. i still have the same crew of guys that i grew up with. >> still? >> yeah, still. >> you still have nur own entourage. >> it's terrible, but, yes, actually. i hang out at the same places actually. >> very cool. kevin connolly, it is always a pleasure to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> we're going to keep our fingers crossed this morning. who knows what happens? time now to go to maggie. >> yes, harry. it's time now for tv's top honors. stay tuned, kevin. kevin's character on "entourage" could receive a nomination this morning. the 60th annual primetime emmy nominations are just not to be announced. we'll take you live to the academy theater in california where emmy nominations will be announced by arts and sciences chairman john shaffer, from cbs "the big bang theory's" jim parsons. he played sheldon.
8:40 am
and "grey's anatomy" star chandra wilson. this year the nominees were chosen 100% by popular vote, and there will be six nominees instead of five in the major categories. let's go there live right now. >> good morning. i'm john shaffer, chairman of the board of the academy of television arts and sciences. it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 61st primetime emmy awards announcements. joining me this morning to present the nominations are two wonderfully talenteded actors. chandra wilson, who currently stars in the abc series "grey's anatomy." and jim parsons, who stars in the cbs series "the big bang theory." chandra, jim, thank you both so much. for joining us. i understand that both of your careers started in houston, texas. >> yes, absolutely they did. >> but i want to say we're really glad that you're here in
8:41 am
hollywood. >> thank you. >> so thank you. continue. >> very good. >> thank you, john. >> and good morning, everybody. >> chandra, ladies first, please. >> thank you very much, jim. the nominations in the drama series category are. "big love." "breaking bad." "damages." "dexter." "house." "lost." "and madmen." >> the nominations for lead actress in a drama series are sally field, "brothers and sisters." kyra sedgwick, the closer. glenn close, damages. mariska hargitay, "law and order." and holly hunter, "saves grace." >> the nominees for lead actor in a drama series are. bryan kran ston, breaking bad. michael c. hall, dexter. hue lowery, "house."
8:42 am
gabriel birn in "treatment". john hamm "madmen" and simon baker, "the mentalist." >> the nominations for television movie. are coco chanel, prayers for bobby. >> the nominations for mini series sat gri are j.t. generation kill and "little dorritt." >> the nomination for leading actress in a mini series. nell. drew barrymore, gray gardens. jessica lang, gray gardens. and chandra wilson, "accidental friendship." congratulations. that was not on there. that's new. >> going to the party. the nominees for lead actor in a miniseries or ayór movie are -- kevin kline, cyrano de bergerac.
8:43 am
brendon gleason, "into the storm." sir ian mcclellan,y king lear. taking chance. redemption." and kenneth branaguh. >> this year's nominees for reality competition program. the amazing race. american idol. dancing with the stars. project runway. and top chef. >> here's a category that hasn't been announced on this broadcast before. outstanding variety, music, or comby series. and the nominees are -- "the colbert report." "the daily show" with jon stewart. "late show with david letterman." "realtime with bill maher." and "saturday night live." the >> nominations for lead acts recent in a comedy series are. julia louis-dreyfus, new
8:44 am
adventures of old christine. christina applegate. sarah silverman. mary louise parker with the weeds." >> for lead actor in a comby series, the nominees are -- jermaine clement, flight of the con chords. tony shalhoub, monk. steve carell, the office. alec baldwin, 30 rock. charlie sheen, two and a half men. and jim parsons, "the big bang theory." >> no. that was not there either. >> well, chandra, back to the prompter. that completes the emmy announcements by bringing back john shaffer to announce our final category. >> congratulations to both of you. >> you're a very tricky man. >> you messed us up. look at our hands. >> the nominations in the comedy series category are -- entourage. family guy. flight of the conchords.
8:45 am
how i met your mother. the office. 30 rock. and weeds. chandra, jim, you have been great host ths morning. it is completely coincidental that you have both been nominated. but, chandra, i have even more good news for you. you have also been nominated in the supporting actress category for your performance on "grey's anatomy." >> okay. >> i cannot tell you -- i wish i could -- it's inappropriate to say how surprised we were that you were both nominated but how thrilled we are too. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> you both deserve that. >> here's a complete list of all the emmy nominees on our website, be sure to join us on september 20th on the cbs television network when we open the envelopes. so from all of us here at the television academy, thanks for joining us this morning. we'll see you at the emmys.
8:46 am
>> and we have a nominee with us. congratulations for the nomination of entourage, best comedy series. fourth year in a row. >> fourth year in a row. it's a big deal. very excited. >> maybe this is the year they take it. >> when the nomination came, you were really pumped. >> it's a big thing. even more so than the individual awards. that's the kind of award that keeps the show going. at the end of the day, that's the most important thing. we want to do eight years, as many years as we can get out of it. this is a step in the right direction. >> some people say it was out of step last season. is it validating to get the nomination? >> they don't know what they're talking about, do they? >> mike ausiello knows what he's talking about. he's a columnist for "entertainment weekly." >> the big surprise, pleasant surprise, "how i met your mother" finally making the cut in that television comedy. >> my favorite. my favorite on broadcast television. how's that? >> i'm not saying that because we're on cbs, but the jim parsons nomination was a personal highlight for me. i was really pulling for him.
8:47 am
unfortunately, the show, "big bang theory" didn't get nominated. it's a start. jim made the cut. maybe next year the show will get in there. >> first of all, drama. "big love," you cheered here. >> that show to me is the best drama on television, and it doesn't get a lot of love from the public. for whatever reason, it's kind of under the radar. that was really nice it snuck in there. it's such a great show. >> very complicated. >> big competition from mad men, last year's winner. i think that's going to come to the front-runner. >> it wasn't just a fluke. "mad men" came out. >> that's a great show. >> and "family guy" making the cut in there. it's not the first time, but it's interesting. they choose to go into the regular comedy category instead of animated. and it paid off for them. >> how about julia louis-dreyfuss getting a nomination for old christine? >> she's won before.
8:48 am
>> can someone explain very quickly. who votes? >> the nominees, for the nominees with be the public. last year they had it a little bit different. they had a panel vote. this year 100% by popular vote. >> thank you so much. >> they love "entourage." >> keep it coming. >> you can see the 61st annual emmy awards on sunday, september 20th, at 8:00 p.m./7:00 central right here on cbs. >> we're going back outside to do some more barbecuing when we come back. hmmm... well... naaa... yeah! calculating for getaway. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens... and water country usa... where family-fun surrounds you...
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it's the all new sesame street forest of fun... at busch gardens in williamsburg. with four family-friendly rides... and everyone's sesame street friends. ( elmo giggles ) ♪ big and small! there's fun for all! ♪ welcome back to "the early show" from new york. we want to take you back to los angeles, where jim parsons of the cbs show "big bang theory" received a nomination this morning. we watched you live. you looked like you might
8:51 am
congratulations. >> i feel like i might pass out. it's absolutely insane, but thank you. >> you look so surprised. the look on your face says it all. what's going through your brain right now? >> i don't even know. i feel really, really happy. i feel a little like christmas morning. i feel a little -- i don't know. i just feel overwhelmed. i can't kind of put it all in perspective, and i ran up here to talk to you, which is good, to work out some tension, you know. >> you play sheldon, of course, this nerdy physicist who can't really relate to people. i bet you're feeling pretty cool at the moment. >> oh, no. you'd be shocked. i feel very uncool actually. i feel very shaky. my knees a little buckly, things like that, mouth dry. this is not cool. >> that sounds like something sheldon would say actually. >> this is where we overlap, with character and human. little nerves going on, yes. >> congratulations. take your time soaking it all in and enjoying it. >> thank you so much. i'm so glad to talk to both of
8:52 am
you. >> thank you. >> speaking of soaking it all in and enjoying it. >> so we started our whole tutorial on grilling. >> yes. >> and ribs with chris kimball. we showed all the cuts of meat. we showed what you need to do, where to put it on the fire. and here is the -- >> now we have to eat. >> now you're going to eat it. >> i want to see you on live television eat messy ribs. >> darling, that's nothing. is that all? >> the beef ones, texas. beef ribs. these are started by steaming them and finished on the grill. it is going to be chewier because texas ribs are not -- look at that. there's no fear there. they're going to be a little chewier than a pork rib. >> that's seriously good. >> now we move on to memphis style ribs. these all have spice rubs. this has a mopping sauce with cider and vin gegar right there. as they're cooking, you mop it. at the end, you finish with a little more spice rub. >> kansas city, slather with some sauce, put it in foil,
8:53 am
finish it up. and these are baby backs, chicago style ribs. >> enjoy. have a great day, mom vo: i can't start the first grade with her. mom vo: i can't hold her hand on the bus. mom vo: or be there to show everyone how great she is.
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veli t e thchanne9 information center, i'm meteorologist kim martucci. here's a chk onatwh is going on looking good, everybody. a little higher humidity content in the air as you get moving this morning. starting to feel like summer again. we have been blessed with low humidity and now things are beginning to change. 76 right now. as we look at our neighbors ocean city 81. charlottesville also 76. here's a check on the time lapse tower cam this morning. so pretty out there. a couple of clouds floating by. no rain drops jettette. on the lookout for a thunderstorm this afternoon. the southwest wind is the sticky direction and the humidity has come up from yesterday. they are in the middle 60s and
8:56 am
as that number rises so does the humidity level in the atmosphere. looking at the afternoon, working on 85 during the lunch hour. you can take lunch outside with partly sunny skies. may have an isolated thunderstorm at 5:00. temperatures around 90. here's angie goff with traffic. good morning. a water main break in annandale has caused a sinkhole and drivers this is what you food to know. at little river crews are blocking the left lane in both directions and columbia pike and braddock road are the alternates. check out the inner loop to the left of the screen. we are jammed from 95 to 66. that's volume. no incidents to accidents to report. we will take it outside and show you that is the inner loop. in fact that's how it translates in to a live shot for you. switch it over to 270 southbound. we notice to the left of the screen we are slow. that stretches from montgomery village avenue to falls road. finishing up with our maps.
8:57 am
flying 5 -- 50 westbound from bowie to the capital beltway. you see the green cars and drivers are moving at speed. >> i feel like i'm playing the game of life when i see that map. 88 tomorrow. a couple of thunderstorms in the afternoon but especially overnight. so friday night if you have travel plans you are going to be on the town late bring the umbrella. we have rain showers lasting in to saturday morning and then looks like things improve for the rest of the weekend. we will be back with the 9:00 a.m. show that starts right after this.
8:58 am
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